You really know how to dance

How to Dance At A Basic "Good Enough" Level

- Chris MacLeod, MSW

It's hard to avoid dancing entirely in social situations, especially when you're younger. Arguably, everyone should at least become passable at it. It's not as hard to pick up the basics as you may think, and it's smoother sailing once you can join some friends who want to dance and hold your own.

You don't have to reach a particularly high standard

You just need to be good enough that you can get on the dance floor, blend in with everyone else, not look like an idiot, and not feel overly uncomfortable while you're there. (Lots of people are at least somewhat awkward about dancing. That's why they have to down a few drinks and wait for the dance floor to get busy before they step out on it.)

You don't have to look like someone out of a music video. You've just got to be decent enough to get by. Being better than the minimum never hurts of course, but just knowing the basics will put you way ahead of all the non-dancers out there.

If you're straight, try not to worry too much about what the opposite sex thinks. They don't have ultra-picky standards

Straight people don't purely dance to impress the opposite sex, but it is often something they think about.

For guys

Generalization time. Women and men have different ideas of what a good dancer is. Guys often see dancing as a skill to show off. Being better than other dudes on the dance floor is important to them. Their typical image of a "good dancer" is a gymnastic break dancer doing a bunch of flips, or a guy doing a fancy, fluid Popping & Locking routine. A woman's concept of a good dancer is a closer to a passably moving guy who looks comfortable, confident, and like he's having fun.

When a woman wants to dance with you, all she really wants is that...

  • You are there with her
  • You are dancing with her
  • You are not dancing horribly
  • You are not being too forward and creepy

For women

This totally sounds like a simplistic stereotype, but most of the time when you're dancing with a guy he's not making a detailed critique of your style. He's probably just thinking, "Yay! I'm dancing with a woman!" Or if he's watching you dance from farther away, he's likely thinking, "She seems like someone I might want to talk to. I wonder if she'd shoot me down though..." Even if he seems like the most genuinely suave, confident guy ever, he's probably still thinking like that on some level. He's probably fifty times more worried about how his dancing looks to you than the other way around. Even he's an amazing dancer and you're not, he likely isn't holding it against you.

(That was from my observations as a straight guy. I'm not gay so I won't try to write from their perspective, but I can't imagine their standards for dance partners are radically different.)

Try not to worry too much about what strangers think

Easier said than done, but don't use up too much mental energy fretting about how random bystanders are judging you. Occasionally people will snicker and point to people who are dancing because they're really just too nervous to do it themselves. Random dudes sucking on their beer aren't your audience. Also, like the point above mentioned, your average dancer is more preoccupied with how they look than anything.

If there's one thing to keep in mind it's to be toned-down and low key

Don't be a spaz and try to pull off some fancy moves unless you 100% know you'll look good doing them. It's better to reel yourself in. Over reaching and flailing around is worse than blending in and being a bit boring and unoriginal. Don't feel you have to pull off tons of new moves every second and put on a show for everyone either. It's okay to dance in a simple, repetitive way and just enjoy your friends' company.

Acquire a basic, reliable dancing 'core'

You know when you're watching a movie or TV show and there's a scene set in a dance club, how the extras in the background will often to be dancing in a kind of simple, nondescript way? That's the 'core' I'm talking about. If you know how to do that, then in a lot of situations that's actually all you need. However, if you want, you can later choose to build off your base and make your style more fancy.

To get that core stand in front of a mirror with some not-too-fast music on, or just read along and imagine you're doing the following:

  • To dance you've got to move your body in time to the beat of the music. The most basic newbie mistake you can make is to move out of sync with the beat. Don't know the beat I'm referring to? Put on a song and listen for the underlying, repeating thump-thump-thump pattern. Every style of music has a different speed. It doesn't take much practice to learn how to hear it.
  • Okay, you're just standing there in front of the mirror with some song playing. Now try moving your arms back and forth to the beat slightly, while keeping your legs ramrod straight. You'll notice that looks totally off. So the next most basic thing you've got to do is bounce up and down on your knees. So keep everything else still, and just move your knees up and down to the music.
  • That still looks weird, since you're just going up and down like a piston. So rotate your torso a bit in time with your knee movements, a little like you're skiing. Keep your torso fairly loose and relaxed.
  • That's looking better, but your arms are still stiffly hanging at your side. So try relaxing them a bit and let them swing up and down with your knee bends and torso rotations.

