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5 Fun Dances and Dance Games to Teach Young Kids – Rock and Roll Daycare

Not only is dancing fun for young kids, but it can improve their physical health and boost their social skills, communication skills, and self-esteem. What’s more, teaching your kids how to do these dances—and possibly doing the dance with them—is sure to make for lots of laughs and fun! Here are five easy dances and dance games to teach your child.




1.The Box Step


As the name implies, the box step makes the shape of a box on the floor.

For the first half-box:

  • Place the left foot forward to take a step ahead.
  • Then, ask your child to move one step to the front and across towards the right side, with the help of the right foot.
  • Next, the child has to move the left foot across towards the right foot in such a way that both feet are placed together.

For the second half-box:

  • Your child will now have to take a step backward with the help of the right foot.
  • Now ask your child to move the left foot back to the position where it originally was at the time of beginning the sequence.
  • Next, he/she has to move the right foot across towards the left side in such a way that both the feet are placed together.
  • If they are able to complete the steps correctly, they will be in the position where they started from.
  • To make the above step more interesting, you could add some variation, by asking your child to hop or jump, for example.

2. The Washing Dance Game



This one is perfect for two or more children. One child will be the “caller,” and the other can perform; make sure all the kids get a chance to perform. The objective of the game is to move in a way that resembles the item of clothing the caller calls out.

For the pants: Ask your child to sit on the floor and stretch out their legs, but close to one another (in the shape of a pair of pants).

For the dress: The child stands up and places their legs in an outstretched position.

For the skirt: The child sits on the floor and stretches their legs out in front of them in a wide formation.

For the shorts: For this move, sit on the floor and hug both the legs so that they touch the tummy.

For the washing machine: Jump up and down!

For the dryer: The child stands up and stretches out their hands on both sides; then, they move around and around in the same spot in a spinning motion.



3. Y.M.C.A.



Adults and kids alike can have fun with this dance, and kids can, of course, practice their letters at the same time!

Y: Stretch your arms out to the sides and above your heads.

M: Bend your elbows from the “Y” pose so your fingertips meet over your chest or on your shoulders.

C: Stretch your arms out to the left in a half-circle.

A: Hold your hands together above your head.



4. The Zoo-Guess-Who Dance Game



This dance requires two or more kids. It’s great for animal lovers and for reviewing animal names and characteristics. One child (or the parent) calls out the animal names, and the other acts out the animal.  

Here are some suggestions for animal moves:

Tiger: The child bends down comfortably on the floor with both hands down and arches their back.

Snake: Lie down on the floor and slither around like a snake.

Rabbit: Bend down on the floor and place the hands down. Next, while maintaining the pose, make jumping motions in the same spot.

Kangaroo: The child stands in place and does a few high jumps. Have them try and touch their bottom with their feet as they jump.

Cheetah: Stand in one place and “run” as fast as you can.




5.The Heartbeat Hop Dance Game



You’ll need two or more kids for this one. One child (or adult) will be the caller, and the other will be the performer. The caller must say the word “one” or “two” to the tune of the music; the performer does the moves accordingly.

On the word “one”: If the caller says the word “one,” the performer has to hop around on one foot and create imaginary patterns on the floor.

On the word “two”: If the caller says the word “two,” the performer has to hop around on two feet and create imaginary patterns on the floor.


The Best Dance Games On The Oculus Quest

By Michael Caruso


Get movin' and groovin' inside a virtual reality world.

Dance games have always been a popular genre; however, dance games are better than ever in virtual reality. Because of the nature of VR, you can use your body as a controller while you dance the night away, which is a fun feature that makes dancing even more immersive.

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Although all virtual reality headsets feature great dance games, the Oculus Quest is particularly useful for this genre since it's a wireless headset, so you won't have to worry about tripping over wires. The Quest also doesn't rely on outside tracking cameras, which makes it easier to move around in your play space without having to worry about tracking issues. Fans often call dance games "rhythm games" because they incorporate mechanics that aren't traditional dancing but instead new forms of dancing. There's an extensive collection of dance games on the Oculus Quest headset, and these are the best ones you can experience.

