How to lose belly fat by dancing

5 Dance Moves to Help Burn Belly Fat and Get a Tight Tummy

Dance your way to a slimmer middle.

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Getting great abs doesn't have to involve the drudgery of crunches and planks. Channel your inner dancer to lose belly fat and reveal a toned tum.

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However, losing belly fat isn't just about looking good on the dance floor — it's a matter of health. Too much belly fat, especially the deep inner fat that widens your waistband, puts you at greater risk of chronic disease, including Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Don't fear, though. If you've got rhythm, you've got the tools to lose the extra pounds. Borrow moves from hip-hop, belly dancing and jazz to tone your muscles.

Get Your Groove on to Burn Fat

Belly fat shrinks in response to a more physically active lifestyle, and dancing is an effective way to move more — and enjoy it. Whether you shake it in Zumba or swivel your hips in your own living room, you're burning calories, which is key to losing belly fat.

While you can't target a specific area for fat loss, your belly is one of the places that shrinks first when you get moving, explains Rush University Medical Center. Movement helps boost your daily calorie burn, so you end up with a caloric deficit and your body has to dip into fat stores to provide energy.

Dancing is a fun way to burn calories. If you weigh 155 pounds and dance fast for 30 minutes, expect to burn 223 calories in 30 minutes, equal to a cross-country hike. Slower ballroom dance still sizzles 205 calories in 30 minutes and even a slow waltz fries 105 calories in the same amount of time — the amount you'd burn in a casual game of volleyball. People who weigh more burn a greater number of calories when dancing, too.

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Watch portion sizes and the quality of your food choices to make sure you lose belly fat. Limit sugary sweets, including soda and refined grains.

Waist-Whittling Moves

After you've danced to burn calories, perform some concentrated skills to tone your abs and further dance away your flab.

Hip Circles

This belly dancing move targets your outer ab muscles — the obliques — and your glutes. Put on some swanky tunes to get you in the mood. The jazz hip roll is a similar movement.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Lift your arms slightly to the sides of your body.

Step 2: Start to Move

Shift your hips right and left to get them warm.

Step 3: Get Your Circle On

Move into a circular motion — move your hips right, back, left and front. Repeat in the opposite direction. Keep the move going for about 90 seconds.


Keep your belly dancing mojo moving with this move that targets the front of your abs, known as the rectus abdominis.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Press your chest forward as you arch your spine. Keep your shoulders retracted and your arms at your sides.

Step 2: Tuck Your Pelvis

Reverse the action by drawing your abs in, tucking your pelvis and allowing the shoulders to press forward.

Step 3: Keep the Ripple Moving

Continue to work the ripple for 60 to 90 seconds.

Hip-Hop Crunch

Switch the tunes to something with a pounding hip-hop beat to work your rectus abdominis with this standing crunch that masquerades as a cool dance move.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and place your hands behind your head.

Step 2: Crunch and Lift

Tighten your abs to your spine as you lift your right knee up to your chest. Simultaneously crunch your upper body toward the knee. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Step 3: Find Your Rhythm

Find a rhythm as you alternate the sides for one to two minutes.

Reach Down

Add this move to your hip-hop routine for serious oblique work.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, hands behind your head.

Step 2: Reach With Attitude

Free your right arm and reach down toward your outer right knee, sidebending as you go. Avoid twisting; keep your hips squared to the front of the room.

Step 3: Keep It Moving

Repeat with the left arm. Alternate for one to two minutes.

Belly Roll

This move borrows from belly dancing, but with the right beat, it fits right into your hip-hop routine. Regardless, expect to need some practice to master the skill, which targets your rectus abdominis.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms floating alongside you, slightly to the back.

Step 2: Expand Your Ribs

Breathe in to expand your ribs and pull in the lowest portion of your abs.

Step 3: Expand Your Lower Belly

Relax your breath, expand your lower belly and draw in the upper region of your abs.

Step 4: Keep the Wave Moving

Alternate the moves to create a wavelike movement. Work your way up to 30 seconds or longer.

