How to kiss while dancing

How to pull in a club: A guide

Single life can be complicated sometimes. What if you don't want to go on any dates, you're not really arsed about Tinder, but you kind of want a quick snog with a stranger? Well, that's what clubs were made for, and this guide on how to pull in a club will mean you're guaranteed to get kissed quick.

Turns out it's not about the music, or spending time with your friends. Let's be real, we're all here for the same thing. We all want to pull.

But that doesn't mean you can just walk into the club like "what up I gotta big cock" and everyone will be all over you, no sir. Having a good game is essential.

Enter the Disappointed Girls. We're here to help you, with our tried and tested pulling methods. And if you follow our advice, you will not be left lonely on the dance floor.

They both read this article clearly

Give them the sexy eyes

It’s all about the eye contact. If you see someone you fancy, shoot them the sexiest eyes you can and you’ll quickly know if you’re in luck. Once you’ve got the eyes back your way, it’s just a case of maintaining it, with the occasional bashful look away. When you look away, do a sexy dance or laugh with your friends so you look like you’re having a really fun time and you don’t really need them, but always flash them the look back again so they know you might not need them, but you definitely want them. Alice, 22

Eye contact is the way. Lock eyes from across the bar, flash a smile and the boy is yours. Turn away, have a laugh with your girls and then look back at them so they know you’re game. They’re bound to come over but don’t turn around too quick, play it cool, you know the drill. If you’re feeling really flirty, mention you want a drink and take the excuse to grab their hand as you walk to the bar. Then the ball is in your court . Grace, 21

Try to get them dancing with you alone

If you’re in a group dancing with all your friends and there’s a certain someone you fancy, try to get yourself next to them, without making it super obvious – don’t just make a beeline and hope for the best. Once you’re in the prime spot next to them, try to get physical contact. Bump into them a little bit (not like you’re a clumsy dancer, but like there’s not enough space and you’re sexy hips just won’t quit) and try holding their hand for some one-on-one dancing. You’ll soon know if they’re as into it as you are. Chloe, 19

Bump. And. Grind. You find me any guy who doesn't want a girl's ass pressing up on his dick, I dare you. He'll be yours in no time. Alesha, 20


Get them in a one-on-one conversation

If you’re a smoker, get them into the smoking area for a chat, just the two of you. You can get some good flirty banter in somewhere you can actually hear each other. When you head back inside, grab their hand as you go through the crowd and then you’ve already got the physical contact and can easily do some sexy dancing with them once you’re back on the dance floor. Alex, 21

If you can shoot some witty banter their way (but keep it flirty – you don't want to end up in the friend zone) you'll have their attention in no time. Maybe even make a joke about fancying them, laugh, but then look right at them. If that's not an invitation to kiss you then I don't know what is. Holly, 21


Get them to buy you a drink

Find the guy you like across the dance floor then wait to see when he goes to the bar. There you can chat and be super flirty, and they’ll probably buy you a drink. After that they won’t be able to stop looking at you. Tara, 24

Buy them a drink

Whoever said the boy has to be the one to buy the drink? I always impress a man with my independence and bring him a drink so he knows who's boss. Charlotte, 23

It was the rum and coke what did it

Wear something you feel confident in

Whether you wear a next-to-nothing sexy outfit, or just a t-shirt and your favourite jeans, if you're confident in what you're wearing, your personality will shine through and everyone will be drawn to you. Confidence is irresistible! Ellie, 22

I always pull when I wear as little as possible to be honest. Boys can't resist a bit of booby on show and they know what you're there for. Why send mixed messages? Get the job done. Melissa, 19

Sexy perfume is key if you want to brush up close to someone to entice them. When a human likes a smell they're drawn to it. It's biology and it works. Trust me. Zara, 23

She does look good tbf

Make them jealous

Once you've made eyes at someone and you've clocked that they're interested, but they're just not coming over to make the move, start dancing with someone else. Sexually. They'll realise what they're missing and come over to dance with you in a flash. Louise, 20

She made him jealous and now he's come running back

Just ask

Literally walk up to them and say I fancy you let's do this. If they fancy you back you'll blow them away with your confidence. If they don't fancy you, then, well, fuck em. Annabel, 22

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Building and Dancing with Sexual Tension

Let’s talk about creating, dancing, and relaxing in non-verbal sexual tension can building up to getting the first kiss in the most natural, fun, and exciting way possible.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017.

