How to dance on pubg mobile

How to Dance in PUBG Mobile

How to Dance in PUBG Mobile! This article will teach you how to dance and add new emotes to PUBG Mobile. When it comes to making your character dance in the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds mobile app, these are the best steps to take:

PUBG Emotes have arrived on Xbox and PS4, having previously appeared on both the live and test servers on PC. Here, we’ll go over the entire PUBG Emotes list, as well as explain how to use emotes in PUBG now that they’re all live in the game.

How to Use Emotes in PUBG on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

To bring up the wheel on the Xbox One, press LB and RB simultaneously. To bring up the wheel on PS4, press L1 and R1 simultaneously. When the menu appears, simply point your mouse (or right analog stick) in the direction of the dial and click when the emote you want to use is highlighted.

It’s thankfully nice and simple, and thanks to its implementation as a wheel, you can use all of the Emotes while keeping your hands on the mouse. To bring up the wheel on Xbox One, press LB and RB at the same time. To bring up the wheel on the PS4, press L1 and R1 at the same time. Simply point your mouse (or right analog stick) in the direction of the dial and click when the emote you want to use is highlighted. Alternatively, on PC, all of the Emotes are numbered, so you can simply press a number to avoid having to move your mouse.

Emotes can’t be used to change perspective, peek around corners in first-person mode, or do anything else – they’re purely cosmetic and, thankfully, have no effect on gameplay.

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How to Perform a Dance

1) Dancing is simple: when you’re in the game, tap the smiley icon at the top of the screen (next to report).

2) To make your character dance, tap on one of the four emoticons. You have four options at the start: wave, kiss, clap your hands or silence the audience.

How to Include New Moves

1) It’s as simple as that: Your RP (Royale Pass) ranking must rise. You can improve your pass by playing frequently or by purchasing your RP rank.

2) At the following level, you can unlock new Dance in PUBG Mobile and emotes:

Swaying’ away move (RP 15) (Elite Royale Pass)

RP40: Dismantling (Free Royale Pass)

Wedding Crasher (RP85) (Elite Royale Pass)

List of PUBG Emotes

The emote system, which was introduced in the PC 1.0 version #7 update, is a new way of communicating with your fellow survivors that do not involve voice chatting. Currently, there are 12 emotes to choose from. The emote wheel can be accessed by pressing the [‘] key in-game (above the Tab button). In PUBG, there are twelve Emotes, numbered from 0 to 9, with the final two tagged to the + and – symbols. Here’s a rundown of each of them:

  • Wave
  • Thank You
  • Nod Head
  • Clap
  • Laugh
  • Surrender
  • Angry
  • Threaten
  • Shake Head
  • Taunt
  • Come Here
  • Point

How do I unlock all of the PUBG emotes?

Simply go to Inventory and remove all unnecessary items to obtain some Free Silver Fragments. You’re still out of Silver Fragments to try this other trick, but you can still unlock PUBG mobile emotes for free. Go to the SHOP, then to the BP Shop; you should now see a Silver Fragment symbol.

How do PUBG emotes get created?

These are captured using motion capture, with a person wearing sensors performing the Dance in PUBG Mobile. These motions are then transferred to the characters in the game. It may appear strange when viewed side by side, but that is the reality.

How do I get my hands on old PUBG emotes?

In the PUBG game, there are two ways to obtain emotes. They can be purchased in the game store for UC. Emotes can also be obtained by regularly playing the game and completing the Royale Pass missions (both daily and weekly). Completing the challenges raises your RP rank, which unlocks new emotes in the past.

BGMI has how many emotes?

Every player is given three emotes by default (Hello emote, Flying Kiss Emote, and Clapping Emote), which can be used in both the game and the lobby.

How do you get free PUBG mobile emotes?

To redeem all Royale Pass rewards, however, one must purchase the Elite or Elite Plus Royale Pass, which costs between 600 and 1800 UC. The majority of the time, players receive free emotes in the Elite Royale Pass by reaching a specific rank, such as rank 15 or rank 50. It is one of the most effective methods for obtaining free emotes.

What exactly is PUBG greet?

The game includes a plethora of emotes that players can obtain in a variety of ways, including purchasing them directly from the in-game shop or obtaining them through the Royale Pass. The ‘greet’ emote is one of the emotes that players receive by default in PUBG Mobile.

How To Emote On PC, Consoles, & Mobile

By Raza Malik

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Players have the option to select various emotes in PUBG. Here's how to access them on consoles, mobile devices, and PC.

PUBG is one of the most straightforward battle royale games in the genre, incorporating very simple mechanics. Players can easily learn what PUBG is and what it has to offer. On top of that, playing PUBG with friends is much better because things open for players and become much more exciting since PUBG can have those "on-the-edge-of-your-seat" moments. Having a squad around for those moments makes them more manageable too.

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What makes PUBG so fun to play is that fans can personalize a lot of aspects of the game. This is compelling because if fans are playing within a squad, players can bring their own flair to it and make it much more personable. Since PUBG is a game that emphasizes personality and communication, the best way to convey those things is using emotes, a mechanic that allows players to dance, or do gestures that can channel those things in a manner better than simply talking. It also makes for some pretty funny moments during the matches.