Updated on March 13, 2022 by Michael Caruso: The Oculus Quest is home to a library of games spanning many different genres. There are lots of games to pick from, but since music is such a popular concept, dance games are often one of the best genres of games. Outside of the most popular games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, there are tons of other dance games to discover. Here are a few more games that you can play to dance the day away in virtual reality.

12/12 OhShape

OhShape's core goal is to get players to exercise, but in a way that's more fun than simply going for a run. Follow along to the music and try to correctly pose, punch and dodge obstacles in your environment to win the match.

There are lots of great songs to dance to in OhShape, but you can also use custom songs as they have official support within the game. You can experience four separate difficulty settings too, so you can start off slowly and move up to harder stages as you see fit.

11/12 Audio Trip

The mechanics in Audio Trip are similar to that of Beat Saber, but there are some key differences. First off, there are more mechanics than punching and dodging, including a fun ribbon that you can ride with your hands. Additionally, you'll enjoy the unique futuristic theme that Audio Trip has become known for.

There's loads of content within Audio Trip, including 21 songs and over 80 levels in total. If you want to play a rhythm game similar to Beat Saber with some key differences, then try Audio Trip for a new experience.

10/12 Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI features the character Kizuna, and it has an anime theme that will resonate with you if you're a fan of the genre. Dance along with Kizuna to many different songs by tapping the beats as they fly past you in each track.

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It can feel somewhat lonely to dance by yourself in other VR rhythm games, so Kizuna AI is a welcome game that offers a virtual friend to dance with inside the Oculus Quest. You should definitely try Kizuna AI if you're a fan of anime or dancing since it merges both genres into one amazing game.

9/12 Audio Shield

Audio Shield offers a unique mechanic that most other rhythm games on the Oculus Quest could only dream of. In Audio Shields, you can download your favorite songs from the Oculus Browser and use them within the game, which means you'll have a much larger selection than in games like Pistol Whip.

If you don't want to download any songs, then that's ok too because Audio Shield comes preloaded with 20 songs from the start. The dancing in Audio Shield resembles other rhythm games where the notes come rolling in, and you have to hit them before they disappear. Regardless of your favorite song, Audio Shield is a great game with a large selection of fantastic music that you can dance to in the same fashion as other VR rhythm games.

8/12 REAKT Performance Trainer

REAKT Performance Trainer is a game that's not as heavy on the music but instead focuses primarily on the exercise side of things. Orbs come rolling in, and you have to watch carefully if you want to make it through the match.

Although there are not as many flashy songs as in other rhythm games, there's always some ambient music playing in the background during your workout, and it may even be preferable if you enjoy softer instrumental songs. If you want a game that shifts its focus on the exercise side of the equation, then you'll probably enjoy REAKT Performance Trainer.

7/12 Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a rhythm game with a lot of twists. The targets you have to hit fly by you both above and below your in-game body, and you have to hit them to win each match. This gameplay feels very refreshing compared to other dance games, which is why it's one of the best rhythm games currently available on VR headsets. You have to use your motion controllers to hit each target when they come near you.

Not only does Synth Riders have an innovative concept with fast-paced dancing, but there are also over 50 songs to go with the gameplay. If you enjoy VR dance games, then Synth Riders is a must-play.

6/12 Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash!

Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash brings one of the most unique rhythm concepts to the Oculus Quest. The dancing in Space Channel 5 is what you would expect from a dance game; however, this game truly shines because of its cast of characters returning from the Space Channel 5 franchise.

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Although the dancing is fairly standard in Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash, there are still many notable aspects of it that make it a lot of fun to play. The dancing and environments are futuristic, and the dance moves are diverse throughout the game. Space Channel 5 Kinda Funky News Flash isn't too difficult when you compare it to other rhythm games on the Oculus Quest; however, it still gives you enough of a challenge to enjoy yourself.

5/12 Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip has an innovative concept. In this game, you use guns to shoot the targets while music plays throughout the arena. The targets will try to attack you, and you have to dodge their bullets to avoid losing. The fast-paced gameplay is something special since most other similar games can't replicate its formula in the same way.

