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Here's How Much It Really Cost To Enroll In The Abby Lee Dance Company


By Shana Aborn/May 10, 2021 10:28 am EST

For nearly 10 years, "Dance Moms" reigned as one of the queens of the reality TV world. The Lifetime series had it all: jaw-dropping performances by talented tweens and teens hoping to become professional dancers; behind-the-scenes drama between the mothers; and, of course, the real star of the show, Abby Lee Miller. The studio owner/lead dance coach was part drill sergeant, part fairy godmother; with one word, she could either bestow a coveted solo performance or remove a girl from a big team number. 

Miller's Pittsburgh studio, the Abby Lee Dance Company, became so successful that she opened a second branch in L.A. (via Entertainment Weekly). Over the years, the studio has taught dancers who have gone on to careers in professional companies, in casts of shows on- and off-Broadway, and in Disney parks worldwide, according to the studio's website. Its most famous alumni include Maddie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, and JoJo Siwa, who all came to prominence courtesy of "Dance Moms."

The show skidded to a sudden halt in 2017 after Miller was convicted of bankruptcy fraud and spent a year in federal prison. She was set to launch a spinoff called "Abby's Virtual Dance Off" when a former cast member came forward to accuse her of making racist comments toward her daughter. The network promptly canceled the production of the new show (via USA Today). 

While the future of "Dance Moms" is still in doubt, the studio itself is still very much alive. Aspiring performers are welcome — but you'll need to bring your checkbook.

Kevin Mazur/fox/Getty Images

Via the studio's official website, both locations are currently open and registering for the fall semester. In keeping with COVID-19 precautions, the studio has established protocols, including keeping students 6 feet apart and requiring masks in the building except during lessons.  

The Abby Lee Dance Company's tuition is based on the number of studio hours a student takes per week. According to the company's tuition chart, the first 45-minute class costs $50; after that, the fees range from $62 weekly for a 1.25-hour schedule up to $284 for 14 hours. Students can also "drop in" on a class for $30 to see if it's a good fit for them, or take private lessons that range from $35-60, depending on length and whether the student is a registered member. The company last updated their rates in 2016; the fees may have gone up since then.

Truly serious dancers can expect to pay more than average students. Members of the competition team have to attend two to three classes weekly, plus weekend practices. They also study a variety of techniques, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, acro/gym, and intensive study of jumps, turns, and leg/feet movement — and, of course, there are the local and national competitions.

You don't have to have a budding JoJo Siwa to enroll your child in ALDC, however. The company site says, "We realize that not every child has the drive, determination or natural talent to become a professional dancer. However, we believe that every child deserves the chance to try!"


How Much Is 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Worth?

  • After prison time and a year of cancer treatments, Abby Lee Miller's net worth took a major hit.
  • The Dance Moms star is getting back on her feet, walking and debuting a new Ask Abby talk show in 2020.
  • Abby receives paychecks for appearances, films, Dance Moms spinoffs, and more.

Abby Lee Miller is on a comeback tour. The Dance Moms star is getting back on her feet after a tough few years filled with prison time and health issues. (Literally, she's learning how to walk again.) Abby is also taking over the TV one new show at a time and filling up her bank account while she's at it.

The reality TV personality is well on her way to raking in the big bucks again—I'm talking a paycheck per episode, a dancewear line, AND Dance Moms spinoffs. It all started with the hit Lifetime show Dance Moms, but in 2015, the star’s life and subsequent finances took a major hit when she was sentenced to 366 days in prison for bankruptcy fraud—and again in 2018, when she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. But with all that behind her, here's how much money Abby is earning this year.

Abby announced a new talk show coming in 2020.

The reality star shared her exciting news in an Instagram video. "I have my own talk show called Ask Abby," she explains in the post. "Yes, that's right, you can ask me anything. I'm looking for excited, talented, fun, fabulous kids, teenagers, and tweens in the Los Angeles area that would be interested in sitting on the couch next to me and find out what it really takes to make it in Hollywood. This is your chance to be on top of my pyramid."

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Abby added, "It's gonna be fun."

Abby first cashed in on

Dance Moms.

