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13 Fun Dance Games for Kids' Parties


Christine Gauvreau

Christine Gauvreau

Christine Gauvreau is an event planning expert with over 10 years of professional party planning experience. She co-founded an event planning business that specializes in kids' parties. She has written for The Spruce on topics related to children's parties for almost five years.

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Updated on 10/05/22

Whether you’re throwing a disco-themed party, a rock-and-roll sock hop, or just a children's party where you’ll have music and space for dancing, these dance party games are sure to get kids moving and grooving in the spirit of fun. These timeless party ideas and activities make dancing so much fun and they work for all age groups, from 5-year-old kids to adults.

The Spruce

Spot Light

To play this dance party game, you’ll need one person to work the spotlight and another to work the music. Have that person stand in the middle of the dance floor and shine a flashlight on the dancers. The spotlight person should continually move the flashlight so that it is always changing which dancer it is highlighting. Whenever the person in charge of the music stops it, the spotlight holder must freeze, steadying the light on the dancer it was pointing to at the time. That dancer is out of the game. Play continues until only one dancer remains.

Another variation of this game is this: the dancer the light is shined on when the music stops moves to the center of the dance floor and performs their best dance moves for the crowd. This way no one is eliminated from the game and everyone gets a turn to shine in the spotlight.

Memory Moves

To play memory moves, have the kids form a circle around the dance floor. Choose one player to go first. That player will step into the center of the circle and make up a dance move. The next player will step into the center and repeat the same dance move. After that player mimics the first player's dance move, the second player then performs one of their own. It is up to the next player to repeat both dance moves and add a third. The game continues in this manner, with each dancer repeating and then adding a new move to the list. Anyone who can’t copy or forgets the succession of dance moves is out. Play continues until only one dancer remains.

Spot Dance

This game will have dancers team up in couples. Each couple must dance only in a designated spot. The best way to do this is to tape large circles onto the floor and have dancers stand on them to start. Play music and have them dance together without stepping off of the circles. When you speed up the music, they must speed up their dance. Anytime a foot steps out of the couple’s spot, that pair is out of the game.

To make this game more challenging, you can start with large circles and replace them with smaller ones as the dancing progresses.

Partner Switch

Assign one player to stand in the middle of the dance floor and hold a flag. Have the remaining dancers form pairs and begin to dance around the flag holder. At random times, the flag holder will toss the flag in the air. When the flag goes up, everyone switches partners. The flag holder must also try to find a partner. The person left standing alone becomes the new flag holder.

Dance Switch

Play music and have the kids dance randomly. Stand alongside the dance floor and randomly call out different dance styles, such as disco, square dance, ballroom, hip-hop, or ballet. Whenever a new dance style is called, players must switch their dance moves to suit that style.

Create a Dance

Forget the macarena or the cha-cha slide. Get kids to invent dance moves. Have them line up as they would for line dancing. One at a time, have a player step forward and perform a move. All dancers will work on that move a few times before the next player will add a move. Each move will be practiced along with the ones that went before. By the time all players have added and rehearsed their moves, the new dance will have been invented.

Dance Hats

Hand out two or three hats to the dancers. As the music plays the hats must circulate among the dancers. Every time the music stops, the players wearing the hats earn a prize. To make sure everyone earns a prize, have the players who win sit out for the remainder of the dance game.

Elimination Dance

Before the party, write down several things that might pertain to party guests such as “the kid with the ponytail” or “the person wearing glasses.” Put all of the written items into a hat. As the kids dance, pull the items from the hat and call them out loud. Anyone who fits the description must leave the dance floor. The last player on the dance floor wins.

Dance Corners

Mark off four corners with four different colors. This can be done by hanging a colored flag or taping a piece of colored paper to the floor in each corner. Write down the four colors and place them in a hat. Once the kids are dancing for a bit, stop the music and tell them to run to a corner. Pull one of the colors out of the hat. Those players are out, and that corner is eliminated from play. 

