How to make a just dance character

Let’s make your own characters dance in AR! | by AVATAVI

When you create a CG model, do you ever think, “I want to move it around in a game, or make it move in various ways… but I’m not an engineer, and I can’t use Unity or Unreal Engine! ”
There is an AR app called “AVATAVI” that is a savior for such modelers and abandoned models. With this app, you can summon your own models into the real world, manipulate them like in a game, make them dance, and breathe life into your beloved homemade models!

So, as you can see in the video above, I had my “bird monster” (isn’t he cute?) I asked him to explore and dance around the house. The steps and notes are as follows.

In this article, I will support adding data created with Blender 2.92 to “AVATAVI” so that you can play with it.

Table of Contents
- 1. Rigging a CG model with blender.
- 2. Set the armature’s rotation information to 90 degrees.
- 3. Export with fbx.
- 4. Add data to the app by URL.
- 5. Add the model data you put in the same device to the app.
- 6. Let’s play with the added model!

1. Setting the model at the origin position.

First, move the bottom of the model’s foot to the origin position.

2. Rigging a CG model

It’s basically based on Unity’s Human Body Bones, so refer to the name on this site. The bone that corresponds to Root in blender is Hip in Human Body Bones.

The figure below shows the required bone names. Note that an error will occur if this bone is missing or spelled incorrectly.

The part from spine.002 to spine.006, which corresponds to the Rigify Head, recognizes the last bone as the Head for models with few bones in the spine.

If you are afraid of spelling mistakes, I recommend Rigify, an add-on that comes standard with blender.
AVATAVI” supports Rigify bone names, so you can use it as is! (You can also use mixamo.)
You can enable add-ons in the “Add-ons” tab of the Preference window.
Type “Rigify” in the search box to see the add-ons that are included by default, check the checkboxes, and click the three lines at the bottom left to save your preferences.

By the way, the bones of the creature, Bird monster, are made according to Unity’s Human Body Bones.

One thing to keep in mind when adding rigs is that If you use “Set Parent > Bone” to directly parent the bone, the object will not be visible in the app.
We recommend using “Set Parent > With Automatic Weights”.

After the rigging is done, add the transform information to import it to the correct position in “AVATAVI”.

1.Rotate the armature by -90 degrees

2. Set the rotation to 90 degrees.

Once rotated, set this -90 degree information to 0 degree in “Object > Apply > Rotate”.

3. Set the transform information to 0 degrees.

Rotate the armature another 90 degrees.

1.Select all objects and armatures and export the FBX.

2. Set the export options.

For the export options, select “Selected Objects” for Include in Export, “Armature” and “Mesh” for Object Type, and for Transform, set Apply Scalings to “FBX Unit Scale” and Forward to “-Z Forward”.

3. Compress the data into a Zip file.

Combine the texture image and the FBX you just output into a single folder and compress it into a Zip file.

1.Upload the compressed Zip file to the cloud service.

You need a cloud service that allows you to download directly from the URL, otherwise the app will not be able to import it. Dropbox and GoogleDrive are fine.

2. Add from URL

Tap “Home” in the upper left corner of the play screen, then tap “Add Avatar” under the “My Avatar box”. Paste the URL into the “Enter url to add” field, and then tap “Add” to add the avatar.

  1. Save the compressed Zip file to your smartphone.
  2. Create and read a QR code from a URL.
  3. Add from device

As with adding avatars from the URL, go to “Add Avatar” under My Avatar Box and tap the “+” to the right of “Add downloaded avatars” to add an avatar.

I’m finally on the app! Now, let’s lead our beloved models to the outside world!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell each other the URL and have our friends summon the models for us!
Then again. It seems that more and more features will be added in future updates, so we can expect even more fun.

Have a good life with avatars.

Written by norinori

Making a Just Dance Game

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  • #2Dec. 31, 2014 22:30:09

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    I have a song idea!
    Shine like Rainbows!

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    #3Jan. 1, 2015 19:00:05

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    song ideas

    one thing by one direction

    radioactive by imagine dragons

    gangnam style by PSY

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    think of a song you like ,add it. then use the arrow keys too move the character too copy the in-game moves! !

    #6Feb. 26, 2015 17:23:59

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    Make a just dance with pictograms! Like this:

    #8April 8, 2015 20:41:24

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    PICK one thats not on just dance yet, like Uptown Funk

    #10Aug. 1, 2015 22:47:08

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    Just Dance 2015
    my song idea:
    bad romance

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    While making the just dance stratch version, make sure theres battle mode, and camera mode should work, 3. make sure you make the score from the dance is the previous score make something like this for example

    if < = [

    (pick random () to (10)) ]> then (make previous score)


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    Making a Just Dance Game

    You should add unlockable songs and a currency you get after a song.

