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First Wedding Dance – Infinity Dance Sport Center

First Dance Music

We can choreograph your first dance to any music you select – from hip hop to a waltz. As long as it’s something you love, your dance will be memorable. The dance will be choreographed to match the song so your dance choice and presentation will reflect the music. A good place to start song searching is with a list of top wedding songs. Popular wedding songs are usually appropriate for your first dance and song.

We recommend you choose pre-recorded music for your first dance. The dynamics of live music can vary greatly from performance to performance. This can throw off your dance since you’ll depend on the music to be exactly as you practiced. By controlling your music, your dance will be perfect because you’ll know exactly what to do on each beat of the tempo.

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t have live music at your wedding. Live music for your guests – after the first dance – is always fun and lively. The music choices you offer for later entertainment can vary greatly.

Popular wedding songs work well for your dance and are easy to find. Top wedding songs are available on the web. If you can’t choose between two songs, we can create a medley for you. It’s a fun and unique way to combine the songs you love the most.

Your First Dance

The highlight of any wedding reception is the moment the bride and groom first dance. The first dance symbolizes the love between the two of you and the start of your new life together. But you’re also sharing the moment with your guests, and all eyes will be on you. Even if you dance frequently, you’ll want to make your first dance special. Our first dance lessons in San Diego County and vicinity help you create wedding memories you’ll be proud of. You’ll have the time of your lives on the dance floor, and your family and friends will be amazed at your dancing ability. We provide expert lessons for first dance success.

First Dance Lession

We’ll choreograph your entire dance for you and teach you in three easy lessons. Your wedding video will reflect the pleasure and confidence you’ll feel during your wedding dance. First dance lessons give you enough expertise to dance with ease. Even if you’ve never danced before, you can look like a pro on your wedding day.

We’ll show you the techniques to make your bride and groom first dance look elegant without a lot of effort. Whether you select a romantic waltz or something more upbeat, you’ll have fun on the dance floor.

Our instructors have a total of over 100 years of experience. Because we specialize in your wedding dance, we know how to plan for any type of wedding and help you make it a truly special experience.

Custom choreography for your wedding dance

We created the concept of developing custom choreography for the wedding dance. Your first dance lessons are customized to your preferences, dancing experience, and music. There are many factors that can affect a dance. Before we choreograph your dance, we take into account your height, dress or suit size, the type of shoes you will wear, your dance experience, physicality, and personality. We’ll complete your choreography before your first dance lesson so we devote all of your time to learning the dance.

The dance will be structured specifically for the type of dress you will wear. We’ll want to know if your dress is strapless or sleeveless, if it has a train, or if you will be wearing a tiara or veil. Every detail will be assessed to create a beautiful presentation. We never prepare cookie cutter first dances – and no one else will ever dance to your choreography.

First dance lessons in San Diego County area

You can choose between studio lessons or enjoy your first dance lesson at the location of your choice. Whether you want a first dance lesson in San Diego, California or lessons for a first dance in San Diego, CA, we’re available where you are. We’ll come to your home or place of work – anywhere that is most convenient for you. We recommend that one of your lessons is conducted at your reception site. That way we can stage your dance to have the maximum effect on the audience. Everything will be outlined for you – from your entrance on the dance floor to the final moments of your dance.

Bride and groom first dance lessons give you the confidence to enjoy your dance and impress your guests. Call us to schedule your customized lessons for a first dance performance that will be the high point of your wedding reception.

Turn-Key First Dance Songs - Wedding Dance


160+ First Dances just a CLICK AWAY!

This is our most POPULAR course.

We know that preparing for a wedding is time consuming.
You have to think of every detail & make lots of decisions.

  To make your life easier:

We’ve edited popular First Dance songs to a perfect length for your occasion and choreographed the entire dance.

An edited version of the song is available for download inside the course.

You will get a fully choreographed Wedding Dance demonstrated by Pasha & Daniella and a step-by-step breakdown of each move.

Each dance has lifts, dips and twirls, and alternative dance moves in case you would like to substitute any of the lifts for any reason.

All dance moves in this course are designed to fit ANY dress style.

You have UNLIMITED access to the course until your Wedding Day.

Need more time to choose your Perfect Song but do not want to miss out on a SALE price? Check out our “OPEN TURN-KEY” course.


