How many just dance games are there for wii

How many Just Dance games are there in total?

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The 6 Best Just Dance Games Of All Time

Becoming a Superstar and falling over in your own home sums up Just Dance games. The game started life on the much-loved Nintendo Wii with later games being available on a variety of consoles. It was and still is, developed and published by Ubisoft. The aim of the game is to follow the movements of the dancer on screen and try to score points by being as accurate as possible.

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There have been 12 games in the main Just Dance series since then, not including spin-offs games and Japan Exclusives. The latest Just Dance games are good but many of the best songs are only available through having to pay extra money to access them in DLCs. Additionally, no new massively game-altering features or modes have been added since the 2018 edition. This is reflected in our choices.

6/6 Just Dance 2 - Released In October 2010

Just Dance 2, as the name suggests, is the second game of the franchise and is one of the best. The game was well-received by the public and a lot of praise was given to the addition of a new 'duet' mode for certain songs. The duet mode was designed to allow two people to dance together whilst following different avatars on the screen. The choreography in duet mode could vary depending on which dancer you chose to follow.

The song listings in the game were excellent too with many big names making the cut. The variety of songs were highly suited to the new dance battle mode. Up to eight players in two teams could compete against one another in the same song to become the ultimate dance machine.

5/6 Just Dance 2014  - Released October 2013

The fifth installment in the game series, Just Dance 2014 brought a variety of new stuff to the table for wannabe dancers to sink their teeth into. There are 50 songs in the main soundtrack of the game and certain songs have an 'on stage' mode. In this mode, one of you can act as the main star of the song whilst the others act as their backup dancers. It definitely makes you feel like a superstar.

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An online multiplayer mode was added too and this allowed players around the world to compete against others on the same song. However, the online services for the game ended in late 2018. The only downside to this game for many fans was that other songs were added as DLC's but many felt it was unfair to have to pay for extra songs.

4/6 Just Dance 4 - Released October 2012

Just Dance four came out in October 2012. This was the first game in the franchise to be available on the Wii-U. A lot of features from the earlier games were dropped from this game in favor of focusing on improving the remaining modes.  Simon says mode and eight-player modes were among the ones that were removed.

In Just Dance 4, you have something called Dance Quests, and these consist of tasks that you need to achieve for each song. Once the tasks have been completed then you are rewarded with in-game points, known as Mojos. The complete song list is one of the best out of all of the games. The game even won the Favorite Videogame award at the Kids Choice Awards 2013.

3/6 Just Dance 3 - Released October 2011

The third game of the Just Dance franchise did not disappoint fans of the earlier games. It follows the same premise of having you follow the dancer on the screen to earn points and there are over 40 songs for them to choose from. With video games helping us to work out since the 1908's, it's no surprise that the franchise is so popular.

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The Dance Crew mode was introduced in this game and this let up to four players dance together. This added to the worldwide feeling that Just Dance is an excellent party game. The soundtrack for this game is arguably almost iconic as there are a ton of classic songs on there. From Gwen Stefani to A-Ha, there are songs that span across decades and cater to many musical tastes.

2/6 Just Dance 2018 - Released October 2017

Just Dance 2018 is the ninth installment of the main franchise. This game added a whole new mode called 'Kids Mode' which created choreography designed for younger players. Again, this added to the family-friendly appeal of Just Dance games. A lot of the main soundtrack songs can be found in 'Kids Mode' with simplified dance moves.

The soundtrack to the game included over 40 hit songs that definitely bring a summer vibe to the game. Within the songs available, many of them have multiple dancers for you to choose from. One of the most noticeable things in Just Dance 2018 is the highly improved responses to your movements and this made the game much more enjoyable as well as more challenging.

1/6 Just Dance - Released 2009

The game that started it all is still one of the best, even with all of its spin-offs and sequels. It introduced the gaming world to the dancing franchise but surprisingly it was widely criticized for how simple it was. However, this was an instance where critics were proven wrong by gamers as it became a worldwide phenomenon. It sold over 4.3 million copies and became known as one of the best multiplayer games out there.

