How to clean a dance pole

Get the Most Out of Your Dance Pole By Cleaning and Storing It Properly

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There is no doubt that pole dancing is rising in popularity  and some participants want the activity to be recognized as a sport and eventually become part of the Olympics. It is a great form of exercise that not only builds strength, endurance, and creativity, but is also empowering giving you self-confidence. In addition, the activity does not require tons of equipment to get started. However, you need to keep your pole clean and well-maintained to improve your experience and extend its life.

Hygiene and the Life of Your Equipment

Every time you use your dancing pole, sweat, dirt, and skin cells attach themselves to the surface. Accumulated moisture and dirt on the pole can impact your ability to grip the pole. Hand lotion can also impact grip on the pole’s metal surface – make sure to not wear lotion or wash any lotions off thoroughly before using your pole.

Another reason to clean pole dancing equipment is to prolong its life. The average price of a pole can be anywhere from $50 to over $300 depending on the quality, the brand, the material used, and the type of mounting required. Protecting your investment by cleaning your pole regularly will extend its life and usability.

Different Types of Poles Require Different Cleaners

The way you clean your poles depends on the material that they are made of. For example, chrome, brass or stainless-steel poles can be kept spotless with cleaners such as alcohol or Windex. If your brass pole starts to tarnish, which is natural over time, you may choose to clean it with a brass polish to improve the look of the pole. Please note, this may impact the grip of the pole. Dance poles made of silicone or powder-coated poles should not be wiped with alcohol to avoid damage. Instead, use soapy water and wipe dry with a cloth.

In general, harsh materials should never be used on poles such as scouring pads, bleach, and furniture polish to avoid damaging the surface. If you’re using a brass polish, remember to put on gloves as the product can be messy and might even irritate your skin. You should also use a microfiber cloth to clean your poles rather than paper towels. This will clean your pole more effectively and be better for the environment. In addition, these types of fabric are affordable and produce good results.

Storing Your Poles

If you do not intend to do pole dancing for some time, taking it down and storing it properly are recommended. Consider wrapping the pole in bubble wrap to protect it from scratches and dings. Leave it in a room without humidity as any moisture could lead to rusting. Extreme temperatures can also damage your pole so it’s best to avoid a storage room with sunlight and high heat.

When taking down your poles, leave as many pieces attached together to avoid losing parts. Unless you’re moving, any permanent ceiling mounts should be left where they are so you can just reattach the pole the next time you’re dancing again. Finally, put together all hex keys, screws, and other tools in a zipped bag along with instruction manuals so you can easily find them next time.

Keeping your dancing pole clean by using the proper cleaners and storing it in a dry and temperature-controlled room will extend its life, saving you money. By maintaining your dancing pole equipment, you will be able to enjoy it for many years making it a worthwhile investment.


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The Proper Way to Clean Your Dance Pole (by Material)

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  • Why Should You Clean Your Pole?
  • The Proper Way to Clean your Pole Dancing Pole
    • What you will need to Clean your Dance Pole
    • How to Clean your Chrome, Titanium Gold or Stainless Steel Pole
    • How to Clean your Brass Pole
    • How to Clean Your Silicone Dance Pole
    • How to Clean Your Powder-Coated Dance Pole
  • Clean your Dance Pole Regularly
  • Always put Safety First

Wondering how to clean your dance pole? Portable pole dancing poles and freestanding dance pole stages are available in a variety of different materials and finishes. Each type of pole requires slightly different cleaning and maintenance due to the properties of the material used on your pole.

If you have a brass pole, then this needs a different approach than other pole finishes such as Chrome, Stainless Steel or Titanium Gold. Silicone and Powder-Coated poles are different as well. If you want your pole to last for a long time, like it should, then you need to keep it well-maintained and clean!

Lupit Pole and X Pole both sell popular dance poles in the materials and finishes mentioned here.

Why Should You Clean Your Pole?

