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Electro Swing Dance Tutorials - Sven Otten 1

Electro Swing Dance Tutorials 1 by Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion)

You can find here the first 5 tutorials of Sven Otten’s Electro Swing Dance Tutorial series. Enjoy and learn from his worldwide years of experiences. The series includes 11 dancing video parts overall and the following dance steps and moves: Hop Walk, Water Doll, Pendulum, V Travel Tip, V Shifting and Turn Tip. #ItMustSchwing

From his early success as a viral YouTube sensation 7 years ago, Sven Otten – also known as JustSomeMotion – has taken the Electro Swing and dance world by storm with his fancy footwork and upbeat movement style. He learned to dance by his own, watching YouTube tutorials. He filmed his own video at his room and uploaded it in YouTube. Now it has more than 52 million views.

After becoming viral, he did his first publicity campaign in Germany. Also his YouTube success encouraged him to participate in a talent show in Germany, arriving to the semifinals. He became popular in Germany, and now he is having a great success in Italy, where everybody knows him as “il ballerino de la TIM”, as he is the ambassador of the brand. He has just launched in Brazil, as ambassador of Telecom Brasil, also with a great welcoming and he is also shaking the US!

His unique neoswing dancing steps and fast feet-moves are being imitated all over the globe. That’s why he created his Dance-Academy in his YouTube channel, so everybody can learn his style!

Dance Tutorial #1 – Hop Walk

This is the first out of 10 tutorials, Sven Otten tried to sort them by their degree of difficulty. In this one you’ll learn the rather easy Hop Walk. Have a look at it and see who’s joining him. Enjoy!

For those who don’t know which the most important points in the summary at 3:38 are (‘Inara Couto’ translated them for you):

– aus einer Sprungbewegung = from a jumping motion
– Rücken gerade, Arme ruhig = Back straight, arms still
– Fersen hoch! = Heels high!
– Bodenkontakt behalten = keep contact with the ground
– gleichzeitiger Wechsel = simultaneous exchange

Dance Tutorial #2 – Water Doll & Pendulum

This is Sven Otten’s second tutorial. It’s getting a littler tougher this time. He’s going to show you two movements at once: the Water Doll and the Pendulum. But no worries, you can do it! Enjoy and keep going!

Dance Tutorial #3 – V Shifting

In his third tutorial Sven Otten shows you how the v shifting works. To give the arms something to do as well you’ll also learn the traffic navigator. He increased the level of difficulty but he’s confident you’ll handle it. Have fun!

Dance Tutorial #4 – V Travel Tip with Dounia Slimani

The fourth tutorial is now online. The lovely Dounia Slimani is joining Sven Otten and together they’ll learn how to do the V-Travel Tip. She’s also on YouTube and her topics are beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Be sure to check her out as well HERE! She’s totally gorgeous and it was really fun for Sven Otten to dance with her. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Dance Tutorial #5 – Turn Tip

In tutorial number #5 Sven Otten will show you the „Turn Tip“. As promised, this one is going to be a little bit easier than last time. Enjoy and remember: Don’t give up if it doesn’t work straight away.

Stay tuned for Electro Swing Dance Tutorial 6-11 on Saturday!

How To Dance Electro Swing – Tutorials Electro Swing Dance Tutorials – Sven Otten 2

Self-taught electro-swing dancer takes the internet by storm

Some people just love to dance. There’s something about moving their feet that’s addictive. But some individuals go above and beyond in their love of dance. It’s something they do all the time. Those people usually end up being pretty good because they’re practice…a lot.

But not everyone refines their dancing skills simply because they took classes for years, starting when they were kids. And there’s proof…one of the most popular dancers on the internet learned his craft just by watching videos. Then, he started to make his own. His name is Sven Otten, but you may know him better by his YouTube channel, JustSomeMotion.

He started online

These days, it’s easy to learn just about anything online and that’s just what Otten did. He loved to dance. So, he watched online tutorials that taught him all his favorite moves. It took him a little bit of time to get to the level he’s at now, but it’s clear he had talent all along.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion 0:10

Otten wanted to film his dances

After spending so much time watching other people dance on YouTube, Otten thought it was time for him to show off his moves. That’s when he turned on his camera and started filming himself dancing in his room. People loved his video so much, he quickly racked up nearly 50 million views.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion 0:38

His dance style is totally unique

One reason fans like Otten so much is because his style is unique. He calls it “neoswing.” But it’s really a combination of many different styles of dance, including the Melbourne Shuffle, Tectonic, Charleston, and more. All of these influences come together to create something amazing.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion 1:39

Some of his videos are especially fun

While all of Otten’s videos are fun to watch, there are some that capture the audience’s attention almost immediately. When he dances to Delight by Jamie Berry featuring Octavia Rose, he has a swing you can’t deny. He’s wearing a suit and a hat, but that doesn’t stop him from going all out. He starts at a slower, slightly more relaxed pace. But as the music builds, he takes his dance skills to an entirely different level.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion 2:05

