How to learn the running man dance

How to Dance Running Man: Classic Hiphop Move

You must have heard of this step. Even Seen it. The long-running popularity of this step is one of the winner legacies from the 80s' along with moonwalk, windmill, and wave.

There are many movements that dance beginners can learn easily in hiphop.

Even at this site, we cover many steps from different genres, but running man is the first to be learned by those who are trying to learn hiphop.

This is relatively an easy step. You can practice at home, and even beginners should have fun learning this technique. At the same time, you can arrange it with many other steps.

Regardless of kids or adults, you can learn the step and the trick by the following method.

Everyone Knows

When a certain dance move becomes a social phenomenon from its massive popularity, it is called fad dance.

Reason for the Long-Run Popularity

Running man is quite a famous one. It even has a Wikipedia page. According to the encyclopedia, it was first popularized by Janet Jackson in 1989, and later used by MC Hammer. Even as recent as 2016, running man challenge was popularized.

*Korean TV show Running Man, which dominates the Google search results as of 2017, has nothing to do with our Running Man.

Its long history of popularity has a reason. It is easy to practice, and anyone can do it from young to old. It could look quite comical too depending on how you do it.

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Party Trick

If you tell even 1 of your friends that you started dancing, it is guaranteed that he will surely tell people in public, that you are a dancer. It is a public call out to your improvised performance. It can be at a house party, open space bar, Christmas party, corporate social night, etc.

For that request, I usually get with simple wave and moonwalk. The key to make everyone happy is a trick that everyone knows. Running man will certainly uprise the atmosphere.


Practice Method

How to do running man is really simple. As the name goes, you should look like you are running. You run on the spot. Stand facing the front, lift up your right leg, and drop it to the front as you slide back the left leg. Repeat with the other leg. If you have played hopscotch in childhood, the rhythm of steps is similar, except you open your legs vertically instead of horizontally.

Hands can be natural like you are running. When practicing first, you do not need to think hard about it.

You should repeat this on the spot for 1 song.

Point Form Summary

  1. Lift up your right leg
  2. Drop it in front, as you slide left leg backward
  3. Repeat

Application: Play With Hands

Puller - front & back

The hands are positioned in the front and are pulled back, starting from the elbow. This is the most popular form of running man that you see on TV.

(Source: Howcast)

Catcher - up & down

You put your hands high as if you are grabbing something in the air, and pull it downward. This is the rare style, and you will be able to stand out.

(Source: RealDancers)

Chicken Hands - side & down

Have you played the chicken dance? It is exactly like that. Your hands start from the bent position and are pushed straight downward.

(Source: RisingDanceSchoolCh)

Ninja Pose (static)

This is the classic move. Simply hold one hand in the front and put the other behind. Only switch the hand when switching your leg.

(Source: DanceKizombaTV)

Tips: Stay in One Spot

If you drop down your leg straight from your body, you will slip backward gradually. That would look less powerful, and make incorporating running man into a more advanced technique like turning difficult.

It is better to visualize it as a step forward. If you are aiming for dynamic impression, step even further. Your body naturally falls low, and the up/down will be a good visual contrast.

Running Man is Versatile

Among the basic steps of hiphop, there are many techniques that use this 16 beat rhythm such as charleston and brooklyn, and there are many elements that you can learn from running man. It is simple and straightforward move to begin with too.

It can be said about dancing in general, but hiphop is fun. To move your body with music is exhilarating. We live in a stressful society. Everyone needs to relax somewhere. If you feel the need to go wild, this site is for you. Feel free to come and visit anytime.

8 Easy Hip-Hop Dance Moves To Start Learning

Learning hip-hop dance moves opens up a world of experiences. It may seem intimidating to take on new dance styles, but rest assured that hip-hop is accessible to all who want to learn it. Once you’ve finished this article on how to learn hip-hop dance moves, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a hip-hop master.

Why is Hip-Hop Dance So Popular?

Hip-hop is often considered the antithesis of the dance stylings of academies and companies. Hip-hop music was invented by African-American dancers in New York City in the late 1960s, gaining popularity throughout the 1970s. African dance styles heavily inspired hip-hop. They both have moves that involve staying low to the ground and dancing to complex rhythms. 

African culture and black Americans also invented jazz dance. While jazz dance and hip-hop often blend, hip-hop differs from jazz by being more fluid with the entire body. Pop dance, on the other hand, draws heavy influence from hip-hop, but tends to be more upright and rigid.

8 Easy Hip-Hop Dance Moves

Hip-hop may look intimidating for beginners, but learning just a handful of basic hip hop dance moves can have you dancing like a pro in no time. Here are some tips on how to do hip-hop dance moves.