Once you're standing in one spot, bouncing on your knees, turning your torso a bit, and moving your arms somewhat, that's about the absolute bare minimum you can do to be considered dancing. Like I said, sometimes that's all you need. If you didn't know how to dance at all, and stopped right here, that's a lot better than nothing.

However, while still staying in the realm of dancing in a super generic 'core' way, you can do little things to spice up the bare minimum:

  • Don't just limply swing your arms, get your shoulders into it.
  • Take steps side to side, or back and forth.
  • Mix up your arm movements.
  • Nod your head.
  • Do little pivots or twists on one foot, or both feet.
  • Don't just slightly rotate your torso, move it back and forth, or from one side to the other.
  • Pick up one foot ever so slightly, then the other, to kind of march in place. Don't overdo the movement and look like a robot, just move your feet a tad.
  • Mix up the possible arm, torso, and leg variations. Find a combination that looks good and do it for a while, then switch to another one. Don't change things up to the point where you're doing something new every half a second. That looks too scattered.

At this point you're hardly going to win a dance competition, but you're at the level of those movie extras, and 75% of the people you'll see out at a bar. At this point you really could develop no further in your dancing ability and be able to get by on a dance floor for the rest of your life.

The thing with this basic core is that it's pretty adaptable to the standard kinds of music you'll come across. If you're dancing to Hip Hop, just make all your movements a little more Hip Hop-ish. If you're dancing to retro 80's Pop, just make all your moves a little more cheesy and energetic.

Add some more fancy moves and sequences onto your core if you want to

If you dance in a basic way you'll get by, but you won't stand out a ton. If you want to look a little slicker you can start adding in some canned movements, or sequences of moves. There's more of a Risk/Reward thing going on at this stage. You've got to work at it more as well. Dancing generically is safer and easier. If you try to pull off some awesome routine and bungle the execution you'll look clueless or goofy. You need to practice to make sure you look good. Some places to learn new moves are:

  • By watching strangers dancing at a club and stealing ideas from them.
  • By watching your friends dance.
  • By watching movies or music videos.
  • Through online video tutorials.
  • Through dancing-oriented video games.
  • By experimenting and trying to come up with some moves of your own.
  • By taking an actual class.

The best way to learn is to just practice

If you get into the habit of dancing around at home in the spare moments you're listening to music it won't be long before you start to get the hang of things. After that the more time you put in, the more you'll refine your style.

Get in front of a mirror, put some good music on, and start dancing to it in the basic way I mentioned above. Remember, if your instinct is to jump around a lot or be a bit spazzy, consciously tone yourself down. Try to get comfortable with the typical, boring way of dancing first. A lot of the time on actual dance floors you won't have that much room anyway, so if you only practice moves that requires a lot of space you'll be put in an awkward spot when you end up somewhere more packed.

One way to deliberately practice is to try working on one aspect of dancing at a time, then putting the pieces together. This may not look good in the moment, but it'll let you concentrate on and isolate certain aspects of how you move. So you might keep everything else fairly still, and only try out different arm movements, or ways of moving your torso. Or you could try different ways of stepping back and forth, or moving only one leg at a time.

Article continues below...

Practice different dancing scenarios

Aside from figuring out how to move your body, there are different situations you'll find yourself dancing under:

Dancing on a dance floor where you have a lot of room

This is the easiest as you have all the space you need, and you can do somewhat more showy stuff if you feel like it. Sometimes the ocean of space can feel like too much to work with or make you feel exposed and self-conscious though.

Dancing on a crowded dance floor

Here your movements are really restricted. When you're practicing make sure to keep your feet rooted to the ground and don't swing your arms out too much. Try to make your movements look good anyway.

