How to make portable dance floor

Build Outdoor Dance Floor on Ground

If you're wondering how to build a dance floor on uneven ground, then consider this DIY dance floor option, the quick answer is you should check into portable dance floors from Greatmats.

One of the great advantages of portable DIY dance floors is that they can be used in many different locations, so you can literally take the dance floor with you. Whether you're setting up a dance floor for a special performance or need a dance floor for a wedding or other event, you may find yourself in search of flooring for dance that can be used outdoors.

DIY Dance floors are versatile, but they aren't all versatile enough to be used on grass. Grass poses a number of different challenges. First of all, you'll need an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground that can withstand moisture without being damaged. Secondly, outdoor use means that you'll need a floor that can withstand UV rays. This article can inform how to build a outdoor dance floor on uneven ground.

Don't worry, though - at Greatmats, we understand the importance of being able to install a DIY dance floor over grass. That's why we stock a number of suitable temporary dance floor products that can give you the versatility that you're looking for. This article can inform how to build a portable outdoor dance floor on uneven ground.

Necessary Features for A DIY Dance Floor on Uneven Ground or Grass

Waterproof Flooring: Make sure that any dance floor you consider for use on top of grass is fully waterproof. Even if you plan on covering the floor with a tent, there will still be moisture in the grass which a non-waterproof floor could absorb. We offer plenty of waterproof flooring options that are suitable for outdoor use.

As an added benefit, if you're working with waterproof flooring, it's no big deal if a guest spills a drink. Cleanup is easy.

If the ground is uneven, you'll need to provide a surface to help level it out before installing a dance floor, such as a waterproof composite mat system with strong interlocks. If you are confident that the ground won't get wet, simple plywood may do the trick to create a stable subsurface.

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UV Resistant Dance Flooring on Grass

Even a temporary outdoor dance floor on grass will be exposed to UV rays, which can cause your average flooring to fade, and possibly degrade the quality of the flooring over time. Look for a dance floor that has been treated for UV protection so that it can safely be exposed to the sun.

Portable DIY Dance Flooring

When you're working with a grass area, chances are you won't have a flat floor to wheel a flooring cart over. This means you'll need to carry the dance floor, so the portability of the floor is a major factor.

Modular dance flooring tiles are an ideal solution. These tiles are conveniently sized and easy to lift and carry, so even if you're installing the floor in a large field, getting the flooring into location won't be an issue. This will make installing the portable outdoor dance flooring on uneven ground or grass, and depending on the size of your floor, it's a task that a single individual can perform; no need for a professional installation. If you're attempting to install an outdoor dance floor over uneven ground, you may want to consider first laying down a layer of plywood, ground protection mats, or composite mats to level out the surface and prevent tiles from separating.

Easy DIY Dance Floor Installation

When you're working with tiles, you'll want a flooring product that connects together easily. Most of our tiles have a snap together or tab and loop closure design. Either of these systems is easy to use, and lets you quickly connect and disconnect tiles. This means you can quickly assemble the dance floor on grass, giving you plenty of time to finish with the rest of your event preparations.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Dance Floor on Grass

We outlined a few specifications above about what to look for in a dance floor that will be installed on grass, but there are a few other tips you should know about choosing a dance floor for any event or venue.

  1. Consider the type of shoes dancers will be wearing - Footwear, particularly high heels, can damage some types of dance flooring. Make sure you select a product that-s appropriate for what people will be wearing.
  2. Think about the aesthetic that you want - Are you looking for a classic floor with a wood grain finish? Or is a more generic tile suitable for your needs?
  3. How large of a dance floor on grass will you need - How many dancers will you have, and how large does your finished floor need to be? Remember, you can always add or remove tiles to customize the size and dimensions of your floor during different events.
  4. Think about additional accessories you'll need, like ramped edges. Many of our products are available with ramped edges for safety, and for an overall clean finish.

Dance Floor on Grass - DIY Tile Options

Portable Dance Floor Tiles: Our Portable Dance Floor Tiles are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. These tiles are UV treated, so they'll resist fading when used outdoors. The tiles fit together tightly so you don't have to worry about them pulling apart while in use, and the commercial grade vinyl top surface is durable enough to hold up to serious dancing. Ramped border edging is available to create a clean, finished edge that is both safe and attractive.

