How to play dance with the devil on guitar

Dance With the Devil Breaking Benjamin Chords and Lyrics for Guitar

Standard tuning, Capo on 1st fret

Intro riff:

 E#||-------------------|| B#||-------------------|| G#||-------------------|| D#||------0---0---0----|| A#||--3h5---5---5---5--|| E#||-------------------|| x2 

Intro riff II:

 E#||--------------------------------------| B#||--------------------------------------| G#||--------------------------5-----------| D#||--7-----7-----7--5--7--5--3--7--5--8--| A#||--5-----5-----5--3--5--3-----5--3--6--| E#||--------------------------------------| x3 E#||--------------------------------------| B#||--------------------------------------| G#||--------------------5--5--5-----------| D#||--7-----7-----7--5--3--3--3--8--8--8--| A#||--5-----5-----5--3-----------6--6--6--| E#||--------------------------------------| x1 

[Dm]Here [Em]I [F]stand, [Am]helpless [Bb]and left for [Am]dead


[Dm]Close [Em]your [F]eyes, [Am]so many [Bb]days go by

[Am]Easy to [Dm]find [Em]what's [F]wrong

[Am]Harder to [Bb]find what's right[Am]

I [Dm]believe in you

I can show you that I can [Bb]see right through

All your empty lies, I [Dm]won't last long

In this [Bb]world so wrong

Say [Dm]goodbye,[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil ton[Dm]ight[C]

Don't you d[Bb]are look at him in the [Dm]eye[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil [D]ton[C]igh[Bb]t

(Intro riff II, first part only once)

[Dm]Trembling, crawling ac[Bb]ross my skin

Feeling your c[Dm]old, dead eyes

Stealing the l[Bb]ife of mine

I [Dm]believe in you

I can show you that I can [Bb]see right through

All your empty lies, I [Dm]won't last long

In this [Bb]world so wrong

Say [Dm]goodbye,[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil ton[Dm]ight[C]

Don't you d[Bb]are look at him in the [Dm]eye[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil [D]ton[C]igh[Bb]t

[Am] Hold [Bb]on

[Am] Hold [Bb]on


[Dm] [C] [Bb]  

[Bb] [C] [Dm]  

[Dm] [F] [Bb]  

[Bb] [C] [Dm]  

Say [Dm]goodbye,[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil ton[Dm]ight[C]

Don't you d[Bb]are look at him in the [Dm]eye[C]

As we [Bb]dance with the devil [D]ton[C]igh[Bb]t

[Am] Hold [Bb]on

[Am] Hold [Bb]on[C]


Dm Bb x2

Outro Riff:

 E#||--------5--6--5-----------5--6--5-----| B#||-----6-----------6-----6-----------6--| G#||--7-----------------7-----------------| D#||--0-----------------0-----------------| A#||--------------------------------------| E#||--------------------------------------| E#||--------5--6--5-----------5--6--5-----| B#||-----6-----------6-----6-----------6--| G#||--7-----------------7-----------------| D#||--------------------------------------| A#||--------------------------------------| E#||--6-----------------6-----------------| 

Really good song, easy to play. Enjoy!

// Fglakon

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DANCE WITH THE DEVIL Chords - Breaking Benjamin

Capo on 1st fret


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Intro riff: E#|-------------------| B#|-------------------| G#|-------------------| D#|------0---0---0----| A#|--3h5---5---5---5--| E#|-------------------| 2x Intro riff II: E#|--------------------------------------| B#|--------------------------------------| G#|--------------------------5-----------| D#|--7-----7-----7--5--7--5--3--7--5--8--| A#|--5-----5-----5--3--5--3-----5--3--6--| E#|--------------------------------------| 3x E#|--------------------------------------| B#|--------------------------------------| G#|--------------------5--5--5-----------| D#|--7-----7-----7--5--3--3--3--8--8--8--| A#|--5-----5-----5--3-----------6--6--6--| E#|--------------------------------------|

Dm Em F Am Bb Am Here I stand, helpless and left for dead RIFF Dm Em F Am Bb Close your eyes, so many days go by Am Dm Em F Easy to find what's wrong Am Bb Am Harder to find what's right Dm I believe in you Bb I can show you that I can see right through Dm All your empty lies, I won't stay long Bb In this world so wrong Dm C Say goodbye, Bb Dm C As we dance with the devil tonight Bb Dm C Don't you dare look at him in the eye Bb D C Bb As we dance with the devil tonight Intro riff II, first part only once Dm Bb Trembling, crawling across my skin Dm Feeling your cold, dead eyes Bb Stealing the life of mine Dm I believe in you Bb I can show you that I can see right through Dm All your empty lies, I won't last long Bb In this world so wrong Dm C Say goodbye, Bb Dm C As we dance with the devil tonight Bb Dm C Don't you dare look at him in the eye Bb D C Bb As we dance with the devil tonight Am Bb Hold on Am Bb Hold on SOLO Dm C Bb Bb C Dm Dm F Bb Bb C Dm Dm C Say goodbye, Bb Dm C As we dance with the devil tonight Bb Dm C Don't you dare look at him in the eye Bb D C Bb As we dance with the devil tonight Am Bb Hold on Am Bb C Hold on Outro: Dm Bb (2x)

