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Las Vegas Strip Club Deals: Get 100% Free Limo & Entry

If heading to Vegas with a group of guys, and especially if celebrating a bachelor party, we feel you need to check out at least one Las Vegas strip club to really get the most out of your weekend.

Be prepared for over the top craziness like you’ve never seen before. Expect a handful of unforgettable stories with friends that will last a lifetime. Oh and definitely bring more cash than you think you’ll need, just in case.

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Las Vegas Strip Club Cover & Costs

If driving yourself, or taking a cab or uber, cover can range from $30-50 per person at any major strip club in Las Vegas.  Factoring in transportation costs, the trip can get expensive very quickly – before even getting in the door.

Fortunately, nearly all clubs provide free round trip transportation and admission when booking in advance through a service like our own.

When you make a reservation with us (see sign up below) your cover is waived at all major clubs and you’ll have a VIP limo pick you up at your hotel and return you when ready to go.

How Much Cash Should I Bring to a Las Vegas Strip Club?

With entry and transportation included, the only thing you’ll have to pay for is drinks.

At each club you’ll have a two drink minimum. Each standard drink will be $20, making a total of $40 you would pay for everything.

Note: $20 sounds pricey for a drink, but only slightly more than the average cocktail at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

How much are Lap Dances in Las Vegas?

On top of drinks you’ll almost certainly want a lap dance and a few loose singles ($10-20 worth) to toss around for the stage dances.

On average, the cost of a lap dance is between $20-30 depending on the entertainer. The average guy buys two dances during a visit to a Las Vegas strip club, so including a $5-10 tip per dance, we recommend bringing $70-80 for “extra entertainment.

The step up from the traditional lap dance is the “VIP room” which can start at $100 per song, and commonly involves a lot more intimacy than your standard dance.  If you’re thinking this may be an option after a few drinks, we recommend bringing some serious cash along.  A few thousand for your group is a starting point.

All in all, the average guy should be planning on $40 between entry, transportation, and drinks – and another $100 ($20 in singles) for dances and small tips.

This makes a total of $140 a good rule of thumb, but you can still thoroughly enjoy the night for just $40 total if looking to cut costs and go minimum.

Making Las Vegas Strip Club Reservations

To reserve the $40 all inclusive package at any one of the best Las Vegas strip clubs, simply scroll down to our sign up form below and let us know what club you’d like and when is a good time for pickup at your hotel.

We guarantee free entry and round trip limo from any Las Vegas strip or downtown hotel.   You would simply buy two drinks at a total of $40 when you arrive. No hidden fees or charges, and no payment ahead of time is necessary.

If looking for immediate help you can reach us directly via text or call our hotline at 702-935-2425.

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Las Vegas Strip Clubs Guide: Doing them the Right Way

Now that you have an idea of how much you can expect to save booking one of our Las Vegas Strip club deals, you should also be aware of some of the common pitfalls to avoid when planning your visit.

Avoid Bottle Service (Unless you Really Have the Cash)

While the strip club would love to sell you bottle service on top of admission and drinks, the truth is that it doesn’t come with the same valuable real estate as in a Las Vegas nightclub.

In a nightclub, you need to purchase bottle service in order to have an area and place to sit (read more in our guide to Las Vegas bottle service).  The same is not true for a Las Vegas strip club.

As part of the two drink minimum entry package, you’ll already be granted priority seating near the stage and a table to yourselves when you arrive.  This eliminates the main advantage to bottle service – your own booth and party section.

That being said, you will get more attention from the staff by buying bottles, so if you have the cash and want to go ultra VIP we of course won’t stop you.

Dress like Money (Las Vegas Strip Club Dress Code)

As in the nightclub world, appearance is everything. The level of attention you get from the dancers will usually depend on how you come off.

A man with his wife at the strip club will get minimum attention compared to a group of bachelors. Guys decked out in suits and watches will have girls flocking to them while the guy in sweatpants will usually have to wait til they’re done.

You should be somewhere in the middle – don’t try too hard or be too flashy – but do look clean cut and well to do. It will end up stretching your dollar inside the club.

Some clothing items should be avoided. You may be denied admission for wearing:

  • Shorts of any Kind
  • Hats (most places are lenient)
  • Sweatshirts & Sweatpants
  • Sports Jerseys, Muscle Shirts & Athletic Wear
  • Athletic Sneakers & Sandals

Don’t Listen to Anyone you Meet on the Strip (Seriously)

From the second you step out onto the Las Vegas strip you will be assaulted by dubious street promoters of all kinds, the most ruthless being the strip club promoters. We’re convinced some will tell any lie necessary to make sure you get into their limo.

Usually you will end up completely lied to and having to pay for admission, transportation, drinks, and a return ride. Some of the worst stories include the sale of fake passes to unsuspecting patrons, and promises of admission to strip clubs that have been closed for years.

Avoid street promoters and their passes at all costs.

Take out Cash Ahead of Time

It’s a commonly known fact that Las Vegas strip club ATMs charge exorbitant fees of $10-20 or even more for a withdrawal inside the club.

A good piece of advice is to visit one of your bank’s ATMs off the strip or in one of the hotels before getting picked up. Bank of America, for example, has an ATM located on the fourth floor of the M&M store next to MGM Grand (a hidden gem).

The Best Las Vegas Strip Club Deals

Now that you know how Las Vegas strip club deals work, as well as some common practices to ensure a successful night, let’s go over the options.  Although there are almost twenty strip clubs in Vegas, you’d only want to give your money to about five of them.

We’ve isolated the absolute best strip club deals in Las Vegas by venue and put them in order of our recommendation:

  • Crazy Horse III
  • Treasures Las Vegas
  • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
  • Sapphire Las Vegas
  • Spearmint Rhino

Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III Strip Club

Crazy Horse III is a Vegas industry favorite.  Home to some of the hottest dancers in town, the club is always busy and always a good time.

Two Drink Minimum: $40
VIP Limo (Round Trip): FREE
VIP Admission: FREE
Priority Stage Seating: FREE

Total: $40/person

Treasures Las Vegas

Treasures Las Vegas Strip Club

Treasures Las Vegas calls itself “the most luxurious gentleman’s club in the world” and rightfully so. Featuring a sprawling main room and winding staircases to the VIP rooms, Treasures is the epitome of high class fun.

Two Drink Minimum: $40
VIP Limo (Round Trip): FREE
VIP Admission: FREE
Priority Stage Seating: FREE

Total: $40/person

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is an icon in Las Vegas, and a favorite spot among strip club aficionados. Commonly known as simply “Hustler,” we recommend going here to experience the old school Vegas vibe.

Two Drink Minimum: $40
VIP Limo (Round Trip): FREE
VIP Admission: FREE
Priority Stage Seating: FREE

Total: $40/person

Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Las Vegas Strip Club

Sapphire is king in Vegas and our #1 spot.  Boasting a title as the world’s largest strip club with over 80,000 square feet of space, you’re guaranteed to find something you like.  Oh and did we mention – the hottest dancers voted three years in a row.

Two Drink Minimum: N/A (Must Reserve Drink Card / Bottle Package)
VIP Limo (Round Trip): FREE
VIP Admission: FREE
Priority Stage Seating: FREE

Total: $65+/person

Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club

One of the most popular strip clubs for tourists and couples visiting Vegas is Spearmint Rhino.  The crowd is usually casual and accepting of partying groups of girls and guys.  Coming in at #5 its still a very solid choice even for the slightly higher two drink minimum price.

Two Drink Minimum: N/A (Bottle Service Only)
VIP Limo (Round Trip): FREE
VIP Admission: FREE
Priority Stage Seating: FREE

Total: $150+/person

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    Las Vegas Strip Clubs | Hottest Gentlemen's Clubs In 2022


    Location: 3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr.
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 3525 W Russell Rd
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 6007 Dean Martin Dr.
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 3500 W Naples Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 1531 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 3340 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 2801 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas
    Days Open: Daily
    Music: Varies


    Location: 6007 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas
    Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    Music: Varies

    The Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club Overview

    Strip clubs are open in Las Vegas! If you are looking for strip clubs near me, or simply want information on what is currently available, you have come to the right place.

    Are you headed to Vegas with a bachelor party or group of your favorite guy friends? Ladies you are welcome too of course. We recommend checking out one of Las Vegas' top strip clubs. On that note, while there are a lot of gentlemen's clubs in town, only a handful are high quality.  And as such, only a few are recommended by No Cover Nightclubs. The venues mentioned above are high quality, clean, and a ton of fun, and really the only locations you should consider.