The soundtrack may be the most limited of all of the games but it's still one of the best. The game has classic hit songs that let you embody your favorite stars. From swiveling your pelvis as Elvis Presley to sassing your way to stardom as Britney Spears, there's something for everyone!

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Nintendo Wii - final score

This November, Nintendo is releasing a new home gaming system called the Wii U, and the Wii is taking a well-deserved rest. It's time to sum up.

This November, Nintendo releases a new home gaming system called the Wii U, and the Wii is taking a well-deserved rest. It's time to sum up. The console, not very popular in our country, turned the idea of ​​​​games around the world. Despite the weak hardware stuffing, it offered revolutionary methods of control, opened the way for new genres and returned interest to the old ones. In this article, we will remember how it all began and how it all ended. And at the same time, let's not forget about the main exclusives of the platform.


Nintendo finished the race of the previous generation in a disappointing third place. Despite the fact that the GameCube was not financially unprofitable for the company, only 21.74 million consoles were sold. He was not helped by high-profile projects from internal studios (Metroid Prime, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine) or games from third-party publishers, including Resident Evil 0 and the temporarily exclusive Resident Evil 4.

At the same time, Microsoft, which first entered the console market, managed to sell more than 24 million Xbox. True, at the cost of huge financial injections. However, the Americans achieved their goal - they conquered a part of the market, pushed out eastern competitors, and prepared a springboard for the launch of the Xbox 360.

In order not to repeat the history of Sega with its failed Dreamcast, Nintento in the new generation had to assume something fundamentally new. So instead of trying to catch up with the competition in terms of hardware power, Nintendo decided to attract gamers with innovative controls.

The Nintendo Revolution console was first shown at E3 2005 without specific details. In the same year, but already at the Tokyo Game Show, the public was shown a controller that was radically different from gamepads and looked like a remote control for a TV. There were no sticks on it, and there were criminally few buttons. But the controller was equipped with an accelerometer and an infrared sensor. They made it possible to track its tilts, turns and location relative to the TV screen. In addition to the Wii Remote, another “nunchuck” (Nunchuck) was connected, equipped with a stick and a pair of shift buttons.

Special devices for specific games existed before (Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Steel Battalion). However, Nintendo was the first in the history of the gaming industry to offer to control the protagonist through various movements, and not just with the help of buttons. Boxing punches, bowling ball throws, mid-flight gliding, and all sorts of frills were now performed through appropriate actions from the Wii Remote. And how tempting and exciting were the commercials dedicated to sword battles! In addition, it seemed that in shooters, the ability to aim simply by pointing the controller to the desired point would come in handy.

Troubles in the form of frankly backward graphics (Nintendo Wii did not support pixel shaders and was unable to display an HDTV picture) at first few people worried. Attendees at E3 2006 who visited the Nintendo booth were immersed in the study of control features, jumping in front of the TVs with childish delight and having fun. Everyone was looking forward to the launch, scheduled for late November - early December 2006 (depending on the region).

Icarus effect

Nintendo's magic wand worked better than the most optimistic forecasts predicted. In the first six months after its release in the US, the console sold more than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined. By September 12, 2007, the Wii had taken the top spot among home consoles, and Nintendo, for the first time since the NES, regained its top position among platformers. In March 2008, more than 24 million consoles were sold (more than the GameCube in six years).

The profits of the once lagging company grew by leaps and bounds. As of the end of June 2012, over 96.5 million consoles had been sold in total (the third highest of all time after the PlayStation 2 and 1). But behind such impressive numbers, one cannot fail to notice the serious problems that the company has faced in recent years.