    #13Aug. 30, 2016 15:20:20

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    Record a song, then make a sprite dance.

    #14Aug. 31, 2016 09:22:35

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    daisem wrote:

    Record a song, then make a sprite dance.

    It's been about a year since the last post btw

    #15Sept. 2, 2016 07:54:14

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    Making a Just Dance Game

    Please don't necropost. This topic was made in 2014 — I'll request for it to be closed

    Lose Yourself Dancing: Tips for Boogie Animating Your Characters

    Tips on how to make your characters move like they're in a real club.

    It's time to get off your desk and boogie-woogie - or if that sounds too burdensome, you can just bring the characters to life to do the same.

    But while it's relatively easy to replicate walking or running with something like After Effects or Photoshop, it's another story when it comes to the art of getting characters into the rhythm of the music.

    Despite this, over 110 animators tried their hand at presenting short little clips for The Big Jig, Seed Animation's virtual "animation festival" celebrating all things cartoon and choreography. Find a selection of the best jigs below according to the killer loop at the home of Sam Worskett of Mcasso. “It's a bop, peeping out.

    Through Seed, we got in touch with some of the artists who shared their tips for creating the perfect animated dancer, as you can read below with sketches, GIFs, and shooting reels to show the process. Thanks to everyone who participated for their advice, and good luck getting your kids to lose themselves to dance Daft Punk.

    “Because I'm not really into dancing and don't know much about current trends, my work started with research. I soon found a dance called Shuffle, which I thought was perfect for the Big Jig's techno vibe.

    “After that, I began to develop character. Since the shuffle dance mainly involves legs, I gave my character long and massive ones.

    “Particular attention was paid to his legs, as they are the main expressive elements of the dance. Even though my animation was in 2D, the legs were modeled in 3D, which I hope helped create a believable sense of movement."

    TILT animators explain how they made their unique performances.

    Article content

    • 1 James Carbutt
    • 2 Pip Williamson
    • 3 Richard Behrens

    James Carbutt

    “For my Big Jig, I wanted to create a parade. I wish I could say it was an original idea, but I basically stole the concept from Parallel Tooth's CVISION Christmas bumper, with other heavy inspiration coming from Eran Hillely's Pictoplasma titles and Andrew Bell's Instagram animations. There's something special about having so many characters moving at the same time, it makes you want to watch the animation more than once.

    “My plan was to create a rough patchwork of characters, each swaying and bouncing together, each doing their own thing to the music. If you've ever seen a dance scene from the movie Hot Rod where all the characters are dancing completely uncoordinated outside of 7-Eleven or whatever, that's the kind of good mood I've been aiming for. I danced a lot in the mirror to suppress movement.

    “So the process side of things was pretty simple. I sketched the characters in pencil and dragged them into Illustrator. This is where I did most of my designing and getting my characters ready for After Effects. They were animated using layers of shapes and a small amount of Rubberhose (for the legs). The animation makes heavy use of path and mask animations and is incredibly messy.

    “It was important that all the guys bounce and bounce to the song even though they were all doing their own thing, so I used the bouncing ball animation as a guide for slowing down and timing.

    “All the characters in the frame are moving in time with the ball, with slight offsets and secondary animations to make things spicy. Then I added bounce to the whole gang."

    Cool beans, James. Cool beans.

    Pip Williamson

    "The Big Jig intro was based on a true story. One of the great things about festivals is that you will often see stewards and crowd safety personnel just enjoying the music and taking a few steps forward. Job.

    “I wanted to make sure my character's dance would tell you something about him. In this case, it meant bringing his appearance as close as possible, showing that the father's work uniform and body didn't mean he wasn't having any fun.

    “When asked to create a dancing character, the first thing that comes to mind is a particular well-known or viral dance move. I think Seed was also wise, since the brief specifically requested that we avoid the toothpick!

    “But I'm an animator, not a choreographer, so I did a little research and took references from the play by Donald Glover and Major Lazer Method Studios. My advice is to always use links, especially when it comes to dance.

    “More technically, the dancing character is likely to shift his weight from foot to foot, so it's best to animate the hips first. They can help you set the pace before worrying about your legs and weight distribution. .

    “Rigging plugs can also help, as they give you the freedom to move the ends of your limbs (arms and legs) while the base is attached to your already moving hips. (I used Rubberhose for the legs and limber for the arms).

    “I also decided to use frame-by-frame animation for the secondary movement only, once I had the main body move. It was important that all my main movement was in time, and After Effects is simply the best tool for this, as the graph editor works with charm. "

    Richard Behrens

    “Dance, festival vibes, hot summer days. For the Big Jig, I started creating some concepts with these keywords in mind. But I quickly discovered that all my ideas turned out to be a bit of a cliché. some dance moves in the head, some guys with booze and a rock star who dived on stage and danced while he was being held down by the crowd. I think the last one is still pretty cool as a little concept.

