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Easy Ways to Set Up a Shadow Dance Bar

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By: Farrah Davis Updated September 15, 2017

Shadow dancing is a fun and unique type of dancing. Shadow dancing is created by placing a screen with a light source shown in the direction of the dancer (behind the screen). The audience, on the other side of the screen, only sees the silhouette of the person dancing, creating a sensual and exotic type of dance that spices up any home party or nightclub. The way to set up a shadow dance bar depends on how much space you have and your budget.

Simple White Sheet Option

This is the easiest and cheapest option, with enough space to suspend or set up your sheet. Choose a 100 percent cotton sheet, as some thicker materials do not permit light to shine through as well as the cotton. If your space has rafters or beams, it is easier to hang the sheet and put something on the bottom for weight, such as a broom handle. If you cannot hang the sheet, purchase two microphone boom stands and place them and the end of the sheet to pull it tight. These stands are inexpensive and can be found at most musical supply stores.

Custom DIY Setup

To make your custom-sized shadow dance bar, first measure your space. After you get your dimensions, buy your fabric. Buy a little more than the size you want, to allow room to attach the fabric to the frame. For larger-size fabrics, check out curtain backing. This material comes in large rolls and can be cut to any size. Buy lumber to make your frame, as straight as possible. Cut wood to proper lengths and attach them to make the frame with wood glue and a nail gun. Once the frame is built, lie it on the floor and place the fabric on top; pull snug to the edges. Attach the fabric with a staple gun and set the frame in place. Put a light behind it and grab your dancer to start the show.

Professional Rear Projection Screens

You can also use professional projection screens, which come in several different sizes. Most come with portable metal frames that are lightweight and easy to transport. It takes more than one person to set up these types of screens for use, but there are many other benefits. These screens are more durable than homemade screens, which allow the dancer to get close to the screen and rub against it. This makes the dancing more animated and sensual.

Lighting Setup

Your lighting setup should be free of loose cables and high heat. Light should be placed approximately 6 feet behind the dancer, around mid-torso height to spread the light evenly. Use only one light source to create one uniform shadow. You can use a simple desk lamp, utility lights, or strobe lights.

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Farrah Davis began her writing career in 2010. She has worked for Harley Ellis Deveraux and Green Dinosaur as an environmental consultant project manager, writing environmental plans for commercial projects. She graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in interior architecture and a focus on environmental studies.

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Oct. Shadow dance.

Cold days came in October. The gloomy rains reminded me that behind them was the season of slush and bone-chilling cold. The smell of rain haunted Uzawa Yoko and awakened in her a longing for everything warm, soft, alive, of which now only a vague memory remained.

— It's already pouring!…

Youko stopped and opened her umbrella. Beneath the pale blue orb, her vision blurred, and she smiled like a Vestal.

-- You remember, dear. Let me guess. The rain smells like those puppies.

It was only on a frost-shrouded night that it surfaced from the depths of memory how they ended up in front of a dog shop window. Kijima Katsuo, in a black school uniform that would fit a monk, pressed his forehead against the glass, watching the puppies fiddling around. There was a smell of dog, and no matter how bored Yoko looked with pleading eyes at Katsuo, only the reflection of the lamps illuminated his face, and he was not going to leave. In the basket behind the glass display case, the fuss did not stop for a minute: the puppies clung to each other in an attempt to fall asleep, but those who were at the bottom immediately climbed up.

From inside the store, as if from a flower shop, a bright, dazzling light poured into the street. Passers-by slowed down one by one in the middle of the fog, but soon moved away and disappeared into the mist. Lined up in a row of pale orange street lamps, surrounded by a halo, they seemed to herald a solemn and unprecedented nighttime ceremony.

-- Do you want a warm puppy?

Youko chewed on that clearing memory like it was something precious.

-- Just stretch out your hand, you will immediately find out what a soft, fluffy lump it is, how fast its heart is beating. I see that you only think about it, you just want to feel the warm puppy. I can't stand these puppies who sleep on the described bedding! You want to give it to me, of course, but just put it in my hands, I'll tell you right away, I don't need them, your stupid little dogs! Not needed at all…

Youko wanted to make sure that the barely perceptible sensation in the depths of her soul, which could not be named, was not at all alarming. No, the difference in age, more than twelve years, did not bother her. She understood that Katsuo was not interested in young girls, and although her work at Foulards Nouveau polishing gauze and satin silk was not limited to magazines and television, in numerous courses on home economics, Yoko was surrounded by married women with an excess of free time, so there could be no doubt about it. And even the monthly income (it was enough to build an elegant house at the foot of the mountain in summer), which evaporated in the hands of Katsuo (you can’t say otherwise!), Compensated for this - from whatever angle Yoko looked at those moments when she gave money, and Katsuo gave them took, everything went naturally, as if between a sister and a brother.