Abby Lee took over her mom’s studio and renamed it Reign Dance Productions in 1984 (it’s the studio where Dance Moms is filmed). And from 2011, when Dance Moms first premiered, to 2016, Abby was cashing checks for $8,899 every month, according to Us Weekly. That’s every month for six seasons, people.

Abby turned her

Dance Moms fame into more paychecks.

Besides her stint on the main show, Abby was getting a little extra something for its spinoffs, Dance Moms: Miami, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, and Abby’s Studio Rescue. And that's all in addition to her ALDC dancewear collection endorsement deals and appearances in film and television shows, including Drop Dead Diva.

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Abby poured all her dancing know-how into the pages of her debut book in 2014.

Abby's finances took a hit with prison time and cancer diagnosis.

Abby seemed to be living quite comfortably until she was indicted and charged for hiding $775,000 of her earnings in October 2015. Per People, Abby was keeping money in various accounts and having friends travel with a total of $120,000 in their luggages on her behalf. Including her yearlong prison sentence, Abby was ordered to pay $40,000 in fines, plus the $120,000 she tried to hide through friends.

Things only got more troublesome for Abby when she had to have emergency spinal surgery and doctors realized the symptoms she’d been experiencing were due to a rare form of cancer. The bills for her treatments, though not disclosed, were sure to have cost the now cancer-free star a pretty penny.

Curious about Abby Lee's health journey? Here's everything she's gone through:

Abby returned to Lifetime for

Dance Moms season 8.

The most recent season debuted in June 2019. Her salary for the season wasn't released, but you can use her previous earnings to estimate how much cash has been coming her way recently.

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There's some complicated math, but according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Abby’s net worth is about $2 million dollars. And she’s sure to be earning more as she logs more screen time with her new talk show Ask Abby, new seasons of Dance Moms, and other Lifetime spinoffs.

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Dancing Moms -

Dance Moms , or Moms, stage directors of in Quebec, is a reality show broadcast from

The principle of the show is to be trained by a group of young dancers in the Abby Lee Dance Company. This company aims to make its students become professional dancers. The peculiarity of the program is that it is focused on the point of view of mothers of little girls participating in the program.

In France, the program is broadcast from on Teva. In Quebec, it is broadcast on Canal Vie.

As of May 2020, Abby Lee Miller will not be renewing her contract with Lifetime. There will be no season 9.


  • 1 principle
  • 2 members
    • 2.1 Teachers
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    • 3.1 Team "ELITE"
    • 3.2 Mini team (2016-6 - and season)
  • 4 French voices
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    • 5.2 Second season (2012)
    • 5.3 Third season (2013)
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    • 5.5 Fifth season (2015)
    • 5.6 Sixth season (2016)
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Every week at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, a group of young dancers led by Abby Lee Miller train for a dance competition. The group usually consists of 5-8 dancers, depending on the episodes of the show. Every week they learn a new group choreography and also, for some, a trio, duo or solo. Solo during competitions is the privilege of little girls and the object of many conflicts between their mothers. Each episode begins with a "pyramid", a ranking created by choreographer Abby to represent the best and worst performances from the previous week. The episode usually ends with an awards ceremony for the winners of the competition. Maddie Ziegler is considered Abby's favorite dancer. She performs solo almost every week, is the winner of most competitions and is almost always at the top of the pyramid. This creates tension with each episode between her mother, Melissa, and the other little girls' mothers. The tension between these mothers and Abby Lee Miller is also at the center of the show.



  • Abby Lee Miller is the founder of the Abby Lee Dance Company.
  • Gianna Martello - Abby Lee Miller's assistant and one of her alumni.

