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Saddle up your horses and get ready to head out to the Fourth Annual Haute Hoedown hosted by KidsSanctuary Campus, Inc. benefiting children in our local foster care system, ensuring them a better and brighter future. The Haute Hoedown will feature a saloon style welcome reception with signature drink cocktails, live entertainment, dinner, dancing, luxury raffle give-a-ways and many more surprises!

Not exactly sure what to wear to a Hoedown? No need to worry. The JC Western Wear team, a proud supporter and sponsor of KidsSanctuary Campus, Inc., has all the insider information you need to know on what-to-wear! You’ll show up ready to line dance with the best of them. Well, you’ll at least LOOK like you’re ready to line dance with the best of them!

Whether you’ve been to a hoedown before or this is your first time, we’ve got some great outfit ideas to take your basic plaid and Bolo Tie to the next level.


For the guys it’s as simple as making sure you’ve got these three key items when getting ready to throw-down at the hoedown: your cowboy hat, your boots, and last but certainly not least, your belt. Cross each of these off your list when putting together your outfit and people will surely think you strolled in off your horse from your busy day on the ranch. Be sure to grab your favorite pair of jeans and pair them with a western style button-up to put it all together. Any of our Stetson or Scully or Wrangler Western Wear shirts will suit you just right! Long-sleeve or short-sleeve, whichever you prefer but what will make you really stand out will be the attention to detail; most western shirts feature beautiful hand embroidery on the cuffs and yokes. Don’t forget to finish off your outfit with a true cowboy Bolo Tie to really seal the deal. Once you’ve got all of this put together you’re ready to lasso your lady right onto the dance floor!


Alright ladies, now it’s your turn and we’ve got some awesome ideas for you! Put that plaid shirt away and get ready to show off your true country side. If you’re more of an understated beauty type-of-gal, we’ve got you covered. Pair your favorite jeans with your most fashionable boots and you’re half way there. Tunics are all the rage right now and absolutely perfect to take any pair of jeans to the next level. Our Union of Angels Dixie Tunic is right up your alley for this ensemble! Dress up this outfit with a beautifully hand sewn vest adorned with some fringe and you’ll be sure to show off your western flare. Don’t forget that boot-bling, too!

For the gals who aren’t afraid to show a little leg our Union of Angels Blue Mindy Dress is the perfect choice for you! Fun and flirty with that country flare you’ve been looking for; you’ll be spinning around the dance floor all night long. If dresses aren’t your thing don’t fret just yet! You can pair these Marlee Shorts with just about any top for a cute and simple look or even take these R Cinco Ranch Crochet shorts and match them with a flowing tunic to better suit your style.

Check out our website, WWW. JCWesternWear.COM or stop by either location today and our lovely staff will be sure you leave with the right attire for your haute hoedown!

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Cowgirl Outfit Ideas 25 Ideas on How to Dress like Cowgirl

Outfit Ideas on How to dress like a Cowgirl: Girls and fashion. These two words are enough to describe any girl. Cowgirls broke the barriers tending to cattle and herds in the countryside. They are well known for their unique fashion sense involving boots, hats, and fringes. Living in the city, you can sport a similar look by going for these cowgirl staples, adding them to your Western outfits.

Girls look amazing in country style fashion; you can put on a cowgirl outfit in many different kinds of ways for both informal and formal occasions. Cowgirl outfits can help you carry a wide range of moods and attitudes. They are cute and sophisticated. They are hot and rowdy. Go through our gallery of 25 different cowgirl styles to help you dress up like a country girl.

  • Intricate and embellished leather jackets can be made a part of your casual outfit, and they are a great symbol of the countryside style.
  • You may add in tall boots to your casual outfit.
  • Go for accessories that are eye-catching like beaded neckpieces that can totally steal the show.
  • Go for plaid shirts, tucking them in your denim pants.
  • Fringes are the best cowgirl style staple that you must add to your everyday wear. Whether in the form of a fun upper or a handbag.
  • Quirky belts are another great way to sport the fun cowgirl style.

↓ 25.

