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About Sam Weber

   Sam Weber is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, master teacher and choreographer who regularly appears throughout the world.   A protege of Stan Kahn in San Francisco, Sam Weber has appeared with such tap legends as Charles "Honi" Coles, Steve Condos, Jimmy Slyde, Gregory Hines and the Nicholas Brothers.  Sam's versatility has led him to performances in musical theater and television, where he has worked with such stars as Burt Lancaster, Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Pat Boone and Sara Vaughn.  Sam co-starred in the award-winning German short film "Zwei Im Frack," directed by Christian Stahl in September, 2000.  Sam has also performed with the San Francisco Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, Peninsula Ballet Theatre and Smuin Ballets/SF.   Sam Weber was frequently seen on PBS's "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" television show and is featured in the documentary "Juba! Masters of Percussive Dance" on Public Television. 

   Sam is one of the few tap dancers in the world currently performing Morton Gould's "Tap Dance Concerto" and was the first tap dancer to receive a "Bessie" award, presented in New York City in 1993 in recognition of outstanding creative achievement.  In addition to his solo tap dancing career, Sam has toured internationally since 1986 as a principal dancer and choreographer with the Jazz Tap Ensemble. 

   Sam Weber has performed and taught at tap dance workshops and festivals worldwide.  These have included the Chicago Human Rhythm Project as well as tap festivals in Boulder, CO, Portland, OR, St. Louis, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver, B.C., Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Boston, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Kiev, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Wuerzburg, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Zurich, Helsinki, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro, San Antonio, TX, Gainesville, FL and the San Francisco Tap Festival.   

   Sam has taught in the dance departments of UCLA, Cal State University, L.A., Long Beach City College, Cal State Fullerton and San Francisco State University.

   Sam appears as guest artist in residence with Sierra Nevada Ballet

   Sam Weber frequently performs the work of German composer/violinist/tap dancer Andreas Daenel.  The two dancers have performed Daenel's compositions for tap dancers and orchestra "Kontralog" and "SignADiapunktur," which premiered in the U.S. with the San Francisco Bay Area's Peninsula Symphony Orchestra in 2005. 

   Sam is the recipient of several awards, including the "Hoofer Award," from the American Tap Dance Foundation, the "Legacy Award," from San Antonio's "Third Coast Rhythm Project," the "Giant Steps" award for his lifelong contribution to the development of tap dance in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he has also received the prestigious "Juba" award from the Chicago Human Rhythm Project in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the art of tap dance. In 2021,  he received the Legacy Award from the Orange County Tap Festival. He is on NY Times critic Brian Seibert's list of the 25 most important tap dancers of the 20th century.  


Most recently, in June of 2022, Sam was presented with the "Inspiration Award" by Chicago Tap Theatre 











Sam Weber: Tap Dancer

Sam Weber: Tap Dancer

Sam Weber: Tap Dancer

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Sam Weber/1165 Guerrero St. /San Francisco, CA 94110/Phone/Fax: (415) 285-9155/ Email: [email protected]



"The biggest, clearest sound!" - Village Voice




Sam Weber has:


"Unmatched artistry . . ." - Dance Diary


Sam Weber is:


"The equivalent of a virtuoso pianist." - New York Times


"Sam Weber steals the show . . ." - Chicago Tribune


"Concluded the program with an outstandingly smooth performance that seemed entirely effortless."  - Chicago Splash

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Sweets and spices step companies | 63.


Stars of European tap and jazz - Click-Clack-Clock Music and Dance Theater (France, Switzerland) - will perform in Samara with the show program "Sweets and spices of the step company". Laurent Bortolotti (tap player, leader), Emily Rupe (tape dancer), Andreas Jakopets (tape dancer), Stefan Fish (bassist), Jean-Yves Poupin (pianist, composer), Alain Petimerme (drums) - regular participants of the show programs of the Moulin Rouge theater in the show program "Sweets and spices of the step company"

Tap-jazz-theater "Click-clack-clock" (France) shows a performance accompanied by a jazz trio - this is be-bop and modern jazz, improvisation in music,

Laurent Bortolotti - dancer, tap player, actor, mime, singer , leader and choreographer of the step-jazz dances of the Klik-Klak-Klok Theater, began to study ballet at the age of seven. He passed his exams and was accepted into the ballet school in Geneva, where he trained for 10 years. After graduating from school, Laurent trained with the ballet star Raul Colombo and at 19In 1998 he was admitted to the National Ballet of the Berlin Conservatory.

But Laurent's soul was definitely won by tap, an art he introduced in France two years before Gilbert and Fabrice Martin of Lausanne.

