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Emotes are customizations allowing animals to perform recognizable taunts/dances by pressing the Emote key (default V). Most Emotes require the player to stand still, and moving too far will cancel the animation.

Emotes can also be used within the main menu, where everyone in the same party will see your animal perform the Emote. When performing certain emotes, Mini Animal Pets will dance along to the beat of the music.

Emote Wheel[]

Selecting an Emote from the Emote Wheel. (pre-1.6)

Players can equip up to 8 emotes within the inventory screen into slots on the first page of the player's Emote Wheel. The rest of the emotes that the player owns will be available on the other pages of the Emote Wheel, which can be accessed by scrolling with the mouse wheel. To select an emote from the Emote Wheel, hold the Emote key (default V) key, put your cursor over any emote and release the key. Pressing the Emote key once allows to perform the latest selected Emote.


Currently there are 33 emotes, 7 of which are obtainable via drops.

Name Icon Emote Obtaining Sound
Default Dance



Available to all players.
Simple Wave



Level-Up Random Drop



Level-Up Random Drop



Level-Up Random Drop https://animalroyale.
Gem Reveal



Reach Level 10

Note: When using this emote, it'll show your highest level prestige gem which might be the one shown in the example.



Cackling Carl's Cart
Note: Inspired by H-Fits. Click the GIF to view the original fan-made emote!



Cackling Carl's Cart



Level-Up Random Drop



Level-Up Random Drop https://animalroyale.
Blow a Kiss



10 Team Wins



S.A.W. Shop
Note: This emote does not restrict your movement.



S.A.W. Shop
A part of the Selfie Bundle
Floss Dance



Cackling Carl's Cart
Heel Click



Cackling Carl's Cart

(Styled after the Windows 3.1 'Tada', truncated.)

Hand Stand



Cackling Carl's Cart
Russian Dance



Cackling Carl's Cart
Praise Banan



How to get the Praise Banan Emote

Written instructions:
Banan Pew Pew



100 Banana Slips https://animalroyale.
Tap Dance



Level-Up Random Drop
Stretching Routine



500km Travelled



Only obtainable from Super Animal Pass Season 0.5.
Note: This emote does not restrict your movement.
Silent emote. Does not make any sounds when using this emote.
CRISPRmas Carol



S.A.W. Shop



S.A.W. Shop
Country Dance



S.A.W. Shop
Sit in Peace



Only obtainable from Super Animal Pass Season 3. Silent emote. Does not make any sounds when using this emote.



Only obtainable from Super Animal Pass Season 5.
There's a small chance a variation will be played instead.

Juggling Roulette



Only obtainable through purchase of Founder's Edition.

Note: This emote is an Early Access exclusive.

Hole in One!



Level-Up Random Drop
SARturday Night Fever



Only obtainable through purchase of Super Edition DLC.
I Surrender!



Only obtainable from Animal Pass Season 0.
Party Horn



Only obtainable from Animal Pass Season 1.



Only obtainable from Animal Pass Season 2.



Only obtainable from Animal Pass Season 4.
Note: This emote does not restrict your movement.
Silent emote. Does not make any sounds when using this emote.


  • The "PBJT" emote is a reference to the old meme, Peanut Butter Jelly Time.
  • The "Tap Dance" emote music is inspired by Maple Leaf Rag.
  • The "Hungry" and "Point" emotes are the only emotes that allow movement whenever they are being used.
    • Originally, the "Point" emote didn't have an arrow, but Pixile later added it to prevent any misused act of using this emote.
  • The "Russian Dance" emote is inspired by Team Fortress Two's Katozsky kick.[citation needed][verify]
    • The emote is also inspired by the classic Cossack dance from Russia. [citation needed]
  • The "CRISPRmas Carol" emote music is both a reference to and was also used in SART S02E02 How the Finch Stole CRISPRmas.
  • The Clipboard color from the "Clipboard" emote is different from the one that  Dr. Jennifer Dogna uses.
    • There's a green variant of the clipboard that only appears in one of their announcements from Twitter.

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  • Pistol
  • Dual Pistols
  • Magnum
  • Deagle
  • Silenced Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • JAG-7
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  • Thomas Gun
  • AK
  • M16
  • Dogna's Dart Gun
  • Hunting Rifle
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How to do the Crab Walk & How This Exercise Benefits You

by Sport Fitness Advisor Staff

The crab walk is a great exercise that will work out your entire body and it’s one you will remember doing while in elementary school. It doesn’t require any equipment to perform and it’s an exercise that you can do at any location. You’re supposed to balance your own weight using your hands and legs and leave your hips out of it. While you might not think about the crab walk being a legitimate exercise, there are many benefits of this fun and unique exercise we wanted to tell you about.