Scroll down to view our “Turn-Key” Library

In this course you will get the following videos:

  • How to use this course for the best results
  • A fully choreographed Wedding Dance demonstrated by Pasha & Daniella
  • Step-by-step breakdown of every move
  • Two pop-quizzes to monitor your progress of learning
  • Tips to keep in mind in preparation for the Big Day
  • An edited version of the song that you can easily download so you can practice to it and hand it to DJ

  • Video analysis by Pasha & Daniella (once you learn your dance, record yourself dancing it, send it to us and receive feedback if anything needs polishing)
  • BONUS!!! Get a Father-Daughter & Mother-Son course for ONLY $19 as an ADD-ON to ANY Turn-Key!
  • BONUS!!! Get a FREE 2-month access to our SALSA course after your Wedding by simply sharing First Dance photos and videos with us! Dance Salsa on your honeymoon or any event you ever attend in the future!
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50 MORE amazing options to choose from


wedding dance studios in Moscow!

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Dance can express what is sometimes impossible to convey in words, so the wedding dance is very important. We present you the 10 best studios and schools in Moscow, where you will be helped with the dance!

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One of the most romantic moments at a wedding is, of course, the newlyweds' first dance. The first dance in a new capacity, marking the beginning of a new stage in the couple's life. At this moment, all eyes are on two happy people who share their joy and love on this day.

Today, much has changed, as in many other areas of the wedding world, so the dance of the newlyweds no longer has to be a waltz - someone dances tango, someone rumba, and someone rock and roll! Dance performances like a flash mob have become especially fashionable, when friends of the bride and groom gradually join the dance.

Are you already thinking about your own wedding dance? We offer you the top 10 wedding studios and schools where you will be assisted in staging a special, unforgettable wedding dance.

We are dancing! – Visit the site

A studio specializing specifically in wedding dance, where choreographers not only love dance, but "live" it. Therefore, the main task for them will be to create magic that will amaze all the guests of the holiday , and it will bring a lot of pleasure to you too!

The school has many halls throughout Moscow, so you can find the one that is most convenient for you. At the same time, for the final rehearsal, the choreographer will go with you to the place where the celebration will take place. Here you will find 100% professional support for the entire period of preparation of , from consultation to dress rehearsal.

Dance of friends and girlfriends, father and daughter, flash mob, express staging and filming of a wedding dance - list of services in the studio We Dance! very extensive!

Dance of Your Love - Visit the site

“For many, a wedding dance is a collection of beautiful figures. For us - the ability to lead, feel and enjoy each other ". This is how the studio professionals talk about their work and it becomes clear that here they devote all their time and attention to the preparation of your wedding dance, so that it is not just a report to your parents. To you yourself enjoy yourself in the dance . The choreographers of the studio want the man to feel like a man during the dance, and the woman to feel like a woman. That is why they teach the partner to lead, manage, demonstrate their partner, and the partner to feel the leading and confidence of her partner.

7Dance - Visit

What's on offer at 7Dance Studio? Turn the dance into a unique, unique performance. Sunny mood and unforgettable evening. The brightest emotions, feelings and experiences that will decorate your wedding. Tenderness, romance and love - all in one dance.

A wedding dance is magic that will be remembered forever. That is why studio choreographers treat with trepidation all the wishes of the newlyweds, help to choose the music that best reflects the character of the couple and the dance.

Tanzkvartal - Visit site

The studio offers classes in the halls and with a choreographer on your territory, which can be a great solution for busy newlyweds. The variety of styles is amazing, but it's especially nice to find service here parents' dance performances , which can be a great occasion to spend time together - you will put on your first wedding dance, and your parents will do their dance!

There is also a gift certificate option here, which will come in handy if you are preparing for a wedding - hint to your friends!

Hold the Rhythm — Visit the site

The school teaches not only international class professionals, but also choreographers from Latin America, which allows you to learn about all the subtleties of national dances from representatives of this very culture. Therefore, a distinctive feature of the school is the production of folklore dance, that is, taking into account the traditions of a particular country. To this are added more familiar types of dances. Another interesting interesting service and a real find can be staging dances from films or videos that blew up the Internet! What if you only have a production for 2-4 hours? Help here too!

Boombox - Visit website

A studio that, like the previous one, specializes in Latin American dance. All the techniques here are adapted for people who have never danced before , and the training schedule is adjusted to the newlyweds, because it is clear to everyone how much work needs to be done before the wedding and how there is not enough time for everything. Setting up a dance can take either 3 days or 3 months - it all depends on your capabilities and desires. Besides the dance part, A couple can get a whole bag of gifts in the form of discounts on important services such as tailoring a wedding dress, birthday cake or ordering a photographer.