Popping and Locking

Popping and locking are multi-step dance move that makes even a beginner look like a professional. First, step with your right foot while putting your left arm up. On the next beat, cross both across your body. Once you pull your limbs in, push out with the opposite arm and leg. Let the wrist of the arm in the air circle and drop, or ‘lock’.

To pop, push your arms out forward and move back, as though you are popping yourself back.  

Break Dancing

Break dancing is an entire subgenre of hip-hop, if not its genre of dance entirely, but you can learn the basics in six steps. The most basic hip-hop movement is to helicopter the legs around the body while balancing on one arm.

To do this, get low to the ground, palm on the floor. Pedal your legs in a circular pattern, switching arms to let the legs continue to swing around.

Boogaloo Dance

The Boogaloo dance, inspired by Latin dances, is an exaggerated walk where the arms are swung wide. Step with one leg, swinging the opposite arm back, then pause for a beat. Step forward with the opposite leg, switch the placement of the arms, and once again pause for a beat.

Walk it back, pivot, then do the same on the other side, creating a V pattern. 

Social Dances

Social dance covers a wide array of dances, including the Bennington. This version of the Wop may be difficult for beginners, but it’s possible to learn. 

Rock the torso back and forth, keeping hands crossed over the groin. Then switch to swinging the arms back and forth, shifting weight from foot to foot. Kick on beat with the off foot before shifting weight back. 

Once you’ve mastered these moves, come visit our studio to learn how to elevate your game. Struggling with any of these techniques? We can help you nail your moves and become an incredible hip-hop dancer. 

Soulja Boy

To understand the mechanism of this iconic dance, you first need to learn the superman dance move. The superman move mimics the iconic pose of the superhero, with arms pushed towards the sky with clenched fists while you bounce back on your heels. 

To dance the Soulja Boy, you incorporate the superman with arm cranks while bouncing back and forth on your heels. 

The Moonwalk 

The Moonwalk, invented by pop legend Michael Jackson, creates an optical illusion that still amazes decades after its invention. The dancer slides backward on the toes of their shoes while making motions that indicate they are trying to walk forward. This physics-defying dance is sure to dazzle on the dance floor. 

The Camel Walk

The Camel Walk is similar to the Moonwalk, except you’re moving forward. Pick up each knee and move forward on the beat, as though you’re a horse (or a camel). Remember to keep your body loose and flow with the movement to get the hip-hop flavor. 

The Running Man

The Running Man dance move is one of the simplest on this list. If you’ve ever tried to run in place, you’re already halfway to knowing this move. Run in place, pushing your feet back after they touch the ground. Then you can either swing your arms out on the beat or pull them in. 

The Wobble

The Wobble is a perfect example of the fluidity of hip-hop. Lean back and wiggle the shoulders in a modern version of the shimmy. Wobbling looks easy but can take some work to perfect. Take time to learn how to relax enough for the dance to look effortless while maintaining your form.

Body Roll

Body rolls are a hip-hop staple. With this dance move, you remain in place, but undulate your body bit by bit to create a wave motion with your entire body. If you’re going from the bottom up, start with your hips, then back, chest, shoulders, and head. If you’re going top down, go in the opposite order. 

How To Start Learning Hip-Hop Dance Moves Quickly

Maybe you’re preparing for an event coming up, like a school dance or a wedding. Maybe you’re just hoping to develop a new skill before the season is over. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to help you learn hip-hop dance moves quickly, whether inside dance studios or out.

Watch Videos Online 

If you’re struggling to follow written instructions, then look for videos of people performing the dance moves you want to learn. 

Use Mirrors or Record Yourself

Even if you feel confident in your moves, it’s hard to judge your form while dancing. Use mirrors to check that you’re on the right track, or record a video of yourself dancing to watch later.  

Practice Daily

Nothing improves without practice. If you want to improve your hip-hop dancing, you’ll need to practice them regularly to keep your skills sharp. Join a dance crew to get down with other people like you.

Sign Up For Classes With On One Studios

The best way to learn to dance is to do it in person with professional teachers. At On One Studios, we have beautiful dance studios and experienced instructors ready to guide you to become the best dancer you can be.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Hip-Hop Dance Moves?

Hip-hop dancing is popular, accessible, and always evolving. If you’re looking to add hip-hop moves to your repertoire, join us for hip-hop choreography dance classes near you that will help you learn hip-hop quickly while having tons of fun.

90,000 how to learn how to dance SAFL at home

in detail about how to learn how to dance a shafle


  • 1 video:
  • 2 Running person
  • 3 tips



today we are today Let's look at how to learn how to dance the shuffle. We will describe the movements using the example of three main approaches.

This is a dance style that takes its roots from the Melbourne Shuffle. This club fun dance appeared in the eighties. It happened at a music festival in Australia, in Melbourne.