    “At the same time, I wanted to practice blurring frames and cel animations for the character. But I also didn't want this project to become too labor intensive. I wanted to stay away, but I also wanted to stand out and have something cool. It all ended with the creation of this particular stereotype. I decided to make him too useless, so useless that he couldn't dance anymore and he just passed out.

    "I 'borrowed' some ideas from my fellow animators. The tan idea was shamelessly stolen from a snapshot of Ross Plaskiw's Instagram page, and the sitting pose was inspired by an Emanuel Colombo movie. ok in the plan and idea i had in mind so i just went ahead.

    “I drew my character (Pip and James said his name is Chad) in general terms and in various poses.

    “I decided to cut out the limbs and body parts in After Effects and make a simple rig to get the rough motion right in the animatic. I used my animatic as a reference for a rough animation I made with Rough Animator on the iPad Pro.

    “When I was happy, I cleaned up the animation in Adobe Animate. From Animate, I exported various layers with transparent backgrounds so that I can open them in After Effects and still be able to change the colors.

    “I drew the background in Procreate and did the coloring, camera movements, background crowd and some other small changes in After Effects.

    "The big jig was definitely a blast and I'm ready for more."

    It was fun to make this dancing grandpa for #thebigjig hosted by @seedanimation. Equipped with #bendylimbs Rig @eyedesyn!

    — Marina Nakagawa (@lambcoke) July 10, 2019

    “Because I don't know anything about dancing, I checked a lot of dance videos and photos for reference. This video was especially helpful."

    See how Marina faked and brought her main character to life below. Marina used a Bendy Limbs Rig designed by E.J. Hassenfratz aka Eyedesyn.

    のニメーションの behind the scenes animation ちょこっと。 #animation #3Dart

    — Marina Nakagawa (@lambcoke) August 24, 2019

    “I find Flash/Adobe Animate to be a pretty good program to smooth motion, so all my rough work was done in this one. I then used Photoshop to clean it up, simply because I prefer brushes in it.

    “I'd say animating the whole character on 4 (drawing the drawing for four frames) and then in-between works much better. Helps maintain proportions.

    Best online dance games on PC

    Tired of endless battles and monotonous grind? Want to relax and try something completely new? Online dance games are what you need: we present a list of the best representatives of one of the most socially oriented genres.

    Just Dance 2017

    A former console exclusive that made its first appearance on PC. Unlike other games on the list where virtual characters dance, Just Dance 2017 invites players to personally wave their arms and legs, trying to imitate the movements of the dancer on the screen.

    Just Dance does not require special controllers: just download the assistant application to your smartphone, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network with your computer, and you can dance until you drop, either alone or with partners (or rivals) in one mode screen or online.

    Alas, this pleasure cannot be called cheap: in addition to buying the game, you will have to pay for a Just Dance Unlimited subscription, otherwise you will be content with a miserable 40 music tracks. A subscription gives you access to 300+ licensed songs, so that the money spent will be more than recouped by the received emotions and calories burned. The game will help you regularly stretch your limbs after many hours of gaming sessions, and will also be the perfect entertainment for a noisy party.



    An online game that uses the Unreal Engine 3, which makes it look much more beautiful and modern than the competition. The power of the engine allowed developers to implement colorful locations and detailed characters, realistic animation and modern effects, and an advanced hero editor, combined with an extensive wardrobe, gave players the opportunity to create completely unique conquerors of the dance floors.

    As far as gameplay is concerned, MStar is doing well with that too. The game is friendly to beginners and able to challenge hardcore gamers, so there is entertainment here for every taste. In addition to actually participating in dance competitions (in which, by the way, licensed foreign and domestic musical compositions are used), users can equip their virtual apartments, go to parties, visit bars and cafes, make acquaintances, arrange dates and weddings.

    Previously, the game was published in the CIS by 101XP and was available entirely in Russian. But as of the end of autumn 2021, one server remained operational - fortunately, a detailed guide on registration and Russification is available in the VKontakte game group.


    Soul Dance Party

    Soul Dance Party from domestic developers combines two genres - dance and social. On the one hand, hot dances with bright outfits and pleasant music await you, on the other hand, the opportunity to create a unique character and just live by attending parties, building relationships with the inhabitants of the virtual world and completing quests. Everything is possible in this game.

    The game was released in 2021, so it will please you with excellent graphics. Yes, and it's nice to realize that the dance genre does not cease to interest developers.


    Dance Collider

    This game will literally make you dance, because it is made for virtual reality glasses. The gameplay offers to compete with 9 virtual dancers - you have to catch flying spheres, thus reproducing various movements. You will do this under one of the 75 songs written by the legendary composer F-777. If this is not enough, then try out the in-game editor.

