How to vote for super dancer 3

How to Vote Super Dancer 4 Contestants

Sony TV’s most favourite kids dance reality show Super Dancer 4 (Chapter 4 – 2021) recently started voting lines on and SONY LIV for their contestants.

Last week makers have released that from now audience and viewers can vote their favorite dancers to stay safe in the journey of Super Dancer 2021.

To make him/her winner of this season, then you will have to vote them using the given voting methods i.e. SonyLIV App or

From this week, the contestants with large number of public votes will move forward to the next week while the contestant with least votes will get eliminated from Super Dancer 4.

If you are looking to vote then you can read below for the voting methods, voting lines, and how to vote in Super Dancer Chapter 4.

  • 1. Super Dancer 4 Vote with SonyLIV App
  • 2. Super Dancer 4 Vote with
  • 3. Super Dancer 4 Voting Lines

Super Dancer 4 Vote with SonyLIV App

If you looking on how to vote your favourite singer using SonyLIV app, then you can follow below steps:

Step 1: Download or Update the SonyLIV app from the Google Playstore / iTunes.

Step 2: Open and Login with your SonyLIV account detail.

Step 3: Find Super Dancer 4 banner or search Super Dancer 4 Voting and click on Vote.

Step 4: Tap on your favourite contestant to vote (maximum 50 votes). You can cast those votes to one participant or divide the votes among all contestants.

Step 5: After your selection, click on the VOTE NOW button.

Step 6: You have successfully submitted your vote.

Super Dancer 4 Vote with

If you are looking to vote your favourite singer using then you will have follow below steps:

Step 1: Open in your browser.

Step 2: Register or Login with your account details.

Step 3: Visit Super Dancer voting page
https://www.firstcry. com/m/contest/super-dancer-voting/

Step 4: Tap on your favourite contestant to vote (maximum 50 votes). You can cast those votes to one dancer or divide the votes among all the contestants.

Step 5: After your selection, click on the VOTE NOW button.

Step 6: You have successfully submitted your vote.

NOTE: using both the voting methods, you can submit 400 votes (200 votes/per method). Get ready to save your favorite contestant on Super Dancer 4.

Super Dancer 4 Voting Lines

The voting lines of Super Dancer 4 will open from 8PM and will close on Tuesday, 5th October 2021 11:59 PM.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Super Dancer Chapter 4 (2021).

Super Dancer 4 VOTING VOTE for TOP 12 Contestants, Finalists, Winner Name

One more time, It's your Favorite Kids Talent Hunt Dance Reality Show Super Dancer is back with Season 4. Yes, Super Dancer Chapter 4 Ground Auditions have happened and we are going to have yet Another Power Packed Season of Super Dancer 4 with Same Panel of Judges and Hosts. See Who are the Super Dancer 4 Contestants, Judges, Hosts of the Seasons. See the list of Selected Super Dancer 4 Contestants with their respective Gurus or Choreographers list. Also have a look at the Wiki Biography Profile of each and every Super Dancer 4 Performers on Sony TV. Also see the Super Dancer 4 Voting details on how you can do Super Dancer Vote for your favorite contestants by Downloading SonyLiv app or login to website.

Super Dancer 4 Contestants Kids are very Iconic and Great Performers in their own Dancing Styles and it looks the entire Season of Super Dancer 4 will be an exciting watch with never seen before Amazing Moves from Rock Solid Power Packed Performers. Let's Have a Look at the Super Dancer 4 Wiki revealing the entire Cast and Crew. The Voting Lines for Super Dancer 4 Contestants will remain open for specific times for every weekend Saturday and Sunday. See How to Download SonyLiv App or directly you can vote on website for you favorite dancer contestants.

Click Here >> Sonyliv App Download (VOTE Online)

1) Florina Gogoi
2)  Sprihaa Kashyap
3) Pratiti Das
4) Amit Kumar
5) Esha Mishra
6) Pari Tamang

7) Neerja Tiwari
8) Arshiya Sharma
9) Anshika Rajput
10) Sanchit Chanana
11) Sumit Barman

12) Pruthviraj

13) Aneesh

After the Wild Card Entry in Super Dancer 4 Sony TV Show, TOP 11 Contestants have been Selected joining existing 7 contestants. Now, After One Week performance without eviction, finally Super Dancer 3 Voting Lines opened on Sony TV show where Viewers at Home can Vote and Support for their favorite Contestants to make him/her Winner of the Show. Keep Watching and Supporting your favorite Super Dancer every weekend on Sony TV Show.

