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Moonwalk dance move Tutorial for beginners

Here are 2 FREE videos that will teach you the footwork of Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk dance move.

The moonwalk dance move is one of the coolest hip hop moves you can learn – but despite looking so easy, it is quite hard to execute. These videos are meant to be watched in sequence so that you can learn everything from the ground up.

1. Overview of the footwork

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Here Matt Steffanina starts you off understanding how to move your feet in the correct sequence. Start with one foot on the ball of the foot and have the other foot flat. Then, use the pressure on the floor to slide the the flat foot back, and then switch feet. Slide and switch, slide and switch. The “Switch” is very important and as Matt mentions it needs to be fast so that you can get power into the floor. And at the very end you will just need to work on making the glides longer and make it all flow.

2. Tips and exercises for your moonwalk

Video Transcript
All right guys today’s lesson is the moonwalk. All right? Made popular by Michael Jackson, it’s been around for a while. The originated move is called the back slide. So I’m going to teach it to you today in a few steps. Let’s get it!

All right. Step one. I’m going to introduce you to a few things to keep in mind while you are learning this move.

Some tips and tricks: All right the tip for the moonwalk is the balls of your feet. So make sure when you are gliding you practice on the balls of your feet. Later on you can get real high and use it one the tips of your toes, but for now remember, the balls of your feet. That’s going to be a good way to train and work on your balance shifting from foot to foot.

All right step two is going to be a really helpful and easy exercise to do to help enhance your moonwalk. An exercise like this – will help the technique of your moonwalk – the smoothness of it. The higher you look off the air the more smoother moonwalk you do have.

Step three: In place moonwalk – Check this out, it’s going to help a lot. The first one I want you guys to practice – the in-place moonwalk. Choose left or right foot, place it, on the tippy-toe balls of the feet, and then just slide back-, slide in one place.
All right one of the most helpful steps is this step four – and it’s called a slide and switch. When you guys get that down, the next one I want you to do is the slide and switch. It’s like a training wheel for your moonwalk. Okay?

What I want you to do – slide – switch, slide – switch, slide – switch, slide… simple enough. Again, and when I start practicing I would probably go in small motions, don’t slide too much – maybe take little slides, little steps — just so you can practice shifting the weight and the trick to it is shifting the weight – that switch and your best slide. [Quietly demonstrates].

So remember, slide/switch, slide/switch — little tricks and exercises just to work on your balance and transition and hey – you’ll be moonwalking in no time, all right guys!

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The science behind Michael Jackson’s dance moves • healthcare-in-europe.com

News • Talent, magic, or a bit of both?

When was the last time you watched a Michael Jackson music video? If your answer is “never” or “not for quite a while,” you are really missing a treat.

Source: Pexels/祝 鹤槐

According to Rolling Stone, “No single artist … shaped, innovated or defined the medium of ‘music video’ more than Michael Jackson.” Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, MTV had only one format—music videos—and that genre really took off when Jackson burst on the scene in 1983 with his musical hit “Billie Jean.” Prior to his arrival on MTV, most videos were merely visual promos for artists’ songs, and in some cases the visual side of the promos detracted from the music. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, took his incredible music and added story lines, special effects, cinematography, and amazing choreography. He created high-budget brief movies highlighting both music and dance.

Though a visual delight, such moves also lead to new forms of musculoskeletal injuries

Manjul Tripathi

And about that dance. . . . Jackson executed dance moves we thought impossible, at the time and even now. Almost every fan tried to dance like him, but very few could pull it off. Some of Jackson’s dance moves appear to defy the laws of gravity. In one move featured in his 1987 music video “Smooth Criminal,” he pitches forward 45 degrees, with his body straight as a rod and his shoes resting on the stage, and holds the position. That is not how the human body works!  How did Michael Jackson do it? Was it talent, magic, or both? Three neurosurgeons from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India—Nishant S. Yagnick, Manjul Tripathi, and Sandeep Mohindra—set out to examine the antigravity tilt introduced in “Smooth Criminal” from a neurosurgeon’s point of view.

A: Drawings showing the “antigravity tilt” (> 45° forward bend), the dance move introduced by Michael Jackson, in comparison to the normal limit of a human tilt (20° forward bend), as well as the conceptualized shoe designed by MJ and coinventors. B: Shift of the fulcrum from the sacrum to the Achilles tendon in MJ’s antigravity tilt.

