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Dancing Line

Remember that one video when Pewdiepie and Marzia were playing this music game on the iPad and had catchy music in it including Faded by Alan Walker? Yes, it is Dance Line and now it’s available to download for free on your computer! Dancing Line has been awarded for Best Rhythm Game for 2018 as well as receiving a nomination for The Game Awards 2018 for Best Mobile Game. Download this free music game and play to the tune of your favorite piano songs in Dancing Line.

Get hooked to the wonderful sights and sounds as this deceivingly complex music game requires you to just tap one time to switch left or right but keeping up with the music and the Snake-like borders is beyond simple. The game is presented in top quality in terms of both graphics and music choices. Remember to put your headphones on to fully enjoy the game!



Dancing Line Game Features:

Beautifully-Crafted Rhythm Game

Believe us when we say that Dancing Line is unlike any other music game you have ever played before. With LSD-like visuals in highly creative ways, great music to listen to and easy controls with tough challenges, it’s easy to see why nobody can hate on this game.

Even hardcore players who despise mobile games are having a very fun time with it. And in all honesty, we’ve spent hours playing this game before writing about this game because it’s just so good!



The game looks and plays simple enough: you click to the beat of the game until you reach the end of the song. That is IF you can reach the end.

Even at its easiest mode, Dancing Line can be very challenging; daunting at faster and visual-heavy levels. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s bad. In all honesty, rhythm games are best like this and with how formulaic the challenge is in Dancing Line, it’s worth investing your time into.


A Wide Array of Amazing Songs

Faded by Alan Walker is just one of the dozens of great music in the game. Plus, they’re all complimented with visuals that suit the mood and atmosphere of every song, giving each level a sense of depth everytime you play.

Get upbeat through the timeline from the 70s to the current generation of Hip-Hop in Hip-Hop Revolution. Feel the melodic story of The Ugly Duckling told through music and bright visuals. Be mesmerized by the music of the clock in The Time. Ride through the tale of a classic spaghetti theme in The West. These are just a few of what’s in store in Dancing Line game.



Need More Challenge? Play Without Grids

If you think the game isn’t punishing enough, go and play any level without the guides. It adds a brand-new layer of difficulty to the already-complicated levels! Dancing Line is the kind of free music game on the computer that has tons of piano songs that will challenge your skills.


Dancing Tips and Tricks:

Use Headphones All The Time

Without a doubt, the only way for you to truly enjoy Dancing Line on your computer is to play it on headphones or with top-quality loudspeakers if you have one. Headphones will help you concentrate on the beat of the song and will be able to keep you focused more than just using loudspeakers with a soft volume. There are tricky piano songs in Dancing Line that needs your utmost attention, so playing with headphones on is a must.

Not to mention, the soundtrack is just too good not to pass by. We haven’t played a game with enough good songs since Muse Dash.


Keep Your Eyes On The Line

Yes, the game will hypnotize you with its amazing visuals but don’t let them fool you from getting a high score. While the game is beautiful, you will need to focus on the line and the upcoming paths you go to. The displays are just props and distractions for you so you will have to restart the level every time. The music also fades in Dancing Line making you miss the lines. The devs have already thought about that.

If you do happen to bump unintentionally, there’s always an extra life for you to consume – easily acquired by watching an ad. Look at your line and look at the paths. The road can be very spontaneous a lot of times, you know.



Dancing Line is the perfect free music game for music lovers who love a challenge! What are you waiting for and download and play online for free here at For more fun challenges, try out Splashy! or Tiny Rails. You can also check more exciting arcade games here!