Blue Skirts and Frocks for School

Check out this simple yet beautiful casual summer cowgirl looks. These dresses can be easily used as casual wear, and the beautiful accessories with them create a lovely cowgirl look. Every cowgirl outfit most of the times is accompanied by a hat if not, the whole aura of the dress will give away the cowgirl. Chambray midi skirt with a white bell sleeved shirt and a pair of awesome brown boots. Add a shoulder bag and a hat. The second look is without the hat and is a pretty scallop border pleated frock. Cowboy boots are a must with the white belt.

↓ 24. The Sheriff Look for Halloween

Brown shearling sleeveless jacket in leather, a brown leather fringed skirt, same toned boots and a hat with a grey check shirt are amazing for a sheriff themed cowgirl look. As an accessory, wear a wide black leather belt, and you are good to go to any Halloween party.

↓ 23. Denim Day for Winter Outfit

A flowy white skirt looks amazing with this navy blue denim skirt. Always remember that if you are a cowgirl or planning to be inspired by their dressing style, a must thing in their wardrobe are belts. Wide one’s thin ones, you need to have some basic coloured belts with you always to be safe. With this outfit let your hair down for a stylish look and take up a brown leather clutch for your things. Next, notice the fancy brown boots which compliment this outfit. You can also try black over-the-knee boots with it. Lita shoes would also look great with this outfit, learn here about [highlight]17 ways to wear Lita shoes fashionably[/highlight].

↓ 22. Cowgirl Hat

Hats are the ultimate symbols for both cowboys and cowgirls. You simply cannot pull off a cowgirl costume without a hat like this one. Wear it over a casual outfit to make a style statement while out on for a stroll or at a vacation. We recommend going for a plaid pattern shirt to go for the real feel of it. Additionally, we would love to appreciate these stunning chunky necklaces that have been added for a tribal look. The blue stones make for a stunning appearance and can add just the right bit of colour to any dull looking outfit.


↓ 21. Country Girl Look

Want to do the country girl look without looking overdressed in a casual setting? Wear your tribal print dress over high cowgirl boots and pair the look with a nice handbag. The fringes go well with the entire theme; however, if you aren’t too fond of them, you can surely give them a miss. Altogether, this brown and red combination is a subtle yet beautiful one, and we would not mind wearing this out with friends.


↓ 20. Fashionista Outfit

This black and white cowgirl look is fabulous with some wild accessories such as black thigh high socks with heeled booties for women. Black hat and lots of chains and statement ring with smokey eye makeup and curled and blow-dried hair for the proper look.

↓ 19. Embellished Top

This ethnic style embroidered tunic is great for a classic cowgirl look. You can incorporate a nice black wide-brimmed hat for any summer day with these lovely chocolate cowgirl boots.


↓ 18. Gothic Theme

Gothic-inspired people love to dress up in black and lace and vintage and this all-black, laced cowgirl getup is a really cute idea for Halloween and also you can take some inspiration from the dress such as you can have lace leggings incorporated with a pretty frock for an evening invite or these nice shoes with a summer dress for a high tea party. Also, have a look at How to dress Goth? 12 cute Gothic style outfit ideas


↓ 17. Wide Boot Cut Pants

If you have been following the recent fashion trends, you would know how popular the denim boot cut pants have become. They have sported by a couple of celebrities recently like Kendall Jenner in the West and Kareena Kapoor Khan in the East. They can help you get deep into the character of a Classic cowgirl when paired with the right kind of clothing and accessories. This asymmetric top with a cowboy hat and long necklace is definitely giving us major Texan girl vibes. What is important to note is how that trendy bag adds just a bit finishing that is needed. The fringes on the bag are just like a cherry on a beautiful cake.


 ↓ 16. Fashion Runway Inspiration

This cowgirl themed runway outfit is also an innovative attire for a winter outfit. You can pull on a leather jacket with it. Fringes are again a cowgirl theme must-have. This nice jacket with fringes is a little over the top, and you can pull it off only when everything else is pretty simple as these denim shorts and a black shirt with this on top.