Former members

Team "ELITE"

  • Melissa Gisoni is the mother of Maddie Ziegler (b. 2002, 17) and Mackenzie Ziegler (b. 2004, 15). Leave the show in Season 6 so Maddie can focus on her professional endeavors.
  • Jackie Lucia is the mother of Sophia Lucia (born 2002, 16 years old), who will leave the issue until 3- season.
  • Kelly Hyland is the mother of Brooke Hyland (born 1998, aged 21) and Paige Hyland (born 2000, aged 19), who were banned from the show in the fourth season due to an altercation between Kelly and Abby.
  • Christy Lukasiak is the mother of Chloe Lukasiak (born 2001, age 18), who will leave the show after the fourth season. She will be back at 7- m season.
  • Kathy Stein is the mother of Vivi-Anne Stein (born 2004, age 14) who left the show after the first season. Katie is the owner of the Candy Apple studio and Abby Lee Miller's rival.
  • Leslie Ackerman is the mother of Payton Ackerman (born 1997, aged 21) who joins the show from time to time to integrate certain group choreographies.
  • Christy Ray - Mother Asia Rei (born 2005, 13 years old) who appears in several episodes of 3rd-th season.
  • Jessalyn Siwa is the mother of JoJo Siwa (born 2003, age 16) who joined the show in the 4- season and leaves after the 6- season.
  • Christy Hunt is the mother of Sarah Hunt (born 2005, aged 13) who has been on the run several times over the course of 4- and 5- .
  • Jill Green is the mother of Kendall Green (born 2002, age 17) who joined the show during the 2- m season.
  • Kira Girard is the mother of Kalani Khiliker (born 2000, 19 years old) who joined the show in 4- m season.
  • Holly Fraser - mother of Nia Siu (born 2001, aged 18). Leaves the show after season 7.

Team "MINI LA" (2016 -

6 - th season)
  • Tiffany Oladi is the mother of Alexus Oladi (born July 4, 2007, age 12), who left the show after the mini-team disbanded.
  • Sari Lopez is the mother of Areana Lopez (born May 21, 2005, age 15).
  • Mary Owen is the mother of Alice Owen (born March 9, 2006, age 12).
  • Lynn Faye is 's mother Kendyl Faye (born February 25, 2008, age 12) who joined the show after Mia left.
  • Kerry Evans - mother of Peyton Evans (born February 17, 2009, aged 11).
  • Yolanda Walmsley is the mother of Elliana Walmsley (born June 23, 2007, aged 12).
  • Stacey Ketchman - mother of Liliana Ketchman (b. June 23, 2008, age 11).

French voices

  • Muriel Nijon
  • Veronique Uzuro
  • Adeline Lecade
  • Marin Tuya
  • Philip Hubert
  • Benjamin Cohen
  • Marion Cohen
  • Sandra Parra
  • Eglantine Lekoz
  • Alice torand
  • Flora Caprielian
  • Sabrina Marchese
  • Ann-Sophie Nallino
French version
  • Studio: Imagine
  • Adaptation: Valentin Marshal
  • Art Direction: Julien Breat


First season (2011)

The first season consists of 12 episodes and 1 special aired between and .

  1. Let the show begin! ( Competition starts )
  2. New recruit ( highly unacceptable )
  3. Like a mother, like a daughter ( Cheerleaders Blues )
  4. Star ( Stealing the show )
  5. New York Agent ( When the Stars Collide )
  6. Missing ( Die Dance )
  7. Dance my angel ( she is a fighter )
  8. Love is in the air Love is in the air ( Love is on the dance floor )
  9. Las Vegas Here We Are ( from ballerinas to dancers )
  10. War Declared ( Cathy Brings It! )
  11. Championship (here all ends with )
  12. Star in the firmament ( there is only one star )
  13. Best of ( Most Outrageous Moments ) (special)

Second season (2012)

The second season has 26 episodes and 4 specials broadcast between at .

  1. Let's dance ( All replaced by )
  2. Queen's Apples ( Return of Candy Apples )
  3. Brooke Choice
  4. Nobody likes bad things ( Nobody likes a bully )
  5. Ghost ( back Brook )
  6. Moms in costumes ( Jill on a rampage )
  7. Hands up ( Bullets and Ballet )
  8. Supreme Betrayal ( Runaway Mom )
  9. Big bet ( costume drama )
  10. Under the Florida Sun ( Miami Heatwave )
  11. Star dream ( Melissa pleads for the fifth )
  12. Lifetime Chance ( Waiting for Joffrey )
  13. Lies and jealousy ( Abbygeddon )
  14. Abby in all her forms ( Abby's most divine moments ) (Special)
  15. Battle begins ( Battle begins )
  16. Bright Return ( Night of the Living Dancers )
  17. All pictures allowed ( I know what you did at the last competition )
  18. Maddie Has A Secret ( Maddie Has A Secret )
  19. For Better or For Worse ( Abby's Dance-A-Thon ) (special)
  20. Revenge ( how do you like these apples? )
  21. Birthday between enemies ( Worst party on occasion of the day birthday! )
  22. Drop Dead Diva ( Guess who's back? )
  23. Still ill ( break a leg )
  24. Girls vs Boys ( Candy Apple Revenge )
  25. Abby's Gala
  26. Cruel dilemma ( new in town )
  27. Solo Fever ( Solo Fever )
  28. May the best one win! ( Citizens )
  29. Homecoming Part 1 ( Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 1 ) (special)
  30. Homecoming Part 2 ( Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 2 ) (special)