How to Install

Click "Download"
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Open the Playstore
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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

Operating System

Windows 7 or above


Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2. 0+ support

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The Piano (Dancing Line) Music Sheet

[pe60]|f|f|d|[wtf8]||d f h f s [ywod]||s [ya]|y s [yed9]|e|e|e|[tqpi]|[ts]|[ts]|[tp]|[ywoa]|y s [ya] p [yo] a [ype9]|e o [eI]|e o [pe]|e|e|e|[pe60]|f|f|d|[wtf8]||d f h f s [ywod]||s [ya]|y s [yed9]|e|e|e|[tqpi]|[ts]|[ts]|[tp]|[ywoa]|y s [ya] p [yo] a [ype9]|e o [eI]|e o [pe]|e|e|e|[pje60]|[xf6] 0 [xfe] 0 [zed] 0 [xwtf8]|8 [zwd] [xtf] [wvh] [xtf] [wsl] [zywod]|w [ysl] [oka] [ysl] [oka] [ysl] [zyed9]|e|e|e|[tqpji]|[sli] t [tsl]|[tpj]|[ywoka]|o [ysl] [wka] [ypj] [oh] [yka] [ypje9]|e [oh] [eIG]|e [oh] [ypje9]|e|e|e|[pe60]|[f6] 0 [fe] 0 [ed] [h0] [wtf8]|8 [wd] [tf] [wh] [tf] [ws] [ywod]|o [ys] [wa] y o [ys] [yed9]|e|[fe]|[ed]|[tqpji]|[sli] t [tsl]|[tpj]|[ywoka]|o [ysl] [wka] [ypj] [oh] [yka] [ypje9]|e|e [oh] [eIG] [oh] [yeIG9]|e|e|e|[pe60]|f|f|d|[wtf8]||d f h f s [ywod]||s a||s [yed9]|||[tqpi]|s|s|p|[ywoa]||s a p o a [96]|p o u r 9 6 [ye9]|w| |[e96]

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  • A song by Various

  • Verified by Arda

About This Music Sheet

The Piano (Dancing Line) is a song by Various. Use your computer keyboard to play The Piano (Dancing Line) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:27, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song The Piano (Dancing Line) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Fun.