    While there are over 20 strip clubs in Las Vegas, trust us when we say there are only a few that are worth your time and money. When visitors come to Las Vegas they want to see things they would never have access to in their hometown. The clubs we've chosen to work with definitely make the cut and have the 'wow factor' on multiple levels. Our guests can expect the hottest women, solid customer service, and top of the line venues with cleanliness, music, and lighting. We would also like to note that all of the clubs on our list are establish and reputable businesses that are in good standing with the city and their merchant accounts. There are some shady operations in Las Vegas, and we want you to know that you won't find any of them with us.

    How Much Are Lap Dances?

    In Las Vegas the industry standard for a lap dance is $20 per song. So you can expect that. VIP rooms become a totally different story. This more private affair can vary from club to club and be different depending on how busy the venue is. Some strip clubs will have a drink or bottle minimum for VIP rooms, but not all. The VIP experience is time based, and the more time you choose to spend with the entertainer, the more money it will cost. Industry averages are 3 songs for $100, half an hour is $250 to $300, and an hour ranges from $400 to $500. A bit of advice we prefer to give is to make sure and discuss and agree on a price with the dancer before she starts.

    How Much Are Drinks In Las Vegas Strip Clubs?

    Again the drink prices tend to vary depending on the venue, time, and day of the week. The best part is we have some of the best hookups and offers that get you into the clubs for free, with free transportation, and you only have to purchase two drinks (which are you going to get anyway since you're partying).

    What Kind Of Girls Will Be There?

    The girls in Las Vegas strip gentlemen's clubs represent a very diverse group of women. They come from all over the world to perform at the most popular party city in Las Vegas. It is estimated that there can be up to 10,000 girls between all the club in any given night. You can expect to meet stunning girls from all ethnicity, background, shapes, and sizes. Trust me there are sexy Asian, Latina, Ebony, Caucasian, European, and women from all over. Overall the dancers and strippers are sexy girls who are fun and enjoy what they do and the clubs they work at. Our advice is to not be shy and enjoy the party environment.

    Are There Male Strip Clubs In Vegas?

    100% yes there are. Men aren't the only ones that get to enjoy the exotic clubs. Women also have multiple venues that have male entertainers and packages to see the male strippers. No Las Vegas bachelorette party is complete without a male strip club Las Vegas.

    General Guidelines

    • A good way to get the most out of a VIP area experience is to say how much cash you are willing to spend and ask what that will get you. This way you don't risk paying for things you don't want.
    • Make sure you bring cash to the club. The ATM and credit card fees to get cash can be killer.
    • On that note, don't bring more money to Las Vegas strip clubs than you want to spend, especially if you are not in full control. Strippers and waitresses are experts at getting customers to spend a lot of money. Know your limits.
    • Know the dress code. It is the same as for nightlife. You'll want to dress to impress anyway. See our complete dress code guide for all the answers.
    • Just like every other service in Las Vegas know that you should tip. If you like a dancer on stage tip her. When you sit in the front row know that it is basically mandatory to tip.

    How Much Are Las Vegas Strip Clubs

    Many strip clubs in Las Vegas charge a $20-$50 cover charge during the evening, nights, and for special events. Using our strip club packages for these clubs will get you and your group complimentary admission and free transportation from the strip. They will pick you up from your hotel and communicate with you through the cell phone number you provide.  Simply provide the pickup time and location, and you will be partying the night away with beautiful women in no time.

    Once Inside The Gentlemen's Club

    You will find the classic setup with tables, bars, stages, and poles, but typically the venues in Vegas are huge. The girls walk around and mingle with the guests to talk and ask for lap dances. The waitresses are also very attractive, so make sure you pay attention and don't get the two confused. If a girl is sitting with you don't be surprised if she asks if you want a drink and one for the dancer as well.

    What Time Are Gentlemen's Clubs Open?

    Most strip clubs in Vegas are open 24/7. The best times to attend are night of course.

    What Is The Age Limit To Attend

    Just like nightclubs, gentlemen's clubs have an age requirement of 21 and over.

    How To Find Las Vegas Strip Clubs Near Me?

    Using our strip club outline above it is simple to find which gentlemen's clubs are near you. You can quickly and easily browse by location or address, and find information, photos and videos.

    HONEST about working in strip clubs abroad | Pros and Cons


    The essence of the work of a striptease dancer
    Who can be a stripper?
    Who wouldn't like this job?
    Do I need to know how to dance to work in a strip club?
    How much do Strip dancers earn abroad?
    Privates, power lines and table dancing - what is it?
    Why is it better to work in striptease abroad
    Where should beginners go and where should professionals go?
    Testimonials about working as a stripper abroad
    How to overcome the fear of working abroad?
    Myths about strippers


    Long legs in high heels, smooth and graceful movements, a beautiful costume that slowly falls to the floor, and a crazy sexy nude figure. She explodes men's fantasy, she captivates feelings and thoughts, she drives one crazy... She is a striptease dancer. Everyone who sees her is subject to her. Stripper - not just undressing on stage in front of men. She plays. She seduces. With every movement she fascinates and enchants.


    For someone from the outside it seems that it is easy to undress in public. Some, on the contrary, believe that it is simply impossible. And the truth is that the essence of the work is not at all in undressing. It is impossible to make a man see only himself by simply undressing.

    Girls who like this job don't even notice the fact that they are naked. For them, it's okay. And in fact, any girl is hardly more "covered" on the beach. What really matters is the artistry.

    You can barely bare your shoulder and win over the client, or you can take off your panties, leaving the man indifferent.

    The stripper on stage is a goddess. Every slightest gesture of hers is a challenge. Challenge for men. "Try and hold on. Try not to want me…” It all comes down to girls channeling a man's fantasy. In other words, they add fuel to the fire. The natural instincts of the clients themselves work for the dancers.

    A man for whom a stripper dances feels like God. Before him, with all the passion, a gorgeous woman wriggles. And the dancer, in turn, perfectly understands that this client is nothing more than a source of her income. She plays her performance, amusing his vanity. And he "leads" to this, generously rewarding her efforts. The girl sees a man for the first and last time in her life. She does not care at all what he thought about her, how long he remembered her dance, to whom he told about it. Tomorrow she will not even remember what this “adored and desired” man looked like during the three minutes of the dance.

    And most importantly: striptease is an art. He has nothing to do with vulgarity and “selling” himself.

    Needless to say that, as such, it appeared at the beginning of our era (if not earlier). Women more than two thousand years ago realized what power they gain over a man by dancing for him. To this day, smart girls use their gift to seduce and benefit from it. And the widespread opinion “on the benches at the entrances” that strippers are all prostitutes is nothing more than the stupidity of ignorant people. Sometimes dancers are much more decent than ordinary girls.

    Striptease is an honest job. Dance, emotions, plasticity and beauty. Instead, money. And nothing more.


    If, when you started reading, you imagined a long-legged girl with a perfect body, gorgeous hair and a model appearance, then be sure that in your imagination there is an ideal that corresponds to 30 percent of all dancers. In fact, being a stripper does not mean being a beauty standard. All you need is self-confidence, self-love and some inner energy of sexuality and passion.

    It's not always girls who come to this job with such a morale. Sometimes girls with complexes begin to work, embarrassed by their figures, considering themselves ugly and generally having no idea how to undress in public. How is this possible? Firstly, the inner desire of the girl to get rid of the complexes plays a role here. Secondly, a great desire to conquer men and see enthusiastic looks. And, thirdly, the desire to "try".

    Somewhere deep down every girl, when she looks at a dancer, envy her a little. Simply because she delights others. Simply because she "can do it." Simply because she is sexy and very attractive.

    And if a girl has even the slightest percentage of these three desires, she will be a good stripper. No stories of dancers that they needed money and therefore went into a striptease do not reveal the true reasons. If there is no desire to see enchanted male looks, the girl will go to any other job. There are always many options. But the one who wants to get high from herself will become a dancer.

    Who wouldn't want to work as a striptease dancer?

    Definitely, a girl who is categorically afraid to undress in front of the public will not be able to work. The one who does not know how to control his mood will not cope with the work. If a dancer comes to work, she leaves all her thoughts and problems behind the doors of the club, puts on a costume and goes to conquer the stage - she is a dancer, she is an artist. She puts on a “mask” and works in such a way that it never occurs to anyone that she is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Every time she is on stage, she plays her main role in her own “performance”. She wins male attention with one look, and it doesn’t matter what happens in her life. And if a girl comes and cannot cope with sadness, fatigue or anger - well, what kind of dance will she get?

