How you love me line dance

CopperKnob - Backstreet Boys - As Long as You Love Me

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As Long as You Love Me

Backstreet Boys

Line Dances To This Music

As Long As You Love Me  Kim Eun Jung Cona (KOR) - January 2022

    48 Count    4 Wall    Phrased Improver   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

I Can't Get You Out of My Head  Georgie Mygrant (USA) - 28 November 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me  Jun Jae Lee (KOR) - November 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me (Thrills) - AB  Annemaree Sleeth (AUS) - October 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Absolute Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me  Muhammad Yani (INA) - September 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Love Is All That Matters  Pat Newell (USA) - 25 August 2021

    32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long…. .(fr)  Christiane FAVILLIER (FR) - August 2018

    32 Count    4 Wall    Débutant facile   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys : (Album: Backstreet's Bach)

As Long…..  Christiane FAVILLIER (FR) - September 2018

    32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys : (Album: Backstreet's Bach)

Just Love Me  Robbie Carrington (USA) - February 2017

    32 Count    2 Wall    Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Yes, I'll Luv U For-Ev  Dolly Embee (CAN) - March 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Ultra Beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Will Love You Forever  Dolly Embee (CAN) - March 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Intermediate   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As U Love Me Tender  Ira Weisburd (USA) - January 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner - Slow Cha Cha   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As U Love Me  Ira Weisburd (USA) - January 2016

    64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate Slow Cha Cha   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long as You Love Me  Judy Rodgers (USA) - November 2013

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me  Ron Hendricks (SG) - July 2012

    64 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Don't Care  Hazel Morris (UK) - June 2008

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Intermediate   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Attitude  Jamie Davis (USA) - May 2008

    32 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Back In 5  Andie Ghidiu (USA)

48 Count    4 Wall    intermediate/advanced   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

As Long As You Love Me  Norman Mullinix Jr.

24 Count    4 Wall    beginner   Music: As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys

Dances and Songs - cuestacountrylinedancingclub

DANCE                                          TYPE OF DANCE

          SONG TITLE                                ARTIST



AGGIE SWING                                         Couples free style                                                    

            Brand New Girlfriend                               Steve Holy

            Devil Went Down To Georgia                Charlie Daniels Band

            Swing                                                       Trace Adkins

            Swing Batter Batter                                 Trace Adkins

            Swingin'                                                        LeAnn Rimes

            Old Alabama                                               Brad Paisley


ALL JACKED UP                                      4-wall line dance

            Crazy Ex Girl Friend                          Miranda Lambert

            Good Girls                                                   Kerry Underwood

            Mama’s Broken Heart                             Miranda Lambert

            Telescope                                                   Hayden Panatiece


BABY LIKES TO ROCK IT                 2-wall line dance                                                   

            Baby Likes To Rock It                                  The Tractors


BARN DANCE                                          Couples pattern dance circular                     

            All My Friends Say                                                Luke Bryan

            Beer On The Table                                   Josh Thompson                

            Cheatin' On My Honky-Tonk                  Trent Tomlinson

            Good Directions                                        Billy Currington

            Good Time                                                   Alan Jackson                                            

            Meat And Potato Man                              Brice Long

            Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense          Leann Rimes                     

            Where I Come From                                 Alan Jackson


BLACK VELVET                                      2-wall line dance                                           

            Black Velvet                                               Alanna Myles                     


BOOT SCOOTIN’ BOOGIE                2-wall line dance                                                  

             Boot Scootin’ Boogie                                  Brooks & Dunn                 


CHA CHA SLIDE                                     4-wall line dance                                           

            Cha Cha Slide                                            DJ Casper  


CHIL FACTOR                                 4-wall line dance

            Booze Cruse                                               Blackjack Billy      

            Last Night                                                    Chris Anderson                



COASTIN’                                                  4-wall line dance                          

            Boogie Woogie Fiddle Blues                 Charlie Daniels Band

            Lord Of The Dance                                   Celtic Orchestra

          What Was I Thinkin                                   Dierks Bentley

CONTINENTAL COWBOY                  Couples pattern dance circular

            A Long Hot Summer                                 Keith Urban

            Red                                                                Taylor Swift     

            Tangled Up                                                  Billy Currington

            Why Don’t  We Just Dance                    Josh Turner                                   




COPPERHEAD STOMP                                   4-wall line dance                                            

            Copperhead Road                                    Steve Earle                                                




COTTON EYED JOE                        4-wall line dance                                          

            Cotton Eyed Joe                                       Rednex


COWBOY CHA CHA                              Couples pattern dance circular              

            Bittersweet                                                 Big Head Todd & The Monsters