Dance Party Musical Chairs

This version of musical chairs is a great way to incorporate a childhood favorite game into your dance party. Instead of lining the chairs up in the middle of the room, set them up so that they circle (or semi-circle) the dance floor. Kids dance, and when the music stops, they head for the chairs, but instead of running, they must dance their way over to the chairs. As usual, the player left standing when all the chairs are taken is eliminated, a chair is removed, and the kids return to the dance floor for the next round. 

Zumba Dance

Choreograph an easy Zumba dance fitness routine for guests so they can shake it all out and have fun while doing it. Zumba moves to music can be simple like marching a few feet back and forth, jumping side to side, or hopping on one foot for a second or two then switching. Instruct guests to freeze in position when the music stops and eliminate anyone who didn't stop dancing.

Musical Island Dance

Before the party, prepare a bunch of "islands" made of paper or other mats labeled "Zombie Island," "Robot Island," "Disco Island," or any other type of dance theme you'd like. Place the islands around a large space and make them far apart. There are variations to this game but however you play it, guests need to jump onto an island or be disqualified from the game. Here are two ways to play the game:

  • Play music while guests are dancing away from the islands. When the music stops, guests have to get to an island. Anyone who is not on an island is taken out of the game.
  • Play the game the opposite way and have guests stay frozen off the islands until the music begins to play. Then guests will need to jump onto the island nearest them and begin to dance like zombies, robots, disco dancers, or whatever other island theme you have planned. Any guest that did not make it to an island on time is eliminated.

As a variation for either way the game is played, you can remove an island after each round so guests have fewer places to jump on to.

Dancing With the Ball

This is an ideal game for squiggly party guests. You'll need a ball or a balloon and the more sparkly it is, the better. Everyone stands in a circle and when the music begins, guests start dancing at the same time the ball or balloon is being passed around from person to person. But it's harder than it sounds because guests pass the ball around the circle without using arms or legs and they still need to be dancing. Whoever drops the ball is out of the circle and the remaining guest is the winner.

Dance Games - It Is Your Turn To Be In The Spotlight!

Kids love to dance! And whether you are a great dancer or not you’ll have a ton of fun with these dance games. So, join the kids and have a blast!

Dance games are great boredom busters, fun games for rainy day or any day. They make awesome activities for any party for kids, teens and even adults.

Who doesn’t love to move to the music!

1. Spotlight

Many of us would enjoy some time in the spotlight but in this game being in the spotlight is not a good thing…


  • flashlight
  • music


  1. Form a circle. One person stands in the middle holding the flashlight (spotlight).
  2. The music starts.
  3. The people in the circle start dancing.
  4. The spotlight holder shines the light to the dancers. Moving it around so that only one dancer at a time is in the spotlight.
  5. The music stops.
  6. The dancers stop. The spotlight holder freezes and keeps the light on the dancer that was in the spotlight when the music stopped.
  7. Whoever was in the spotlight is out of the game.
  8. Continue playing until only one dancer remains.


A. Dance moves with no elimination.

The dancer who is in the spotlight when the music stops goes to the center of the circle and shows her best dance moves. Then she will become the next spotlight holder.

b. dance moves with elimination…

The dancer who is in the spotlight when the music stops goes to the center and shows his best dance moves. Then he is out of the game.

2. Dance Switch

I hope you know various dance styles! Even if you don’t, you’ll have a ball playing this dance game with your kids.


  • music (any music OR a mix of various music styles: hip hop, jazz, square dance, disco, ballet, country line dancing, samba, rumba, waltz, jive…)


  1. Play music.
  2. The dancers start dancing.
  3. When the music style changes, change your dance style. OR call out various styles such as hip hop, jazz, square dance, disco, ballet, country line dancing.)

3. Freeze Dance

Get ready to freeze or you are out.


  • Music


4. Do All The Moves

How well can you remember new dance moves? If you’re like me… then not very well. Nevertheless, this game is FUN!


