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#greenscreenvideo I love her so much 😭😭😭😭she’s so cute #reesewitherspoon #fyp #viral #views #xyzbca #celebrity @officialreesetiktok tag her😂😂

279 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from Iyana...xo (@iyanamsaa): "#greenscreenvideo I love her so much 😭😭😭😭she’s so cute #reesewitherspoon #fyp #viral #views #xyzbca #celebrity @officialreesetiktok tag her😂😂". Ok but have yall seen Reese Witherspoon dance . Said Sum - Remix.


Said Sum - Remix - Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, DaBaby


Reese Witherspoon

One minute you’re dancing… next you’re eating cake. . how does this keep happening? 🥸 pj’s by @draperjames x @Lands’ End

274.5K Likes, 4.1K Comments. TikTok video from Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon): "One minute you’re dancing… next you’re eating cake.. how does this keep happening? 🥸 pj’s by @draperjames x @Lands’ End". The Hustle.


The Hustle - Van McCoy


Reese Witherspoon

Never not dancing 🤪 thanks for having me @fallontonight !

179.3K Likes, 1.5K Comments. TikTok video from Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon): "Never not dancing 🤪 thanks for having me @fallontonight!". “When do you feel the most beautiful?” | Maybe when I’m dancing. Where is my mind by Pixies.


Where is my mind by Pixies - Lauren


Reese Witherspoon

Been ‘Mom Dancing’ since 1999 #dancing

480. 8K Likes, 3K Comments. TikTok video from Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon): "Been ‘Mom Dancing’ since 1999 #dancing". original sound.


original sound - Reese Witherspoon



Watched "The Morning Show" and I can now call my self a Reese Witherspoon stan now!! She is adorable💗💗 #reesewitherspoon #theellenshow #dance #actor #actress #fyp #fypシ #fanpage

TikTok video from miless. (@kumarengannie): "Watched "The Morning Show" and I can now call my self a Reese Witherspoon stan now!! She is adorable💗💗 #reesewitherspoon #theellenshow #dance #actor #actress #fyp #fypシ #fanpage". Somebody That I Used to Know (Remix).


Somebody That I Used to Know (Remix) - 🎧



#greenscreenvideo I love this trend 😂 #reesewitherspoon #leagallyblond #dance #trending #fyp

6. 9K Likes, 26 Comments. TikTok video from Angelique (@angeo_b): "#greenscreenvideo I love this trend 😂 #reesewitherspoon #leagallyblond #dance #trending #fyp". This trend but Reese Witherspoon . Said Sum - Remix.


Said Sum - Remix - Moneybagg Yo, City Girls, DaBaby


Get Adjusted Now

@reesewitherspoon moving and grooving’ into the holiday weekend! #LWD #GetAdjustedNow #reesewitherspoon #dance #nycchiropractor #chirodance

TikTok video from Get Adjusted Now (@getadjustednow): "@reesewitherspoon moving and grooving’ into the holiday weekend! #LWD #GetAdjustedNow #reesewitherspoon #dance #nycchiropractor #chirodance". Move Your Feet.


Move Your Feet - Junior Senior


Reese Witherspoon

When your kid has his first single out! @deaconmusic @🎶💫 #longrun @ninanesbitt

4. 4M Likes, 21.4K Comments. TikTok video from Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon): "When your kid has his first single out! @deaconmusic @🎶💫 #longrun @ninanesbitt". Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt).


Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt) - Deacon & Nina Nesbitt

Photos from Dancing With the Stars Season 31 Cast: Did 5 Random People Even Know the Celebs?

