How to make a dance bar

How to Make A Wall Mounted Ballet Barre

Inside: Make a wall-mounted wood ballet barre in this easy step-by-step tutorial. 

Bend, squat, kick and dip…as long as you can do all that you have space to install a ballet barre in your home. If you don’t have a home gym you can put it in a bedroom, office or in a laundry room and have it double as a way to hang wet clothes.

I installed a ballet barre when we did our industrial home gym remodel in our current home, and in my small home gym makeover in our last house.

The cost of a wall-mounted ballet bar including the handrail mounting brackets costs around $20

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*Before you get started make sure you have your Safety Gear. For this project, I recommend safety goggles, ear protection, and a P100 mask.

How to Determine the Height, Length and Diameter of a Ballet Barre

The height to hang a ballet barre varies based on the height of the person using the barre. Therefore the height for a child will be lower than for an adult. Also, consider if it’s for a short vs. a tall adult. Mount the barre at about the height of the main user’s elbow/lower ribs area. To see more specifics check out this post on barre height installation.

I installed my barre at about 41 inches high and I am 5′ 3″. My suggestion is to install it at the height that feels most comfortable to you that fits with your specific exercise routine.  

The length of the bar should be no shorter than 24″ and as long as the available wall space. The diameter can vary between 1″ to 2″.

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Here is what you need, and the steps to make and mount the ballet barre. 

  • Chop saw or miter saw – I use this saw  
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver or impact driver
  • Stud finder

  • Wood dowel 2 inches x 48 inches long
  • Painter’s tape (optional)
  • Wood stain – I used Minwax Dark Walnut and Weathered Oak 
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • 2 – handrail brackets 


*Base your cuts on the space available and desired length. If you don’t have access to a saw, have the hardware store cut the dowel for you. 

  • Dowel – 44 inches

*Tip wrap painter’s tape around the wood when sawing to help prevent the wood from splintering. 


Step 1) After the cuts are made apply your chosen stain. I chose two stains and layered them starting with dark walnut then Minwax weathered oak and one more time with dark walnut. This layering effect gave the wood a gray-brown color. Lightly sand the dowel to give it a more rustic look if you prefer.

Step 2) Use a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall. Mark the holes for the handrail bracket screws. Since studs are usually placed 16 inches apart I was able to place my brackets about 32 inches apart. Drill holes for the brackets and install the screws.

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Step 3) Mark and drill the holes for the handrail brackets.

Step 4) Center the wood dowel on the handrails and screw the brackets in place to attach the wood dowel.

Now bend, squat, kick and dip til you can’t dip no more!

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How to make your own portable barre in under two hours and for under $30 in 10 easy steps

This will produce a barre that's about 43" tall (the standard height) with a second/lower barre across.

Step 0: Decide how long you want the usable part of the barre to be. A standard portable barre is 4 feet (48") or 5 feet (60"). (Keep in mind that about 2" of the length will get absorbed by connectors; if you're making a short barre, you might want to add 2" to your desired length to get your cut length.) My barre is short to save space, and I got 40" pieces cut. We'll call your cut length L" and use this in Step 4.

Step 1: Go to Home Depot (or another store that carries PVC pipe and will cut it to your desired lengths for no extra charge).

Step 2: Grab two 10-foot lengths of 1.25" PVC pipe. FYI, the inner diameter is 1.25". The outer diameter is about 1.5".

Step 3: In a nearby area there will be rows of boxes of connectors that go with the PVC pipe.
      6 elbow connectors (the 90-degree kind, not the 45-degree kind) in size 1.25". (These have about 2" outer diameter.)
      4 T-connectors in size 1.25".

Step 4: Find a staff member who can cut your pipe for you, using a neat tool called a ratchet cutter.
From the first 10-foot length, have the person cut
      6 pieces 10" long each.
      2 pieces 26" long each.
There will be a bit left over; because a 10-foot length of PVC pipe is a flat price, you get to keep that bit for... who knows what.
From the second 10-foot length, have the person cut
      2 pieces L" long each.
There may or may not be some pipe left over depending on your value of L.

Step 5: Go to a craft store such as Michael's and get a sheet of thin foam rubber that is sticky on one side. (The sticky side will be protected with waxed paper.) You'll need this later to make your barre not slide around on a wooden or tiled floor.
If you prefer felt pads, Oleg Spirt points out that places like Home Depot carry 4-packs of 2-inch circular heavy-duty self-adhesive felt pads for about $4. (If you go this route, skip Step 8.)

