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One Dance by Drake Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis

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  • One Dance Piano chords by Drake

    One Dance by Drake

    Key: BbmBbm | Capo: 0fr | Left-Handed

    Intro: Kyla + Wizkid Bbm Db Ebm Ebm Baby I like your style Verse 1: Drake] Bbm Grips on your waist Db Front way, back way You know that I don't play Ebm Streets not safe Ebm But I never run away Even when I'm away Bbm Db OT, OT, there's never much love when we go OT Ebm I pray to make it back in one piece Ebm I pray, I pray [Hook: Drake] Bbm That's why I need a one dance Db Got a Hennessy in my hand Ebm One more time 'fore I go Ebm Higher powers taking a hold on me Bbm I need a one dance Db Got a Hennessy in my hand Ebm One more time 'fore I go Ebm Higher powers taking a hold on me Bridge: Kyla + Wizkid] Bbm Db Ebm Baby I like your style Verse 2: Drake] Bbm Strength and guidance Db All that I'm wishing for my friends Ebm Nobody makes it from my ends Ebm I had to bust up the silence Bbm You know you gotta stick by me Db Soon as you see the text, reply me Ebm I don't wanna spend time fighting Ebm We've got no time [Hook: Drake] Bbm That's why I need a one dance Db Got a Hennessy in my hand Ebm One more time 'fore I go Ebm Higher powers taking a hold on me Bbm I need a one dance Db Got a Hennessy in my hand Ebm One more time 'fore I go Ebm Higher powers taking a hold on me [Break: Wizkid] Bbm Got a pretty girl and she love me long time Db Wine it, wine it, very long time Ebm Oh yeah, very long time Ebm Back up, back up, back up and wine it Bbm Back up, back up and wine it, girl Db Back up, back up, back up and wine it Ebm Oh yeah, very long time Ebm Back, up, back up and wine it, girl Bridge: Kyla + Wizkid] Bbm Db Tell me Ebm Ebm Bbm I need to know, where do you wanna go? Db Ebm Cause if you're down, I'll take it slow Ebm Make you lose control Bbm Where, where, where Bbm Bbm Where, where, where, where Oh yeah, very long time Bbm Where, where, where Back, up, back up and wine it, girl Bbm Bbm Where, where, where, where Db Cause if you're down Back up, back up and Db Cause if you're down Back up, back up and Db Cause if you're down Back up, back up and [Hook: Drake] Bbm I need a one dance Db Got a Hennessy in my hand Ebm One more time 'fore I go Ebm Higher powers taking a hold on me

    Jam`s cool music school for children and adults

    You were given a life sentence and there is only a piano in your cell? Then we have something for you. .. From Liszt to Scriabin - 10 of the most technically complex pieces ever written for piano.

    Piano teacher Amir Jam's cool founder, curriculum author

    The complexity of any piece of music, including piano works, lies not only in monotonously repeating the notes written on the sheet of the score, but also in the transmitted melody, the spirit of the music, the transition from forte to pianissimo, changing the key, etc. The complexity of the work lies both in the technique of execution and in the virtuosity of its performance.

    Even basic etudes and polyphony may seem difficult for any novice musician, but as you hone your skills, you will be able to “take” more and more interesting and complex pieces into your repertoire.


    1.Franz Liszt - La Companella

    La Campanella, which means "bell" in Italian, is a piano transcription of the violin piece of the same name by Niccolò Paganini. The etude is considered one of the most difficult compositions ever written for the piano. The texture of "Campanella" includes huge jumps in the left hand, while the right gets complex passages at a very fast pace.

    In this video, virtuoso pianist Lang Lang plays this piece so easily, as if it were not much more difficult than "Dance of the Little Ducklings".

    1. Maurice Ravel — Gaspard at Night (Visions of the Night)

    When Ravel was working on the Gaspard de la Nuit suite, he deliberately wanted to make it the most technically difficult piece in the piano repertoire. He said that when writing, he was guided by Balakirev's Islamey, wanting to surpass him in complexity. One of the leading pianists said that playing this piece "is like solving endless quadratic equations in my head."

    1. Kaikhosru Sorabji — Opus Сlavicembalisticum

    Playing this piece is even more difficult than pronouncing its title. Opus Clavicembalisticum consists of 12 actions with a total duration of more than 4 hours. The composer himself described his composition as follows: “The last 4 pages are as catastrophic as everything I have ever done - the harmony stings like nitric acid, and the counterpoint grinds like the mills of God.”

