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Who We’re Looking For

You're creative and resourceful, a big-picture thinker with an eye for details. You love engaging with people and listening to their needs. You're passionate about learning and willing to actively seek out the next challenge. You should be able to:



  • Balance multiple projects while prioritizing customers

  • Be upbeat, energetic, and positive


Your Work

This is not your average retail job.

You’ll wear a lot of different hats at Dancing Bear. One minute you’ll be brainstorming with your coworkers about a new community event, and the next you’ll be coming up with creative ways to display a haul of new art supplies. As in any retail business, the customer takes center stage. You’ll go through hands-on training in toy knowledge and childhood development so you’re well-equipped to match customers up with the perfect toy. We know that our staff is our biggest asset, and we want to give you the skills and training to excel beyond your time with us!


  • Previous retail experience preferred (but we are willing to train and educate the right candidate)
  • College Preferred
  • Must be available to work weekends
  • Must be willing to participate in play days and in-store events
  • Must posess excellent customer service skills


Asheville Location: 518 Kenilworth Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

Full-time preferred! Looking for help in the following areas:

  • Marketing (Social Media/Print Ads/Etc.

  • WebSite Design/Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Event Planning/Community Outreach

  • Management

  • QuickBooks

  • Excel

  • Scheduling

  • Display & Merchandising



Up To Three months training period at $14/hour (depending on experience)

Regular Pay Rate: Min $15.50/hour (depending on experience and availability). Living Wage Pay ($17.70) after acheiving full competence of routines (opening, closing, shipping, website, receiving-stocking, keyholder).

Position limited to 90 days/year  (Perfect for teachers/artists/newly-retired!)

Position could be recurring, year after year, during busy times/holidays

Two weeks training period at $14/hour

Regular Pay Rate: Min $15. 50/hour (depending on experience and availability)






How My Life as a Dancing Bear Inspired a Career Book

It was a story that needed to be told. I'm talking about my life with the circus as an example for a business advice book. I worked for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus as marketing director, tour booking agent, and dancing bear, traveling 10 months a year throughout the eastern half of the United States, for six years. Of all the challenges in all the jobs in my career-including interviews with lions, tigers, and bears-writing my first book was one of the toughest.

The decision to write a business advice book came about 15 years after I left the circus. I was living in Southern California and earning a living as a part of the special events industry-I produced entertainment for corporate events. My Los Angeles-based company, Corporate Concerts, Inc., was profitable and well known in the industry. And as a business physically located in Hollywood, I had numerous celebrities as my clients. Ah, the stories I can tell of the behind the scenes shenanigans that happen in the entertainment business.

As so often happens, when things seem to be rolling along smoothly, you hit an unexpected bump in the road. My bump jarred me into a new career. The Internet threatened to make my entertainment company for corporate events irrelevant. The aspect of my business that set me apart from my competition became the albatross around the neck of my success. Booking sophisticated club bands was my hallmark; it was the club bands that got websites, rose as independent entities, and promoted themselves to corporate buyers, my clients, through new technology.

I enjoyed working on the party side of special events and didn't want to change industries if I didn't have to. So I considered the aspects of working with entertainers that could still be profitable for me in events. But nothing seemed to make money sense. After careful review of my skills and talents, relevant to the corporate meetings and events industry, I decided to be a corporate speaker within the educational side of events. Every convention is comprised of meetings by day and parties by night.

Every speaker needs a tangible credential. The best credential is a book. If the book gets wide media attention, the speaker fee goes up incrementally. I'm a good journalistic writer, but writing a book is a whole different ballgame. It's the world series of writing. Writing a print-on-demand book, the newest trend in the publishing industry, is extra hard because the writer doesn't have the editorial support system that a traditional publisher offers. I chose the print-on-demand vehicle because I wanted to control that the book would actually be published.

The title came from people I met on the road with the circus. In every city I promoted, with every person to whom I introduced myself as a representative of the circus, the response was always the same: "My office is a 3-ring circus every day. "

The subtitle, "Must I Take Orders from Clowns?", came to me because I'm a justice seeker. As a justice seeker I have certain beliefs in the integrity of the employer/employee relationships. One of the fundamental aspects of this relationship is that is has to be equally balanced. No party can have more power than the other. Employees exchange time, knowledge, and effort for money from employers. Both parties owe each other respect.