  • Music


  1. Form a circle.
  2. One dancer goes in the middle and does a dance move.
  3. Then she goes back to her spot.
  4. The next person goes to the middle and does the first person’s dance move AND a new move.
  5. The third dancer does the first two moves and adds another.
  6. And so on until the last dancer gets in the middle and has to do everyone’s dance moves.

Optional: If someone does not remember all the dance moves, she is out. Continue until only one person is left.

5. Stay In Your Spotlight

It’s your turn to be in the spotlight…

and make sure you stay in it!


  • washi or duct tape
  • cardboard or poster board circles (optional)
  • music


Form teams of two or more people.

Each team needs a designated area “spotlight” to dance in. Make the spotlights by taping cardboard circles on the floor. You could also simply form a circle with a tape.

Make it big enough for the team to dance in but not too big… otherwise it will be too easy.

  1. Play music.
  2. The dancers dance in their spotlight. They must stay inside their circle or area.
  3. Speed up the music. The dancers must speed up their dance moves.
  4. If a team member steps out of the spotlight, the team is out. OR that dancer is out.
  5. Whichever team is left (or has one member left) in the end wins.

Make the game more challenging by starting out with large spotlights and making them smaller as the game progresses.

Have fun with your teens!

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6. Musical Dance

It’s like musical chairs without the danger of having a chair pulled out from under you…


  • dance styles or moves written on index cards
  • music


Place the index cards upside down on the floor forming a big circle with them.

  1. Start the music.
  2. The players dance around the circle of index cards. (Not stepping on the index cards.)
  3. Stop the music.
  4. The players turn around the index paper that is next to them and do the dance moves written on it.

7. Dance Spots

This one is so much fun!


  • tape
  • music


Mark dance spots with tape. If you have five players, make four dance spots in the corners of the game area.

  1. One person stands in the middle. The others in the corners. One player in each corner.
  2. Everyone starts dancing. You could assign specific moves for each dance spot.
  3. The person in the middle will at a random time shout: “change” and everyone runs to a new spot. The person in the middle tries to get to a dance spot too.
  4. Whoever is left without a dance spot, goes in the middle.

8. Elimination Dance

If you fit the description you’re out!


  • index cards
  • paper bag
  • music


Write down random things on index cards and put them in a paper bag or a hat.

Somethings to write down:

  • Whoever is wearing something green.
  • Whoever has a braid.
  • Whoever is wearing glasses.
  • Whoever did push-ups today.
  • Whoever has a pink phone case.
  1. Start the music.
  2. Everyone dances.
  3. Pull out an index card and read it. Anyone who fits the description is out.

These dance games are perfect for teen birthday parties.

9. Choreographer

Did you ever want to be a choreographer? Now is your chance!


  • music


  1. Form a line or a couple.
  2. One person goes in the front and shows a dance move.
  3. Everyone does it together.
  4. Another person goes in the front and does another move.
  5. Everyone does the first move AND the new one.
  6. Keep doing it until everyone gets to come up with a move or two.

10. Dance Corners

Pick a color and hope it won’t be picked!


  • 4 different color flags, pieces of paper or tape
  • the four colors written on index cards (one color on each card)
  • paper bag
  • music


Mark each corner with a different color.

Put the index cards in a paper bag or a hat.

  1. Start the music.
  2. The players dance in the middle of the game area.
  3. Stop the music.
  4. Everyone runs to a corner. Any corner.
  5. Pull out an index card and read the name of the color.
  6. Everyone standing in that color corner is out.
  7. Keep playing until you only have only one player left. (When you have only two players left, they can’t go in the same corner.)

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How to party with Just Dance

  • Resources

July 01, 2019

“Just Dance is a dance game, the easiest way to explain it is as “dance karaoke” Anton, the organizer of Just dance parties, tells about the super popular computer game and how to arrange an exciting dance party with its help.