    1. Conlon Nancarrow - Etudes for Mechanical Piano

    The American composer Conlon Nancarrow's works for mechanical piano are some of the most deliberately complex, frantic pieces of music in the piano repertoire. They are designed to be played on a mechanical instrument, not played by live pianists. But this does not mean that no one tried…

    1. Fryderyk Chopin — Etude Op. 10 no. 4

    Unlike Chopin's gentle nocturnes, this etude leaves the pianist no chance to rest. Marked presto con fuoco (fast, with heat), it requires an extremely fast pace and constant mobility in both hands.

    Daria, Jam`s cool piano teacher:

    “The most difficult thing for me to perform this piece was the coda, after which there is a crazy passage all over the keyboard up and then down. By the end of the story, you are usually exhausted, but here the climax falls on the last page. And, of course, like any study, No. 4 took a lot of time to develop the necessary technical skills.”

    1. Charles Valentin Alkan — Piano Concerto

    Alkan's concerto is rarely performed live, and for good reason. An epic 50-minute job requires unprecedented technique and physical endurance. Alkan's melodies are not as pleasant and catchy as those of Chopin or Liszt, but he certainly knows how to best demonstrate virtuoso technique.

    1. Alexander Nikolaevich Skryabin — Piano Sonata No. 5

    Alexander Scriabin's Fifth Sonata makes the most of the technical capabilities of both hands, but the main load falls on the pianist's brain. The sonata was received with bewilderment by many contemporaries. For some of them, it became the line from which they refused to accept the composer's work.

    1. Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky — 3 fragments from "Petrushka" for piano

    3 fragments from "Petrushka" is called one of the most difficult piano compositions. All parts include numerous glissandos, tremolo and fast 2-octave shifts. As they say, it's not for the faint of heart.

    1. Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev — Piano Concerto No. 2

    The Second Piano Concerto is Prokofiev's most dramatic work. Of particular difficulty is the cadenza of the first movement, which consists of three steps and requires the pianist to make frequent and wide leaps with both hands. And yes, it lasts a full 5 minutes followed by 2 more intense parts.

    1. György Ligeti - The Devil's Ladder

    Well, what a list of the most difficult pieces for piano without Ligeti. The etudes of this Hungarian composer frighten novice pianists. Of particular horror is the "Devil's Ladder", and not at all because of the name. The work is a masterpiece of dynamics, which develops from pianissimo to 8(!) forte.

    Sign up for piano lessons and maybe you will learn how to play these pieces.

    Dog waltz on the piano, keys

    September 22, 2020

    The dog waltz became a kind of musical meme even before the word even appeared. The unpretentious melody became famous for its simplicity - learning to play the piano often begins with learning this particular composition. Some people show curiosity and learn dog waltz on the piano or synthesizer just to impress their acquaintances by extracting harmonious sounds from the instrument.

    In different countries, the melody has different names - from "Cat Polka" in Finland and "Chop" in France, to the Japanese name "I stepped on a cat. " Despite its popularity, the authorship of the melody remains a mystery to this day. Some attribute the melody to Frederic Chopin, confusing it with his real composition "Waltz of the Little Dog", and one German historian even wrote an entire hoax book, with a completely fictional composer, to whom he attributed the authorship of the dog waltz.


    • Dog Waltz on piano - how to play
    • Dog waltz on the piano by numbers

    Regardless of the purpose of learning, this tune is great for beginners to master, and in our article we will try to explain how to play the dog waltz on the piano and synthesizer as simply as possible. For beginners, we have prepared a scheme with numbers - you just have to press the keys.

    The synthesizer has a piano keyboard, so the arrangement of notes will not differ from that of a piano. The only thing to consider is that your synthesizer must be able to play several notes at once, simultaneously pressed on the keyboard, that is, be polyphonic. If this point is passed, proceed to training.

    Piano Dog Waltz

    Let's assume that you don't know music at all yet.

    • We number the white keys with numbers from 1 to 7, starting with the note "Do", as shown in the figure
    • Let's number the black ones with fractional numbers, because the notes of the black keys are semitones between the white keys.
    • We have marked each octave with a different color. A full-fledged piano has 88 keys, which are divided into 8 octaves.
    • The note you need to play will have a key number and a color corresponding to the desired octave where that key is located.
    • Notes to be played with the left hand are marked with an "L".

    Let's write down the order of pressing the notes in turn, from left to right. There are moments in the composition when it is necessary to press two notes at once at the same time - we will write such places with a double number, the numbers of which will also indicate the location of the note on the keyboard, from left to right.

    Learn more