How to decorate a dance studio

Dance Studio Design Ideas: How To Create A Beautiful Space

For a lifelong dancer, there’s no denying the nostalgic feeling of walking into a dance studio. From beautiful wood flooring to oversized mirrors and ballet barres, it evokes emotion in nearly every dancer. Now that you’re a studio owner, you probably want to capture that same feeling for your students. Start with these dance studio design ideas for your space.

Devise a Plan Before Getting Started

Your first step when it comes to dance studio decor is to decide on your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and welcoming dance studio design ideas that are budget friendly.

Consider starting a spreadsheet to keep all of this information organized. Jot down the different spaces you’d like to work on and devise a budget for each one. As you make purchases, track how much you’re spending to stay within your budget. You may spend less in some areas, giving you more cash for other spaces. A spreadsheet will keep you from going overboard.

Next, create a vision board! This is a great way to see your hopes and dreams for the space in a new light. Whether you go the old-fashioned route with scissors and a stack of magazines or compile a digital board on Pinterest, it’s a helpful exercise. This is one of the best ways to nail down a cohesive style and color scheme. This step is especially important if you’re working with a decorator on your dance room ideas.

Make An Impression With Your Dance Studio Decor

There are so many dance studio design ideas that can transform your space and make it your own. Here are several elements of dance studio decor to consider.

Best colors for dance studio walls

Many of your walls will be covered with floor-to-ceiling mirrors that let your dancers watch themselves perform. In these studios, it’s best to keep things simple to avoid any distractions. After all, your dancers are the focal point!

However, painting the wall space in other areas will really make your studio feel more polished and beautiful. As you browse for the best colors for dance studio rooms, consider soothing light tones of blue or green. If you plan on doing a lot of decorating with art, trophies, and other items, go with neutral browns, grays, or whites.

Just make sure that all aspects of your dance studio decor meld well. From bathrooms to practice areas, your colors should work together to create a clean and cohesive look throughout your studio.

Dance studio lighting ideas

Your dance studio lighting should be both beautiful and functional. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of overly white and bright fluorescent lighting. Likewise, a dim room can be hazardous for dancers.

LED lighting should be a frontrunner as you begin browsing. Whether you have recessed lighting or suspended fixtures, there are many benefits of using LED bulbs. These include:

  • Longevity and energy efficiency to help you save on utilities
  • Low heat loss to prevent your dancers from overheating due to warm lights
  • Variety of color temperatures and lumen outputs to customize your look

From there, don’t be afraid to incorporate lamps into certain spaces. From the front desk to the lobby or waiting area, a beautiful table or floor lamp is a dance studio decor statement to bring in some fun.

Wall art for dance studios

You’ve handled the big aspects of your dance studio design ideas. Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Bring your space to life with meaningful art or decorative pieces that are a reflection of you and your studio.

Wall decals are super easy to apply and switch out to keep things fresh and new all the time. These may include inspirational quotes, murals, or even peel-and-stick wallpaper patterns. If you prefer a traditional painting or photographs, there are so many pieces of wall art for dance studios that cover a range of dance genres. For those on a tight budget, you can even find prints you love and frame them yourself.

If you’ve been teaching dance for some time, you may have trophies and awards to show off. Consider shelves or a beautiful glass case to put them on display in the front areas. Think about framing and hanging old dance costumes, especially those from special performances. They’ll go with the overall dance theme of your studio and give guests something to look at while they’re waiting for class to begin!

Don’t Forget Your Office!

While it may be tempting to let this area go, it’s important to create a space that is comfortable and conducive to getting work done as a studio owner. The more comfortable and at home you feel in your office, the more you’ll be able to focus on the many tasks of running your business.

While it’s important to incorporate functional items like file cabinets, it’s just as essential to make this space your own. Hang your awards, put up shelves for trophies, and include photos from your own career. Create a space that makes you proud! These meaningful memories will keep you feeling inspired and motivated when things get tough.

Looking to paint the walls? Research shows blue hues boost productivity more than other color options.  

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How to open a dance school from scratch - an idea for business 2022

A dance school as a profitable business idea

Dancing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. There is no limit to self-improvement in them, children and adults enjoy doing them almost all their lives. By opening a dance school, you will get a permanent audience and a stable income.

The cost of implementing a business idea and the profitability of dance schools

It is profitable to open a dance school in a large city, such as Yekaterinburg. There, it is able to bring from 50,000 ₽ of profit per month and pay off in 10 months. To increase income, you can hold thematic seminars, take orders for staging individual dances. nine0005

Costs for opening a dance school in Yekaterinburg:

Expenses Amount, ₽
Opening IP 10,000
Repair and preparation of halls 250,000
Purchase and installation of equipment and furniture 90 000
Advertising campaign 150,000
Total 500,000

Monthly expenses:

Expenditure item Amount, ₽
Rent of halls for classes from 125 sq. m. 70 000
Staff salary, minimum 100,000
Taxes, utility bills 20 000
Advertising, organizational and other expenses 10,000
Total 200,000

Consider buying a franchise

Franchise "Vita Spa & Beauty" - SPA salon

1 570 000 ₽


Profit On request

Payback 7 months.