Dancing close and face to face with someone else

The issue here is knocking knees and not being able to extend your arms too far in front of you. Try dancing really close to a wall to get an idea of what it's like. Or you can try dancing really close to a full length mirror. It's totally goofy looking, but it's still a good way to get used to the feeling of being near someone.

Dancing with a partner

Here I'm referring to partner dancing in an informal, improvised way, not doing a specific dance like the Tango. Of course this is something that you can't practice on your own super effectively. Still, you could put your hands out in front of you like you're holding someone's waist or shoulders and practice moving within that restriction. I don't blame you if you don't want to do this. It's definitely a bit silly. Still, if the idea of dancing with someone makes you uncomfortable, practicing like this can take the edge off.

More practical advice would be to take a salsa, swing, or ballroom dancing class, asking your friends to teach you to dance, or practicing with your partner, if you're seeing someone. If it doesn't make you anxious, you could even try going to a club and trying to dance with someone you meet there.

Non-verbal communication is important as well

Body language plays a role in dancing too. It would look strange if someone was dancing to a 70's funk song with the mannerisms and facial expressions of someone listening to 90's Gangsta Rap. You don't want to be too exaggerated or hammy with your body language, but it is something to subtly bring into the equation. The other basic thing about body language is that sometimes the difference between someone who looks good and so-so on the dance floor is their non-verbals. If someone looks uncomfortable and bored, they may come across as dancing poorly. The same movements with some energy and confidence can look fine.

Dancing is a physical activity

Simple tip here. The better shape you're in, the easier dancing will be. You'll be able to do more, have more energy, and keep at it for longer. Basic things like aerobic fitness, flexibility, and some endurance in your legs and torso help.

Dancing to an unfamiliar style

For the poppy dance music you most typically hear in bars and clubs you can usually get away with dancing in the generic style I outlined earlier. Though if you've ever been to a club that caters to a different scene you'll know other genres of music have their own types of dancing.

If you're in one of these places, it's not the end of the world if you go ahead and dance the usual generic way, and just try to make your movements conform somewhat to that subculture's style. You won't fit in perfectly, but no one is going to run you out of the joint. However, if you're interested in dancing to that type of music more in the future, it's obvious that you'd want to try to learn its more specialized moves.

A semi-warning about dance classes

Without a doubt you'll learn a lot if you a take a class, but sometimes people get a shock when they then go to a club and have to dance spontaneously. They can't just start swing dancing or bust out a 14-step choreographed Hip Hop routine. There are people who have taken years of dance classes, but they're inhibited when it comes to dancing at clubs. They feel lost, put on the spot, and like they're expected to perform.

Dancing badly on purpose

I think there's a good time and a bad time to dance in a poor or silly way as a joke. The bad time to do it is when you're not comfortable or experienced with dancing, and you dance like goofball to avoid having to do it for real. People tend to see through this, and any humor that comes out of it only has a shelf life of a minute or so.

The good time to do it is when you're with some friends, you all know how to dance properly, and you just throw in the occasional campy movement or routine as a way to joke around and have more fun. It comes off well in this situation because everyone realizes you're doing it because you choose to, not because you're trying to hide how ill at ease you feel.

Drinking to loosen yourself up

Lots of people need to get some alcohol in them before they feel confident enough to hit the dance floor. In a perfect world everyone would feel comfortable dancing stone cold sober, but realistically some of us need a little extra help. Within reason I think this is fine.

When alcohol tends to be helpful is when someone knows how to dance half-decently, but are just a smidgen reserved - most people basically. When drinking tends to backfire is when someone doesn't really know how to dance, and never tries unless they're totally hammered. The results can be pretty sloppy. Things can also get embarrassing if someone is just learning how to dance and is inclined to be spazzy. The alcohol tends to bring those tendencies to the surface.

In conclusion

This is a trite thing to say, but despite everything you've just read, you should just enjoy yourself and not over analyze things. Have fun and don't worry about what other people think of you. Blah Blah Blah. The end.

A Dancer's Guide to Knowing What Dance to Do to a Song » Dance With Brandee

A Dancer’s Guide to Knowing What Dance to Do

What Dance Do I Do to This Song?

