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Even if you have two left feet.

By Carolyn Twersky


You have spent months picking out the perfect prom dress, styling that just-right hair style, and planning the most over the top promposal your school has ever seen. You are all ready to take prom and completely slay the night. Except, for one little have NO clue how to dance. You'll look absolutely gorgeous, but you'll be glued to the back of the room all night, too afraid to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Does that sounds like you? Then read on, because I'm about to teach you how to dance at prom, no matter what your skill level.

Before you start getting down, though, just remember that dancing is all about trust. So, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And before you start getting physical with someone of the dance floor, make sure they give their consent first and that everything is appropriate.

Milly Rock

If there's one dance everyone is going to be doing at prom, it's probably the Milly Rock. The dance may seem complicated, but once your break it down it's actually pretty easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Let's start with the arms. Starting with your right arm, keep your elbow close to your body and make a motion almost like you're patting yourself on your front left shoulder, but don't actually hit your shoulder.
  2. Then, do the same motion with your left arm to your right shoulder.
  3. When you go back to your right arm, start moving it to your left shoulder, but then stop, almost as if it's a fake out. Then, continue through with the motion. Let's call that move a double.
  4. You're going to continue with your arms in this pattern: right, left, double right, left, right, double left.
  5. While you're doing the arms, take the opposite leg of the arm you are using and lift your heel while tracing a small half circle with your toes. Then, when you switch arms, switch legs.
  6. On the doubles, you're going to do a kind of fake out with your feet where you start to lift your heel, but then you stop, before lowering it back down, lifting it back up and then completing the half circle.
  7. Put it all together and there you have it! You're doing the Milly Rock!

Find the Beat

Ok, finding the beat may seem super simple, but some people aren't musically inclined and can struggle to get into the rhythm. If this sounds like you, use these steps to help you find the beat, and the dancing will come a little more naturally.

  1. When you hear a song, start tapping your foot.
  2. Start counting: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
  3. While still tapping your foot and counting, start to clap every time you say 2: 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap.
  4. Stop tapping your foot and get your body into it a little more. And there you go, you've found the beat!


If you want to up your slow dance game, try the foxtrot. It's super easy, but it will totally impress your friends on the dance floor. To perfect the dance, just follow these steps:

  1. The leading partner should step forward two steps. Then, step to the left, and bring your feet together.
  2. Meanwhile the other partner starts on their left foot, and step backward twice while their partner is moving forward. Then, step to the right, and bring your feet together. So, both partners are doing mirrored motions.
  3. Now, for arms. The leading partner should have their right hand placed on their partner's back, while the following partner has their right hand on the other's shoulder. And then both partners extend their left arms and hold hands.
  4. Keeping your arms in position, repeat the feet movements over and over and you're foxtrotting!

    Slow Dance

    Slow dancing seems terrifying, but it's actually super easy. All you need is a partner and a slow song and then just follow these steps:

    1. Hand placement is completely up to you and your partner. In this video, the man has his right hand on his partner's back left shoulder, while she has her left hand on the top of his right shoulder and their other hands are holding at about waist length. Alternatively, you could do both hands around the neck with your partner's hands on your waist, vice versa, or really whatever feels comfortable.
    2. The important aspect of this move is the feet. As explained in the video, to master the slow dance, you need to master the step-touch. Basically you are stepping to the left with your left foot, then bringing your right foot to meet it, stepping to the right with your right foot and then bringing your left foot to meet it. Literally repeat this over and over and over again and...BAM! You're slow dancing! Make sure you step to the beat of the music and you'll be good to go.
    3. If you want to get really fancy (this isn't necessary) you guys can start going in circles together. To do this, simply step at an angle instead of in a straight line. Lead your partner or be lead and you'll be moving magically in a circle!


      The 2-step is the perfect dance move because it's so simple and works with a huge range of songs. Once you've mastered the simple move, you can add your own flair to spice it up any way you want.

      1. Good news! You're doing the exact same foot movements that you do when slow dancing! Meaning, step to the left with your left foot and then step with your right, bringing your feet together. Then, step to the right and bring your feet together. Keep your knees loose and then add whatever arm movements you want!

      Are you really feeling the music? Maybe getting down on the dance floor with your date? Here's how to dance with your partner, without getting too up close and personal.

