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Neighborhood Spotlight: Let’s talk about Halloween festivities

Get ready, Arlington — Halloween is about to take over!

‘Tis the season for fall festivals and spooky spectacles. Throw on a sweatshirt (or costume) and dig out the trick-or-treat pail for these events. Here are some of the best Halloween-y things in the area that you need to add to your calendar!

Searching for those ghoulish delights that will even satisfy Dracula’s hunger? Then check out Green Pig Bistro’s Halloween-themed menu. Looking for something to suit your sweet tooth? Then take a few steps from The Green Pig and walk into Bakeshop, which will have Halloween-themed baked goods. From cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, and other treats, we’re certain that Bakeshop will have something for everyone!

When night falls on the farm, it’s time for Fields of Fear! Visit Cox Farms’ Fields of Fear in Centreville; happening every Friday and Saturday night until November 5 from 7:30-11 p. m., with the last entry at 10 p.m. Stop on by and see if you’re too cute to get spooked.

Feeling eerie-sistable and want to join in on the skele-ton of fun? Then add Cherrydale’s First Annual Halloween Swing Dance to your agenda! Located on the second floor of the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department, come dressed in your best (or worst) costume and dance the night away on Saturday, October 22. Beginner swing lessons start at 8 p.m., and from 9-11:45 p.m. swing your mummied bodies to the lindy tunes and Halloween-themed music.

Did somebody say treat? Don’t forget that your furry four-legged companions want to pawty too! Check out Dogma Bakery’s Doggie Trick-or-Treating event on Saturday, October 29 from 2-4 p.m. Registration is required in advance, and all proceeds go towards Lucky Dog Animal Rescue! Take a stroll through Shirlington Village, collect treats, and be sure to enter the costume contest. No tricks, just treats here!

Think you’re the ghostest with the mostest? Then stop on by Macy’s in Ballston for their Halloween Celebration! Happening on Sunday, October 30 from 1-5 p. m., this free event will have costume contests for all ages, snacks and drinks, red carpet photo opportunities, costume fashion show, prizes, and a chance to trick or treat! 

If you’re looking for something to really lift your spirits, then visit Whino on Wilson Boulevard for their Silent Headphone Costume Party on Sunday, October 30 from 5-11 .pm. Three of the Top DJs in the DMV will be playing for your attention. Wear your best costume for your chance to win $1000!

Finally, if you think you have the best Halloween display at your Del Ray home, it’s worth submitting a nomination for the Best Decorated House Contest. As part of the 26th annual Del Ray Halloween Parade, residents can submit their home or a neighbor’s home for the contest with the address, photo and contact information. Hurry, as nominations are due by 12 p.m. on Sunday, October 23. Make sure you check out the Del Ray Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 30 as crowds and floats march down Mount Vernon Ave from E. Bellefonte Ave to the Mount Vernon Rec Center Field. 

And please reach out to me if you want to learn more about neighborhoods in Arlington and around the region.

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Links & Recommendations

  • Green Pig Bistro
  • Bakeshop
  • Whino
  • Cox Farms
  • Dogma Bakery
  • 26th Annual Del Ray Halloween

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In 'Swing State,' Small Town Chaos Serves as Microcosm of Widespread Social Problems | Chicago News

Hedy Weiss: Theater Reviews

In 'Swing State,' Small Town Chaos Serves as Microcosm of Widespread Social Problems

Hedy Weiss | October 17, 2022 4:52 pm

Anne E. Thompson, Kirsten Fitzgerald and Mary Beth Fisher in Rebecca Gilman’s “Swing State.” (Photo by Liz Lauren, provided)

Mental health breakdowns, profound loneliness and depression, thoughts of suicide, death from opioids, the pain of incarceration, the destruction of the environment, the tyranny of bad law enforcers, and yes, amid all that, even a few signs of compassion.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Yes, all that and more drives "Swing State," the 10th play by Rebecca Gilman to be staged at the Goodman Theatre in the past 25 years, and one of the last plays to be directed there by her long-time champion, Robert Falls, who is now working his way through his final season as the Goodman's artistic director, a role he has played since 1986.

Before going any further, a multi-faceted warning is in order. On the one hand, this is not a play for those suffering from depression. Yet on the other, it might just provide enough of the reassuring suggestion that there are still those with the desire to help turn things around. And on some level, it also might capture the alienation and emotional upheaval of the pandemic era years, even if that subject is never once mentioned.

