How to dance strip the willow

Strip The Willow, Scottish Country Dance Instructions

Scottish Country Dance Instruction

STRIP THE WILLOW (Drops Of Brandy) (J4x40) 4C set RSCDS Book 1
Running step

1- 8 1s turn RH 2½ times (4 bars), 1L turns 2M LH then turns partner RH
9-16 1L turns 3M LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 4M LH and turns partner RH
17-24 1M turns 4L LH, turns partner RH, 1M turns 3L LH and turns partner RH
25-32 1M turns 2L LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 2M LH as 1M turns 2L LH, 1s turn RH in centre
33-40 1s similarly turn 3s LH, turn partners RH, turn 4s LH and turn partners RH to 4th place own sides (last turn uses the next first 2 bars of music)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Strip The Willow
Anon RSCDS Book 1
Jig 4 x 40 bars 4 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Set Longwise Set
Running step is used throughout.

  1-4   1s turn 2½ times by the right, moving down to finish between 2s, 1M behind 1L, both facing Mn's side;

  5-6   1L turn 2M by the left WHILE 1M continue the running step on the spot;

  7-8   1s turn by the right, moving down one place to finish between 3s;

  9-12 repeat bars 5-8 with 3M;

13-14 repeat bars 5-6 with 4M;

15-16 1s turn by the right, finishing between 4s;

17-18 1M turn 4L by the left WHILE 1L continue the running step on the spot;

19-20 1s turn by the right, moving up one place to finish between 3s;

21-24 repeat bars 17-20 with 3L;

25-26 repeat bars 17-18 with 2L;

27-28 1s turn by the right, finishing between 2s;

29-30 1L turn 2M by the left WHILE 1M turn 2L by the left, 2s finishing in 1st place;

31-32 1s turn by the right, moving down one place to finish between 3s;

33-36 repeat bars 29-32 with 3s;

37-38 repeat bars 29-30 with 4s;

39-40 1s turn by the right, finishing in 4th place.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

When 9/8 jig tunes are used, there are three running steps to each bar; with 6/8 jigs, there are two steps to each bar.

It is safest to use elbow grip. At a Ceilidh, linked arms may appear to be less demanding but there is a strong temptation for inexperienced dancers to retain that hold for too long.

Although each repeat requires 40 bars, the music usually involves 32 bar tunes; to accommodate this, second couple start on bar 33. For a formal display, 3x32+40 bars are needed so that the last dancing couple can complete their repeat. However, in the more common Ceilidh situation, phrasing is most unlikely to be accurate; the Band usually plays enough music so that every set completes at least one repeat per couple and, ideally, finishes when at least one of the more competent sets is at the end of a repeat.

As with all Ceilidh Dances, one must expect local deviations from these instructions: these may include gratuitous turns by the dancing couple and turning the side dancers on a diagonal (eg. 2M1L and 1M4L in bars 29-30) rather than straight across the set. The new top couple are unlikely to be able to start on bar 33 and timekeeping degenerates into waiting for the beginning of the next 8 bar phrase before starting.

  1-12 While turning each other, 1s move down the set one place to finish between the next couple down.

  5-14 1M must continue the running step on the spot while 1L turns each supporting M in turn.

15-16 1s remain between the 4s during this turn.

17-26 1L must continue the running step on the spot while 1M turns each supporting L in turn.

19-24 While turning each other, 1s move up the set one place to finish between the next couple up.

27-28 1s remain between the 2s during this turn.

29-38 After being turned by the 1s, each supporting couple must finish one place up the set.

31-36 While turning each other, 1s move down the set one place to finish between the next couple down.

39-40 1s make a normal turn, finishing in 4th place.

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Dance Instruction Videos

Strip The Willow - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

Also see the dance Orcadian Strip The Willow with multiple willow stripping.

Strip the Willow is an old Hebridean weaving dance.

Strip the willow is a country or barn dance. It has variations depending upon whether it is being performed as a movement in a larger dance or a complete dance in itself.

The form described below (from Wikipedia) is that commonly used as part of a Scottish country dance.

The dancers form a longways set (a row of gentlemen facing their partners, a row of ladies) of four couples. The 'objective' is to move the top couple to the bottom of the set, and the other couples move up one position. A brief description of the dance would be: The top couple link arms and spin each other for a count of 16, at which point the lady 'strips' down the line of men alternating left-handed anticlockwise swings with someone else's partner right-handed clockwise half-turn swings with their partner working steadily down the set, the gentleman at this point swinging only with his partner. At the bottom, the couple join again and spin for a count of 8, then the gentleman 'strips' up the line of ladies the same as his partner just did, while the lady swings only with the man. At the top of the set, the couple join together and swing for a count of 8 then together they 'strip' down to the bottom, alternately swinging the other partners down the line and meeting to swing each other between people. At the bottom they meet one last time to swing for 8 beats, while the next top couple meet and swing for 16 and follow the steps above.

