Noze how to dance

'Street Woman Fighter': NOZE's viral 'Hey Mama' dance is a hit with celebs

After NOZE performed to David Guetta's 'Hey Mama', various idols and actors performed the dance on social media

By Val M
Updated On : 08:17 PST, Oct 9, 2021

Way B's NOZE gives the internet a new viral dance challenge (@nozeworld/Instagram; Mnet TV/YouTube)


Fans of Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' have more and more to talk about lately. With Jessi announcing the release of her new music video 'Cold Blooded' that features six of the crews from the show, 'Street Woman Fighter' is turning into one of the most popular survival shows from 2021. After being called out by fans for its evil editing, the show is now making a name for itself as a dance performance from the show has gone viral.


The performance which went viral online for its choreography was one where Way B's Noze performed the David Guetta song 'Hey Mama.' Noh Jihye is a 26-year-old dancer who is better known as Noze, stylized as NO: ZE. She is a South Korean model, dancer, and member of the dance group Way B.



Jessi's 'Cold Blooded' music video to feature six crews from 'Street Woman Fighter'

Jay Park and Jo Kwon to appear as special guests in Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter'


Noze goes viral

2021 marks a breakout year for her as a dancer as Noze was first appreciated for her performance as she served as a background dancer in EXO's Kai's music video for the song 'Mmmh'; and then she was later seen in the music video for SHINee's Taemin last track, 'Advice'.


SHINee's Key was the most recent idol that featured Noze as a backup dancer in a live performance of his 2021 song 'Bad Love'.

As the show 'Street Woman Fighter' gets popular by the day, more and more idols and actors participated in the viral 'Hey Mama' dance challenge by trying their hand at Noze's stellar fun choreography. As the performance gained popularity, many idols performed it on different social networks like Tiktok, Instagram as well as in their live videos on VLive.


Celebs perform the #HeyMama challenge 

Popular idols like The Boyz's Q, Stray Kids' Hyunjin and Seungmin, TXT's Yeonjun, Cravity's Hyeongjun, Golden Child's Jangjun as well as former members of girl-groups including GFriend's Yuju and IZ*ONE's Hyewon were among the many South Korean celebrities who tried giving their own takes to the viral performance as they sang or danced to it while on live streams with fans.


Here are 10 of the many unique performances from celebrities who hit it out of the park as they performed their own versions of the challenge and posted them on social media. Note that these rankings are in no order of hierarchy but are listed for their own uniqueness.

Hanbin or B.I made the challenge his own as he posted it on TikTok.

Y'all Kim Hanbin joined the HeyMama challenge!! @shxx131bi131 #HANBIN #HeyMama

— 이든💎 ✌-☝️ (@edenindaeyo131) September 28, 2021



Seventeen's Seungkwan gave a new hanbok version to the dance as he performed it impromptu in front of fans.



'Squid Game' actor Wi Hajoon also participated in the challenge, and which was posted on Netflix Korea's official Instagram story.



Wonho took the challenge in his own way when he quickly performed during a live stream.



Ateez's Wooyoung performed the dance challenge for a fan who requested for it during an online fan meet.

wooyoung hey mama dance fancall noze ateez

— ً (@vroec) September 28, 2021



Ryujin from ITZY performed the challenge on SBS Radio's 'Watching Radio'

#ITZY #ryujin dancing
"Hey Mama"😭😭😭💞pic.

— COCOSA (@ITZY_COCOSA) September 28, 2021


Red Velvet's Wendy performed the challenge on the street as the paparazzi snapped pictures of her.



Former IZ*ONE member Choi Yena took the challenge as well.



TOI's Kyungho performed the 'Hey Mama' challenge featuring Noze herself.

noze and kyungho ate this #TO1경호

— 드라마 (@papapagima) October 4, 2021


Red Velvet's Selugi also posted her version of the challenge




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Dancer NO:ZE launches 'Dance With NO:ZE' NFT project to copyright choreography


Posted by Yaki-Jones Monday, July 4, 2022


Dancer NO:ZE launched 'Dance With NO:ZE' NFT project to copyright choreography. 