One major benefit of these tiles is in their construction. The tiles themselves are built on a raised base, so air and moisture can circulate freely beneath the tile's surface. This helps to prevent water from working its way up to the actual dancing surface, even when the tiles are used outdoors.

Sized at 12x12 inches, these portable dance floor tiles are easy to handle and transport. You can vary the size of the floor by setting up just some or all of the tiles, and can also customize the floor's dimensions according to your needs. The tiles fit together quickly and easily, and you can assemble a 10x20-foot dance floor on grass in just minutes. They can be installed over grass, but note that they're only intended for temporary outdoor installations and do still require a hard, flat surface. Significant bumps, spongy ground and/or mud in you grassy surface can cause the installation to become difficult and/or uneven.

With a choice of eight different finishes, including six eye-catching wood grain options, you can have a beautiful floor suitable for any event.

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Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles

For a highly durable option, consider our Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles. These tiles are extremely strong, and can even support the weight of vehicles. While they don't offer the traditional wood grain finish of a dance floor, they are highly versatile, making them a great investment for event facilities.

These tiles are both waterproof and UV resistant, so they can be safely used outdoors. Their unique hinge system makes installation a breeze, as it quickly locks into place for a secure fit that won't separate during use. Measuring 3/4 inch thick, these tiles are made of a polypropylene plastic that is strong enough to easily support large crowds.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of these tiles is the fact that they can be used over many different existing surfaces, including uneven terrain. There's no worrying about finding a perfectly flat space, which will save you both time and stress. You can place these tiles directly on top of grass, and the tiles can even be rolled up for easy storage and a faster installation the next time. Just keep in mind that the tiles will, to a certain degree, conform to the ground it is sitting on, so you will not have a completely level dance floor on grass if the subsurface is uneven.

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Durable Dance Flooring Tile

Want a durable dance floor on grass with the look of real wood? Our ProCourt Gym Flooring Tiles offer you both. These tiles feature a generous 20-mil wear layer that is both scuff and stain resistant, ensuring the tiles continue to look great. Please note that these tiles aren't UV treated, and should only be used outdoors temporarily.

These tiles offer a raised flooring surface which will grip and accommodate grassy surfaces. They snap together easily for a fast installation, and are designed to withstand repeated installations.

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What You Need to Know About Installing a Dance Floor On Grass

While the above products are suitable for use as a portable outdoor dance flooring on uneven ground, it's important to realize that these products are only intended for temporary use. Don't leave them in place longer than necessary, and if possible, install a tent or find another way to protect the flooring from the weather, which will prolong its life.

When deciding where to install the dance floor, look for an area that is as flat and as level as possible. Installing the flooring on an uneven surface may make it difficult to get the tiles to connect correctly, and can place unnecessary stress on the tiles. It may also make the flooring itself uneven, and an uneven dance floor on grass can be dangerous for dancers.

You'll have the best results if you install the flooring over grass that has been mowed, since it will create a firmer, flatter surface than you'll have if you're working with grass that is longer. Placing a layer of plywood under any of these tiles will definitely help create a flatter, more stable and safer dance surface as well.

When it comes time to uninstall the flooring, try to do so when the flooring is thoroughly dry. If the weather isn't cooperating, then dismantle the flooring and allow it to dry indoors before stacking it and storing it away in a closed space, like a closet.

Most of our dance flooring tiles are designed to be easy to clean, but be sure to review the specifications for the particular product that you purchase. In most cases, you can damp mop the floor with a household cleanser.

Please don't hesitate to contact our great customer service team if you have any questions as you explore our many outdoor dance floor options.

How to make a portable dance floor purchase

There are countless advantages to having a portable dance floor, and chances are once you own a portable floor, you'll find even more uses for it than you'd anticipated. Portable dance floors are essential pieces of equipment for DJs, bands, traveling dance troupes, event facilities, performance venues, and more. When it comes to buying portable dance floor kits, though, there are a few things you need to know in order to make the right purchase for your needs.