Anastasia Makarova


About the game

I got acquainted with Just Dance in 2009, even before the release of the first part of the game, when I worked at the Igromir exhibition at the demo stand of this very first part. Since then, I have been developing the Just Dance community and do not miss a single new part.
JD is very easy to play. One of the tracks presented in the game is selected. Players are placed in front of the camera, or pick up controllers, and repeat the movements of the dancer on the screen. The game puts a "score" for each movement performed and sums up the result at the end. Depending on the platform, 4 to 6 people can play and earn points at the same time.

About parties

A variety of events related to Just Dance are constantly held all over the world and in Russia as well. Some of them are supported by Ubisoft, the company that released the game, but most of the tournaments and parties are organized by the game's community, those people who love to dance in JD. We don't like the term fan club. We have a group of initiative people who organize events, and there is a large community of ordinary Just Dance lovers - guests of our events.

About the rules

There are unspoken "rules of etiquette" that are familiar to experienced Just Dance players - for example, all participants must be sure to dance for the same dancer in the game, judges must ensure that participants do not cover each other or move closer than others to camera, or, for example, you can not compare numerical results from different songs.
But in fact there are no officially approved rules. If the tournament is hosted by people who are not associated with Ubisoft or who do not have much experience in organizing Just Dance, then anything can be on it - they can both violate the above rules, and, conversely, add some stricter ones of their own.

At parties, unlike tournaments, we try to take a backseat to earning points, and all participants just dance for their pleasure, repeating the movements from Just Dance. This allows you to involve an almost unlimited number of participants at the same time.

In official Ubisoft tournaments, the rules are documented immediately before each tournament. Sometimes they count not only the points of the players earned in the game itself, but also, for example, the score of the judges who evaluate the dance component and the accuracy of the players' performance or the audience vote.

About the players

The greatest interest in Just Dance is shown, of course, by children and young people under 30 years old, but this is if we talk specifically about those who attend parties or somehow try to express themselves through Just Dance.
But people of absolutely all professions and ages love to play at home with family or friends.

Of course, in our community there are famous people, their own stars. First of all, these are the winners of championships of different levels, as well as YouTubers and streamers who make Just Dance content.
There are also those who organize events or gather people around them, like us. The same people exist in other countries. This also attracts some attention.)


Each part offers 40 songs to players, plus additional dances and dances from old parts are available by subscription. Just Dance features many different styles, but most of it is contemporary pop and dance. In the playlist of any part, there are older songs, and dances for Latin lovers, and children's dances - but these are single tracks. There are themed playlists in which songs are grouped by style. But, of course, you cannot choose a style for each specific song - all the dances in the game are pre-recorded and cannot be changed at the player's request.

If you set a goal, then using the game you can pump yourself well in dancing. But for this you need to devote a lot of time to training, and also receive adequate feedback - participate in tournaments, go to parties, dance in front of a mirror, or record yourself on camera.
But, even if you just sometimes play at home and learn dances, this can already give a good result - help you open up, help you gain flexibility, endurance and a sense of rhythm.

Just Dance Party Supplies

  • TV or Projector Screen
  • Audio system or speakers
  • Game console or computer
  • Controller (can also be a smartphone)
  • Just Dance Software
  • Dance space
About hardware and software

Just Dance is primarily a game that is intended for entertainment at home in your company. You can buy a disc with Just Dance for any modern game console (even for the Nintendo Wii). For some platforms, you may need to purchase additional controllers, but, for example, for the Nintendo switch, everything you need is already included in the console itself.
If there is no console at hand, then you can use the Just Dance Now application on a computer or Apple TV - in this case, instead of controllers, players can use their mobile phones (on current generation consoles, the phone can also be used as a controller).

In order to play at a party, you can simply put on a TV and allocate a small space (literally a few meters), and then 5-10 people can comfortably dance. Or you can put up a huge plasma screen or a projector, connect a powerful sound and not limit the space - and then dozens of people will be able to dance at the same time.