On July 1st, NO:ZE launched a new NFT project titled 'Dance With NO:ZE'. The project uses videos of NO:ZE which will be each encrypted in the blockchain. In a video revealed with the project's launch, NO:ZE explained, "Many choreographers have been working in an unstable environment. I hope this project could initiate the movement for choreography to be copyright protected." 


'Dance With NO:ZE' is currently preparing various plans to make choreography eligible for copyright protection.

15 16,898 Share 45% Upvoted


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90,000 KLE in primary school. Brakedance. From street dancing to a healthy lifestyle. Head Baderdinova R. Kh


Introduction 1

Chapter I. History of dance. 4-5

Chapter II. Exploring breakdancing as modern style 6-11

dance art

2.1 Questionnaire different age categories of the population in order to identify their awareness of breakdance and its meaning

2.2. Story the emergence of the breakdance style

2.3 Use special terminology in Breakdance classes

2.4. Main directions Breakdance

2.5 Than Is breakdancing useful?

Conclusion 12

Literature 13

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

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Absolutely one of the favorite hobbies of modern teenagers is the computer and Information Technology. Today there is not a single young person registered in the social network. We want to draw the attention of peers to such a hobby as break-dance classes.

Spiritual dances occupy a special place in the culture of mankind. Being one of the most ancient art forms, having appeared with the birth of mankind, dance has always inextricably linked to life. Already in the cave paintings created by several millennia ago, there are images of dancing people.

The society was changing - the dance art. In the middle of the 20th century, breakdancing appeared, which gradually won popularity among young people from different countries.. Break dance is the perfect hobby. On the one hand, it is dance, art, creativity. FROM the other side is sports. Breakdance is a multifaceted dance that complements hip-hop culture and combining the art of action with music.

It is necessary to introduce the guys to this kind of dance art that makes the body flexible, dexterous, improves health, allows the individual to feel confident and form harmoniously.

The purpose of this work is to popularize breakdance classes among peers, showing the advantages of this type of dance art.


- study the history of the origin and development of dance, identifying its main characteristics

questioning of different age categories of citizens on the subject of awareness and understanding the benefits of this dance direction

- introduce peers with the features of "Breakdance" and its influence on the development of spiritual and physical qualities of a person

The first chapter talks about history the emergence and development of dance over many centuries, is given characteristics of the dance.

Second chapter - analytical part work in which the analysis of the conducted survey is carried out different age category of citizens for awareness and understanding the benefits of this type of dance art among teenagers. Also in it the features and benefits of Braindance are described.

When writing this work were used various sources, both printed and online resources.


Chapter 1. History of dance.

History dance is one of the most interesting branches of the story of cultural - historical development of the peoples of the world. It is difficult to say when the dance originated as such. It would seem that these movements have always existed and only changed in different eras. We will try to trace how the history of the emergence of dance.

How did the ancient people dance? For primitive man dance was the main form of existence. At primitive tribes do not have a regulated dance technique, but a magnificent physical training allows the dancers to completely surrender to the dance and dance with absolute dedication, even to the point of frenzy.

Not in any historical era, not in any country of the world no one extolled the dance as much as the ancient Greeks, who saw in it "the unity of spiritual and bodily beauty" and considered the dance beautiful gift of the gods. It was believed that Apollo himself, the god of Art, wrote the first rules dance art. Postures and movements in the dance should be beautiful and harmonious, in addition, the dance should clearly express the mood, thoughts and feelings.

When riots broke out in Rome and the emperor afraid that an uprising might occur, he ordered three people to take to the streets of the city to thousands of dancers and dancers who, with their dances, pacified the riot crowds.

Medieval dance was still largely improvised action. The people loved round dances, but there were no stable dance rules. Dancing was an accepted form of courtship; their performers accompanied the dance with singing; the movements were the simplest

The attitude towards dance in Renaissance, when trade and industry begin to develop, grow cities, the beauty and mind of man are glorified, art flourishes. Dance again began to be valued on a par with painting and poetry.