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Outro Riff: E#|--------5--6--5-----------5--6--5-----| B#|-----6-----------6-----6-----------6--| G#|--7-----------------7-----------------| D#|--0-----------------0-----------------| A#|--------------------------------------| E#|--------------------------------------| E#|--------5--6--5-----------5--6--5-----| B#|-----6-----------6-----6-----------6--| G#|--7-----------------7-----------------| D#|--------------------------------------| A#|--------------------------------------| E#|--6-----------------6-----------------|

District festival "Sing, my guitar"

Scenario of the district festival "Sing, my guitar". Prepared by Khudyakova S.Yu. November 25, 2017

Purpose: To acquaint with famous performers and composers guitarists. Help broaden the horizons of students. Cultivate love and interest in music.

Equipment: video projector, presentation.

Today we have gathered in this hall for the 4th district festival “Sing, my guitar!”, which brought together experienced and beginner guitarists, those for whom the guitar is just a hobby, and those for whom it can become a profession, but all united by one thing - the love of music, love of the guitar.

The guitar is one of the most widely used musical instruments. Lyrical, sincere, soft, heartfelt, sincere, it is good both in a narrow circle and in noisy concert halls, on camping trips by the fire and in the chamber hall of classical music lovers.

At past festivals we talked about the history of the guitar, composers who wrote for the guitar and famous guitar players. Of course, it is impossible to cover everything in one meeting. So today we will continue.

Spain is considered the birthplace of the guitar. Since the dawn of guitar music, the Spaniards have had a traditional fondness for the guitar, calling it the queen of instruments. Mastery of the guitar is their national trait. If in the history of the classical guitar there were periods of rise and fall, then in folk music the guitar was never forgotten. In the south of Spain, in Andalusia, there is even a folk proverb: "Whoever talks about the guitar, talks about Andalusia."

Opening our concert Olga Polskikh. Spanish dance.

Andrey Efanov D.Sermentazo "Shoro"

Spanish folk art, I would say, is flamenco. It includes song, dance, and of course it's all accompanied by playing the guitar.

Despite the fact that most flamenco performers do not have musical literacy and do not know the notes, thanks to their natural musicality and excellent musical memory, they create improvisations that sometimes overshadow the pre-prepared game of the "classics".

Mikhail Glinka, who came to Spain to study folk tunes, talked a lot with El Murciano and listened to his playing. He wanted to write down his works, but eventually despaired, because every time he asked Murciano to repeat a phrase, he always played it differently.

And now attention to the screen.


You heard the sound of castanets, the sound of heels performed by famous guitarists. Necessarily present in the art of flamenco is tapping on the guitar. And this work is performed by well-known performers - Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola.

We have already talked about the work of Paco de Lucia. In a 2012 interview, de Lucia said that he learned to play the guitar the way a child learns to speak.

But he had to study musical notation only at the age of 44 - it was necessary for a joint concert.

John McLaughlin (January 4, 1942) is a British jazz fusion virtuoso guitarist. Despite his age - he is 75 years old, he still continues to perform.

El Di Meola (July 22, 1954) is an American virtuoso guitarist working in the jazz fusion genre, which in its embodiment is a fusion of jazz rock, flamenco, Latin American and Arabic music.

A very important place in the work of El Di Meola is occupied by tango music and, in particular, the music of Astor Piazzolla, with whom he had close friendly relations. “The music of Astor Piazzolla,” says Al Di Meola, “occupies my whole soul, because it is fascinating, and every time I discover something new in it. Astor and I were great friends and he's kind of my musical godfather."

Let's listen to El Di Meola's Tango by Piazzola.


And now I invite Alexander Rusakov to the stage. "Cuban dance".

Let's return to Europe and turn to the work of the famous Italian composer Niccolo Paganini.

Niccolo Paganini was the most famous violin virtuoso of his time. From the age of 5, the father began to teach the boy to play the mandolin, and from 6 - the violin. As a result of his genius at playing and composing music, many considered him to have made a pact with the devil. Niccolo wrote music not only for the violin, but also for the guitar. And now I invite you to stage Nikita Nakonechny. Paganini Waltz.

