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Meet His Four Grown Children – Hollywood Life

Tony Danza is an iconic actor, but he is much more than that to his kids. Meet Tony's four grown children below.


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August 13, 2022 12:01AM EDT

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Many know Tony Danza, 71, as the character Tony Micelli from the hit TV show Who’s The Boss? from the 1980s. He instantly became one of American TV’s greatest father figures, but he is also a real-life dad to his four kids. He welcomed his kids with two different women from his marriages with Tracy Robinson, 64, and Rhonda Yeoman.

Marc Anthony Danza

Tony Danza with his son Marc Anthony Danza. (Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock)

Tony welcomed his first son, Marc Anthony Danza, on January 29, 1971, with his first wife Rhonda Yeoman. Marc, 51, followed in his father’s footsteps as he also went on to become an actor. He even appeared alongside his father in the hit sitcom Taxi back in the late 1970s and 1980s. In the show, Marc played the character Brian Sims alongside other famous actors including Danny DeVito, Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd, and more.

Marc is now all grown up, the 51-year-old is married to his wife Julie. The couple has one child together, who they welcomed on  August 27, 2005. Back in 2017, Tony even shared a sweet photo of him and Marc on set and captioned the post, “Hanging with my son Marc on the set of Taxi. Now he’s got two boys of his own!”

Gina Danza

Gina Danza, 39, is the second oldest of all of Tony’s kids. He and his first wife Rhonda welcomed her into their lives in 1983. Although Gina’s older brother was drawn to the spotlight, Gina was not as much. There is little publicly known about Tony’s first daughter.

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Katherine Danza

Tony Danza and his ex-wife Tracy Robinson with their newborn daughter Katherine. (Lennox Mclendon/AP/Shutterstock)

Katherine Danza, 35, is Tony’s second daughter and child that he had with his second wife Tracy. Tracy gave birth to Katherine back in 1987, after being married to Tony for  one year. Katherine did not pursue an acting career, but she does work with many high profile celebrities because she is a makeup artist. She has featured much of her work on her Instagram page, showing off her work on celebrities from Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Malin Akerman, and more. Her Instagram bio says, “Freelance Makeup Artist | contact for personal tutorials/makeup bag overhauls.”

Emily Danza

Tony Danza with his ex-wife Tracy Robinson and their two daughters Katherine and Emily. (Berliner Studio/BEI/Shutterstock)

Emily Danza, is the youngest of the Danza kids at the age of 29. Tony and Tracy welcomed her into their lives back in 1993, about six years after their daughter Katherine was born. Emily lives a private life, unlike some of her other siblings, and does not appear to be on any social media pages like her sister Katherine.

Although Tony’s kids are all grown up, he is clearly a proud father to four amazing kids.

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Tony Danza bio, age, height, weight, net worth, salary, nationality, ethnicity

Tony Danza is a legendary actor and the father of four amazing children. Mr. Tanza is the father of two children from his previous marriages.

Tony has two children with his first ex-wife, Rhonda Yeoman: son Marc Anthony Danza and daughter Gina Danza. Tony’s other two children, Emily Danza and Katherine Danza, are the result of his second ex-wife Tracy Robinson.


  • 1 Tony’s children from his first marriage, Marc and Gina Danza
  • 2 Tony’s children from his second ex-wife Tracy Robinson are Emily and Katherine Danza.
  • 3 The Children of Tony Danza – What Do Their Names Mean?

Tony’s children from his first marriage, Marc and Gina Danza

Marc Danza, Tony Danza’s first child, was born on January 29, 1971, to Tony and his then-wife Rhonda Yeoman. Tony’s high school flame was Rhonda. In 1970, the couple married. After a year of marriage, they welcomed their first child, Marc. Marc Anthony Danza was his birth name. He is 48 years old, and he is married to Julie Danza. Their relationship is shrouded in mystery. On August 27th, 2005, the couple had their first child, Nicholas David. Marc frequently updates his Instagram profile with photos of his baby. Even Grandpa Tony posts a photo of his grandchild on his Instagram profile from time to time.