            Dancin', Shaggin On The Boulevard  Alabama

            How 'Bout Them Cowgirls                      George Strait

            I Don’t Want This Night To End                        Luke Bryan

            I Gotta Get To You                                                George Strait

            Isn't She                                                       Carolina Rain

            I Told You So                                               Keith Urban

            Last Christmas                                          Taylor Swift

            Lipstick Promises                                     George Ducas

            Love’s Gonna Play It Alright                 George Strait

            My Maria                                                       Brooks & Dunn

            Neon Moon                                                  Brooks & Dunn                 

            Nothing On The Radio                             Gary Allan

            One More Goodbye                                  Randy Rogers Band

            Restless                                                       Jason Aldean

            Since You Brought It Up                         James Otto

            Some Beach                                               Blake Shelton

            When The Sun Goes Down                    Kenny Chesney                            

            Wild Wild West                                            Randy Houser                                           

            Your Man                                                      Josh Turner                                   




DIZZY                                                                       4-wall line dance                                           

            Dizzy                                                              Scoter Lee                         


DRIFTER                                                    Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Blown Away                                                            Carrie Underwood

            Good Little Girls                                        Blue Country

            Hallaluy’all                                                   Bomshel

            Jeep Jeep                                                    Krista Marie

            Kerosene                                                     Miranda Lambert

            Loud                                                              Big & Rich

            Put You In A Song                                     Keith Urban

            Radio                                                             Big & Rich               

            Sell Me A Fake I D                                      Brooks & Dunn                             

            Up Getcha Good                                       Shania Twain                     

            Work Hard, Play Harder                         Gretchen Wilson              



EAST COAST SWING                           Couples free style                                                    

          Boogie Woogie Rhythem                            Scooter Lee

            Brand New Girlfriend                               Steve Holy

            Diamond Light Boogie                             Cherry Poppin' Daddy’s

            Drink Myself Single                                  Sunny Sweeney

            Money In The Middle                                Rodney Atkins



EL PASO                                                    Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Aw Naw                                                        Chris Young

            Bartender                                                    Lady Antebellum

            Brokenharts Ville                                      Joe Nichols

            Country Girl Shake It For Me                Luke Bryan                        

            Crying On A Suitcase                              Casey James

            Dangerous Man                                         Trace Atkins

            Drunk On A Plane                                     Dierks Bentley

            Holly Water                                                 Big & Rich

            Let Me Down Hard                                                John Eddie

            Lonely Eyes                                                            Chris Young

            Stand                                                                        Rascal Flatts

            Winning At A Loosing Game                 Rascal Flatts


ELECTRIC SLIDE                                     4-wall line dance                                                              

           Built For Blue Jeans                                Bomshel

           Here For The Party                                  Gretchin Wilson

           Sharp Dressed Man                                 ZZ Top

           You Don't Have To Go Home                 Gretchen Wilson


FAKE ID                                           4-wall line dance

            Sell Me A Fake I D                                                 Big & Rich



FAT SALLY LEE                                      4-wall line dance                                          

            Fat Sally Lee                                               Rednex                                



FOOT LOOSE                                           4-wall line dance                                          

            Foot Loose                                                  Kenny Logins                    


GO GO STOMP                                        2-wall line dance

            Backwoods                                                 Justin Moore                                                  

            Boys Round Here                                     Blake Sheldon

            Last Name                                                   Carrie Underwood           

            Pirate Flag                                                   Kenny Chesney

            Redneck Yacht Club                                Craig Morgan



GOD BLESSED TEXAS                                   2-wall line dance                                          

            God Blessed Texas                                  Little Texas


GOOD TIME                                               4-wall line dance

            Good Time                                                   Alan Jackson                                


GOT TO BE FUNKEY                            4-wall line dance                                          

            (Every Thing I Do) Got To Be Funkey             Maurice John Vaughn    


GREAT SHAKES                                       4-wall line dance

            Girls Love To Shake It                             Love & Theft



HICK HOP                                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Cricket On A Line  Colt Ford                 Rhett Akins                        


HICK TOWN                                                        4-wall line dance                                                  

            Hick town                                                  Jason Aldean


HILLBILLIES                                            2-wall line dance                                          

            Hillbillies                                                       Hot Apple Pie                    


HONKY TONK                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Honky Tonk Badonkadonk                    Trace Atkins


HORSESHOE                                           Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Cool To Be A Fool                                 Joe Nichols                        

            Pretty Good At Drinking Beer              Billy Currington

            Wrapped                                              George Strait        




LINDA LOU                                                           2-wall line dance                                          

            Georga Peaches                                       Lauren Alaina                   

            Turn On The Radio                                   Reba Mc Entire

            Whose Bed Have Your Boots               Shania Twain


LINE WALTZ                                           1-Wall couples pattern dance                 

            Easy                                                              Rascal Glatts                    

            I’M Moving On                                             Rascal Flatts

            Red On A Rose                                          Alan Jackson                    

            Strawberry Wine                                       Deanna Carter

            You Look So Good In Love                    George Strait

          You Save Me                                               Kenny Chesney


MAVERICK                                                            2-wall line dance                                          