16 photos


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Joseph Baena

DWTS Super-Fan: No clue.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Wrestler?
Hipster in Tech: RIP CIITTYYYYY, big boy probably can't dance.
Recent College Graduate: A wrestler?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Whomst.
Who He Really Is: The fitness model and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's 24-year-old son with Mildred Patricia Baena.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Selma Blair

DWTS Super-Fan: Oh, I love her. 
Former Entertainment Reporter: Actress. She's Vivienne Kensington, among other incredible roles.
Hipster in Tech: They're going to drag this poor girl out there?! 
Recent College Graduate: Oh, she played the annoying girl in that one movie with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe!
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: OMG SELMA, The Sweetest Thing forever <3.
Who She Really Is: An actress known for her roles in Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing and Legally Blonde. Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018 and opened up about her battle in the documentary Introducing, Selma Blair.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Wayne Brady

DWTS Super-Fan: Oh god, he's from Let's Make a Deal.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Actor from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which absolutely still holds up.
Hipster in Tech: Welp, we know who's winning this shit.
Recent College Graduate: Sounds like a football player.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: A staple of network TV since Whose Line, god bless him.
Who He Really Is: An Emmy-winning actor and comedian known for Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Wayne Brady Show. He is the current host of Let's Make a Deal.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Sam Champion

DWTS Super-Fan: ABC's weatherman, channel 7!
Former Entertainment Reporter: How many times can I put "TikTok influencer"
Hipster in Tech: This is a fake name, right? Sounds like the joke name of someone from Anchorman.
Recent College Graduate: Hm. ..a race car driver?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: The Law & Order guy?
Who He Really Is: Good Morning America's weatherman and the the managing editor of the Weather Channel.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Charli D'Amelio

DWTS Super-Fan: Is it a guy or a girl?
Former Entertainment Reporter: Oh.
Hipster in Tech: I thought Wayne Brady was enough, literal battle of the titans. So we're just inviting dance now?
Recent College Graduate: HAHAHA no wayyyyy!
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: I know I'm supposed to know who this is but I don't.
Who She Really Is: The second most-followed person on TikTok, the influencer stars in her own reality series, Hulu's The D'Amelios Show.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Heidi D'Amelio

DWTS Super-Fan: I have no idea, but is she related to the other one?
Former Entertainment Reporter: Whole family, huh?
Hipster in Tech: Go away.
Recent College Graduate: AND THE MOM?!?!
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Same.
Who She Really Is: Mom to Charli and her fellow influencer sister, Dixie.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Jessie James Decker

DWTS Super-Fan: She's a singer and she's married to Eric Decker.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Singer, "Wanted" is still a top tier bop.
Hipster in Tech: You know I never knew who this was but always saw the name. Just another hot country person.
Recent College Graduate: I have heard of him! Football player, for sure.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: You got me.
Who She Really Is: A country singer and fashion designer who starred in her own E! reality series, Eric and Jessie, with her NFL star husband, Eric Decker.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Trevor Donovan

DWTS Super-Fan: I am going to say he's a football player.
Former Entertainment Reporter: 90210 reboot. Remember that?!
Hipster in Tech: Absolutely no clue who you are. Boring name too.
Recent College Graduate: No idea, but was he on a soap opera?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Nope.
Who He Really Is: After breaking out on 90210, Donovan went on to star in Hallmark Channel movies before making the move to its competitor, GAC Network.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Daniel Durrant

DWTS Super-Fan: No clue.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Actor, he was in CODA.
Hipster in Tech: Sorry Trevor. Daniel, I have less of an idea of who you are and your name is more boring.
Recent College Graduate: No idea. Maybe a basketball player.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Related to Kevin?
Who He Really Is: An actor who starred in the Oscar-winning CODA.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Teresa Giudice

DWTS Super-Fan: Real Housewives of New Jersey, she just got married. Loved that hair.
Former Entertainment Reporter: "F--KING ENGAGED 19 TIMES!"
Hipster in Tech: No f--king comment. 
Recent College Graduate: OMG. Thank god. Someone to add a little flair. I hope she flips the judges' table.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: The only housewife whose name I know, probably.
Who She Really Is: The star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey who infamously flipped a table.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Vinny Guadagnino