Third season (2013)

The third season includes 31 episodes and 8 specials that aired between and .

  1. Four Truths ( Smoke Before Fire ) (special)
  2. Beginning of end ( Beginning of end )
  3. Spirit of Rebellion ( won with old, with new )
  4. Superstar ( but I am national champion! )
  5. We're not going to lie to each other ( Liar, Liar, Dancing Mom on Fire! )
  6. Beware of substitution! ( Revenge replacements )
  7. Top of the pyramid ( cute boys, doll girls )
  8. Unlimited ( Rotten to the Core )
  9. Nothing is taken for granted ( you were unfriendly )
  10. Rest in Peace Broadway Baby ( Bye Bye Baby )
  11. Love Story ( All is well in love and war )
  12. Take care of yourself! ( Camouflaged maneuvers )
  13. Expressions and emotions ( Apple of her eye )
  14. Diamond crushers ( she is a maniac )
  15. Ruthless Competition ( Watch Your Back Mac )
  16. Everyone to the polls! ( Dance Policy )
  17. Assistant choreographer ( Can I have this dance? )
  18. Premier Straight ( Top View )
  19. Hell Armwrestling ( Candy Apple )
  20. Mother / Daughter ( Tell Everyone P1 ) (special)
  21. We all rock it ( Tell it all part 2 ) (special)
  22. B major league ( Crazy boy, Crazy mom )
  23. Moms incognito ( Two girls, one solo )
  24. Perfect team ( An apple a day saves Abby )
  25. So chic ( no room for rotten apples )
  26. Sparring Part 1 ( Dance Mom Chatter Part 1 ) (special)
  27. Speeches pt 2 ( Dance Moms Chatter pt 2 ) (special)
  28. Hip Hop & Tap ( Tap Versus Hip Hop )
  29. Rivalry ( Abby so far this season ) (Special)
  30. What a day! ( Solo Riot )
  31. Clash ( Clash of Dance Moms )
  32. Patch ( The Dancing Dead )
  33. When the cat is not around . .. ( Gone, Abby is gone )
  34. Invincibles ( Again, Again Abby )
  35. Vegas Jackpot ( Diva Las Vegas )
  36. New face of dance ( Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Ne )
  37. My girl champion
  38. Hurricane Abby ( Dance Moms Reunion: Hurricane Abby ) (special)
  39. Gifts of Time ( Twas the Fight Before Christmas ) (Special)

Fourth season (2014)

The fourth season consists of 27 episodes and 7 specials aired between and .