            1994                                                              Jason Aldean

            Brown Chicken Brown Cow                  Trace Adkins

            Bubba Shot The Jukebox                       Mark Chesnutt

            She’s Country                                            Jason Aldean

            She’s A Hottie                                            Toby Keith


MEN IN BLACK                                       4-wall line dance                                          

            Men In Black                                               Will Smith                            


mMm Bop                                         4-wall line dance                                           

          Good Girls                                                   Carrie Underwood

            Wildflower                                                    Jane Dear Girls


OUTLAW                                          4-wall line dance

            Whiskey Drinkin’ Son Of A Bitch          Mickel Knight                                    


POWER JAM                                             4-wall line dance                                                  

            I’m A Cowboy                                             Smokin Armadillos                                   

            Jam                                                                Michael Jackson              

            Remix-Save A Horse Rice A Cowboy Big & Rich   


RED NECK ANGEL                         4-wall line dance                               

           Merry Go Round                                         Jane Dear Girls

            Somethin Bad                                            Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood


REGGAE COWBOY                         4-wall line dance                                                 

             Get Into Reggae Cowboy                The Bellamy Brothers


ROCKEY TOP                                           1-wall line dance                                          

            Bomshell Stomp                                        Bomshell     


SADDLE UP SHAWTY                     4-wall line dance

            Saddle Up                                                    Michael Knight                                     



SEXY TRACTOR                              2-wall line dance

          She Thinks My Tractors Sexy               Kenny Chesney


SKI BUMPUS                                            1-wall line dance                                          

            All You Ever Do I Bring Me Down         The Mavericks

            Barlight                                                        Charlie Robins                  

            Every Little Thing                                      Carlene Carter

          (I Never Promised You A)Rose Garden Martina McBride



SLAPIN’ LEATHER                               4-wall line dance                                      

            Say You Love Me                                       Rodney Crowell

            Stuck Like Glue                                         Sugar Land



          Barefoot & Buckallo                                Laupen Alaina                            

          Something In The Water                         Brooke Fraser


STROKIN’                                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Strokin’                                                         Clarence Carter               



TEN STEP                                                  Couples/singles pattern dance circular

            Cheater Cheater                                       Joey and Rory



TRAVELING 4 CORNERS                  Couples pattern dance circular             

            Long White Cadillac                                 Dwight Yoakam                 

            Men                                                                Forester Sisters                           

            Mississippi Mud                                          Hank Williams III

          Surprise                                                       Trent Willmon

            That Girl's Been Spyin On Me               Billy Dean



TUSH PUSH                                                        4-wall line dance                                          

            Down In Mississippi                                  Sugarland

            Fire Cracker                                               Josh Turner                                   

            They Call Me The Fireman                     George Strait

            Ain't Going Down                                      Garth Brooks




TWO STEP                                       Couples pattern dance circular             

            All I Ever Wanted                                      Chuck Wicks

            As If                                                               Serra Evans

            Beer In Mexico                                           Kenny Chesney

            Between The River and Me                   Tim McGraw

            Chicks Dig It                                               Chris Cagle

            Come On Over                                           Jessica Simpson

            Days Go By                                                 Keith Urban

            Fishin' In The Dark                                                Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

            Fishin' In The Dark                                                Nathan Carter

            For She Was Mama                                  Clay Walker

            Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go) Dierks Bentley

            Georgia Clay                                              Josh Kelley

            Guitar Slinger                                             Crossin Dixon

            Gunpowder & Lead                                  Miranda Lambert

            His Kinda Money (My Kinda Love)       Eric Church

            Honkeytonk U                                            Toby Keith

            I Love Women My Momma Can' Stand Jerrod Niemann

            Jezebel                                                         Chely Wright

            Just To See You Smile                             Tim Mc Graw

            Little Bit of Life                                           Craig Morgan

            Little White Church                                  Little Big Town

            Long Black Train                                       Josh Turner

            Love Don't Live Here                               Lady Antebellum

            Midnight Rider                                            Willie Nelson

            My, Oh My                                                    The Wreckers

            19 Somethin'                                              Mark Wills

            Nothin Better To Do                                 Leann Rimes         

            Ordinary Love                                            Shane Minor

            Pickn' Wildflowers                                                Keith Anderson

            Red High Heels                                          Kellie Pickler

            Ring Of Fire                                                 Allen Jackson feat. Lee Ann Womack

            Smoke A Little Smoke                             Erick Church

            Somebody Like You                                 Keith Urban

            Talkin' Dirty                                                 Russel Walker

            Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off     Joe Nichols

            Tennessee River Run                              Darryl Worley

            The One In The Middle                            Sarah Johns

            Ticks                                                              Brad Paisley

            Tu Compania                                              Keith Urban

            Why, Why, Why                                          Billy Currington

            Wrapped Up In You                                  Garth Brooks



UN DOS TRES                                         4-wall line dance                                          

            Maria                                                                         Rickey Martin                    


