How to do the lmfao shuffle dance

A Brief History of Shuffle Dance

The Shuffle Dance


Long before LMFAO’s 2011 Party Rock Anthem release, people been shufflin’!

That’s right, Shuffle dance has been around since the early 80’s.

LMFAO launched Shuffle dance onto the international stage again. Today, Shuffle superstars on social media are creating a new generation of dancers showcasing their skills on TikTok and Instagram.


Where Did Shuffle Dance Originate?

Like every Avenger’s movie you’ve ever seen, the origin story of dance is complex and often incomplete.

Know why?

Dance Evolves.

Dance doesn’t sit still and wait. You take your eye off it for a second. BAM! It’s different. No wonder pinpointing the origin of any dance is nearly impossible.  Look away for a second and you’ll miss it.

Today, we’ll take a look at where Shuffle Dance came from, where it’s going and how to enjoy the energetic ride of Shuffle.


Melbourne Shuffle

Many people don’t know Melbourne, Australia is the birthplace of shuffle. An energetic burst of dance set to early Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

EDM was sweeping the world in the 1980’s. DJ’s and audio engineers created EDM using electronic interfaces and early computers. The result was high energy synthetic music with complex rhythms and beats. A perfect breeding ground for a high octane dance.

Introducing…The Shuffle

An energizing, spiritual expression style of dancing set to various forms of EDM like House, Trance, Techno, DubStep, Drum and Bass and whatever else these digital wizards of rhythm threw at the world.

Shuffle Dance consists of a few basic steps complimented by whatever variations the dancer would like to include. The Running Man, first introduced by Bobby Brown, and the T step, a sideways motion created with the ball and heel of one foot are two basic steps.

Hip Hop plays a major influence in Shuffling Dance. The Charleston step is also included. First made popular with Ragtime music from the 1920’s prohibition era.

Shuffle Dancers add spins, slides and upper body movements to create a full spectrum experience in sync with the music.

Some describe Shuffle Dance as inclusive, freedom, spiritual, liberating, free of judgment, true expression. Shuffle Dance connects you with the music you love in a special way. An opportunity to interpret and express as an individual while in the company of others.


Shuffle Dance Videos

Many people ask how to do the shuffle. Lucky for you, shuffle dance is all over TikTok and Instagram. Shuffle dance challenges, instruction videos and teachers taught a new generation how to do the shuffle dance. Dancers can now learn how to dance 100% online. Gen Z/Post Millenials (1995 – 2012) are some of the most popular Shuffle dancers online today.

How we came from early EDM Shuffle dancing in Australia to today’s online generation of dancing superstars could be an entire documentary. Nowadays we can find shuffle dancing in the palm of our hand.

TikTok is a great place to learn. Join challenges, special choreography and it’s great if you like to watch these amazing athletic dancers do their thing. Shuffle dance is such an energetic, colorful, positive expression of dance. This makes it great for anyone to enjoy. In fact, there are many health benefits to dancing Shuffle.

Health Benefits of Shuffle Dance

There are the obvious physical benefits of dance. You are moving around to music for extended periods of time so you are clearly going to burn calories. Surprisingly, the most important benefits of dance aren’t what you’d expect.

Whether you’re dancing by yourself or with a partner, dance is social. We gather to dance with each other, to express our gratitude and appreciation. Every energy contributing is different and that makes every dance unique. Bonding with like minded people and sharing the gift of dance together can lengthen your life, help your self-esteem, forget about problems, release stress, have fun, cut loose, smile, laugh and relax.

Shuffle dance may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Learning dance stimulates the brain and increases neuron activity. This stimulation opens new pathways to think and express.  Coordinating the body with music and sharing your gift with others is truly a powerful experience.


Dance Injuries

Shuffle Dance requires a lot of moving, spinning and sliding. So to really move to the music you don’t want any friction between you and the ground, right?

Let’s try something.

Think about the last place you danced and what shoes you wore.