Step 6: When you get home, remove any stickers that happen to be on your PVC pieces. Wash all the pieces with dish detergent and a sponge; rinse them; towel them dry (including the insides---or air dry these things for hours so you don't have moisture trapped inside).

Step 7: Assemble the pieces, which is to say, just stick them together firmly, according to the following diagram. Keep in mind that there is printing on lots of the tubes and you'll want that pointing downward so you don't have to see it.

How to put all the PVC pieces together.

Step 8: Cut 2" square pieces from your foam-rubber sheet. These will become "feet" for the posts of the barre, each of which is 2" in exterior diameter.

Step 9: Turn the barre on its side so you have access to the bottom. For each post of the barre, peel the backing off a foam square, center the square on the post (with the sticky side toward the barre), stick it on, and fold the corners up to stick on the sides of the post.

Step 10: Place the barre upright wherever you want to use it. Enjoy.

Sources used in figuring out what to do:
The Dance Buzz: The Search for Portable Ballet Barres (For the assembly diagram)
createbellacreate: DIY Tutorial Free Standing Ballet Barre {How to Make} (Her barre is taller and has larger diameter tubes)

Bars and nightclubs in The Sims 3 At Twilight

In the Sims 3 At Twilight add-on, our little wards move to the new city of Bridgeport, not to sit on sofas in front of the TV, but in order to actively take participating in night parties, meeting new interesting people, and even with celebrities and vampires. Today we will look at the main entertainment clubs in Bridgeport, all types of establishments, find out how to get to a particular bar and much more.

Every club has a so-called "Happy Hour" - a time when drinks are sold at a discount. You can schedule a whole system of clubbing to hit happy hours and save money on booze.
There are also "Hot Time", when the maximum number of visitors accumulates in the institution, and "Hot Days", when the institution is the busiest and most visited.
To find out which place is the coolest today, read the morning paper or chat with another character. Such places will be marked in the town view mode with red pointers.

There are 3 types of establishments in Bridgeport:

Regular bars

Hours: from 11.00 am to 3.00 am.
Prices: low.
Happy hours: at 17:00-19:00.
Hot time: 2 pm (lunch influx).
Hot days: Wednesday, Thursday.
Maximum number of visitors: 8 people.
Clientele: regular characters, hardly any celebrities.
Bouncer: not available (available only in Bridgeport Sports District).
undesirable character traits: "Skeptics" , "Panties" , "Cleaning" and "Approximate Familines" will feel uncomfortable in this type of institutions.
List of establishments of this type:

Yuji's Bar (Local Pub)

Sports District Bridgort (Sports Bar)

drinks and food menu
Bar "Weilons Poltergeist" (Ordinary bar) 9000

Drink menu

Dance Club dance Clubs

Dance Clubs

Opening hours: from 17.00 pm to 4.00 am.
Prices: average.
Happy hours: not available.
Hot time: midnight.
Hot days: Saturday.
Maximum number of visitors: 14 people.
Clientele: varied, there are ordinary characters, as well as celebrities from 3 to 5 people.
Bouncer: available.
Undesirable character traits: Thrifty Loners and Losers But "Gossips" and "Charming" will fit into the atmosphere of such clubs very well.
List of institutions of this type:

Club bar "Aquarius" (club near the pool)

Drinks and food menu
club "Brightmur) 9000

menu menu drinks and food
Monotony Club (Dance Club)

Drinks and food menu

Elite establishments

Opening hours: from 2 pm to 2 am.
Prices: high.
Happy hours: not available.
Hot time: 11 pm.
Hot days: Friday, Saturday.
Maximum number of visitors: 10 people.
Clientele: mostly celebrities and rich people, you can meet up to 3 celebrities.
Bouncer: available.
Undesirable character traits: "Thrifty" , "Singles" and "Losers" will find it hard to be in such establishments.
List of institutions of this type:

Club "Prosperity" (exclusive club bar)

Drinks and food menu
Club "Bloody-501" (Vampire Club)

Food and drink menu
Rented rooms "Banzai!" (Bar "Fusion")

Drinks and food menu

In addition, friendly bartenders will meet you in the bars. Their level of skill depends on the type of bar - in the usual one they often beat the dishes, and in elite establishments you will not meet cross-armed newcomers. In addition, the bartender's uniform depends on the type of bar.