DWTS Super-Fan: Sounds like he's from the Jersey Shore, but I don't think so?
Former Entertainment Reporter: This better be Vinny from Jersey Shore or else I don't care
Hipster in Tech: Had to Google this one too, should be Teresa's assistant for her mortgage sales biz.
Recent College Graduate: Is that Teresa's cousin or nephew? Italians are all connected.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Okay sure, Jersey Shore. I feel like he would be an okay dancer?
Who He Really Is: Fist-pumped his way into reality TV history as one of the original stars of the Jersey Shore.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Cheryl Ladd

DWTS Super-Fan: From Charlie's Angels!
Former Entertainment Reporter: I haven't guessed athlete yet so putting that here
Hipster in Tech: Okay, boomer. 
Recent College Graduate: Washed up pop star?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: Charlies' Angels, okay!
Who She Really Is: The actress who replaced Farrah Fawcett in the second season of Charlie's Angels in 1977.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Jason Lewis

Former DWTS Super-Fan: A singer?
Entertainment Reporter:
Jerry Smith Jerrod.
Hipster in Tech: Third time's a charm, sorry Trevor and sorry Daniel. THIS is the biggest "no idea" with the most boring name.
Recent College Graduate: A reality TV star. Right?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: A football player?
Who He Really Is: An actor best known for his turn as Smith Jerrod on Sex and the City.


ABC/Andrew Eccles


DWTS Super-Fan: A Housewife?
Former Entertainment Reporter: The one and only! She's a former Drag Race contestant.
Hipster in Tech: Is this supposed to be like "Zendaya"?
Recent College Graduate: A foreign pop star?
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: A singer?
Who She Really Is: One of the most popular contestants from RuPaul's Drag Race, Shangela went on to appear in A Star Is Born and is currently the co-host of the HBO reality series We're Here.


Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

Jordin Sparks

DWTS Super-Fan: The one from American Idol.
Former Entertainment Reporter: Singer, former Idol contestant and I play "One Step at a Time" at least four times a week.
Hipster in Tech: I think she has songs on the radio? Name seems familiar, no clue.
Recent College Graduate: Love her! I used to watch her on Disney Channel but i don't know what she is doing now!
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: A singer!
Who She Really Is: The winner of American Idol's sixth season.


ABC/Andrew Eccles

Gabby Windey

DWTS Super-Fan: A TikToker?
Former Entertainment Reporter: I have no idea, so gonna go with the standby "TikTok influencer."
Hipster in Tech: What a throwaway casting here. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Recent College Graduate: Was she an Olympian? Probably a gymnast.
Natural Wine Bar and Book Store Owner: The required Bachelorette appearance, though I feel like she is maybe not coordinated enough for this.
She Really Is: The ICU nurse and former NFL cheerleader is the lead of the current season of The Bachelorette, sharing the duties with Rachel Recchia.

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20 facts about Carrie Underwood (and her growing family) / Entertainment

There are many celebrities who were born into very different lives than the ones they live these days. One of today's biggest stars also falls into this category, this star is none other than Carrie Underwood.

Born in Oklahoma, the country singer is the youngest of 3 sisters and started singing at a young age. Underwood has participated in talent shows and donated her vocal talents to numerous local events. Since Humble started, Underwood has won numerous Grammy Awards, a People's Choice Award, and American Music Awards, just to name a few. Despite numerous awards, the country star's music career is just one of many interesting aspects of her life. She works out regularly, stays healthy and fit, and has created a fitness clothing line called Calia Carrie Underwood.

Underwood wears a lot of hats these days (not just Stetson). First, she now has a family of her own, with another one on the way!

Carrie Underwood has definitely had an interesting life. Here are some facts about this country music star.

20 She was a female

Being part of a fraternity or sorority is what many college students aspire to do as a student. In fact, there are many famous celebrities who have been involved in sororities including Elizabeth Banks, Sophia Bush, Molly Sims and, of course, Carrie Underwood!

Underwood promised Sigma Sigma Sigma at Northeastern State University. The singer stayed close to her roots and showed her scientific pride by wearing her letters of complicity in the video for the song "American Girl". We bet Sigma Sigma Sigma has a photo of Kerry hanging on the wall of their sorority, we'd love to show off our famous promises of the past if we were!