Here’s how to your dance music know-how

Dancers, have you ever found yourself standing on the sidelines for the first half of each song trying to figure out what dance is supposed to be done to the music? Like my students you might be wondering: How do I know what dance to do to a song?

Many events help you out by announcing each song’s dance or posting a set list for your reference. Even then, some songs work equally well for more than one dance, so being able to match dances to songs is a skill to develop. And of course, you’ll need that skill at weddings and private parties that don’t have these dance aids.

Until there’s an app for it, I want to help you develop your dance music know-how. Of course, there are lots of variables in dancing and music, exceptions to the rules, etc. But I’m going to keep this simple, so consider this a rough guide to figuring out what to dance to a song.

No Hard and Fast Rules

First of all, unless you’re at a dance competition, know that there are no hard and fast rules for which dance must be performed to a particular song. You get to choose the dance you want to do. That said, when you fit a dance well to a song, it’s easier to keep rhythm, to express the character of the dance, and overall, it tends to just feel better.

And some dances’ music is unique enough that it will hit you clearly. For example, Tangos have a distinctive staccato rhythm and dramatic. Once you’ve heard a few Tangos, without needing to think, you’ll just know it’s a Tango.

For the rest, it’s really just a process of elimination. As you become more experienced, hearing the dance in most songs will become more automatic.

5 Easy Steps to Determine What Dance to Do

1. Get a Feel for the Song’s Speed
Ask: What’s the speed of this song?

Start by determining the song’s tempo (i. e., it’s speed.) This simply means getting a feel for whether the song is slow or fast or somewhere in between.

Sometimes the instrumentation or vocals in a song can fake you out. For example, a song may sound very upbeat but actually have a rather slow beat. Until you get good at gauging a song’s tempo, just tap your toes or fingers to the beat of the song, becoming a human metronome for its true speed.

Once you know if the song is slow or fast (or somewhere in between), you can then rule out some dances. For example, if the song is fast, then all the slower dances are out, such as Rumba, Nightclub Two Step and Slow Waltz. Or if the song is really slow, you can cross off Cha Cha, Salsa, East Coast Swing and Viennese Waltz.

Note: As a beginner, you’ll likely only be comfortable dancing in a narrow tempo range for each dance. So if you identify a song as Cha Cha but find yourself unable to keep up with the music, it doesn’t necessarily mean you made a mistake identify it as a Cha Cha—you just may not be experienced enough to dance to the full tempo range for Cha Cha.

If you’re curious, check out this list of tempo ranges for each dance (this is one person’s idea of good tempos, not an official list). In case you’re interested, here are the official tempos used at ballroom dance competitions.

2. Rule Out If It’s a Waltz
Waltzes have 3 beats in a measure (instead of 4)

As you’re tapping out the speed of a song, count the beats. If it’s easy to count 1-2-3-4 it’s not a Waltz. However, if counting in four’s feels off, try counting in three’s: 1-2-3, 1-2-3.

Most songs are in 4/4-time, meaning there are four beats in each measure. However, Waltzes are in 3/4-time, with only three beats in each measure. (There are other time signatures, but 4/4 and 3/4 are main ones you’ll encounter.)

If 1-2-3 matches the music, you’ll know it’s a Waltz. And having already gauged the song’s speed, you can immediately determine whether it’s a Slow Waltz (slower) or Viennese Waltz (about twice as fast as Slow Waltz).

3. Listen to Its Rhythm/Feel
What’s the rhythm or feel of the song?

If the song isn’t a Waltz, your next step is to pay attention to the song’s rhythm or feel. Is it happy, romantic, dramatic, bluesy, melancholic, or funky? Does it have a Latin/Afro-Cuban beat? Does it make you want to bounce, glide, twirl or march? Listening to the songs’ rhythm and character will help you sort it into one of a few broad categories: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, or other (Hustle, Country Western, Nightclub Two Step, etc.).

For example, say the song has a Latin rhythm. The most common Latin dances in ballroom/social dancing are Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba and Salsa. Rumba is the only one of these with a slower, romantic feel. So if the song is like that, you’re ready to Rumba!