    Striptease dancers are the most talented actresses. They play passion for those they feel nothing for, they smile even when they are sad, they are full of energy when they are tired. If a girl does not know how, then this work is not for her.

    Do I need to know how to dance to work in a strip club?

    Of course, to work as a stripper you need to have at least a minimum of plasticity. But. It is very important. Do not confuse Pole dance and striptease. Pole dance is a sport. The girls on the pole do things that can only be compared with gymnasts on the apparatus. Strippers are not required to do this. Yes, it's great if a girl was engaged in Pole dance and knows how to do something. But if he can't, it's not a hindrance. Anyone can spin around the pole, and you can learn how to make some simple elements, if you wish, already in the process of work. In addition, there are contracts that involve training in pole dancing. For example, in Thailand, girls are given the opportunity to learn dancing with a choreographer, having already arrived for a contract. If you want to know more about this, read more about working conditions for strippers in Thailand. But again, it is not the knowledge of the “correct” movements that is more important. More important is artistry. None of the most difficult pole tricks can replace a passionate look and sexy plasticity.

    Although, to be fair, spectacular tricks on the pylon attract attention. Men look at it like a show. And when beautiful plasticity is combined with something unusual or complex, it makes a splash.

    Naturally, the more attention a girl gets, the more she earns. Therefore, dancers involved in Pole dance or strip plastic still have their advantages and priority over girls without dance experience.


    When it comes to money, dancers earn the most in the club industry. One ten-minute dance sometimes brings a girl more than a hostess all night. For example, in Greece, a dancer receives 15 € for 7 minutes of a private dance. And for 30 minutes - 60 €. This is not counting the tip, which, of course, the client will always leave the stripper. Looking for detailed working conditions for striptease dancers in Greece? Press. And we're moving on.

    In almost all countries, girls are paid a shift rate. On average across countries, it is 50 - 60 $. Somewhere more, somewhere less. In addition to this amount, the dancer receives money for table dancing, for privates, and dancers can also work on consummation and also earn money on cocktails. Privates, as a rule, also have a fixed price, which varies from country to country from $15 to $100. But, if a dancer believes that her dance is more expensive than the institution says, she herself has the right to raise the price. As a result, they earn more.

    Naturally, all dancers are given tips. In this regard, the profession is very profitable. The hostess model, for example, cannot expect every client to leave a tip. But that the stripper would not be given a tip is nonsense.

    Given the specifics of the work, just imagine. A rich and tipsy man, extremely admired and excited by a girl, who litters with money and wants the object of his desire to stay near him longer. Represented? Now think about how much you can “pull” out of it in this state. Smart girls use such clients and literally “hit the Jackpot” in one shift. By the way, abroad it cannot be that the client will come, will look, will not order anything and the girl will not earn. Such clients who do not spend money are simply kicked out of the club. What can not be said about domestic strip bars. By the way, if you are interested in reading about strip clubs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you will find more information about this in the article “Reviews of striptease dancers in Moscow and St. Petersburg”.

    If the dancer has a desire, she can work on consumption between dances. Someone treated me to a cocktail, I also received money for it. For example, in Macau, for one bottle of champagne, a girl gets from $75 to $1200. But this is not the focus. Because dancing brings a lot more money. What is important - alcohol is always more expensive in strip clubs. Therefore, striptease dancers earn more than hostesses on consumption in ordinary bars. In Macau and Thailand, dancers also earn money from food and treats. For detailed working conditions for striptease dancers in Macau, click here.

    Immediately a logical question - where are the highest incomes? Most of all girls now earn in Macau and in big clubs in New York.

    Dancers here earn from $4,000 to $7,000 per month. And in the US, the earnings of dancers in strip clubs reach $ 10,000. And these are absolutely real figures, which are called by the girls themselves, who work from EGO agency on contracts. In addition, both in Macau and in the USA it is profitable not only to dance, but also to work on consummation. When girls skillfully combine these two responsibilities, the earnings come out very good.

    Where do they pay the least? In strip bars in Armenia or striptease clubs in Georgia. In general, how can agencies offer girls such contracts, where earnings are less than in Ukraine or in Russia?


    In all clubs, girls have several exits to the stage (stage). Their duration and number depend on the institution. As a rule, three times per shift you need to dance on the stage, tablet or any equipped location. This is a kind of advertisement. The girl comes out to show herself. All guests of the establishment see it. Those who especially liked it order private dances (private dances are used by dancers) and table dance or Lap Dance. For a guest, such personal dances are an expensive pleasure. Therefore, dancers earn very well on such orders.

    Table dance (table dance) or in some countries, for example, in Italy it is called lap dance ( Lap Dance ) is a dance that a girl performs near a client. Depending on the country, there are two options - either the dancer works next to the man and his table, or dances on his lap. The duration of such dances is always minimal. About 1.5 minutes on average. The cost of such a dance for a man is much lower than private. Accordingly, the girl earns a little. But this is a kind of advertisement. Demo version. Firstly, such a dance is very short, and secondly, topless (the girl takes off only the top). As a rule, no one strips completely at table dances. It is difficult for an excited man to deny himself the pleasure of fully enjoying this beauty.

    And in full measure - this is already private dance (“prive” in Italy). Private is a dance in a closed separate room, where no one, except for one client, sees the dancer. Of course, in most strip clubs there are cameras through which the guards watch to make sure everything is fine. There is also a guard at the door. Usually there is no door. A thick dark curtain closes the room. All of these are security measures. In case of unforeseen situations, the guard immediately comes to the aid of the girl. But for the client, private is a dance for him alone. The girl, as a rule, undresses completely. Again, this depends on the country. Somewhere girls and privates dance topless, for example, in striptease clubs in Greece. Somewhere they cheat by putting on two pairs of panties, for example, in Macau. Some removed, others, barely noticeable, left. Privates last longer. On average, from 3 to 10 minutes. But for them, the girls get very decent money. For example, in large US clubs one private session (15 minutes) brings a dancer $75, and a stripper gets $225 for a 60-minute dance.

    Read the article for more information about the system of striptease clubs.


    Nothing needs to be added after the mentioned numbers. Every girl understands that she will not earn so much in her homeland. Even the most experienced and hardworking stripper will not reach such an income as abroad.

    But, in addition to high salaries, there are a number of advantages of working abroad. Let's analyze them in detail.

    1. Security. In the post-Soviet space (in striptease clubs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) there are very few worthy establishments. As a rule, these are clubs in which the guards do not protect the rights of girls. Nobody pays attention to clients who allow themselves too much. Girls themselves resolve emerging conflicts. Abroad, the rules are strict. Clients are not allowed much. For violation of the rules - fined. For example, you can’t touch girls with your hands or walk with them outside the club. And security is watching. A huge number of cameras, personnel monitoring the order. Girls come to work with confidence - nothing bad will happen to them
    2. The moral side of the issue. In the Slavic mentality, there is still a certain stereotype about the availability of dancers. And men, especially drunk ones, behave accordingly. And worst of all, low-class strip bars live up to that reputation. in them strippers are banal prostitutes. Abroad, the attitude towards girls is completely different. Here the client himself understands everything, and if not, he is immediately explained intelligibly
    3. The generosity of clients. Abroad clients are richer. And this is important not only from a financial point of view. It is morally more pleasant to dance for a man who generously appreciates your efforts. Because when you dance near a client, and he gives you, roughly speaking, two dollars for this, it’s just a shame. Abroad, this also happens, but here it is an exception to the rule. Often, men without money simply do not come to strip bars abroad. Entry, booze - everything is so expensive that it makes no sense to go with empty pockets
    4. Living conditions. Contracts for girls are offered in the most beautiful and interesting places. The island of Sardinia is a "millionaires' resort", stunning Thailand, the second Las Vegas in the world - the country of Macau, the dream city of New York or snow-white, ancient and mythical Greece. Choose what suits you! Girls not only go to earn money. They see the world. They live in good apartments (usually by the sea or in the city center). Buy good things and taste delicious food. "Picture outside the window" - one is better than the other. And you must admit that waking up in the morning after a work shift and going to a beautiful azure beach is much more pleasant than sitting at home on the couch and watching a series. And in general, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of travel in human life. Each new country brings new knowledge, new acquaintances, new experience. All this expands the boundaries of the worldview, develops the imagination, makes a person free
    5. Attitude towards a dancer. Not only clients delight girls with their attitude. Foreign clubs value their employees very much. They are the main income of the institution and therefore the management and staff try to please the girls as much as possible. Strippers here feel like high-class artists around whom the whole club revolves. Many girls note that at first it is even embarrassing from such a "star" status

    And one more very important plus. In a prestigious striptease club, most likely, a “friend”, “brother”, etc. will not enter. A real review of a story that took place in the life of a dancer who worked in Athens. A girl, in order to pay for one of the most expensive faculties at a prestigious university in Moscow, went to work as a dancer in a strip bar:

    I became a stripper to pay for my studies. Nobody, of course, knew who I was. One day in Moscow I dance on the stage, and the most respected teacher in the faculty is sitting at the bar. Of course he recognized me. We smiled at each other… But then somehow I felt uneasy in his classes… Therefore, as soon as I passed the exam, I turned to the EGO agency for the employment of girls abroad. Chose, which is closer - Greece. I went for a month, for testing, and stayed for the whole summer. In Moscow, I earned up to $2,000 a month. And this money had to be “earned” on a daily basis. In Greece, my rate alone for coming to work is 1560 Euros, and the net earnings for the month, together with privates, cons and tables, amounted to over 4000 Euros. Working in a place where no one will recognize you is a very important moment for moral peace. Abroad, the girl works for her own pleasure without embarrassment, completely surrendering to the profession

    By the way, this girl, Milana, later, after the contract, dropped out of school and married a close friend of her client. And the future husband knew about her work. Of course, he was not enthusiastic, but he was sympathetic to her profession. After the wedding, there was no need to work at all.