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  • [r]YWr uW [T]rWr uQW[r]YWr uW [T]rWr uQW[r0]YWr uQ [T0]rWr uW [r0]YWr uQ [^T]rQr YQ [r7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr IQ [r7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr YQW[rSLH]YWr uW [T]rWr uQW[r]YWr uW [T]rWr uQW[xrkf0]YWr uQ [T0]rWr uW [r0]YWr uQ [^T]rQr Y[xkfQ] [rkaG7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr IQ [r7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr YQW[I7] [QI]r [YQ] 7 Qr [QI] [I(] Qr [YQ] [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [QI] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [I7] Qr[Y7] Qr(Qr [QI] [I(] QrY Q [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [uQ] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [I7] [QI]r [YQ] 7 Qr [QI] [I(] Qr [YQ] [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [QI] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [Y%] Wr YQ % Wr Q % Wr Q % Wr Q [rSH]YWr u[WSH] [T]rWr uQW[rf]YW[rS] u[WS] [T]rWr [TO][fQH]W[rfOH0]Y[fW][ra] uQ [T0]rWr uW [r0]YWr uQ [^TG]rQ[rf] Y[QD] [rf7]YQ[rD] I[SQ] [T7]r[aQ]r IQ [ra7]YQ[ra] IQ [T7]rQr YQW[I7] [QI]r [YQ] 7 Qr [QI] [I(] Qr [YQ] [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [QI] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [I7] Qr[Y7] Qr(Qr [QI] [I(] QrY Q [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [uQ] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [Y%] Wr YQ % Wr Q % Wr Q % Wr Q [rfH]YW[rfS] u[WS] [T]rWr uQW[rfS]YW[rS] u[WS] [T]rWra[TS][fQ][WS][urO0]YW[ur] uQ [T0]rWr uW [urO0]YWr uQ [^T]rQrI[aY][fQ] [raG7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr IQ [r7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr YQW[rS]YW[rS] u[WSH]H[T]r[WSH][rH] uQW[rH]YW[rG] u[fW] [T]r[WS]r TQW[rfa0]YWrOu[fQ] [T0]rWr uW [ur0]YW[ur] uQ [^TG]rQ[rf] Y[QD]S[rf7]YQ[rD] I[aQ] [T7]rQr IQ [ra7]YQr IQ [T7]r[aQ]r [aY]QW[rH]YW[rG] u[fW] [T][rfS]Wr[SH]uQW[r]YWr uW [T]rWr T[SQ]W[ura0]YWr uQ [T0]rWr[ua]uW [ura0]YWr uQ [^T]rQ[rD] Y[fQ] [I7] [QI]r [YQ] 7 Qr [QI] [I(] Qr [YQ] [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [QI] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [I7] [QI]r [YQ] 7 Qr [QI] [I(] Qr [YQ] [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [QI] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [I7] Qr[Y7] Qr(Qr [QI] [I(] QrY Q [u^] QTu [uQ] [I] WT[u] WTQW T [uQ] [QI] 0u ^ [u$] ^0Q I [Y%] Wr YQ % Wr Q % Wr Q % WrDf[QD] [rfS]YW[rS] u[WS] [T]rWr uQW[rS]YW[rS] u[WS] [T]rWr T[SQ][fW][raD0]YW[ra] u[aQ] [T0]rWr uW [aED0]YW[ra] u[aQ] [a^T]rQra[YD]Q [ra7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr IQ [raD7]YQ[ra] IQ [T7]rQr YQW[rkH]YW[rfH] uW [T]rWrSuQW[r]YWr u[WS] [T]rWrfTQW[rfH0]YWr uQ [T0]rWr[kH]uW [rfaH0]YWr uQ [^TG]rQ[rf] Y[QD]S[raD7]YQr IQ [T7]rQr IQ [ra7]YQ[ra] IQ [T7]r[YQ]ruY[QI]W[rSH]YWr uW [TS]rW[rf] u[SQ]W[r]YWr uW [T*]rWr T[fQ]W[raD0]YWrauQ [aT0]rWr uW [raD0]YW[ra] uQ [^TG]rQ[rf] Y[QD] [raQGD7]

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    Jonathan Morali
  • u Y u [W48i]u[e$*I]Y[E59o] y [r%(O] T [6tp] [0et] [etupf] [60ryO] [0ryf] [ETuo] f[26qif][gf] [6qed] [qey] fg [eyiTS] [Wtyis] [59rio] [9wr] [wriod] [59etI] [9etd] [wryi] d[150ud][fd] [50ws] [0wt] df [wryua] [uQETP] [48ei] [8qe] [qeuis] [6wtu] [wts] [tQY] s[^2qys][ds] [q^P] [Eqy]sd [ey^I] [W7yi] [3tuo] [0et]p[tYI] 3p[0ryuO] 3a[48tp]u[r%(Y]u[E59i]y[e$*I] T[W48o] t [30rO]y [6tp] [0et] [etuf] [60ryO] [0ryf] [ETuo] f[26if][gf]q[Wd]rt[Tf][yipdg]e[TSyipj] [tyisWOH] [59rio] [9wr] [wriod] [59etI] [9etd] [wryi] d[15ud][fd]0[Qs]eE[rd][tuosf]w[rtuoah] [tuQEIPG] [48ei] [8qe] [qets] [6wtu] [wts] [tQY] s[^2ys][ds]q[^QP]w[0W][es][Eqd]r[wt]T[Wy]Y[3tuo] [0et]p[tYI] 3p[0ryuO] 3a[60tp]S[EO8tus]g[O0yuaf]k[eupsj] p [48et][iOpsgj] [eto] [etipsj] [48W] [Wtuafk] [Wty] [sl][38wosh] [0wt] [ra] [yd] [ts] [wo] [26qisg] [qeu] [qeyiag] 9 [qtph] r [Oj][1af] 0 [80W] [ep] [tu] [rO] [*Euof] [Q26y][Ipd] [eyI] [Qeyd] [7i][Sd][eusf] [ey][ag][3as] [Wt] [etps] u [ps][WOtsd] [wt][osf][I3pa] [Qer] [QYI7ea] [37] [0eys] [0W][yu][60tp] [WYIa]s[wyiaS]d[8wtuPD]f[YD7eig][IG][^Wqyodh] [OH] [48epsj] [eto] [etipsj] [48W] [Wruafk] [Wry] [sl][38dh]wE[ro][yP][oa][wtud] [tu]Sso[26qsg] [qeu] [qeyag] 9 [qtph] r [Oj][16af]0w[Wu][ro][uO][ta]Pp[rO][*EOuf]o[QIP26yd][eyI]p [QOeyd]o[7p]d[eyif]O[qeyo][ig][O3s] [Wti]o[Iets]ios [Wtud]I[wti][uf][QYI37a] [eQY]i[Qeua]Y[3yi] [0e]u[WY0s]y[6tp] [0rY] [tu] [tYO] p [usfj]

    Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow)
    Fritz Kreisler

Rhythm of dance compositions.

Composing melodies on a synthesizer

Composing melodies on a synthesizer “...backward forward...”

Tell me, during the exercises, did you get the feeling that, despite the fact that you play all the notes correctly, the dance composition does not sound? Or does it sound so that you don’t want to dance to it, but to march? To play a dance composition (like any other), it is not enough to press the keys correctly. It is necessary to feel the strong and weak beats of the rhythm, which, together with the dynamics of the sound, give movement to the musical phrase. nine0003

We said that sequences are simple elements. What then makes us turn up the volume in the computer speakers when an incendiary dance composition sounds? Rhythm, rhythmic performance of sequence elements and articulation (naturalness and quality of performance). In this section, we will perform several exercises that will help you feel the pulse of dance compositions in various styles.
Before doing practical exercises, it is useful to remember:

  • Any musical part consists not only of sounds, but also of pauses. Pauses in a musical part are as important as sounds
  • Attack, volume and duration of sounds can be different, so it is not necessary to play all notes with the same volume, attack and duration

If you have played classical pieces on the piano up to this point, it may be difficult for you to immediately understand the dance rhythm. But once you understand it, you can create a mood even by pressing just one key. nine0003

Example 1. Rhythm using a single note


Example 2. Rhythm using a third


movement. Therefore, there is no need to be shy and afraid that, apart from one or two chord notes, you, at first, cannot compose anything. The main thing is to start studying, listening, searching and thinking. And the result will not keep you waiting. nine0003

It is very useful to work with the right hand on the rhythmic playing of chords.

Fig. 1. Rhythmic pattern using the chord

Example 3.


When playing musical instruments, two methods of playing are widely used: legato and staccato. If you know how to perform these techniques when playing the piano, this does not mean that you will be able to use them effectively when playing the synthesizer. Synthesizers most often use semi-weighted keyboards, where the keys are pressed much easier than on a piano. The keyboard of a synthesizer can also differ from the piano in the size of the keys, the depth of keystrokes, etc. Therefore, you need to work separately to adapt your legato and staccato playing skills on the piano to playing on the synthesizer. Why is it important? The performance of classical works on the piano is characterized by individual playing with relative tempo . Of course, you can turn on the metronome and play works under it, but most often students do not do this. Playing the synthesizer in the auto accompaniment mode occurs with an absolute tempo of , which is rigidly set when choosing one or another musical style for auto accompaniment. Therefore, playing a synthesizer with the right hand along with auto accompaniment requires more precision than you are used to playing the piano.

Fig. 2. Fragment of popular composition

Listen to two fragments of a popular composition, edited

Example 4a. (we play with the same duration)


Example 4b. (playing with a sense of the rhythm of the style)


The difference is so obvious that in the first case you want to ask what is it, a march? The second option sounds good.

Let's hear what can happen if we use chords and a monophonic melody in a melodic line. nine0003

Example 5.