Having a great date or flirty interaction with a woman that results in a kiss, makeout, or more is about understanding how to dance. No, not literal dancing – dancing emotionally. Creating and playing with sexual tension and human connection. When you can truly look deep into someone’s eyes, hold that eye contact, and relax in your body, you’re going to start to feel this tension between you and the other person. Especially with a beautiful woman. You’ve got to be able to actually relax into it though and stay present – stay feeling your body (vs racing in your head about how uncomfortable or scary this is) – or it becomes anxiety, and then you’re not really available to connect with her anymore. And that comes off as very insecure and timid.  Insecure and timid isn’t going to make a girl want to kiss you.

If you’re really getting good with women, you should start to enjoy tension (sexual, and otherwise, really) – be able to relax into it, enjoy it, and let yourself really feel it. Tension is like surfing. On a surfboard, you’ve got to be able to feel the movement and tension of the wave and adjust to it. That’s true in almost any sport: If you’re riding motocross, you’ve got to feel the bike, its balance, and the tension there. If you’re skydiving, you can fly through the air by adjusting your body and floating on the wind. Tension is everywhere – it’s also in communication: If you’re doing standup comedy or public speaking, you feel the tension with the audience and you have to bounce off of that and adjust.

When you’re talking to a girl, it’s the same thing. As you’re talking to her, you’re going to feel that tension building between the two of you. Your job is to just step into the tension with her a little bit, hold it, and watch her. She might start to get more nervous, giggle, or look away. Your job is to relax into it. The more you relax into it, are patient, and give her some space without getting in your head to analyze or think a lot, the more she’ll relax. It might take a few seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, but she’ll start to relax. It might even take a few minutes, but just continue to enjoy the moment with her. Talk about whatever little things while holding that tension, because it’s the tension doing almost all of the work. As you step in again: Getting closer, pushing tension a little further, she’s going to start to enjoy it more and more. She’s going to get turned on. She may get nervous again, and your job, again, is to sit and stop right there like a train on a track and just relax a for little bit, let her get comfortable in it, and then move forward again. This is the buildup to kissing her for the first time.

You may find that some girls love tension. You start to push it, and all she does is look at you deeper – get more attracted, more turned on. That means you’re doing really well. Just realize that some girls are even a little better at this than you. Your job there is to relax into the tension even a little more. These women will be the ones who teach you to be more solid as a man.

If you keep working this tension like taffy, and you feel it: the eye contact between you and her, the touches between the two of you; you’re not thinking about it-you’re feeling it…then you two will pull closer and closer together and eventually you’ll kiss her. You just keep feeling, not analyzing or thinking at all, and enjoy that moment.

If you can’t feel sexual tension or tension in general – if you’re not aware of it or it’s confusing – it’s something you can totally learn.  Click here to learn about our events so you can start learning about tension: What it is to play and dance with sexual tension.

Because to a woman, the dance of tension is what it’s all about. That’s what she’s looking for when she goes on a date. That’s what she’s looking for when she meets you at a bar. That’s what she’s looking for before she’s going to let you kiss her.

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is the best training. Online publication "Elements of Dance"

There are kisses - like free dreams,

Blissfully bright, to the point of frenzy.

There are kisses - cold as snow.

Kisses are like an insult...

This is how Balmont wrote about kisses more than 100 years ago. There is no single answer to the question “how to kiss properly”, just as there is no person the same as you. There are always two components in this process: your skill and your attitude towards the one you kiss. Everyone will figure out the attitude for himself, but we will help you to gain the ability to kiss correctly.

Training and more training will only make you a kissing guru. Do not "shame" at the first kiss, charm an experienced partner - is this your goal?