Madison - Visit website

A dream wedding is a job, and a job, first of all, of the mind and imagination. To make your performance in public unforgettable, you do not need to limit yourself in a flight of fancy, boldly combine different styles and directions of dances , combine passionate tango and incendiary rumba, gentle waltz and breathtaking hip-hop. The Madison dance school employs teachers with extensive experience in choreographic performances in theaters, musicals and large-scale corporate events. Here they know how to put on the wedding dance of your dreams. But the main thing is that for this you will need only a few classes, after passing through which you will shine on the dance floor, masterfully performing incredibly beautiful pas to the applause of the guests.

La Danse - Visit the site

A network of wedding dance schools with more than 55 halls throughout Moscow, so you can easily find the branch that is most convenient for you. An individual approach to each couple and non-trivial solutions in dance are the characteristic features of the La Danse school. A flexible pricing policy will also be a nice addition, because everyone understands how expensive it is for newlyweds to organize a wedding. For those who want something special, there are many promotions at the school, as well as variety of dance proposals, including dancing waiters, a flash mob for guests and even a snake dance!

Amour Dance - Visit website

Through dance you can express what you can never put into words, which is why the wedding dance is so important. Therefore, at the Amour Dance school, you will not only be helped with staging a dance, but will also be taught to feel in a new way, that is, to enjoy yourself in the dance. The studio has all the conditions for you not to worry about anything, and just enjoy the process!

The Amour Dance school also has many halls throughout Moscow, which greatly simplifies the process of training.

RaiSky - Visit the site

If you want an original and unusually bright production of your wedding dance, the professional choreographers of the RaiSky dance school will make your idea a reality and will make the dance the "highlight of the program" and the most memorable event of the evening!

Another nice bonus of staging dance in the studio is the opportunity to relax in the atmosphere of care and attention that our teachers will surround you with. This is a great way to renew your strength, feel inspired and get to know each other better through dance.

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Wedding dance - to stage or not?

Wedding dance - …






If you can dance and move beautifully, put . If you are 2 logs, it’s better not to do this)




I do not really want to do not really want it at all. , because I think this is ostentatious, but I want everything to be more natural and sincere




Sometimes we dance like clowns. But the waltz is too much.



Now everyone become clumsy clowns to match your couple? 19 June 2016 and hold candles. Well, so pathetic, well, everything is artificial and done. Plastic feeling. Well, none of us in life hardly dances like that. Do you spin at home with your husband in a waltz, and not in a waltz? My husband and I sometimes dance like clowns. But the waltz is too much.



A wedding is window dressing in its purest form.



Plus! If there is an ability for this and plasticity, then, of course, put it. And if not, then you don't need it at all. It's funny to look at the awkward trampling of the newlyweds



On the contrary, I don't like this "natural" dance. We stood, staggered - like a dance! This is a wedding, everything should be beautiful.



I was very embarrassed and uncomfortable at one wedding, when the newlyweds were dancing a dance, and all the guests, including me, had to stand around them and hold candles. Well, so pathetic, well, everything is artificial and done. Plastic feeling. Well, none of us in life hardly dances like that. Do you spin at home with your husband in a waltz, and not in a waltz? My husband and I sometimes dance like clowns. But the waltz is too much.



Once upon a time I did ballroom dancing for a couple of years, but I don’t know the groom. June 19, 2016, 19:53 Well, it's funny.




Calling people and saying "look at us, congratulate us" - isn't that just a show?



Why talk? And so everyone understands that a holiday. And when you invite friends to the DR, is it also window dressing? Although now, of course, you will say that you never celebrated your birthday)



It's just that if you shout "come look at me", then you show something worthwhile, and not wretchedly trample on. . experts

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Wedding - Paphos ??? Well .... And yet no one in life walks in long white dresses, and what now, at the wedding, the bride should wear jeans with a sweatshirt? Well, logic . ..



Well.... And yet no one in life walks in long white dresses, and what now, at the wedding, the bride will wear jeans with a sweatshirt? and grandchildren...

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    If you can dance and move beautifully, put it on. If you are 2 logs, it's better not to do this)


    Plus! If there is an ability for this and plasticity, then, of course, put it. And if not, then you don't need it at all. It's funny to watch the awkward trampling of the newlyweds

    We dance waltzes) from the closet to the sofa))
    But this is only because we started dating at the rehearsals of performances. We are a dancing couple) there was a staged dance at the wedding, but it looked natural)






    I was very embarrassed and uncomfortable at one wedding, when the newlyweds were dancing a dance, and all the guests, including myself, had to stand around them and hold candles in their hands. Well, so pathetic, well, everything is artificial and done. Plastic feeling. Well, none of us in life hardly dances like that. Do you spin at home with your husband in a waltz, and not in a waltz? My husband and I sometimes dance like clowns. But the waltz is too much.

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