Regular bars

Local pub

Sports bar


Dance Clubs

Pool Club

Disco club

Dance club

Elite establishments

Exclusive club bar

Vampire Club

Bar "Fusion"

Interesting facts and features:

• A character with the Computer Genius trait can hack into the guest list through the computer and gain access to the establishment.
• Thanks to the addon "The Sims 3: At dusk" you can add bars and nightclubs to any area. Simply go into edit city mode, select the "Community Lots" tab and place them on any empty community lot (or build your own establishments!).

Bar format 2022

Despite the pandemic crisis affecting the HoReCa sector, the number of catering outlets continues to grow. According to a study by the consulting company Colliers International, in 2021 catering accounted for 45% of all new openings in Moscow's shopping corridors. The first place was taken by restaurant concepts, followed by bars. Compared to 2020, the number of bar openings increased by 6%.

According to consulting firm Knight Frank St. Petersburg, in St. Petersburg since June 2022, the demand for street retail premises on bar streets has been at a consistently high level. In the northern capital, the bar format has shown steady growth trends over the past five years. This is facilitated by the tourist attractiveness of St. Petersburg, and the complete removal of covid restrictions.

In a highly competitive environment, the bar streets of St. Petersburg are increasing their specialization and popularity due to the emergence of various formats of establishments, for example, quiet bars or dance clubs, unique author's concepts or network projects, affordable or more expensive. This approach allows the city to surprise its guests and maintain its position as the bar capital of the country.

According to the classification of public catering establishments, bars distinguish between:

  1. according to the range of products sold and the method of preparing products - pub bar, coffee bar, dessert bar, milk bar, cocktail bar, grill bar, sushi bar,

  2. on the specifics of customer service and / or leisure activities - video bar, disco bar, cinema bar, dance bar, lobby bar,

  3. by location - in residential and public buildings, including detached buildings, hotels, railway stations, cultural, entertainment and sports facilities, recreation areas,

  4. according to the interests of consumers - a club bar, a sports bar.

A hotel bar or lobby bar is usually located in the hotel lobby and is designed to serve business meetings, relax before lunch or dinner. As a rule, lobby bars are open around the clock. It is beneficial for the hotel to maintain a bar, because the sale of drinks brings additional profit. The traditional Italian “aperitivo” format is gaining momentum, when guests, in addition to a cocktail, get access to a snack buffet, which also increases the average bill.

Located in the vibrant Atrium of the Plaza Garden Moscow WTC Hotel, 24-hour BAR24 is the perfect place for business meetings and leisure. Here you can drink a cup of coffee, or you can stay longer for a full lunch or a solid dinner. In the evening, you can sit down in the bar with a glass of wine and slowly watch what is happening around or wait for the legendary Atrium clock to strike a new hour and fairy-tale figurines come to life.

Menu Bar24 is a colorful kaleidoscope of world cuisines in the form of a complete restaurant offer. Dessert card BAR24 is represented by a collection of cakes and branded sweets that rhyme perfectly with hot drinks and coffee raffes, as well as sparkling wines. In addition, a special place in the menu is given to the author's desserts of WTC Pastry Chef Denis Shcherbak.

Proper implementation of trends always has a positive effect on the growth of the institution's profits and increase loyalty among customers. Among the main trends in the restaurant and bar business that are relevant in 2022, the leading market players highlight the following.


During the pandemic, delivery and takeaway food have moved from additional services to basic ones. Without being connected to delivery services or its own system, an establishment can lose up to 10–20% of its turnover.

For the bar, these are the most popular cocktails, pre-mixed and bottled.

Easy mixes for home are in great demand - simple and fresh ideas for cocktails that even non-pros will prepare in such a way that it will be tasty and aesthetically pleasing. For example: tequila + orange juice + pomegranate syrup; prosecco + grappa + raspberry. Since ice from the home freezer is not suitable for cocktails, it can be ordered for delivery along with the recipe.

Digitalization, automation and cloud services

Automated systems improve the efficiency of many processes by increasing the speed of service. Using cloud-based bar or restaurant management software simplifies sales analysis and organizes costs, enabling data-driven decision making. Data from loyalty programs that take into account customer behavior is always more effective with personalized offers and discounts. Subscription to most services occurs automatically at the first order through the mobile application. In the future, the collected information is used for target groups or the formation of a seasonal menu.

Features of menu

Among the trends in 2022 are the eastern and Asian direction. In bars, this is reflected in cocktails: it gives an Asian touch and enriches the aroma with the addition of sake. This season also brings interesting ways to handle ice. Light and refreshing cocktails with shaved ice are an Asian classic.