Pavel Borisov. Paganini's Sonatina

Paganini toured Europe extensively and everywhere his concerts were incredibly popular.

Robert Schumann also heard it. Known not only as a musician and composer, but also as a writer. Impressed by the great violinist, he immediately decided to become a virtuoso. Subsequently, he wrote concert studies based on the caprices of Paganini. Robert Schumann belongs to the 2nd generation of romantics. Schumann's music is distinguished by a particularly sharp psychologism, it penetrates deeply into the state of a person's soul. He has a direct contact of a passionate impulse and immersion in the world of dreams. An important property of Schumann's music is fantasy, visions, dreams. The work of the Italian composer struck Robert Schumann to the core. He admired not only the virtuosic brilliance of his creations, but also their depth. In the caprices of Paganini, he saw both a rare freshness and lightness, and a powerful spirit worthy of respect. I think we should hear a piece by Robert Schumann today.

Dias Blyalev is on stage. Schumann. Melody.

Of course, not only pieces written specifically for the guitar are played on the guitar. The guitar is a very mobile, truly folk instrument. Of course, many arrangements are written for the guitar. How to convey the breadth of the Kazakh steppes, the clatter of hooves, the ringing of girlish jewelry, the beauty of nature? Let's listen to how Kazakh folk kyui sound on the guitar.

Martynenko Milan. Aksak Kulan

And now on the stage - the ensemble "Dostar" - the union of two wonderful stringed instruments.

I think it's time to talk about contemporary composers and performers. Every year, Viktor Kozlov's works are heard at our concerts.

Viktor Viktorovich Kozlov - Russian guitarist, composer and music teacher. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, professor. Winner of numerous international competitions. He started composing music at the age of 12. A special place in his work is occupied by works for children. He released a collection of musical works for young guitarists "Little Secrets of Senorita Guitar", which at 19In 1999 he was recognized by the Russian Guitar Center as the best in Russia. Currently, Viktor Kozlov teaches at the Chelyabinsk Higher School of Music. P.I. Tchaikovsky. Many famous guitarists have included his works in their repertoire.
I suggest listening to future famous guitarists.

Sergei Romanenko is on stage. V. Kozlov. Nocturne.

Ballad about Elena the Beautiful. Performed by A. Rusakov.

Now is the time to listen to Viktor Viktorovich Kozlov. Attention to the screen.


The guitar is an excellent accompanying instrument. Rhythmic, cheerful, and lyrical, sincere songs sound great to the accompaniment of the guitar. In the middle of the last century, the singer Elvis Presley was very popular. Have you heard this name?

Yu.V. Pustovalov will perform the song “Love Me Tender”, which was first performed by Elvis Presley.

You have heard the statement that the guitar is a democratic instrument. That anyone can learn to play it. Let's do a little experiment with you. Now in 3 minutes we will learn and sing a song. I invite everyone to the stage. Who is holding the guitar? Come on in. We need to split into two teams. One plays a 4-5-6-5 string for 2 beats and so on without stopping. The second group is divided into 3 people. 1st plays in D major. (put fingers on chord). The second is in A major. Third-E major. They play in turn 2 times after the bass. After training - they play, the audience sings. (app)

Little Christmas Tree.

And now on stage the ensemble "Eternal Call". Audience, you are good at singing. You can sing along to Yaroslav Mikhalchenko. "Moscow Nights".

The history of the guitar has had ups and downs, popularity and oblivion. But until now, millions of guys all over the planet are learning all these "ladders" and "asterisks", mastering "barre" and "brute force". Therefore, I think the guitar will never be forgotten.

"Music is like the ocean, and musical instruments are like islands scattered in the ocean." Today we visited a beautiful island called Guitar. I hope you had a good time, enjoyed communicating with such a wonderful musical instrument. I want to wish everyone creative achievements, good luck and love music. See you soon!

The order of numbers at the festival "Sing, my guitar"

  1. O. Polskikh. Spanish dance

  2. A. Efanov “Shoro”

  3. A.A. Rusakov “Kubinsky Dance”


  5. P. Borisov Paganini “Sonatin”

  6. D.Blyalev Schumann "Melody"

  7. M.Martynenko "Aksak kulan"

  8. Duet "Dostar"

  9. S. Romanenko "Nocturne"

  10. A.A. Rusakov "The Ballad of Elena the Beautiful"

  11. Yu.V.


The numbers indicate the string to be played.

Verse Chorus




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