Tony and Rhonda, on the other hand, decided to call it quits in 1974 and go their own ways. They stayed in touch and were reunited nearly a decade later. Gina Danza, their second child, was born in 1983 to the couple. Gina Danza, Tony Danza’s daughter, leads a very secluded existence, with little information available. Emily and Katherine are the siblings’ other half-siblings.

Tony’s children from his second ex-wife Tracy Robinson are Emily and Katherine Danza.

After dating for several years, Tony and his second wife Tracy married in 1986. Tracy gave birth to Katherine Danza, their first child together, in 1987. Emily Danza, the now-former couple’s second daughter, was born six years later.

Katherine and Emily are pictured with their parents, Tony and Tracy. Daily Mail is the source of this image.

Katherine Danza, Tony Danza’s daughter, is currently 32 years old. She is a beauty guru and a makeup artist. She is an expert in the field of makeup and frequently posts about it on her Instagram profile.

Katherine makes it a point to include her family in her posts. On the occasion of her half-brother Marc’s birthday, she shared this sweet photo of Marc cradling her in his arms as a child!

On her half-brother Marc Danza’s birthday, Katherine shared a photo of herself with him. Katherine’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Not only that, but she always remembers to wish her father Tony whenever there is a special occasion. Emily Danza, her sister, is also very close to her. In November 2002, the sisterly duo again took part in the Los Angeles Mission’s Thanksgiving Meal For The Homeless.

Emily Danza, Tony Danza’s daughter, is a mystery. She is 26 years old and was born in 1993. Her Instagram account is password-protected. She appears to be a woman who values her privacy.

On his Cafe’ Carlyle debut, Tony Danza is seen with his daughter Emily Danza. Broadway World is the source of this image.

Tony Danza has a lovely family, and we wish them all the happiness in the world!

The Children of Tony Danza – What Do Their Names Mean?

Marc Danza’s name comes from the Latin word ‘Marcus,’ which means ‘God of War.’

Gina Danza: Thank you, Gina. “Regina,” which means “queen,” is of Italian origin.

Emily Danza is a Latin baby name that means ‘hardworking.

Katherine Danza is a Latin baby name that means ‘pure.’

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Alyssa Milano - biography, photo, personal life, husband and children, height and weight 2022

Biography of Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is an Italian-American actress who is said to have grown up in front of television viewers. Alyssa got her first major role at the age of twelve in the movie Who's the Boss?, and the Americans immediately fell in love with her Samantha Michelli, who shone on television screens until 1992. For the creation of this image, Milano was awarded four Young Actor awards.

Pictured: Alyssa Milano

And world fame came to the actress along with the role of Phoebe Halliwell in the mystical television series Charmed, in which she played the youngest of the witch sisters.

Childhood, family, first roles

Alyssa Jane was born in the winter of 1972 to Thomas and Lynn Milano of Brooklyn. Ten years later, her parents gave her brother Corey. Dad worked as a music editor and was seriously interested in yachting, mom was a fashion designer. Both belonged to the hippie subculture, free morals reigned in the house, although the children went to the Catholic Church.

Alyssa Milano as a child

From an early age, Alyssa was engaged in drawing, music, loved to compose fairy tales that she told her younger brother, and sometimes played entire performances in front of him. The girl was preparing to become an actress.

One day my mother brought Alyssa to her next fashion show. Seeing the girl, one of the model dancers offered to take the baby to a casting for a new musical. Milano was eight years old when she beat over a thousand applicants for the role of orphan Julie in the Broadway production of Annie. Then the girl appeared in the role of July in the play "Tony's Reward", was a participant in the productions of "Jen Eyre" and "Tender Offer".

Alyssa Milano in Who's the Boss?