There are many ways your dance pole get dirty and needs to be cleaned;

  • Grip products leave a residue on the pole’s surface
  • Sweat and dead skin cells stick to the pole (nice!)
  • Antiperspirants, lotions and other skincare products worn by the dancer will also leave a residue

Dance poles in clubs, studios and gyms are going to be dirtier than your pole at home, as they see a lot more use. Studio poles should be cleaned at least twice a day, or each student could be asked to wipe down their pole at the end of each lesson.

The Proper Way to Clean your Pole Dancing Pole

If you have a regular Chrome pole, then you can use cleaners such as alcohol, window cleaner and vinegar. Brass poles, on the other hand, need to be polished with Brass polish and you can’t use any standard cleaner on silicone or powder-coated dance poles or it will ruin the surface.

Here is a detailed guide for you to properly clean your dance pole, separated by the different dance pole materials and finishes available.

What you will need to Clean your Dance Pole

There is usually no need to take your pole down before cleaning. You may need to climb slightly to reach the top, so it’s best to clean the pole ‘top-down’. I usually have a microfiber cleaning cloth tucked into the waistband of my shorts when I do this!

As you’re cleaning the pole, you may as well check its safety at the same time, right?! Check that all the pole’s joints and screws are fully tight because safety is paramount when pole dancing at home.

You will need a selection of the following products to keep your pole clean:

  • Glass/Mirror Cleaner – This is used for cleaning standard Chrome, Titanium Gold or Stainless Steel Poles. It’s simple and cheap!
  • iTac Pole Cleaner – This is an all-natural product made from essential oils and comes with a free microfiber cloth! You can use this on any pole surface except for silicone.
  • Brass Cleaner – If you have a brass pole, then you’ll eventually need a brass cleaner. Brass-o is the most popular brand and you’ll be able to buy this almost anywhere!
  • A Microfiber cloth – Microfibre clothes are the best material for cleaning your dance pole, they’re antibacterial and very inexpensive to buy.
  • Disposable cleaning wipes – you can use these to wipe off the pole quickly after sessions.
  • Rubbing alcohol – for general pole cleaning/maintenance.
  • Gloves – Brass cleaner is messy! Trust me, if you don’t have gloves then you’ll regret it! Also, if you have a bad skin reaction to any of the other products listed here then you’ll want to protect yourself.

DO NOT any of these products to clean your pole:

These products should not be used as they will damage the surface of your dance pole.

  • Scouring pads or Brillo Pads
  • Bleach-based cleaning products
  • General household cleaner/Multi-purpose cleaning spray
  • Furniture polish

Any of these products could cause long-term damage or completely ruin your pole!!

How to Clean your Chrome, Titanium Gold or Stainless Steel Pole

Chrome poles and Stainless Steel Poles are the most common dance poles around the world; Titanium Gold is also a popular pole finish. When looked after, these materials will last for a very long time, although Chrome is susceptible to becoming worn over long periods of time and Titanium Gold can change color slightly.

Here is the correct way to clean your Chrome, Stainless Steel or Titanium Gold Pole:

  1. Clean the pole with a dry microfibre cloth to remove any dust and grip powder residue, etc.
  2. Spray a small amount of glass/mirror cleaner onto the microfiber cloth and wipe over the pole’s surface from top to bottom.
  3. Pay extra attention to any areas of the pole’s surface that have become tarnished over time. If you accidentally used too much spray, then wipe it away with a dry cloth (wipe rigorously) and wait for it to dry naturally.
  4. To get rid of any tough dirt or dried-on chalky residue, use some strong rubbing alcohol with a cloth and put a bit of elbow grease into your cleaning work!

Do this regularly and it will stay in great condition for a long time!

How to Clean your Brass Pole

Brass is a wonderful material to use for a dance pole; it does not rust and it’s easy to grip. You will notice, however, that brass is very quick to become tarnished. If your brass pole gets a lot of use, then it will become tarnished even quicker. By looking after your brass dance pole, then it will last you for a very long time.