Click Here >> Super Dancer 4 VOTE (SonyLiv website or App)

Super Dancer 4 Judges & Hosts | Sony TV

See the Panel of Judges and Hosts of Super Dancer Chapter 3 Sony TV Show.

Judges - Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Anurag Basu, Geeta Kapoor

Hosts - TRP Mama (Paritosh Tripathi) and Rithvik Dhanjani

Super Dancer 4 Contestants with their Gurus | Names List with Photos

Sony TV's Super Dancer 4 turned more interesting with the Powerhouse performers kids in a show. Their Out of the box iconic moves makes the Super Dancer Season 3 is one of the most exciting Season till date. The Super Dancer Chapter 4 Contestants and Gurus list Announced here.

Check It Here - Super Dancer 4 Contestants - Top 12 List

After the Ground Auditions and Mega Auditions Top 12 Super Dancer Contestants will be selected who will be trained by the Each Super Guru (Choreographer) given to them. They will try their best to go the long way in a Super Dancer Chapter 4 reality show. The best one will win after the public voting and elimination happening every week in a Super Dancer 3 Sony TV Show.

>> Super Dancer 4 TOP 12 ( Meet the Super 12 Contestants)

Super Dancer 4 Gurus Names List with Images mentioned here.

Super Gurus (Names List with Pics)

Super Dancer 4 Elimination Updates - To be revealed

Super Dancer Chapter 4 Winner - To be Announced

The First Season of Super Dancer have been won by Ditya Bhande. The Super Dancer 2 Winner was Bishal Sharma and Now Super Dancer 3 Winner will be revealed by the end of the Super Dancer 4 Season. Keep Watching Super Dancer 4 Wiki Page to get regular news updates on your favorite Season of Kids Dance reality show on Sony TV.

Just like the earlier Seasons of Super Dancer we have an Exciting Panel of Judges who are Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapoor and Anurag Basu. Also Entertainer hosts TRP Mama aka Paritosh Tripathi and Rithvik Dhanjani are the entertainer hosts of the Super Dancer Chapter 4 who will make the Season full fledged entertainer.

"I danced for my country": how the project "You are super! Dancing" makes dreams come true

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“I danced for my country”:

as a project “You are super! Dances” makes dreams come true

Anna Mikhailova

For almost half a year, all of Russia and the CIS followed the international project “You are super! Dances”, organized by the NTV television company and the Sputnik agency. In the final, which took place on December 23, Valeria Radionova from Kostroma won.

Shortly before the end of the competition, a RIA Novosti correspondent went to a boarding house near Moscow, where the participants lived and trained all these months, and talked with the semi-finalists - 13-year-old Milena Tachulia from Abkhazia and 17-year-old Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev from Turkmenistan. The guys, who are united not only by their love for dancing, but also by dramatic life circumstances (children left without parental care participate in the project), spoke about how it is to become a screen star and make their dream come true.

Swan girl

Participants of the project “You are super! Dances” flew to Moscow in the summer. Then neither they nor the relatives accompanying them could imagine that they would stay here for five whole months. They didn’t even take warm clothes, I had to bring them separately.

Participant of the project "You are super! Dancing" Milena Tachulia.

Milena Tachulia says that within a few months the boarding house near Moscow became her home, where countless rehearsals, master classes with the best choreographers and communication with the stars invited to the project took place. And other guys from potential rivals turned into close friends.

We became so much one family, one team that we forgot about competition and supported each other.

Milena has been practicing folk and ballroom dancing since the age of four. At home, she is a soloist of one of the most famous children's ensembles. When her mother fell seriously ill three years ago, the girl and her younger sister were placed under the care of her grandparents.

“Even as a child, my relatives took me to concerts. I really liked it, I looked at the soloists and admired - the girls were floating around the stage like swans. So I got a love for dancing, and I was given to study. When I start dancing, I get some special feeling, as if I'm not a person, but a bird that flutters around the stage," Milena shares.

Milena Tachulia in the final of the competition "You are super! dancing".

© Photo : PR NTV

Milena Tachulia, participant of the project "You are super! Dancing" from Abkhazia.

© Photo : PR NTV

Milena Tachulia in the finals of the contest "You are super! Dancing".

© Photo: PR NTV

The girl admits that when she watched the first vocal project “You are super!”, where her compatriot Valeria Adleiba won, she could not even imagine that someday she would represent Abkhazia at this large-scale international competition.