- He is a boy, however, he is still a child.

Tak Youko, giving up on trying to distract Katsuo from the puppies, calmed herself down. She tried to smile, but a slight, itchy, like a flock of flies, anxiety did not disappear and, in an attempt to dispel it, soared into the sky. It became clear to her what the matter was.

An extremely strange discovery was to blame: Katsuo was not looking at the puppies, his attention was drawn to something else. He literally devoured the space of a small store with his eyes. However, nothing but a few bare light bulbs and a young, bored man behind the counter - obviously a salesman - did not attract the eye. Where is he looking like that? Youko tried to follow his gaze, but there could be no mistake - Katsuo was staring into empty space.

Youko shuddered at the eerie revelation. There was nothing there. Maybe she couldn't notice it because he didn't want her to notice? Another doubt arose in Youko's soul. She remembered a similar incident.

A month before, on a cloudy day, they were walking along a wide, quiet street, when Katsuo suddenly looked around to see if there was anyone nearby, and with a shy smile, stopped in front of the billiard room, which Youko had not noticed before. Behavior like that of a child who asks for a new toy meant that he wanted to look there.

-- Do you want to go there, dear? Youko asked quietly and stopped waiting for an answer, but Katsuo had already entered the billiard room.

Youko's billiards still seemed like an exquisite male pastime, and the small building looked like a chateau that appeared magically out of nowhere, so she followed Katsuo. For some reason, it seemed to her that even if she set out to find this institution, nothing would come of it.

It was quiet inside. Three large wooden tables upholstered in dark green cloth, decorated with ancient ornaments, looked like huge monsters sleeping in a lair. At the very end, red shiny balls were scattered, and the young man, most likely the owner of the establishment, silently aimed his cue at them. When they entered, he turned lightly to them:

- Come in.

Then, as soon as the tea arrived, he turned to Katsuo, completely ignoring Youko:

-- How much?

Youko didn't remember what he said. Katsuo immediately took off his coat, chose one of the cues leaning against the wall, and began to play along with this stranger. Youko sat wearily on the leather chair in the corner, cross-legged.

The man looked completely unemotional, as if he wore a white mask, but he called glasses in a low, well-defined voice. When it was his turn, he aimed, naming numbers, and did not violate the bounds of politeness in this. The sound of colliding balls echoed in the dark room, and Katsuo, who could not be expected to love sports, having completely forgotten about the existence of Youko, leaned over the table, stroking the cue. With a beautifully curved left hand, he leaned on the cloth surface of the table, gracefully putting his little finger away.

Youko continued to sit, becoming more and more terrified. Two shadows in front of the eyes either stepped on each other, or moved, and only steps were heard around the table. Only white balls of ivory seemed alive, which described arcs on the cloth, striving for the red ball.

Something pricked Youko with small needles. No, it was pleasant to look at the players - she was waiting for them with a kind smile, like a nanny who watches over the children in the sandbox. She was tormented by the sight of her left little fingers and their excessive beauty.

The white fingers that alternately appeared on the surface of the table seemed to Youko as symbols of some kind of tacit agreement that she was not supposed to know about. Signs of a secret pact that only men can understand. Youko looked sadly at her fingers, which did not hold the secret code. She noticed that from time to time an ironic grin appeared on the man's motionless face, and a small wrinkle appeared on his nose. The smile that appeared on his face when Katsuo missed the opportunity to send the ball into the pocket was not so mocking, but rather understanding.

Fingers and a smile. Youko tensed in her chair. It looks like something like this has already happened. Not so long ago, somewhere in a similar place... A bitter memory immediately surfaced in my memory. Yes, the place was almost the same, only darker, this old-fashioned science museum. Despite the high ceilings, which provided coolness even in the heat, there were absolutely no people - just like in this billiard room. An old, slightly refined place - a different world, boring for the uninitiated. Silence reigned on the second and third floors, broken only by footsteps.

Glass showcases gleamed in the halls. Katsuo slowly examined the stuffed birds and animals covered in a thin layer of dust. No, this time he only pretended to look around. On the third floor, a man who had come from nowhere approached them. He appeared as if from the void, completely silently, as if he had stepped off the wall, and when he saw Katsuo, he greeted him in surprise. They began to discuss some trifles, as if they had not seen each other for a long time, and moved away from Yoko.

