How to dance like you have no bones

Halloween: Make No Bones About It: James M. Leipzig, MD, FACS: Spinal Surgeons

Halloween: Make No Bones About It: James M. Leipzig, MD, FACS: Spinal Surgeons

Dr. Leipzig is a board-certified, Salem, Virginia spine surgeon with over two decades of experience. He specializes in procedures including robotic spine surgery, microsurgical lumbar surgery, disc arthroplasty, minimally invasive spine surgery, and more, serving the greater Roanoke, VA area. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

It’s almost Halloween and we’re letting the skeletons out of the closet. Taking care of your skeletal system is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Everyone loses bone tissue as they age, especially women who are prone to bone loss after menopause. After you turn 30, your bones also stop producing skeletal tissue. The tissue that you have at that point can either be maintained or lost. We are committed to keeping you and your skeletal system in top working condition.

Here are some ways to take care of your skeletal system:

  1. Engage in regular exercise30 mins of physical activity, five days a week, will greatly benefit your overall health. Consider walking, jogging, climbing stairs, cycling, or lifting weights to get started. Bones benefit from occasional stress (like working out) because they lose calcium without stress. Bones will grow stronger the more they are used.
  2. Eat a diet rich in manganese, zinc, and copperAlways strive to maintain a healthy diet that balances lean protein, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in manganese include nuts, shellfish, and dark chocolate. Beef, shellfish, and peanuts are high in zinc. Copper is prevalent in foods like calamari, lobster, and oysters. Eating these foods in rotation will help strengthen your bones and keep you fueled for your exercise routine.
  3. Get 8 hours of sleep at nightAdding physical activity to your daily schedule will result in broken tissue. Sufficient sleep is important to bone health because the body repairs broken tissue during sleep.
  4. Avoid smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcoholNicotine and alcohol deplete bone’s calcium content and will make your bones weak.

Dr. Leipzig and the staff at Virginia Spine Care hope this information helps you stay informed about your skeletal system health. If you or your child requires the attention of a spine specialist, please call Dr. Leipzig at 540-725-9771 or ask your physician for a referral to Virginia Spine Care.

P.S. Why did the skeleton dance alone at the party? Because he had no body to dance with!

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Magic Legs: Boy in Shorts Twists Body Like Rubber, Dances Like Michael Jackson, Crowd Cheers in Stunning Video

  • It was like magic when a young boy took to the dance stage, performing heart-stopping dance moves that made many believe he was a robot
  • The young man performed creditably well, gathering so much crowd that cheered and shouted due to the sheer creativity he applied in his dance
  • It was a large arena and the boy just took over the whole place all by himself, electrifying the crowd that could not just get enough of his cool moves

It was a moment to remember when a young boy took over the dance arena and dominated it with a dance style that many said can only be compared to that of Michael Jackson.

His dance style pulled a crowd, but he was the only person in the large arena seizing the moment to pull off a one-man show that was nothing but superb.

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He twisted his body like there are no bones in it. Photo credit: @mufasatundeednut
Source: Instagram

His dance was magical, almost like he has no bones

When the speakers roared to life, his body woke, twisted, whined and moved as if he was being controlled like a robot with remote buttons.

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It was almost like someone was somewhere pressing remote to move him, but it was all his skills in action.

Watch the video below:

Video attracts social media reactions

The video of the magical dance has attracted so many social media comments, with many people wondering how the boy pulled off the nice dance moves. The video was posted on Instagram by @mufasatundeednut. A few of the comments go as follows:

@bigklef said:

"Secondary Chris brown that year. Na dem dey collect all the babes."

@blacq_nelly reacted:

"Make this dance no reach Nigeria…God abeg."

@chu6x commented:

"Southy na from birth them they begin learn this their kinda legwork..... nobody legs straight for that country."

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@shes_spotless reacted:

"I hope say food dey house sha incase."

@paulmogbolu commented:

"Am I the only one who watched this more than twice? Love it."

@micky_oft commented:

"This dance na for person wey dun chop well."

Boy takes over main road with sweet dance

In a closely related story, previously reported that a young man jumped on the road and broke into a dance that stopped traffic for a while.

The boy was putting on shorts just as if he was prepared to dance from home.

Motorists had no option but to wait for him to leave the road before moving.


Medieval Moves: Combat Dice - A Celebration of Sports on the Warpath

On the one hand - excellent control implementation, elementary switching between weapons and colorful art design. On the other hand, the creators have not decided how to make an exciting game out of this. They got the same “Celebration of Sports”, only simplified, turned into a rail adventure with a boring story line, monotonous tests and lazy behavior of a masterful camera.

More than a year has passed since the release of the motion controller PS Move for PS3. The games of the first wave are over, the body asks for new mobile entertainment, but for some reason there are not too many of them. Supported shooters are coming out, ports of successful Wii projects are appearing, but where are the games that make the most of the device's extensive capabilities?! SCE initially positioned PS Move for a hardcore audience, but at E3-2011 the company turned its development strategy around 180 degrees, announcing a host of casual projects. In the emerging realm of fitness and dance, only one game caught the eye with an unconventional approach: Medieval Moves. There, imagine, a knight is fighting the forces of Evil.