Small conceptual establishments with the national cuisine of any country are becoming more and more popular. Projects that manage to create a creative concept without sacrificing price become successful.

healthy lifestyle

The theme of healthy lifestyle is close to wealthy people with a high standard of living and prosperity. At the same time, more and more people are changing their attitude towards fast food, but the need for quick service remains. This has led to the emergence of fast casual food, a sub-category that can be characterized as "fast, but high quality and comfortable." More and more visitors want to know the origin of the ingredients and choose dishes made from local products.


The franchising model significantly reduces risk. The advantages of the format include well-established business processes, marketing, brand and understandable payback periods.

Bar accent

During the pandemic, the number of bars has been significantly reduced, which has led to a shortage in the market. This is what will make this business model the most in demand in 2022: consumers are in need of a festive atmosphere and live communication.

In terms of profit, the bar industry also wins: competition is lower compared to restaurants, but profitability and profitability are higher. This includes additional entertainment services (for example, karaoke), as well as the fact that guests order food and drinks several times during their visit.

There are always classics in bars. But in the 2022 season, new trends have appeared.

Thus, the trend towards the use of local products migrated from restaurants to bars: these are Russian distillates, local herbs, berries and fruits. Based on "their" product, updated familiar cocktail lines are already being created. Supply chain problems did not stop the industry, but opened up the opportunity to create original products. Well-known bars exchange experience and create something new in synergy.

Among the new directions are gastronomic cocktails, when the chef and bar manager work together, creating new combinations and expanding taste boundaries. Savory additives and fermented products, such as evaporated syrups, help to embody the ideas of the bartender in this direction.

Low and non-alcoholic cocktails are gaining popularity. It cannot be said that strong cocktails are no longer in trend, but there are fewer and fewer people who want to spend the whole evening with them. In a good bar, you want to linger and try more. The motto of the trend: "less calories and no hangover."

The trend for non-alcoholic or low-alcohol cocktails is a good tone in recent years. Now a popular card must include a couple of interesting non-alcoholic positions. In bars, light tinctures that have undergone dealcoholization, sparkling non-alcoholic wines appear more often.

Soft drinks are actually quite difficult to make, and many bartenders fail at this task by offering lemonade to guests. However, such cocktails can be made similar to alcoholic ones by adding a bitter taste. As a result, a guest who arrived at the restaurant by car may not feel left out while his friends are drinking - his drink will be just as interesting, photogenic and appropriate to the situation.

The time of cocktails with names-numbers is also running out. Guests want to see a beautiful cocktail, with history, interesting ingredients, storytelling, and an intriguing name can become a prelude.

The basis of the cocktail menu today is photogenic drinks. Tropical cocktails in tall glasses and cocktails with paper umbrellas are a thing of the past. Dense in texture drinks with a harmonious design are replacing transparent and without decor. Fresh citrus juices and berries help create texture.

The cocktail should be so beautiful that before you take a sip, you would like to photograph it. If the bartender does not decorate the cocktail, the guests will attribute this not to minimalism, but to laziness. Unobtrusive and beautiful design and asks in the social network.

Small edible compliments enrich the taste palette of the drink.

But, decorations and garnishes (Note: edible cocktail decoration, such as citrus peel, mint, olives and cherries) should be used to a minimum. Fruit chips are no longer added to cocktails, and the zest is cut into a thin strip.

As for barware, heavy glasses - rocks for strong drinks are replaced by light and thin professional glass. Instead of ordinary glasses, trendy establishments use elegant retro glasses codenamed Nick & Nora. The form is dedicated to the heroes of the film adaptation of the novel "The Thin Man" Nick and Nora Charles.

Environmental issues have long been a global topic. 88% of bartenders believe sustainability should be taken into account when developing new drinks, and many of them have come up with ways to use resources more wisely, such as serving cocktails at room temperature and reducing ingredients. Also in use straws for cocktails made of biodegradable materials.

Experts believe that what is more important is not what we drink, but how. Of course, black straws and plastic cups are the last century. The unanimous trend is the creation of an understandable bar card that the guest can remember and feel comfortable when they come to the bar. Gone are the days of incomprehensible descriptions of drinks, when every time a guest plays roulette “what will be in the glass”. That is why bartenders strive to transparently describe the combinations and offer the guest what is familiar to him. And to form new taste habits and horizons by offering updated versions of already familiar cocktails with one or two new ingredients.

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