WALKING WAZZIE                                2-wall line dance                                          

            T. R.O.U.B.L.E                                             Travis Tritt  


WANNA TAKE YOU HOME             4-wall line dance

          Wanna Take You Home                           Gloriana

          Sideways                                                     Dierks Bentley



WATERMELON CRAWL                           4-wall line dance                                                  

            Watermelon Crawl                                                Tracy Byrd


WEST COAST SWING                          Couples free style                                               

            A Cold One                                                  Erick Church

            All Summer Long                                       Kid Rock

            Beer For My Horses                                 Toby Keith/Willie Nelson

            Dirty Girl                                                       Terri Clark

            Hip To My Hart                                           The Band Perry

            Love You                                                      Jack Ingram

            Mad Cowboy Disease                              John Michael Montgomery

            Need You Now                                           Lady Antebellum

            Party For Two                                            Shania Twain Duet Billy Crrington

            Pound Sign(#?*!)                                       Kevin Fowler

            Put A Girl In It                                             Brooks & Dunn

            Steam                                                           Ty Herdon

            Something To Talk About                       Bonnie Raitt

            Sparks Fly                                                   Taylor Swift

            Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind Kellie Pickler



WILD WILD WEST                                              2-wall line dance                                          

            Wild Wild West                                            The Escape Club  


Do you love me? – Editorial – Session Magazine

Sketch by Ekaterina Zaletaeva


EPISODE 1. Restaurant kitchen.

A huge pie is laid out on a dish from the oven.

On another dish, a whole roasted pig is garnished with herbs.

Baked geese with necks arched like those of swans are surrounded by baked apples, cranberries are inserted instead of eyes.

Hands through which fat flows, juice. Someone's hand is wiping the sweat-drenched neck and chest of a plump woman with a towel, lubricating a piglet with an oily feather.

A long sturgeon is inserted into the nostrils of a parsley branch.

Hands reach out for the dish. Others follow next.

In front of the entrance to the restaurant hall, in the kitchen anteroom, waiters dressed in pseudo-Russian caftans stand in line. Each is given a dish. The first, SEREZHA, deftly holding a long plate with sturgeon on the fingers of one hand, with the other hand holds the curtain so that you can see what is happening in the hall, from where Leonard Cohen’s song “Dance Me To the End of Love” is heard . ..

EPISODE 2. Restaurant hall.

In the depths of the hall, a large table is set with peace. Behind him are men and women, who, however, are almost invisible. The stage and a platform for musicians next to it are illuminated. Musicians play live. A young singer in a pink shirt with ruffles that reveals a hairy chest, DANIA, sings Cohen's song in almost pure English. On the stage, a dance ensemble dressed in the style of "Russian cabaret" - the girls have very short skirts, golden boots with heels, kokoshniks on their heads, some clearly depict birch trees, the young men have blue Armenians embroidered with gold. In the center, a girl is dancing, who instead of a kokoshnik has a gilded church onion on her head, RITA, she is surrounded by three partners with smaller onions, they lead a round dance around her, while the male dancers create more and more divergent circles.

At a certain point in the song, the church girl starts down the stairs to the hall, accompanied by the birch girls and the coachmen. When she reaches the last step, the waiters gracefully float out of the kitchen: sparklers burn at the edges of each dish. They line up in a semicircle in front of the table. Chefs in white coats and caps line up behind them, and a woman in an evening dress and without a cap becomes in the center of the line of cooks. This is NATASHA, the chef.

At the final bars of the song, the dancer NIKOLAY, dressed as a prince, appears at the top of the stage stairs and starts waving a huge Russian flag.

The music stops. The guests applaud.


EPISODE 1. Restaurant hall.

In the center of the table sits a man in a suit with an unsmiling face of the boss, this is PAVEL OSIPOVITCH. Next to him is his secretary LENA. Opposite them is the director of the restaurant GEVORG, all overgrown with hair, and the head of the GENA ensemble.

Pavel Osipovich: I still don't understand why the final number is in English.

Gevorg: You know our contingent. ..

Lena: Pal Osich, eat the pig, it's getting cold.

Pavel Osipovich: I didn't come here to eat. I have already eaten this piglet thirty times.

Gena: But almost the rest of the program is on Russian songs! And then, there are melodies that take the soul, in all cultures, among all peoples.

Pavel Osipovich: And the text? Why can't the text be translated into Russian? For example, one verse is in English, the other in Russian.

Gena: But this will kill the entire internationality of the number.

Pavel Osipovich: It won't kill you. Believe me, Gennady, I have been in culture for twenty-eight years, I understand something about this.


Choice of nature, selection of types


EPISODE 1. Natasha's apartment. Bedroom.

Natasha lies with a lit night lamp, holding a large alarm clock in her hands. At about three in the morning.

The sound of a key in the door is heard. She quickly turns off the light, puts the alarm clock on the nightstand, turns her face to the wall. Nikolay quietly enters the room. He undresses in the dark, lies down next to Natasha. They lie facing away from each other, both of them have their eyes open.