Source: Manjul Tripathi

First, Yagnick et al. walk us through some basics of spinal biomechanics to show just how impressive is the feat. Even the strongest of dancers can only maintain a 25- to 30-degree forward tilt from the ankle. Admitted fans of Jackson, the neurosurgeons document how the antigravity tilt was accomplished, taking into account the talent and core strength of the artist, as well as his inventiveness and use of a patented aid, that together seem to move his body past human limits. They also warn other neurosurgeons of new forms of spinal injuries, as dancers follow Jackson’s example and attempt “to jump higher, stretch further, and turn faster than ever before.”

The full story on the antigravity tilt is published in a new article in the Journal of Neurosurgery entitled “How did Michael Jackson challenge our understanding of spine biomechanics?” (https://thejns.org/doi/full/10.3171/2018.2.SPINE171443). When asked about his article, Dr. Tripathi said, “MJ has inspired generations of dancers to push themselves beyond their limits. Though a visual delight, such moves also lead to new forms of musculoskeletal injuries. “The King of Pop” has not only been an inspiration but a challenge to the medical fraternity.”


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How to learn to dance like Michael Jackson?

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Milk Jackson is considered one of the best choreographers and dancers in history. His skill was the best of the best among those who were in the pop industry. He always did it easily, and so far he remains the most outstanding artist (of course, not in the literal sense of the word). You can enjoy his staging and movements in various videos. Michael is such a great dancer that the dance looks very organic and simple, as if you can immediately get up and repeat everything without difficulty! But, this is the great talent of Michael Jackson as an artist - to do the complex at ease and easily! How to learn to dance like him? What is the secret of movement? Naturally, the singer's hallmark is the well-known "moonwalk". This movement is a special technique where the dancer moves backward while trying to move forward. This is how the illusion of sliding is created. nine0005

How to learn the moves

It takes curly hair and shiny socks to learn the sliding moonwalk. They say it's the key to success! And here are the phased technical movements:

  1. On a full foot, put one foot forward;
  2. Take the second back and put it on your fingers;
  3. With the foot that is in front, begin to slide lightly and gently back past the foot that is behind;
  4. Now, with the foot that was in front, put on the whole foot, and lift the back one on the toes; nine0014
  5. Repeat these movements again and again. All kinds of variations of the movements of the moonwalk, allow you to slide to the right, left, forward, as well as in a circle. Now you know how easy it is to learn this intricate movement.

Michael Jackson's moonwalk

The artist first showed the moonwalk way back in 1983 on an American live TV show while performing the song "Billie Jean". Young Michael, dressed in a hat, one glove, black jacket, silver T-shirt, silver socks and black pants, made a splash. He wrapped himself around himself and did this world-famous gait. nine0005

The dancing of the star attracted a huge number of spectators, and the movement itself called the moonwalk became very popular. Dancing is considered the second nature of the famous singer. The first is, of course, music, which occupied most of his life.

It is interesting that in 1989 they made a film where Michael played the main role, he portrayed himself. This movie is called "Moonwalker". The singer considered dancing such an important part of the image that even the biopic was called "Moonwalk", which translates as "Moonwalk". nine0005

Secrets of dancing pop idol

In addition to the moonwalk, dancers all over the world love to repeat another trick of the star. This is body tilt 45 degrees to the floor . You can see it in the video for the song "Smooth Criminal". There are a large number of variations and versions on the theme: how to perform this trick. Some argue that in the stage costumes of Michael himself and his dancers, special pins were installed, in the shape and size of the heel, which at some point advanced and fixed. The dancer himself patented this boot design. nine0005

How to learn to dance like Michael Jackson? Is it realistic to do it? Naturally, yes! A huge number of people are proof of this. The video tutorials below will help you. Carefully study the technique, turn on the music louder, and go ahead.

Video lessons

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Michael Jackson's moonwalk: how to learn to dance

Michael Jackson's moonwalk even now causes great excitement among the public. Learning how to dance it is not so difficult if you know some secrets of a pop idol. What are they and how to quickly learn the moonwalk? nine0005


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  10. Pop idol dancing secret

Pop idol and his moonwalk

Everyone knows about this dance move. True, the authorship belongs far from the king of the pop industry. Michael Jackson made this movement popular by repeating it from the stage, but the authorship does not belong to him.

Help! It is difficult to name the exact creator of the moonwalk, so the authorship of this movement is attributed to the entire pop culture of that time.