    Detailed conditions of work as a stripper abroad in each country look in the section.

    Benefits of being a dancer, apart from income

    Along with the itchy desire to “float around the stage, collecting passionate male gazes”, of course, income. The income of striptease dancers is always high. And if in the post-Soviet space strippers earn very well, then abroad, half a year of work allows a girl to buy an apartment or a car.

    In addition, dancers often make useful contacts. Regular clients appear, for whom you not only dance, but also become an interlocutor, friend, and sometimes lover. Yes, it's hard to believe, but sometimes girls marry their clients. And the explanation for this is simple - a man who gets to know the dancer better quickly realizes that she is not at all an “available girl for the night”. He sees that she is working. He learns about the purpose of her earnings (as a rule, dancers have the most noble goals - studying, buying a home, helping parents, etc.). Well, there is no need to talk about the fact that she excites his imagination .

    Men fall in love with those who initially do not pretend to be brides. Once you step over fear and go on stage - there is no turning back. You will never be the same as before. Because the moment you start dancing for the first time and get the first money for it, you will understand that your body is beautiful and desirable, and you are beautiful and literally “omnipotent”. Nastya, who flew to Italy to work as a dancer, left a review about working at the agency:

    Before the contract, I didn't like myself very much. I was shy. I don't have a very good figure, I'm not skinny. I did and now I love myself. I started taking care of myself more. I'm on a diet. I am very satisfied with my condition…

    Even more reviews of dancers from Italy in the article.

    By the way, self-care is another real benefit. Girls who have worked as dancers begin to relate to themselves in a completely different way. They take care of the figure, the condition of the skin. Even if they don’t go to the gym, their legs become pumped up and beautiful. Although most often, girls start playing sports to keep themselves in shape.


    For beginners, as already mentioned, Thailand, Italy, Greece are ideal. Greece and Thailand are especially favored by newcomers to the strip - even girls who have never danced come here. Probably, the very atmosphere here is conducive to quickly becoming a professional.

    Irisha first completed several consummation contracts with EGO agency in Turkey on a work and tourist visa. However, the girl needed money to buy her own housing, and she began to look for more profitable jobs. The permanent manager of Ira and Yana (Ira's girlfriend), who has already become their close friend, mentor and colleague, advised Thailand to his favorites. The main "hitch" was that Irisha did not know how to dance at all. But after returning from Thailand, an inspired, prettier, luxurious girl, in chic clothes, told us:

    I went to a contract, I didn't know how to dance at all. Except in a club with girlfriends. I quickly realized that the main thing on stage is confidence. You dance confidently - it's beautiful, but if you pinch or are shy, it turns out badly. I learned how to dance on the pylon in a month, I even mastered a couple of tricks at the top. Herself. Without a choreographer…

    The life of dancers in Thailand is comfortable. Good quality housing. The sea is nearby. And the audience is interesting - literally the whole world comes here. Girls are faced with a variety of men, and it's always interesting. Well, an average income of $ 2,500 - $ 3,000 per month is a very real amount. And if you get a rich client, you will earn an order of magnitude more.

    Would you like more testimonials about stripper jobs in Thailand? Follow the link.

    But girls with experience can safely go to work in Macau and the USA. These countries are now very popular among dancers. Incomes in the strip clubs of these countries are the highest in the world, but the responsibilities are the same. And, to be objective, work in Thailand is much more difficult than in Macau and the USA. There are more requirements in Tae, and there are a lot of fines, there is a norm. In the clubs of New York, the girl works for herself, according to the American system. This means that the girl is not bound by any rules, frameworks, duties, norms at all. She is her own mistress. The club provides the dancer with a cool equipped and safe place to work - a strip club. The girl pays the club only the rent of the place of work and that's it. It is not the club that pays the girl, but the girl pays the club from $10 to $80 depending on the day of the week and the club. Earnings in the USA, of course, are cosmic - from $300 to $1000 in one night!!! Both Macau and the USA are contracts for seasoned and experienced. It is impossible to get here without a certain amount of money. More about working conditions in the USA for girls here.

    Another interesting option for beginners are bars in Spain, where dancing is an addition. That is, the institution works with an emphasis on consummation. No privates or table dances are offered to visitors there. But there is a pole (pylon) in the hall. And the girl can dance. Topless dancers work in this case. For one such dance at the pole, they receive $10 from the club, plus tips from visitors. Naturally, a girl who danced beautifully and sexy, and even with a naked top, will attract customers for consummation many times more than ordinary hostesses. This option for girls is easy and pleasant. For beginners, it’s generally ideal, because you can “try” yourself as a dancer without taking on any obligations to the club. If you don't like dancing, you don't go on stage anymore. Nobody will force you. Work yourself further calmly on consumption. The same story in the clubs of Cambodia. Here the main work is consumption in karaoke. But if the client orders a privat, the girl receives additional income. You don't even need to know how to dance. Do you want more information? Click on the conditions for hostesses in Cambodia.


    EGO agency, sending girls to work in striptease clubs in different parts of the world, constantly receives FeedBack - reviews about the work of a stripper in a particular country. We are happy to share our experience and the experience of other girls in this field. Perhaps these reviews will help someone decide on a place of work or narrow down the list of preferred countries for work.

    Testimonials from strippers who have worked or are working in Macau are almost all identical. Girls say that in the country, in addition to easy money, there are a lot of drugs. In this regard, a huge number of all sorts of temptations that are not worth it. Macau is called the second gambling capital for a reason. It will be psychologically difficult and uncomfortable for beginners to work here. This contract is for morally established individuals with clear life guidelines.

    Tatiana, 31 years old. There is a child, more than 6 years of experience in the strip, of which 2 years abroad. Here is how she speaks about this contract:

    What can I say? Work is like work. Expensive club, well-groomed men. In 3 months I earned $13,600. They gave me the money for the tickets. The traffic in the club is high, the density of work daily is high. What she came for, she got. There are no complaints. Thanks to the agency. I will apply. I saw other interesting offers on the site.

    If you read reviews on the Internet about working in striptease in Cyprus, you might get the impression that there are a lot of stripteases and striptease clubs. In fact, this is not so. The EGO agency was approached by a girl, Yulia, who previously worked in the famous strip club in Kyiv. Here is the story she told. Read and draw your own conclusions:

    I have never hidden that I work as a stripper. I love and appreciate my work. Of course, I have a lot of photos on Instagram from work, in costumes, on stage, from training ... Once they wrote me in direct with a job offer in Cyprus. They talked about a prestigious club, high earnings, showed photos of other girls and promised to buy a ticket in the near future. I got very excited and agreed. Cyprus fucking sounds cool! It was then that I learned that there are agencies for the safe employment of girls. It was then that I realized how to look for work abroad, what to focus on. I didn't even ask the name of the club. The person who wrote to me - passed away as the owner of the strip club, said that he would meet me. When I arrived and went to work for the first time, I immediately realized that this was a brothel disguised as a striptease club. The most natural. This was not even hidden by either the girls or this man. By the way, he is not the owner. This is just a local manager who works with many clubs in Larnaca and Ayia Napa, recruits girls on the social network and brings them to work here. And even not clubs here, the language does not dare to call these institutions a club. So - small bars with several pylons. And Cyprus, in fact, is the most ordinary village. Such a big village. In Ayia Napa, only one central street sparkles with multi-colored lights, this is where all the beauties of Cyprus end. Local girls immediately brought me up to date: dancing is just a bride, the main work takes place in the hotel. Of course, on the same night she gave a drape from there. I went to the bars - one, the other, the third ... They all work with intimacy. Prices are called straight from the door. All nightlife in Ayia Napa turned out to be brothels. With the last money I took a taxi and went to Larnaca. Here you can already find bars in which girls work just for conse. But prostitutes also work nearby. Of course, they knock down all the work. And why, tell me, does the client need my private and lap dance, if for the same price he here, without leaving the cash register, will fuck almost any girl?