Set in the summer of 2021, in the fictional rural town of Cardiff Township, Wisconsin, the play centers on the intersecting lives of just four characters. Chief among them is Peg (ideally played by the ever formidable Mary Beth Fisher), who lives in a house on a large plot of prairie land. A fervent protector of the environment, she is in a state of profound grief (with near suicidal thoughts) after the death of her beloved husband with whom she shared a passion for nature.

In a complex way, the only person who barely keeps Peg going is Ryan (Bubba Weiler, a young actor of exceptional talent), a deeply troubled twenty-something who has recently been released from several hellish years in prison and now works in a low level job. She mothers him to a certain extent. And as suicidal thoughts take hold of her at times, she wants to make sure he will inherit her house and part of her land. But he is clearly terrified to lose her. And in some way, shape and form they both attempt to keep each other alive.

Mary Beth Fisher and Bubba Weiler in Rebecca Gilman’s “Swing State.” (Photo by Liz Lauren, provided)

Then comes trouble as Peg discovers that a trunk full of her husband's possessions, long left untouched in the garage, has been pilfered, and his vintage rifle (which she might have been considering pointing at herself) appears to have been taken. She reports the apparent crime to the town's rambunctious, aggressive Sheriff Kris (Kirsten Fitzgerald, in her most officious mode). And she is visited by both the sheriff and her new recruit, Dani (Anne E. Thompson, a superb young actress who deftly balances the naivete, compassion and insight of her character).

The acting and direction in the production are uniformly excellent. And, as ever, Todd Rosenthal's set design is ideal, with its decidedly lived-in, object-filled kitchen and den typical of a mid-20th century middle class house, complete with a classic water cooler emblematic of Peg's avoidance of chemically poisonous tap water.

Without divulging too much more it is enough to describe the play's denouement as tragic, yet laced with a slight suggestion of hope for a more humane world.

"Swing State" runs through Nov. 13 at the Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn. For tickets visit or phone (312) 443-3800.

Follow Hedy Weiss on Twitter: @HedyWeissCritic

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Thanks to our sponsors:

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lessons, prices and reviews of dance studios

Swing - prices and reviews. Comparative table of dance schools in Moscow, where there are services for teaching swing. Groups for beginners and advanced.




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The portal contains information about where you can sign up for swing classes in Moscow: addresses and phone numbers of dance schools and dance studios, prices for the most popular destinations, student reviews. For greater convenience in using the portal and searching for a dance school, we suggest using a convenient filter by districts and metro stations. Visual tables will help you compare the cost of classes and trainings in different dance studios in the city, choosing the best option for the price.

Swing dance is a specific group of dance styles actively developed from the 1920s to the 1940s. Some modern dances formed from them at a later time also belong to the group swing. Almost all forms of dance are characterized by a shortened syncopated rhythm found in jazz and African American music. Swing dance today very common in developed Asian and Western countries.

Swing dance lessons - what dance classes can offer studios?

Swing refers to a number of different dance styles: charleston, lindy hop, jitterbug, balboa, shag, blues. Sometimes this name includes rock and roll, jive, West Coast swing and other dances developed already after the 1940s. For the United States, swing can also mean such social dances like Hand Dancing, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing are more boogie-woogie and rock and roll are common. Many swing dancers try to learn several styles at once, thereby developing a technique and preserving the historical relationship between directions. Traditionally, one can distinguish "street swing" and "ballroom swing". Ballroom styles include the American style, danced on competitions and having a certain figure and a series of related movements. Street swing is more free, it is subject to a variety of interpretations and interpretations.

The end of the 1920s was characterized by playful and energetic music, just not allowing to sit still! In an effort to visualize it, the dancers performed intricate jumps and tricks, kicks and turns, in improvisation creating swing dances. In particular, it is famous for this lindy hop conquering with its joy and energy. He rendered a noticeable influence on the formation of such dances as balboa, boogie-woogie and similar. For balboa characteristic close contact between dancing partners, active footwork and fast jazz music. The modern balboa dance is danced to the blues in a slower pace. More free dance boogie woogie , suggesting immersion in complete improvisation and lack of order dance moves. It is performed at a moderately fast pace.

Swing dancing is recharging with energy and positive, a splash of emotions, allowing you to chat in a pleasant company and relax from the usual everyday life. Simple movements and ease of execution allows you to dance swing regardless of age and complexion.

Swing dance training in Moscow

Not all dance schools in Moscow are ready to offer swing dancing lessons. To make your search easier, we collected on our portal dance studios, which present classes in swing dance styles: lindy hop, boogie-woogie and other styles. AT The tables contain the cost of a one-time swing dancing lesson and the price of subscriptions. Separately, reviews of students of dance schools and their impressions of conducted lessons.