How many are in a studio wearing dance shoes?

If you’re a shuffle dancer, most likely you dance everywhere; parks, malls, living rooms, kitchens, patios, the beach, in the mountains, on the moon (that would be cool). But if you aren’t on the moon then you’re probably wearing tennis shoes which were created to play tennis and to stop you which is the opposite of dancing.

We want to go. We need a sneaker with traction AND the ability to spin. Because when your ankle is overstressed from rubber soles on normal surfaces you can sprain and possibly tear ligaments in your ankle or knee and not be able to dance.

Don’t shoot the messenger but yes, what brings you the most joy and without it life is meaningless could be over all because you wore the wrong shoes to Kimmy’s party.

Oh, the humanity!


Prevent Dance Injuries

Lucky for us, courageous souls exist who have dedicated their lives to prevent dance injuries with one revolutionary idea. Build a dance sneaker that is stylish, super comfortable and designed for dancing everywhere.

Simply put, create a dance shoe you can wear all day that looks great and when it’s time to dance…you’re ready.

You’re faster, quicker, more expressive, it’s all you.

A shoe you can wear all day and dance.

CTA: Check out the Fuego Dance Sneaker Here

“They are soooo comfortable!” – Me


Future of Shuffle

Shuffle dancing is here to stay. Shuffle keeps you young. Your shuffle is a reflection of your soul. It is the medium in which you shine your light to the world.

If you are a newbie, Shuffle dancing is all around you. Go to your socials like TikTok and Instagram, even Youtube. Search the Shuffle universe and you will find all the shuffle you need.


Happy Dancing!

P.S. Party Rock! = Dance Happy

Every Day I'm Shufflin' | Know Your Meme


"Every Day I'm Shufflin'" is a catchphrase based on a line from the 2011 dance / pop single "Party Rock Anthem" by the American electronic hip hop duo LMFAO. The phrase has inspired the snowclone the "Everyday I'm X'in", which has frequently been used in image macro captions and animated GIFs. Remixes and parodies of the music video have been prevalent online since its YouTube debut in March of 2011.


The "Party Rock" shuffle is a loose interpretation of the Melbourne Shuffle, a rave and club dance that originated in the late 1980s in the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. The basic movements in the Shuffle consist of a fast heel-and-toe action with hand movements suitable for various types of electronic music.

Party Rock Anthem

On January 25th, 2011, the dance reached the American mainstream with "Party Rock Anthem,"[2] the first single released by LMFAO (an abbreviation for "Laughing My Fucking Ass Off") from their second album Sorry for Party Rocking. In January 2011, the duo held a contest[12] looking for dancers all over the world to shuffle in their music video for the song. Intended as a parody of the 2002 horror film 28 Days Later, the music video[3] is about people infected with a virus that urges them to start shuffling as soon as they hear the song. It was uploaded to YouTube on March 8th, 2011 and has received over 439 million views as of May 2012.

In addition, the music video held a Gold Recently Most Popular award and formerly held a Gold All Time Most Popular award. It also was #5 on the YouTube Music top 100 the week of November 29th, 2011.[13] The song spent six weeks in the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100[4] from July 16th to August 20th, before it was replaced by Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night."

Rick Ross: Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Although the line was popularized by the LMFAO song, “Everyday I’m Shufflin” is a parody of the “Everyday I’m Hustlin’” lyrics originally heard in the hip hop artist Rick Ross’ rap single “Hustlin” [1] from his 2006 album Port of Miami.


Following the launch of the music video in March 2011, LMFAO introduced a line of t-shirts[5] with the slogan "Everyday I'm Shufflin." On April 15th, 2011, the first YTMND site titled "Everyday I'm Shufflin"[6] was created, which featured a GIF from the 60s Spider-Man animated series.

The original music video, along with animated GIFs and image macros featuring the phrase, quickly gained traction through photo-sharing sites like Tumblr[7], Flickr[8] and RedditPics. [9] The first Urban Dictionary[10] entry for the term appeared on July 31th, 2011. As of May 24th, 2012, an "Everyday I'm Shufflin'" Facebook[11] page that has over 22,000 likes.