4/4 How To Emote On PC

Emoting on a PC is rather simple granted players know where to go. Doing them is also fluid since the mouse and keyboard set up most PCs will have allows them to access the menu and even customize them. Accessing the emote menu is downright easy in PUBG. First, players on PC must hit the ~ key, which is located right under the Escape key and above the Tab key on the left-hand side of the keyboard.

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From there, a circular menu should appear with twelve emotes which can be changed in PUBG's main menu. Then, players can select the emote by either clicking it or by pressing the number key the emote is assigned to, which starts from 1 all the way to the plus sign beside the Backspace key. This is probably a little more cumbersome for players to get to the emote menu out of all the platforms, however, like the other platforms, players should use the emotes sparingly because an enemy player could be nearby and ready to move on players.

3/4 How To Emote On Mobile

PUBG and PUBG: New State have a lot in common in the form of gameplay elements, but also have some things that set the two versions apart, which include how players access the menu of the emotes. PUBG: New State is quite simple. Since fans are playing on a mobile device, emotes can potentially be done quicker compared to other platforms, such as the PC.

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To use emotes in PUBG: New State,players should press and hold the Emote button, which is located on the right-hand side of the screen. After that, a circular menu showing all the emotes that players have will appear and players can do the emotes by simply pressing them. For PUBG: New State players, the emotes just don't stop at the default ones. The game offers a bunch of free ones as well, which players can showcase to personalize their setup. Doing emotes in PUBG: New State is as simple as it gets because, unlike the other platforms, they can be accessed on the screen fairly quickly.

2/4 How To Emote On Console

On both the Playstation and Xbox doing the emotes is also easy, but because players are using a controller, it may be a little slower. When players use the emote they should do it in a safe area free from enemies. The emote mechanic on both consoles are basically the same thing since they operate the same way.

First, players who play PUBG on consoles need to hit the bumpers at the same time on their controllers, so LB and RB on Xboxand L1 and R1 on Playstationconsoles, then the action wheel will pop up. From there, players can use the right stick on their controller to select whichever emote they'd like to use.

Since there are two pages on the action wheel, players can use the D-Pad on their controllers to scroll, which makes it somewhat easier. However, unlike the other platforms, it's not as streamlined, which means players should use the emotes from the safety of a location and that players know for sure the surrounding area has no enemies lurking about.

1/4 Changing Emotes

PUBG features twenty-one emotes and can only have sixteen equipped at once, so players can swap theirs if they find a better one. Doing this is pretty simple and the same on all platforms. Players should head over to the "Customize" menu which is located in the pre-game lobby. Once players are there, fans should look for the "Emotes and Spray" tab. From there, players will see a grid of all the emotes they have either unlocked or have as defaults on the left, and the action wheel with emotes they have equipped will be on the right.

This menu will allow players to change, add, or take out emotes at a whim, and as more emotes become available to players, the menu and options become more extensive. This is a good way for players to keep things fresh and entertaining.

PUBG is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Android, iOS, and Stadia.

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earn points, activate dances and gestures

Due to the constant updates and modernization of the game, developers simply cannot ignore the current trends and desires of their players.

Emotes have appeared in PUBG for a long time, but not all players (even the most active ones) know about them.

This is quite a fun and funny feature that allows you not only to dilute violent skirmishes with a second of humor, but also to interact within the team and with other players without the use of chat and voice.

Emotions allow you to diversify the gameplay and optimize communication with other players.

Avid gamers have come across this feature many times in Counter-Strike and GTA V, so the feature should be extremely familiar.

Initially, emotes were created for faster interaction between players from different countries.

Of course, English is a universal language, but while you remember and formulate what you want to convey to your colleague, time will be lost.

By activating emotions, you can communicate basic commands to your team, thus creating a quick and effective communication strategy.

The spectrum of emotions is massive. The developers did their best and still do not forget to add them.

To unlock new emotes, you need to complete tasks in the Royale Pass to earn points. This will allow you to strive not only to increase the level, but also to receive pleasant bonuses.

So, to activate already earned emotions, you need to activate the corresponding function:

  1. Open the game settings and go to the "Management" item;
  2. Scroll down about 2/3 of the page;
  3. The "Emotes" item will be just before the "Sound" section.

You can manually assign a key to open the window in match mode.

Each platform has its own way to open the emotion console.

By default it can be defined as "tilde" or "Tab" (on PC version). If you are playing through the emulator - the F4 key. For mobile platforms, it is enough to tap and hold your finger for 1.5 - 2 seconds, after which a window with emotions will appear.

You can use emotions at your own discretion:

  • Have fun before boarding the plane;
  • Use emotions to communicate with team and opponents;
  • Taunt a defeated opponent (if you are very fond of sarcasm).

The use of emotions is limited only by your imagination. Turn them on when you feel like it and watch the players who also use them to dilute the survival process.