How to Do the Traditional Crab Walk

As you can see in the photo, it’s easy to do the crab walk anywhere including outdoors in the sand. 
Crab Walk by Russ/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • You need to sit down on the ground and then bend your knees so that your feet are on the ground.
  • Ensure that the soles of your feet are on the ground and that your feet line up with your hips.
  • Lift up your hips using both your core muscles and your glutes. You should be in a tabletop-looking position.
  • You should have only the soles of your feet and your palms touching the ground at this point.
  • Continuing to lift your hips you will want to take your right foot and move forward along with your left hand.
  • Step forward now with your right hand and left food.
  • The main key to successfully pulling off this exercise is to remember it’s a cross-crawl type of pattern. This means right foot moving with your left hand and left foot moving with your right hand.
  • Take 15 steps and then reverse your movement so that you are back in position where you started.

This video shows how easy it is to perform the crab walk and the importance of keeping your torso and hips up as you begin the movements. You can see from the video the correct position and how this movement will engage your entire body.

Tips for a Successful Crab Walk

  • Don’t allow your feet to get too far in front of you or try to move them too quickly as this could cause injury to your upper body. The shoulders are the most at risk for injury if you try to move too quickly.
  • In order to ensure your back stays injury-free, you want to have your palms behind you on the ground at all times and ensure your feet are correctly hip-width apart.
  • Start off doing the crab walk slowly and then build up to a quicker movement. It might take you a few times to find the speed that is right for you. You can challenge yourself by increasing the speed slightly each week.

What Muscles are Worked During the Crab Walk?

Triceps– The triceps are found on the upper arm in the back and extend your arm at your elbow. They are also important for rotating your arm and it’s one of the most important muscles for the crab walk.

Glutes- Your glutes get a great workout from crab walking and these are better known as your butt muscles. The glutes consists of your gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus. These muscles are important for helping lift your legs to the side and allows you to rotate your legs. The glutes will help stabilize your pelvis while also extending your hips. 

Hamstrings- The hamstrings can be found on the back side of your upper leg and they are right below the glutes. This muscle allows you to flex your knees, extend your hips, and also allows for your legs to rotate.

Rectus Abdominis- This muscle is known as the six-pack and it’s important for generating abdominal pressure and it also helps flex your torso. Core strength training can also help you improve and strengthen your torso muscles.

Calves- The crab walk is great at working out your calves and it will allow the soleus muscle to work properly during this exercise. The soleus muscle is what allows you to point your toes when your knees are bent at that 90 degree angle.  

If you crab walk regularly, you’ll be able to get toned shoulder muscles including your pectorals.
#33 – Tatooed Muscle by Elvis Kennedy/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Front Shoulders, lats, and pectoral- All of these muscles will work in unison so that your shoulder is stabilized while you crab walk. These are going to be the muscles that you’ll notice are vital for performing the crab walk correctly, and this is often where soreness will be after the workout. 

Quadriceps- When you perform this exercise you’re working out your quadriceps, which can be found on the top part of your leg. There are four muscles within the quadriceps including the vastus lateralis, the vastus medialis, the vastus intermedius, and the rectus femoris. All of these muscles allow you to extend your knee when they engage at the same time. 

How the Crab Walk Benefits You

A girl is learning how to do the crab walk and seems to be having fun.
130809-Z-BW457-019 by Wisconsin National Guard/ CC BY-NC-ND 2. 0

Increases Upper-Body Strength 

The crab walk will increase your upper-body strength and it will do so within the first attempt at this nostalgic exercise. You’ll quickly notice that your arms begin shaking which is a good sign. While performing the crab walk you’re going to also notice that your forearms and back are getting a fairly decent workout. Since the exercise utilizes your glutes, shoulders, arms, hamstrings, and quadriceps it’s an entire upper-body workout routine.

Improves Balance & Coordination

This exercise is going to improve your balance and coordination and that’s a huge benefit if you’re an active person and want to hone skills in a particular sport. Even if you’re not into other sports, improvements in coordination and balance are important to help prevent injuries in everyday life. You’ll also notice that your posture has improved with this exercise. It will also help improve your focus and concentration since you’re moving different parts of your body at the same time.

You’re Going to Burn More Calories

The crab walk is considered a total-body exercise which means that you’re going to be using the muscles from your shoulders on down. With total-body workouts and movements, you need more oxygen to perform the exercise. This means that you’re burning more calories with each passing minute. Since this exercise is supposed to be performed in a quick movement, it’s great for cardiovascular health and helps increase metabolism. Isolated movements and exercises require only a small amount of oxygen since it’s focused on one certain type of movement. By doing this exercise you’ll notice that you can burn more calories and strengthen your muscles in less time.

