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How to Learn Dance at Home Step by Step: Complete guide

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Interested in dance and want to learn a few dance moves at home? Here's how.

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Dance is one of the most multi-purpose skills out there. What else can you use in the club and as a workout? Lots of people learn to dance in structured settings like studios, but with the prevalence of the internet, many resources like videos and online communities for support, anyone can learn to dance at home.

How to Learn to Dance at Home

Want to improve your moves? Follow these steps to learn to dance at home:

1. Select a style

Start by deciding what style of dance you want to learn. There are tons out there — individual dance styles like ballet, jazz, and hip hop, and partner styles like ballroom and salsa. Definitely figure out what type you're interested in before you get started, which will make it easier to find the best resources.

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2. Decide on technique or routine

Next, decide whether you want to learn basic technique or a specific dance. Most dance styles have foundational movements that trained dancers practice repeatedly to build their strength, endurance, and skill. However, some folks who are just learning for fun might prefer learning a specific dance, like Lil Uzi Vert's Futsal Shuffle rather than just practicing the basics.

3. Find the right video

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Dance Home Guide: B-Boy Wigor

Zaczynamy wyzwanie: #RedBullHomeChallenge! Pukamy do drzwi domów B-Boys i B-Girls, a oni pokazują, jak mieszkają. Oczywiście tanecznym krokiem! Zobacz wideo Dance Home Guide z B-Boyem Wigorem.

Now's the time to find your teacher: A video. There are tons of fantastic vids out there from professional dancers, teachers, musicians, and amateurs to help you learn to dance. Lots of websites offer classes, tutorials, or tips for burgeoning dancers — some are free and some cost money. If you're looking for a technique class, search for something like "hip hop dance class." If you want to learn a specific dance, search for the name of the dance along with "tutorial," like "Chicago Cell Block Tango tutorial."

4. Warm up

Dance Your Style 2019: Tokyp warm-up

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Before you dance, it's important you warm up. Get your heart rate up and your muscles warm by jogging in place. Do some stretching like touching your toes and opening your hips to loosen up. Most dance styles require a bit of flexibility, so focus on a few exercises that will help lengthen tight muscles before you get going.

5. Do the lesson

Finally, it's time to dance! Play your video, and get moving! If you're using a smart TV, keep the remote nearby so you can pause and rewind when you need to see a step again. If you're using your phone or laptop, keep it close by for the same reason. Don't be afraid to do the same step or section a few times over — some steps take longer than others to master.

Tip: Try the moves in front of a mirror next to your video so you can see how you look.

6. Practice

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill — don't give up! Keep practicing with the same video and new videos with other teachers to get better at your dance. You'll see improvement the more you work at it.

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Best Resources to Learn How to Dance

The internet is an amazing place. So many resources exist for people to master dance at home. Consider these top learn-to-dance-at-home resources to get started.

Free Options

For a more cost-effective option (though you'll have to do more searching for solid content), try out these guys:

  • YouTube: YouTube is a great place to start to find dance class videos if you're still figuring out which styles you're interested in learning.

  • Vimeo: Vimeo has always been a favorite of creative types, so you might be able to find some solid videos there.

  • Twitch: A newcomer to the user-uploaded video game, but Twitch is a competitor nonetheless. You could find some gems on here!

Where to Start

Totally overwhelmed and not sure which style you should start with? Consider starting with one of the big top three: Ballet, jazz, or hip hop. Almost every other style of dance uses some ballet terminology (yes, even hip hop), so it might be helpful to learn a little ballet before anything else.

Jazz and hip hop are also foundational styles — jazz is the basis for contemporary dance and hip hop informs lots of popular, urban and music video dances. Want a list of a few dance styles to try? You got it. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of different dance styles out there — one of them is absolutely perfect for you!

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Hip hop

  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical

  • Breaking

  • Ballroom

  • Bollywood

  • Tap

  • African dance

  • Latin dance

  • Swing dance

  • Flamenco

Learning to dance should be fun. Take the time in the comfort of your living room to learn a new technique or routine to show off to your friends.

How to Learn Indian Dance

Once you have felt the Indian dust, you will never be free of it. - Rumer Godden

While contemporary dance, classical dance and ballet are dance students' bread and butter, many people are opting to embrace other cultures with Asian dance lessons. Bollywood remains one of the most widely-recognised styles of dance: to develop a dancer's sensuality and stage presence, it can't be beaten!