Snowclone Usage

The line has also inspired an image macro series based on the phrasal template “Everyday I’m X’in”, wherein “X” is replaced with a verb related to the subject of the photo. On October 19th, 2011, Redditor jiehae17 submitted an animated GIF to the /r/funny[15] subreddit, which featured the character Dumbledore from the Harry Potter fantasy film series dancing with the caption "Everyday I'm Dumblin'." The thread reached the front page and received over 2,000 up votes prior to being archived.

On November 9th, the viral content site BuzzFeed[14] published a post titled "The Evolution of the 'Everyday I'm' Meme", which featured a compilation of image macros using the snowclone.

Notable Examples

Many YouTube users have made video remixes combining "Party Rock Anthem" with footage from other sources. In particular, the 30 second long Shuffling section of the original LMFAO music video is often incorporated into other songs.

Search Interest

Search query volume for the term "everyday I'm shufflin" rose in April of 2011, shortly after LMFAO uploaded the music video. Search query volume for "Everyday I'm Hustlin" rose in early 2006.

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How to learn to dance shuffle at home? — HowInfo

28-12-2018 12:02

Content of the article:

  • What is shuffle and how to learn to dance it at home?
  • How to learn to dance the shuffle at home - basic movements
    • Running Man
      • 0009 “T-step”
      • “Kick”
      • “Slide”
      • “Spin”
    • Development of the dance direction

    9000 9000 9000

    as and all the most impaired and all the most impaired interesting things in the world, the shuffle appeared by chance on one of the stages in Melbourne, Australia.

    This happened during a music festival in the late 80s of the last century.

    Dance is both a product of club and underground culture, it does not have a division of movements into female and male, and their simple set allows you to express yourself on the dance floor.

    And have a great cardio workout, by the way.

    We have collected the best video lessons on how to learn to dance shuffle at home.

    You will be interested in: Emotional contagion: how experiences are transmitted - Life-reactor % %

    What is shuffle and how to learn to dance it at home?

    The basis of the movements of this dance is moving from heel to toe at a fast pace.

    "Shuffling" means "to slide your feet on the floor" or "shuffling" in English.

    It was this word that gave the name to the dance. It was originally danced to acid house. Today - to any electronic music.

    Modern shuffle takes its origins from LMFAO's hit 2009 music video for "Party Rock Anthem".

    The dance itself is divided into two types: Australian and Malaysian (more modern).

    At first glance, it seems that all these movements are quite simple to perform.

    But this is only at first glance - to become a real star of the parties, you will need more than one week of hard training.

    Advice: when starting classes, do not immediately choose hard dynamic music. Your task is to learn how to hit the beat. To dance fast, it is important to master the basic movements for five plus.

    How to Learn to Shuffle at Home - Basic Movements

    "Running Man"

    The main movement of the shuffle is sliding steps back and forth and side to side.

    This basic foundation, vaguely reminiscent of Michael Jackson's moonwalk and Kar-Man music videos from the harsh 90s, was called "Running Man".

    The video below is sure to motivate you to start dancing now:

    When a shuffler - a dancer - moves, it seems that he is in zero gravity.

    You are dancing in place, one foot is lifted up and forward in a waiting position, the other is sliding back.

    Then the back foot returns to its original position, the front foot returns.

    Your task is to get to the beat of the music. This combination of movements is considered standard.

    Tip: Always warm up before every workout warm up well .

    In addition to those described above, the shuffle contains the following movements:


    The dancer moves to the right with his left foot, then to the left. The foot moves only to the left and right on the principle of "back and forth."

    At the same time, the right foot moves up and down. A similar combination of movements is performed in the shape of the letter "T".

    After Running Man, this move is the most popular among shufflers.


    It is an imitation of kicks on the floor performed in the air.