  1. Flaws of villains ( Guess who's coming to the dance? ) (Special)
  2. All in the hot seat ... or almost ( Welcome back . .. Now don't get too comfortable )
  3. One number among others (two people can play this game in )
  4. For a good reason ( Dance Moms Cares ) (special)
  5. Abby the Menace ( Abby Strikes Back )
  6. Between Witches ( Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 )
  7. Everyone wants your seat ( no one is safe )
  8. New Chloe ( Battle Chloe )
  9. Revenge in New York ( Big Trouble in the Big Apple )
  10. Only one creature you're missing... ( Wingman Down )
  11. At eight we'll be a myth ( Nothing's fair in Abbeville )
  12. Ninth Heaven ( no solo for you )
  13. Un pas de travers
  14. Little Sister, Big Sister ( Sister Showdown ) Little Sister, Big Sister Sister
  15. Decisions Decisions ( Decisions Decisions )
  16. Family above all ( Family above all )
  17. Such a beautiful tribute ( Lights! Camera! Dancing! )
  18. Life goes on ( introducing my new team )
  19. The Dance Moms see red ( Seeing off red ) (Special)
  20. Between girls ( Girl Talk ) (special)
  21. Maddie vs. Chloe ( Maddie vs. Chloe Battle ) (Special)
  22. Top 10 choreos ( Abby Top Ten Dances ) (specials)
  23. Twice as many problems ( twice as many moms, twice as many problems )
  24. First kiss ( kiss or get off the potty )
  25. Abby's world ( Three soloists, one star )
  26. Fear of losing ( abbi-phobia )
  27. Cursed Umbrella ( Chloe gets revenge )
  28. Must prove himself ( No More Crybabies )
  29. Pistol shooting ( doubles )
  30. Be careful or I'll cancel everything ( Another bites the dust )
  31. My favorite solo ( 45 seconds solo )
  32. Hollywood, here we are! ( Hollywood Here We Are Part 1 )
  33. Hour of Truth ( Hollywood Here We Go Part 2 )
  34. Favoritism ( Reproduction of favorites ) (Special)

Season five (2015)

The fifth season includes 30 episodes and 4 specials broadcast between and .

  1. Forbidden to moms ( Girl Talk 2 ) (Special)
  2. Correspondence ( 99 problems, but mom is not alone )
  3. On the brink of hysterics ( Abby served )
  4. Head bow ( Jojo with bow )
  5. Bye Bye Pittsburgh Bye Bye Pittsburgh
  6. Conquest of the West ( Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby )
  7. Tone rises ( Nia risks it all )
  8. LA Hard Law Part 1 ( Wild West Coast Part 1 )
  9. LA Hard Law Part 2 ( Wild West Coast Part 2 )
  10. Domino Effect ( Great Break )
  11. Confused ( New Maddy? )
  12. Nia's Last Chance ( Nia's Last Chance )
  13. Grand Challenge ( Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure )
  14. Contest without Maddie ( Mackenzie's time to shine )
  15. Second chance in Hollywood ( second round Hollywood )
  16. Whoever rubs it will prick ( Maddy vs. Kalani )
  17. Battle of clips ( videos killed the star ALDC )
  18. Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1 )
  19. Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2
  20. Billing ( Seeing Stars ) (special)
  21. Australia: Nothing Works Part 1 ( Dance Moms Down Under Part 1 )
  22. Australia: Nothing Works Part 2 ( Dance Moms Down Under Part 2 )
  23. Kendall Superstar (on live from Los Angeles, this is Kendall K. )
  24. Maddie vs Mackenzie ( Maddie vs Mackenzie )
  25. Monster Under the Bed ( West Coast Strikes Back )
  26. Big fight ( Abby vs. Kira )
  27. Abby Lee Miller disappeared ( Where is Abby Lee Miller at all? )
  28. Will come, will not come ( Abby vs. Kira ... AGAIN! )
  29. Countdown ( Single fight: 1 round )
  30. Crazy Solos ( Baby Dance Mama Drama )
  31. Impossible to lose ( Nia vs Kalani . .. Winner takes Al )
  32. It goes or it breaks ( Chaos on National )
  33. unknown French name ( City of Angels ) (special, not published in France)
  34. unknown French title ( Slumber Party! ) (special, not published in France)

Season six (2016)

The sixth season includes 29 episodes and 5 specials aired between and .