      1. Stand with one partner in front of the other and bend your knees.
      2. Both partners start to move their waists in a circular motion.
      3. One of you can move to the left, one can move to the right, or you can move together.
      4. There's no reason to touch, you can leave space between you two so it's school appropriate and you feel comfortable.

      Shoot Dance

      You've definitely seen everyone dancing like this (even your Fortnite character), so you'll prob see it on the dance floor at prom.

      1. Bend your left leg and lift it back.
      2. Jump on your right leg and kick your left leg forward.
      3. Continue to kick your leg back and forth while you jump.
      4. Now, it's time for arms, hold them down and while you're kicking your leg, move the arms back and forth with the leg.
      5. Then, after four pumps, take your left arm and raise it above your head. Pump your arm forward four times as you kick you leg. Then, switch back to having your arms pumping by your legs!
      6. Keep going, switching between arms, until you tire out.

      If you have never heard of the floss, where have you been? If you don't know how to floss, that's more understandable, because it's a little difficult.

      1. Take your hands and hold them straight down, forming them into fists.
      2. Pretend like your holding a stick in your hands that is about waist length. Then, pretend like you're breaking that stick by bringing it against your hip.
      3. Bring your hands (still in the stick-holding formation) all the way back, and then back up, so they are parallel to the floor.
      4. Shift your hips to the other side and "break the stick" on your other hip.
      5. Pull your arms back up and parallel to the floor and then continue over and over and over again!

      Fun Dancing

      Basically, you can dance however you want, as long as you're having fun. Here's a video that shows off ten different dance moves that will stun on the dance floor.

      Carolyn Twersky Associate Editor Carolyn Twersky is an associate editor for Seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, trends, and health.

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      How to Slow Dance at Wedding or Prom- 6 Easy Steps (with Video Instruction) — Duet Dance Studio Chicago

      Ever wonder how to dance when a slow song comes on at a wedding or a prom? Slow dancing is an important skill to know whether you are attending a wedding, prom or social event where there is music and social dancing. Slow dancing isn't too difficult to master as long as you know the basics and practice often. Impress your date at your next event with these 6 easy slow dance steps! And if you’d like to learn more dance moves, make sure check out our Online Dance Programs!

      1. Escort your Partner Gracefully

      Ask your partner politely by saying "would you like to dance?" or "shall we?" If he or she says yes, hold your partner's hand and escort him/her to the dance floor. Find a good spot on the dance floor where it isn't too crowded and start dancing. It's that simple. But if you'd like to spice it up a little, check out this video for a fancy way to get on to the dance floor. 

      2. Dance Position 

      It's important to start your dance with a good dance position, which allows you to lead or follow your partner better. 

      Leader —­ Place your right hand behind your partner’s left shoulder blade (cupping the shoulder blade). Make sure your right elbow is up and your elbow bone should be pointed out to your right side.

      Follower — Wrap your left arm around your partner’s lifted arm and place your hand around his/her biceps.

      Both of you can now bring the other arm up and clasp your hands together. Your elbows should be relaxed and pointed down slightly.

      3. Listen to Music and Find the Beat

      Before you start dancing, listen to the song, find the beat and then sway (shift your weight from one foot to another) to the beat of the song. The tempo of the song determines how fast or how slow you move. Watch this video and learn how to dance to the beat.

      4. Basic Step

      The basic step shown in the video below is perfect for beginners. It is simple to do and work great with a lot of slow dance songs. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature. And when you lead this step, make sure to do this confidently so that your partner can follow you.

      5. Spice it Up with a Turn

      Once your partner feels comfortable dancing with you, it's a great idea to spice up your dance with a turn or two. Surprise your partner with this fun turn below!

      6. End with a Dip

      No dance is complete without an impressive dip. It is like the icing on a cake! Depending how comfortable or experienced your partner is with social dancing, you may want to adjust how low you dip your partner. If you weren't sure how comfortable your partner feels about being dipped, ask for permission first. Watch this video to learn how to dip your partner safely and confidently. 

      What is your go-to slow dance move? Please comment below.

      Want to learn more? Sign up for our complete online dance program now!

      Online Dance Lessons

      Duet Dance Studio is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. Our physical studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance instruction and private dance parties. Online Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!