As soon as Michael Jackson moonwalked the stage at one of the concerts, this movement immediately won the love of many of his fans. Literally everyone wanted to learn this kind of footwork and body movement. nine0005

At that time there were not a lot of dance lessons and many people tried to portray at least something similar to the famous dance couple by trial and error. Fortunately, now this is not a problem and anyone can learn this movement at any time of the day or night.

Why is the movement so called? At the same time, the dancer does not raise his legs, as if afraid to go into a gravity-free space, and the movements themselves seem light and airy, as if a person was holding on to the surface of the earth.


It is also known that before the performance by Michael Jackson, the dance was called differently. Having repeated it on stage, the performer himself gave him such a nickname, and it has stuck to our times. Therefore, the moonwalk is an initiative of Jackson himself, because before that the dance was called “backslide”, which translates as “retreat”. And although the initial version of the name is more appropriate, to this day the movement is called the moonwalk.

What are the characteristics of dance

This dance movement is relevant for many dance groups. It is not difficult to recognize and distinguish him from the crowd, so users, seeing such a movement from the stage, will surely fill the hall with applause. In addition, the moonwalk performed by popular and skilled dancers looks like the dancer is floating in the air and touches the floor with only his toes.

Michael Jackson himself notes that even before his speech, such a movement was popular in the ghetto quarters. The blacks in these areas were excellent at performing the movement, moreover, Jackson considered them geniuses and systematically repeated that it was they who brought to life many elements of the current dance culture. nine0005

How to Do the Moonwalk: Technique

When it comes to technique, many professional dancers will attest to the fact that the walk is only superficially difficult. Even a person who is far from the sphere of dance is able to master this dance movement. At a minimum, on the Global Web, a user can find hundreds and thousands of video tutorials and master classes on how to perform this element.

Moonwalk Instructions

How did Michael Jackson perform this gait? After the hype, he often used this gait and enjoyed the popularity of this movement.

Before starting work, it is worth choosing the right shoes. Shoes in which the dance element will be performed should be comfortable and resistant. No heavy boots in which it would be problematic to create an element of “weightlessness”.

It is worth choosing a room. In order to learn how to move smoothly, you need to find a free room that will not hamper movement. nine0005

Tip! Training is best done in front of a large mirror, which will help you fully control your movements, seeing them from the side. In it you can see the plasticity of the body and the smoothness of the movements of the dancer.

The dancer must stand straight and straighten his shoulders, the right foot is placed in front of the left so that the heel of one matches the toe of the other. Then the leg is bent at the knee joint, placed on the toe and simultaneously retracted.

How to learn the moonwalk at home

The moonwalk is not such a difficult dance element that you have to hire a teacher to learn it. This can be done independently at home, without the help of additional people.

Step-by-step instructions for teaching the moonwalk

In order to easily cope with the training, the user needs to perform the following algorithm:

  1. A person stands sideways in front of a large mirror. The arms should be relaxed, and the body weight should be evenly distributed on both legs, the left leg is placed behind the toe, and the body weight is evenly transferred to it. In this case, the person leans back a little. With a sliding movement, the right leg starts up backwards, while it is important not to tear it off the floor, but to keep the body weight on the left leg. nine0014
  2. As soon as the heel of the right foot is on the floor, the left foot takes over and begins to move behind the right foot in the same pattern.
  3. The weight is transferred to the right foot and the left foot is in a smooth glide.

In fact, everything is very simple, it is a matter of technique, as well as the correct and timely transfer of body weight from one leg to another. Over time, experienced dancers who have fully mastered the dance take the opportunity and put their hands into action. This helps to achieve more entertainment. nine0005

Moonwalk tips

The main recommendation is to use a mirror. Schools and dance studios often use mirrors and decorate the entire room with them. So the dancer can more clearly follow his own plasticity and movements.

The illusion of softness and smooth gliding should be created, and not the feeling that the legs are dragging. It is lightness that is the fundamental element of this dance.

In addition, experienced dancers are advised to perform the first movements slowly, until the very essence of the actions reaches the muscle memory. Movements must be performed automatically and be extremely accurate. Otherwise, no moonwalk will work, but on the contrary, not a dance will come out, but something incomprehensible and strange. nine0005

Video tutorial

What is the secret of the pop idol dancing

Another favorite move attributed to the pop idol is the 45-degree body tilt.

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