Portable Dance Floors Aren't All Alike

Start by familiarizing yourself with the different types of portable dance floors. From portable dance floor panel kit packages to portable marley dance floor kits, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Here's a brief overview to get you started.

Portable Marley Dance Floor Kit

Portable marley kits are highly popular among professional dancers, since these kits give you the professional finish of a marley floor but with excellent portability. Marley flooring is designed specifically for dancers, and you'll find it used in some of the top performance venues and dance facilities across the world. This professional dance flooring gives dancers just the right amount of traction and shock absorption that they need to be able to put in a top performance while also staying safe.

A portable marley dance floor kit is easy to install and remove, and the marley flooring can be secured with tape for a temporary installation. When the marley is paired with an underlayment, you'll have a top-quality dance floor that can go just about anywhere with you.

Portable Dance Floor Tile Kits

If you're looking for versatility and durability, then portable dance floor tile kits are the way to go. These kits consist of individual tiles that can be connected together to create a durable dance floor of nearly any dimension. You can add on tiles for larger events, or remove them when you need a smaller dance floor. Thanks to this feature, you won't ever be faced with the issue of a dance floor that's too large for an event that causes that dreaded empty dance floor issue.

You'll find that some portable dance floor tiles are designed for outdoor use, and many can withstand high heel traffic without incurring damage. Because the tiles are conveniently sized, they're easy to transport.

Portable Dance Floor Panel Kit

While tile kits give you the versatility to create a dance floor that's just about as small or as large as you could need, a portable dance floor panel kit provides the dance floor components in slightly larger components. This is a major benefit if you need to regularly set up a larger floor, since it saves you time. These larger panels lock together to create a beautiful dance floor, and many are commercial-grade so that they can withstand significant traffic and use.

Additional Considerations When Buying Your Portable Dance Floor

At Greatmats we offer a variety of portable dance floor kits. Which kit is right for your needs? The following points can help you to decide.

How will the dance floor be used?

When it comes to buying an interlocking portable dance floor kit, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. However, the dance floor kits aren't all intended for the same use.

If you're looking for a dance floor that can be used for weddings, parties, and other public events, then you'll need a highly durable flooring that can withstand a variety of shoe types. You'll probably also want something that's waterproof, since spilled drinks are likely.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something to be used by professional dancers for performances, then a portable vinyl dance floor kit may be a better choice. These kits offer professional dancers just the right amount of traction and rebound that they need to put in a top performance. However, they're often intended for particular types of dance, such as soft-shoe versus hard shoe. Be sure to choose the vinyl flooring that's suitable for the dance types to be performed.

What size floor will you need?

Think about the size of the floor that you'll need, too. Will the floor size stay the same from performance to performance, or are you looking for a floor with the versatility for you to alter its dimensions depending on a particular event's needs?

Where will the dance floor be used?

Your location will also partially determine the type of dance kit that you need. If you'll be using the kit outside, then look for something that's waterproof. Tiles and panels can usually be used outside, and are durable enough to be assembled, disassembled, transported, and then used again and again. Their strong interlock systems help to hold the floors together during use, even when you may not be on a perfectly even surface.

On the other hand, marley flooring options are a little more restrictive in terms of where you can use them. You'll need access to a hard, flat surface, and may need an underlayment, too.

How will the floor be stored?

Most of the portable dance floor panel kit and portable dance floor tile kits can be laid flat in storage or even stacked within carry bags. However, marley flooring needs to be stored on a roll, since folding it or leaving it lying flat on the ground can damage the flooring.

Do you need a subfloor?

Depending on the flooring that you're working with and the location where it will be installed, you may need a subfloor. Our portable dance floor subfloor kit options can provide an ideal solution. These subfloors are designed to be portable, so they give your dance floor the spring and shock absorption that you need for safe, comfortable use.

Ordering Your Portable Dance Floor

If you have any questions about which dance floor kit is right for your needs, please give our great customer service team a call. We would be happy to help you choose the dance floor kit that's right for your needs.

Let's have fun together! — dance skill

Characters with this skill cannot help but dance. They love to dance and are always ready to hit the dance floor. Dance Skill in The Sims 4 Get Together! can be improved on the dance floor by moving to the beat of the music from the DJ booth or stereo, and even practicing in front of the mirror. The better the skill, the more dance moves the character can use and the more confident he will feel on the dance floor.