And if the song’s rhythm is upbeat, you can eliminate Rumba and then parse out which of the remaining three dances it might be. Samba has a very distinctive “boom-a-boom” percussive beat (think Brazilian Carnaval music). If you’re hearing that, it’s probably a Samba. If you’re not, congratulations, you’ve narrowed it down to a Cha Cha or Salsa.

4. When in Doubt, Step It Out
Dance in place to see what matches the music

Continuing with the same example, say you’ve figured out the song is either a Cha Cha or a Salsa. Cha Chas usually have a “cha-cha-cha” in their beat, although you may not be able to hear this until you have more experience.

At this point, it’s time to experiment with the basic steps in each dance. Do this on your own in place, so small and casual people might not even notice. Try a few Cha Cha basics and see how well your feet match the music. Then try the Salsa basic. Usually one will feel like the right fit and voila, you’ve successfully determined what dance to do to this song!

See what dance others are doing

5. Or “Cheat” and Steal a Peek

If you’re still stumped after you’ve “stepped it out,” have a look and see what others are dancing. As a beginner, it’s often best to look at intermediate-level dancers. Fellow novices are likely as lost as you are, and advanced dancers may be dancing fancy figures with so much styling and technique you won’t even recognize what they’re dancing as the same dance you know! Intermediate dancers, however, will know which dance to do to a song yet will still be dancing figures you can recognize.

Have Fun: Make into a Game!

I encourage you to make a game out of matching dances to songs when you’re not out dancing. Play the “What Could I Dance to This Song” game when you’re listening to music at home, in the car or when you hear a tune playing at a store or on the street.

Make a game out of matching dances to music

Of course, all music isn’t made for partner dancing (e.g., classical, electronica, hip hop and even many pop tunes). So to make it easier on yourself you may want to listen to songs pre-selected for a dancing, such as those off a ballroom dance practice CD or from a recommended playlist like this.

Remember, ultimately which dance to do is your choice, so have fun and feel free to be creative. That said, be respectful of other dancers on the floor. For example, make sure you use proper floor etiquette, especially if you decide to do a dance that’s different from what the majority on the floor is doing. If doing a traveling dance, stay on the outside track, moving in the line of dance; if doing a spot (non-traveling) dance, dance in the center of the floor.

Over time the process of matching songs to dances will become faster and simpler. You may even find yourself mentoring new dancers on the subject!

Do you really think you can dance?




| Free dancing

Free dance

Do you really think you can dance?

Fifteen years ago, we could not even dream that dance shows would be shown on television channels. Now numerous projects have flooded the TV channels and attract more and more fans. Today we will talk about one of the first modern dance shows - So You Think You Can Dance? nine0004

The name of the show is translated from English as “Do you really think you can dance?”. This project was one of the first among such competitions. The American version of the show appeared at the same time as the British version. However, it was the overseas version that appealed to the Russian audience.

The show has been broadcast since 2005 on the American Fox channel. The eighth season of the dance competition is currently underway. The main difference between So You Think You Can Dance? (SYTCD) and similar television projects is the wide format of the competition. Before the recording of the show, the participating artists go through a hard casting. However, harsh conditions apply to the professional level of the dancers. The style within which you can perform on the show is distinguished by its diversity. Salsa, tango, hip-hop, waltz, etc. - any dance direction can be on the show. The main thing is that the dancer's performance should be interesting and of high quality. nine0004

Ten girls and ten guys are selected for the show. Throughout the show, the dancers change partners and demonstrate their skills every week. The remaining elements of the show can be called standard for such events. Once a week, one couple is eliminated from the competition, and at the end of the show, the winner receives the title of "America's Favorite Dancer".
Despite the fact that eight seasons of the show have already passed, it still remains one of the most versatile and interesting dance television projects in the world. nine0002

So You Think You Can Dance, SYTYCD, Americas Favorite Dancer, Hip Hop

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    Chapter 342 - You can't even dance ballroom dancing? | Rich family's wife is fierce and sweet

    Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

    Listening to the three of them talking one after another, Duanmu Tian didn't know whether to remove his hand in the air. Displeasure and embarrassment flared in his heart, and he was about to quietly remove his hand.