19 American idols helped her in college

Popular TV show American Idol has been a great way for some artists to get the contracts and fame they've been dreaming of since it started in 2002. Some of the most famous people to come from this show are Kelly Pickler, Phillip Philips, Katherine McPhee, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson.

Nevertheless, Underwood is still one of the show's most successful winners. But one fun fact is that this show not only helped her launch her music career, but also helped her graduate from college.. This is because American Idol is considered an internship for Underwood , who was the winner of the hit show's fourth season.

18 She spared no expense for the wedding

Weddings are notoriously expensive events, but they are worth it. There are many famous people who have been known to go the extra mile with their wedding, and Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher, who used to play hockey for the Nashville Predators, did just that.

The total cost of Underwood and Fisher's wedding was about $500,000. The event took place at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds plantation in Georgia.

Underwood's dog Ace joined them and walked down the aisle. Ace wore a pink tuxedo with Swarovski crystals. In addition, Underwood had two dresses for the occasion: her wedding dress and one she wore to the reception, which made it easier for her to dance.

17 Even Carrie Underwood had hairstyles that she wasn't proud of

Over the years, the country music star has sported some very beautiful hairstyles and haircuts. But other than money and fame, Underwood is just like the rest of us. Even she had hairstyles that she is not a fan of.

In fact, her husband posted an older photo that showed her with very curly, teased hair on Instagram for her 35 th birthday. The image was from a performance that Underwood gave during her tenure on American Idol.

He captioned the photo saying "Happy birthday to incredible wife and amazing mother with killer hair!" Underwood later replied, "You just can't let some things go, can you?"

16 Carrie was the pageant queen and runner-up

There are many famous people who once competed in beauty pageants before the world knew who they were. Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Pfiffer, Raquel Welch, Kathy Lee Gifford... just to name a few.

Underwood not only participated in the beauty pageant, but was also selected as the second in the Miss Northeastern State University beauty pageant.

But pageantry was nothing new to her, as she had already entered the Miss Westark pageant in 1998 when she was only 14 years old. Underwood performed Martina McBride's "Broken Wing" and even at that young age, Underwood wowed the crowd.

15 Her son will become an older brother

Earlier this year, fans were delighted to learn that Underwood and Fisher were promoting their son Isaiah Fisher to a rather important position. He's going to be a big brother!

This is a sign that perhaps Underwood may finally get some luck this year after suffering a wrist and face injury from a fall outside the home..

Underwood, like many women, wanted to wait until she was sure that her baby is okay before discussing it publicly. The country music star announced her pregnancy to the world in August via her Instagram account.

14 She was used to sneak away… for a good cause

Famous people have been known to do a lot of wild and risky things. So, it's really not a shock to hear about one of them sneaking out of the house as a teenager.

But the story of Underwood sneaking out of the house was not the one at the center of the uprising. Instead, Undergrowth made his way to feed the homeless animals.

One of the many things about Underwood that hasn't changed is her love for animals. In fact, in 2012, Underwood helped an injured animal she found on the highway by taking her to the vet and caring for her until she found a permanent home for the animal.0003

13 She's never been on a plane before the American idol

It's interesting to think about all the things we'd miss if we didn't try something new (and sometimes a little scary) in our lives. For Underwood, this life-changing thing was the moment she first flew an airplane.

Underwood had to travel by plane to go to her second audition for American Idol. If she had chosen not to, her life, and country music as we know it today, would have been very different. Stories like this are definitely inspiring to not hold back when trying new things..

12 Even Kerry gets her songs stuck in her head

We all have those awkward moments when we have a song stuck in our head and we just have to sing it out loud or even whistle it. Sometimes we do it while we are alone, and sometimes we do it in front of others. Some may not even notice that they are doing it in the first place.

Well, even Underwood has her moments, which makes her even more attractive. Also, sometimes this song is one of her own. Although we can't blame her. Her songs are very catchy and it's hard not to get stuck in our heads.

11 She is a neat freak

Most celebrities seem to be quite busy as they lead a very active life. This is especially true for Underwood given the fact that she is a mom, wife and performer.