  1. unknown french title ( mom banned ) (special)
  2. unknown French title ( New season, New rules )
  3. unknown French title ( Abby vs. Melissa )
  4. unknown French title ( Mini Dancers, Big Drama )
  5. unknown French name ( Now you see Abby and now you don't )
  6. unknown French name ( Abby's Replaceable )
  7. unknown French name ( Abby's New Favorites )
  8. unknown French title ( Debbie Allen to the Rescue )
  9. unknown French title ( Maddie returns )
  10. unknown French name ( Nia saves the day )
  11. unknown French title ( Abby Lee Horror Story )
  12. unknown French title ( The Maddie Rumor )
  13. unknown French name ( Brynn's Big Moment )
  14. unknown French name ( ALDC Does Vegas )
  15. unknown French title ( JoJo Steals the Show Show )
  16. unknown French name ( Melissa Announcement )
  17. unknown French title ( Mack Z vs. Abby Lee )
  18. unknown French name ( Mini Madness )
  19. unknown French name ( One Last Dance )
  20. unknown French name ( Hello and Goodbye ) (special)
  21. unknown French name ( The Girls Say Goodbye ) (special)
  22. unknown french title ( Maddie and Mackenzie goodbye ) (special)
  23. unknown French name ( Girl Talk Part 3 ) (special)
  24. unknown French name ( Abby's New Beginning )
  25. unknown French title ( Nia & Kendall Face Off )
  26. unknown French name ( Return of the Minis )
  27. unknown French title ( Mommy Meltdown )
  28. unknown French name ( Mini Mayhem )
  29. unknown French name ( Abby, you're fired! )
  30. unknown French title ( JoJo - no-show )
  31. unknown French name ( ALDC for sale? )
  32. unknown French name ( Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Ab-bee )
  33. unknown French name ( Two teams, two studios part 1 )
  34. unknown French name ( Two teams, two studios part 2 )

Seventh season (2016-2017)

The seventh season aired from .

  1. unknown French title ( Fight for Your Life )
  2. unknown French name ( Abby's worst nightmare )
  3. unknown French name ( Return of rotten apples )
  4. unknown French title ( Winner takes all )
  5. unknown French name ( New Kid on the Block )
  6. unknown French name ( No Clowning Around )
  7. unknown French name ( Curse of Fresno )
  8. unknown French name ( ALDC Ain't Dead still )
  9. unknown French name ( Battle of blondes )
  10. unknown French name ( Breathless In Denver )
  11. unknown French name ( Leaving La La Land )
  12. unknown French name ( in Pittsburgh it's not always sunny )
  13. unknown French name ( Same Old Frenemies Part 1 )
  14. unknown French name ( Same Old Frenemies Part 2 )

Eighth season (2020)

Season eight airs from .

  1. Abby's return
  2. Abby returns to her duties
  3. dear mother
  4. Broadway Spoiled Child
  5. Choose wisely
  6. Queen or King ALDC
  7. Ultimatum Lilly
  8. Return of Yolanda
  9. Team in the dock
  10. We make waves in Pittsburgh
  11. Zero tolerance for mothers
  12. Hanna's real face
  13. Two jackets: four dancers
  14. Abby's Auditions
  15. Return of studio 19
  16. Rising from the ashes
  17. New York National Final

Around the show

Abby Lee Dance Company

Abby Lee Miller started her own dance company at the age of 14. Abby Lee Dance Company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Abby Lee Miller was born and has always lived. The dance troupe is open to children ages 2 to 18 and offers many dance classes ranging from tap to hip hop including jazz. In addition to Abby, these lessons are taught by six well-known teachers. Abby Lee Miller's goal is that after being fully trained in her studio, her students can start a career as a professional dancer.


Abby Lee Miller is an acclaimed choreographer, so choreographic sequences play a big role in the performance. Abby's creations are unique in that each one tells a story. Considered one of Abby's finest choreographies, "Last Lyrics" features dancers imitating a tragically ending car ride. Young girls also often play famous characters on stage. Maddie has visibly stepped into the shoes of Helen Keller, the blind, deaf-mute writer. Abby even told Near, who previously performed a tribute to Maya Angelou, the choreography in memory of her deceased dog, a Bichon named Broadway Baby.

Criticism and controversy

After another run-in with Abby, Kelly Hyland beats the choreographer and ends up on trial. As a result, she and her daughters will leave the show. The incident can be seen in an episode that aired on February 11, 2014. In turn, Kelly Hyland also sued Abby Lee on behalf of her daughter Paige, accusing her of bullying. Abby indeed, among other bullying, advised Kelly to seek treatment for Paige's mental problems. Many viewers have criticized Abby Lee's attitude towards her students, saying that she is solely responsible for the nervous breakdowns of Kelly Hyland or other mothers.