Then train!

A heavy sigh escapes your chest: “Where can I train? Not on the object of passion? Of course not. Looking ahead a little, let's hint - for this you can use a little Slavic trick. But first, you still have to study the theory of how to kiss correctly. The materiel must be mastered at 5, so that the practice has a good foundation.

So, theory.

Let's proceed from the fact that we are interested in how to kiss correctly with the help of lips alone, without the participation of the tongue, that is, in the classic version. Having mastered this gentle kiss, you will cross the border of constraint and gain freedom for further experiments.

First of all, remember that a beautiful kiss requires just as much foreplay as good sex. Everything that immediately precedes the kiss must be carefully prepared: you yourself, your chosen one, the right place, time and environment.

1. The first thing to watch out for is the kissing instrument itself, that is, your lips. The chosen one should be pleased with their touch. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid chapping and drying of the lips, which will be greatly helped by various moisturizing balms. It is better to use them constantly for prevention, but the balm can eliminate the existing problem in almost 1 day. Lips should be healthy, colds on the lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth can be the main reason why a person does not want to kiss you. If there is no fantasy and grandmother's recipes in the treatment of lips, then the simplest remedy "Zovirax" will help you perfectly.

2. We don't know if it's worth mentioning, but it's very important to have fresh breath and pleasant body odour. Having missed this moment from attention, you can generally be left without a kiss. Remember the aphorism: "A kiss with a smoking woman is the same as a kiss with an ashtray." However, this also applies to smokers.

3. If you intend to kiss someone, then first let your chosen one be imbued with confidence in you. You should be open and friendly, talk in a measured manner, smile more often and look your partner in the face. Gestures will also tell a lot about your location: no crossed arms and legs, open palms, smooth movements.

4. Next, we begin to “hack” the touch barrier. You need to gradually accustom your partner to your touches so that they do not cause him embarrassment and desire to move away. This must be done gradually, for example, move a strand of hair from his face, unobtrusively touch his hand, hold his elbow, put on a sweater or jacket, and only then lightly hug him. The main thing is to do all this without focusing your attention, like ordinary movements that go without saying for you, calmly and smoothly. By the way, the best way to get past the touch barrier is to ask someone to dance.

5. Now let's talk about how to kiss properly. You successfully passed the “prelude” stage, chose the right moment and ... Tilt your head towards your chosen one so that your lips eventually touch. Your lips should be relaxed and slightly elongated. To fully concentrate on the sensations in the lip area, close your eyes at the first touch. It is very important to give a kiss with feeling: put your soul into it. The soul is something that rises from the chest and is pressed in your lips to the lips of a partner. Gently kiss your partner's lower or upper lip with both lips, briefly, just a couple of seconds. After that, lean back so that the distance from yours to his lips remains four centimeters. And now it is very important to see the reaction to your kiss. Gently open your eyes and assess the situation. Looking into the eyes of your chosen one, you will accurately guess whether to stop or continue. A straight look or a smile, a shadow of embarrassment and a look away is a green light for you. If the partner looks clearly dissatisfied and the facial features “grimaced”, then it is obvious that the kiss was inappropriate and unpleasant for the person.

6. When the kiss is "to your taste" - you can continue: kiss the partner's lower, then upper lip and let them do the same with your lips. Such a gentle soft kiss is the classic version, it can last as long as you both want. Most often, he smoothly transitions to a more passionate French kiss with the participation of the tongue.

From theory to practice

First of all, one of the most pleasant ways to kiss is the “dance kiss”. The closeness of the bodies, pleasant music, the subdued light of the dance floor, the fleeting touches of cheeks and lips - all this excites and makes you want more. In a public place, kisses can only be implicit and therefore even more provocative: gently and fleetingly touch the partner's ear, cheek, or chin. Whoever is brave and insightful can do such a “manoeuvre” with an unfamiliar partner, but still this “electric” option is more suitable for an already established couple.

So we digress. Our advice will be very original. The practice of kissing can be obtained quite legally, and furnish this business in a fun and interesting way. Through dance.