Crab Walk Enhances Flexibility

The picture shows just how flexible you can get if you practice the crab walk regularly. Dancers can use this exercise to improve coordination and flexibility. 
A very flexibile Spider-Gwen by Greyloch/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you want to become more flexible but don’t want to get into yoga, then just do the crab walk several times a week and you’re going to become more flexible. Flexibility is important to prevent common injuries and it’s also great for circulation and overall cardiovascular health. Your joints are also going to be thanking you since flexibility helps keep your joints healthy and moving correctly.

You Don’t Have to Use Weights to Build Strength

When people decide to begin strength-training or think of building strength at home they often get frustrated thinking about all of the weights they’ll have to purchase. A crab walk is considered a strength-training exercise but you’re not going to have to purchase any weights to get the benefit. It’s great for those in locations where having a set of weights just isn’t possible. Since this exercise uses your whole body during the movements that becomes the resistance you need to build muscle strength.

Image: Seal Training Adventures by Arnar Valdimarsson/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tik tok foot dance: learning, music to learn

Table of contents:

  • 1 Tik tok trends with feet
  • 2 How to learn foot dance for Tik tok
  • 3 What music to choose
  • 4 How to record foot dance on tik tok
    • 4. 1 Installing the phone
    • 4.2 Video editing

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    Trends regularly appear in the Tik Tok application, which include dancing with feet. It may seem difficult to move your feet to the beat of the music. In fact, in order for the foot dance on TikTok to become not just a video, but a trending content, you should properly prepare for shooting.

    Tik tok trending with legs

    Stair climbing, hip hop and swing videos are gaining popularity on the app. Latin American movements are no less in demand. In fact, to shoot the first video, you need to turn on the incendiary track and start moving up the stairs in a fun way.

    Bloggers arrange a popular challenge among themselves, a kind of competition, to maintain a competitive spirit. Do not constantly repeat other people's plans. Individual videos, which differ from others in originality and zest, gain a large number of likes.

    How to learn to dance with your feet for Tik Tok

    Any movement in the dance requires clarity. To perform smooth movements, it is necessary to work out flexibility. Gymnastic exercises will help. Don't expect instant results. You need to be patient and spend time, effort, applying perseverance. This is the only way to achieve the right movements and, as a result, beautiful videos. Pay attention to transitions.

    For some people learning to dance is quick, for others it will take time. Everyone grasps the rhythm in their own way. It is important to analyze every movement. In your head, you need to decompose the picture into parts. The track itself is broken into fragments. It is better to shoot dynamic videos, with easy-to-remember movements.

    A great option is to find master classes on youtube to master the technique and steps. Warm up before each dance to avoid injury.

    Don't think that a short 15 second video is easy to make. Preparation takes more than two days.

    What music to choose

    The application provides users with a separate folder with popular music tracks. Music from tik tok to which they dance with their feet can be very diverse. For some directions, special tracks are divided. If desired, everyone can add their favorite song. Which track to choose is up to the tiktoker to decide. As a rule, many people try to shoot dynamic dances, accompanied by fast music.

    How to record foot dance on tik tok

    While doing foot pirouettes, tiktokers imitate the movements of singer Michael Jackson, perform jumps and pirouettes. Users like only high-quality videos shot with meaning. Few people will appreciate the record in which the picture is trembling, hard to see, not heard. Do not shoot amateur dances. If you want to attract as many audiences as possible, you should prepare at least professional equipment and choose the right place.

    To upload a video to Tik Tok, you need to:

    • download the application itself, register if this has not already been done;
    • go to video shooting;
    • go to the contribution intended for recording content;
    • start shooting by clicking on the “camera” sign;
    • pick up sound;
    • start the shooting process;
    • meet the fifteen-second time limit.

    The captured video is saved and added to the user's page.

    Filters, effects, accelerations are selected. It helps to dilute the content. Videos with motion fading, landscape change, camera repeat look good. Some shoot videos together or with the whole company. Dancing with a couple is no less popular, as it looks impressive and beautiful.

    Installing the phone

    To avoid camera shake, for the convenience of shooting video, you need to take care of purchasing a special tripod in advance. When the holder is not available, you should fix the device on a table or shelf. The main thing is to install the camera firmly. During the shooting, the main participant must be clearly visible in the frame. The shooting location is well-lit. A very bright room will not work, the frame will light up. We need the best option.

    Video editing

    Video may not be perfect the first time. Adjustments should be made by correcting light imperfections, adding effects. It is important not to overdo it, as there is a high probability that the frame will deteriorate. The applied effect should be harmoniously, appropriately applied. The network contains applications that help to apply effects, mount the footage. If you understand them, you can learn how to make real masterpieces.

    Tik Tok is not only an entertainment application, but also a high-quality platform for attracting attention and earning money. To get both sides of the coin, it is important to shoot top videos. It is not difficult to learn this, the main thing is to make as much effort as possible, show patience and show talents to the public.

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