However, the musician is known to call himself a "neat freak". When it comes to her home, Underwood prefers everything to be neat and tidy. She even mentioned that she has a hard time focusing on things during the day if she stays up after waking up that morning. . When many people think of a country music star, they think of her music as well as her beauty. After all, Underwood has definitely built a great life for herself as she is now a mom and wife of a famous athlete too!

But one thing that fans might not think of when discussing Underwood is that she is a huge horror movie fan. Underwood is also a fan of movies and TV shows that center around mysteries.

9 She almost had a record deal... At 14!

There are a lot of talented people in the world of show business. But just because they're talented doesn't mean their success has been easy for any of them.

Underwood is a great example of this. First, she sang a lot at various events as a child. Second, as a teenager, there was a time when came very close to signing with Capitol Records.

Underwood had to go to Nashville to audition and they liked her and her voice impressed her. However, new management took over and she did not get a record deal with them. But she had the courage to continue chasing her dreams and has since become a highly successful performer.

8 She had a "How I Met Your Mother" cameo

While celebrities, and most people in general, have only one primary focus when it comes to their careers, there are some people who love to indulge different professions. This is true for Underwood because she is a singer first and foremost, but she has also been on the big screen as well as television.

In 2010, Underwood played a small role in an episode of the popular sitcom. How I met your mother. She played a character named "Tiffany" who was one of Ted Mosby's many love interests. The role Underwood played on the big screen was in the film Soul Surfer , where she played a character called "Sarah Hill".

7 She graduated from college - after winning Idol!

Being famous can be quite tricky when it comes to making time for other things. But there are some celebrities who have taken the time to get the higher education they want, despite the many other activities they may be involved in.

Underwood is a great example of this. She was a student at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma when she decided to put her college goals on hold so she could be on American Idol.

In the end, this solution worked pretty well. After winning American Idol, , Underwood still pursued her degree, , and she graduated Magna with honors. While in college Underwood studied mass communications with a focus on journalism.

6 of her parents have been married for 50 years

Successful marriages can be hard to come by these days. This seems even more true when it comes to famous people.

But this does not apply to Underwood and her husband, as they have been married since 2010. It seems that the long marriage that her parents share could serve as a good example for her.

Underwood's parents are Stephen and Carol Underwood. When Underwood was young, her father worked in a paper mill and her mother was a school teacher. This year the happy couple and loving parents celebrated their 50 th wedding anniversary by telling friends and family how they met and how the first few years of their marriage went.

5 She had a toned face like the rest of us

There are many celebrities who are known for their pearly white teeth and beautiful, healthy smiles. Underwood is one of them as she has a great smile.

Smiles are beautiful in themselves, but that doesn't mean that some of those we love to see don't take a lot of work. To get the smile she has today, Underwood had to wear braces in the past, saying:

“I had to get braces [more than once]. I actually kept them at the bottom for about three months while doing red carpets, but no one knew – so I felt like I had a secret.”

4 Being a mother changed her

Any parent will tell you that having a child is a radical change. Becoming a mother or father, whether for the first time or not, is a very life-changing moment.

In addition, these changes must be expected before birth. Typically, when a woman finds out she is pregnant, both she and her partner are faced with the changes that will ensure the best possible health for the baby and mother..

Underwood said that becoming a mother brought many positive changes to her life. From the very birth of her son, she was happier and very much in love with him.

3 Carrie is inspired by Reese Witherspoon

There are many celebrities who have great style. Also, one of the coolest things about many stars who always look stylish is that they each seem to have their own style, very special.

Underwood is definitely one of those celebrities, as there is never a moment when she doesn't look perfect. When it comes to fashion, Underwood is definitely inspired by Reese Witherspoon.

Witherspoon's influence on Underwood can be seen in some of the pieces Underwood chooses to wear to social occasions. Both stars have a very feminine style.

2 One of her relationships ended with the text... Oh

Fans talk a lot when it comes to their favorite celebrities. Usually, however, some discussions around famous people focus on who they are or not dating at the time.