When Alyssa was first offered to star in a television series, she was eleven. The family decided to move to Los Angeles, to the center of film production, and the girl began to study at the Buckley School, studied music and at the same time starred in the family comedy Who's the Boss?, playing the main role of Samantha Micelli, the daughter of a former baseball player family.

A still from the TV series Who's the Boss?

Milano quickly won the sympathy of viewers, the series lasted for eight years, and during this period the aspiring actress managed to establish herself as a singer. She recorded five studio albums at a studio in Japan, but only the last of them, "Do You See Me?", was commercially successful in the United States.

Alyssa Milano – Look In My Heart

In 2017, the actress shared a shocking revelation was the actress's statement. It turns out that at the age of 15 she was raped, but did not advertise the incident:
I have never contacted the police. I never discussed it with officials. I never tried to find an excuse for my pain, because an excuse was never an option. For me, it was about going through one of the worst moments of my life. It meant acknowledging the existence of my attacker when I wanted nothing more than to forget that he was allowed to walk this earth at all.
The actress did not name the rapist, which cast doubt on her confession, but added:
And I'm not alone. One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted before they turn eighteen. This is our reality: our journey begins with fear, and for many of us this fear accompanies us for the rest of our lives.
In parallel with filming in the television series, Milano managed to star in several more films, although the roles were secondary. She appeared as Jenny Matrix in the action movie Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diana in the drama Old Enough with Sarah Boyd, Jennifer in The Canterville Ghost with John Gielgud. She also played Diana in the comedy Little Sister, and the image of her on-screen brother was embodied by Jonathan Silverman.

Commandos: Alyssa Milano and Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Charmed" and other projects

At the end of filming in the series "Who's the boss here?" Alyssa was relieved to move on to a new stage, which surprised her fans a lot, who were used to seeing a good girl on the screen. In the filmography of the actress appeared thrillers and horror films of the "adults only" category.

Still from the film Embrace of the Vampire

She played the young virgin Charlotte in Embrace of the Vampire, the apprentice Christina in Deadly Sins, the young artist in Poison Ivy 2: Lily. Everywhere Milano appeared in frank sex scenes, playing to expose the basest human vices.

Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2

After the girl did a candid photo shoot for the publication "Bikini", her partner in the family series, Tony Danza, expressed concern for the morale of Alyssa. In the meantime, she sued the web designer who distributed her candid pictures on his site, and won it, sueing almost a quarter of a million dollars in moral damages.

Alyssa Milano in her youth

During this period, Milano also got acquainted with the game of Russian actors, starring in the television drama Candles in the Dark by Maximilian Schell. Her heroine, an American girl Sylvia, arrives in Tallinn during the period of perestroika, when the Baltic States embarked on the path of struggle for separation from the USSR. On the set, Alissa's partners were Natalya Andreichenko, Alexei Petrenko, Lembit Ulfsak.

Still from the film Candles in the Dark

In 1997, the actress joined the TV series Melrose Place as Jennifer Mancini, appearing in this role for one season.

Alyssa Milano in Melrose Place

After Milano starred with Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon in the James Foley thriller Fear, she began to be offered more serious roles. So, in 1998, she signed an eight-year contract for the lead role of Phoebe Halliwell in the mystical television series Charmed, which brought Milano extraordinary popularity outside of America.

Charmed: Alyssa Milano as Phoebe

A lot has happened in eight seasons on set. So, after the third season, the performer of the role of Prue's older sister, Shannen Doherty, left the series with a scandal. It was rumored that Alyssa had a hand in this.

"Charmed". Fight against demons

Although at the beginning of the project, the trio of girls was not spilling water, Holly Marie and Shannen Doherty were even bridesmaids at Milano's wedding, but by the beginning of the third season, the contradictions between Alyssa and Shannen reached a peak. They ignored each other, and Milano was rumored to have given the showrunners an ultimatum: either her or Doherty. Alyssa herself denies this version.
It's a shame that she's gone and that she now has to insult everyone involved in the creation of the show and viewers. She seems to be very angry. I just hope I didn't provoke this anger.
However, when Doherty was diagnosed with cancer 15 years later, former colleagues buried the hatchet.