The Nintendo Wii turned out to be especially attractive for the so-called "casuals" - people who are not interested in the gaming industry, preferring uncomplicated entertainment of an entertainment nature. Collections of sports mini-games designed for a (drunk) company, dance entertainment and virtual fitness simulators were more than enough to cover the needs of this part of the audience and attract new customers through groovy commercials.

But "casuals" are not distinguished by fidelity. Show them a new toy and they immediately forget about the old one. Competitors took advantage of this. The sly ones from the marketing department of Microsoft put forward an amazing slogan "The controller is you!". Sony has rolled out a high fidelity clone of the Wii Remote. This was enough for fans of unusual innovations to pay close attention to Kinect and Move.

Also, over the past years, the Xbox 360 and PS3 have noticeably fallen in price, acquired reliable and almost silent Slim revisions. The functionality of the Xbox 360 was leaps and bounds closer to a full-fledged media center (and continues to evolve due to Dashboard updates). The PlayStation 3 lagged behind in this regard, but it boasted support for the Blu-Ray format. The console from Nintendo lost its price advantage and looked more and more like an unsightly alien from the past.

Frankly weak "iron" filling of the console had a negative impact on multi-platform projects. Wii versions of games, if they were born, looked like poor relatives of their older brothers. Question "Why play the same game but with terrible graphics and awkward controls?" found the answer less and less.

Most exclusive projects from third-party publishers aimed at an "adult" audience failed miserably in sales. What's more, some Wii exclusives have made their way to PS3 since their hiatus, and along the way have been getting high-definition, additional content, and getting rid of bugs.

The commercial success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 demonstrated the essential role of multiplayer in modern console games. The online Wii was noticeably inferior to the two main competitors in both functionality and usability.

The Wii was gaining a reputation as a "kitchen-dance platform" at an alarming pace. For the hardcore gamer, who is interested in different genres and is hungry for new adventures, the console could offer only rare, albeit outstanding, exclusives from Nintendo. Blockbusters with multi-million dollar budgets from third-party publishers, which constituted the bulk of the video game market, increasingly bypassed the console.

As a result, the above factors led Nintendo to a sharp decline in Wii sales and a poor library of games. Now the company is trying to repeat the miracle with the Wii U, again relying on an unusual controller, not graphics. Where this will lead, time will tell.

There have been enough amazing titles for the Wii that don't exist on any other platform. They deserve a brief mention of all of them. Let's make a reservation that we are not talking about countless sports and dance pleasures. Similar "good" and on other platforms is now in abundance.

Wii Gold Collection

Super Mario Galaxy 1-2

The adventures of an ageless plumber have gained galactic proportions. Mario jumped around different worlds, tried on new costumes and did the most incredible tricks. The number of situations and conditions exceeded imaginable limits. The second part was an extended addition, rather than a global leap forward. But this did not in the least prevent the sequel from giving pleasant emotions and surprising with new trials.



New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This chapter of Mario's biography is made in the best traditions of classic 2D platformers. All problems have to be solved by honing the skill of jumping. Co-op mode allows you to go on the road with friends.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Megapopular characters mutuzyat each other with wild passion. There is no supply of vital energy - the main thing is to knock the enemy out of the arena at any cost. Battles turn into something unimaginable with somersaults and explosions. A unique fighting game, at least until the release of All-Stars Battle Royale.


Mario Kart Wii

Among combat races of various stripes, this one stands out primarily for its style, twisted track architecture and the appropriate use of the Wii Remote controller. A special steering wheel was even released for the game, giving traditional races a new feeling.


Kirby's Epic Yarn

Knitted Kirby, unlike many of his comrades in the platform genre, does not strain the nervous system with sophisticated traps. Instead, the project amazes with wonderful views and amusingly twists the classics. A great reason to go into the world of children's fantasies.


Donkey Kong Country Returns

Two funny monkeys are ready to overcome everything in order to return the stolen bananas. Moreover, the tropical island has in store not only a variety of intricacies of platforms and mechanisms, but also flights on a barrel with a jet engine and other surprises. Reference two-dimensional platformer.