    Very conflicting opinions are circulating on the internet about working as a stripper in Greece. Many reviews say that work in hot mythical Greece is only for prostitutes, and work in a strip is possible only with intimacy, supposedly without “this” you will not earn money. Here is what Anastasia and Ksenia, who worked for EGO at the top Athens club Alcatraz, say about working as a striptease dancer in Greece:

    Our first cooperation with EGO agency began with a contract in Macau and the Divino club. The promised earnings were very attractive. Having borrowed money wherever possible, and this came out to about $ 1,300 per person, we bought tickets and flew to Chinese Las Vegas. Perhaps it was the fact that this contract in the strip was the first for both of us. Perhaps our expectations are too high. But we did not complete the contract in Macau. There is a lot of competition - beautiful long-legged hardened strippers walk around, the earnings system turned out to be difficult for us. To be completely honest, the money here really goes big. Even obscenely large. You don't even need to sleep. Just strip and cons. However, a month later we notified the agency and the manager that we were returning home.
    Arriving home, I immediately realized that I was missing the life, opportunities, earnings, male views, the feeling of being desired and all-powerful that I had on the contract. I called Ksyusha and we decided to try our luck again. But this time we decided to thoroughly approach the choice of contract. We had no complaints about the agency and the manager - everything that was written on the site was 100% true - so we turned to this agency again, but this time we chose Greece to work. This offer just appeared on the agency's website, which I monitored at night. "Crazy" - many will think and they will be right. We are adventurers and this brings Ksyusha and me together. In general, we decided to become pioneers. We must pay tribute to the manager, he immediately warned that we would be the first and there were no reviews about the work in this club. The mood was serious, a premonition that this time everything would turn out in our favor.

    Girls, this is the BOMB! Fireproof fix, no regulations, European contingent, no expenses, very cool leadership. All the clubs in Athens are practically on the same street - both good and bad, all sorts. There is absolutely no sex in our club. If the club finds out that the girl is engaged in prostitution, they will be crucified publicly. The contract that we signed with the agency clearly states such a clause - it is forbidden to provide any types of intimate services. Therefore, everything is clean and transparent. Although the girls work here without any contacts. We will definitely come back here again. I wholeheartedly recommend both the agency and this club to everyone!

    The aforementioned Irisha, who worked in Thailand for the first time in one of the popular striptease clubs in Phuket, decided to lift the secret veil of work in Thai clubs by leaving a review about her work for EGO agency:

    Absolutely all clubs in Thailand work on the same principle and one diagram. There are no exceptions, we have already checked with the girls. In all clubs, the girls hand over their passports to the management in the safe. You can pick it up later without any problems, no matter who tells what horror stories. Of course, if you have no debt to the club. There is a debt - be kind, repay the debt and then go wherever you want. Everything is fair. There is no work on consumption here and cannot be! Wow, how many girls here were crying from the deception of their managers, who sent them to Tai supposedly only for cons. Even the artists here undress all. In a word, Thai. Nude bodies are everywhere. I was lucky with the agency, I initially understood where I was flying. But still, I was shocked at first. The sea, fruits, yachts, crazy parties - all this in Thailand is unlimited. Life swirled from the very first day. Time flows differently here, people look at life differently. There are no stops or any prohibitions. Endless courage - this is how I would describe the work of a stripper in Thailand. Work here is possible both in the club, as a strip dancer, and outside the club - the so-called "escorts". If I work in a club, then I make several trips per night to the stage, also to the club window (promo), collect tea around the hall, and make privates. There is no emphasis on cons, these are pennies compared to privates and escorts. You may not consume at all. But what’s good is that there is a percentage even from food, all sorts of nuts, sweets. The club has a lot of rules, penalties and there are norms. If you don't make the norm, you don't get the bet. The stakes are a little high, in my opinion. But it can be easily done on escorts. This is actually my favorite topic. Escorts have nothing to do with prostitution. A rich client comes to the club, pays money and takes the girl for a day or two somewhere to hangout. That is, spending time with clients outside the club. Nobody goes to the hotel, it's just that there are secrets for a penny on every corner, in terms of sex - this is for them. They come for Russians to beautifully dilute purely male companies - to ride on yachts, on motorcycles, fly in a helicopter over the islands, hang out somewhere in another big club. Often girls arrange shopping. Of course, only rich casts can afford such a pleasure. Only those girls who do not know how to come off and do not understand what to do with a man outside the club do not go to escorts. In general, escorts are also voluntary. In general, I appeared in the club very rarely - all the time on the road, for me, this is much cooler and more profitable than rubbing at the club about customers who are not sure that they will leave tea. We had something similar in Turkey - we went to rendezvous with the drills, they took us to restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas. But the club did not pay money for this.

    You will find even more real life stories and different opinions of strippers about working abroad in the article.

    If you focus on reviews, then you need to understand where are the real reviews, and where are fake, fabricated. You don't want to fall into unpleasant traps and have adventures! How to distinguish fakes from real reviews? Click on the link - there is a lot of useful information.


    If you are reading this article and have read it up to this point, then you want this job. But can fear interfere with the fulfillment of desire? Think about how much you lose by not trying. Trying is nothing to lose. After all, if you don’t like it, you can once and for all abandon the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bbeing a dancer. Your experience is non-binding. No skills? - And not needed. You will learn in the process. No suits? – You can buy everything on the spot or compose from your own things (tops, swimwear, etc.).

    However, not only girls who have never worked in strip clubs are afraid to go to a contract, but also professional women with experience. The border is scary. How will it be there? What is going to be there? The girls are trying to figure out how to go "for reconnaissance". Look - how the work differs over the hill.

    Let's settle these issues once and for all. There are no differences, except for the mentioned pluses. Absolutely the same job. Same stage, same pylon. More money, much more. And the picture outside the window is happier. The risks of getting into a brothel with a licensed agency are zero, since the agency has been working for years on its own reputation and values ​​it. Agency license and contract (agreement) - give our girls a 100% guarantee.



    Our consciousness is littered with many myths and stereotypes. There is a place among them for the profession of a dancer. People who do not come across this business and have never communicated with strippers imagine everything in a somewhat distorted form. Imagination immediately draws a girl in leopard print boots with high heels, leather leggings and a deep neckline. And the average layman is sure that the dancers in this form walk around the city.

    This is all complete nonsense. Dancers are no different in ordinary life from other girls. They are modest and decent. Most of them do not advertise their profession. All of them are well-educated and well-read, because traveling is great for developing their horizons and expanding their worldview. The only plus to this is that they are also well-groomed, beautiful. Each of them dreams of doing something more serious than dancing in the future. Girls earn and open their own business, receive a prestigious education, become business women and psychologists. Many open their own dance schools and share their experience with other girls.

    Dancers use their beauty and their talent to build the future. These are purposeful and chic girls who achieve everything with their work. And if someone thinks that this is not work, let him try to work at least one night.

    Besides, strippers are often married girls. Many have children. And their work is an art that allows you to earn decent money not at home, but abroad. For the unmarried, the profession of a dancer becomes a "training course". During their work, strippers master the art of manipulation. After foreign contracts, they understand men in such a way that eminent psychologists would envy. And about getting what she wants from a man, perhaps, every dancer could write a book.


    Men, money and lap dances

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    We don't have a good explanation for why men sometimes choose the "wrong" women. There is an exact explanation, however, it is not very pleasant: the fact is that we, men, are very simply arranged. We like to have sex, and we do not require from a woman either witty conversations (accepting the interlocutor for who she is), high social status, or any skills in other areas than those related to sex. Some women will probably be surprised or even confused if we say that men are not very picky, especially when they are young and their testosterone is off the charts. The explanation is simple: sperm is inexpensive - we have millions of sperm, and testosterone is like hot water that comes into the apartment through the central heating system. Our androgen receptors are water faucets located in the amygdala and in the area of ​​the hypothalamus associated with sexual behavior. There are many faucets, they are always ready to open, and since sperm costs almost nothing, we can squander it left and right.