Charmed Cast

By the fourth season, only two sisters remained in the picture - Phoebe and Paige (Holly Marie Combs). The producers had to urgently come up with a lost fourth sister, who was played after the departure of Shannen by Rose McGowan.

After the end of the series, Milano was no longer offered roles like Phoebe, however, she continued to act actively. Her credits include the television series Mistresses (Savannah Davis), Grey's Anatomy (Haley Peterson), My Name Is Earl (Billy Cunningham).

Still from Grey's Anatomy

In the crime biographical drama Cool Pat, the actress appeared as the widow Patty Montinari, who, in order to support her two sons, makes a deal with the mafia. Then she played the daring and independent Jessie in the comedy "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend", and in the drama "Sundays at Tiffany's" she got the role of the main character Jane.

Still from Sundays at Tiffany's

In 2019, the actress played the role of Gabi in the drama Tempting Fate, and in 2020, the family film You Are My Home starring Milano was released.

Alyssa Milano in 2020

Alyssa Milano's personal life

The love stories of the actress for a long time did not go beyond short-term novels. The list of her former lovers is quite impressive. The first of these was Corey Haim, a Canadian actor who, at fifteen, managed to work with Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker. She met at 1987, when both were young. The first love ended three years later, when Corey suggested that Alyssa try drugs, from which he later failed to free himself and died at the age of 38.

Alyssa Milano's first boyfriend - Corey Haim

Milano switched to actor David Arquette, and then met Islanders hockey player Wayne McBean, and in 1993 the actress was going to marry aspiring Boston actor Scott Wolf, but the groom disappeared a month before their wedding without any explanation. Milano believed that he needed an affair with her only for the sake of PR. Much later in 2019year, she admitted that Scott did not want children, and she had to terminate her pregnancy twice.

Alyssa Milano and Scott Wolf

Alyssa's first husband was Remy Zero frontman Sinjan Tate. The "sisters" from "Charmed" became bridesmaids at a wedding in 1999, but the marriage broke up after a few months. According to Milano, because of irreconcilable differences.

Alyssa Milano and her first husband Sijant Tate

On the set of the series about witches, she began a relationship with the performer of the role of the boss of her heroine Phoebe - Brian Krause. Moreover, the actor was married at that time, and the wife caught the lovers at the most piquant moment. Brian divorced, but he failed to start a family with Alyssa: the couple broke up two years later.

On the set of Charmed

TV viewers, closely following the development of the relationship of their favorite characters in Charmed, attributed to Milano novels with Julian McMahon, with whom the actress portrayed a violent passion for the plot of the film. Then they began to talk about the closeness of Alyssa with the actor who played Chris, Drew Fuller. But, no matter how much fans of the series wanted to connect their favorites in life, romantic relationships ended immediately outside the set.

By that time, Milano had met pop singer Justin Timberlake, nine years her junior. The young man admitted to the actress that in his bedroom there is a poster with her image as Samantha Mitchelli from the movie "Who's the Boss?", which incredibly touched the actress. Justin had just broken up with Britney Spears, and Alyssa briefly comforted the young man. Another boyfriend of the actress was baseball player Barry Zito, whom she met for a year.

Alyssa Malino and Justin Timberlake dated

The second husband of the actress was sports agent David Bagliari, whom she met in 2006. Two years later, the engagement took place, and in 2009 the couple officially sealed their relationship with family ties. The wedding celebration took place at the home of David's parents in New Jersey.

Wedding of Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari

In 2011, Alyssa and David became the happy parents of a boy named Milo-Thomas, and in 2014 his sister Elizabella Dylan was born. After the birth of her daughter, the actress refused to star in the continuation of the series "Mistresses", because she did not want to leave her family for four months to shoot in Canada.