↓ 15. Accessories

The only way to channel a cowgirl theme outfit or any other theme look for that matter is to go for accessories that best match your look. For a cowgirl theme, we would recommend a hat. You may go for suede or a cane hat like this one. Another important piece of accessory is the belt worn with any pants. This one here with a horseshoe is definitely a must-have when going for a cowgirl theme. For the outfit, this plaid shirt with a pair of denim jeans looks super comfortable and chic.


↓ 14. Cowgirl Shoes

While purchasing boots, e would recommend going for a trendy and unique style like this one. The suede look, lace-up design, and the block heels make them look super comfortable and modern. You would definitely want to wear these to your next vacation. Put these together with a gorgeous little dress for the ultimate Summer look.

↓ 14. Selena Gomez Inspired Look

Selena Gomez’s candid outfit is a good inspiration for the cowgirl style. Animal prints can also look nice with any country outfit as is shown here: denim shorts and a white tank top with a belt and booties. You can also sport a casual look like this one on Selena and go for cowgirl style boots to go with it.

↓ 13. Leather jacket With Maroon Plaid Frock

Plaid patterns are countryside favourite and are easy to style. You can go for the print wearing it as a cool top, or you may go for a long dress instead. While going for a plaid dress, we would recommend throwing in a leather jacket or a fringed cardigan to make a funky appearance. Another lovely idea for look, you can wear tunics and tie belts around them to accentuate your figure. These black boots look so beautiful with the black leather jacket and hat. If you loved this plaid look, you would also love these 18 best check shirt outfit combinations for all seasons

↓ 12. Western Style Cute Red Boots

These hot red western style boots are lovely footwear to go with a cowgirl outfit. Too hot to resist! The best way to uplift an ordinary outfit is to wear it with some statement shoes or extraordinary accessories. Here, looking at these red booties, we would totally want to steal these to pair with our outfit. If you simply want a casual look without going too overboard with the theme, you can simply go for these heels with a leather jacket, and you are good to go.  You can also go for these heels if you are planning Valentine’s date with your girl gang or significant other.

↓ 11. Winter Casual

Go grab a wonderful sweater like this one with a black hat and cowgirl boots for a casual winter cowgirl look. While dressing up according to a theme, it is essential to do justice to it. You can do that by getting all the elements right.


↓ 10. With a Monroe Tank top

A preppy Monroe tank top is a great idea to accompany your cowgirl outfit, good for parties. You can go for curled hair, tied up hair or messy braid with this outfit. Wear a chain or a nice long necklace with some gold bangles and heeled booties.

↓ 9. Country Style Wedding Dress

Weddings nowadays are far more complicated than they were a couple of years back. With the recent trend of organizing themed weddings, we would totally understand your concern about dressing up as a cowgirl while being a bridesmaid. However, there is no reason for you to worry anymore as we bring you a super glamorous and comfortable look to sport at your best friend’s wedding. This ruffled lace dress is a great outfit idea for bridesmaids. You can find such dresses in multiple colours that are appropriate for weddings. Furthermore, to keep up with the theme, you can either go for a funky jacket or some cowgirl boots to stand out among the crowd.

↓ 8. Wedding Gown

A flowy western style wedding gown is amazing for a country-themed weddings. Ever seen a bride this beautiful and happy? We adore this cowgirl look that this bride sported on her Big Day. If you are a country girl or even a big town girl wanting a cowgirl look like this one, all you need is a funky and cool jacket like this one. Cowboys and cowgirls are known for their trademark style involving jackets and boots with intricate embroideries. You may also go for the high cowgirl style boots for a funky look.


↓ 7. Cowgirl Turns Cowboy

Check out this blend of cowgirl and tomboy look. Put on a cowboy hat to enhance it some more.

↓ 6. Beautiful Laced Top

This beautiful lace top is really suitable for a cute country girl look.  Despite being minimalistic, this sure makes for a great look. The light minty shade of blue with some white lace detailing is just what you needed for the upcoming Spring season. The brown boots and a similar coloured fringed jacket would be the right additions.