Variations include: Multiple willow stripping, best done in long sets, with every fourth or fifth couple stripping downwards and everyone else constantly moving upwards. Once a couple reach the top, they wait for the appropriate bar and start another movement. This is called 'Orcadian Strip The Willow'.

Dancing Strip The Willow

Dance information licensed under this Creative Commons Licence 3. 0.
Text from this original Strip The Willow article on Wikipedia.
Image copyright Argyriou at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.
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Dance: Strip the Willow | SCDDB

Also known as “Drops of Brandy”, “Strip the Widow” (unofficial).

Jig (9/8) · 40 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by
8100 8011 8011 8300 8022 = 32% (1 turn), 32% (whole dance)
  • Running, Skip-Change
Published in
  • Book 1 [7]
  • Scottish Country Dances Books 1 to 6 (Combined A5 edition) [8]
  • Pocket: Books 1, 2, 3 [7]
  • Collins Pocket Reference: Scottish Country Dancing [175]
  • A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing (ex-Collins) [175]
  • Commonwealth Ceilidh Dances [15]
  • Dance Scottish, A resource for teaching SCD in schools [40]
  • 101 Scottish Country Dances [96]
  • Collins Little Books: Scottish Dance [132]
  • Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 9 [171] (diagram only)
  • Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 8 [182] (diagram only)
  • Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 7 [152] (diagram only)
  • Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 6 [141] (diagram only)
Recommended Music
  • Drops of Brandy (Traditional)
  • Frolicksome Paddy (Traditional)
  • The Blackthorn Stick (Traditional)

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Strip the Willow (9/8) Jim Johnstone and his Band Tweedside CD 8 j40 85:40 34. 0 Drops of Brandy/Frolicksome Paddy/I Ha'e a Wife o' my Ain/Tipperary Hills
Strip the Willow Jim Johnstone and his Band Scotland - The Dances and Dance Bands CD+ 2 J40 42:14 26.8 The Blackthorn Stick/Roaring Jelly/Pet o' the Pipers/The Rakes O' Kildare
Strip the Willow Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band Book 1. Music for Twelve Traditional Dances CD+ 7 J40 80:00 0.0 The Blackthorn Stick/Roaring Jelly/Here's a Health to the Ladies/Cherish the Ladies
Strip the Willow - 9/8 Time Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band Book 30. LP+ 5 j40 85:35 33. 5 Drops of Brandy/Frolicksome Paddy/I Ha'e a Wife o' my Ain/Tipperary Hills
Strip the Willow (9/8) John Turner and the Fiddletree Band Stalking the Wild Bagpipe LP 4 j40 40:00 0.0 Drops of Brandy/Sir Roger de Coverly/I Ha'e a Wife o' my Ain/The Favourite Dram
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Strip the Willow James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band On the Rocks CD 17 J32 84:12 31.5 Roddie Wright's Jig/The Jig Runrig/Addie Harper's Jig/The Reunion Reel
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Strip the Willow Da Fustra A Shetland Dance CD 16 J32 84:22 32.8 Miss Aimee Scott/Miss Maria Stewart's Jig/Anne Marie Morrison of Borve/Ian Powrie's Compliments to John Carmichael
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Strip the Willow The Strathmore Ceilidh Band Advance & Retire CD 14 J32 84:10 31.2 Maureen's Jig/The Jig Runrig/Morag's Ceilidh/Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Glasgow
Strip the Willow Bob Lillie and the Kelvin Band Twenty Scottish Dance Bands Vol 2 CD 16 J32 63:21 33. 5 Farewell to the Tay/Midlothian Pipe Band/Banjo Breakdown/Spootiskerry/Da Tushker
Strip The Willow Tom Orr and his Band Music for the Commonwealth Ceilidh CD 15 J3:53 0
Strip the Willow (9/8) Bay Ladies Ceilidh Band Dances Frae the North Vols. 1 & 2 ? 11 J48 44:35 45.8 Drops of Brandy/Frolicksome Paddy/Brose and Butter/The Far Awa' Wedding
Strip the Willow (9/8) Bay Ladies Ceilidh Band Dances Frae the North, Vols 1, 2 & 3 CD 15 J48 44:35 45.8 Drops of Brandy/Frolicksome Paddy/Brose and Butter/The Far Awa' Wedding
Strip the Willow (9/8) Bay Ladies Ceilidh Band Dances Frae the North MC 4 J48 44:35 45. 8 Drops of Brandy/Frolicksome Paddy/Brose and Butter/The Far Awa' Wedding

Strip the Willow 4/4L · j40

Can be danced by any number of couples, add 12 bars for each extra couple; Running step throughout, 3 steps per bar.