If you’ve noticed that the finish on your brass pole is becoming tarnished then this is how to properly clean your brass pole:

  1. Clean the pole with a dry microfibre cloth to remove any dust and grip powder residue, etc.
  2. Using disposable cleaning cloths and while wearing gloves, polish the pole evenly with a brass cleaner such as Brass-o.
  3. Pay extra attention to any areas of the pole’s surface that have become tarnished over time. If there is any excess Brass cleaner on the pole then pat it dry with the cleaning cloth.
  4. When the brass cleaner has dried, use a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes on the pole.

See this video from X Pole that gives a demonstration of cleaning your brass pole:

How to Clean Your Silicone Dance Pole

Silicone poles are different again. Their coating is not metal, so you can’t use any of the cleaners we’ve mentioned so far as they will seriously damage the silicone. Any cleaning material with abrasive ingredients (e.g. most of them) will ruin your pole.

For silicone poles, it’s recommended to use a cleaner designed for sex toys, as it won’t damage the silicone! Here is the correct way to clean your Silicone Pole:

  1. With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the surface of the pole to wipe away any powder or grip aid residue.
  2. Use a small amount of silicone toy cleaner and wipe the surface of the pole with the microfiber cloth.
  3. If there are any stubborn areas of dried-on grip aid residue, just give it some elbow grease!
  4. Let the pole dry naturally.

Do this often, and your pole will be in a better condition and feel nicer to use!

How to Clean Your Powder-Coated Dance Pole

Like with silicone dance poles, you can’t use any standard household cleaner such as glass/mirror cleaner this time. If you use anything abrasive, it will cause the powder-coating on your dance pole to wear off, leaving it ruined.

The one product that is recommended for a powder-coated dance pole is iTac Pole Cleaner, this is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t damage the surface of the pole. It’s not essential to use this specialist pole cleaner, as you can actually use mild soapy water with a powder-coated pole.

Here’s the best way to clean your powder-coated pole without damaging it:

  1. With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the surface of the pole to wipe away any powder or grip aid residue.
  2. Dilute some very mild detergent, such as washing-up soap with some warm water. Wring out a cloth so it’s not dripping and wipe the pole over.
  3. If there are any stubborn areas of dried-on grip aid residue, just give it some elbow grease!
  4. Let the pole dry naturally, pat dry with a microfiber cloth if necessary.

Do this only when needed, as you don’t want to cause premature wear of the powder coating on the pole! Use a dry cloth after pole sessions to wipe away any residue.

Clean your Dance Pole Regularly

You should clean your pole regularly, after each use in order to keep it in its best condition. If you use grip aid products then you may find that you need to clean the pole more often.

After a workout or practice session, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove any residue of chalk or grip aids. Next, use a dry cloth to polish the pole.

For a comparison of different materials finishes on dance poles, read our informative guide here.

Always put Safety First

After you’ve cleaned your pole, you may find it more slippery than it usually is, or it will feel different in some way. You should be extra careful if this happens, warm yourself up first and use grip aid products to help you grip the clean pole surface.

We hope you’ve found this guide on how to clean your brass pole useful. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends and other pole dance enthusiasts!

Happy poling!

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Concerts in Moscow. Poster and schedule of performances of artists

Concerts in Moscow. Poster and schedule of performances of artists

Moscow is one of the most musical cities in Russia. If only because many novice performers from all over the country are rushing here in search of fame, fame, high-profile concerts. In addition to ambitious newcomers, the poster of Moscow concerts is replete with the names of world popular stars. The choice is for a wide variety of tastes, from frank Russian pop music, at times strange indie to high-quality pop music, intellectual music, and classical compositions.

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Concerts in Moscow

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Atmospheric rooftop concerts will immerse you in the feeling of New Year and Christmas magic. Winter...

November 26–27

December 4–11

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  • Concert of Alexei Romanof in the club "16 tons" 16+

    Event already passed

  • TRUEshadow concert at the Live Stars club 18+

    Event already passed

  • Concert "Dancing in Havana with Iliana Sanchez" on.