Xenoblade Chronicles

Large-scale, lengthy (70 hours of the main storyline only) Japanese role-playing game, made without looking back at the spoiled Western consumer. Bosses will make you understand all the features and undocumented intricacies of the combat system. In the story, the interests of different races and worlds collide. Unforgettable walk through the bodies of two dead titans.


The Last Story

The game is, in a way, the opposite of Xenoblade Chronicles. Its main advantage is long story scenes and a demonstration of sincere feelings. Although this approach does not detract from the merits of the developers who have created a vigorous mixture of team action and role-playing game.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The final chapter of the trilogy. The fateful battle between Samus and her dark counterpart carefully preserved all the virtues of her predecessors. Players continued to explore mazes, get new costume parts, kill monsters, and solve puzzles. All this beauty took full advantage of the Wii controller. Buy the best edition of Metroid Prime: Trilogy, which contains all three parts of the saga.


Metroid: Other M

The offshoot of the Metriod series is remembered primarily for its rich storyline and long-lasting CG videos of amazing quality. Otherwise, a visit to the holds of the bottle ship was more like an action movie with old tricks and an unconventional approach to control, combining first and third person perspectives. But even the second nature does not allow us to speak of the game as an unsuccessful experiment - almost all aspects are done flawlessly.


Red Steel 2

The fantasies of fans of sword fights received a worthy embodiment in this action movie. The adventure skilfully alternated shooting and carnage. Handling a virtual katana turned out without any problems, the authors managed to brighten up the troubles associated with the inaccuracy of the controller. And the game looked great thanks to the hand-drawn style.


No More Heroes 1-2

The life story of a fan of anime, porn, comics and other junk has taken a sharp turn. The powers of the Wii Remote were used here in the most indecent actions, but for the most part it was hacking enemies to pieces, driving around the city on a motorcycle and doing crazy tasks for sick characters on the head.


Super Paper Mario

The main distinguishing feature of the "paper" Mario is his ability to move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and vice versa. Another project combines platforming and role-playing elements. In particular, a simple development system and side quests are provided here.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

Representative of a rare type of puzzle games. The main feature of the brainchild of Capcom is that in order to solve puzzles it is necessary to use the Wii Remote in the most unexpected conditions. The charades themselves serve as a source of a smile, and the brains are strained in a good way, and forced to think outside the box.


Little King's Story

The leadership of the fairy kingdom is not such an easy task. The newly-made ruler must gather an army, and lead the troops personally into battle, and babysit the princesses. The game combines a variety of elements (from real-time strategy to fiddling with subjects), and all together they create a memorable adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Despite the fact that this part of the series was released simultaneously on the GameCube and Wii, it is impossible to pass by the "Twilight Princess" in any case. During the next campaign in the name of saving the world, Link not only learned well-known tricks, but also turned into a wolf and went to another reality. The long voyage of the young warrior was traditionally full of unexpected trials and memorable meetings.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The ultimate evolution of Wii adventure games. The touch capabilities of the controller have been revealed in all their glory and have found worthy application in numerous components of the mechanics - from sword fights and flying on giant birds to balancing on a rope and archery. More than three dozen hours spent on the ground and in the sky did not get tired to amaze with intricate riddles, huge bosses and new devices. Without exaggeration, the main exclusive of the platform.


Other sides

The Wii also has a lot to offer in the multi-platform sector. Through the efforts of Capcom, the best edition of Resident Evil 4 lives on the Nintendo console. Drawing in Okami is much better for the Wii controller than for the classic gamepad. The reimagining of Silent Hill , subtitled Shattered Memories , is still one of the best parts of the franchise. The second part of the cult horror film Fatal Frame found a new life on the Wii in the face of Project Zero 2: Wii Edition .