In the second half of the 18th century. minuet bored public with its formalism and affectation. It's time for the waltz.

At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the waltz with its the age of classical ballet corresponded to the romantic mood. Main features of ballet art are the airiness of movements, fairy tales and stage design, clash of the ordinary and the supernatural, mixture reality and fiction.

20th century - more dynamic. Active in our moving, rhythmic dances, accompanying acrobatic tricks. Breakdancing is such a dance.

For many centuries the dance evolved and changed. But no matter how he changes, his dance steps are the origin of from the basic forms of human movement - walking, running, jumping, bouncing, jumps, slides, turns and swings. Combinations of similar movements gradually turned into the pas of traditional dances.

Main characteristics of the dance are the rhythm - relatively fast or relatively slow repetition and variation of basic movements; drawing - combination movements in the composition; dynamics - variation in scope and tension movements; technique - the degree of body control and skill in performing basic pas and positions. In many dances, gestures are also of great importance, especially hand movements.

Chapter II . Exploring breakdance as a modern dance style art

2.1. Questionnaire different age categories of the population in order to identify their awareness of breakdance and its meaning .

Before it was decided to conduct a survey among three age groups of the population:

The first category are children 10-11 years old, whose attention I want to draw to this type of dance art.

The second category of respondents - adults aged 30-40, active members of the working population

Third population group- retired adults (grandparents), people of another generation who take care of us.

The questionnaire contained the following questions:

1. Do you know about such a dance direction as "Breakdance"?

Results were the most unexpected. Most of the representatives of the first category population (87%), one hundred percent of the respondents of the second category of citizens have any ideas about such a dance direction as "Breakdance". More than half of the third category of citizens (64%) are also quite well informed. I must say that this was just a pleasant surprise.

2. What influence do you think this direction of dance has on the development physical and spiritual qualities?

Answering on this question, the most informed were representatives of the second categories of respondents (87%), the third group of respondents (57%) not in full represented the influence of dance on the development of physical qualities, projecting onto her health, but would shake the old one

3. Would you like to learn how to breakdance?

A little more than half of the respondents would like to learn how to breakdance. An unexpected result for us was the desire of the elder generations (54%) learn this type of dance than my peers (52%). Leading the position belongs to the second category of citizens (64%)

Conclusion : The study showed that most of the respondents more or less informed about such direction of dance art as brain dance, understands the developmental impact of this dance

physical and spiritual qualities.

2.2. Story origin of the breakdance style

Breakdance is dance direction of hip-hop culture.

Break started for the first time dancing in the streets in western New York in the early seventies. James Brown is considered to be the founder. The dance was a dance fight in which the dancers do not touch each other, staging fight. Keeping the rhythm and playing to the music is the main thing in the competition.

The legend reads as follows. American gangs from poor neighborhoods once decided not to find out relationship through weapons, but to do it more friendly through dance. They are gathered in a certain place, stood opposite each other and each queues went out and showed what he was capable of. In the end, the one who danced better he won.

Already at the beginning breakdancing was known in wide circles in the eighties, and was popular and respect.

Breakdance is a predominantly male dance, but there are also representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, ready show off your strength and agility on the dance floor. However, due to physical data the process of learning the elements for girls is much slower.

2.3 Use special terminology in the classes of Breakdance

The word breakdance comes from two English "break" - to break, destroy and "dance" - dance.

That is, literally, it can be translated as "broken dance"

By the way, "break dance" is not quite right title. It was invented by the media when they tried to describe hip-hop in the 70s culture. Saying "breakin' (breaking)" correctly

To distinguish between male and female dancers dancers-girls, announced: "B-boys" (eng. B-boys) and "B-girls"

Style - a unique style, manner of each b-boy.

Battles (from the English "battles").

2.4. Main directions breakdance

Breakdance is a dance that has grown into a whole culture and includes many of its own styles and elements.