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Additionally, there are targets shooting at you from multiple levels including from above you, which adds an extra challenge that isn't present in most dance games. If you enjoy VR shooters, then you'll have a blast playing Pistol Whip and defeating targets as they try to shoot you.

4/12 Hatsune Miku VR

Hatsune Miku VR is an anime-themed dream come true for many fans of this character. The gameplay is somewhat basic for a dance game; however, that doesn't take away from the challenge that you'll face at certain points. You have to use your motion controllers to hit the targets when they come near you, which offers a challenge because of the speed at which they approach you.

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The most notable feature in Hatsune Miku VR is the ability to dance alongside Hatsune Miku, which is an experience that many fans want to have. VR games rarely bring characters like Hatsune Miku into a game; however, when they do, it's always a blast.

3/12 Audica

Audica is similar to Pistol Whip because you use guns to shoot targets. However, the projectiles feel more like blasts than bullets, and you can shoot them at targets that fly much differently than standard targets in a dance game. The matches take place in a cosmic setting, which is a nice change of pace from the colorful arenas that many rhythm games feature.

If you want a real challenge, then you can play on Expert difficulty, which may take you a long time to master completely. With over 30 songs, you'll have an experience you won't forget in Audacia. There are also leaderboards so that you can compete with other players.

2/12 Beat Saber

There are a lot of games that have made virtual reality into what it is today, and Beat Saber is one of them. In Beat Saber, you have to hit blocks that fly past you with varying speeds, depending on the difficulty you're playing. You also need to be careful to avoid the obstacles in your way during a song.

There are many songs you can choose from, including modern music that is popular today. There are also many extra song packs available if you don't like the songs that come with the base game. The feature that makes Beat Saber stand out among other dance games is the lightsabers you wield to hit the blocks during a match. Although the lightsabers may seem like a simple feature, there's nothing more fun than dancing to your favorite songs with lightsabers in your hands. Beat Saber is available on most of the popular VR headsets, including the Oculus Quest and the Playstation VR headset.

1/12 Dance Central

Dance Central is a unique VR rhythm game because it puts you in the center of a dance club with many popular songs for you to dance to with others. You can play by yourself; however, there's also an online mode so you can play with your friends to compete or simply have a fun time.

The song roster in Dance Central is also fantastic because it features popular modern songs and songs that date back decades for those who like older music. Overall, Dance Central is a complete experience with lots of songs, fun dance routines, and a multiplayer mode to bring it all together.

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The best dance simulators on PC and console

All dance simulation games for PC. Quite an unusual style, dancing online for two and for one user, which for quite a long time remained fun for its fans.

Usually, this kind of games are associated not with game consoles or PCs, but with the halls of arcade machines, where you need to step on the arrows. However, there have been a large number of attempts to bring dance games to every player's home. The difficulty is that they require additional and usually expensive equipment. Do you love incendiary melodies and high spirits? It's time to dive head first into the online dancing games for girls! Together with the main characters, you can learn the latest noteworthy moves for various musical purposes. Like a classic? Free game on the Internet "Dancing: Waltz" is sure to please you! Highly noteworthy games with lovely music that will definitely amaze you with its own playfulness! In general, if you are ready to be generous to the dance platform, then you can revive any party with the help of one of these games.

1. M-Star

M-Star is a real gift for all fans of nightlife. No, this is not just another dance simulator. Seasoned with a simple social component - a completely new world opens up before you, where there is a place for the most indescribable pleasures. Make a personal inimitable hero, take a walk through shopping centers and elite stores, visit countless municipal clubs and personal discos, dance to famous Russian and foreign hits, get new comrades and, of course, try to find your own soul mate! Positive feelings, energy and crazy drive are guaranteed! Welcome to the world of club life! The game has really mind-blowing gameplay, it's very fun to spend time here, have fun and download your own dance art together with other real guys and senoritas. The game has highly developed social abilities. You can not only dance and arrange numerous dance competitions with other gamers, but also talk and make new comrades. The idea will certainly be necessary to the taste of those who would like to learn to dance, and likewise for those for whom dancing is considered an old attraction. You will learn countless professional dance moves, you can dance both solo and in a team. You can give preference to any skin color and facial features, hairstyle, seductive and catchy theatrical style, make the interior of your game apartment. The main action of the game takes place on the dance floor. Both single-player and couples performances, a certain number of categories of dance battles are taken into account.