Alyssa Milano with children

Alyssa Milano is passionate about photography and philanthropy. She devotes her free time to her pets. She has three dogs, the same number of cats, as well as 13 birds and 8 horses. At the same time, the girl is a vegetarian and actively starred in commercials, urging her to stop eating meat products.

The actress is afraid of water, which caused problems on the set repeatedly. In particular, during the shooting of the series "The Witch's Tail".

Alyssa is dyslexic:

I tripped while reading the words on the teleprompter. Sir Arthur Gielgud, who worked with me at the Canterville Ghost, gave me good advice. I asked how he remembers his monologues, and he replied - "I rewrite them several times." Now I use this method all the time.
Alyssa has eight tattoos on her body: a fairy on her knees in the grass at the bottom of her stomach, a heart at the bottom of her back, rosary beads on her right shoulder blade, an angel with a cross and the initials of her failed husband on her left ankle, a garland of flowers around her right ankle, and a garland of flowers on her right wrist a snake that bites its tail, on the left wrist is the sign "om", and on the back of the neck is a Chinese character.

Part of Alyssa Milano's tattoos

Milano had silicone breasts from 1992 to 2003. The implants had to be removed due to health problems.

The actress loves baseball and is a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. She has a season ticket for all team games.

In 2007, Alyssa Milano's line of women's clothing, emblazoned with the inscription "Touch", was launched. The actress advertised her products in a very original way. The clothing series has been featured on the MLB website as well as its own baseball blog. By the way, in addition to the baseball team, Milano is a fan of the Los Angeles Kings from the NHL, as well as the Indianapolis Colts from the NFL. The girl is designing clothes with the symbols of these clubs.

Actress - great baseball fan

Alyssa Milano donated $250,000 to the Global Organization for Neglected Tropical Diseases. She is also the United Nations Children's Fund Goodwill Ambassador for the United States. In 2004, the girl launched the Imitation or Treatment campaign under the auspices of UNICEF. By selling her photographs, Alyssa has raised $50,000 for South African children with HIV.

Alyssa Milano is now

In 2021, it became known that the actress will play a major role in the film based on the romantic thriller Blind Passion by Nora Roberts. She will appear as the writer Grace, whose life has changed dramatically after the murder of her sister. Grace will take on the investigation, despite the detective's warnings about the danger.

Alyssa Milano is now

In addition, Milano will play Sarah in the TV series Now, and two more films with her participation are in production: the Ben Epstein drama Who Are You People and the film written by the actress herself, Alyssa Milano as Mayor. The woman continues her active work as a Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Children's Fund, participates in charitable projects of UNICEF and PETA. In addition to acting and social activities, he continues to raise children, devotes time to his pets, of which Milano has many: dogs, cats, horses, birds. And he does not forget about his passion - photography.

Important events in life

  • 1980 : Played Julie in the Broadway production of Annie.
  • 1984 : She made her debut as a film actress in the television series Who's the Boss?
  • 1986 : Received two Young Actor Awards for Samantha Micelli as Best Supporting Actress and Young Actress for Exceptional Contribution to the Picture.
  • 1988 : Winner of two Young Actor Awards for Samantha Micelli as Best TV Actress and Best Young Female TV Superstar.
  • 1989 : Released studio albums Look In My Heart and Alyssa.
  • 1991 : released the studio album Locked Inside A Dream.
  • 1992 : released the studio album Do You See Me?
  • 1998 : Started acting in the television series Charmed.
  • 1999 : married musician Sinjan Tate. Divorced the same year.
  • 2009year : married sports agent David Bugliari.
  • 2011 : gave birth to a son, Milo-Thomas.
  • 2014 : gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth Dylan.
  • 2021 : Will star in the thriller Blind Passion.
  • Best movies

    • 2018: Little Italy
    • 1998: Charmed
    • 1997: Hugo's Pool
    • 1996: "Fear" 9009four
    • 1996: Poison Ivy 2: Lily
    • 1995: "Glitter Glory"
    • 1985: Commando
    • 1984: "Who's the Boss here?"

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