Since 1999, Bortolotti has visited the USA several times to improve his dance technique. There he had the opportunity to study with such American tap stars as H. Cornell, Barbara Duffy and Sam Weber. For Laurent, this experience was a real discovery of the tap dance. At the same time, he discovered the ability of tap to reflect jazz styles and trends. Since that time, Bortolotti decided to create his own step-jazz theater in Europe, where he could realize his bold dance projects in the field of jazz music.

In 2004, Laurent created his own group - the sextet "Click-Clack-Clock" (a jazz trio with three dancers). With them, he staged several performances that immediately won the hearts of dance and jazz music lovers and became popular and in demand by the European public. Since that time, the group has been constantly touring Europe. Here is just a small list of international festivals in which dancers and theater musicians participated and where they won their prizes and awards: Jazz Festival (Switzerland), 12 Nights at the Castle (France), Jazz a Hermance (Switzerland), Festival de Rive Jazzy (Austria), Festival des Cropettes de l'AMR (Switzerland), Les papillons nocturnes (France) and others.

A few years ago in Europe among professionals of tap dance it was considered indisputable that the art of this dance should develop in accordance with the choreographic canons of American tap dance. To Laurent, this position seemed erroneous. After all, the art of tap dance, born in America, is now becoming more and more academic, “more correct”, tap is losing its unique truth, its ability to improvise.

And Laurent began to invite other dancers into his programs, working both in the genre of tap dance and in the genre of professional ballet dance, as well as professional jazz musicians.

With his suggestion, a kind of dance synthesis appears, where professional tap dancers and ballet dancers can dance together in one program.

The scope of the sextet has become too small for him, and Laurent invites dancers from other countries to participate in his productions - these are Andreas Jakopets (France), Emily Rupe (USA) and others. Since 2008, the Surbeck brothers (Switzerland ), who at that time were already multiple world champions among tap dancers.

Theater under the direction of Bortolotti was one of the first in the genre of step jazz, who began to combine, and very successfully, elements of a programmed script and spontaneity, improvisation. Artists each time create something new in front of the public. Such views on tap and jazz, considered almost revolutionary just a few years ago, are now shared by most European musicians. And Laurent Bortolotti remains among the pioneers of this new direction. He not only expanded the scope of jazz dance, tap dance, and professional ballet, but also introduced vocals, pantomime, and drama into his programs. This is a kind of syncretism of genres, which is so in demand in modern theatrical art. He educates actors capable of working professionally in various theatrical genres.

Step Jazz Theater has gradually won the sympathy of the audience and the respect of not only the jazz community, but also professional dance communities in Europe and America.

It is no coincidence that the dancers of "Click-Clac-Clock" and their leader Laurent Bortolotti are permanent guest artists of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret theater, the theater constantly tours the cities of Europe and America. Laurent himself, as a soloist, constantly participates in international dance projects as a tap dancer, mime, actor and singer, he is a regular participant in TV shows.

In Russia, Laurent Bortolotti presents his performance Sweets and Spices of the Step Company. The performance involves dancers and a jazz trio of musicians.

The performance "Sweets and spices of the step company" is intended to expand the standard and far from complete ideas about the culture of such dance as step, its virtuosity and fiery character. This performance is a fusion in one action, in one impulse of dance, music and indomitable energy, improvisation.

Perhaps, none of the performances of Lauren Bortolotti showed such a variety of rhythms, sparkling humor and irony, rallied into a single whole. “Sweets and spices of a step company” is not just a performance in the literal sense of the word, as European audiences are used to accepting the wording itself, it is, first of all, a costume show, a concert, a revue, in which there is no place for boredom, despondency, indifference, melancholy.

The performance is intended to acquaint the viewer with the diversity of world step culture, because true step is both a performance, a show, a solo improvisation, a well-rehearsed ensemble, and an incendiary dance of all participants. These are virtuoso dances that can ignite genuine passion in the hearts of listeners, this is an indomitable cascade of virtuoso passages with your feet, as well as a virtuoso mastery of all jazz styles.

"Sweets and spices of the step company" - this is humor, grace, dignity, improvisation, this is an endless love for dance and jazz.

Bortolotti Press

“When Lauren Bortolotti dances, he seems to be floating freely, like a butterfly just born from a chrysalis.” "24 Hours" May 3, 2006
"For Laurent Bortolotti, the tap is not only an object of virtuosity, he uses it as a means of expressing his soul in any music." Lausanne, April 12, 2006
"For Laurent Bortolotti, the step combined with jazz is what fully expresses his essence." "Jazz", June 21, 2006

In Samara, the concert will take place on March 3 at ODO. Start at 19:00.

Tickets at all ticket offices in the city.

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