    At this moment, Duanmu Xi, who was sitting in the corner, suddenly said, “Third brother, Princess An said she wanted to learn imperial etiquette. Why didn't you remove your hand? —

    Duanmu Tian abruptly turned around and looked at her coldly.

    Duanmu Xi pretended to be frightened and immediately lowered her head. A cold gleam flashed in the depths of her eyes before she raised her head and said to Chu Luo:

    Everyone subconsciously looked into the hall and saw that Li Yan had already entered and was surrounded by many people. nine0004

    At that moment, the melodic sounds of a violin were heard.

    Duanmu Ze said, “The dance is about to begin. Let's go out first. —

    No one had any objections. Everyone got up and left.

    Chu Luo and Anya walked together.

    Duanmu Rui walked over and thoughtfully said, “Princess Anya is tired from walking today. You can sit in the seating area later.

    Anya and Chu Luo looked at Duanmu Rui at the same time. His words sounded thoughtful, but they were deliberately spoken so that the other men could hear them. nine0004

    Anya didn't care what Duanmu Rui meant, and she was very pleased with his words. She nodded and asked Chu Luo:

    “I don't know how

    When Chu Luo finished speaking, her gaze met Li Yan's.

    Everyone clearly felt Li Yan's cold aura recede.

    Everyone looked at the group of people who came out of the living room.

    Senior Master Duanmu smiled and said, “There are many young people here today. I heard from Little Ze that young people like to dance at banquets. Let's follow today's trend. Everyone, make way in the center for those who can dance. nine0004

    Everyone deliberately spread out, and a huge space quickly appeared in the middle.

    When Li Yan approached Chu Luo, Anya whispered to Chu Luo, “The Duanmu family really managed to invite violinist Hans tonight. It looks like they really put in a lot of effort.

    After Anya finished speaking, she saw that someone was looking at her and immediately caught her expression.

    Chu Luo looked at her.

    At that moment, Li Yan had already approached her and asked:

    - What dance? Chu Luo asked curiously.

    Anya looked at Chu Luo in surprise. “Chu, don’t tell me you can’t even ballroom dance!”

    As soon as Anya finished speaking, everyone on the sidelines looked at Chu Luo with different facial expressions.

    Chu Luo looked at Anya and calmly asked:

    Sun Tianhao, who was on the other side, replied, “None of our Sun family members can dance either.

    “It’s because you don’t have time to dance,” Yang Lu muttered from behind

    The corners of Chu Luo's lips turned up as she continued to look at Li Yan.

    Li Yan nodded. “I can't dance either.

    Chu Luo looked at his serious expression, and her smile grew even wider. “Then let’s see how they dance.”


    Li Yan and Chu Luo did not come to the dance floor, and Anya also rejected the other people who came to invite her.

    Duanmu Jie gestured to the servant in front of the violinist.

    After the servant told Hans about this, everyone saw how Hans put the violin on his shoulder in style. nine0004

    At that moment, Chu Luo saw a black aura float from the corner behind them towards Hans.

    Chu Luo felt this, and the smile on her face grew even wider.

    She suddenly pulled Li Yan's sleeve. As Li Yan tilted his head to look at her, she lowered her voice and said to him:

    As soon as Chu Luo finished speaking, Hans's expression abruptly changed. He could not make a sound on his violin.

    A group of people who had already prepared to dance looked at him in confusion. nine0004

    — What's going on? Is there something wrong with Hans' violin? Why is there no sound? —

    — Didn't you set it up? —

    — How is this possible? If the violin is not tuned properly, it will sound out of tune at best. It can't be that he couldn't make a sound.

    Hans has just played a song. How can a violin not make a sound?

    Just as everyone was discussing this, Sun Tianhao's voice came from behind Chu Luo. “Chu Luo, do you know what’s going on?” nine0004

    Anya also looked at Chu Luo.

    Chu Luo did not answer. She only said three words: "Watch the show."

    Hans' violin could not make a sound. He was so alarmed that a thin layer of sweat quickly broke out on his forehead and his face turned red.

