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Questions & Answers

By PENNY61976

May 18, 2022

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Are there practice tracks for Bonnie & Clyde pls?


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By Kolby Cardwell

September 18, 2017

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Related shows or resources: Bonnie & Clyde

Is there a preformance track available

We do not have an orchestra/pit at my company and are interested in doing this show, but we can't if there is no PR of the backing music.

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By Storr

April 15, 2017

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Related shows or resources: Bonnie & Clyde

Are the rights for Bonnie and Clyde available in the UK?

Rights query

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By Wheelice Wilson

June 13, 2016

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Related shows or resources: Bonnie & Clyde

Can you tell me what non-pro productions of "Bonnie & Clyde" have taken place in North Texas recently?

Bonnie & Clyde locations

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How 'bout a dance? — Bonnie & Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde)

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How 'bout a dance?

How about a dance?

How ‘bout a dance? What do you say?
I've got some moves that I'd love to show you.
Let's find a spot and dance the night away.

How ‘bout a dance? It's always fun.
Come over here. Let me get to know you.
Can't beat a band to lift your spirits high.
You look so handsome.

How ‘bout a dance? Let's make a start.
Music like this can really throw you.
You'll lose the blues, and you may lose your heart.

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for.
Even the moon looks just right.
I'm sure the crowd will make room on the floor.
When they see you look like you do.

So how ‘bout a dance? Let's make a start.
Music like this can really throw you.
You'll lose the blues, and you may lose your heart.

You'll lose the blues, and you may lose your heart.

How about a dance? What do you say?
I know a couple of moves that I'd love to show you.
Let's find a comfortable place and dance the night away.

How about a dance? It's always funny.
Come here. Let me get to know you.
You don't have to defeat an entire gang to boost morale.
You are so handsome.

How about a dance? Let's start.
This kind of music can actually deceive you.
You will forget about longing... and you can forget your heart here.

Today is the night I've been waiting for.
Even the moon looks perfect.
I'm sure the crowd will make room on the dance floor,
When they see how you look and how you dance.

How about a dance? Let's start.
This kind of music can actually deceive you.
You will forget about longing... and you can forget your heart here.

You will forget about longing, and you can forget your heart here...

The author of the translation is Xellesia
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How 'bout a dance lyrics — Bonnie & Clyde Rating: 5 / 5 1 opinions

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Tracklist (21)

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  • Picture show
  • This world will remember me
  • You're going back to jail
  • How 'bout a dance?
  • When I drive
  • God's arms are always open
  • You can do better than him
  • you love who you love
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  • This world will remember us
  • Made in America
  • Too late to turn back now
  • That's what you call a dream
  • What was good enough for you
  • Bonnie
  • Raise a little hell (reprise)
  • Dyin' ain't so bad
  • Dyin' ain't so bad (reprise)
  • How 'bout a dance? (reprise)
  • This never happened before

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Sandal is a big family! — SakhaLife

The Sandal Folklore Dance Ensemble is the pride of our republic and an invaluable dance group that popularizes the national dances of the Sakha people and the indigenous peoples of the North. The performances of the ethno-folk troupe, popular in Yakutia, were highly appreciated not only in large cities of Russia, but also abroad in Seoul and Dresden, in the cities of Western Europe and in other countries. The ensemble "Sandal" was specifically asked twice to perform the dance "Dёhөgөy" in the Georgievsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in front of the two presidents of Russia - Vladimir PUTIN and Dmitry Medvedev.

But their secret of success is not only their undeniable talent. Such a troupe could only be created by a leader from a large group.

1 of 3

The ensemble of the Arctic State Agrotechnological University (formerly YAGSA) is now 20 years old. For all the years of creative activity, about 600 students were involved in the troupe.

Since its inception, the troupe immediately found its audience and received wide recognition. Ensemble concerts are always expected, numerous performances of the guys are held with constant success. The dancers give the residents and guests of the republic the warmth of their souls, all their talent and creative impulse.

1 out of 3

For high merits the ensemble owes a lot to its creator - a talented choreographer, director, laureate of many city, republican, all-Russian dance competitions and festivals, Honored Worker of Culture of Yakutia Stanislav KATAKOV, who left this world at a very young age .

1 of 3

But a talented leader left his spirit, unique leadership style, mission. The ideas and productions of Stanislav Filippovich have always been distinguished by their original plasticity, hidden sacred meaning and inspiring national core.

Today, the indispensable leader of the ensemble is its pupil Alexandra PORTNYAGINA. Today's interview with her.

— Aleksandra Vladimirovna, you are a follower of Stanislav Katakov's work. How did you manage to turn an ordinary student ensemble into a legend?

Stanislav was always worried about the elusive existence of our ancestors' past, he tried to revive it, finding completely unique plastic forms of dance movements. He really managed to enrich the Yakut dance baggage. It will not be an exaggeration, but in total he staged at least a hundred dance forms, of which more than two dozen are experimental northern folklore dances.