    This is the evolutionary path of men. Mammalian males usually never know when they will meet a female ready to mate, so they must always be ready or quickly ready by simple exercises such as jumping and running. Studies have repeatedly shown how important testosterone is for male sex drive. Harris and Michael injected testosterone into the hypothalamus of castrated animals. The capons were behaving like normal roosters again. Mice and rats began to mark the territory with urine, they had an erection, they climbed on top of each other and ejaculated. At the same time, the animals did not show the usual physical signs of the action of testosterone: large ridges did not grow in capons, and the prostate in rodents did not increase. Like estrogen in female cats, the hormone only affected the brain and only specific neural circuits.

    In human society, for thousands of years, in some cultures, it was customary to castrate a man, making him a eunuch. It was believed that the eunuch had reduced sexual desire, he was free from animal instincts, so he can be safely entrusted with managing the household or even the affairs of the imperial court and without fear to leave among women. Castration usually leads to impotence, but this does not always happen, and this little secret was well known to some castrati and unfaithful wives.

    In some cases, testosterone levels decrease even without removal of the testicles. If a male monkey is allowed to sniff a test tube with the smell of his own cubs (but not strangers), his testosterone concentration in the blood will decrease in less than half an hour. This is probably a defense mechanism that reduces sexual desire and aggression when the male is among his cubs. Human studies show that men who become fathers also experience a drop in testosterone levels (especially during the birth of newborns). Men who are actively involved in raising their children have the lowest testosterone levels. This can be explained by the fact that with a decrease in the amount of testosterone, it is easier for a man’s brain to focus on caring for offspring, since the desire to find sexual partners, aggression and rivalry with other males (for example, during promotion) fade into the background.

    Testosterone levels drop when we lose in sports, and even when the team we support (sorry, Cleveland) loses. It goes down when you drive an old, battered family car. Long-married men have lower testosterone levels than single men (weigh the pros and cons). Negatively affects the level of the hormone and dismissal from work. Finally, another factor is age. Although women experience a greater decline in sex hormone levels after menopause than men of the same age, the latter also experience a marked decline.

    Testosterone levels can rise on the spur of the moment or under certain living conditions. As already mentioned, victories, whether it be a sports competition, a fight, a game of chess with a friend, or participation in political events, increase it. The principle of feedback works here: victory gives a man confidence, increasing the chances of a new victory. Driving a Ferrari has the same effect. When male mice smell a female in estrus, their testosterone levels rise, their senses become heightened, they become obsessed with a single goal and follow any female who performs a dance of seduction and who “smells” of fertility. Something similar happens with monkeys. Testosterone peaks within half an hour after male marmosets smell an ovulating female. In the experiments, the male spends more time smelling the female than smelling the control sample, and his erection lasts longer.

    The last experiment is an example of how sensitively animals and humans react to signals that prompt them to sexual behavior. For reproduction, it is very important that information is exchanged between potential partners. The female rat jumps and runs. Ignorance boasts of exploits on difficult ski slopes. Susan brings her breasts closer to the camera. As she interacts with Ignorant, Susan becomes more disposed to sexual intercourse. Similarly, men become more motivated to have sex in the presence of a fertile woman.

    Many will argue whether it is appropriate for a woman to use the word "oestrus" (estrus) to name the period when she is able to become pregnant and displays appropriate behavior. For years, scientists believed that women had no obvious signs of fertility at all. The determining role of hormones in the formation of sexual desire became more and more obvious, but most researchers continued to believe that women had, at best, "hidden" estrus. Unlike cats and rodents, people have sex at any time of the year and at any time of the day. We use sex not only to reproduce our own kind. If we continue the reasoning, we can assume that at some point in evolution, the main stimuli that usually encourage other animals to have sex ceased to act on humans. Various evolutionary theories try to explain the reason for this phenomenon. Some scientists have suggested that the evolutionary path that women followed is connected with the desire to leave men in the dark about the time of estrus. In this case, the woman got the opportunity to choose the time for sexual contact. Others argued that the disappearance of estrus is an evolutionary adaptation, thanks to which a man cannot know whether a woman is fertile or not, and is forced to always be with her, protecting her from the encroachments of rivals and not giving them a chance for fertilization. So men became monogamous, scientists concluded. Let's say, but then why did evolution preserve a system of behavioral signals that allow two people to understand that both of them are ready for sex? How do people know that now is the time to meet? After all, Susan's behavior has changed compared to what it was two weeks ago. There is increasing evidence that women have estrus and men are able to feel it. Moreover, judging by this new data, they are pleased to see signs indicating the onset of oestrus in a woman, and they are even willing to pay to observe them.

    The Mint Rhino in Las Vegas is a temple dedicated to the god of desire. However, God himself is put at the service of the main business of the institution: male visitors are saved from money here. Located in a warehouse building in the industrial district, the Rhino is a maze of interconnecting large halls filled with male guests and female strippers. Although the Rhinoceros is open 24/7, it is always midnight inside.

    We are inside. It is so dark here that already at a distance of three meters the figures of the dancers turn into indistinct silhouettes moving in the dim pink and purple light. Barmaids in bras with bulging cups, pointed at the tops, pour drinks, relying not so much on sight as on memory and instinct. The decoration of any temple is intended to direct and tune the attention of those present in a certain way. In neighboring casinos, the task of the interior is to encourage players to place bets. Inside the Rhino, the darkness, the confusion of the halls, and the surreal cocktail of a safari club-half-brothel setting create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages the visitor to forget all the anxieties of the outside world - a meeting to go to, money lost playing dice, oh wife waiting at home. Inside the Rhino there is nothing but men, dancers and music. And yet - a pleasantly tickling feeling that, despite all your experience accumulated over the years, you are exactly the guy that a hot woman in a school miniskirt wants to take to her home.

    In order to experience this fantasy, some rituals must be performed. Dancers dressed in thongs, high-heeled shoes, stockings and tight club dresses sit on small platforms that rise above the semi-circular seats where the men watch them. Someone wanders the halls, talking to visitors. Put a dollar, two or five on the table during or right after the dance and it will mean that you want to stay with the dancer longer. Or order a stripper a drink - it's the same.

    “I'm in my third year of medical school,” says a dancer who identified herself as Lana. She's standing at the bar, sipping on the cocktail we gave her. Perhaps Lana is really a student, or perhaps she made it up. (If all the strippers who claim to be medical students really were, the country would be flooded with doctors, and the annual medical association conferences would be like a bunch of actresses from a Mexican TV series. ) Either way, Lana has a good story. And in the costume, everything is carefully chosen to attract as much attention as possible: stockings with a belt, a lace bra, thongs, high heels that make most men look up at her. As she speaks to Brian, she leans in to his ear. This is a special tactic designed to get the visitor to shell out twenty dollars for a lap dance, or even a few lap dances worth over a hundred dollars in a closed VIP room. (If someone suddenly fails to pay, club security guards, whose job it is to inspire the client to follow the rules, will immediately know about it.) One private dance prompts to order a second, third, and so on. You may want to purchase an additional item, such as a bottle of vodka at an incredibly high price. The visitor realizes that he is spending too much, but the amygdala and hypothalamus in his brain are filled with testosterone, and the person is focused on more pressing matters. Although the temptation is imaginary, but the cascade of neurochemical reactions he triggered is quite real. When an attractive woman is around, a man tends to appreciate wealth and loves to show it (which explains the sales of Cristal champagne). A lap dance guest wants to impress his dancer, so he puts his doubts aside and spends money, sometimes a lot of money, advertising himself as a desirable short-term sexual partner, even though he knows that the dancer will not have sex with him.

    A dancer can earn a lot, but for this she must try to get a client to offer her a lap dance. Her success is ensured not only by a seductive outfit and a manner of carrying on a conversation - the dancer's earnings also depend on how close she is to ovulation.

    "The men in these clubs expect that every dollar spent will be worked out to the maximum," explains Jeffrey Miller, a psychologist at the University of New Mexico who has monitored strippers' income as a function of their ovulation cycle. Dancers compete in affordability and attractiveness as male attention means dollars. “The visitor judges how attractive this or that woman is to him by his own testosterone level, by his arousal, and is willing to pay more money to be with the one who presses the buttons better” in his brain. Miller found that women press buttons most effectively just before or around ovulation. No matter how insignificant this detail may seem, according to Miller, she "stunned" him. Miller and colleagues used clubs in New Mexico as a living laboratory for a study titled "The Effect of the Ovulation Cycle on Tipping Dancers: Is the Economic Evidence for Human Estrus Real?". Judging by the earnings of the dancers, the question mark in the title is clearly superfluous. Those Miller strippers who were in estrus earned an average of $354 per shift. The rest are about $264. The difference was 90 dollars. Menstruation cut dancers' earnings in half. Such a difference cannot be explained by the choice of clothes or the external attractiveness of a woman: the study went on for two months, the subjects were the same, and their incomes were recorded throughout the study. Dancers who took the birth control pill, which virtually eliminates the onset of estrus, earned an average of $193 per shift, much less than women who ovulate. By linking men's spending to their choice in deeds rather than words, Miller was able to show that the revealed preference was real and unconscious. Words are cheap, but if a guy opens his wallet, he's serious.