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Can Dancing Give You a Small Waist and a Toned Stomach? | Live Healthy

By Van Thompson Updated July 20, 2017

If you love twisting your way through a high-energy dance routine, dance could be a form of exercise that doesn't feel like work. Like any other form of cardiovascular exercise, dance can help whittle your waist and build your stomach muscles, though you'll lose weight from your entire body and not solely from your midsection. The amount of weight you lose and the time it takes, however, depends upon the type of dance you do and the frequency in which you do it.

Weight-Loss: The Basics

Although you can burn a few calories with weight-training exercises such as crunches and bicep curls, the best way to lose weight is through cardiovascular exercise, which burns many more calories. Dance is a type of cardio, which will burn fat throughout your entire body rather than just along your abs and waist. There's no single "best" type of dance to do for weight loss. Instead, you'll need to choose something you can stick with that's sufficiently intense to burn calories. If you want to tone your muscles while you dance, try incorporating small hand weights into an aerobic dance routine. For example, you might hold dumbbells while belly dancing. Dance routines that require leaps, jumps or lifting your partner -- such as advanced swing dancing or ballet -- can also help strengthen your muscles.

Dance Intensity

You'll burn more calories with dances that elevate your breathing and cause you to break a sweat than you will gently swaying back and forth with a partner. If you want to maximize your intensity, try dancing to fast songs and keeping your body moving for the entirety of the dance. According to Harvard Health Publications, a 125-pound person will burn about 180 calories in 30 minutes of fast dancing, but only 90 calories with a slow dance such as the foxtrot.

Dancing and Interval Training

Interval training is an easy way to increase the intensity of your routine and burn more calories by alternating between high and moderate-intensity exercise. You might try a slow waltz for a two to three-minute song, then switch to a rousing swing dance, returning to the slower waltz with the next song. reports that this variation in exercise intensity can help you burn more calories and boost your aerobic fitness.

Dance Frequency

Even if you have a rousing dance session that leaves you exhausted, you won't lose weight if you don't regularly and consistently dance. recommends as many as 300 minutes of cardio per week to lose weight. Your needs vary depending upon your starting weight, the intensity of your dance routine and how much weight you want to lose. One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so you'll need to burn 3,500 calories for every pound you want to lose. To up the frequency with which you dance, try enrolling in a weekly dance class, then practicing your moves throughout the week -- even dancing while you clean or do other mundane tasks.

Watch Your Diet

To see the best results, you'll need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Depending upon your normal caloric intake and your daily caloric needs, this might mean you need to eat less each day. Try eating nuts and berries as snacks rather than potato chips and cookies. Drink water instead of soda, and try gradually eliminating "bad" foods rather than trying to cut out everything at once.


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Van Thompson is an attorney and writer. A former martial arts instructor, he holds bachelor's degrees in music and computer science from Westchester University, and a juris doctor from Georgia State University. He is the recipient of numerous writing awards, including a 2009 CALI Legal Writing Award.

How will belly dancing help you lose weight

Belly dancing is not only a pleasant activity, but also a good alternative to diets and sports loads.

articleContent Belly dancing burns approximately 400 calories per hour. In addition, it has been noticed that dancers begin to eat less than usual. All this is due to the good mood that arises during dancing. After all, when a person is happy, he does not need antidepressants in the form of chocolates or cakes.

The art of belly dancing comes from the East. Since ancient times, this plastic dance has become a symbol of femininity and sensuality. Now he is experiencing a rebirth. Belly dancing is becoming more and more popular in European countries, where modern women master this art.

Fans of this dance sincerely believe that with its help you can easily get rid of extra pounds. And yet - such dances improve overall health.

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Since ancient times, belly dance included special techniques that even today surpass many modern methods of body shaping. Everyone who has ever seen an oriental dance noticed that the main load falls on the hips and abs, but the arms and neck are no less attached to the process.

articleContentWe will tell you about the movements that will help you lose weight.