About love

We love this game and have been doing it for so many years, because it's a great combination of physical activity and gaming experience, and it's really very interesting.
Just Dance allows even those who have never had a love of physical exercise to join the dance. In addition, dancing, especially in a large friendly company, is a great emotion and a great way to socialize. Every day we watch how people find themselves, find friends and become more confident in themselves thanks to Just Dance.

The best online dance games on PC

Tired of endless battles and monotonous grind? Want to relax and try something completely new? Online dance games are what you need: we present a list of the best representatives of one of the most socially oriented genres.

Just Dance 2017

A former console exclusive that made its first appearance on PC. Unlike other games on the list where virtual characters dance, Just Dance 2017 invites players to personally wave their arms and legs, trying to imitate the movements of the dancer on the screen.

Just Dance does not require special controllers: just download the assistant application to your smartphone, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network with your computer, and you can dance until you drop, either alone or with partners (or rivals) in one mode screen or online.

Alas, this pleasure cannot be called cheap: in addition to buying the game, you will have to pay for a Just Dance Unlimited subscription, otherwise you will be content with a miserable 40 music tracks. A subscription gives you access to 300+ licensed songs, so that the money spent will be more than recouped by the received emotions and calories burned. The game will help you regularly stretch your limbs after many hours of gaming sessions, and will also be the perfect entertainment for a noisy party.



An online game that uses the Unreal Engine 3, which makes it look much more beautiful and modern than the competition. The power of the engine allowed developers to implement colorful locations and detailed characters, realistic animation and modern effects, and an advanced hero editor, combined with an extensive wardrobe, gave players the opportunity to create completely unique conquerors of the dance floors.

As far as gameplay goes, MStar is fine with that too. The game is friendly to beginners and able to challenge hardcore gamers, so there is entertainment here for every taste. In addition to actually participating in dance competitions (in which, by the way, licensed foreign and domestic musical compositions are used), users can equip their virtual apartments, go to parties, visit bars and cafes, make acquaintances, arrange dates and weddings.

Earlier in the CIS the game was published by 101XP and was available entirely in Russian. But as of the end of autumn 2021, one server remained operational - fortunately, a detailed guide on registration and Russification is available in the VKontakte game group.


Soul Dance Party

Soul Dance Party from domestic developers combines two genres - dance and social. On the one hand, hot dances with bright outfits and pleasant music await you, on the other hand, the opportunity to create a unique character and just live by attending parties, building relationships with the inhabitants of the virtual world and completing quests. Everything is possible in this game.

The game was released in 2021, so it will please you with excellent graphics. Yes, and it's nice to realize that the dance genre does not cease to interest developers.


Dance Collider

This game will literally make you dance, because it was made for virtual reality glasses. The gameplay offers to compete with 9 virtual dancers - you have to catch flying spheres, thus reproducing various movements. You will do this under one of the 75 songs written by the legendary composer F-777. If this is not enough, then try out the in-game editor.

We advise you to warm up properly, because you will have to move a lot and quickly here.

Buy Now

Space Dance Harmony

Another dance rhythm game for VR, but with a focus on learning. She suggests repeating the movements of a virtual assistant, and for this you will have to use the whole body. It is interesting that the dance numbers were worked out by professionals in their field, and there are modes in the game for both wooden beginners and flexible professionals.

Enjoy different styles of music, leaderboards and nice graphics with various decorations.


Dance Magic

It would be strange to see a dance game in the track record of the creators of the furious action game Crossout, if you do not know its content. In fact, Dance Magic also offers to clash in hot fights, but the attacks of the duelists are activated by their smooth movements.

The formula of the game is simple - dance to defeat the enemy. To do this, you have to press various buttons in time and link them into spectacular combos, thus activating various abilities of the hero. You can choose from 7 dance styles, 30 music tracks and a rich wardrobe of star costumes.

Buy Now


A series of dance games on PC from Korea, with anime style, a large selection of dance styles, an advanced character editor and impressive customization options - the variety of clothes available in the wardrobe will give odds to many fashion houses.