And here is another example with an upbeat in the key of C major. It uses the classic chord progression C, F, G. It's sort of like disco.

Example 6.


But this is more modern.

Example 7.


And here is a sketch with a simple melody

Example 8.


Alexander Strashko

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Magic Dancing Line History

Piano Dancing Line 2018 is a game that you can play with piano music or guitar music and combines different instruments which are guitar, drum, and especially the piano.

Listening carefully to the music of dance line 2, and he will guide the snake through the changing conditions of the dance line. Geometry 2018 Tap the screen to make a sharp goby avoiding obstacles and reach your destination before you can see. Trust your ears than your eyes to dance the line! nine0003

This Slither n Snake dancing line in 2018 music game you can play the dance line with piano music or guitar music and combines a variety of instruments that 2018 guitar, drum, and especially the piano! Moreover, it is one of the most popular piano games which has high quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay.
If in dance line 2 the head of the music snake touches the wall you will explode and then it's game over.
with a carefully chosen soundtrack to create an experience like no other. Featuring various rolling 2018 worlds of increasing complexity, each one paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The key of the dance line 1 2 3 4 5 6 is not only to watch the obstacles and traps, but also to play the music. Listen to the beat in dance line 2 and the tune, and after a while you will find yourself doing better and better. nine0003

This is an epic rolling line growing simulator on the sharp turns of the zigzag 2018 glowing crazy way.
Lost Harmony rolls 2018 Musical in the Dance with music on the dance line tells an ambitious and emotional story about the traditional narrative.
This is an endless rolling and dancing line game in the sky in which your line dancing is only rolling by tapping the dancing line path on the right timing. Be careful, it's all about timing.
Not only watch the obstacles and traps, but also enjoy the Lost Harmony's music. nine0003

Addictive music cutting and dancing game.

Magic line dancing comes and play the rhythm of the music in wonderful seasons. Listen to the tune carefully and tap the screen, on the 2018 steering wheel dance line, turn line control to avoid appeared obstacles.

Slither n Snake 2018 Piano Music 2018 is an amazing maze game that challenges your reflexes.
Do the zigzag as much as you can and try to avoid the obstacles.The dancing line is tricky but you can learn it easily. nine0007 line dance line dance line is full of tricky maze, so you have to be careful and pay attention to the cliffs that are in the music line dance line 2018 game to enjoy it at Christmas. try to get into a trance to enjoy the ventures and amazing line of dance music, don't give up and continue your adventure in this nightmarish maze of twisting cliffs and moving platforms.

quickly respond to the world of the dance line 2 3 4 5 changing snake before your eyes before the 2018 line dance snake get hit with the walls. nine0007 Let's see how your line dance in the sky over the crazy way through multiples of the environment. ???

game feature:
- Touch reaction, common sense, and visual reaction is indispensable.
- 3D physical environment line dancing 2018 and moderate music.
- Line to guide your tapping and dancing.

game feature:
1- Sensory reaction, common sense, and visual reaction is indispensable.
2-3D physical environment and moderate music.
3 Lines guide your tapping and dancing. nine0007 4-Tap direct reaction.
5-Several exciting levels.
6-Dive in.
7-Discover all the surprise.
8-Let the music guide your line dancing.

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How to install

Install steps:
You must first uninstall Magic Dancing Line original version if you have installed it.
Then download Magic Dancing Line Mod APK on our website.
Once the download is complete, you should find the apk file and install it. nine0007 You must enable "Unknown Sources" to install apps outside of the Play Store.
Then you can open and enjoy Magic Dancing Line Mod APK

Is Magic Dancing Line Mod Safe?

Magic Dancing Line Mod is 100% safe because the application has been checked by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found. The antivirus platform includes: AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. Our antivirus engine filters applications and categorizes them according to our parameters. Therefore, the installation is 100% safe. Magic Dancing Line Mod APK on our site. nine0003


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