First of all, in order to understand how to learn how to dance the shuffle, you should know that its essence is to quickly move from heel to toe. It is most convenient to perform this dance to electronic music.

Modern shuffle is largely due to the LMFAO video for the song Party Rock Anthem. To study this direction, it is necessary to master the movements "running man" and "step". Links between the specified elements are also important.

Let's move on to the first solution to the question of how to learn to dance shuffle at home. So, we stand straight, spread our legs, the distance between them should be 0.3 meters.

This is the starting position of the "Step". Raise the right leg up. Move the left one inward.

Raise it by 15 cm. As a result of the movement, the leg should move away from the body. To do this, raise the knee up, and then inward.

Move the left foot so that the toes point to the middle. Raise it up at the same time. Next, move the right leg down.

The running man

Let's move on to the next method of solving the question of how to learn to shuffle. We put the right foot in front. Leave the left one on the ground.

Lightly touch the ground with the toes of the right foot. Then we pick it up. We stretch.

Raise the leg up 15 cm. Slide back. This must be done on the left leg.

The right one must be raised. The next step is to put it on the surface. Now we move with the left foot.

Put her on her toes. This makes it easier to pick it up during the next step. We repeat the described steps with the other leg.

There is another way to learn how to shuffle. We make the transition between the "step" and "running man".

It's easy. In one of the parties we make the movement "step", in the other - "running man". We take five steps to the left.

Lowering the leg for the last time. We turn forward 90 degrees. We use the leg as a leader for the "running man".

We do this movement in place. It can also be done in a circle. However, this requires additional skills.

Then put both feet on the ground. We lift one of them up. Let's start taking a step.

You can use this trick to move both forward and backward. Next, we proceed to the movement of the "running man".

We start it on the spot or in a circle. Turn left 90 degrees. We start moving.

Move from left to right. At the same time, we repeat the elements of the “step” movement. As a result, both legs should be in the "running man" position.

Raise one of the legs. We use it for the movement "step". We are moving in her direction.

We alternate movements. Let's take a few steps. We turn around.

Let's start with the "running man". We do this move twice. Let's switch to step.

We repeat it several times. We return to the first movement. You can highlight one of the elements.

Let's start the "step". We do the "running man" several times. Let's go back to the steps.

It is not necessary to use the two movements equally. To take the dance to a new level, we will use rotations for both the “step” and the “running person”.


So we've looked at how to learn how to shuffle. There are still a few small tips that can facilitate this process.

First of all, this direction is good because it does not require special shoes. You can wear regular sneakers on the dance floor. So you can feel great when sliding and turning.

How to learn to dance shuffle at home

How to learn shuffle: the basics



What is shuffle?

The shuffle dance appeared in the 1980s in Australia, in the city of Melbourne. Therefore, it is often called "Melbourne Shuffle". This is an impromptu dance in which a person repeatedly "shuffles" their legs in and then out, while simultaneously moving their arms up and down or side to side in time with the rhythm.

Since its inception, it has become one of the most spectacular organized dances, loved by all countries of the world. Its popularity increased in the 2000s when several people uploaded their dance videos to YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Notably, electronic instruments usually play a large role in shuffle dancing. By the way, people from all over the world practice it at major electronic music festivals.


The basic movement of shuffle

  1. The basic movement of shuffle is called “ Running man ”, that is, a running man. One foot rises from the "waiting" position and moves forward, while the other foot simultaneously slides back. Then the foot that is already behind slides to its original position, and the foot in front comes back. The process is repeated to the beat of the music.

  2. T-Move - The shuffler moves to the right with the left foot, then to the left. This foot only moves left and right while the right foot moves up and down. This combination of movements should be similar to the letter T. This movement is the most popular among dancers.

  3. Slide - Light sliding motions on the floor.

  4. Spin - movements that can be "normal" or "inverted", that is, vice versa. Normal scrolling is done to rotate the body clockwise. Inverted scrolling is the same, but counter-clockwise. Both scrolls are performed during the dance in random order.

  5. Kick - kicks on the floor or in the air. One foot in front, the second foot hits the floor or in the air at the place of the first foot. During the movement of the first foot, the second one hits the place of the first foot. The height of the legs at impact can be low and high (the knees rise almost to the waist). The point of kick is balanced and controlled.

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Keep this in mind when getting started

  1. Start your shuffle slowly, don't rush to become the best dancer of all time.

  2. Dance in front of a mirror to see what you are doing better.

  3. Copy the experts: watch YouTube videos to see how others dance.

  4. Choose good shoes and socks (otherwise your feet will hurt like hell!)

  5. Use slower tracks like deep house first to get comfortable.

  6. Find people who have already mastered the dance, make friends with them, ask for advice and recommendations from their experience.

And most importantly, don't give up! As with everything new in life, shuffle takes time and practice to master, although it looks very simple in the video.

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