    Like the men, the dancers were unaware of this effect. Some believed that during menstruation they earn more than at other stages of the cycle. “They talk a lot about money,” Miller explains. - This is the main topic of gossip, because they are here just for the sake of money, to feed the children, to earn money for education, but no one compared the facts. No one understood that taking pills negatively affected earnings, and no one planned their work schedule in such a way as to increase tips.

    So, men prefer dancers in estrus. But how do they know which one is ovulating and which one is not? They do not select them deliberately. The clubs where Miller researched are dark, noisy, designed to focus on dancers. Watching a woman dance on stage, and then looking at her up close during a conversation (the music is so loud that you have to move your lips to the interlocutor's ear) and deciding whether to book a lap dance, a man is obviously able to pick up special signals. There is literally a chemical reaction between the two sexes.

    In experiments, men were asked to inhale the smell of women who were in a state close to ovulation, or ovulating. Like our monkey cousins, testosterone levels rose in the subjects, higher than when they inhaled the scent of women outside of ovulation. The close contact required for a conversation in a noisy club gives men the ability to perceive olfactory cues.

    According to Miller, other factors may also play a role. “We know from one study that the timbre and pitch of a woman's voice seem more pleasant during ovulation. The condition of the skin improves, facial features become more attractive, however, how this happens is still unclear. Even the proportions of the body change: the waist circumference decreases in relation to the hip circumference. Some studies have shown that women at peak fertility are more talkative and more creative.” Men pick up not only these signals. Miller suggests that women in estrus behave differently. With lower levels of anxiety and reticence during ovulation, estrus women are more willing to take the first step. Their confidence in their attractiveness increases, and they move more seductively, showing off. In other words, dancers in estrus are better at the "invitation to mate" - the human version of rat jumping and running, and men, responding to it with a rise in testosterone, are more focused on the goal. Which in turn makes them open their wallets.

    Miller finds this theory convincing, adding that the dancers, albeit unconsciously, still enjoyed the benefits of estrus. According to Miller, the reason most men can't tell right away who is ovulating and who isn't, walking down the street, is because women "don't want to inform anyone and everyone about it" (as female primates do by exposing flaunting a bright ass) so as not to become the object of sexual harassment. "Instead, you aim to broadcast the signal to the A-list guys you're interested in while trying to avoid leaking information to your man or another woman, such as the A-F's girlfriend. " So Susan keeps a low profile with Faithful Eddie, but opens up to Ignorant. "It's likely that there was an arms race in evolution where men were selected for the best ability to determine a woman's fertility, and women for the best ability to send signals to selected partners," says Miller.

    Durante agrees with Miller, but notes that in this "race" the men are lagging behind because the most modern technology is working for women. “We can make men's brains believe that we are young and fertile, even if we are old and close to menopause,” she turns into a conspiratorial tone. Durante, who gave the Ignorances and all other attractive men one collective name - Clooney (after George Clooney), calls this phenomenon "the Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher effect." She believes that it is precisely due to the desire of women to create the illusion of the ability to ovulate that the industry of plastic surgery and cosmetology thrives.

    Sometimes estrus-related behavior is only indirectly aimed at attracting first-class partners. His immediate target is other women vying for access to Clooney. Women themselves often deny this. “If you research female competition and ask them if they participate in it, you get zero,” says Durante, adding sarcastically, “Because we want men to think we’re friendly, loving, gentle.” In addition, in surveys, women respond that they do not want to use more makeup or wear more revealing clothes. “They say, ‘I would never purposely dress sexy! I'd rather take care of my education." However, like the negative answer to the question of whether a woman experiences greater sexual desire shortly before ovulation, these phrases reflect what is acceptable to society and for the respondent herself rather than what actually happens.

    Durante proved this by creating an online fashion store. The participants in the trials were told that their help was needed to organize the sale of clothing and accessories. In fact, Durante wanted to know how women's consumer interest changes during ovulation. The subjects were asked to "choose ten things that you would like to have and are ready to take home today." Before the start of the experiment, half of the products were classified as “sexual”, the other half as “less sexual”. All things cost the same and for the purity of the experiment did not have the names of manufacturers. During the preliminary stage of the research, Durante showed the site to other women, asking them to answer whether they think about women who look attractive or about women who look ordinary, and invited them to compare themselves with them. . It turned out that in the process of choosing clothes, they compared themselves with attractive women. In the main experiment, women at peak fertility chose sexier items than women during low fertility.

    In another phase of the study, shoppers were shown photographs of women they were told were students at their own university. Some of the photographs were of beautiful women, others of modest-looking women. Ovulating subjects who saw photographs of beautiful women with whom they could supposedly cross paths chose significantly sexier clothes than those who viewed photographs of women with normal appearance.

    “Direct motivation is simple: come on, who are my rivals? Durante explains. “How attractive do I look, how much will I have to work on myself?” The more attractive the immediate rivals, the greater the pressure of competition on a woman. “There may be a million Clooneys in the room, but seducing them, dressing for them only makes sense when you know what is more attractive than other women.” The subjects of Durante's study did not understand why they make certain choices and why their behavior changes. It is important to note that the women she worked with were under forty and single. In older women, as well as in those who had reliable high-status partners, there were no strong changes in behavior. Durante emphasizes that these results are average statistics. Even she, as a researcher, is surprised by how much hormonal changes affect brain function. “It’s funny that on low fertility days, women come to the lab wearing glasses, we take pictures of them, and just before ovulation, they appear without glasses and suffer with contact lenses. While watching the videos, just by paying attention to the faces and not even looking at the cycle chart, you understand: wow, they are ovulating.

    The results described support the idea of ​​a female oestrus: it is not "hidden" at all. During ovulation, a fertile woman's brain forces her to behave in one way or another in order to increase her chances of mating with the most worthy man she can find. Men, in turn, respond to women's estrus by increasing testosterone levels, which induce them to conquer the desired fertile woman. If a man who has a woman feels that she is in estrus, he not only wants to be near his passionate companion, but also tries to keep her away from other men. Men, when their girlfriends ovulate, become more vigilant guards. And it is clear why, if you remember how Susan behaves in the absence of her boyfriend. Protecting men often interrogate their girlfriends or wives where they have been and who they met. They become more jealous, dig into their things. However, there are some advantages to being on guard. If a woman is ovulating, her man compliments her more often, spends more time with her, more actively expresses his love and affection.

    From time to time, Durante encounters negative reactions from women to his work. “When I hear:“ Don’t you think that such research is a spit in the face of women? ”I just lose my power of speech.” She tries not to think of the notorious "political correctness" - science finds what it finds. Like any good researcher, Durante comes up with a hypothesis and tests it. Sometimes a hypothesis arises from an anecdotal incident, like one that happened in her own life. Having lived in Los Angeles, Austin, London, Boston, New York and Minneapolis, Durant - an attractive young woman with long dark hair, dark eyes and a pleasant smile - noticed that her own attractiveness is relative: it rises and falls depending on tension of competition with local women. “I’m on edge in my hometown,” she says with a laugh. “And in Los Angeles, I say to myself: oh my God, my marriage rating has dropped!” She tests her hypotheses using the scientific method. And he does not invent anything: the behavior of women and men really changes under the influence of hormones. To brush off accusations of anti-feminism, she asks women during the next ovulation to pay more attention to what ideas, feelings and fantasies come to them. “When they themselves realize this,” she says, “they say:“ Exactly! I was just dreaming about Brad Pitt today!’”

    Chapter 3

    The Power of Passion

    In May 2011, Jack T. Camp was released from El Reno, Oklahoma Federal Correctional Institution after thirty days of imprisonment. Thirty days in a maximum-security federal prison isn't too bad, considering that Camp was arrested on charges of drug possession and illegal possession of a weapon, charges that often end up in years. The sentence seems too lenient, but not for Camp. He was a federal judge who at 19Appointed in 1988 by President Reagan, Citadel Military College graduate, Army veteran, family man, and partner in a successful law firm. Imprisonment destroyed the reputation he built all his life.