So, find out how to dance like you're in India now!

The best Dance tutors available

Let's go

What Are Indian Dance Styles?

Practising Indian dancing is first and foremost about discovering the great history of India, even Indian mythology!

Indian dance dates back to the 2nd century BC. Learn a traditional Indian dance with Bollywood lessons! Source: Visual Hunt

Relatively unknown in the UK, Indian dance is extremely popular in Asia.

According to Hindu mythology, dance is a creation by the god Brahma: this art form most likely appeared in the 2nd century BC, according to mythological texts.

Dance in India was an indispensable element of social, aesthetic, artistic and cultural life.

Nevertheless, the most famous form of Indian dance, "Bollywood" dance, remains quite a recent development, originating from Indian cinema. This style of dance is incredibly popular in Asia, similar to Hollywood in America.

As a general rule, Indian dance is synonymous with Indian theatre: dance is performed to a story, either told or implied, and some dancers even use mimes to express their story better!

Dance is an art that is an integral part of Indian culture and folklore. Many Indian classical dances have developed over the years specifically for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations and religious ceremonies.

There is no single Indian dance: this art varies according to its geographical and cultural origin!

To learn Indian dance and become passionate about dance, it is essential to review the customs of the subcontinent: Indian culture is indeed a major asset to teach Indian dance or even become a real pro at forms of Asian dance.

Leave your cowboy hat and boots in the wardrobe, this dance isn't the same as country western dancing!

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Different Types of Indian Dance

Before starting Indian dance classes, you still have to choose the right style!

Some styles of Indian dancing are more playful while others are more melancholic. Source: Visual Hunt

Indeed, there isn't just one type of Indian dance but rather several styles of dancing. Northern and Southern India draw on their regional history to create popular cultural dances among the Indian people.

The variations of Indian dancing usually have similar elements, although the dance steps are different: some dances are performed either to a slow or fast tempo, solo or in groups or with traditional or more modern themes.

In India, dance is primarily a means of communication through both the body, but also the eyes or facial expressions!

A short, non-exhaustive list of dance styles from India:

  • Kathak,
  • Ossidi,
  • Manipuri,
  • Kuchipudi,
  • Bharatanatyam,
  • Sattriya,
  • Dandiya,
  • Kalbelia,
  • Ghoomar,
  • Indian classical dance,
  • Bollywood,
  • Bihu.

Although oriental dance is primarily associated with the countries of North Africa, Indian belly dancing also exists!

Whether traditional or contemporary, there is something for everyone with Indian dance: the method of teaching, the Indian music used and the pace of the dance are all criteria to be taken into account when making your mind up.

The best way is to attend a trial lesson to try out several Indian dances before enrolling in a class. This first lesson will also help determine the student's expectations and help them choose the class best suited to their budget (dance training, couples dancing, one-off lessons, etc.).

In the US, there are also different dance styles: madison is one of them.

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Learn Bollywood Dance with a Teacher

Find an Indian dance Choreographer

Do you want to work on your dance moves and musical improvisation? Why not learn Indian dancing with a dance instructor at home?

Who better than an experienced Bollywood choreographer to teach you to dance so you can show off your dance moves to family or friends? Source: Visual Hunt

To become a professional dancer or Bollywood dancer or even to star in a dance show, nothing beats homeschooling. In private lessons, students are introduced to dance by learning the basics of Indian dance such as Maahi Ve or Chaiyya Chaiyya.

How to find an Indian choreographer:

  • Through word of mouth at a dance class or school,
  • Find a Bollywood teacher through physical ads,
  • Find a Bollywood teacher through online classifieds,
  • Take Indian dance classes online,
  • Hire an Indian dance teacher through a private tutoring agency, etc.

With Superprof, Indian dance classes cost around £20 for a one hour lesson!

It's easy to get discounted rates for group classes, intensive dance classes, or weekly dance lessons. Indian dance lessons are suitable for all levels: just take a look at our Superprof dance instructor profiles to check their availability and the conditions of the lesson.

Go from beginner to advanced level with private Bollywood lessons!

To discover another style of dance, why not try African dance?

Take classes at an Indian Dance School

Indian dance classes at a dance school are the perfect way to progress quickly and learn a dance routine in just a few sessions!

