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October 19th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Towell Library

Let’s Move! Community Design Influences for Active Living

October 19th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Addlestone Library: Room 227

WGS Intersections: Kirsten Stolle

October 19th from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Halsey Institute


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  • Astrophysics

    For her degree, Thea Kozakis explores solar systems far beyond our own.

  • Chemistry

    Goal: Lead a research team in chemical engineering or quantum chemistry.

  • Biochemistry

    Ventilated hoods in year two; National Renewable Energy Lab after graduation.

  • Biology

    Studying large carnivores includes research on wild African elephants

  • Business Administration

    Using the power of entrepreneurial action to shape a more sustainable world.

  • Psychology

    Using the psychology major to prepare for a career in occupational therapy.

  • Music

    Combining music performance and composition can be very demanding.

  • Political Science

    Build a résumé for a distinguished career in politics, nonprofits, investments, research analysis.

    • Mathematics

      Using mathematical research to predict the outcomes of March Madness.

    • English

      Imagine studying Hemingway in Trujillo, Spain, and learning Spanish also.

    • Computer Science

      Taking a database course can lead to an internship with a local software giant.

    • Communication

      Learning to become an essential piece that connects different industries.

    • Exercise Science

      Helping people through nursing or physical therapy instead of medicine.

    • Data Science

      Thomas Nash has beaucoup options with Data Science.

    • Elementary Education

      Adapt your teaching style to the ways your students learn.

    • Arts Management

      This multifaceted discipline offers a broad scope of courses and that really appeals to Maria Carrillo-Marquina.

    • Accounting

      Professors are well connected in the business. Internships can lead to jobs.

    • Women’s and Gender Studies

      Explore the intersections of gender, class, race, ethnicity, ae, religion, ability and sexuality.

    • Anthropology

      From anthropology to medical school–fitting the trend in medicine today.

    • Urban Studies

      Good urban planning impacts housing, economic development and education.

    • Astronomy

      Presenting black holes research at an international conference as an undergrad.

    • Early Childhood Education

      Become a superb teacher for young children.

    • International Business

      Interning with a wealth-management team managing a $240-million portfolio.

    • Marine Biology

      Using a SURF grant to conduct research and present at a national conference.

    • Special Education

      After visiting campus, Leander Hamrick knew it was ideal for her studies.

    • Marketing

      Before attending college, Brandon Olesh created a landscaping business.

    • African American Studies

      Transfer student Siera Barksdale spans disciplines and cultures.

    • Theatre

      From acting to designing and directing to playwriting, experience theatre in a different way.

    • Astrophysics

      Studying NASA Space Mission Design is a definite highlight.

    • Dance

      Research funding led to a study of the creative expression of mental illness.

    • Economics

      A study of college football merchandise sales turned into a senior thesis.

    • Art History

      Art history teaches you about cultures and how to analyze what you’re seeing.

    • Jewish Studies

      Discover a rich history of Jewish culture in the Holy City.

    • Sociology

      A broad exposure to the scientific study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.

    • Philosophy

      A solid preparation for careers in law, public administration and education.

    • Physical Education

      Courses in physiology, anatomy and kinesiology–not your average PE teacher.

    • Spanish

      The largest and most comprehensive undergraduate Spanish program in the Southeast includes a wide range of study abroad programs.

    • Middle Grades Education

      Projects such as “creating a new school” and working as a substitute teacher, help future teachers make a difference.

    • German

      Double major in German and history, and study abroad for a semester.

    • Finance

      Palak Thakore is fascinated by the field’s research component.

    • History

      It’s amazing to have your name on a published piece as an undergraduate.

    • International Studies

      On track for a career in public policy and the advocacy of local interests.

    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies

      Taking the classroom experience to Buenos Aires, Honduras and points south.

    • French

      From a French marketing course to all things French, and an abundance of career choices.

    • Secondary Education

      Juggling classes and a job, Hunter Werts finds the inspiration to teach.

    • Hospitality and Tourism Management

      Learn all about the hospitality industry in the world’s No. 1 tourist destination.

    • Classics

      End of year one, a research assistant at the National Museum in Athens, Greece.

    • Geology

      Studying marine geology helps focus attention on environmental awareness.

    • Public Health B.A.

      Take a holistic approach to health issues, doublemajor in public health and psychology, and prepare to be a health psychologist.

    • Foreign Language Education

      Erin Galloway’s confidence and charisma translate into a French teacher.

    • Historic Preservation and Community Planning

      Dig into specific interests such as preservation law to sustainability.

    • Studio Art

      It’s amazing that professors with years of experience view you as an equal.

    • Religious Studies

      Joining the debate around climate change by studying the ways that religions are mediators of environmental impact.

    • Physics

      Physics research means being in the field often and doing a lot of computing.

    • Computer Information Systems

      A curriculum that’s as much about business as computer science.

    • Computing in the Arts

      Love of music + computer science = an attempt to experience music in 3-D.


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