This imposing middle-aged man with a prominent black mole on the bridge of his nose and neatly combed gray hair called himself an uncle, but Katsuo never mentioned him. Both acted as if they met by chance, but there was no doubt that the meeting was actually set up. Youko purposely pretended to be diligently examining stuffed birds with eyes made of brown glass beads, but in fact, the display windows reflected how the two of them were talking, approaching each other, and touching their ring fingers, which resembled some kind of thoughtful gesture.

Strange signs from the world of shadows. If it was a normal conversation, anyone could hear it, and even Yoko's presence wouldn't bother them. Why do they communicate like spies in secret correspondence or underground party members? Just thinking about it, Youko broke out in a cold sweat. Another ghostly memory, a clue, appeared in her mind. Youko closed her eyes, she did not want to remember him. But it could answer these questions, and only it could explain all these gestures. Youko opened her eyes and, looking at Katsuo, who was still reflected in the window, suddenly felt hatred for him. This hatred, like a candle, burned in broad daylight. The invisible tongue of her flame burned only the very edge of Yoko's soul, but now it engulfed her entire being. And the completely forgotten memory suddenly appeared in its entirety.

That summer, Youko decided to share a bed with Katsuo for the first time in her new house at the foot of the mountain. She specially built it to spend the summer together, but expectations were deceived, and Yoko experienced only bitter humiliation. The young and perfectly healthy young man lying on the bed felt absolutely nothing for her.

Behind the closed windows, the volcano disappeared in the mist, and Katsuo, as if personifying it, lay next to Youko. She was waiting for the rumbles. She wanted to feel the hot smoke of the eruption. But no matter how much time passed, no noise was heard. Annoyed, Youko followed the scree to the brown top. The left hand hastily searched for the right, and she stroked all the stones that came across her path. Like a priestess of a volcano, Youko naively hoped that it would erupt and hot lava would flow. But soon she realized that in his young body, which seemed to be the limit of perfection, there was no fire, that it was lifeless, like cold ashes.

It can't be. Youko looked into his face, but it was the same. He looked back at her. There was a question in his eyes why she was doing this, but there was neither hatred nor criticism in this question. Impotent - but not a eunuch. A strange creature lay nearby, which initially had no idea what men and women were doing. It wasn't Katsuo. It was an unknown alien intelligence in Katsuo's body.


When it began to rain again outside and nothing could be seen around, Youko stopped.

Everything was moving backwards. First, trust, which she mistook for love. Then discontent, which bore a slight sign of doubt, then hatred grew out of fear. The result of this was to be “death”. Her memories suddenly reached a certain limit, beyond which only action remained. The hands of the clock seemed to spin in the opposite direction, but there were no contradictions in Yoko's soul. She had forgotten that she had settled the case with this alien three months earlier.

And yet, how do they penetrate the earth? They take on an exclusively male appearance, they exchange secret glances and finger movements, and all this so that someday the whole planet will turn into a shadow dance hall where there would not be a single woman ... Their codes, as she understood from the gestures in Museum, resemble Morse code, and, therefore, then, in front of the dog store, Katsuo did not look into empty space at all. He specifically talked to this bored salesman so that I couldn't see anything! Of course, they wanted to destroy me, a woman, as a hindrance that interferes with their existence.

What was in the billiard room then? At first, he gracefully placed his left hand on the table, as if in agreement, but, most likely, everything is not so simple. Why did this man in the billiard room smile from time to time, and a wrinkle appeared on his nose? Yoko introduced red and white balls on the cloth. He said "how many". Like, if white hits red, then this is two points, and if two reds collide - three, then we can assume that these are dots and dashes in Morse code, and if gestures are breaks between words, then what were they talking about?

Clear. They pretended to play in front of me, but in fact they were discussing how best to destroy me. His strange smile meant just that, and there was no more delay. They conspired, and they will soon capture me. They want to destroy all women and. ..

Youko realized that she had guessed right. Two black shadows, which, now approaching, then moving away, followed her, suddenly appeared nearby, grabbed her by the arms, and a rough voice came from somewhere:

-- Uzawa Yoko! You are under arrest on suspicion of killing Kijima Katsuo.

— Damn, what are we going to do with this bitch? Her roof has completely fallen off, boss.

The young investigator returned to the investigation room and began to tell an amazing story to the police inspector, who was sitting before a store-bought lunch.

-- A crazy aunt spent a lot of money on a boy who turned out to be a faggot and couldn't stand women. He only pulled money from her. Friends showed that she was furious and nailed him, but she didn’t want to admit why. He says that some aliens communicated with the help of balloons and passed secret messages to each other - the aunt in science fiction went crazy. The corpse rotted for three months, imagine how brave.

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