1c turn RH 2½ ; 1W turn 2M LH (1M runs down), P RH
1W turn 3M LH, P RH ; 4M LH, P RH
1M turn 4W LH (1W runs up) P RH ; 3W LH, P RH
1M turn 2W LH, P RH ; 1W+2M & 1M+2W turn LH (2c finish one place up), 1c turn RH
Repeat with 3c ; repeat with 4c, finishing with 1½ RH turn (may overrun by 2 bars)

Strip the Willow 4/4L · j40

1s turn RH 2.1/2 times (4 bars), 1L turns 2M LH then turns partner RH
1L turns 3M LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 4M LH & turns partner RH
1M turns 4L LH, turns partner RH, 1M turns 3L LH & turns partner RH
1M turns 2L LH, turns partner RH, 1L turns 2M LH as 1M turns 2L LH, 1s turn RH in centre
1s similarly turn 3s LH, turn partners RH, turn 4s LH & turn partners RH to 4th place own sides (last turn uses the next first 2 bars of music)

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Nouns: soldier, Motherland, sniper, officer, missileman, tanker, paratrooper, commander, missile, tank, pilot, border guard, hero, parachute, bomb, courage, enemy, submariner, anti-aircraft gunner, infantryman, volunteer, traitor.

Verbs: to fight, to protect, to fight, to wound, to bandage, to heal, to win, to fight, to restore, to resist.

Adjectives: brave, courageous, heroic, courageous, courageous, cowardly, valiant, military.

Week 4

“Seasons. Calendar. Spring»

Nouns: winter, spring, summer, autumn, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, morning, afternoon, evening, night, icicle, thaw, thaw.

Verbs: warm, freeze, hang, grow, lengthen, shorten, chirp, chirp, warm, warm, warm, freeze, freeze, freeze, thaw, advance, retreat, sparkle, ring.

Adjectives: spring, winter, sunny, warm, cool, harsh, bright, loose.

Adverbs: warm, cold, damp, dirty, light, bright, loud.


Week 1 Family»

Nouns: gift, flowers, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, brother, sister, nephew, uncle, aunt.

Verbs: take care, love, respect, try, help, cook, clean, wash, iron, set (on the table), wash, work, wipe, wipe, look after, raise.

Adjectives: dear, beloved, caring, adult, small, affectionate, kind, hardworking, strict, polite, obedient.

Week 2

“Early signs of spring. First Flowers” ​​

Nouns: primrose, ice drift, puddle, stream, willow, bud, snowdrop, coltsfoot, dandelion, narcissus, hyacinth, bud, petal, leaf, mimosa, tulip.

Verbs: to melt, to warm, to flourish, to bloom, to swell.

Get rid of (from snow, ice), settle, weather, smell.

Adjectives: bright, loose, small, small, fragrant, smooth, fragile, tender, fluffy.

Week 3

“Electrical appliances. Atelier

Nouns: silk, cotton, wool, knitwear, customer, fitting, spool, thread, needle, scissors, style, size, iron, refrigerator, coffee grinder, vacuum cleaner, meat grinder, watch, sleeve, collar, pocket, TV, cutter, seamstress, linen, capron, button, template, mixer, toaster, electric kettle.

Verbs: facilitate, speed up, cut, sew, try on, iron, knit, hang, fold, wash, cook, boil, fry, baste, stitch, weave, fasten, unfasten, unfasten, fasten, unfasten, embroider, sew up, sew on, sew on.

Adjectives: colorful, narrow, wide, comfortable, cotton, linen, silk, woolen, knitted, seasonal, light, washing, sewing.

4 weeks

"Spring in nature"

Nouns: March, April, May, month, sun, sky, murmur, ringing, drops, resin, rook.

Verbs: wake up, step on, crack, break, murmur, break through, wake up, get out, bring out, feed, train.

Adjectives: early, late, sonorous, joyful, rainy, noisy, fine, bright, beautiful, bright.


1 week

“Work of people in spring”


Verbs: plant, sow, water, whiten, cut, fertilize, dig, transplant, plant, plant, dig, dig in, dig out, dig in.

Adjectives: early, late, spring (wheat).

Week 2


, telescope, astronomer, eclipse, orbit.

Verbs: fly, fall, take off, land, lunar, reflect.