How to open dancing in pubg mobile

All new features, as you know, come with updates. First of all, this concerns the mobile platform and Pubg Mobile gamers.

Currently, players can get new skins, emotes and avatars for completing tasks in the Royale Pass mode.

The new competitive season attracts not only current players, but also those who are just starting to get acquainted with mobile online games.

Complete tasks in the Royale Pass and get points.

And for good reason, because the developers offer a lot of bonuses for completing a variety of tasks and a set of reward points.

It's no wonder that Pubg Mobile is a leader in more than 105 countries around the world and is installed on almost every third modern smartphone!

The latest update, released on November 9, "Royale Pass 10", did not bring major changes to the game itself, but seriously updated the rewards section.

The system remains the same: you complete missions, earn points and upgrade your level, receiving various useful rewards for this.

Even in the free version of the Royale Pass, you can get quite good rewards for completing tasks!

We would like to point out that the donation in this game does not affect the gameplay in any way. This is a fairly rare occurrence that plays into the hands of developers.

Emotes and dances are available as you get points and levels.

All purchases (not only for completing tasks, but also for real money) are more of a visual nature.

Complete daily and weekly Royale Pass missions and increase your rating. Completed the specified number of tasks per week - get additional boxes.

The reward mode allows you not only to have colorful battles, but also to modify your character without spending your own money.

How to get emotes in PUBG Mobile for free [Promo codes]

PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile game (200+ million users), where one hundred players fight each other on the map in real time. The main task is to be the only survivor (when the match ends).

What are the emotes in PUBG Mobile
How to get emotes
How to enable emotes
How to use emotes in PUBG
Promo codes: emotes with activation code

communications. It is impossible to imagine multiplayer games without self-expression. PUBG Mobile is an action game that can bring real emotions. But how to demonstrate them to other players? How to show how you really feel?

The developers of PUBG Mobile have thought of everything! Cool emotions (animations) have been added to the game. And the players naturally want to get them! But not everyone succeeds. Time goes by, but many are still wondering how to open new emotions in PUBG.

What are the emotions in PUBG Mobile

There are a lot of emotions in PUBG Mobile, but they can be divided into main groups:

  • dancing,
  • mythical,
  • rare.

Dancing - an opportunity to diversify the gameplay or mock the enemy who fell in battle.

Mythic and rare emotes may not be available to every player. But how to open the maximum from what is available? How to get emotes in PUBG Mobile for free? Read the article to find out more!

Gestures can make communication easier for many players. If you are used to getting into the role as much as possible, this kind of emotion can affect the course of the battle. However, you can still use gestures in any appropriate situation. If you don't know what some emotions look like, you can check out the themed videos.

Perhaps the next update will bring even more features to the game. And someone will even manage to get another skin! The set is constantly changing, and you just need to keep up with getting new features and items.

How to get emotes

If you play Royale Pass missions regularly, getting emotes won't be much of a problem. You need to constantly increase the level of RP. After that, achievements will be available to you, including emotions.

But to purchase the Elite Royale Pass, you need real investments in the game. If you want to get the most out of the game, you will have to regularly invest in the purchase of battle passes. It is the completion of Elite Royale Pass tasks that is the most inaccessible, but the easiest way to get the maximum number of interesting emotions.

But how to buy emotions? If you are not used to spending a lot of time on getting numerous rewards, you can simply turn to the in-game store. You will need enough Silver (which is a currency that can be obtained for free) to purchase the desired emotes. If silver is not enough, refer to opening the boxes.

How to get emotes in PUBG Mobile for free

Promo codes are the easiest way to unlock a limited set of items. Asking how to get emotes in PUBG Mobile for free, the player wants to open everything at once. You won't be able to get all the emotes (which is what the player who decides to download PUBG Mobile really wants), but some will be available. Codes for emotions in PUBG Mobile can be found below.

If you still have silver, go to the Shop section.

You can complete tasks in the free version of the Royale Pass. There is also a reward for this. Real freebie!

How to buy emotions

New experiences start with the Elite Royale Pass. The start of the new season becomes a real holiday! By completing tasks, playing regularly, you can unlock a maximum of useful and unique emotions. However, this method is quite labor intensive. And here you can not do without a sufficient amount of UC!

If you do not want to receive elite rewards, you can limit yourself to the free version of the Royale Pass. But it is the premium prizes that have the most value.

When there is not enough silver to buy emotes in the PUBG Mobile in-game store, you can exchange another currency. This method is suitable for those who want to acquire one or two emotes that players will use constantly.

How to enable emotions

There can be 12 active emotions available in the wheel. But what if you have discovered more? How to use certain emotions?

To do this, you will need to go to the Inventory tab . You will see a full list of available emotions. Next, you need to hold down the bright icon with the existing emotion and drag it to the left . So the action will be in the wheel of available.

How to use emotions in PUBG

If you have already received some emotions and turned them on in your inventory, to use them you need to select the emotion icon on the screen, after which a wheel will open where your gestures and emotions will be presented. Choose what you need right now!

Promotional codes: emotions with activation code

You can get a promotional code for emotions in PUBG Mobile directly from open sources.

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