For exercise, a love of music or desire to learn, there are different types of Indian dance classes to suit everyone. Indian dance can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are dance classes for children and teenagers as well as adult dance classes (classes for couples) and even senior classes!

Here are some dance centres where you can learn Indian dance in the UK:

  • Annapurna Indian Dance in Halifax,
  • ABCD Bollywood Dance School in Chelmsford,
  • Nachle Bollywood Dance School in Basildon,
  • Bollywood Dance Worldwide in Reading,
  • Dance n' Beats Bollywood Dance Academy in Drayton,
  • Absolute Bollywood, London
  • Bollywood Vibes in London,
  • Karan's Bollywood Masterclass in Harrow,
  • Dance Ihayami in Edinburgh,
  • Nandanam School of Dance in Aberdeen,

For those on a tighter budget, we recommend that you inquire at your local or regional cultural centre. Indeed, these centres, funded by the region, offer discounted rates.

Perfect for taking Indian dance classes at an affordable price!

From Indian dance to oriental dance, they aren't worlds apart.

Teach Yourself Indian Dance

Videos for Learning Indian Dance

In the age of the Internet, why not take advantage of vast digital resources at your disposal to learn Bollywood dance moves (and online Zumba classes)?

Even though to real progress quickly in dance we recommend that you take dance classes in person (London or across the UK), it is still possible to grasp the basics of Indian dance through a comprehensive video library of dance lessons.

These videos, freely available on the web, allow you to take online Indian dance lessons for children or for more advanced levels.

Discover the most popular Indian dance youtubers:

  • RSU Dance Company,
  • Bollywood Dance,
  • Columbia Missouri,
  • Good Indian Girl Videos,
  • Pop Sugar Fitness,
  • Dance with Abby,
  • Devesh Mirchandani,
  • Manpreet Toor,
  • Lasya Dance,
  • Akshay Yogesh Bhosale,
  • Bharat Yoga, etc.

Remember: videos available for free on Youtube are recommended for beginners, but don't let you improve your Indian dance moves that well.

Bollywood videos are perfect for in between traditional dance lessons, but do not replace face-to-face instruction from a native dance teacher!

Just like Irish dancing, it's possible to find tutorials online.

Apps for Learning Bollywood Dance

Being able to work on your dance steps with your smartphone: that's the dream, right?

Techniques, advice and videos: apps are your best friend when it comes to teaching yourself Bollywood dance! Source: Visual Hunt

Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi or Bharatnatyam: educational apps offer Indian dance classes for all styles and levels of dance. The apps offer both modern as well as traditional dances from different parts of India.

Some free apps even contain Sanskrit recitations so you can really immerse yourself in the language and culture of India!

Here are some recommended apps for learning to dance like a native:

  • Indian Classical Dance,
  • Indian Wedding Dance,
  • Indian Dance Choreography,
  • Bollyshake,
  • Bollywood Dance Workout,
  • Khatakali Hindi Dance,
  • India Folk Dance,
  • Bollywood Punjabi,
  • Hindi Dance Tutorials,
  • Bollywood Dance Fitness, etc.

For your smartphone or tablet, there are also apps specifically dedicated to traditional Indian songs.

The Bollywood enthusiast can teach themselves all the basics of Indian dance with the help of the Internet!

Even better, learning through apps allows you to broaden your musical horizons and even adapt the choreography to suit you: perfect for creating your own tailor-made dance routines!

So, put your Sari on and start learning some Indian dance moves today!

Remember to check our platform to find a dance instructor for Indian dance, Spanish dance or even Zumba class!

Now you know all you can about learning Indian dancing, you no longer need to trawl the Internet for 'dance classes near me'! Whether it's dance classes glasgow, dance classes London or dance classes Leeds you're after, you know where to look!

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90,000 types and basic skills. How to choose a dress according to your figure

"Indian dance Bharatanatyam" - video training that will show you all the basic elements of dance and you can easily learn them. This dance is considered one of the most ancient cultures, in which body language and gestures are a comprehensive communication tool, communication is understandable for any language audience. This video will give you the opportunity to learn the language of Bharatanatyam dance. You will learn how to dance and decipher the semantic content of the dance. You will be shown all the basic hand gestures, postures, movements of the head, neck, legs, etc.

To learn more about the video training called "Indian dance Bharatanatyam", you can visit our website at any time convenient for you. Happy viewing!