The music starts to take off

Toward the beginning of the video, you hear music that sounds traditional and relaxed, though it’s celebratory. It’s not long before the tempo builds with an electronic sound that’s from the modern era. Then, Otten starts to turn up, giving his audience an incredible performance complete with fancy moves.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion 3:10

He has so much energy

Perhaps one of the best parts about watching Otten dance is he has so much energy. He doesn’t seem to slow down throughout the entire song. It’s like every part of his body is moving at once. There isn’t any point when his arms or legs are resting. That kind of energy is contagious.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion

Otten teaches other dancers now

Otten learned how to dance on YouTube. But now, he’s teaching other people. He created a Dance Academy Channel that gives everyone a chance to dance in his unique signature style. Viewers from all over the world watch his videos to learn his exciting and entertaining choreography.


YouTube/Sven Otten – JustSomeMotion

You have to see this video for yourself. That way, you’ll understand why everyone is so impressed with Sven Otten and his dancing skills.

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Swing (dance) - training, lessons for beginners and more

Swing.School invites everyone to learn how to dance swing - a group of improvisational social dances that are now actively reviving and gaining immense popularity around the world. Episodes with swing dancers can be seen in "La La Land", "Hipsters", "Chicago", "Swing Kids" and many other films dedicated to the era of the 1920s-1960s. Dance fragments, and sometimes even whole stories, can be found in the work of Bradbury, Sellinger, King and other classics. nine0003

Swing is danced at jazz, blues and rock and roll parties. It is because of the rhythmic pulsation characteristic of these musical genres that the dance got its name. At the same time, it continues to develop, and "swing dancers" dance to rhythm and blues, electro swing and other modern music.

The main advantages of any swing dance are improvisation and sociality. After a dozen lessons, you will be able to build each of your dances in a new way without memorizing specific patterns. And most importantly - you can dance anywhere in the world with any person. nine0003

Immediately a number of directions are included in the concept of "swing dance". Some of them have already received their recognition. For example, you may have heard about Charleston, Lindy Hop (double jazz) or Boogie Woogie (rock and roll). At the same time, dances such as blues, shag or balboa are still unknown to many. All these styles are related, emerged in the course of the historical and cultural development of society, and differ only in the features of body position, movement or pair interaction.

However, in regular schools they are taught separately. In our opinion, this narrows the horizons of students or provokes them to pay for and attend the lessons of several teachers, from whom they often hear the same thing. We do not agree with this approach and can proudly say that Swing.School is the first dance school in the world where all swing dances are gradually studied in each group. nine0003


Lindy Hop

The Lindy Hop is the most popular of the couples swing dances. He was born in New York in the 1920s and was especially popular a decade later: he was danced in huge halls, often to live bands-orchestras. After it was forgotten, but it began to be revived in the late 80s - and now the Lindy Hop is popular and danced all over the world.

It dances to both fast and slow jazz, which opens up space for variety and gives you the freedom to relax and release all your energy. Improvisation and freedom are exactly about him, which distinguishes him from ballroom dancing, for example. It is quite simple, which allows you to start dancing right after a few lessons. nine0003



What is boogie? Both music and dance. It can be graceful and slow, or dynamic and fast. It can also be danced to jazz, but rock and roll is much more popular here. Along with the Lindy Hop, it is one of the most popular pair dances; he appeared at its base and a little later, around the 40s.

As light as a Lindy, it has its own characteristics and depth. And there are a lot more spectacular tricks there: next to the boogie is acrobatic rock and roll - a whole separate sports world! nine0003


Colligate Shag

There is some debate, but it is believed that the Colligate Shag is the oldest of the swing dances. There are also discussions about what exactly was called the step before, because although it was common throughout the United States, it was danced in different ways. Now one of its versions is popular, and the prefix Colligate (collegiate from English - university) was taken because of its popularity with students.

In terms of lead-follow, step is somewhat similar to lindy and boogie, but it differs in its dynamics and, most importantly, tempo. The shag is always danced to fast music, both jazz and boogie; at the same time, it retains its lightness and accessibility. nine0003



Balboa is another swing dance style. He dances to very, very fast music - sometimes even the shag dancer can't keep up with them! And he is also distinguished by a close position and a cloud of rotations. This couple requires a minimum of space: balboas danced in crowded halls, and everything in the dance was miniature and neat.

Inconspicuous from the outside, the Balboa is stunning on the inside; not every dance can boast such complex and interesting nuances of leading-following. nine0003



You must have heard about blues music, but there is also such a dance - the slowest of all swing dances. It is often, but by no means always sad: the blues can be both cheerful and cheerful, but always soft. Viscous and smooth, he asks to move as if in honey.

