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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
 #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
 #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
 From: [email protected] (John Stanley Jacob)
 corrected by Lars Solli (larssoll@lise.
 Dancing Barefoot
 By Patti Smith and Ivan Kral
 Recorded by U2 on the "When Love Comes to Town" single
 Transcribed by John S. Jacob 
 Tune down one-half step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
 Em D Em A Em D Em A
 Em D Em A
 She is benediction
 Em D Em A
 She is addicted to he
 Em D Em A
 She is the root connection and
 Em D Em A
 She is connecting with me
 Em D Em A Em
 Here I go and I don't know why
 D Em A Em
 I spin so ceaselessly
 D Em A Em D Em A
 Could it be he's taking over me
 [ Tab from: ]
 G A
 I'm dancing barefoot
 C D
 Headed for a spin
 Em A
 Some strange music drags me in
 C D Em D Em A Em D Em A
 Makes me come up like some heroin
 She is sublimation
 She is the essence of thee
 She is concentrating on
 He who is chosen by she
 Here I go when I don't know why
 I spin so ceaselessly
 Could it be he's taking over me
 I'm dancing barefoot
 Headed for a spin
 Some strange strange music drags me in
 Makes me come up like some heroin
 She is recreation
 She intoxicated by thee
 She has the slow sensation that
 He is levitating with she
 Here I go when I don't know why
 I spin so ceaselessly
 'Til I lose my sense of gravity
 I'm dancing barefoot
 Heading for a spin
 Some strange music drives me on
 Makes me come up like some heroin
 [Guitar solo: Em D. ..]
 Em D Em A Em
 O God I feel for you
 D Em A Em
 O God I feel for you
 D Em A Em
 O God I feel for you
 D Em A
 O God I feel for you
 Thanks to the original poster by:
 John S. Jacob 


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What are the varieties of dance movements? | Dance School Cosmo Dance

What are the types of dance movements?

Undoubtedly, dance is a special kind of art, because with the help of various movements a person expresses his inner world, feelings, emotions and various images, mainly doing it to music. In any dance movement there is some specific idea. This is a certain manner of conveying something important to other people, revealing oneself.

The dance has been born and perfected over many centuries, so it is unreasonable to assume that it is inclined towards mere entertainment or useless pastime. Moreover, the emergence of dance refers to very ancient religious customs of our ancestors. Although at the present time around the world there are already quite a lot of different movements in dance.

Among these movements, one can single out classical or its subspecies - modern ballets, folk dances, Latin American and many others, which are constantly updated and bring more and more new fashion to this day.

Folk movement

is the self-expression of various nationalities that tell in dances about the views, customs, temperament, customs and traditions of their population. For example, this is a gypsy girl - a hot and free dance; hopak - sparkling Ukrainian dance; lezginka - a spectacular Caucasian dance; round dance, trepak and others.

Historical dances

are the dances of the old times. They came to us from the 19th century, for example, these are dances - mazurka, square dance, also from the Renaissance, for example, this is contradans, and from the Baroque, for example, the minuet. Such dances have not lost their popularity to this day.


is a dance that is essentially an improvisation, so it is easy to learn and absolutely anyone can perform it. The movements of this dance are performed in the disco style to the music. Hustle has the following varieties: freestyle - free and independent dance; ladies hustle - a dance where 2 partner girls dance; sports hustle and others.


- dances suggesting a jazz rhythm. This direction originated in the 20th century and was created according to African and American dance traditions. Swing includes such types as, for example, boogie-woogie - a super-energetic and dynamic dance that simply “explodes” the viewers and the performers of this dance with drive. This also includes rock and roll - probably the most liberated and free dance of the 50s. Another well-known jive dance is a very frisky dance with free movements.

Street dancing

- this is a kind of direction that was most often developed by young men on the streets, in various parks and large venues. There are many varieties of it. For example, this is popping - a dance in which the dancer performs distinct movements, while it seems that his body is vibrating. This also includes breakdance - a dance that combines many elements of a power nature, this is aerobics, some tricks on the arms or legs, plastic. Therefore, such a dance is considered to some extent a sport.