Adjectives: solar, lunar, terrestrial, stellar, cosmic, artificial, interstellar, interplanetary.

Week 3

Return of the birds. Insects»

cuckoo, lapwing, sandpiper, bittern, chaffinch, wagtail, chrysalis, larva, water strider, bumblebee, butterfly.

Verbs: fly, curl, flutter, soar, rush, postpone, twist, hibernate, bring out, coo, chirp, cuckoo, chirp, click, ring.

Adjectives: fast, migratory, vociferous, industrious, cheerful, sonorous, agile, friendly, caring, perky.

Week 4

“Cookware. Food products»

, bread, roll, pie, cake, compote, jam, candy, soup, salad, cereals, colander, rolling pin, baking sheet, curdled milk, coffee pot, bowl, taste, smell, aroma, spices, sauce.

Verbs: cover, cook, wash, fry, boil, stew, boil, heat, whip, smear, bake, cut, cut, cool, heat.

Adjectives: dairy, meat, bakery, creamy, vegetable, smoked, sunflower, linen, soy, corn, cottonseed, olive, kitchen, table, deep, fine, tea, sweet, salty, sour, fatty, tasty, warm, cold, hot.


1 week

"Animals of hot countries"

, hunting, jungle, savannah, Africa, Australia, kangaroo, koala, platypus, parrot, monitor lizard.

Verbs: hunt, hide, hide, live, jump, climb, run, run away, catch up, graze, fear, defend, attack, creep.

Adjectives: striped, spotted, swift, slow, marsupial, hardy.

Week 2

"My city"

kiosk, lawn, entrance, station, new building, park, stadium, highway, sidewalk, landscaping, area, museum, church.

Verbs: live, build, rebuild, move, drive, look, grow, become prettier, expand, improve.

Adjectives: urban, rural, Barnaul, wide, spacious, straight, narrow, high-rise, old, quiet, noisy, green, stone, industrial, cultural, residential.

3 Week


4 Week


Read "Falfast leaves" - Krasnov Peter Nicolaevich "Nicolaevich" Nicolaevich "Best"

— Oh, talk! Tell me something! exclaimed Suzanne, wringing her hands. “If you only knew how much I loved him!.. What anguish in my heart! I can’t do anything… Yes… it’s me… I gave him cigarettes… He knew that they were poisoned… Ever since Easter he kept thinking of committing suicide… He was weary of life… He talked about death.

Varvara Sergeevna fell to her knees like a mown down on the wet sand and pressed her face to the grave mound. Three arshins from it, separated by a layer of earth and sand, lies what was Andre. It seemed to her that she saw in the dark earthen mass, among the roots, a silver coffin, flowers on it. But her imagination did not dare to look under the lid of the coffin.

"Andre," she thought, "Andre, what is it, you yourself?... You killed yourself. Your soul was languishing, looking for a way out, it beat in your body like a bird beats in a cage, and you did not come ask me for advice, because I'm your mother!"

Suzanne muttered muffledly, as in a confession, in fragmentary separate words, telling her story.

— I don’t know how it happened… He returned from the exam excited… He was waiting for something… We had a session… He knocked me down, began to undress… I didn’t resist… I didn’t understand myself… I loved him so much… Then despair… The next day he spoke harsh, hurtful words to me... I gave him cigarettes... It's my fault... I can't be forgiven... But... I didn't want to. I'll tell you what... I didn't want to!!

"You didn't come to me, Andre," Varvara Sergeevna repeated with pain in her heart... "You didn't come..."

Suddenly she remembered everything clearly... All his childhood. She has pregnancy, childbirth, children's illnesses, in between - greedy grasping for the remnants of that beautiful life that she loved so much. Theaters, operas, concerts, evenings and dances with friends. She was still good, she was looked after. They sought to kiss her hand, longed to dance with her, spoke pleasant words to her. But the years seemed to push that life full of beauty away from her, and, like a box, covered her with the cramped, petty interests of the nursery and the bedroom. More and more time was needed for sewing and darning, taking care of children, bathing them, wiping them, treating them ... I had to learn Latin grammar in order to help Andre. "Alauda est laeta" - a lark is merry, - she recalled examples from Hodobay's grammar and saw the grammar itself ... Long, in a dark crimson binding with a black pattern ... Amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant (I love, love, love ... (lat.)) ... Andre was replaced by Hippolyte. Then Lipochka ... Annoying scales, watching her not repeat the words that the boys used, the French language ... And then - Fedya, strong, stormy Fedya, curious, persistent, most frank with her. And God, what words, what poems and jokes he brought from the gymnasium and spoke to her. She did not know many words, and from him, from her son, for the first time she learned about the terrible swearing that passed her by, because both her mother and her aunts told her that her "ears were hung with earrings."