It's no different when it comes to Underwood and her ex-boyfriend, actor Chace Crawford. Apparently, it was not a serious relationship, and it ended with a simple text message.

Despite the separation, these two talented people do not seem to have any bad feelings for each other, since they do not have negative feelings for each other. Usually texting isn't the most personal way to deal with things like this, but both sides seem to take the breakup well and don't make a big scene out of it.

1 she won't eat eggs

It's no secret that Underwood is very healthy and leads an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. The star is trying to be completely vegan, which means she doesn't eat certain things. Eggs are one of the foods that Underwood cut out of her diet due to her decision to go vegan.

However, there are some delicious foods that she still enjoys. For example, one of the dishes she cooks for lunch is tofu. The singer also likes to drink black coffee in the morning to boost her energy levels, especially if she plans to work out that morning.

Rai from Ambulance: doctors are now on the front lines

In early November, the third season of Ambulance will be aired on NTV. It is not by chance that this series has become one of the highest rated television projects. Of course, to some extent, interest in medical topics was fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, in connection with which people in white, blue and other branded coats have firmly settled in all TV news broadcasts. But this may be only a small part of success. In fact, millions of people are attracted to the screens by an interesting plot in which dramatic stories taken from real life are intertwined. And a great ensemble cast. We were able to talk with Marina Domozhirova, who plays one of the main roles, paramedic Rai, and learn from her the details of the filming of both this project and the success of the Closed Season series recently broadcast on the Rossiya 1 TV channel, which seemed to many prophetic. We also learned some interesting details from the personal life of the actress ...

A prediction that came true

- Marina, as far as I know, next year four series with your participation are planned to be aired at once: "Street Justice", "Number 69", "Idealist" and the new season of "First Aid" - This is true?

Yes. We filmed “Idealist” a long time ago, just lying on the shelf waiting for the release. Even now, the series “Unprincipled” with my participation has been released ...

- Quite recently, the TV series “Closed Season” was successfully broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 1”, in which you also took part. According to the plot, everything happens there in a resort town, in which a wave of strange deaths associated with the epidemic begins. I know that this series was filmed long before the coronavirus. And, of course, then no one imagined that such a thing could happen in real life. When the pandemic happened, wasn’t there a feeling that — now, I know what will happen next, and some kind of fear, that they seemed to foresee the future?

— Yes, it felt like that. Filming took place last year in the Crimea. And when we were filming, we really could not even think that all this could turn out to be true, that all the masks, gloves and other details of that life from the cinema would turn out to be a reality. After all, initially the script seemed to us somehow futuristic. By the way, I must say that the series received good reviews and ratings, it recently participated in the Kinoshock festival in Anapa and received the Audience Choice Award - the award has already reached us. I'm proud of our team!

"The most sincere"

- Tell us at least a little: what can the audience expect in the new season of the series "First Aid"?

— For me, the third season is probably the most sincere. The second was a lot of action, a lot of action, a lot of challenges. And the third is such an outlet: there are a lot of human relationships, real and interesting people to whom we come to meet challenges, many new heroes have appeared. Until I reveal all the details - the audience will see everything for themselves ... And in the third season, secrets will be revealed that have been stretching since the very first episodes, the knots that were tied at the very beginning of the project will be untied. I must say that we filmed the second and third seasons with a break of one month, so we had the feeling that we spent a whole year on the set together with the group. But all the people we work with are amazing!

- As far as I know, there are also medical consultants there?

— Yes, and we have wonderful ones! They guide us and suggest how to do everything as accurately as possible from a medical point of view - but at the same time not damage the artistic design. And, of course, they told us many different stories that actually took place on their calls, and it was very interesting to listen to them.

— What was the hardest part of the shooting for you?

— Probably the hardest part of filming is the schedule. We shoot quite actively, and we have a large number of scenes a day. One day, for example, it was necessary to shoot 33 scenes! Many of them, of course, were short - but, nevertheless, it is very exhausting ...