Bollywood Indian dance (video training)

We present to your attention a wonderful video training called "Indian dance Bollywood", thanks to which you can learn to dance just like the stars of Indian cinema. Bollywood uses classical Indian dances, folk dances and, of course, European dance styles, and there are a few elements of belly dance. Nowadays, Bollywood dance is very diverse and spectacular. This is a show dance. Thanks to our training, you will be able to dance just like the characters in your favorite Indian films.

"Indian dance Bollywood" - video training that you can watch online on our Internet portal at any time convenient for you. Achieve the desired results!

Indian dance - Bhart Nati (video training)

Excellent instructional video "Indian dance - Bhart Nati", thanks to which you can learn to dance this beautiful style of classical dance of southern India. This dance combines flexibility, passion, glibness, morality, sophistication and piquancy. Beautiful poses, pirouettes, jumps and movements that create the illusion of a living sculpture and you can easily dance every movement. Practice more and your long-awaited results will please you.

You can get acquainted with the training video called "Indian dance - Bhart Nati" by visiting our unique website, online you can watch at any time convenient for you.

Bangara dance - teaching lessons

Bangara dance - teaching lessons, one of the best, where you will learn to practice yoga in dance to special Indian rhythms. The class is led by renowned trainer Sai Tama Singh. In ten lessons you will be able to master this dance and do it yourself. For many, this dance becomes a big part of their lives. You will feel better and more energized after every session. Bangara gives vitality, uplifts the spirit and harmonizes the human biofield.

Bangara Dance is a training video that can be watched online by all Internet users directly on our website and completely free of charge. I wish you success!

Odissi - Indian dance (video training)

Video training "Odissi - Indian dance" will help everyone master the technique of performing this beautiful and very lyrical dance of the Indian peoples. Odissi is one of the oldest and most complex Indian dance styles. It originated BC and developed in a temple atmosphere. Now this dance is very popular and is considered one of the exotic and extraordinarily beautiful dance styles. You have a wonderful opportunity to learn all the basic movements of this classic Indian dance. You will be shown everything in slow motion so that you can repeat every movement. Learning this dance will give you a good mood and positive emotions!

You can watch video training "Odissi - Indian dance" online by visiting our website at any time of the day. All the best just for you!

Indian Dance - Tutorial Video

World renowned ballet dancer and choreographer, Meera Varma, will teach you an ever more prosperous and phenomenally attractive dance, and Indian dance training will help you along the way. Meera will show you all the most popular dances from the most famous movies around the world. You will learn moves like: warm up, cool down, complete dance instruction, an energetic and sultry workout. And that's not all that awaits you in this tutorial.

Watch the Indian dance training video on our unique Internet portal online at a time that suits you. We wish you a good mood!

We offer you an amazing Indian dance training video that will teach you how to dance and gesticulate in the same rainbow and playful way. Each movement has its own meaning, and in order to unravel it, you need to know the alphabet of gestures. Thanks to this video, you will plunge deeper into the art of Indian dances, see how to dress up and how to serve the audience a dance. You can learn on your own by repeating step by step. By exercising regularly, positive results will not be long in coming.

"Dances of India" - video training, which is available for viewing online to all Internet users. Learn, train and you will succeed!

Bollywood Jazz Indian dance by Shiamak Davar

Great video of Bollywood Jazz Indian dance by Shiamak Davar, where you will see different poses and figures and learn how to do it. Bollywood jazz you can see in Indian films. This dance was born from the fusion of jazz and modern with Bollywood. Shiamak Davar is a well-known choreographer who has choreographed dances for many Indian legendary films. In this tutorial, Shiamak will teach you some famous plays. Shiamak himself will comment on all the movements, give advice on their execution, etc. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to dance like movie stars

Indian dances video lessons for beginners Intricate and bright, uplifting, Indian dances known to everyone in the world. They are also familiar from films. And simply because now the kaleidoscope of these amazing movements is becoming more and more popular. But everyone knows how difficult it is for those who are just starting to learn something. Naturally, Indian dances are no exception. Everyone remembers how bright, but rather complex movements are there.

Especially some of them. Also, when performing Indian dances, it is important to express emotions with the eyes in an expressive way. Indian women have eyebrows involved in the dance, and lips stretched in a wide smile, and burning eyes with inviting looks. But beginners should first deal with the first difficulties. These, unfortunately, also include the choice of teaching method.

