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Krump Lab: Learning all Basics with Shutdown


Krump is a form of dance created by street artists “Tight Eyez” and “Big Mijo” in South Central, Los Angeles. Free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic, Krump is all about conditioning the mind & body and communicating the dancer’s personal emotions.

Led by Australian Krump Champion Shutdown (aka BADDBEAST), this intensive one-week workshop will start with the basic to intermediate techniques of “Foundation of Krump”. Then the participants will move to the next phase known as “Creation” and explore different moves that can be applied to Krump. Curated in the style of “Lab (Learning All Basics)”, participants will be asked to send a video to Shutdown and Shaun Parker daily as part of their personal dance development project. They will then have intensive technique practice through each class during the week.

Participants can attend IN PERSON (limited places) at The Seymour Centre (enter via Stage Door) or ONLINE. Zoom links will be provided at least 24 hours prior to each session.

Book for the week or attend single sessions.


Mark Manahan aka Shutdown, The Maddawg, is the leader of the pirates2k13 and also part of Straight Krump Australia and globally known fam #TheBeastcamp under Beast aka Baby Tight Eyex as BADDBEAST.

Shutdown had been dancing for 13 years starting off with hip hop and popping. Emerging from a challenging childhood, Shutdown used krump as an outlet to help him cope with life and helped him focus his life and pursue his dreams of becoming a dancer. A father of two, Shutdown found himself through dance, learning to become a better person through inspiring and motivating others and mentoring the youth.

Shutdown won the 2018 Australian Krump Championship, travelling internationally to be placed 4th in the World Krump Championship. He choreographed the short film Kill Off featuring Abby Earl (American Horror Story), and has won dance tournaments in Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Germany, and the USA.

SYDNEY MOVES is supported by the City of Sydney.


Monday to Friday 28 September to 2 October 2020
11am to 4pm daily


Full Week Price: $100 /Concession: $90
Daily Full Price $25 /Concession $20

Prices include booking fees.
Apply your Creative Kids voucher to participate for FREE.
Learn more about the NSW Government’s Creative Kids program


Shaun Parker & Company will adhere to all social distancing requirements, as recommended by the NSW Government, at all times.


What program is being used for the online workshop?

Shaun Parker & Company is using Zoom to conduct the workshops. You can download this app for free by going to https://zoom.us/download

What do I need to set up for each online workshop?

The workshops will require a clear space of approximately 1.5m x 1.5m. Any surface is ok. We recommend that participants wear exercise clothing that is easy to move in. Please have a bottle of water and a sweat towel handy.

My child is under 18 years of age. Do I need to supervise them during the workshop?

Our experienced, professional artist will lead each session online. They have a NSW Government Working with Children Check, as does Shaun Parker & Company. You will be required to complete and return a Parent/Guardian Permission Form here, upon booking your child to participate.

How can I contact the organiser if I have a question about these workshops?

Shaun Parker & Company staff are currently working from home. Please contact us by email: [email protected]

Can the participants ask the Workshop Leader questions during the workshop?

When using Zoom, you can click on the Chat icon on the bottom of the screen. Questions for the Workshop Leader should be typed in to Chat and they will respond when they can, primarily during breaks. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of each workshop.

Is it ok if the name on our Zoom account doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes. We do recommend that the person participating is on the Zoom account, so that our Workshop Leader can identify them by their initials during the workshop if required. However, it is not essential.

How are the workshops structured?

The Workshop Leader will introduce each workshop, providing instruction and ensuring that you have safe space to dance in. They will then lead a warm-up before leading the participants in a fun and active dance workshop during. There will be short breaks throughout each session. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of each workshop where people can ask more questions.

How to learn to krump?

Rebelliousness, violent emotions and tremendous speed of movement - perhaps this is how krump can be characterized. This street dance is so energetic that it looks like a fight. Training krump is different from training in other areas and requires a special outlook on life. The secrets of mastering this type of art are shared by Vlad Rudenko, a member of the very first crump-team "Emotion" in Russia.

The main advice from Vlad Rudenko is that you shouldn't give up dancing without knowing it. Before drawing any concrete conclusions, you should try this direction. Such an offer will be especially interesting for girls, because, as a rule, they are recruited into krump groups 2-3 times less than boys.

Feel the krump philosophy

Contrary to popular belief, this dance does not represent aggression. It demonstrates the strength of the spirit and the energy of the body. The dancer's facial expressions express negative emotions, not because anger boils in him, but because he is completely devoted to training.

Start with the base

Before moving on to mastering complex steps, you should hone your skills in basic movements. Swing, chestpop, stomp - these and other elements will allow you to feel your body. You will be able to understand the principles of gestures, master the positions of the arms and legs. Such movements are a necessary minimum for every novice dancer.

Dive into krump

If you're serious about learning dance, be sure to check out the history of the style. Perhaps, having learned that in the past krump battles often ended with a call to the police, you will be able to take a fresh look at this energetic dance.


After mastering the basic elements, gradually add new movements. The symbiosis of old and new movements will certainly lead to an increase in professionalism. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dance, listen to krump music.

Of the entire list of tips, the main one remains: do not be afraid to experiment. Kramp is a dance of free people who do not care about other people's opinions. And if you are such a person or really want to become one, welcome to the world of krump.

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Learn how to krump at Lets Dance dance school in Bishkek

Crump's dance style has arrived in South Los Angeles! As a style of street dance, and now it makes bodies move around the world.

This is a relatively young direction of dance that emerged in the early nineties of the last century. However, philosophy, the origin of dance, is forced to take a fresh look at it when meeting. Interestingly, the founders of Crump were opposed to violence and cruelty. They believed that even in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods there was no place to sort things out with the help of weapons. In dance battles, it was proposed to splash out negative emotions. At the same time, the dance itself is so energetic that people confuse it with a real fight that sometimes the police had to be called for mass dance battles.

At the same time, in the very name K.R.U.M.P. lies the true meaning: Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise which translates as "Empire of the Absolute Power of Spiritual Praise."

Hierarchical structure

The performers created associations, the so-called "families" - "families", reminiscent of breakdancing groups in their essence. The "family" is formed around the main performer Big Homie, who simultaneously acts as a dance coach and a kind of spiritual mentor, guru. The position of the performer in the team is determined by his professionalism and the attitude of the other members of the group towards him.
Crumpers in the group have their own hierarchy: jr(junior), lil, young, boy, kid, baby, child, tiny, infant, twin, prince, Souljah, General. In this case, the status is assigned once and remains unchanged.

About the history

To understand what Krump is, you need to familiarize yourself with its fascinating history in general terms. The origin of the style was largely facilitated by Clown Tommy (Tommy the Clown) - Thomas Johnson, he was the founder of the Clown Dance style. The founders of Kramp, Mijo and Tight Eyez, said that Johnson liked their dance style, but the Clown dance did not work out, a completely different style was born in their performance, which initially did not even have its own name. According to the recollections of the dancers, at first their dance was not perceived by anyone, but over time they began to be recognized, and this is how a new dance style was born, which today is called KRUMP.

The dance began to improve, new elements of movement appeared, its own style elements that were characteristic of this dance and subsequently recognizable in today's krump. Around the guys began to unite those who want to spend time and earn some money. After some time, MamaToon appears in their lives, which played a big role in the formation of a new dance style.

She was ready to bring aspiring dancers under her roof who loved to dance. She sought to ensure that children and young people did not hang out on the street idle, getting involved in street fights and showdowns.
As already mentioned, the creators of Crump had a deep faith in God. Mijo, being one of the founders of the style, said that Tight Eyez is a spiritual performer of Krump, praising the Almighty.

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