      Szewai LeeComment


      Dancing for graduation Internet edition "Elements of Dance"

      For some, this moment is piercingly sad, someone is looking forward to it, but prom is always a responsible event, and sooner or later it happens in everyone's life. In addition to the fact that it provides the last opportunity to get together for all those who have studied for many years, changed, grew up side by side, it is also a kind of symbol - a kind of ritual of initiation into adulthood. And wherever graduation takes place - at a school or other educational institution, it is associated with overcoming a certain stage, with entering a new road. Therefore, it requires a special atmosphere, in the creation of which one of the main roles is assigned to dance.

      Traditionally, a waltz is an integral attribute of the graduation ball - the anthem of youth, a dance of nostalgia. Preparation for it begins long before the event, because the last school dance is also an exam, spectacular and unforgettable. True, unlike ordinary school tests, this one should bring only joy, and not turn into a kind of dance tournament. Therefore, there is no need to master the waltz thoroughly, worrying: what if I can’t cope, what if I step on my partner’s foot, lose the rhythm? Yes, everything is possible, but the most important thing is not the external embodiment of your dance, but its internal content. The emotional component, the right attitude in this case is much more important than the possession of the technical side.

      However, this does not exempt anyone from the need to learn the basics of the waltz. And therefore - rehearsals and rehearsals again. It is better to conduct them together with a partner, with whom parents, teachers, and friends will soon demonstrate the dance. So it is much easier to establish the necessary relationship: for example, you will find out what his weaknesses are, what moments in the dance are given to him with difficulty, and which, on the contrary, can be considered successful.

      There are cases when preparation for the last school waltz, joint rehearsals suddenly brought a guy and a girl so close, who studied together for a whole dozen years and did not look at each other except at classmates, that suddenly, suddenly, in this waltz, that feeling flared up that called first love.

      What to wear?

      Maximum attention should be paid to the choice of dance attire. This is especially true for girls. The dress chosen for the prom is not always the right dance costume. In addition, it is almost impossible to move briskly on high heels and at the same time not experience discomfort during the waltz. If you don’t want to purchase a separate outfit for the dance part of the evening, think in advance about which dress you will feel free and comfortable in during the entire event, because you should have pleasant memories for a lifetime, and not stories about what kind of torment had to overcome in the name of dance. Therefore, it is useful to test the chosen dress at home by trying to dance in it. And as for shoes, if you don't want to give up high heels, take a pair of more comfortable shoes with you - every girl will have these.

      And finally, be prepared for the fact that not always everything works out perfectly. Even if something does not turn out the way you would like, and the waltz stubbornly defies domestication, remember: tonight is your evening, your holiday - be beautiful on it, smile and shine.

      How to learn to dance the waltz?

      Undoubtedly, in general rehearsals you will work under the strict guidance of a mentor, but it will not hurt to experiment at home too. Experienced dancers recommend building a dance strategy in this way: mentally depicting a square, go around its sides counterclockwise in three counts, while stepping forward on the right foot, and backward on the left. Each side includes one large step and two small ones. Do not forget to turn clockwise in the process - also in three counts.

      The graduation waltz is perhaps the most exciting part of the gala evening. It may not be easy for everyone, but it is with him that the main emotions are connected, it is he who will be remembered after many years - the dance of farewell and readiness for new meetings, the magic with which you will mentally return to youth more than once.

      A bold experiment

      However, time does not stand still, and in addition to the traditional waltz, today you can successfully diversify the graduation party and give it a bright note of fun and exclusivity, for example, with the help of graduation hustle or graduation salsa, in which the whole Class. Of course, the preparation of such a dance should take place over several months. But there will be enough fun, enthusiasm and mood for the whole holiday.

      Such performances are usually kept in the strictest confidence and presented as a surprise. The spectacular performance of several school couples will make a truly unforgettable impression for everyone, highlight your graduation from others and leave memories for years to come. And of course, a great video and photo in your graduation album!

      Alumni waltz: dance performance | About graduation RF

      Published 12/12/2020 author Tanya

      Alumni Waltz is one of the most beautiful, tender and memorable moments of the festive evening!

      Just imagine how beautiful you are the evening dress that you imagined in your dreams, spinning in a dance with with your partner, surrounded by friends to the mesmerizing music ... from one thought goosebumps run through the body about this exciting moment!