If you want the most economical option, but one that will teach as well as any instructors, you can choose the proposed video lessons suitable for all beginners. Who said that the art of Indian dance, despite all its complexity, cannot be learned on its own? At home, especially being in splendid isolation in a room, a beginner dancer feels much more comfortable and relaxed. Have a nice and productive viewing of the girl, the main thing is to believe in yourself and everything will work out!

Video lesson: Indian folk dance (online learning)!

Video lesson: Indian dances - tutorial!

Video lesson: Bharatanatyam - video training!

A selection of Indian dance lessons for beginners:

Below is a selection of step by step Indian dance lessons for beginners at home that will surely teach you something useful and useful.

If you have questions, objections, or would like to express your opinion or point of view, you are always free to leave a comment below. We wish you good luck in your endeavor!

You can find Indian dance lessons in Moscow using our portal, which contains the most detailed and up-to-date information about the city's dance studios. We offer to find an Indian dance studio suitable for the area or metro station, study the prices for one-time lessons or full subscriptions. The feedback left by the students about the classes will be very useful!

One of the main attractions of India is the elegant and mesmerizing Indian dances. Originating over several millennia ago art and today enjoys unchanging popularity in all countries of the world. During the performance of the dance, Hindus improve spiritually, developing your mind and aesthetic senses, improving the artistry and flexibility of the body. Classical Indian dance emphasizes the natural beauty of the dancers, and gives the real enjoyment of the process. Young people will appreciate modern Indian dances, with special dynamics and brightness.

Indian dance for beginners

You can start learning by choosing the most suitable direction. More often of all, beginners prefer classical Indian dances, which are unusual way combine dance plasticity and grace, acting expressiveness and brightness. All dances of this direction are based on the sacred Hindu dance and music Natyu's style, which includes not only dancing, but also singing, the art of facial expressions. More modern types of Indian dances are also performed by men.

In Europe, eight styles are classified as classical dances of this direction: Kuchipudi, Kathak, Satria, Mohiniattam, Kathakali, Bharata-natyam, Odissi and Manipuri. Bharata Natyam and Odissi belong to the so-called "dances of liberation souls", in which there are practically no dialogues between dancers, rarely light facial expressions are also used. Kathak is one of the most difficult Indian dances. performed on outstretched legs with varied and rich facial expressions. Each of types of these dances is complex in its own way - even the most demanding student will be able to choose the perfect option for your needs and wishes.

Features of teaching Indian dances

In order to master these directions perfectly, the dancer must have excellent physical fitness, understand Indian culture and mythology, since initially these dances arose as an addition to religion. Today dance studios offer both classical Indian dance lessons and pursuit of its more modern directions. During training, future dancers master the art of pantomime and expression of emotions, develop artistry and get real pleasure from dancing.

Indian dance videos will help you learn to comprehend dance from different angles, you will discover an inexhaustible source of inspiration and good mood. In addition, join the centuries-old Indian culture through dance - one of its brilliant facets. And to top it all, with regular practice, you will be able to maintain excellent physical shape for many years, because Indian dance is a firework of movements and the load falls on almost all muscle groups.

Indian dances captivating with their beauty and aesthetics are familiar to each of us since childhood. From the unusual, sometimes passionate and captivating movements of Indian dancers, it exudes exoticism, and they have long gained worldwide fame. Russian viewers, brought up on the bright musical films produced in India, will certainly want to take the opportunity to feel like one of the heroines from the screen.


A colorful dance accompanied by a melodic tune brings joy both to the performers themselves and to those who watch the colorful action with delight. The choreography of Indian dance is usually constructed in such a way as to produce a powerful external effect on the audience. The dancers manage to convey violent emotions through movements, their plasticity is distinguished by sensuality, grace and half-disguised sexuality, which by itself leaves no one indifferent.

  • Bollywood video lesson

First you need to decide on the style of dance that you want to learn first of all. It can be the incredibly beautiful Kuchipudi, Kathak, Bharatanatyan, classical dance or Indian fusion. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the Indian dance studio will be able to perfectly prepare you for self-study. The training program will begin with an introduction to the basics of dance and basic movements.

Indian dance lessons

Indian dance originated more than two thousand years ago, when girls serving in Asian temples were charged with the duty to please the celestials with singing and dancing. Of course, only those dancers who were in perfect control of their bodies were accepted into the service, because the best offerings were to be destined for the gods. Over time, women have achieved such mastery in their art that wealthy pilgrims, in order to see their divine charms, made huge donations to temples.