The costumes of little girls in dance competitions are sometimes controversial. The most brutal came after the airing of the ninth episode of the second season, in which young dancers performed a choreography called "Topless Dancers". In this issue, they were dressed in outfits that created the illusion of nudity. Due to much criticism, this episode was subsequently censored by the channel.

Derived emissions and adaptations

  • Dance Moms: Miami is a program with the same concept but set in the Stars Dance studio. The show was canceled after just one season.
  • Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition is a dance competition show where Abby Lee Miller selects young dancers to compete against each other until only one winner remains.
  • Abby's Studio Rescue is a show where Abby Lee Miller helps struggling dance studios transform to recruit new students.
  • Raising Asia is a show about the life of Asia Monet Ray, a guest dancer who joins the team during several competitions in the third season.
  • Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison , UK adaptation of the show.

Film adaptation

In 2016, Ellen DeGeneres announced that her production company A Very Good Production and Warner Bros. develop a film based on the play.

External links

  • Official website of the exhibition
  • Abby Lee Miller Dance Company Official Website

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Abigail " Abby" Lee Miller (b. ) is a choreographer and teacher of American dance. She is the director and owner of Reign Dance Production. She was also the founder of the dance company Abby Lee and appeared on the reality show Dance Moms for eight seasons. At , she pleaded guilty to bankruptcy and fraud and was found guilty at to one year and one day in prison.


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Abby was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Marian Lorraine (McKay), a dance teacher, and George L. Miller.

Career in dance

Abby grew up in a dance community in Penn Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh, with her mother at dance studio Marien Lorraine . She inherited this studio in 1995 and renamed it Reign Dance Productions . She is a certified Dance Masters of America and became a member of Chapter and of 10 of the Pennsylvania Dance Masters in 1986, but his membership was terminated in because the DMA felt that the reality show Dance Moms offered "poor performance." about our dance teachers and their students, and that it has damaged the profession of a dancer.”

Reality TV career

In 2011, Abby started appearing on the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms . She appeared on screen for seven seasons until . Dance Moms follows the training and competition of the young students of Abby Lee Dance Company .

Dance Moms has three spin-offs: Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, which ran for two seasons and 22 episodes of , Dance Moms: Miami and Dance Moms: Abby's Studio rescue. The last one lasted only 7 episodes. Miller was also a jury guest on Dancing with the Stars . In 2014, Abby published the book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned in Dance Classes .

In 2015, Abby opened a new studio in Los Angeles called ALDC LA. On , she announced her departure from Dancing Moms .

Financial and legal issues

At , Abby filed for bankruptcy and owed over $400,000 in taxes.

In 2014, Abby faced a number of legal challenges. One of the Dance Moms sued Abby by assaulting her. By further claiming the costume, the producers of the series created a violent and combative atmosphere in the show to attract viewers. Collins Avenue Entertainment was sued for between $1 million and $5 million for staged controversy that ended in a fight between Kelly Hyland and Abby. Paige Hyland also sued Abby Lee Miller for emotional distress. The charges were dropped due to the emotional anguish of the court.

to Abby Lee Miller was charged with fraud for opening a secret bank account in 2012-2013, which was used to hide income from workshops, television deals and sales of goods. She was charged with bankruptcy, fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, and false bankruptcy filings for 91,947 an amount of approximately $90,125,755,000 91,959 $90,125. If found guilty, she faces a fine of $90,125 $250,000 $91,959 $90,125 for each of 20 counts and five years in prison. She pleaded not guilty at . At , the case was adjourned for the fifth time. Abby entered into a plea agreement with IRS investigators, . The sentence was given to . However, it was delayed until .

to Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year and one day in prison followed by two years of probation. While the precedent for such a white-collar crime remains an important factor, Abby did not serve her full sentence and was released from prison after nine months. Abby will have to pay a fine at $90,125 $40,000, $90,125 in addition to the judgment of $90,125,120,000,, $ and she will be forced to provide a DNA sample related to her "crime. " at Abby reported the start of her incarceration to the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California.

to Abby Lee Miller was released from prison and transferred to Long Beach, California halfway home to serve her sentence.

Personal life

Abby has never been married and has no children. In , she was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a type of cancer.


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