“I just wanted to try it, but it went so far - I didn't expect it. It doesn't matter who is the winner, I can already proudly say that I am the winner, because I am the finalist. This says a lot, because some children didn’t even pass the casting, and I went through all three rounds and I’m just proud of myself that I got here and represent Abkhazia, ”the participant notes.

Neither rehearsals for five hours a day, nor stress before performances prevented Milena from showing herself brilliantly in all three rounds. The girl is sure that the huge support she received from the audience helped her overcome all the difficulties.

Sometimes there was such an idea that nothing worked, I had to quit, but I read the kind words of support that were written to me in the comments, and this made me stronger.

“I got on this fabulous project, met amazing choreographers, they taught me a lot, for which I thank them very much,” says this fragile girl.
Milena admits that she has not yet decided what she would like to do in the future, but she will definitely continue to dance. She plans to perform on the same stage with the choreographer of the project “You are super! Dances" by Ilya Padzina.

Serpent Guy

Jeyhun Agha-Tagiyev came to Moscow from the small Turkmen town of Mary. He was raised by his older sister Arzu, whom he affectionately calls Arzushka. It was she who sent an application for participation in the project “You are super! Dancing”, and at first Jeyhun could not believe that this was really happening to him.

Member of the project "You are super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

“They called us, took our contact details and said they would contact us. The next day, the sister sent a link to the video on YouTube, and we were told “Yes! You are accepted”,” the participant recalls.

At first I did not even believe that I would get here. Only when they told me to prepare the documents and we arrived in Moscow, I realized - that's it, I'm on the project, I need to train.

An Azerbaijani by nationality, in the course of the project, Jeyhun unexpectedly found a new family member in Baku. It turned out that he is a second cousin of Aziz Aliyev, head of the Sputnik Azerbaijan news agency. Having learned that this young talented dancer is his relative, Aziz came to support him in the second round and presented a gift that Jeyhun had long dreamed of - a telephone.

“Of course I didn't expect this. We knew that there were relatives in Baku, but we had no idea that they worked for Sputnik. Now we communicate in social networks. It is very nice when two countries support you at once. I have never been to Azerbaijan, but this is also my native land,” says Jeyhun.

Member of the project "You are super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

Member of the project "You are super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

Member of the project "You are super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

Member of the project "You're super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

The project helped the young man find not only new family members, but also friends, and this, Jeyhun says, is much more important than victory.

“This is my first big trip. At first I didn’t make friends with anyone, I was shy, because there were strangers around, and I lived all my life in my city, I talked only with my friends. But when I already got acquainted with the guys and I made many friends here, I completely forgot about the victory. Honestly! What is the victory here? There are such wonderful friends here! The only negative is that the further I went in the competition, the less they became,” Jeyhun smiles.

Jeyhun's friendliness can only be compared with his natural talent. As a child, he tried many activities - drawing, playing basketball and volleyball at school, but it was dances that no one taught him that became a real passion.

“I studied on my own. When I was 13, I only had one video of the American dancer Marcus Scott. Then a video was popular on YouTube where he danced on a bench. Every day I looked and thought: "What if I dance like that? No, I can't do it like that." At that moment I was dancing ordinary hip-hop, just club dances, ”says the young man.

Jeyhun performed in a hip-hop group, danced with friends at concerts, but thoughts about the unusual style of the American dancer haunted him, the participant recalls.

I decided: That's it, I'll dance like him. It will work - it will not work, I will try. On January 1, 2016, I started studying and learned in a month. And I was so glad, because I dreamed about it for a long time and finally I was able to do it!

His unusual style captivated the local audience, and the young dancer felt that the stage was his home. “The guys were going to dance, I went out like a “man - processed cheese”. At first, the audience was very surprised: "What kind of snake did this come out?" (laughs) I remember I was nervous before the very first performance, I put on my hat and thought: “Something will not work now”, but when I came out, the whole audience started shouting: “Come on! Come on!”, and I was on fire: “Now I'll show you!" From that day on, I was not afraid of the stage, ”says the dancer.

Nevertheless, a performance on federal television, when not only all of Russia, but the entire CIS is watching you, turned out to be a test even for this charismatic guy. “When I arrived at the project, I said:“ What, will I be afraid of this scene? I spoke already in my city, I had no excitement. But for the first time, before going on stage, they calmed me down here. My lips were trembling, but as soon as my music was turned on, I immediately calmed down. It feels like I'm at home," says Jeyhun.