    One leg is located slightly forward, the second one strikes the place of the second foot.

    The knee can be raised to any desired height. The point of impact must be balanced and controlled.


    The usual sliding movements that are characteristic of different styles are also present in the shuffle.


    They are the same as scrolling the body around its axis or against it. Movement during the dance is performed randomly in the order in which you are comfortable.

    Tip: Shuffle today sees a huge amount of movements from other styles - popping, locking, liquid dance, breaking, etc. Dancers take the brightest elements and combine them in a free form.

    The development of the dance direction

    We have already written above that the shuffle originally appeared on the dance floors of Australia, after which it was slightly transformed and migrated to Malaysia.

    Today, thanks to the efforts of the world's leading DJs, it is danced in all clubs of the world for self-expression.

    You can learn the basics of shuffle on your own, because the main thing in it is your own individual and unique style.

    But it would be nice to take some professional lessons to get the basics down.

    Tip: Fun Fact: Many dancers sprinkle talcum powder on the floor to increase their glide.

    Finally, another useful video on how to learn to dance shuffle at home with a tutorial in Russian:


    Author: Veronika Ekimova

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    How to learn to dance shuffle at home

    Details on how to learn to dance shuffle

    3 Tips


Today we are going to look at how to learn how to shuffle. We will describe the movements using the example of three main approaches.

This is a dance style that takes its roots from the Melbourne Shuffle. This club fun dance appeared in the eighties. It happened at a music festival in Australia, in Melbourne.

First of all, to understand how to learn how to dance the shuffle, you should know that its essence lies in the rapid movement from heel to toe. It is most convenient to perform this dance to electronic music.

Modern shuffle is largely due to LMFAO's music video for Party Rock Anthem. To study this direction, it is necessary to master the movements "running man" and "step". Links between the specified elements are also important.

Let's move on to the first solution to the question of how to learn to dance shuffle at home. So, we stand straight, spread our legs, the distance between them should be 0.3 meters.

This is the starting position of the "Step". Raise the right leg up. Move the left one inward.

Raise it by 15 cm. As a result of the movement, the leg should move away from the body. To do this, raise the knee up, and then inward.

Move the left foot so that the toes point to the middle. Raise it up at the same time. Next, move the right leg down.

Running man

Let's move on to the next method of solving the question of how to learn to dance the shuffle. We put the right foot in front. Leave the left one on the ground.

Lightly touch the ground with the toes of the right foot. Then we pick it up. We stretch.

Raise the leg up 15 cm. Slide back. This must be done on the left leg.

The right one must be raised. The next step is to put it on the surface. Now we move with the left foot.

Put her on her toes. This makes it easier to pick it up during the next step. We repeat the described steps with the other leg.

There is another way to learn how to shuffle. We make the transition between the "step" and "running man".

It's easy. In one of the parties we make the movement "step", in the other - "running man". We take five steps to the left.

Lowering the leg for the last time. We turn forward 90 degrees. We use the leg as a leader for the "running man".

We do this movement in place. It can also be done in a circle. However, this requires additional skills.

Then put both feet on the ground. We lift one of them up. Let's start taking a step.

You can use this trick to move both forward and backward. Next, we proceed to the movement of the "running man".

We start it on the spot or in a circle. Turn left 90 degrees. We start moving.

Move from left to right. At the same time, we repeat the elements of the “step” movement. As a result, both legs should be in the "running man" position.

Raise one of the legs. We use it for the movement "step". We are moving in her direction.

We alternate movements. Let's take a few steps. We turn around.

Getting to the "running man". We do this move twice. Let's switch to step.

We repeat it several times. We return to the first movement. You can highlight one of the elements.

Let's start the "step". We do the "running man" several times. Let's go back to the steps.

It is not necessary to use the two movements equally. To take the dance to a new level, we will use rotations for both the “step” and the “running person”.


So we've looked at how to learn how to shuffle. There are still a few small tips that can facilitate this process.

Learn more