All franchise offers in this area (1)

What you need to open a business and run a school

You can register a dance school as an individual entrepreneur on the USN or UTII, indicating OKVED 92.34.2. Licenses and cash registers are not needed for work, but you will need:

  • Obtain an IP certificate
  • Obtain permission to open a school and place a sign in the city administration
  • Agree on the possibility of operating the premises in Rospozharnadzor, SES
  • Enter into agreements with the landlord and employees

Coaches working with children need medical records with notes on medical examinations passed on time. nine0005

Requirements for the premises

It is better to open a dance school in the central area, close to major transport interchanges or in residential, densely populated areas where many adults live with children of different ages. Strict requirements are imposed on the premises:

  • The presence of halls with an area of ​​at least 80 square meters. m
  • Arrangement of ventilation and air conditioning systems, bathrooms, shower cabins
  • Establishment of separate dressing rooms - men's and women's, at least 10 and 15 sq. m respectively
  • Allocation of a hall and a recreation area with a size of at least 20 sq.m

You can rent an already prepared room in specialized fitness and business centers, but the rental price will be higher than for an unequipped hall.

Preparing the halls and rooms for work

The practice halls need to be renovated:

  • Lay a safe floor covering (dance parquet, board)
  • Make cosmetic repairs, hang mirrors throughout the wall
  • Equip halls with ballet bars, pylons and other devices for selected types of dances
  • Place musical equipment, hang speakers
  • Equip locker rooms with hooks or lockers, benches, place upholstered furniture in the recreation area, and an administrator’s desk at the reception


Good trainers are the defining factor for a dance school. They ensure the influx and loyalty of students, help in advertising with the help of word of mouth. It is good if the owner himself works as a coach and conducts classes. For a dance school you need at least:

  • Three hourly trainers — from 60,000 ₽ and more
  • Administrator — 25 000 ₽
  • Cleaner — 10 000 ₽
  • Outsourcing accountant serving individual entrepreneurs — 5,000 ₽

Advertisement for a dance school

Primary advertising campaign should include notification in social networks and city entertainment portals, ordering printed announcements about the opening of the school. In the future, you need:

  • Make a sign on the building, put a remote shield in front of it
  • Regularly hand out leaflets with the address and offers of the school, flyers for discounts near schools, office and shopping centers
  • Conduct dance evenings, participate on behalf of the school in city entertainment events

Advertising examples:

Sample dance school poster Sample dance school flyer Sample dance school flyer

Comparing the cost of starting a dance school from scratch to acquiring an existing studio:

School opening costs — 500,000 ₽ Purchase of a popular dance school in the center of Yekaterinburg — 420,000 ₽
Estimated profit — 50,000 ₽ Confirmed profit — 70 000 ₽
Average monthly expenses — 200,000 ₽ Average monthly expenses — 100,000 ₽
Payback - 10 months Payback - 6 months
Requires investments in the preparation of the premises, obtaining many permits, looking for trainers and clients The school has been operating for 7 years, a customer base of adults and children has been formed, halls of 130 square meters are fully equipped. m.

Taking into account the complexities and costs of preparing the premises, expensive rent and the need to develop a client base, it is more profitable to start a business with a ready-made business. It pays off faster and brings more profit.

What is the best way to register a dance studio - as an NGO or as an individual entrepreneur?

Good afternoon!

Decided to formalize the dance group (dance studio). We settled on the form of organization - "Non-profit organization" or "Non-profit partnership".

Please tell me if we made the right decision or is it better to open an individual entrepreneur? If so, what documents, besides the articles of association, need to be prepared for registration?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply. nine0005

, Marina Alexandrovna Zhirkova, Ryazan

to open an IP non-profit partnership

Svetlana Nikiforova

Lawyer, Kemerovo

Hello, Marina Alexandrov4.

It all depends on the purpose for which you create a legal entity and, in accordance with what arguments, you chose this form.
Nonprofits have a number of restrictions.
One of them is that, as a general rule, non-profit organizations can carry out income-generating activities, if it is provided for by their charters, only insofar as it serves the achievement of the goals for which they were created, and if it corresponds to such goals. Those. You can direct the received profit only for statutory purposes, divide it among yourself, as participants in a commercial organization can - you cannot. nine0005

Alexey Pogorelov

Lawyer, Kaliningrad

Good afternoon! Considering the format of activity planned by you, this format is correct, but no one obliges you to extract a large profit from the activities of the organization. Here it is worth considering what is more convenient and less resource-intensive. In this case, you can give preference to individual entrepreneurs, simple registration, minimum reporting, contributions can be turned into payment in the same amount (for example, what's the difference). Thus, it will be easier for you to live and you will be able to carry out activities calmly. In addition, if you decide to engage in commercial activities, it will also be easier. nine0005

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