And Andre left her.

During her lifetime, she saw him briefly. .. There was no time to talk to him. He came to the dining-room at nine o'clock in the morning, angrily threw a knapsack with books on the sofa under a map of Europe, and sat down to drink tea. Scolded the gymnasium.

- If only the gymnasium burned down... fell into hell... If only the frost reached twenty degrees, and you don't have to go to the gymnasium.

Hastily drank his glass and left without saying goodbye, without asking to make the sign of the cross.

- All this is nonsense, it won't help!..

Returned at three, at four, pale, gloomy, angry, and locked himself in his room. He was silent at dinner, and after dinner he sat again, bent over books, reading and writing in blue notebooks with white labels. What he wrote, he did not say. What he read, he did not tell, did not consult.

Then the séances began. Varvara Sergeevna was not allowed to see them. She paralyzed the medium. Nothing came out of her.

And love came!

"Andre, are you really in love?. ."

Falitsky talked a lot and badly about girls of easy virtue, about "horizontals", about the role of governesses and maids in a growing family, but it seemed to her that this would not affect her children ... Her ears were hung with earrings.

"Andre, Andre! Forgive me, forgive me!"

And now I thought: "What could I do?" The children were gone, and they knew her no more than a young one-year-old dog knows his mother.

It's scary... God, how scary!.. I was tormented by cold horror, and it was as if ice jets ran through my chest and captured my heart.

Another woman rushed about in grief and begged for forgiveness, and under them, three arshins away, was a coffin, and in it was the great mystery of death.

And who is to blame?..

No one... She could not judge this unfortunate crying girl, smeared in sand and clay, terrible with empty, weeping eyes.

And only God can help!

- For God's sake, Varvara Sergeevna! Au nom de Dieu! moaned mademoiselle Suzanne.

“God will forgive you,” Varvara Sergeevna said, getting up, “Get up. Let me clean you up. Clay and sand stuck to you ...

— And I… And you… And you… Oh, Varvara Sergeevna. We are two in grief ... Forgive me ... Forgive me.

"God will forgive..." Varvara Sergeevna repeated sternly, without lifting her eyes from the ground. — Where do you live?

“Nowhere,” Suzanne answered quietly.

— Like nowhere else?

- I was admitted to Brodovich, but I can't work. Conscience hurt.

- Well, what happened, you can't bring it back. Apparently, God wants it that way. On all his holy will ... Where do you live?

- I was in furnished rooms on Pushkinskaya, but the hostess is chasing me.

— Move in with me tomorrow... Somehow we'll arrange for you...

Suzanne rushed to Varvara Sergeevna, wanted to kiss her hand, but she pulled away.

“Don’t!.. Don’t,” she said. - After ... Let me get used to it ... and understand everything.

Fedya was approaching the grave along the muddy path. Behind him was an old priest in a black skullcap and a soldier in an overcoat with books and a censer...

The censer was filled with rain, the wind ruffled and carried the words of prayer. The old priest hurried and crumpled the memorial service, the soldier sang badly in a liquid tenor, and Fedya echoed him out of tune, and it seemed that only the one who was lying three arshins below them, covered with pine boards covered with eyelet, listened to them, understood and fully appreciated them, and who has already understood the full significance of the memorial service of the fortieth day.

It seemed that Andre's confused soul was rushing about in a whirlwind of raindrops, rushing about among the leaves of willow and yellow acacia and meditatively rustling in the dense pines, hurrying on its last journey to heaven.

Varvara Sergeevna felt calmer in her soul. It seemed that she did well, correctly, "as it should" acted.

Saying goodbye, she kissed the sobbing Suzanne and gave her everything she had, leaving only for the railway and the horse-drawn carriage to Lesnoy.

— Can we walk from Lesnoy, Fedya? she asked her son, who was standing beside him.

“Of course, mommy,” Fedya answered affectionately.

Now they were walking, rising from the Brooks, and went out into a deserted field, where the wind tore the umbrella from Varvara Sergeevna's hands, wet her legs and chest, and it was already difficult to walk, old rubber galoshes slid over crooked stones, and wet knees ached.

Varvara Sergeevna remembered that today is her birthday. At home they baked a pie with whitefish and a squeal with rice, her brother Volodya and Leni, Falitsky, arrived ... She thought about how she would change clothes and fuss, treating the guests, she thought about how she would put the table so that no one would drip from the ceiling, and forgot her tiredness... She thought about how to arrange Susanna and how to explain to Mikhail Pavlovich her return.

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