2. Dance Central: Spotlight

Dance Central: Spotlight - A new game in the award-winning Dance Central series brings even more dancing fun. More dance compositions await you for every song, and the ability to take tracks from a large library allows you to individualize your own dance sessions in no way before. Dance Central Spotlight continues the series of dance games that require the presence of a Kinect joystick. As before, you are expected to repeat the dance movements shown on the screen. The more accurately you do them, the more points you will earn as a result. At the beginning, 10 songs are shown in the game, and the rest will need to be either taken or obtained from the past parts. Dance in time. Move to rhythmic beats and learn synchronously the dance moves collected from all 3 parts of the Dance Central game series. The soundtracks will amuse those who love to dance to the old hits of the past years, for example, such as "The Hustle", "Electric Slide" and "The Dougie", as well as the most advanced dancers, "rhythmic" to the very ultra-modern hits of today's season.

3. XD: Love Dance Music

XD: Love Dance Music (Music Man) - Chat and dance, dance and chat. In such a cycle, it’s easy to get lost, what should be done first, and what should be done second. For this reason, at first it is necessary to place values ​​on your own - whether you want to be the first among the best dancers in the world or whether you want to capture the sympathy of real people through social networks. To capture the initial lines of ratings, it will be necessary to practice at parties organized by real gamers. For a complete comparison of yourself with another ego, the game has a wide hero editor, as well as a large selection of clothes. In the XD: Love Dance Music universe, social media integration plays a significant role, allowing you to simply spend time with your comrades, wandering around a large seamless city, looking for the perfect place to express yourself in dance. But one can experience cooperating one with the second. Since the game is made online and for this reason the communication here can be endless. Meet, stroll along the boulevards of the magnificent city, admire its beauties, do not forget about dancing. You can do it where you want and when you want, alone or in the company of comrades, both newly acquired and old, tested by a period of time. But do not forget that walks are walks, and no one has yet canceled dance competitions. So try to allocate at least a couple of hours to practice dancing with all seriousness and without fail to take the favorite positions at the end of the event. It will introduce you to the world where music, technology and mysticism are intertwined. The main part of the gameplay comes down to dancing, which can be done using mini-games - various arrows, buttons and precise mouse clicks.

4. Para Pa: City of Dances

Para Pa: City of Dances is a virtual metropolis, which every user can become an inhabitant of. Together with the login and password, they give out the knowledge to dance! It will be required by anyone who is ready to download the game completely free of charge and forget their own bad attempts to impress someone on the dance floor. "Para Pa" is the occasion to start a new life and career. The main thing is to feel the pace and be ready for the tests, everything else will be done by the virtual protagonist. Headstand or smooth top break? Unhurried love steps or flickering hip-hop? The gamer's task is to just press the arrow buttons and be surprised at what his character can do. Virtual dances will help to relax and get an abundance of pleasure! While the word "character" does not mean anything. But it is worth starting to play, and he will immediately see certain and striking outlines before his eyes. You can choose the color of the hair and the shape of the chin, take the span of the shoulders or the girth of the chest, put on a serious tuxedo or a suit of a greenish elk. And then change everything with one click! The main interesting places of "Para Pa" are 10 dance floors and entertainment centers, in which a wide variety of music sounds. Specifically, the townspeople flock here to demonstrate themselves and look at the rest. Virtual dating is an essential part of the life of a large city. When the arrow buttons on the keyboards get hot, people stop dancing and start talking and playing. Our sunny metropolis is the best place for such fun. You can take someone by the ear and take them aside, you can carry them in your arms or kiss in front of everyone: romance is in the atmosphere! But be careful: in every large city there are brawlers, and for them we have prepared baseball bats, blows to the head and a terrible composition “to drag by the scruff of the neck”. Such things look especially beautiful in the performance of small brunettes.