- Probably, there are many interesting moments on the set. What do you personally remember the most?

— Quite recently there was an interesting incident… We are now filming for the fourth season… And one day we are leaving after a shift, and an ambulance passes by. She stops, a real paramedic and a driver jump out of her, come up to us and ask permission to take a picture. And we, in turn, ask them for a joint photo with them. Because we have incredible respect for what they do. Even acting on a show and not really doing the work that doctors and paramedics do in an ambulance, you feel how hard it is. They carry ECG machines, oxygen cylinders, all this weighs seven or eight kilograms, all this must be brought into the patient’s apartment on their hands ... Patients need to be carried, and sometimes they are strong big men, and there are two girls in the team ... They have many difficulties , which many have no idea - to the point that when you come to a sick person, he is not always in a good mood and polite - but rather, on the contrary, angry and rude, because he is hurt and scared. They are often scolded, they often get into difficult situations - they go to false calls, and so on ...

A particle of kindness

- For this role, you had to learn something - maybe some kind of medical manipulation?

- Of course. We had a consultation at the ambulance substation. And right in the ambulance they showed us how to do an ECG. Or - that each ambulance team has its own medical box. Or - how they stick a patch so that they can quickly tear it off, or - how they open an ampoule, how they draw a syringe ... And, of course, the Internet to help. I watched a lot of videos: how chest compressions are done, how injections are made, how pressure is measured - to know all this. And I also have a special role-playing notebook for each role, and on the “Ambulance” I wrote out medical terminology and some other interesting phrases there ... Of course, it happens that when you read a script and see a lot of complex medical terms, you just have to memorize them and sometimes they are very difficult to pronounce - but this is our job!

- That is, you are practically in the subject. Did your consultants tell you about all these difficulties?

Yes. And also our wonderful screenwriters, who include all life moments in the script and write them very well. Even ridiculous cases become funny. It's all - our life, human relationships. And it seems to me that the success of our series is that it is filmed in the dramedy genre (a modern subgenre of tragicomedy, distributed primarily on television. - Approx. Aut.) We have scenes where you can cry - and at the same time, you must there will be some funny moments, because without humor in this profession it is impossible. You need to be able to dump all the accumulated burden, physical and moral, to be able to joke at the right time. The work of doctors and paramedics is difficult, and it's great that we are filming such a series. He is real and kind and helps to look at the ambulance in a different way. You can often hear: “Here, this ambulance is taking so long!” In general, they complain. And we show that these are the same living people who also have their own problems . ..

— Now doctors — if you take what is happening in connection with the coronavirus — are actually at the forefront…

— Of course! They are in direct contact with the sick, it’s hard for all of them now more than ever, I want to support them. They have a tough job. And we, making this series, try to raise the prestige of this profession even higher. We are incredibly pleased when our fans write: “We watched the TV series ER, and it inspired us so much that we decided to go to medical school!” And we understand that we brought our particle of kindness into this world.

Take a girl out to dance

- How do you feel about different TV shows with stars? Would you dare to try, for example, to skate or take part in dance competitions?

— We just had a very interesting moment on the set of the fourth season of ER. The script says that in one of the episodes, my heroine Raya has to skate. And they asked me: can I? I can stand on them, but I don't ride well enough to participate in the show. Of course, artists are seriously trained for such projects, but it seems to me that there should still be some initial skill ... As for my attitude to such shows, I like them, and I would gladly take part in such a project. But it would be easier for me to dance, because I like to dance, I have good data, before I sat on the twine and got up on the bridge. And on the dance floor, I feel more confident than on the ice.

Ksenia Sobchak's fatal mistake

- I know that you have been asked this question many times, but I cannot help but ask. You are often compared to Reese Witherspoon. How do you like this comparison?

- I have already passed all the stages. At first it was funny for me that they compared me with her, then it began to annoy me, because I myself am a person and an actress, and I have my own interesting life. And now I take it easy. For someone, I automatically become closer, because it seems to them that they have known me by sight for many years.

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