Today Indian dance lessons are available to any woman who wants to learn how to control her body and arouse the unfeigned admiration of the audience. Being engaged, you will receive not only the load necessary to maintain a chic figure, but also experience an unprecedented aesthetic pleasure. Public recognition of your abilities, a fit and slender figure, as well as a joyful mood will be guaranteed to you.

After you have thoroughly studied the course of the training program, you will be able to captivate men's hearts, demonstrating everything that you are capable of. The dance in your performance will become even more charming when you are fully equipped for it according to classical Indian laws. Dressed in a luxurious sari, embroidered with gold threads, and wearing jewelry - exquisite bracelets and light ankle bells - you will certainly feel like a goddess.

Nothing prevents you from taking bellydance training and classes at home will not be as difficult for you as it seemed at the initial stage of training. Practice at home in a relaxed atmosphere, especially since such techniques can activate the nervous system, liberate the body as much as possible and give self-confidence.

special technique and refinement

Indian dances has been considered something special and magical since ancient times. Magic was reincarnated in the movements of the body, thoughts and state of mind. There are two types of Indian dances: folk and classical.

India has always been unique and divided into certain groups. The Indians danced their folk dances for various holidays, weddings, harvests and many other occasions. Usually these were cheerful fast rhythmic movements.

Already more conscious, therefore much more difficult than folk. It is strictly divided into three subgroups: Natya, Nritta and Nritya.

  • Natya is a preparation for the main dance, it contains facial expressions, sign language and their speech.
  • Nritta is the main part of a rhythmic dance with repetitive movements.
  • Nritya is the combination of the first two parts, the creation of a certain story in the movements.

There are also destinations such as Tandava and Lasyu. A combination of active rhythm and unusual lightness.

Choreographic dance bharatanatyam is characterized by the worship of the element of fire, it is a gentle, sensual dance of love for sublime forces, similar to the love of a mother for her child. The movement is so smooth that it resembles the burning of a fire. It can be performed by both men and women.

Indian dance costumes - bright and colorful

The costumes that dancers wear for performances are very bright and shine with special colors. In addition to the costume, they wear special bracelets with bells on their feet, by which one can determine the talent and skill of the dancer. The quieter the bells ring, the more experienced and talented the speaker.

Make-up for women - part of the dance ritual

Make-up is always given special attention. The eyebrows are clearly made up, the eyes are boldly outlined with a cosmetic pencil. Since facial expressions are an important part of the speech, you need to draw attention to the eyes. To focus on the arms and legs, they are painted red.

Indian dances is very beneficial for the overall health of the body, as virtually all muscle groups are involved: legs, arms, shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, hips and chest. tones not only the body, but also clears thoughts of negativity.

Popular because talented teachers teach novice dancers to professionally master the technique of Indian movements, ranging from spiritual teachings to complex and beautiful elements. will teach anyone who wants to express their inner world through smooth, especially magical movements.

Indian dance, How to learn to dance street dance

Article author:

Natalya Shahinyan

  • How to learn to dance street dancing

Indian temple dances, adapted to modern realities, have become a fitness discipline. Anyone who wants to learn how to dance like actors in Bollywood films has a direct path to the lessons of the LIVE! TV channel.

September 07



Since ancient times, Indian dances have been part of temple rituals: priestesses who have passed initiation danced for the god Shiva. It was forbidden for outsiders to observe the sacred action. After many centuries, Indian dances ceased to be a sacrament, dancers began to be invited to holidays and weddings, and today this art is taught in Indian colleges to both girls and boys. There are not so many Indian dance teachers in Russia. One of them is Guruji Ashwani Nigam, a master of the North Indian Kathak dance.

Guruji is from India but lives and works in Moscow. His lessons are a journey into Indian mythology. “Indian dances tend to be entertaining for the mind and good for the body,” he says. “So people tend to dance with pleasure.” Indian dance is not an easy discipline. It takes a lot of strength, endurance and a desire to do everything as the teacher shows to beat out different rhythms in a semi-squat with knees apart and hands woven into a braid.

Video lessons "Indian dances" with Ashwani Nigam can be found in the fitness video library of the club "LIVE!".

Also in our fitness video library there are video classes "Indian dances" with Shanti.



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