Among other things, the Wii successfully revived the "rail shooting range" genre. House of The Dead: Overkill, Dead Space: Extraction, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor are the most iconic representatives of this genre. Some classic first person shooters ( Condiut 1-2 , Wii versions of Call of Duty, Golden Eye 007 ) played completely differently due to controls.


Thanks to innovative controls on the Nintendo Wii, entire genres began to appear, the existence of which was previously impossible. However, the main areas of application of the miracle controller for a long time were collections of mini-games, fitness, dance and similar entertainment, as well as rail shooters. Only The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, released in the fifth year of the platform's life, revealed the potential of the Wii Remote.

The Move and Kinect alternatives don't offer much more either. Sony is afraid to invest serious money in projects for its "magic wand". Microsoft prefers to follow the beaten track and develops a dance-entertainment direction. Actually, as practice has shown, developers fail to find a worthy application for new controllers in serious games. Today, they are either used as an optional replacement for the gamepad, or their participation in the gameplay ends with voice commands (also an optional feature).

Most likely the situation for motion controllers will not change, if not worsen. But the indisputable advantage of the Wii are the games. Nintendo remains the only studio that invests in the development of platform games and adventure games that focus on long solo playthroughs. Moreover, despite the common genre and the same names in the titles, projects can radically differ from each other. Super Mario Galaxy prefers to use three-dimensional space, New Super Mario Bros. Wii brings us back to the plane, Super Paper Mario combines both dimensions. Each new part of Metroid or Legend of Zelda necessarily brings with it new challenges. Time has no power over such projects. They continue to please even years later. They don't need yearly sequels with minor improvements and cosmetic changes.

Unfortunately, such a policy also has a dark side - a meager genre diversity. If you suddenly do not like to jump on the hills or the spirit can not stand the leisurely exploration of worlds with puzzle solving, then the Wii is not of particular interest.

TV screen sizes are growing, and the technical execution of Wii games is stuck in the past generation. Talented art design will no longer save you from unpleasant sensations when looking at a frank daub.

So who should buy the Wii now?

Can the console be suitable for a child? Yes, if your child understands English or you are always ready to answer the question “What does this monkey tell me?”. Games are not translated into Russian. [Although, I remember, we also did not shine with knowledge of foreign languages ​​when we went on our first trip with Mario ...] In any case, this is the only console that has plenty of the most childish, brightest and most fun games.

For adult players, if they buy Wii at the moment, then only for the sake of exclusives, so that later they can sell an outdated console and buy a brand new Wii U. Nintendo declared backward compatibility.

Perhaps the most suitable place for the Wii now is a corner in the country or in an apartment under an old TV. When all the work is done, there is no desire to play real sports, and there is still strength left, then you can succumb to the magic of Nintendo and devote a couple of hours to the immortal classics.

Just Dance 2015 PS3 Review

The popular game series from Ubisoft continues every year grow with new parts, delighting fans with new songs and modes. Just Dance 2015 , released last month, is the sixth part of the main series and has visited a huge the number of consoles, starting from the old woman Wii and ending powerful PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . All declared game systems have one thing in common: Just Dance 2015 is still fun Play alone, and even more fun in the company. New technologies certainly benefited the project: so, thanks to a special app Just Dance 2015, your mobile phone will be reincarnated motion controller, allowing your friends to join in any time for a party.

Before proceeding to the description of the gameplay, let's focus on ways to play in Just Dance 2015. The sixth part of the dance series visited, among other things, the consoles of the new generation, which had a result, first of all, on the PlayStation Camera, developed for PlayStation 4. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners playing without controllers is nothing new thanks to Kinect.