    We advise you to warm up properly, because you will have to move a lot and quickly.

    Buy Now

    Space Dance Harmony

    Another dance rhythm game for VR, but with a focus on learning. She suggests repeating the movements of a virtual assistant, and for this you will have to use the whole body. It is interesting that the dance numbers were worked out by professionals in their field, and there are modes in the game for both wooden beginners and flexible professionals.

    Enjoy different styles of music, leaderboards and nice graphics with various decorations.


    Dance Magic

    It would be strange to see a dance game in the track record of the creators of the furious action game Crossout, if you do not know its content. In fact, Dance Magic also offers to clash in hot fights, but the attacks of the duelists are activated by their smooth movements.

    The formula of the game is simple - dance to defeat the enemy. To do this, you have to press various buttons in time and link them into spectacular combos, thus activating various abilities of the hero. You can choose from 7 dance styles, 30 music tracks and a rich wardrobe of star costumes.

    Buy Now


    A series of dance games on PC from Korea, with anime style, a large selection of dance styles, an advanced character editor and impressive customization options - the variety of clothes available in the wardrobe will give odds to many fashion houses.

    Some editions of the Audition series failed to attract an audience and were closed, others are still afloat. Among them is Audition Online, which can be played for free on Steam: the project allows you to gather in a large crowd and arrange a group dance battle, gaining points and receiving rewards. Other aspects of the social genre - communication, dates, weddings - are also present, so you can safely go into the game for new acquaintances.

    Play. All thanks to a well-developed social component: Para Pa is not only dancing, but also parties, weddings, shopping and even showdowns between groups.

    However, there is also a lot of dancing here: dozens of dance floors, clubs and stadiums blaring with famous musical compositions are waiting for the inhabitants of the virtual world. Movements are performed through QTE: players must press certain keys, trying to get into the rhythm and score the maximum number of points. You can show your skills both alone and in a group with other users, including participating in the above-mentioned battles (no massacre - only dance competitions).


    Crypt of the Necrodancer

    Crypt of the Necrodancer is a mix of roguelike RPG and dance simulator. Behind such an intricate definition lies a very exciting gameplay: here you need to explore the dungeons in rhythm with the music, trying to dance enemies.

    In Crypt of the Necrodancer, everyone dances - enemies, bosses and, of course, player-controlled (co-op supported) characters, turning the battlefield into a strange but fun disco. It is not easy to master the local rhythm mechanics, but when it nevertheless lends itself, the gameplay of the project begins to bring genuine pleasure. For more immersive atmosphere, you can connect a real dance mat to Crypt of the Necrodancer and beat the rhythm with your feet, while getting rid of both enemies and extra calories.

    Buy now


    A free-to-play, all-in-one casual dance game with tons of songs and dance moves that you can learn to hone your skills and then show off to your opponents in online competitions.

    LoveBeat boasts an impressive amount of content. Over ten game modes, including individual, couple and group dances, over five hundred music tracks in various genres, a giant wardrobe with which to decorate your avatar, and many social features that allow you to communicate with players, make new friends and even have virtual weddings. And most importantly - the atmosphere of an ongoing party: perhaps the most important thing to expect from a dance rhythm game.


    Super Dancer Online Extreme

    An MMO dance game with tons of modes and dances, as well as tons of additional activities, including decorating your own home, caring for pets, updating your wardrobe, chatting with other players, and even crafting items. Another distinctive feature of the game is the ability to get married, have a child and take him to dance battles.

    The name of the game, Super Dancer Online Extreme, hints that some of the challenges here may be extreme. And it's true: new levels of difficulty and hardcore modes are gradually opening up here, and in order to master them all, you need to have a good reaction and a sense of rhythm. The best of the best can join guilds and organize guild wars - no sieges and battles, only dances, dances, dances.



    One of the most popular social games where, in addition to other entertainments like decorating a house, going to cafes and shops, completing various quests and communicating with the inhabitants of the town, there is also dancing.

    In Avatar, you can go to the club and challenge the players to a dance duel. Or start a relationship with another avatar and merge in a pair dance. There are tons of possibilities, and dancing mini-games are exciting, so you definitely won't be bored.


    Club Cooee

    Another social game, in fact, a three-dimensional chat in which avatars of players get to know each other, communicate and perform various joint actions. For example, they dance - a separate dance room is available here, where you can show your skills by performing a couple of intricate steps.

    In addition, the project is interesting in other activities. Here you can dress up your character, get a magical pet, arrange a virtual room - in general, have fun from the heart!


    Dancing Angel

    An anime-themed MMO dance project that lets you choose and customize your character, then head to the dance floor to compete with other players, make friends, chat, and even celebrate weddings!

    Dancing Angel contains many customization items, including wings, jackets, boots, dresses, pants, and so on.

    Learn more