    .. 6+

    Event already passed

  • Concert Lucky Horse "Return to Moscow" in... 16+

    Event already passed

  • Concert of Balkanimans Band in the club-restaurant "Petrovich" 18+

    December 16 20:00–23:00

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Dive into the mysterious world of sounds, rhythms and feelings from the Imperialis Orchestra.

November 23 20:00–21:30

December 4 17:00–18:30

Crimea Roof


  • 5 2027

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    Foot-dancing songs at a tribute show dedicated to popular bands.

    November 25 20:00–23:00

    Zharovnya Restaurant

    The Honored Artist of Russia will perform selected works by Johann Sebastian Bach for connoisseurs of timeless classics.

    November 23 20:00–21:30

    Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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    Guests of Jan Bederman and Bronislav Winogrodsky's concert "Changes in the Book of Changes" will have the opportunity to...

    November 27 15:00

    December 25 15:00

    Alexey Kozlov Club


    Incendiary songs of the heroes of alternative metal System of a Down - arranged for chamber orchestra.

    November 24 20:00

    Bakery space

  • 29 75429

  • Good Orchestra musicians have compiled a program to please listeners of different tastes and generations.

    November 23 20:00–22:00

    Izmailovo Concert Hall

    Virtuoso musicians will throw a musical bridge into the past, performing masterpieces of the Baroque era.

    November 24 20:30–23:00

    Yauza 9 space0003



    • Concert "Flamenco Andalusia" 12+

      November 24 19:00

    • Gala Concert "European Christmas in the Cathedral" 12+

      November 25 20:00

    • Concert Fire Dances of Ireland.

      Irish... 6+

      November 27 19:00

    • Concert "Tbiliso: Georgian polyphony and dances" 12+

      November 27 15:00

    • Concert "Fantasy Musical World: Harry.

      .. 12+

      December 3 18:00

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    Vocal works by avant-garde icon Meredith Monk will be presented in monumental Soviet interiors...

    November 25 21:00–22:00

    Russian State Library

    On Fridays there are organ evenings in the Saint-Louis Church, this time a famous musician will perform...

    November 25 19:00

    Church of St. Louis of France

    Full clip of hits and new tracks from the upcoming album: Chestny will show the best in Moscow!

    November 25 19:00–22:00

    Lookin Rooms


    The legendary team led by Russian jazz guru Alexei Kozlov will share the results...

    November 25 20:00

    Alexey Kozlov's Club


    A new chamber art venue featuring melodies from Hayao's animated masterpieces...

    December 3 20:00–21:25

    December 18 18:00

    December 29 20:00

    Khlebozavod space


    An evening to remember: a joyful journey through Italy with professional performances of cult songs.

    November 25 20:00–21:30

    Crimea Roof

    Touching, poignant, soaring compositions by Ludovico Einaudi will be performed by Simple...

    November 27 18:00

    December 7 20:00

    December 21 20:00

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    Simple Music House



    Solo performance by Victoria Skladchikova, a popular comedian known for participating in prestigious...

    November 25 21:30–23:15

    November 27 16:00–17:40

    December 3 22:30–0:10

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    Coin Event Hall


    Percussion Ensemble will perform music by minimalist composers.

    November 27 19:00–21:00

    House Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva

    Unforgettable melodies from different times will sound in original violin arrangements on top of a skyscraper.

    November 26 17:00–18:00

    Imperia Sky Loft


    "Author's show that gives you goosebumps every time" - a set of live jazz music and performances...

    until November 27

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    The Olympic Orchestra will perform timeless classics, and the scenery for the performance will be paintings in. ..

    December 3 17:00

    December 17 17:00

    Central Cinema House



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    If you want to spend an evening bright and cheerful, stand-up is what you need. Immerse yourself in...

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    Come to free concerts in cozy metropolitan bars! Events are held in different formats:...

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    A large-scale cello music festival will take place on the four leading stages of the capital. This time his...

    November 23 19:00

    November 26 19:00

    Zaryadye Concert Hall

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    Member of the KudaGo award

    Moskvarium at VDNKh presents a unique concert space "Sea of ​​Music". Every Friday night...

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    The St.

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