      Your parents, happy and proud, hold breath watch what is happening, and teachers are given memories of those wonderful years they dedicated to each student. Prom waltz becomes a special moment for each participant of the celebration.

      How to make this moment perfect? We want to give you some useful tips:

      • First of all, you need to decide where exactly dance performed. If the solemn part takes place within the walls of the school, and the banquet - within the walls of a restaurant or an event site, you should immediately choose the right location. This is very important, because the scale of the site and the amount of free space will directly affect the number of dancing couples. If the prom takes place in one locations from start to finish, it is worth visiting the site in advance and choosing the best place to dance.
      • After the time and place for the alumni waltz definitely worth understanding the number of dancing couples. Prom waltz should look like harmoniously and gracefully, so it is important to find the "golden mean": there should be no steam too much to avoid randomness and sloppiness, but not too small not to dissolve in a large amount of hall space.
      • Number determined? Then it's time to pair up! Trust between partners, mutual respect and the ability to listen is one of the main success factors and fascinating results! Sometimes girls have problems with finding a partner, because young people become confused and begin to doubt this idea. “I can’t dance”, “I hardly have it will be possible to remember all the movements”, “Look for someone else” - this is only part those phrases that you can hear or your girlfriends can hear, classmates. Do not give in to panic or put pressure on the potential partner! It is better to gently and delicately explain to him that most of the dancers also has no experience, so each pair will have to embark on an exciting learning process. In addition, it is worth encouraging a partner, expressing confidence in his success and promise to support him in every possible way in this undertakings! After that, he will definitely agree and enthusiastically begin to rehearsals!

      Now that there is a place, time and dancing couples for the graduation waltz, it's time to start looking for a choreographer!

      It may seem that a choreographer is waste of money, because you can handle it yourself. Lots of tutorials video on Youtube or classmates, who have been dancing since childhood, will surely perform this task no worse. But this is a very serious misconception!

      First, professional the choreographer has extensive experience in staging dances, so he will be able to find approach to couples of different levels of training, learning and talent. Having taken into attention of each graduate, he will be able to pick up movements that can be easily everyone will learn and confidently, gracefully and smoothly perform. In addition, movements all dancing couples must be synchronized. Graduates must merge into a single and beautiful picture that attracts admiring glances present. To coordinate such a number of dancers, it is necessary experience, knowledge and ability to competently manage the process, which just choreographer.

      Usually, no more than 12 lessons are required to prepare the graduation waltz. Most of the meetings with the choreographer are for staging the dance and take place in the format of weekly meetings of 2-3 lessons. Several classes remain in reserve for control rehearsals, which are best done a week or two before the cherished day. By dividing the amount voiced by the choreographer by the number of dancers, you will receive an extremely small amount that will pay for itself several times over!

      A little "life hack" that will make classes with a choreographer even more productive: be sure to record each video rehearsal. Try to set up the camera so that everyone is captured. dancing and get an overall picture of what is happening. Every couple can see your mistakes and hone your skills in your spare time. Implementation of such "homework" will help you learn the dance faster and feel confident at the prom!

      To avoid conflicts and fierce debate, invite your classmates to choose the best time for rehearsals by voting. Days and times chosen for preparation majority decision are non-negotiable, so those who disagree will have to adjust to the schedule.

      Place for rehearsals should be coordinated with the choreographer in advance. If the graduation waltz will be performed at an educational institution, it is better to rehearse at home. This will be a great opportunity to get used to the site and hone every move! If a restaurant becomes a dance venue, the rehearsal space must be of the same size. If there is such free space within the walls of the school, there is no need to change the location for rehearsals. If not, you should think about renting a hall from a dance studio.

      Now a little about the musical accompaniment! When choosing an appropriate song, it is worth considering not only the personal preferences and wishes of the dancers, but also the opinion of the choreographer. The song must match the tempo and style of the dance movements, so you should listen to the specialist and trust his choice.

      you the main secret of a beautiful graduation waltz. So that on day X your face shines with happiness, and your movements are light and beautiful, you just need to enjoy the experience! Shouldn't score your head with excitement, unnecessary doubts and fears, just let go of the situation and enjoy every rehearsal.

      Learn more