Natasha: Let's get a divorce.

Nikolay (after a pause): As you wish.


SCENE 12. Restaurant. Butcher's room.

Carcasses hung. There are freezers. Huge cutting table. Zinc shell. There are drains for blood on the floor.

FELIX the butcher cuts the meat and puts it in a large vat.

A DISHWASHER in a dirty bathrobe and fishnet tights sits on a stool nearby. She smokes a cigarette. Quietly enters Natasha.

Dishwasher: ...and the penguin population has dropped dramatically. They began to figure out the dick to the nose. Then they realized that the penguins of the dogs, barking at them, get scared and drop their eggs. But they can’t lift it, it’s hard for them to bend over . ..

Natasha: Don't we have dirty dishes?

The dishwasher, oh, flies out of the butcher's. Felix still cuts meat.

Natasha: Have you marinated the barbecue?

Felix: Right now.

Natasha comes closer to him.

Natasha: Big again? How many times have I told you - a special recipe, only fine salt! Are you stupid?

Felix is ​​silent. Natasha puts a pack of coarse salt in the cupboard and puts a jar of fine salt in front of it.

Natasha: And don't tell me that you don't feel with your small hand! I don't care what you feel! Who is our chef - you? Then go and command there! You don't just have to make such a face. (Felix stands with his back to her.) All the gentle ones have become very. Don't say a word to them! (Felix turns to her.) And don't be rude! And you know..

Felix puts down the knife, wipes his hands on his apron, takes Natasha by the white hands and pushes her out into the corridor.

Natasha: What are you? Absolutely?!. . I now...

Felix: A witch.

He slams the door in her face, pulls the bolt.

Returns to the cutting table, takes coarse salt from the cupboard.



EPISODE 1. Restaurant. Hall.

Two men in leather jackets, IGOR and SASHA, are sitting at a table.

Sasha: You're drunk every evening. You don't understand, you snore, you smell, there's nothing to breathe in the room in the morning. You already got it, your text messages are those eternal “where are you?”. In Karaganda on a nail! Nauseous already, that's where! Why the hell did you break an Italian sink?

Igor: Do you want to leave?


Sketch by Ekaterina Zaletaeva


Restaurant. Hall.

The whole team has already gathered in the hall: cooks, waiters, bartender, musicians, dancers, security guard, secretary Ira - in general, everything.

Svetka and Lucy are still sitting in the corner of the hall. Svetka does her homework, Lucy smokes.

Igor and Sasha are drinking cognac. Gevorg is standing in front of them, they are talking about something.

EPISODE 1. Musicians.

Danya: ... I have five children, only whom I recognized ...

Seva: Yes, because you are a sucker.

Danya: You yourself are a sucker. If you put all my women in this hall, then they might fit, of course, but only very tightly ...

EPISODE 2. Seryozha and Nelya.

Nelya: And yours always has pressure, as if it were not her granddaughter! My mother, by the way, was not hired to sit with your child!

Serezha: Let your mother say thank you that I still haven't killed her with an axe. And we have a common child, if anyone is interested.

Selection of nature, selection of types

EPISODE 3. Meeting.

Gevorg: So. Comrades, we have three questions here, we are solving them quickly, because in the evening we have a German delegation. So, the questions are as follows: the organization of a cell of the Beloved Russia party in our team, the congress of furriers, our dear Turkish and Greek guests come to us again, and the third is different. Including the atmosphere in the team, which I don't like...

Nelya: Nobody likes it. Here, some of the family are leaving.

Gevorg: Leaving a family is, of course, bad, but first we'll talk...

Kolya: Don't tell me, those days are gone.

Nelya: As they passed, so they will come. By the way, we have a family year!

Ira: This next year will be the year of the family.

Gevorg: Every year we have a family, and in those days, by the way, there were many good things. Therefore, I believe that if we all together, as a whole team, join the Beloved Russia party, this will somehow pull us up, maybe someone will get their brains right, someone, maybe, will return to the family ...

Supply man: Another question from the supply department: do we still buy toothpicks or not?

Gevorg: Will they let me finish? So. Sign up for a party with Ira. We'll hand over the dues to her...

Gena: And if I don't want to join the party?

Danya: And what are the contributions?

Gevorg: So, we are not pulling anyone by force, this is a voluntary matter, but the attitude in the team towards such a person will be appropriate.

Gena: Is that a threat?

Gevorg: No, these are not threats. But some people have not adopted the program, by the way, and from some of whom we are all waiting for creativity and a good moral climate, and not the bullshit that regularly happens in your unit.

Gevorg pointedly shakes some pieces of paper.

Rita: Oh, and in the kitchen we have Valdai hymens! And in the vegetable warehouse we have cucumbers and tomatoes fucking!

Nelya: You would be silent about the kitchen, parasites!.. By the way, I was there with my husband!

Supplier: So I didn't understand, what's with the toothpicks?