Swing questions

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The question will be asked to all schools on the portal after verification. Answers usually come within a day.

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  • Hello! I am 61 years old. Do we have in...

    St. Petersburg

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    Hello! I am 61 years old. Are there any schools in our city where it is not fashionable to learn SEG swing? read more

  • Which dance school in Chelyabinsk teaches...

    Lera Ivanova Chelyabinsk

    2020-06-24 18:57:52 2239



    Which dance school in Chelyabinsk teaches Lindy Hop? After quarantine I would like to sign up. Thanks in advance! :) read more

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What is Modern Swing (West Coast Swing) ?

Modern Swing (Modern Swing) is the second name of the dance, which is widely known in the world as West Coast Swing (in Russian it sounds like West Coast Swing). This is a couple dance to modern music ♫, popular all over the world, especially in Europe and the States.

In recent decades, the dance has gone far beyond the US and has become popular in Europe, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Australia and many other countries. The community thought about changing the name, the usual West Coast Swing became difficult to develop as a new direction. The discussion also took place in the USA, where it was proposed to rename the dance to Modern Swing by Benji Schwimmer, a top dancer, star of the videoconferencing community, participant and director of a TV show on American television.
In Russia, the dance appeared in 2008 as VKS, but now they are starting to use a new short name - Modern Swing.

What is social partner dancing?

Social couple dances are dances that do not require years of training, they are dances for socializing and having fun. Anyone without dance experience can learn the basics of dance in a couple of months of classes and go to their first party! All it takes is a desire to dance and a love for music!

Social dances for couples are about making new friends, traveling together, having fun at parties and communicating in the language of dance!

There are many different dances in the world. We invite you to get acquainted with Modern Swing!

What makes Modern Swing attractive?

  • worldwide fame — Modern Swing is danced all over the world (especially in Europe and America) — a great opportunity to make new friends in different corners of the globe! Major dance events (West Coast Swing Events) are held almost every week in different cities around the world. More than 20 events are held annually in Russia, 10 in Moscow. Modern Swing Events list and Modern Swing Events map.
  • Variety - Modern Swing can be gentle and sensual, playful and sexy, fast and technical, relaxed and fun - whatever you make it!
  • modern popular music - you can dance to your favorite tracks!

In Moscow, several Modern Swing parties are held every week, including open-air parties (during the warm season), competitions are increasingly being held.

If you dance Modern Swing, you will be able to express yourself in dance, enjoy parties, impress others, tighten your figure - it depends on your goals! In addition, an invitation to a dance is a great opportunity to get to know each other ;-)

A bit of history

West Coast Swing - this is how West Coast Swing is translated into Russian - originated on the West Coast of the United States in


. Dean Collins, an American dancer and choreographer who appeared in Los Angeles in 1937, contributed to the development of this style.

The roots of the dance go back to the "Swing era" (late 1920s-1940s). At that time, many jazz and blues musicians used "swing" in sound - in music, the first note of each pair is tightened, creating the effect of pulsation, swing (translated into Russian, "swing" - swing, oscillation).

When applied to dance, the term "swing" covers a range of dance styles that developed at that time, as well as modern dances descended from them. Here are some: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag, Balboa, and then Jive, Rock 'n' Roll and, of course, the West Coast Swing (West Coast Swing).

The modern name of the dance "West Coast Swing" first appeared on the pages of a book by dance teacher Arthur Murray, published in 1947 year. But teachers used the term Western Swing for another ten years in their notes and schedules. And in 1962, the inscription "West Coast Swing", as the name of the dance in its current form, was already on the advertising posters of the American dance teacher Skippy Blair. In 1988, West Coast Swing was declared the "Official Dance of the State of California".

Modern Swing (West Coast Swing) appeared in Russia in 2008.

A bit of technology

In pair dances, one of the partners is the leader (leader), usually a man, and the other is the follower (follower), usually a woman. Initiative and activity are the role of a leader, and a follower listens and decorates, complements, creates an atmosphere. The dance reveals a philosophy of relationships that can be extended to a lifetime.

Modern Swing is a pair dance in which both partners can improvise and have almost unlimited freedom of expression.

Modern Swing dance along the line (slot). Someone thinks that this is due to the fact that he was born in the narrow aisles of cinemas and corridors ;-) For the most part, the partner moves, and the partner, while remaining relatively in place, directs her movement (leads).

The interaction of partners is very soft, elastic.

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