So there are three different ways to play Just Dance 2015:

  1. With PlayStation Camera (PS4) / Microsoft Kinect (X360, XOne)
    PlayStation 4 owners finally got their hands on a game that makes full use of such an expensive system as the PS camera. Now players will not be able to cheat and "cheat" the program, because the camera closely monitors all the movements of your body. By far the most fun and unforgettable gaming experience you will get when playing with the camera, completely inspired by dance and music. However, in this wonderful technology not without drawbacks: for example, in the main menu, switching songs somehow happens with the DualShock 4, and not with using hand movements, as in Kinect, and when playing a song with frame rate drop occurs at some intervals, which was not seen when playing with PS Move.
  2. With PlayStation Move (PS4) and PlayStation Eye + PlayStation Move (PS3) / Wii Remote (Wii, Wii U)
    The most familiar way to play Just Dance for PS3 and Wii U. Players pick up a specific controller and repeat dancer's movements on the screen. Remarkably, the PlayStation 4 does not have no need to connect an additional PlayStation camera Eye, as in the case of the PlayStation 3. Now PS Move works exclusively on gyroscopes - very convenient!
  3. Using a mobile phone in the operating room iOS or Android system (PS4, XOne)
    The developers from Ubisoft pleasantly surprised the gaming community, because version of the dance game for new generation consoles excelled that can "transform" your mobile phone into a real additional controller. A really big plus for those who has not yet purchased a camera for one reason or another. To play with using your phone, you need to download the Just Dance 2015 app, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network that the console is connected to, and join the game.

As with previous games in the series, gameplay in Just Dance 2015 consists in repeating the movements of the dancer on the screen. For more amenities in the lower right corner, one after another, schematic images of movements to be performed. In this way, depending on your success, for each "pa" the game gives you rating: from "Perfect" or "Good" to "Ok" and "Miss". The better you dance, the more stars you get and the in-game Mojo currency on the results screen, which you can use to buy additional modes for songs or new avatars for the card dancer. Of course, Just Dance won't teach you how to dance, but it will give you you and your friends a pleasant physical activity and positive emotions.

There are 43 songs in total in the game, and many of them are for Russian listeners will probably be unknown. However, such hits like "What Does The Fox Say?" , Happy , Dark Horse" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" , not spared Just Dance 2015. In addition, video game fans will rejoice musical composition dedicated to the game Tetris, authored by Dancing Bros. In it, players have to line up with familiar figures of his body, which, you see, are practically impossible to do without laughter. Some songs are focused on one person, others for a duet, and still others for a group dance. Besides, if your game is using a camera, it will record some moments from the dance, and at the end will show a small cut, allowing you and your friends to look at your movements from sides.

When starting the game for the first time, each player will receive "wall dancer" (Just Dance Wall) in which your successes: how many songs have you played, how many stars have you earned, and if you allow the game, a video cutting of movements from last song. Not done in Just Dance 2015 and without online functionality called World Dance Floor. There you can compete with players from all over the world and dance a song, dropped randomly. Another mode that me pleased with the game, it turned out to be “Just Dance VIP”, in which some celebrities from the internet. For example, last week the famous bloggers Smosh became the stars, who performed the dance Black Widow.

For trophy hunters, Just Dance 2015 presents significant interest, because, firstly, platinum is present, and, secondly, as many as 46 trophies. Most you will get just for playing, some for a long game with friend, others for dancing with players from all over the world online. One of the most difficult trophies is The Ultimate Just. Dance fan, for which you need to earn 5 stars during all songs. But, on the other hand, remembering the basic movements each song, earning "excellent" is not so difficult.

The game looks amazing and much brighter than the previous ones parts. Also noteworthy are the detailed backgrounds, quite individual and colorful. Many songs more than once change their appearance in one go, and some have an alternate appearance (such as "What Does The Fox Say?"). The dance movements themselves underwent significant differences: they become a little more complex and expressive than before.