Seva: Will wages ever be increased?

Sergey: Is it for you to raise your salary?! The day before yesterday, everything went to the orchestra, did you unfasten anything for our tea? How many five hats did I wear from those maramois?!

Danya: Yeah, you are the poorest of us! For the second month we have been eating the servants with sausages, and yours carries bags of pork from the kitchen!

Gevorg: Well, everyone shut up!. . Let's move on. We have a congress of furriers. Start over. What do I want from you. To make you smile. All. Directly from the entrance. Borya, it concerns you too...

Borya: It's good that you started talking about it, Gevorg Richardovich, I don't mind smiling, but I wanted to raise the issue with the radio. I need a radio. Kind of bluetooth.

Gevorg: Borya. You, of course, do not be offended, but you are a moron. What radio? What the hell is your radio? Who will you talk to about it? With a wardrobe? By the way, we changed the plumbing, so we don’t get up like an eagle on it anymore, I repeat for the last time ...

Borya: I'm not a moron, but for business I need people to think that there are a lot of us.

Gevorg: Shut up, Borya! Nina Nikolaevna, so that I don’t see your vests on the mop anymore. I personally bought you rags, where are they? Do you eat them, or what?

Nina Nikolaevna: So the vests are softer! You can crawl into every corner with them. ..

Gevorg: Where you climb, Nina Nikolaevna, that's your business. Now for the program. So, Gennady, since the new program has not yet been adopted, we ride everything as usual. The first part is folklore, the second is "Scheherazade's Dreams". We lick the guests, as expected, remember that we have a cultural center, not a train station. And here's more.

Felix, I asked you many times. No need to pass through the hall with a knife during the evening program. And it’s not necessary during the day either...

Felix sits with a straight face.

Supplier: I'm still worried about toothpicks...

Gevorg: Will you shut up or not? You won't have toothpicks! They will pick with matches! We have a Russian restaurant! Get creative! You plant a couple of people, let them sharpen the matches! Now about the menu.

Cook: When will they give me a new uniform? In "Mashenka" the uniform is changed every month.

Gevorg: Go and work at Mashenka. And burn cutlets for them. So I will answer you.

Natasha: He didn't burn cutlets. Everything on our equipment is on fire.

Gevorg: Don't protect your own and don't attack the equipment. And tell me better, what did you serve under the guise of a new menu? The same geese, only in profile? Your dead pigs are already making people sick. You disgrace me as the owner! What is it with us, the Turks have to eat the same thing every year? I went, climbed into the attic, found grandmother's recipes - we are waiting for creativity from you! You are now a free woman, you must be creative in your work...

Natasha jumps up and goes to the kitchen.



Hotel corridor.

Lucy knocks on the door of the room. The door opens…

Lucy: Good evening. Nothing that I'm aged?

A bare man's hand pulls Lucy inside...

The door slams shut.


Sketch by Ekaterina Zaletaeva


Bedroom of Nelya and Sergey.

Nelya and Sergey are fucking, Sergey is on top. Both eyes are open.

Nelya: Did you put the meat in the refrigerator?

Sergey: Folded.

Nelya: In an enameled bowl?

Sergey: I don't remember.

Nelya: How many times do I have to tell you: put the meat in an enameled bowl. Are you out of spite, or what, are you doing this to me?

Sergey: Roll over.

Nelya turns over.

Nelya: The meat stinks!

Sergey: How did you get me. And you, and your mother, and sister.

Nelya: What did your sister do to you?

Sergey: Listen, will you let me concentrate?



EPISODE 2. Restaurant. Hall.

Sergey approaches the table where Anna Andreevna and Marina Ivanna are sitting. They have a laptop open on the table, papers with some plans are laid out.

Sergey: Would you like anything else?

Marina Ivanna: Another two hundred and fifty whiskeys and ice separately.

AnnaAndreevna: Explain to me, Marina Ivanna, why the hell did you put a cross on the eighth section in the very center of the cottage village?

Marina Ivanna: And because the eighth section, Anna Andreevna, we will not sell with you. We will put a stall there.

EPISODE 3. Restaurant. Hall.

Sergey at the bar. The bartender pours whiskey.

Bartender: We've already finished the bottle. Why don't they bite?

Sergey: Nope. And they don't get drunk. And they don't smile.

EPISODE 4. At the table.

AnnaAndreevna: What the hell is a stall for us, Marina Ivanna?

At that moment Sergey comes up to them, puts down the whiskey, straightens something on the table.

MarinaIvanna: What is your name?

Sergey: Sergey.

MarinaIvanna: Well, for Sergei.

They clink glasses.

Anna Andreevna: Good. And on the ninth in a circle what?

Sergey: I'm very sorry, but may I ask, what is your profession?

Pause. Marina Ivanna and Anna Andreevna look at each other.

MarinaIvanna: And by profession, we, Sergey, are widows.



Restaurant. Gevorg's office.