5. Audition 2

Audition 2 - 15 different dance modes that allow you to make maximum changes in the gameplay, as well as a very interesting plot line and a formed system of social contact of heroes. Specialized intentionally for huge fans of music and dancing. It is possible to break away in absolutely all possible ways! It offers very luxurious nightclubs, the newest chatting acquaintances, crazy parties, shopping, various appearance changes and a nice pastime. The video game provides 1.5 10 dance modes, a role in the relay race and many other "chips". Your possibilities in this video game are endless, you can party the way you want! You have an amazing chance of visiting luxurious nightclubs, finding the newest buddies you can talk to via voice chat, going to crazy parties, doing prestigious shopping, changing your appearance and just having a nice time, getting an abundance of pleasure! The video game provides 15 dance modes, so it will not be difficult to realize your own dance reserve. Make yourself a unique style, take part in the relay race, be aware of all the latest fashion trends and set your own! The video game is completely royalty-free, working with the current 3D graphics calculation, a permanent addition to the track list, consisting of global dance music bestsellers.

6. Dance! It's Your Stage

Dance! It's Your Stage - A dance simulator where you take part in various competitions. You can dance wherever you please - as long as there is music. But Dance! It's your Stage will turn your room into a real club dance floor with lighting effects, multicolor lights and a strong cheerleader. The game does not stop the foundations established by the most widespread dance attraction and takes the virtual disco to an excellent new level of the newest generation. The game, released both on consoles and on individual computers, blows up the brains of dancers and simply connoisseurs to revel in the absolute coil. The controls are quite simple and casual, especially if there is a special accessory and a dance track. But because not every user has this adaptation, the creators provided a blunder here too, and simply adapted the toy for PC and consoles. Learning to dance has become much easier and more joyful. Repeat the moves and match the pace of the music - all it takes to be a great dancer. An abundance of dance types from oriental motifs to hot Spanish movements. The game is justified by its own peculiarity and uniqueness in the economic market of the gaming industry. Game game picture made in a fascinating, simple genre for the eyes, so you can play this game for hours without stopping.

7. Club Dance Party VR

Club Dance Party VR - Dance simulator for virtual reality that will help you relax after a busy day. Using a VR headset, plunge into the colorful world of club music, dancing to its dynamic rhythms. If you're looking for a way to relax in virtual reality (V), then you might be interested in taking a look at Club Dance Party VR from developer Studio Odin. This fully immersive, 360-degree rhythm action will let players dance to the best club beats to win and have tons of fun in the virtual club. Dance in time with the music and score points. Get ready to use all the motions as you raise your hands, step to the beat and lose yourself in a realistic club experience. Users will also be able to experience the thrill of this title with a digital partner who can join in "couple dances" or just keep you company on the dance floor while you tear it up to flashing lights and beats.

8. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme - You'll be moving more than just your feet in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, which includes new songs, game modes, and EyeToy functionality. Now you can become physically part of the game with the EyeToy, which challenges players to use both hands and feet in more intense dance action. Choose songs from a variety of artists and genres, and complete dance challenges in one or two players. The great dance party is back with amazing hit songs, unique modes and more features than ever before. Get ready to shake your ditch thang with Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME. Over 100 minutes of energetic dance music and new EyeToy USB Camera support will keep the dance floor dancing all night long. New songs and popular hits from BT, Duran Duran and more! The new modes will appeal to everyone from beginners to dancers. A special "Workout" mode allows you to track the calories you burn. With multiple game modes including missions, editing, oni, and turned out, you can dance to the beat of the music while watching videos. In Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2, new songs are waiting for you, with a total of 74 24 available and 50 to be unlocked.

9. High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE - Dance Simulator. In this part of the game, you can play as the heroes you like: Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, Taylor, Kelsi and Zeke, or make a unique Wildcat. Allows fans to feel the energy, high spirits and music of all 3 High School Musical movies. Gamers can dance to the tempo of their favorite "High School Musical" songs in familiar parts of the movie, along with their own favorite characters. Featuring the latest music from the series' first theatrical release, High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE will continue Wildcat's high spirits. Gamers can unlock the latest songs, characters, clothes, and gadgets. A company of 6 not bad comrades decided to make the final school year memorable! Connect with the characters of the most popular Disney musical and dance with them! Choose your hero (Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Ryan, Taylor) or make your own and start dancing! In the video game world, everything that you saw in the famous High School Musical trilogy is completely open! Attend East High School, listen to songs from all 3 movies and dance to them. Try your hand at team and adversarial co-op modes.