Funniest thing about the circus business is that it is organized, efficient, comprised of very committed people, and operates within a system of teamwork. It's not the haphazard metaphor we attribute to circus life. The experiences I had as an employee of the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus transformed me into the successful businessperson I am today. I wanted to share those business philosophies and techniques with ladies and gentlemen, and working professionals of all ages.

The dancing bear Ferapont from the Visimsky reserve showed his girlfriend | e1.


Ferapont at his favorite spruce.


The bear Ferapont, who became famous thanks to his dancing, as befits such a “charming and attractive” bear, got himself a girlfriend in June. And he showed it to the employees of the Visimsky Reserve.

Let us remind you that the bear Ferapont (as he was called in the reserve) dancing at the spruce fell into a video trap. So the clumsy dancer became famous. In May, the owner of the taiga, dancing, rubbed his back against a tree, bit the bark and tore it with his claws, leaving signals for strangers.

Then the staff of the reserve examined the inhabitant in all its glory: his height, when he stands on his hind legs, is about two meters.

After the May visit, the bear disappeared from sight for almost a month and did not appear at his beloved spruce in front of the video trap. The bears began to rut, and the clubfoot, apparently, also went in search of a girlfriend.

After a break, the bear reappeared on the morning of June 8 and June 10. Again he crawled along the spruce with his back and head.

- And now the middle of the month - June 15th. Watching the first clip in a non-colored video shot by a trap in the evening twilight, we did not understand that the bear sniffing the spruce was not Ferapont! After 30 seconds, there were already two animals in the frame! And the bear was the first! She is smaller than Ferapont, not so clubfoot, with a lower set tail. In terms of the shape of the head, the muzzle is very similar to a small bear that fell into the lens of a video trap on the mine strip last year. And Ferapont rubbed against the spruce trunk so inspiredly, he even started to squat! We think that his efforts to please the "lady" were not in vain, - they say in the Visimsky Reserve.

This is the bear's friend.


Here they are together.


And this is Ferapont.


After 3 days the she-bear appeared in all its glory.

- She turned out to be a fairly even tan color. Having sniffed the spruce, the bear leaves. Ferapont, who approached three minutes later, briefly rubbed himself against a tree, hurried after her. Probably, they went to feast on an aspen leaf, - the employees say.

These are the May dances of Ferapont:

It's a pity that you won't see a third cub, they say in the reserve, because males not only do not participate in feeding and raising offspring, but also pose a danger even to their own cubs.

Photo, video: visimskiy /


  • May 30, 2017, 12:27

    He showed that he was in charge here: the incendiary dance of a bear from the Visimsky Reserve was explained at the zoo
  • 2902 May 17. 18:02

    In the Visimsky Reserve, video traps filmed an incendiary dance of a bear

Anastasia Moskvina



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The dancing bear fell into a camera trap

[19:08] 16.02.2021

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In the Perm Territory, on the territory of the natural reserve "Vishersky", a special camera captured a dancing bear. The video was first published on the pages of the Vishersky Reserve in social networks.

The Vishera Nature Reserve shared unusual footage of camera traps. The bear's dance was caught in the camera lens. These shots were taken in the summer, but due to the inaccessibility of the reserve, the camera traps were brought only now. These are hours-long records of the life of the inhabitants of the reserve.

According to the Vishera Nature Reserve, their researcher Sergei Zimin had just returned from the winter taiga, where he was walking around the territory and collecting camera traps for a report. After watching many hours of recordings, Sergei Zimin discovered unique footage. They depict the dance of a bear.

— We installed these camera traps back in July 2020. The camera is set up in such a way that the recording is turned on for movement, - they said in the reserve. — After watching four hours of video, he found amazing footage. This is the cutest video about bears! And the freshest. Why is the bear dancing? His behavior is easy to explain: he does not just scratch his back against a tree, but marks it. It is this tree that all local bears mark. In turn, they leave marks, trying to kill each other's scent. They even stand on their hind legs, because the higher the mark, the better. This is a sign of who is the boss here.

More on the topic:

The Vishera Nature Reserve showed what a house looks like after a visit from a rod bear.

The northern lights were observed in the Perm region. An amazing phenomenon was filmed.

Photo and video: Vishera Nature Reserve

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There will be Internet in the village of Stepanovo!

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Pushkin is always up to date


There will be more than

cameras for 3000 cameras in the Perm region 716

Frost and sun


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