Gevorg is sitting at the table, studying some list. Secretary Irochka looks over his shoulder.

Gevorg: So, forty-six people… not bad. And this one is here... good. So... And who is Izmailova L.S.?

Ira: So this is Lucy.

Gevorg: What is Lucy?

Ira: Well, our Lucy.

Gevorg: What is she doing here?

Ira: Well, what's up? She came up and asked to sign up too...

Gevorg: Ira-jan, what place do you think? Lusya is not an employee of our cultural center. Lucy is a prostitute. Do you want prostitutes in our party cell?! You are crazy?

Ira: What do you think I should have told her? Lucy, you are a prostitute, go through the forest? A person wants to join the party, by the way, she was the only one who handed over the dues to me a year in advance.

Gevorg: What do you think I will say to Pal Osich when he asks me who Izmailova L.S. is?! Tell her the cell is full! There are no seats! And return her contributions to her!

Ira: Don't yell at me. I have already spent my dues. I bought two portraits and a flag.

Gevorg: Give her back the money!!!


Sketch by Ekaterina Zaletaeva

STAGE60. EPISODE 1. Restaurant. Hall.

Danya ends the song. The last chords sound. Turks applaud. Anna Andreevna rises from the table and approaches the musicians.

AnnaAndreevna: Do you know the “Blue Evening” by the group “Ladybug”?

Danya: Of course, only we have a program now. Then the disco will start.

Anna Andreevna: The disco has already started.

She hands him a thousand dollar bill.

Anna Andreevna: For Anya and Marina from Moscow.

She moves away.

Danya: The song "Blue Evening" is played for Anya and Marina from Moscow.

Anna Andreevna and Marina Ivanna go out to the middle of the hall and begin to dance with selfless abandon with concentrated faces. Waiters are bustling around the hall, delivering snacks. A drunken travel agent joins Anna Andreevna and Marina Ivanna.



Restaurant. Kitchen.

Cook and Waitress.

Cook: Anything can happen in life, and I suddenly realized that I must definitely tell you this, because anything can happen, but what if I won't tell you!

Waitress: Val, what are you doing?

Cook: I like you very much. Let's meet?

Waitress: Do you love me, or what?

Cook: Well.



EPISODE 1. Restaurant. Wardrobe.

Borya hangs a sign on the door of the restaurant "The restaurant is closed for a special event."

Intended casting

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"Dance is my absolute religion" // Look

  • Profile

"Dancing with the Stars". New season April 29, 2022, 11:43

  • Interview with Vladimir Varnava

April 29 - International Dance Day. In an exclusive interview with the "Looking" platform, the jury member of the "Dancing with the Stars" project and star choreographer Vladimir Varnava told how he got into the popular show of the "Russia 1" channel, what he appreciates in modern dance and what helps his body to think.

On April 29 the whole world celebrates International Dance Day. This holiday, dedicated to all dance styles, began to be celebrated in 1982 at the initiative of the International Dance Council of UNESCO on the birthday of the French choreographer and "father of modern ballet" Jean-Georges Noverre. As conceived by the founders, the main idea of ​​the holiday is to unite all areas of dance as a single form of art, and this day itself is another reason to speak the same language - the language of dance. The contestants of the popular show of the TV channel "Russia 1" "Dancing with the Stars" also speak in the rhythm of tango, waltz, rumba and jive. In each program, they master completely new styles and strive to win. Someone will be able to reach the end, and someone will have to be out of the standings. This is decided by the viewers and the jury, which includes Daria Zlatopolskaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Yegor Druzhinin. This year they were joined by a dancer, choreographer, twice winner of the Golden Mask award Vladimir Varnava. In an exclusive interview with the “Looking” platform, he said that his expectations from the project were justified, what dance means to him personally and what Vaclav Nijinsky has to do with it.

- What brought you to television?

- This is an interesting platform and space to interact with. All my previous life and formation took place in the space of the theater. This is probably some kind of natural development when you develop in your business and become more recognizable. Today, the Internet is the main symbol of recognition and media coverage, but television is also a great source of information.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars" (2022)

- Did your expectations from the project "Dancing with the Stars" come true?

- It's not that difficult to sit on the jury, to be honest. It is much more difficult to create numbers. And you look at the jury, give feedback. In general, I constantly wanted to ask the participants about their motivation, about what drives them when they dance, but in this format I did not always have such an opportunity. There were, of course, some surprises, especially in the first episode of the show, but in general, the trajectory of events was assumed by me. And most importantly, the expectation that maybe a little more people will pay attention to what we are doing in our dance environment. I mean, of course, modern dance.

- Which of the participants of this year won your sympathy?