1. Hands.

Hand movements improve the functioning of the joints, relieve tension in the neck area, and also quickly improve plasticity.

2. Hips.

The process of swinging the hips involves all muscle groups of the back, abs and buttocks.

But pushing the hips will help to overcome cellulitis in the buttocks. Muscles become more elastic, and the skin becomes elastic. Tremors stimulate the work of internal organs and accelerate the process of losing weight.

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3. Head.

Working with the muscles of the neck improves the blood supply to the brain, which stimulates the enrichment of oxygen, contributing to a more active mental activity.

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4. Frontal pushes.

They are especially useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles and improving definition. It is these exercises that contribute to the solution of gynecological problems.

articleContent5. Wave exercise.

Only the hips are involved in this exercise, and the upper body remains motionless. Describe a circle with your hips in the direction from top to bottom, while doing small steps forward.

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6. Exercise "Eight".

You need to mentally imagine a figure eight at waist level and describe it with your hips. The figure eight in the belly dance can be deep - this will help slim down the sides. How to do it: Move your hips as far as possible to the side and lift them up.

7. Exercise "Pendulum".

Bring your right thigh out to the side, then up, then lower it diagonally down. Perform the same movements with the left thigh.

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8. Shaking movement.

There are belly, arm, hip, vertical and on-the-go shakes. In all cases, there is vibration at the heart of the exercise. At first, this movement will be difficult to perform for more than 1-2 minutes, because the pace is lost very quickly, and all muscles get tired. However, over time, this exercise will not be so difficult. Note that in professional belly dancing, shaking can last 10-15 minutes.

You can practice these dances both in the studio and at home. The Internet is full of video tutorials and this topic. To begin with, select pleasant music for classes, which will create the necessary atmosphere of mystery and mystery of the East.

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articleContent Oriental dances may well replace regular fitness. Unlike sports, belly dancing improves the figure and teaches you how to move beautifully, develops female sexuality. You will really feel like a seductive woman.


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Without sports: 6 types of dances for weight loss with video

Are you worried in advance how to get back in shape? Dancing is the most pleasant, emotional and interesting way to a beautiful figure. But what kind of dances will help us find the perfect body the fastest?


Zumba is not really a dance, it's more of a dance fitness. This is an aerobic workout based on rhythmic movements performed to incendiary music. It is a mixture of salsa, cumbia, flamenco, calypso, mamba, rumba. This is not only useful and energy-intensive, but also really fun!

Effect. Training involves all muscles, but the main load falls on the lower body - legs and buttocks. Zumba develops plasticity, flexibility, endurance, trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and, of course, improves mood.

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 400-500 kcal.

Difficulties. None! In fact, this is the only type of dance for which you do not need any special physical training. At the end of the lesson, you do not need to combine the learned chords into a beautiful dance, you can improvise, and the coach will not force you to perfectly repeat all his movements. You just dance, rejoice and get rid of extra pounds.

Here is a little workout so that you know what Zumba really is:

Pole dance

Pole dance (pole dance) will not only allow you to relax and surprise your loved one, but also lose weight. Classes include all types of load: power, aerobic, stretching, acrobatics. Pole dance is not a striptease, as many people think, but only its imitation. The main emphasis here is on the technique of execution, and it is worth noting that it is not easy.

Effect. Pole training tightens all muscle groups (the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle work, the abs and back muscles, legs and buttocks, as well as the calf muscles), improve flexibility, stretching, transform posture and gait. Exercise has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

After just a few sessions, you will notice that you have become more graceful, feminine, self-confident. Pole dance helps to get rid of complexes, to feel attractive and sexy.

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 450-450 kcal.

Difficulties . You cannot master pole dancing in one, three or even five lessons. This is hard work that requires perseverance, aspiration, and patience. A beginner can start training, but it’s still better to have a good stretch right away. In addition, if you are a shy person in life, then you will need to force yourself to get rid of awkwardness and start dancing. But believe me: a beautiful and seductive body is worth your effort!