- Hip-hop - seemingly very simple, but in fact with special difficulties dance. When this dance was revived, its idea was to protest against injustice and corruption. Well, in the future, this dance began to have different views and rapidly spread throughout the world. In order to dance it professionally, you need to train for quite a long time. When performing movements in a dance, a large load is transferred to the muscles, so dancers, before learning to dance, must be well prepared physically, develop plasticity and flexibility in themselves.

Erotic dances

- this direction includes dances that emphasize the femininity and beauty of a girl. These are dances such as striptease - a dance during which you must use a pole. It involves a dance in which the dancer, while performing various movements, gradually exposes her body. This also includes belly dancing - a rather plastic and enchanting dance.

Ballroom dancing

is a fairly popular dance in which exactly two partners participate: a woman and a man. Such a dance is divided into 2 main programs: the first is a standard, this includes dances: tango is an unsolved, mysterious dance that shows the nature of the relationship between partners; waltz - a dreamy and enthusiastic dance performed by a couple in a closed position; quickstep - radiant and perky performance of moving movements. The second program is latin, here dances: rumba is a dance of feelings; cha-cha-cha - an active dance about carelessness; samba is a dance about beauty and vivid impressions and others.

Club dances

are dances that in principle have a large scope in the choice of movements. Such dances are intended for performance on large venues, on the dance floor. For example, such a flow in dances as electrodance is performed to special music at high speed, while the movements are performed with lightning speed and skillfully. This current also includes the tectonics, a fairly free and intricate dance. Among the main movements of a tectonist, one can single out the following: a jump in various forms, instant swings with arms and even legs.

Dances for children

are dances that previously belonged only to adult dances. Now the younger generation is doing it too. Children need this even more, because the dance is able to restore and improve physical development, prevent the appearance of stoop, and also make a beautiful figure and posture. In addition, it is much easier for children to learn to dance than adults, because they are still very flexible and energetic.

Modern dances for girls

- a trend in dancing that is close to young girls and slightly older women. This, for example, is a pole dance - a dance composed of some acrobatic and gymnastic elements. To dance it safely and perfectly, you need to prepare your body well, do physical exercises.

Strip-plasticity belongs to the same trend - a type of dance that allows you to become liberated and irresistible for your beloved man. Such a dance helps to say goodbye to your complexes and become more decisive.

Another dance in this current is the go-go. This type of dance, which is more related to the flow of club dances. Here the movements are performed more rigidly and aggressively. Dancers must have an ideal figure in order to master the skills of this dance and perform in the future at discos or clubs, not only as amateurs, but also as professionals. Thanks to these dances, the body becomes beautiful, slender, plastic, and you can also get rid of stoop.

Latin dance

- both imperious and exciting, including the following dances:

- Capoeira - in this dance you can meet acrobatic elements, leg swings, and other movements of a fighting nature.

Flamenco is an interesting dance that sometimes uses castanets. And its "highlight" is that it is danced to the tune of a guitar.

- Bachata is the most popular and sophisticated dance among others in this current, it is also considered a pair dance.

Modern styles

are the most current modern dances and are most common among young people. These include: shuffle, jazz, postmodern, go-go, modern, tectonic, hip-hop, breakdance and many others.


is the so-called performance, where the content of this performance is embodied in reality with the help of various musical and choreographic images. Dancers, thanks to special facial expressions and gestures, express the depth of character, emotions and feelings of their character. In other words, this is theater. Ballet can be classical, which is based on a certain plot, a certain idea. Modern ballet is a subspecies of the classical ballet, but with new techniques and a different story. This includes species such as:

- Modern: it is ideal for dancers with good physical fitness and excellent stretching;

- Contemporary: this dance is danced exactly barefoot or solo, or in pairs, or even in a group. The main idea of ​​this dance is self-expression. It does not require any hard efforts, so everyone can start dancing this dance, regardless of age, only desire is important.

There is also a romantic ballet - a dance that was created in the image of heroes from literary works.