The dubstep style on the project was owned only by Jeyhun, so much so that in the first round the jury could not hide their amazement. The young dancer admits that he doubted whether the professionals would accept his original way of moving.

“The jury consisted of classical and ballroom dancers, and my style has nothing to do with that. My dance is associated with the direction of animation (from English - inspiration) . I was afraid that they would not accept it and that there would be at least one vote against it. How surprised we were when everyone on the jury voted in favor,” Jeyhun recalls.

Member of the project "You're super! Dancing" Jeyhun Aga-Tagiyev.

Despite the fact that he did not become a winner, Jeyhun believes that he received the most important thing from the project - vivid memories. He is proud to represent his country with dignity. His future plans include studies, communication with newfound relatives and, of course, dancing.

“My dream is to get into the World of Dance (American dance show. — Ed.), because my favorite dancer Marcus Scott is there. I would like to meet him, talk, because our destinies are very similar - from the age of 12 he wanted to study architecture, just like me. I have also been drawing since childhood. But no matter what I did, I was always drawn to dancing. You want to do what you love in life. I love dancing,” says Jeyhun.

08:00 12/24/2017 (updated: 03/03/2020 08:57)

Vladivostok street break dancers put on a show on the embankment and dream of their own theater (PHOTO; VIDEO) – Vladivostok News on

guests of Vladivostok are already accustomed to fire shows on summer evenings near the Sports Harbor embankment and to numerous street musicians on the pedestrian part of Admiral Fokin Street. Now this cohort of street talents has been supplemented by break dancers who have been organizing their shows on Batareynaya Embankment since mid-August. Two glued pieces of linoleum, a music column and about a dozen young people with burning eyes are all that is needed to gather a crowd of curious passers-by around you for the whole evening.

A News correspondent noticed the dancers on Sunday evening, August 21, near the oceanarium on Battery Embankment. The dance show lasted from 19:00 to 22:30, and this is the fourth street performance of the Super crew this summer, starting from August 13th.

“We've been street shooting on the streets of Vladivostok all the time, every summer since the 2000s. That is, for 22 years now. This year we started quite late, there was a hitch with the equipment. What was used last year burned down when they rented it out. I had to buy a new set - a speaker, an amplifier, a microphone. I spent about 100 thousand, ”says the organizer of the show, Sergey Stolyar, known under the pseudonym Style.

Dancers perform right on the pedestrian zone, on granite tiles. Only two large pieces of linoleum, glued together, soften the contact with the surface. This makes it easier to perform dangerous elements, rotations on the arms and head. But often, getting carried away, break dancers go beyond safe boundaries.

Hundreds of passers-by, residents and guests of the city could not pass by and stopped to watch how Sergey Style and his team put on a performance with their simple laws. Sergey at the beginning of the show asked all the audience to follow three rules - to support the dancer they liked with applause, to cheer them up during unsuccessful falls, and to encourage the dancers with the money of all the banks in the world, for which there is a special box for a dream.

The dancers took turns showing their best moves to rhythmic music and received endless applause from the audience in response, at the end of the performance, some of the audience were able to participate in an interactive action and watch the head spin record being set. At the end of the show, all interested children danced on a piece of linoleum and tried to imitate the movements of street dance professionals.

The main composition of the group consists of six people, the rest are selected from the students. Ages are different, for example, on Sunday guys from 15 to 39 performedyears. At the same time, the format of the performance allows that even a simple passer-by can join, subject to sufficient preparation. And this really happens, almost every performance. As a rule, these are also former colleagues and students. Sergey assures that he personally knows all the break dancers in Vladivostok. Many learned from him, while he himself is self-taught, honing his skills on the street for many years.

In previous years, the main point of Vladivostok break-dancers was the platform near the sculpture of tiger cubs on the embankment of the Sportivnaya Gavan. The place is passable, but the main thing is more or less even slabs, and this is a very important condition for dancers. It is curved surfaces that often cause injuries.

“Concrete is a painful area. On Saturday, the girl received a hip injury, she will not perform for a month. There are fractures, abrasions, and sprains. Vladivostok is generally quite crooked, rocky terrain. Therefore, our roads often break down, ”Sergey noted.

According to him, the city authorities do not notice the street dancers yet. Although all that is needed is to build a flat area 6x8 meters in a passable place - this would be enough. Maybe after Sergey's pupils performed at the Children of Asia games, more attention will be paid to breakdance, he hopes. However, the street dancer has a bigger dream.

“For 22 years we have brought up many students, but almost all of them go abroad because we have nowhere to realize themselves.

Learn more