Yes, yes, don't be surprised. The Romanians, Bulgarians, Moldavians, Ukrainians and other Slavic peoples have an excellent means for this - the dance of Peryanitsa. Moreover, this is not an ancient guest at all, but a fun entertainment that is practiced with pleasure even today.

To dance Peryanitsa, you need to gather a large company for a round dance. It will take quite a long (10-15 minutes) melodic smooth music and a few scarves. Most of the participants in the dance, holding hands, move in a circle with a cross step (right, left), vaguely reminiscent of steps in sirtaki. Inside the circle, several people with headscarves randomly walk around. Those who are inside the circle are lucky, they choose a mate (“victim”, “object”) of the opposite sex and point to it with a wave of a handkerchief. The chosen couple goes to the center of the round dance, both kneel on a spread handkerchief and kiss. There can be two options for a kiss: 3 kisses on the cheeks or 1 on the lips (classic or French). Then the participants change places: the “victim” takes the scarf and goes for a walk in a circle, looking for a new pair, and the “walker” takes her place in the round dance. Depending on the size of the company, there may be one or several couples in the circle. This dance game is to the taste of literally everyone. In a fun environment, the question of how to kiss correctly will not even arise, but the practice will be very useful. Peryanitsa helps to remove the barrier of shyness, one such dance is enough to relieve shyness before kisses in general, and before the first kiss in particular. This is a great way to "practice" everything you've learned about kissing in theory.

In Russian folklore, there is a similar round dance game "Pillow". Its essence is about the same, only pillows are used instead of scarves, and the couple is selected for general singing on the words “I’ll put it on my knees, I’ll make you kiss”.

It is easier to adapt Peryanitsa to modern reality. People of any age participate in such entertainment with great enthusiasm. Dance can be presented as a fun contest at any holiday, party with friends, wedding, birthday, corporate party. That is, there are plenty of reasons, the main thing is that a sufficiently large company gathers. Dancing Peryanitsa, you can kiss with friends and relatives, colleagues and strangers in general. Here, no couple will get away: stood up in a round dance - get ready for a kiss. And it is quite possible that in this big and cheerful round dance there will be the very person for whom you are looking for the answer to the question “How to kiss?”.

And remember, the initiative is punishable, starting Perenitsa in a circle of friends, be sure that you will be pushed into the circle among the first))).

11 most striking kisses on ice. Real emotions of figure skating

Anastasia Panina

June 6, 2021 10:20

Betina Popova and Yuri Vlasenko / Photo: © David Ramos - International Skating Union / Contributor / International Skating Union /

Staged and sincere spontaneous kisses.

Staged and sincere spontaneous kisses.

Sometimes in the programs of figure skating pairs, even at the stage of setting, such contact things as touches, glances and kisses are laid. This helps to better show the theme of the dance and the images of the partners, to attract the attention of the audience and judges. In the 2014/15 season, Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron performed their most sensual dance based on modern ballet to music by Mozart. The program had a simple but very effective rotational support. Its effect was enhanced by the fact that the partner in the rotation let go of his hands, and the partner tightly hugged him by the neck and they kissed. Gabriella and Guillaume then used the same support in their demonstration numbers.

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron / Photo: © Jamie McDonald / Staff / Getty Images Sport /

If the pandemic brought us something good, then Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin’s decision to skate their bike for two seasons can be considered good. rhythm dance on the theme "Moulin Rouge". The episode with the kiss (real, not theatrical) became the most photographed and discussed moment of the program. It turned out beautifully, like in a movie with Nicole Kidman and Ian McGregor.

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin / Photo: © Joosep Martinson — International Skating Union / Contributor / International Skating Union / Gettyimages. ru

The couple Elena Ilyinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin existed in this composition for only three seasons, but they are remembered for their programs and sparkling, like a bare wire, interaction between partners. The most accurate hit was the performances for the debut joint season - "Carmen" as a paso doble and "Apassionata" by Secret Garden. In both dances there was a moment with a kiss. For example, in the rotation in "Apassionata", where Elena and Ruslan tried on the images of lovers.

Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin / Photo: © RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are one of those dance duos that audiences say, "Well, they're definitely a couple in real life." In their performances throughout their career, primarily due to the contribution of coach Marina Zueva, there was so much romance and interaction between partners that Tessa and Scott were no longer perceived separately from their ice images.

It's a paradox, but at the same time, there are practically no direct kisses in Virtue-Moir's programs. Everything is built on halftones: hand to hand, cheek to cheek, eye to eye. An explicit kiss appeared when Tessa and Scott returned to the sport after a break and began to train with Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir / Photo: © Tom Szczerbowski / Stringer / Getty Images Sport /

Current world champions Victoria Sinitsina — Nikita Katsalapov often play tenderness and love on the ice. In fact, they don’t play - this is the case when a couple on ice and a couple in life coincide. Sometimes they have staged kisses, and sometimes they are unexpected and spontaneous, which happened just in the moment. In the photo - a kiss in support on the knee in the free dance of the season 2018/19.

Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov / Photo: © Minas Panagiotakis — International Skating Union / Contributor / Contributor / International Skating Union /

Who said that kisses are only lips to lips? Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Maxaim Trankov were already in the role of official spouses in their last competitive season. There have always been harmonious relations between them, but it was then that Tatyana and Maxim's support for each other reached its maximum. In this kiss of the hand - respect, gratitude and love.

Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Maxaim Trankov / Photo: © Maddie Meyer / Staff / Getty Images Sport /

Partner kiss with the taste of victory. For Ksenia Stolbova - Fedor Klimov, the silver medal of the individual tournament at the Sochi Olympics was equal to victory, and first of all over himself. They had a difficult preparation for the season with a lot of injuries, but at the same time there were two clean skates at the decisive moment, only Volosozhar - Maxaim Trankov was ahead, and behind, for example, Alena Savchenko - Robin Shelkova and Megan Duhamel - Eric Redford. Usually quite restrained in the manifestation of emotions, Ksenia and Fedor were very emotional that day and absolutely happy.

Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov / Photo: © Matthew Stockman / Staff / Getty Images Sport / Gettyimages. ru

American dancer Zachary Donoghue supports and thanks Madison Hubbell with a kiss on the cheek. Skate America 2021 took place in usually festive Las Vegas, but in a strict isolation bubble. The organizers obliged the athletes to wear masks everywhere except on the ice, but the habit of kissing a partner after a skate turned out to be stronger than this rule.

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue / Photo: © Matthew Stockman — International Skating Union / Contributor / International Skating Union /

Let's add some sense of humor to our touching and passionate selection. Rivals on the ice, Madison Hubbel with Zachary Donoghue and Gabriella Papadakis with Guillaume Sizeron, are friends in life and train on the same ice in Montreal. This photo is the result of a desire to laugh at yourself and at how emphatically refined and correct the skaters at the awards sometimes look. You can do it this way, or you can do it differently - like Gabriella, Madison, Guillaume and Zachary at the World Cup ceremony in Milan.

Zachary Donoghue, Madison Hubbell, Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron / Photo: © Joosep Martinson — International Skating Union / Contributor / International Skating Union /

This kiss really deserves a separate scene in the movie, and that the eyes of the entire auditorium are shining happily. Alena Savchenko went to the gold medal for five Olympics. In Pyeongchang, she, together with Bruno Massot, won the same gold. When everything was already clear, Alena ran to the board, where her husband Liam Cross was worried about her throughout the tournament - this moment was caught by the photographer.

Interestingly, at the same time, somewhere near Alena and Liam and Bruno Massot kisses his chosen one.

Alena Savchenko and Liam Cross / Photo: © Anke Waelischmiller / SVEN SIMON / imago sportfotodienst / Global Look Press

Betina Popova and Yury Vlasenko did not have time to reach the adult level as a dance duet, but in juniors they always looked like an experienced couple for their age .

Learn more