Currently, there are a huge number of different styles of dance, so a person of absolutely any age can find their own dance style. In addition, various innovations in dancing are constantly coming into fashion. Since each generation strives for self-improvement, for the expression of their opinions, feelings and ideas. Each person is unique and everyone wants to bring something new into this life!

How ballet has changed: explaining on the fingers - March 21, 2018

Afisha Plus

March 21, 2018, 11:07 am


Ballerinas were not always slender beauties and did not always dance en pointe. Critic Anna Gordeeva explains how ballet changed from the 19th to the 21st century, especially for Fontanka.

"" "" "" ""


"On the fingers"

"On the fingers" - this is how ballet dances on pointe shoes are called. The first to stand on her fingers in 1832 was Maria Taglioni in La Sylphide, and she was all alone in pointe shoes: it was a defiant gesture, it was the privilege of a ballerina.

Now, when all the graduates of choreographic schools are dancing on their fingers, the rejection of pointe shoes becomes a defiant gesture: for example, in Jean-Christophe Maillot's Cinderella, the virtuoso ballerina dances barefoot, and all the other dancers wear pointe shoes. Instead of a fabulous shoe - gold paint on the foot; and rightly so, the prince does not fall in love with shoes, but with a fantastic girl. However, you can not remove the pointe shoes, but simply put skis on top (as the Maribor Ballet does in one of its performances).



“Beauties with Figures”

The ballerinas of the time of Marius Petipa were short and much more well-fed than our contemporaries (there were no high supports, that is, men did not suffer, holding figured beauties over their heads).

Then the acceleration and evolution of ballet technique had their say: now the classical dancer must be weightless and have long limbs.

The National Ballet of the Netherlands has assembled one of the best collections of modern dancers in Europe: their dance is a celebration of graphics of incredible beauty. A visit to the Amsterdam theater becomes a detox for tourists after visiting museums with Rubens.


Share packs: ballerinas tried to shorten them, lifting them above their knees, the authorities furiously fined them for "impropriety".

Now there is no such problem: the tutu can become thinner to a small flat circle (like the fairy in Cinderella), the artists dance in leotards (the Dutch especially love this), and even in nutshells (like in the Swiss Nutcracker). And even when choreographers resolutely revive an old ballet (like The Vain Precaution in Yekaterinburg), costume designers get carte blanche and create completely modern miracles with tutus.

"" "" "" "Fontanka. ru" ""



Horse Music "service" music - music lovers often contemptuously called it "horse", they say, under such horses march in the circus. Then the choreographers began to take on more and more complex compositions - and now you can see on stage performances to the music of Maurice Ravel (Johan Inger used Bolero in his ballet Walking Mad - and got a spectacular performance that does not resemble Béjart in any way), Francis Poulenc (Concerto Concordia by Christopher Wheeldon will be brought to St. Petersburg by the National Ballet of the Netherlands in April) and even rock guitarist Mikael Karlsson (the homerically funny ballet “Left, Right, Left, Right” will soon be shown in St. Petersburg by the Slovenian National Ballet of Maribor).

"Fontanka. ru" "" "" ""

Share century, artists carefully build houses and interiors (and the design of the ballet sometimes overshadows the dance), in the other they decide to get by with very conditional scenery, but instead expose the unthinkable beauty of the light (as happened with Mayo's Cinderella, which is not the first year that the Monte Ballet has been dancing with triumph Carlo). And then there is a fashion for reconstruction - and in the Yekaterinburg "Vain Precaution" touching houses and interiors grow again.



"The Fourth Girl at the Right Stage"

The structure of the old ballet was pyramidal: corps de ballet - luminaries - soloists - ballerina, the performances of the imperial theaters were built in the likeness of empires. The spectator always knew that first of all it is necessary to look at the ballerina. Now it’s more complicated and interesting: choreographers (in Amsterdam and Maribor, for example) freely shuffle the “centers of attention”, forcing us to fall in love with the fourth girl at the third right stage and hiding the leading couple for the time being. In Geneva, Yekaterinburg and Monaco, it’s easier to deal with statuses - but you still look closely at the girls in the background in Vain Precaution, you will find many discoveries.

Anna Gordeeva, specially for





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