Some editions of the Audition series failed to attract an audience and were closed, others are still afloat. Among them is Audition Online, which can be played for free on Steam: the project allows you to gather in a large crowd and arrange a group dance battle, gaining points and receiving rewards. Other aspects of the social genre - communication, dates, weddings - are also present, so you can safely go into the game for new acquaintances.


Para Pa

A dance arcade game of Chinese origin, localized in the Russian market by and very popular among fans of the genre. All thanks to a well-developed social component: Para Pa is not only dancing, but also parties, weddings, shopping and even showdowns between groups.

However, there is also a lot of dancing here: dozens of dance floors, clubs and stadiums, rattling with famous musical compositions, are waiting for the inhabitants of the virtual world. Movements are performed through QTE: players must press certain keys, trying to get into the rhythm and score the maximum number of points. You can show your skills both alone and in a group with other users, including participating in the above-mentioned battles (no massacre - only dance competitions).


Crypt of the Necrodancer

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a mixture of roguelike RPG and dance simulator. Behind such an intricate definition lies a very exciting gameplay: here you need to explore the dungeons in rhythm with the music, trying to dance enemies.

In Crypt of the Necrodancer, everyone dances - enemies, bosses and, of course, player-controlled (co-op supported) characters, turning the battlefield into a strange but fun disco. It is not easy to master the local rhythm mechanics, but when it nevertheless lends itself, the gameplay of the project begins to bring genuine pleasure. For more immersive atmosphere, you can connect a real dance mat to Crypt of the Necrodancer and beat the rhythm with your feet, while getting rid of both enemies and extra calories.

Buy Now


A free casual game dedicated exclusively to dancing, featuring a variety of songs and dance moves that you can learn to hone your skills and then show off to your opponents in online competitions.

LoveBeat has an impressive amount of content. Over ten game modes, including individual, couple and group dances, over five hundred music tracks in various genres, a giant wardrobe with which to decorate your avatar, and many social features that allow you to communicate with players, make new friends and even have virtual weddings. And most importantly - the atmosphere of an ongoing party: perhaps the most important thing to expect from a dance rhythm game.


Super Dancer Online Extreme

An MMO dance game with tons of modes and dances, plus tons of additional activities, including decorating your own home, caring for pets, updating your wardrobe, chatting with other players, and even crafting items. Another distinctive feature of the game is the ability to get married, have a child and take him to dance battles.

The name of the game, Super Dancer Online Extreme, hints that some of the challenges here may be extreme. And it's true: new levels of difficulty and hardcore modes are gradually opening up here, and in order to master them all, you need to have a good reaction and a sense of rhythm. The best of the best can join guilds and organize guild wars - no sieges and battles, only dances, dances, dances.



One of the most popular social games where, in addition to other entertainments like decorating a house, going to cafes and shops, completing various quests and communicating with the inhabitants of the town, there is also dancing.

In Avatar, you can go to the club and challenge the players to a dance duel. Or start a relationship with another avatar and merge in a pair dance. There are tons of possibilities, and dancing mini-games are exciting, so you definitely won't be bored.


Club Cooee

Another social game, in fact - a three-dimensional chat in which the avatars of the players get to know each other, communicate and perform various joint actions. For example, they dance - a separate dance room is available here, where you can show your skills by performing a couple of intricate steps.

In addition, the project is interesting in other activities. Here you can dress up your character, get a magical pet, arrange a virtual room - in general, have fun from the heart!


Dancing Angel

An anime-themed MMO dance project that lets you choose and customize your character, then hit the dance floor to compete with other players, make friends, chat, and even celebrate weddings!

Dancing Angel contains many customization items, including wings, jackets, boots, dresses, pants, and so on. It features a variety of arenas and music tracks, and you can dance in several difficulty modes - from the easiest to hardcore. Moreover, the game has quests, boss fights and other activities. Perhaps, in terms of graphics, the project will seem modest for a sophisticated player, but its capabilities are enough to entertain for many months.

Learn more