- I didn't have any sympathy before the start of the project. I really like all the participants, I feel undisguised pure sympathy for them, because they found a resource in themselves to immerse themselves in this story. We found the opportunity to take the path of a dancer, because my sincere conviction is that every person is a dancer, every person can dance, there is a dance inside each of us, and I, of course, categorically disagree with the opinion that only one or the other can dance. It's just a matter of how deep you go into it. Dedicating your life to dancing is a choice, and that's the only difference between professionals and non-professionals. And so everyone dances, everyone can. And for me, the show "Dancing with the Stars" confirms this thesis, we see actors of different experience, different training, and how they come to dance. It makes me extremely happy to watch this. This is actually the main reason why I am here. For example, Marina Zudina feels such a passionate immersion in what she does. And it resonates with me. And every time I evaluate it, I try to feel it. I don’t rely on regalia, I respect the opinion of other jury members very much, but I operate with my own completely freely. I understand something about staging a dance, I worked as a ballet dancer for a long time. And, of course, the underground scene is what started my new round in life. I once decided to leave the ballet theater and start practicing modern dance, and in the cellars of St. Petersburg we tried to develop this art.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars" (2022)

- I must give you credit that in St. Petersburg with unique ballet traditions you were not afraid to take up modern dance. Today you are called one of the most relevant and emotional choreographers. Everything is clear with the actual, but why emotional?

- I heard that I am the most fashionable according to Vogue magazine. The most wonderful according to my mother, of course. And, of course, the youngest, but I have been young for ten years now. And it's nice! But that I'm emotional - this is news to me. I myself am a rather emotional person, I can give an eccentric one, but I think that we are talking about dance. The logic in this can be traced to the following: I am very fond of impressionism, there is no strategy in this, there is just love in this. Dance impressionism is also close to me, but in my work it is combined to a greater extent with logic, with mathematics, that is, I do not only subordinate myself to emotions. I am very interested in what drives people, as the dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch said, not only in terms of emotions and impressions, but in terms of their analysis, because dance is always imagination, a combination of fantasy and mathematics. Is always! And I'm glad that there is such an opinion.

- I saw some productions with your participation, and a comparison with the dance innovator Vaslav Nijinsky, the star of Sergei Diaghilev's "Russian Seasons" appeared in my head.

- This is news to me! And the news is good, because just Vaslav Nijinsky is the signal with which I interact in a historical retrospective. I love Nijinsky. "Russian Seasons" is my favorite time in the development of dance art. Indeed, we have three very powerful figures, at least in my mind, these are Nijinsky, Nureyev and Baryshnikov, of course. So your comparison is very flattering to me.

- Many participants of the show "Dancing with the Stars" note that it is the work with the body that becomes the most difficult - the removal of clamps, liberation, because it is impossible to hide the psycho-emotional state in the dance. Do you have any formula how to get in touch with your body and make it think?

- You should come to my master class. Joke! What is the topic here? Dance is a logically built system, and there are a great many systems, even within one dance genre. 100 years ago, the Chinese writer Lu Xun wrote that you begin to understand any business better when you study it comprehensively. In the dance you constantly reproduce the same movements, even the smallest ones. If I make the same movement 50 times, trace the path where it becomes more voluminous, meaningful, not only in terms of movement, but also in terms of thought, then this gives a completely different awareness of movements. Surprisingly, for me this is still a working scheme. For me, dance is a puzzle, some kind of endless puzzle. And most importantly, this puzzle is always at your fingertips. This is your body. It's great that you basically don't need anything extra - violin, cello. I am very fond of all kinds of arts, but I look at my friends and I think that the dancers are happy because their body is always with them.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars" (2022)

- Are musicians grounded by the heaviness of a musical instrument?

- And that too, but it's like something else comes up. And here, by and large, if you want to dance, you can do it on the sand, in the water, in space, you can do it anywhere. Dance is a very accessible thing, like voice. Like music that is created by our body.

- Even ten years ago contemporary people in Russia were treated in two ways. Modern stage dance was called by many a set of strange movements, nothing more. How is the attitude towards modern dance changing today? And is it changing?

- The form is changing, and we must look not for what is different in dances, but for what unites them. You know that rules exist to be broken, and it seems to me that I am now in the phase when these rules are clear to me, but it has become clear how they can be broken, but not because I don’t I know. That's what's important! I think that the audience is very much progressing in their perception of modern dance art. And in many respects thanks to TV projects. People began to look and skip the dance through their eyes to the very heart. It's wonderful that so many people are dancing, so many people are buying subscriptions to the studio, so many people are taking care of their bodies. And what they do - dance theater or strip plastic - does not really matter, as long as it brings them pleasure and joy. Because dancing is for fun, it's my absolute religion.

- What are you currently working on?

- I would like to answer - above myself. In fact, yes. Every time you complete a project, you work on yourself. This is my way of communicating with the world. What to expect in the near future? Pretty much everything. But most of the time I'm doing what I'm building a modern dance campaign with the very purpose of popularizing modern dance art. You yourself know that the official religion of the state is academic ballet. But we don't want to be only in the museum space all the time, even if it's beautiful. And my generation of dancers is trying to change that. This is really important to me today.

Learn more