Do you want to show dance moves to other characters? Find or place a dance floor and impress everyone with your skill. On the dance floor, you can also have dance battles with other characters and do a lot of interesting things!

Any age can use the dance floor, but only teenagers and older Sims can develop the dance skill. Also, if your character is in a club, then you can arrange a battle with another club.

Dance Skill Levels

Dance Skill (Level 1) - This Sim shows several dance moves. He gains access to new dance moves and can now show the "Hand in Hand" move on the dance floor. He can develop his dancing skill by dancing to music from a stereo system or a DJ booth and practicing in front of a mirror. The higher the skill level, the more moves will be available.

Dance Skill (Level 2) - This Sim can now discuss dance skills with other Sims and show off the new Pop Dance move!

Dance Skill (Level 3) - This Sim can now perform the "Climpet" move on the dance floor. The Sim also gets a portable dance floor, which is now in their luggage and which they can take with them wherever they go.

Dance Skill (Level 4) - This Sim can now dance with glow sticks and add new steps to their dance moves.

Dance Skill (Level 5) - This Sim can now do backflips and gain access to new retro dance shoes in the wardrobe.

Dance Party

Also in The Sims 4 Get Together! A new social event is available - dance party! You can organize it by using the phone and scheduling a social event. Sims will be able to invite other Sims and choose a local nightclub or even a secret place! Dust off your dancing shoes and make a party plan to chat with your friends and have fun all night long!

Dance Machine Trait

Dance Machine - Sims with this Trait can't wait to hit the dance floor, dance, and party all night long! While in bars, cocktail bars, and nightclubs, they can get a burst of energy from doing any holiday-type act. If Sims with this trait haven't danced for a long time, they get bored.

Dance floor

With The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack! in buy mode, 16 dance floors of different types and sizes are available. You can also visit a dance or nightclub that already has a dance floor. In addition, Sims who have reached level 3 of the dance skill will receive a portable dance floor that can be carried with them in their luggage.

The Sims 4 Get Together Dancing Skill Overview

The Sims 4 Get Together Dancing Skill

How to improve the Sims 4 Dancing Skill

No literature can teach you how to hear the beat and feel the music, so get up off the couch, get off the computer, turn on your favorite song louder and start shaking your fat. Although here it is better to say stick to the monitors, launch your favorite The Sims 4 and get up from the sofas to shake your Sims with rolls. They can hone their dance moves by dancing to the music of any stereo systems, DJ consoles, or by practicing in front of a mirror in which they can fit in full growth. Interestingly, there is only one such mirror, and it came out along with the add-on. It is not known whether this is a flaw or a special idea, but you can’t dance in front of other large mirrors.

Dancing skill development

Dancing in front of a mirror

Dancing skill leveling will take a long time, don't worry. It has only five levels. One good disco all night long and you will be the king of the dance floor. There are also a couple of ways to improve the skill faster:

  1. New Trait "Dance Machine"
  2. Dancing in a confident mood
  3. Performing group dances
  4. Improve skill during club meetings

However, it is worth remembering that no matter what skills and traits the Sims have, no matter how the players try to protect them from all sorts of mistakes, incidents happen even among professionals. It's a shame that sometimes they spoil beautiful dances, but they look funny.

bad character dances

Now is the time to go through all the levels in detail and see what features are available to the Sims.

Dance skill levels

First level

As you know, in the fourth part of the Sims line, the characters get the first level of the skill, having tested it once. Once on the dance floor, Sims get a couple of new moves in their arsenal, and these are not those caricatured dances from the base game. New movements give a little club style. Also, the characters learn a simple dance "Under the Hand", which is perfect for stylish chicks dancing in miniskirts and stilettos.

Arm Dance

Second level

Once Sims have acquired any skills, they can talk about dance skills in conversations. Discussions are good, but becoming a star of the dance floor does not contribute much. You won’t surprise people with club dance alone, so why not add Pop Dance to your list?