This short pole dance video will prove to you that pole dance is so much more than just an erotic dance.

Belly dance

Belly dance is one of the most sexy and sensual dances. Do you think it does not contribute to weight loss, since only the stomach is involved in it, and all movements are smooth? In fact, many muscle groups work during belly dancing, and this is a very effective way to tighten your figure and lose unnecessary pounds.

Effect. Of course, the abdominal muscles have the hardest time of all. The oblique muscles work especially actively, which can be difficult to reach even in the gym. In addition, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back are strengthened, beautiful hips are formed, extra centimeters are removed from the waist. It is believed that belly dancing has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system, and also normalizes metabolism. And of course, a woman performing a belly dance feels attractive, desirable and beautiful!

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 350-400 kcal.

Difficulties . Yes, belly dancing is far from the easiest dance direction, but at the same time, the load on the joints and ligaments during classes is minimal, which means that a woman of any age and any weight can master this dance. You can dance at least every day - you do not need rest between workouts to restore muscles.

Mesmerizing belly dance video:

Irish Step

If your main problem is fat legs, try Irish step. These dances will replace your running, jump rope, and step aerobics. During the dance, the legs actively work, the torso remains practically motionless, and the arms perform only smooth movements. All types of Irish dances are performed to traditional Irish melodies: reels, jigs, hornpipes.

Effect. This is the perfect dance for those who want to really pump up their legs. Relief, tightened, slender hips, calves, buttocks - this is the main result of Irish step classes. In addition, this type of dance helps to pump up the press, correct posture, develop the respiratory system and strengthen the heart muscle. The dance is very rhythmic, which means that at each workout you will have to sweat a lot, but, as you know, not only harmful substances, but also extra pounds go away with sweat.

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 500-600 kcal.

Difficulties. Irish music has a strong rhythm and requires precise steps, so if you don't know what a sense of rhythm is, it can be difficult for you to keep up with the tempo of the dance.

Irish step is a serious dance that cannot be learned in a couple of practice sessions. Keep in mind that you will master the Irish step faster if you have never practiced other dance styles. The fact is that classical choreographic training sometimes prevents the body from remembering the positions of Irish dances, so it’s better to start learning from scratch.

When you dance like the girl in the video, you will not have a single extra gram left:

Latin American dances

Incendiary, energetic, emotional Latin American dances are definitely what you need to quickly burn fat . Bachata, salsa, cha-cha-cha, rumba, jive - the choice is huge! Fatigue, weakness, bad mood - these concepts simply do not exist when you dance salsa or rumba. In addition, most of the Latin American dances are performed in pairs, which means that during the dance you can’t be lazy so as not to let your partner down.

Effect. During the training, all muscle groups are involved, but the emphasis is on the abs, thighs and buttocks. You will learn to keep your back, monitor coordination, move plastically and feel your body. Latin American dances will tighten the figure and help get rid of extra pounds. And of course, incendiary dances are the perfect cure for the blues!

How much can you burn in an hour of training? 400-500 kcal.

Difficulties. Not everyone can perform movements at such a frantic pace as required by Latin American dances. You have to give 100% to see the result.

Take a look, would you like to dance samba just like professional dancers do?

We advise you to pay attention to bachata. Like all Latin American dances, it helps to open up, shake off complexes, strengthens the cardiovascular system and keeps the body in good shape.

Bachata is also quite simple in choreography (which is especially important for beginner dancers). So much so that even people with some physical features can perform it. Actually, bachata is known as a healing dance that helps strengthen muscles after injuries.


A dance that makes not only the legs thin, but the whole body. A passionate Spanish dance, flamenco sets a very fast pace, so that the process of losing weight will not seem monotonous and boring to you. In flamenco classes you will gain self-confidence, achieve harmony of soul and body and feel what it means to be truly free!

Effect. Flamenco classes teach you how to beat a fraction, keep your back straight and arch your hands. After a couple of months of training, the hips and buttocks lose weight, and the calf muscles acquire a beautiful relief.

Learn more