He always had many plans, he was constantly solving various complex problems in his mind, he traveled around the republic, digging up folklore material, talking with experienced anthropologists. Unfortunately, many of his plans did not come true...

1 of 4

— You can say that you have been given a huge responsibility, the main component of which was to maintain the highest level of the troupe. How did you go through this adaptation?

— Of course, it was difficult, but thanks to the support of my guys, graduates of the ensemble, I managed. And of course, Stanislav himself played a big role in this. Before his death, we worked with him for a long time, and he always taught me something. He generously shared his experience, one might say tempered.

1 of 2

— Tell us about your journey to Sandal.

I am also a Sandalwood child. In 2004, being a student of the Faculty of Economics of the YAGSHA, I, like many students, came to the casting in the ensemble. Passed all the stages of selection and became a member of the team. With pleasure she studied, toured, combining with successful studies.

After 2 years I decided to connect myself with art and entered the Yakut College of Culture and Arts in the department of choreography. In 2010, when I graduated from the College, Stanislav offered me to become a tutor for the Sandal ethno-folk troupe. Since March 2013 I have been the artistic director of the ensemble.

— What is your style of leading an ensemble? How strict are you?

— You should probably ask my guys about severity. But I can say one thing for sure - I am a demanding leader. Discipline, diligence, self-development, mutual respect, careful attitude: to dances, costumes, to each other - all these are very important points of my guide.

- Tell us about the ensemble's mission.

— The main purpose of the ensemble is the aesthetic education of students. Instilling cultural values, the spirit of patriotism, interest and respect for one's own and other cultures. In general, everything that is included in the mission of our entire University.

1 of 3

By the way, congratulations on your new status! And then I had a question. YAGSKhA, and now ASATU has always been a serious educational institution that trains professional production workers and is actively involved in science and international relations. Do students interfere with classes in the ensemble? How do they combine dance and study?

As practice shows, it does not interfere. On the contrary, the guys who attend our ensemble distribute their time and energy very well. Among them are many excellent students and good students. Believe me, academic success is compatible with creative success.

- Why do you think?

- Perhaps in a healthy lifestyle, without which it is impossible to dance and study well. And, perhaps, that dance develops the brain very well. Yes Yes exactly. And, of course, a great merit in the fact that the participants of "Sandal" are successful students belongs to our respected teachers. We have talented people working for us!

— Tell me, as a leader, how is it useful for students to participate in such ensembles?

— Firstly, the guys learn to allocate their time, behave properly and present themselves in public, and, of course, physical aesthetic development.

I willingly believe. As far as I know, many famous people came out of Sandal.

Yes. Sandal members have always been bright personalities, among which there are Vasily CHICHIGINAROV, Head of the Department of Plant Growing, Land Reclamation and Logistics and Informatization of the Ministry of Agriculture of Yakutia, Alexei NEUSTROEV , Head of the Committee for Management of Municipal Property and Land Relations of the Megino-Kanglassky Ulus, Mikhail KOZHUROV, Leading Specialist of the Center for Cultural and Cultural Programs of the Department of Culture and Spiritual Development of the District Administration of Yakutsk, Nyurgin ALEKSEEV , Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ASATU, Ilya ALEKSEEVA , Inspector of the Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) , Maxim BEREZIN , Editor-in-Chief of Radio NVK Sakha, Chief "Mechanic" Stepan OLESOVA4 Sakhaneftegazsbyt "of the Vilyui group of uluses , Vasily STAROSTIN , artistic director of the Even folklore ensemble "Aiulna" DDN them. A.E. Kulakovsky and many others.

ASATU employs professionals in their field, they prepare and nurture excellent personnel who are now working for the development of agriculture in our Republic and beyond. Our graduates are the bearers of spiritual culture in the villages. Graduates of our ensemble are active participants in the social and cultural life of the village.

Everyone says that Sandal is a family. In the truest sense of the word, do your dancers create families within this team? Doesn't this interfere with work? Especially when talented girls go on maternity leave.

There are already more than 10 married couples in our ensemble and this shows and proves that everything is compatible!

- This is a pretty stressful job. How are you recovering?

I can say that you don't get tired at your favorite job. But when it does, my family and friends help me recover.

— What are Sandal's plans for the future?

This autumn, if the pandemic is over by then, we plan to hold an anniversary concert where several generations of Sandalovites will perform: graduates, students, junior and middle groups of the Sandal children's ensemble. The best dance compositions of the troupe will be presented on the stage, having won great love and recognition of many spectators: "Dyehegey", "Saasky ueruu", "Maschyt walattara", "Tyyn tetime", dance of the Siberian Cranes, "Stroganina Festival", igniting Mexican, etc. .

We are also looking forward to new guys. Now in our ASATU a recruiting company has already begun and, I think, a lot of talented guys will come to us!

- And the last question. What would you wish to people who only want to take up dancing or to very young, but already ambitious dancers?

— Movement is life! Never stand still, always be in motion, development, study.

Learn more