↓ 5. Taylor Swift’s Country Look

No one pulls off a country girl look better than Taylor Swift. Taylor has always branded herself as the girl-next-door with her beautiful blonde hair, bangs, and the innocence on her face. Her songs have only affirmed that. What makes it all true is also her choice of outfits that are simplistic and easy to pull off. You may replicate her look by adding in a cute Summer hat or some boots for the ultimate cowgirl style.

↓ 4. Fancy Cowgirl Outfit

While tribal prints have got nothing to do with cowgirls, we do not see a reason not to wear them. Give yourself a classy transformation by going for a funky skirt like this one, adding in elements to make for a great cowgirl style look.

↓ 3. Cute Country Girl Look for School Prom

This beautiful gown is an amazing idea for a country girl look and also great to wear at daytime weddings, prom or other formal functions. With a pastel colour like this one, light brown boots would surely look amazing with it. Keep an extra check on your hair and makeup to get a perfect look. This waterfall braid with curls is an excellent idea to sport to a formal event.

 ↓ 2. Summer Look

Getting a themed look during summers may not seem too easy, but in reality, it isn’t too hard. Grab a printed top and wear it with some shorts, ideally leather ones. Throw in some black boots and a hat to achieve perfection.


↓ 1. All-black Cowgirl With a Chanel Bag

Here is how to look your best while at a girls’ night out. Why look for an excuse to carry a gorgeous branded bag like this one? The plaid shirt tied around the waist is exactly why we love this attire so much. For more ideas, check out 17 girl’s night out outfits.

Dancewear | Useful articles and tips from the 🕺dance studio - Under Stand (Anderstend)💃 in Voronezh.

When you come to the ballroom, it is important to dress correctly. Not just beautiful, but right. And not because they are greeted by clothes, but because each type of dance requires appropriate equipment - comfortable, suitable for a particular type of movement, and also reflecting the unique style of dance. In this article we will tell you how to dress if you are dancing...

Clothing for this bright dynamic dance should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Lockers often wear wide trousers or comfortable stretchy jeans, leggings, loose T-shirts, shirts, trowels. Hats, caps - any attributes of lockers. If you are not yet ready for such a bright “suit”, stop for now on comfortable sweatpants, a T-shirt or T-shirt, sneakers or sneakers.

Traditionally, poppers dress in a rather formal style: they wear strict (but rather loose shirts), jackets, shoes and hats. However, finding such extravagant outfits for everyday training is not so easy, because more and more often dancers can be seen in simple, wide clothes, without deliberate formality, in sneakers or sneakers.

House is a trendy club dance, so clothes for it should not only be comfortable, but also reflect fashion trends. It is not surprising that the dancers wear tight pants, then wide ones. In addition, house is a dance of communication with those who are close to you. In clothes for house you should be comfortable and cozy, you should feel confident and neat.

Hip-hop is a very democratic dance: perhaps any loose clothing is suitable for it. Sweatpants, T-shirts, caps (optional!), soft comfortable sneakers. And, of course, do not forget about knee pads that protect against injuries - this may sometimes be required (on the recommendation of the trainer).

Graceful girls dancing this dance prefer shoes with high stable heels, as well as light-fitting (and a little spicy) clothes made of elastic fabrics that do not restrict movement (these can be shorts, trousers, leggings - what you will be comfortable). To start classes, sneakers or light sneakers are suitable for you.

Clothing for Contemporary, this plastic and emotional dance, should be as comfortable as possible: as a rule, these are elastic suits (trousers, shorts, T-shirts, leggings). The dance is performed barefoot or in socks.

Attire for Latin dances is usually a mid-length dress or skirt with wide, flowing edges, shoes with low heels. Of course, comfortable shorts, trousers or leggings are also suitable for training!

All staged dance directions require maximum comfort from clothing. Lightness and freedom of movement is the main thing to look for in dancewear. In directions with staged choreography, much attention is paid to the self-awareness of the dancer - he must feel in the dance as if on stage - brightly, confidently. In jazz funk, it's even extravagant. You can experiment with outfits. Once you find yours, you will feel it!