10. Just Dance

Just Dance - a game in the disco genre, dance until you drop by yourself or with your family. A very joyful game for connoisseurs of fun to spend time with good music. From new bestsellers to classics. Dance to over 40 of the latest tracks, including Lean On from Major Lazer Ft. MO & DJ Snake, Sorry by Justin Bieber, Cheap Thrills by Sia Ft. Sean Paul and more. The Just Dance Controller app tracks your own moves and scores them! Watch videos from Just Dance TV. You'll get over 200 tracks on the Just Dance Unlimited streaming service and unparalleled media content all year round. If you liked the casual game Just Dance 2017, then you can download it via torrent on our portal at great speed. You will feel like a real professional in dancing. "Just Dance 2017" game is created in arcade style, and its gameplay is the implementation of dancing movements on the screen by the characters. There are a large number of exciting options here, and despite its own unusualness, the application is quite popular among the players and even has its own charm. This is why dancing is a special part of culture that allows a person to formulate his own feelings by moving the body to a musical beat, while it is not necessary to be able to sing or possess other talents. In addition, specifically dances connect different people, making a connection between them and allowing you to make relationships.

11. Winx Club 3: Magic Dances

Winx Club 3: Magic Dances - The protagonist will find out about the following, that her dad is obliged to receive an award for her own symphony, and therefore she needs to throw her girlfriends to be at the event. It is impossible to leave dad alone, because he needs support for his daughter. And so you are invited to help act as a dancer, before choosing your outfit and color. It will be interesting to watch how the girls dance, and due to the prompt pressing of the buttons, you can pass the level. This is evident on Guitar Hero where the player is required to press specific buttons to hit the notes. It is exactly the same here, only the control is performed by the arrows, and you need to be vigilant in order to pay attention to the picture that has arisen in time. In this case, your character will help the girls cope with the concert at the party, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Beautiful and incendiary movements will force the audience to rejoice, then all the high spirits will turn out well, it's a pity only the Muse can't be here, but you can also understand what's what. For lovers of exquisite dance "pas", the creators of Karkusha Studios have made the game Winx club: Magic dances.

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Top 10 iPhone and Android apps for learning dance • Oki Doki

When it comes to learning dance, you first need to be a little patient. Once your body becomes flexible, you will be able to pinpoint the timings and feel the rhythm. So, try stretching for a few days, and then download the apps that I will discuss below and master a variety of dances.

1. Just Dance Now

"Just Dance Now" deserves to be the best as a cool dance learning app for Android and iOS. The app has an extensive catalog of over 500 hits, and it has enough variety to keep you moving at your own pace. Just in case you want to have a slightly personal experience, you can create your own playlist to quickly access the songs that captivate you.

One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to run a dance party with up to 1000 players, which is not only a lot of fun but also greatly improves your skills.

Windows programs, mobile applications, games - EVERYTHING is FREE, in our closed telegram channel - Subscribe :)

Just Dance Now can also work as a convenient fitness application, helping you strengthen your muscles. You can check your total calories burned in Just Dance Now right from your dashboard to keep track of your progress, as well as find out how much you still need to lose to get the body you want.

Install: IOS and Android (Free in-app purchases available)

‎Just Dance Now

Developer: Ubisoft

Price: Free +

Just Dance Now

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Price: Free

2. Salsa Rhythm

Probably the best part of this app is the ability to practice dancing at your own pace, which plays a vital role in providing a personalized experience. In addition, you can combine tools and choose their templates to your liking.

Another notable feature of this application is a good collection of tools. If you are a professional dancer, you will find this application very useful as it can help you to take dance lessons and control them easily.

Install: IOS and Android ($1.99)

‎Salsa Rhythm

Developer: District One Mobile, LLC

Price: 179.00 RUB

Salsa Rhythm

Developer: CodeMagic LTD

Price: 149.00 RUB

3. Steezy Studio

Steezy Studio is a one-stop platform for passionate dancers. What makes this app stand out is the growing collection of fully structured classes with step by step instructors. Thus, understanding the movements and techniques will be quite easy for you. Besides being very useful for beginning dancers, the app can also be interesting for professional choreographers.