Ubisoft knows full well that don't reinvent the wheel when a proven formula is perfect works. However, the developers managed to enrich Just Dance 2015 and make the dance game even brighter, even more fun. Just Dance 2015 will be great entertainment and will transform every party into an unforgettable show. There are 43 songs in total in the game, including time-tested (Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out for a Hero") and modern (John Newman - "Love Me Again") hits. Quantity positive emotions and laughter will more than compensate for the shortcomings of the game, such like frame drops in some songs and not perfect tracking the movements of the player-dancer (to a direct competitor in the form Dance Central project has not matured yet).

The review is based on the disc version of the game for PlayStation 4, provided to our portal by the publisher.

The most difficult thing is not to dance for 5 stars, but to gain 5000 lvl plus gender years as a whole is required for platinum. The game is great! Energetic, funny, I really like the tracks more in the 2014 version, but in this also a lot of great songs. For the company, the game will go just fine and it's just as interesting to dance alone on the world's dance floor.

We dance it at our meetings from time to time))

The article is written in such a strange accent that it feels like 2014 did not go to next gene. But she went out there and it was with her joined the series.

Message from Vadim

The article is written with such a strange accent that feeling as if 2014 did not come out on the next gene. But she went out there. and it was from her that he joined the series.

The thing is that in JD2014 I played on PS3, there was no the chance to see it on PS4. That is why all new the game features of the latest version surprised and fascinated me so much Especially since in JD2015 they did more work on the camera, and on social pieces too.

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how good the game is works with a mobile phone - the feature is still new and for the first time used in series. I'm also wondering if the Just mode remains Sweat (apparently not).

There all modes remained plus a new plus you can before the song download the results of random players and fight them.

Posted by kperep

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how well the game works with mobile phone - feature still new and used for the first time in the series. Still interesting to me whether the Just Sweat mode remained (apparently not).

The new feature works fine, similar to Move. But with a camera much more fun to play. But if it is not available and not enough controllers, a mobile phone would be a great way out.

(to the direct competitor in the form of Dance Central the project is not yet matured).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow.

Posted by Fendor

(to direct competitor Dance Central the project has not matured yet).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow.

I cannot agree with you. I played the first and second dance Central on Xbox 360 and the movements themselves are much more interesting there than in JD2015. Just Dance, as befits the name, does not difficult dance moves and made more for fun, so that at any time a friend can join you and spend good time driving. In Dance Central, however, the system is different: first you need to learn the movement, and only then go to the song execute. I liked it more, because the song really imbued, and the movements are very cool! I can not, really, nothing to say about Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One, but the first two parts pleasantly surprised me at one time and left me where more impressive than simple Just Dance.

And yes, believe me, I don't dance crookedly :)

[QUOTE=Fendor;910476] Excuse me, what? Dance Central is the saddest parody Mike to the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They then are tracked normally, it's you dancing crookedly. Incidentally with this year, Just Dance officially became part of the esports league and this year the first world championship was held.QUOTE]
You should have learned to dance at least somehow, and then your jokes about optimizing the game for kinect and the complexity of dance ligaments began to speak. Just Dance gained popularity thanks to the Wii, and fixes it due to the fact that it is not exclusive, but multiplatform. So this is a pretty sure step Yubikov arrange cyber discipline due to such popularity of the series, but this is by no means does not say that this is the best dance series. Especially with crooked optimization for kinect compared to Dance Central, yes and on the Wii and PS3 sticks, it's not as good as reading motions. So that curb your fanboyism or your "like dance knowledge" games". Just dance has a plus in more musical variety and less asynchronous between choreography and music.
I hope that in Dance Central Spotlight this is not a coincidence, but then in Dance Central 3 it was too noticeable.

Checked out on the Wii (yes, they still release it)) interesting the selection of songs was a pleasant surprise, more than half are already familiar to my wow, and about ten tracks are still playing on local radio, from which makes dancing even more enjoyable. Interesting mode and online, something like a tournament for eight people. And it is possible look at each song as world records, and separately Russian dancers. But, probably for each platform its own server ??? In general, playing with friends is just as fun, and even you can shake the old days and rattle the bones) I advise.

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