Dancehall is a social Jamaican dance, so the clothes in the class should create a feeling of summer and warmth. Dancehall dancers often wear bright t-shirts, t-shirts (often both at the same time and preferably in different colors!). Multi-colored leggings and shorts of various styles - the main thing is to create an image!

Vogue dancers usually like to try on different outfits, experiment, surprise and even shock. Any of your fantasies can be realized in training or at Vogue balls! Style is about vogue.

Waacking is a bright style, memorable for its presentation and imagery. Each workout is an opportunity for self-expression, including with the help of a suit! Dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts - you can change each session. If all this is complemented by neat low-heeled shoes, you are already ready for the stage. 😉

Breaking is a very energy-intensive, technically complex style. It is very important for a dancer to take care of comfortable training clothes. We advise you not to wear clothes with large metal or plastic elements (locks, buttons on clothes) and remove accessories (bracelets, rings on your hands) - everything can interfere with you. Comfortable sportswear, sneakers or sneakers, knee pads - everything you need for training. Also, the trainer may advise you to purchase a hat (when you move on to learning elements using the head =).

The style that originated in hot Africa requires powerful energy inputs from the dancer: you will dance to rhythmic and very energizing music. We advise you to wear comfortable sportswear and shoes. You can even take a spare training t-shirt!

A dance that should help the dancer find his individual style and express himself in movement. Whatever helps you in this, you should use. Your image is included. Comfortable and suitable clothes for you - plus a fad to your confidence in training.

Non-dance directions involve active physical activity during the class. You will need comfortable leggings or sweatpants, a T-shirt or a trowel, comfortable shoes (for functional), socks for stretching, yoga stretching and classics. If you want to use your own yoga and stretching mat, you can bring it with you, but be aware that the studio has mats, blocks, straps - the necessary equipment for training.

Author: Karina Morkotenko

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How to choose dance clothes

You signed up for dance lessons and now you do not know what clothes to choose - too much of everything? Keep in mind that the clothes you wear to class will depend on which dance style you choose. We'll help you figure it out.

Ballet is a discipline characterized by rigor, clarity of position, but also elegance. The clothing you choose should reflect these characteristics. Some dance schools may require you to wear a specific color. If there are no such conditions, then pastel colors or black are the norm.

But it's not just the color that matters. Your ballet outfit should fit your body well so that your teacher can see your movements and help you correct mistakes. This will allow you to perfect each of your positions without getting distracted.

The basic ballet costume includes: a leotard (plain or with a skirt) and tights (preferably made of microfiber so that they last longer). Depending on your level, you may also need shoes, ballet flats or pointe shoes. For the latter, you can choose between more durable leather or satin. And finally, in winter, in order not to freeze during rehearsals, get yourself a bolero and leggings that will keep your muscles warm.

Buy a special hair kit for a practical and elegant ballerina-like bun. She will accentuate your outfit and create an elegant image of a prima ballerina!

Modern dance is influenced by a variety of influences and is a mixture of different dances, from jazz to ballet, as well as urban and even traditional dance. So there are no special rules here. However, you should choose clothes that you will feel comfortable in and that will not interfere with your various movements in the dance. For example, loose-fitting, loose-fitting clothing will give you complete freedom of movement.

The basic set of clothes for modern dance includes a bottom (pants, leggings or shorts), usually in a tight-fitting cut and black. What to wear on top, choose for yourself: what style and style suit you and allow you to move smoothly.

As for shoes, it is very important to feel the floor while dancing, but without pain. Therefore, we recommend you soft comfortable shoes for dancing.

If you have weak knees, we recommend training with dance knee pads to prevent injury.

Street Dance (Street Dance) - street, or city, dance includes wide sharp movements, a series of long, quick steps and tricks on the floor. The concept of style is very important if you want to truly fit into this world. If you are part of a dance troupe or team, a dress code may be recommended. Finally, as with other types of dance, your clothes should be comfortable and flowing.

The main rule is to let your imagination run wild and come up with your own image! The most practical, in our opinion, would be this option: put on baggy trousers, wide leg pants or harem trousers.

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