    The expressions of the people from the Duanmu family were also a bit ugly. At that moment there was an exclamation of surprise. Duanmu Xi naively asked, “What is going on? Didn't they say this man was a violinist? Were there even cases when a professional violinist's instrument broke down? nine0004

    - Hey! I have already heard the legend that there are people who wield demonic magic and can control people or objects. Is there such a person among those who came here today?

    The facial expressions of all the Duanmu family members became even more ugly.

    “Duanmu Xi, don’t talk nonsense,”

    cursed quietly.

    Duanmu Rui nodded to him and walked over to Hansu. nine0004

    Duanmu Jie glanced at Duanmu Tian and gestured for him to take Duanmu Xi away.

    No matter how much the Duanmu brothers disliked each other in private, they would not let Duanmu Xi talk nonsense about such a thing.

    Duanmu Tian walked over and put his hand on Duanmu Xi's shoulder. “Sister Xiao Xi, come with me, let’s see how things are,” he said with a concerned brother’s expression

    Saying that, he forced her to the dance floor. After taking a few steps, he said to her in a low, mocking tone with a smile on his face: You are so rude. Looks like you might be lost after today. nine0004

    Ruthlessness flickered in Duanmu Xi's eyes, and anger immediately appeared on her face. She shook off his hand and said angrily: I don't want to go with you anymore.

    With that, she ran to the door.

    However, in the depths of her soul she chuckled: “Since you are merciless towards me, do not blame me for being unfair to you! Since you're so eager to get Li Yan, I'll let something happen to his woman. Let's see if you can make your wish come true.

    Chu Luo suddenly turned to look towards the door, and accidentally saw Duanmu Xi's back, who quickly ran outside. After a few seconds, she looked away and casually listened to everyone.

    Hans' violin could not make a sound.

    There were already many people discussing something. Someone suggested, “Why don't we switch to another violin? Maybe with this violin

    Suddenly Hans, hearing this, jumped up excitedly. — How is this possible? This violin has been with me for ten years, just like my beloved. I will only be with my lover. I definitely won't change that." nine0004

    Slightly dissatisfied, Duanmu Rui's family's masters spoke to each other in muffled voices.

    Second Master Duanmu said, “Just call someone else. Anyway, it's just background music for dancing.

    Duanmu Senior Master and Duanmu Third Master at once

    Duanmu Third Master came up and quietly said to Duanmu Rui: Figure out how to replace it with other instruments.

    Duanmu Rui nodded and said to Hans: Hans, I'll take you to the living room. You can check what is wrong with this fiddle. nine0004

    Hans was also alarmed and agreed.

    As soon as Hans was taken away, Duanmu Rui approached Duanmu Zhixuan and said, “Zhixuan, can't you play the violin too? Go up."

    Duanmu Zhixuan felt that playing the violin would lower her status as a wealthy lady.

    She didn't want anyone to think that she deliberately refused to go, so she said in a worried tone: I hurt my wrist this morning and still can't put much effort into it. nine0004

    Duanmu Rui stared at Duanmu Zhixuan's face. How could he not know what she was thinking? Anger flared in his heart, but now was not the time to be angry. “Then ask everyone around and see who can play the violin.

    Duanmu Zhixuan walked over to a group of women she knew and shook her head.

    At that moment, Yang Lu who was standing there suddenly said, “Doesn't Chu Luo know everything? Why doesn't Chu Luo go and play a song?

    When Yang Lu said this, the people who heard it first looked at her in surprise. To think she wanted to ask Li Yan's woman to play the violin in front of him. Wasn't she asking for a thrashing? nine0004

    “Yang Lu, don't go too far,” Sun Tianhao warned her in annoyance.

    — How do I go overboard? Isn't Master Li's relationship with the Duanmu family very good? Could they not even call Chu Luo for help?

    “No,” Li Yan finally said. There was a chilling ruthlessness in his voice as he looked at Yang Lu with his sharp eyes.

    As soon as Yang Luo's face turned pale with fear, he took Chu Luo's hand and walked towards the rest area.0004

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