Dance Pop Dance

Level Three

The more practice, the more different dances Sims master. Now in their arsenal appeared "Lame". Don't make false assumptions because of a funny name. The dance is not designed for the disabled and pensioners. In fact, he looks very cool and incendiary.

Chump Dance

In addition, a portable dance floor appears in the Sim's inventory, thanks to which you can rock in absolutely any place. The main thing - do not forget to take any portable stereo system with you, otherwise the performance will be covered with a copper basin. Although it is curious that group dances can be performed without music.

The Sims 4 Party Dances Get Together

Once Sims reach the third level, they unlock the ability to dance around the campfire with fire. It looks the same as dancing with light, available in the next level. The only difference is that instead of light sticks, Sims spin torches.

dancing with fire by the fire

Be very careful when performing this trick! If the character hits the back of his head with a light stick by accident and hits a bump at most, then here it will light up. No kidding! Of course, such a small flame is not fatal, but a moodlet that gives +1 to discomfort is provided. Therefore, do not rush to dance with fire, you can also perform ordinary dances around the fire.

fire burns

Level 4

Once Sims reach level 4, they learn new dance moves. You can see them as an element of some group dances or when the character alone moves freely on the dance floor. Those who are not far from the topic of dancing in real life can easily name what styles Sims use. Personally, I recognized wave, electro-dance and popping in their movements.

Various dance steps

But that's not all. Now the characters can perform a spectacular dance with glow sticks.

Glow Stick Dance

Level Five

Once Sims have mastered the dance skill, they can perform a back flip as part of their dance routine. If during this action they manage not to kiss the dance floor, the audience will be delighted, believe me!

Somersault in the dance

You ask, is this all? Not! Rather, take a look at the Sim's wardrobe. For all the hard work, ups and downs, brand new retro sneakers will be the reward. Look how amazing they are! Only one problem - now the excuse that shoes interfere with a bad dancer is not for your Sims.

Dance shoes in The Sims 4 Get together

Dance battles

Do you think you can move well enough to the music and have no equal? Well, why not test it empirically? Calling another Sim to the so-called battle is another skill token. If you wish, you can "throw down the gauntlet" even at the lowest levels of the skill, but this is not recommended. Sims don't have much movement left, so don't expect spectacular fights. Even more - two sims showing each other the Hand in Hand dance looks extremely comical. But the kings of the dance floor will unleash a real battle. Unfortunately, the winner is always unknown, because no pop-ups about the result of the battle or the corresponding moodlets appear.

Sim Dance Duel

Group Dance

You can dance not only alone, but also with friends. So why not create your own dance team? You can form a team in the communication menu in the “Group actions” section. It is advisable to select Sims with the same skill level, as more experienced dancers will not be able to perform dances due to the presence of Sims who are lagging behind in skill in the group. There are 5 dances in total:

  1. One step, two steps...
  2. Boogie Woogie
  3. Breakdance
  4. Spinning Top
  5. Lean Back

True, the disadvantage of automatic construction is that you cannot determine the position of each participant. You can only set the position of the leader. The group will be led by the character to whom you gave the command to perform a joint dance.
Dance teams can consist of two to eight characters. Depending on the number, the construction figures will differ.

Two dancers . Stand in one line, the leader will be located on the left.

2 dancers on the dance floor

2 dancers on the dance floor

Three dancers . They stand in a triangle, the leader becomes in the center, going a little closer ahead of the rest.

3 dancers on the dance floor

3 dancers on the dance floor

Four dancers . Become a rhombus; the leader, as always, is ahead of everyone.

4 dancers on the dance floor

4 dancers on the dance floor

Five dancers . When viewed from above, the arrangement of the dancers resembles the image of the number "five" on a dice. The leader becomes in the center.

5 dancers on the dance floor

5 dancers on the dance floor

Six dancers . They are located in a pyramid, the leader in every sense stands at the top.

6 dancers on the dance floor

6 dancers on the dance floor

Seven dancers . When viewed from above, the arrangement resembles a flower or a honeycomb. The leader stands in the center.

7 dancers on the dance floor

7 dancers on the dance floor

Eight dancers . The arrangement is the same as that of the seven, with the only difference that the leader is in front of this "cell".

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