Culture, art, dance, rotation, movement, extreme - terms describing breakdance.

Break includes four main directions. most popular are:

electric boogaloo - it is danced while standing and the movements resemble waves;

robot – which is similar to the movements of mechanical structures;

pop lock - including jumping and swinging the body;

lower break - all elements of which are performed on semi.

Almost all styles of breakdancing can be perfectly combined into one. So, every b-boy mixes what he wants. Any elements. And then he gets Style (Style)

Style is a unique style, manner of each b-boy.

Since ancient times, dancers competed with each other, challenging each other to battles

Battle consisted in the fact that each b-boy turns out and shows what he can do. Then with the help of refereeing the winner is revealed

Here are the ten commandments of dance competitions (battle)

-Don't sleep!

- Never show your entire "arsenal" movements

-Never make a movement that has not yet polished

- Do not use multiple exits at once

- Never repeat the movements of the enemy

- Less words, more focus

- It is not the movement that wins the battle, but the thought

- If this is a battle - let me know about it, influence to the unconscious!

- Do not keep your eyes under your feet

- Be able to accept your defeat.

Breakdancing is a dance that requires painstaking work. Mastering a new element, you understand that the break teaches yourself the main thing is self-confidence. Stop being afraid of difficulties. it not just a very spectacular dance, but a show that the possibilities human are limitless.

Breakdancing has many more advantages. When you perform certain movements, you strain your body, make it work. old age.

Like any dance, break develops plasticity. Specialists consider 11 years is the best age to start classes. At that time the body is prone to stretch marks, and this is a great opportunity to perfection master your body. After all, we enjoy dancing. Thereby dance we reflect our feelings, emotions. It's a way to get away from everyday life. worries and relax, relieve stress, improve mood and state of mind, stretch physically.

Breakdancing is perfect hobby. On the one hand, it is dance, art, creativity.

On the other hand, this is a sport, good physical activity that strengthens the body. Dance classes improve children physically, improve their health. They contribute to the proper development of the musculoskeletal apparatus, getting rid of physical defects, correct as much as possible violations of posture, form a beautiful figure. These activities are great for relieving stress. activate attention, increase the vitality of the student.

Dancing improves the functioning of the heart and lungs for account of aerobic loads, both in the lower and in the upper break. Strengthens muscles back, abdominals, arms, legs, helps maintain joint mobility. Many movements are borrowed from gymnastics, martial arts, acrobatics, yoga .. A sense of rhythm is also necessary, since the movements are performed in time and the rhythm of the music.Except In addition, breakdancing will help you get acquainted with many interesting people, make new friends, learn to communicate and not only through dance.

James Brown said: "Dancing can solve all problems." If children decide their differences in dance competitions (battles), it will be easy great. And not only children. And not only in our country.




















Analyzing work on the object of our research in conclusion, we can say, any dance is movement. Movement is health.

Such the direction of dance art as a break dance attracts modern children. And the age of 10-11 years is the most favorable for starting this type of training. dance art. Therefore, it is popular to talk about breakdance of this age group. population and was our goal.

Questioning different age categories of citizens, it was important and interesting for us to know them an opinion that we cannot disregard. Big half of the respondents are quite well informed about this direction dance art and understands its importance in the development of spiritual and the physical qualities of the child.

Again, breakdancing is the perfect hobby. Especially for boys. This is art, and sports, and health.

What could be the result of this research?

Firstly, broadening one's horizons, how personal and their peers.

Second, the interest of both children and adults

work as the most important factor in stabilizing the health of children and promoting healthy lifestyle. Bulletin No. 3, 2009.

2. Evladova, E.B. Additional education for children. / E.B.Evladova, L.G.Loginova, N.N.Mikhailova. - M.: Vlados, 2002.

3. Matveev D. History of Breakdancing. - M., "Hip-hop info No. 5", 1998.

4. Value health: diagnostics and technologies of formation / edited by Derkach A.A. - M.: 2011.

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