You can also download lessons to dance without pauses due to poor internet connection. It's worth noting that Steezy Studio offers a limited free trial. After a month, you will need to purchase a subscription ($19.99/month) to unlock all lessons.

Installation: IOS and Android (Free trial for one week, then $19.99/month).

‎STEEZY - Learn How To Dance

Developer: STEEZY

Price: Free +

STEEZY - Learn How To Dance

Developer: STEEZY

Price: Free

4. Pocket Salsa

The application has over 120 video dance lessons led by experienced dancers. It is designed to teach every subtle nuance of the dance.

The app also allows you to check out amazing dance combinations by watching the best dancers from social networks. So that your dancing doesn't stop due to interruptions in the Internet connection, you can download all your favorite videos.

Installation: IOS and Android ($9.99)

‎Pocket Salsa

Developer: addicted2salsa LLC

Price: $899. 00 +

Pocket Salsa Basics

Developer: Modernistik

Price: Free

5. Hip Hop Dance Workout

For all hip hop lovers who want to get a good grip on the hip hop moves and improve their fitness at the same time, the Hip Hop Dance Workout promises to be a pretty good choice.

The application contains more than 60 dance steps from basic to advanced and can be useful both for those who have just started learning dance, and for those who are trying to perfect each step. Some of the dance moves that caught my attention are the hip hop robot dance, break dance work, and top rock break dance.

Installation: Android (Free in-app purchases available) Hazard Studio

Price: Free

6. Dance Fit Studio Lite

How about mastering the amazing steps of several dance forms? "Dance Fit Studio Lite" may appeal to those who are looking for a dance training and fitness app. With this app, you can practice dance steps, hip hop, yoga, cheerleading, Bollywood style dancing, Hollywood style dancing and more.

With an ever-growing library of video tutorials at your fingertips, you can watch videos and practice to perfect every step. In the future, the application will not only improve your dancing skills, but also make you stronger and stronger.

Installation: IOS and Android (Free in-app purchases available)

Dance Fit Studio Lite

Developer: Mobile App Company Limited

Price: Free +

Dance Fitness Studio

Developer: Diet Express1

Price: Free

7. Dancy

Dancy makes it easy to master over 120 cool dance steps. By dividing the dance steps and movements into musical genres such as jazz, belly dancing, breakdancing, samba, salsa, etc., the application makes it a little easier for you to learn how to dance. Plus, it has three 3D models that perform different dance steps, so you can follow the models and practice each step with absolute precision.

With in-app purchases, you can unlock more models if you want to go deeper. What I found interesting about this app is the collection of 10 different music dance tracks that are designed to teach different dance moves.

Install: IOS (Free in-app purchases available)

‎Dancy : Learn 100+ Dance Steps

Developer: Yogesh Chhawasaria

Price: Free +

8. Dance Now: Enjoy and Learn

Learning to dance becomes a joy when you have the right guide and of course clear instructions. With the Dance Now app, you can follow some of the best dancers in the world. This way, finding ways to strengthen your dancing skills will become easier. The application consists of a wide collection of tutorials designed for both beginner dancers and those who are already at the professional levels.

But please note that the free version of this dance learning app has many limitations. And if you want to unlock all tips, you will need to pay $9.99 / month.

Install: IOS (Free in-app purchases available)

‎Dance Now: Step by Step

Developer: Volha Kaziura

Price: Free

9. Danssup

Danssup is a kind of all-in-one platform where you can explore tons of dance videos and learn a lot by watching amazing performances of famous dancers. What's more, you also have the option to upload videos to showcase your skills or share tips with dance lovers. Since the app also offers a monetization feature, your own workshop can help you earn a few dollars.

Installation: IOS and Android (Free in-app purchases available)

‎Danssup-Global Dance Community

Developer: Bhaskar Bhardwaj

Price: Free +

Danssup: Global Dance Platform

Developer: Danssup Inc.

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