Blues is danced a lot in close position, like balboa, but there are no spins like there. You can move a lot, but you can - a little; as in other swing dances, there is a lot of room for improvisation. nine0003


Solo Jazz

You can dance to swing not only in pairs. Solo Jazz - the ability to dance alone, anytime, anywhere. It's not the same as modern jazz; although the whole body is also involved here, jazz solos have their own rhythms. There is an alphabet of movements here, but the dance is not limited to them, because jazz solo is an absolute improvisation from free steps.

Solo also helps to improve overall dance technique, gives you a better understanding of your body and music. In addition, its elements are used in paired swing dances, such as lindy hop and balboa. nine0003


Double Charleston

Charleston is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the dances of the Roaring 20s. They say it was named after the city of Charleston in South Carolina, although in fact there are two cities with this name in the USA.

In the 1920s and 1930s Charleston was especially popular, but its style gradually changed. Everywhere, only peppy dynamics and tempo were preserved: as a rule, it is danced to fast jazz. Often it is mixed with the Lindy Hop, with which it shares many points in the lead-follow and general principles of the dance. nine0003


St. louis shag

St. louis shag is a paired swing dance, which is quite different from its "colleague" in name, Colliggyite shag. It is named after the city of St. Louis in Missouri and is a direct "descendant" of the Charleston, from which it partially took the steps on which it is now danced.

Just like it was with Colligyite, in different places it was danced in different ways, and also to different music: at first it was jazz, then rock and roll was added. One thing is invariable - it is fast and fun. nine0003


West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a pair dance that developed on the West Coast of the USA. Now it is also acquiring the name Modern Swing. This is because, unlike other styles of swing, it is often danced to contemporary music and not danced to jazz at all.

West Coast is the heir of the Lindy Hop, so many of the movements and principles of lead-follow remind us of the Lindy. However, it has its own style and features that make it unique. nine0003



Charleston - according to legend, named after the city of the same name in South Carolina - often dance not only in pairs, but also solo. An explosion of popularity happened to him as an ambassador of the musical "Runnin' Wild", shown in 1923.

Solo Charleston, like doubles, has different styles; the most famous of these is the Charleston of the 20s, which is distinguished by expressive twists in the legs. Like some solo jazz, I dance it to a fast pace, which makes it energetic and spectacular. nine0003

lessons, prices and reviews of dance studios

Swing - prices and reviews. Comparative table of dance schools in St. Petersburg, where there are services for teaching swing. Groups for beginners and advanced.




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The portal contains information on where you can sign up for swing classes in St. Petersburg: addresses and telephone numbers of dance schools and dance studios, prices for the most popular destinations, student reviews. For greater convenience in using the portal and searching for a dance school, we suggest using a convenient filter by districts and metro stations. Visual tables will help you compare the cost of classes and trainings in different dance studios in the city, choosing the best option for the price. nine0003

Swing dance is a specific group of dance styles actively developed from the 1920s to the 1940s. Some modern dances formed from them at a later time also belong to the group swing. Almost all forms of dance are characterized by a shortened syncopated rhythm found in jazz and African American music. Swing dance today very common in developed Asian and Western countries.

Swing dance lessons - what dance classes can offer studios? nine0116

Swing refers to a number of different dance styles: charleston, lindy hop, jitterbug, balboa, shag, blues. Sometimes this name includes rock and roll, jive, West Coast swing and other dances developed already after the 1940s. For the United States, swing can also mean such social dances like Hand Dancing, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing are more boogie-woogie and rock and roll are common. Many swing dancers try to learn several styles at once, thereby developing a technique and preserving the historical relationship between directions. Traditionally, one can distinguish "street swing" and "ballroom swing". Ballroom styles include the American style, danced on competitions and having a certain figure and a series of related movements. Street swing is more free, it is subject to a variety of interpretations and interpretations. nine0003

The end of the 1920s was characterized by playful and energetic music, just not allowing to sit still! In an effort to visualize it, the dancers performed intricate jumps and tricks, kicks and turns, in improvisation creating swing dances. In particular, it is famous for this lindy hop conquering with its joy and energy. He rendered a noticeable influence on the formation of such dances as balboa, boogie-woogie and similar. For balboa characteristic close contact between dancing partners, active footwork and fast jazz music. The modern balboa dance is danced to the blues in a slower pace. More free dance nine0122 boogie woogie , suggesting immersion in complete improvisation and lack of order dance moves. It is performed at a moderately fast pace.

Swing dancing is recharging with energy and positive, a splash of emotions, allowing you to chat in a pleasant company and relax from the usual everyday life. Simple movements and ease of execution allows you to dance swing regardless of age and complexion.

Swing dance training in St. Petersburg

Not all dance schools in St. Petersburg are ready to offer swing dancing lessons. To make your search easier, we collected on our portal dance studios, which present classes in swing dance styles: lindy hop, boogie-woogie and other styles. AT The tables contain the cost of a one-time swing dancing lesson and the price of subscriptions. Separately, reviews of students of dance schools and their impressions of conducted lessons. nine0003

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