    Camp was sixty-seven when FBI agents arrested him for buying amphetamines and opiate painkillers from an undercover agent. He was going to share them with his mistress, Sherry Ramos, a twenty-seven-year-old stripper with a previous conviction for drug dealing. Their connection began a few months before the arrest: Camp met Ramos in Atlanta at a strip club. When Camp was arrested, no one who knew him, of course, believed the accusations. As soon as Camp pleaded guilty, his lawyer presented documents to the court that something, possibly a split personality or a temporal lobe injury from a fall from a bicycle many years ago, disrupted Camp's ability to control his impulses. As the papers said, this is not an excuse, but "helps to understand ... why, in May 2010, a single man at the end of his days hooked up with a seductive prostitute. " These statements were laughed at.

    Another incident occurred five years before Camp's arrest. The leaders of the New York Cardiovascular Research Foundation were shocked to learn that their friend and colleague Abraham Alexander had squandered almost a quarter of a million dollars in donations. Alexander was the fund's accountant. By all accounts, happily married, he lived in a nice house in a prestigious neighborhood. “He was a quiet, calm person,” says Herschel Katz, his lawyer. Alexander had always respected the law, but now he was found guilty of stealing the foundation's donations. He used the money to pay for travel, lodging, and services during his frequent trips to Columbus, Ohio. There he visited Lady Sage, a professional dominatrix.].

    Such stories may remind you of the US senator and the governor of New York who went to prostitutes, the schoolteachers who seduced their students, the married governor of California and the popular movie actor who adopted the child of his maid, conservative priests, US presidents , French politicians and members of the British Parliament who have become victims of sexual scandals. However, most of these dramas are not connected with criminal cases and public censure. They happen every day to millions of people around the world: a wife cheats on her husband; a married man gets into bed with a girl he hardly knows; A schoolgirl who vows to keep her virginity until marriage breaks up with her at her first party. Each such case demonstrates the inability of people to follow the rules and expectations of society or their moral guidelines, often to the detriment of their own interests.

    Today, for many, the love of Abelard and Eloise is one of the most romantic stories, but for its time it was a sex scandal. Some 900 years before Judge Camp's arrest, Abelard, a French scholastic with a reputation for asceticism, suddenly lusted after a young woman, pretty Heloise. He later wrote that any bodily contact between them is "a direct violation of Christian morality" and "disgusting to Jesus Christ." However, in his aptly titled "History of My Troubles" apology, Abelard recalled that he was unable to resist temptation. Under the influence of rising testosterone levels and actively working heterosexual neural circuits, he achieved the fact that the girl's uncle hired him to be Eloise's teacher. Not only did they become lovers, but in sexual intercourse they used such techniques that we would now call sadomasochism. “Under the pretense of learning, we indulged ourselves for hours in the happiness of love, and the studies were a secret refuge for our passion. Above the open books were more words about love than teaching. There were more kisses than wise sayings. Hands more often reached for the chest than for books, and the eyes more often reflected love than followed the written. To arouse less suspicion, I struck Eloise, not in anger, but with love, not in irritation, but with tenderness, and these blows were more pleasant than any balm. What's next? Overwhelmed by passion, we did not miss a single love caress, adding everything unusual that love could come up with. The less of these pleasures we experienced in the past, the more fervently we indulged in them now, and satiety did not come. Now that they knew sex, it was impossible to get away from the forbidden passion. Their attraction became so strong that Abelard, like Judge Camp and Abraham Alexander, changed his behavior. He stopped studying. Going to lectures became "disgusting" for him, and he began to play truant.

    As often happens when two young people have a lot of sex, Eloise becomes pregnant. Uncle discovered their connection, agreed to marriage, but, as it turned out, he deceived both - he attacked Abelard and castrated him: “They cut off parts of my body with which I did what caused their misfortune ... And I saw how fair The Lord who punished me in that part of my body with which I sinned. After that, Abelard lived the life of a monk, and Eloise went to a monastery. Having lost his sexual glands, he survived the separation much easier than Eloise: “Among those who heroically carry their cross, I am a slave of human desires,” she wrote to Abelard. “How difficult it is to fight for what you should do, against what you want to do . .. My passion rebels, here I rule others, but I can’t control myself.” Although many of us understand the inner conflict of Eloise, Dante placed such people in the second circle of hell:

    And I learned that this is a circle of torment

    For those whom the earthly flesh called,

    Who betrayed the mind to the power of lust [10346].

    However, the desire that Dante speaks of is the driving force not only of our love, but also of our economy. This lust is often exploited by cosmetics companies, beer and tool makers, as well as tire manufacturer Pirelli , which produces famous erotic calendars. Entire business empires have been built on this passion. One day in 1953, the skinny literary publisher Hugh Hefner, who had once worked at Esquire , came home, sat down at his desk, put together the material he had, and received what became the first issue of Playboy . His creation was not original: it combined two already existing elements - complex texts on urban themes, like in Esquire , and a primitive pictorial row with nude models, which could be found in cheap magazines sold under the counter. But at 19The 70th monthly circulation of Playboy was around six million copies, and Hefner flew around the world in his own DC-9 jet, featuring the magazine's famous rabbit head logo.

    Such manifestations of our sexual appetites often come into conflict with thousands of years of laws and regulations, moral norms, actions and self-imposed restrictions aimed at curbing passion. However, the human lust that made Hefner rich also leads to true love, which we regard as the highest ideal. The contradictions that arise turn into themes on which literature has grown. It turns out that admiration and shame are born in the same neural circuits.

    The internal struggle between "I want" and "I must" occurs in many areas of life, not only in erotica. Here is a practical, non-sexual example that illustrates a problem that many of us face. Larry loves his mother's food, traditional rural Georgia dishes. He grew up on stewed chicken and salted fried ocre, porridge with butter and mashed potatoes, sweet tea and roasted goat meat. Larry himself is a master at concocting something tasty of this kind. But the day he cooked dinner for Brian, he left Larry's house with his finger on the 911" of his cell phone in case he suddenly had a heart attack. Now suppose that you (like us) find such food to be incredibly delicious. Unfortunately, your cardiologist does not approve of such food: you are allowed only salads, scrambled eggs without yolk and steam fish. You probably don't like it, but you say to yourself, "I can diet," because you think it's better to live to ninety than to go to your grave at fifty holding your heart. Despite your love of fatty and salty foods, there is no medicine that can pull all the cholesterol out of your arteries. Being a sensible and disciplined person, you stick to the prescribed diet, but one day (probably it will come sooner than you think) you suddenly realize: you have just eaten half a huge plate of mashed potatoes with butter and meat gravy along with crispy, well-done chicken in breadcrumbs and corn pancakes, because . .. well, how can you not eat corn pancakes? Your rational self is trying to give you an image of you lying on a gurney in the emergency room, while doctors apply flat defibrillator electrodes to your chest and shout: “Shock!” But in the same second, your appetite knocks out this rational guy. The devil is behind one shoulder, the angel is behind the other. No, the devil does not shout into a megaphone, trying to drown out the voice of an angel - this sly one whispers soothingly: "I promise to train on an elliptical trainer for an hour."

    Behavioral economist George Loewenstein calls this the "hot-cold empathic gap"[12]. A visit to the cardiologist has cooled your passion: you are in a "cold" state. Reason celebrates the victory - you, with the readiness of a new believer, begin to eat boiled fish and greens. Then, again yielding to the call of the stomach, enter the “hot” state: you underestimated the power of the temptation to eat fat (this is an empathic gap in your brain) and quickly give up. For the past twenty years, the described phenomenon has been studied by researchers such as Loewenstein and Dan Ariely, whose book Predictably Irrational, published in 2008, became a bestseller.

    While the term "hot-cold empathic gap" may accurately name the phenomenon, it does not explain the underlying biological processes. In the previous chapter, we discussed how the active neural circuits of the female brain, laid down in utero, affect Susan's behavior during a conversation with the Ignorant. The encounter with the Ignorant set off the circuits, and her brain lured her into mating. However, Susan did not leave with the Ignorant. The desire arose, and the girl's behavior changed, but she did not become Eloise from Minnesota. Abelard and Eloise, Camp and Alexander were controlled by something much more powerful.

    Voluptuous rodents

    Now you will learn something that you may regret, although it may be useful to you someday - what if you decide to make a bet with someone? So, if a female rat is given manual stimulation of the genitals, in the process she will emit a joyful squeak, similar to a bird: "pip, pip, pip.

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