Gameplay trailer

Behind Medieval Moves is the studio behind Sports Champions, one of the most successful VR simulations ever with great motion controller implementation . There were gladiator fights, archery, discus throwing... And all of this flowed almost unchanged into their new game about the adventures of the skeleton prince. Only the mechanics have been simplified a bit. Arrows fly in a straight line, it is impossible to maneuver around opponents, throwing stars rain down in the direction of approaching enemies. There is no need to count, wait, think about something. Shoot, cut and move on, listening to the stories. It's a pity, but the first thing that cools the ardor is the presentation of the plot with the help of carelessly drawn comics. An evil sorcerer turns all the inhabitants of the kingdom into skeletons, including the little prince. But the boy retained his soul and mind thanks to the family amulet, to which the disembodied spirit of his great-great-great grandfather is also attached. Therefore, the prince, urged on by his ancestor and a thirst for revenge, tightly grips the wooden sword with bony fingers and goes to win back a bright future, destroying his distraught subjects along the way. On this basis, one could create an excellent fairy tale interesting for children and adults, but it didn’t work out. It's boring to watch the camera slowly wander over the pictures, so the story goes somewhere to the side, trying in vain to draw attention to itself. Like a lone prompter in a booth, striving to the best of his modest strength to compensate the public for the absence of actors and scenery on stage.

The rest of the game is an ongoing, excuse me, “Sports Celebration”. Archery, swinging a sword, throwing stars - the forces of evil force you to quickly switch between weapons. Remove hooligans with stones on a hillock, slow down a couple of running enemies with stars, treat the most nimble one with a blow to the crown. At the same time, there is no need to think about switching weapons at all thanks to the original author's decision. In normal mode, the PS Move stick is a sword that exactly repeats your movements. But it is worth pretending as if you are trying to pull an arrow from a quiver behind your back, and a bow immediately materializes in your hands. If you give the controller a horizontal position, then throwing stars will be in the palm of your hand. It's hard to confuse. Everything is so intuitive that after a few minutes you don’t pay attention to these special actions. We chop the oncoming enemies, shoot them, stick them with stars, throw sticks of dynamite at their feet, restore health with healing milk (calcium is good for bones!). The only thing we can't do is walk. The hero moves strictly along the rails, the camera independently turns from one target to another, freezes for a while, allowing you to pick up the bonus. In general, it behaves like in any game shooting range, only instead of firing from pistols and machine guns, you have to get by with medieval tools of war. There are many types of crazy skeletons. Among them there are dumb-headed soldiers running towards death with sticks at the ready, and slightly smarter warriors with shields, and suicides with explosive barrels, and arrows, and thugs, and pilots, and some very strange types spewing flames from their stomachs. . The only trouble is that they go out in order. Everyone is killed by a simple sequence of actions, it is only important to do everything quickly, otherwise they will trample.

The prince has few weapons, some kind of development or the slightest entertainment, not related to archery and sword fencing, almost none. And those that are are extremely rare, and in them you almost always have to just repeat the actions that pop up on the screen in time: tilt, raise, lower the PS Move. At the same time, the hero moves slowly, the camera is also sleepy. If you suddenly die, then you have to repeat a long and boring section again until the problematic moment. In addition to the boredom of the plot and the uniformity of the tests, Medieval Moves has another trouble - the scenery. They are colorful, cute, made in the tradition of children's fantasy with awkward shapes of houses and characters. However, the picture is always dark, there are few details that attract attention, often there are just long empty corridors.


Medieval Moves gives a mixed impression. On the one hand - excellent control implementation, elementary switching between weapons and colorful art design. On the other hand, the creators have not decided how to make an exciting game out of this. They got the same “Sports Festival”, only simplified, turned into a rail adventure with a boring storyline, monotonous tests and lazy behavior of a masterful camera. In addition to the single player campaign, there is a survival mode in which two people can take part at once. But don't be surprised if, after a few minutes, your friend starts nodding off and asking for something else to be turned on. Pro:

  • accurate and convenient control using the PS Move
  • Movement controller at first fascinating


  • CONDITIONS OF SUPPLESS AND GAME SITURESS AND GAME SITURESS AT this is a greatly simplified version of a separate discipline from the “Sports Celebration”
  • Slow camera behavior and deleted save points make me bored when replaying episodes
  • Jumping difficulty balance, from elementary to chaotic-hard

2011-12-14 19:47:00

Vitaly Kazunov Medieval Moves

The Gunstringer - death on the stage

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Celestial Symphony

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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection review

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VR swamp. Detailed history of virtual reality

October 28 20:00


VR gaming is dead. This is exactly the feeling that many players had after the recent presentation of the largest developer and seller of virtual reality helmets. “For that kind of money, no one will buy a device for games,” the players say. History shows that this is indeed the case. However, it is too early to talk about the death of gaming in virtual reality, but the symptoms are alarming.

Contender for the title of "action movie of the year"? Who Should Play Bayonetta 3

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A charming witch kills demons and punishes opponents in perverted ways. What, that's not enough to interest you? Then, we propose to refer to our material. The article contains pros and cons - who should touch one of the most highly rated games this year.

Konstantin Speransky.

Interview with a member of the duet "Waste"

The duet "Waste" well-known to fans of intellectual hip-hop borrowed its name many years ago from the novel of the same name by Charles Bukowski, and this is not the end of the group's attitude to literature. One of its participants, Evgeny Alekhin, is a finalist for the Debut Award and a regular contributor to thick magazines. Another, Konstantin Speransky, having written the first story in his life with an intricate title “Who knows what Amalia is thinking about”, immediately landed on the long list of the National Best Prize, causing a storm of indignation from critics. Journalist Andrei Myagkov talked with Kostya Speransky about books, boxing, food, fights and women - that is, about what, in fact, the debut story of the writer-musician consists of.

If you had to tell a stranger about your novel "Amalia", how would you do it?

I don't rate it as a literary work at all. I thought, what is the reason for such a reaction of critics, many people. The main claim to me: how much can you write about yourself, who is interested? Endless "I did", "I went", "I took", "I fell". That is why for myself I decided not to consider this work as literature. In our country, probably, now only Limonov continues himself in his texts. Everyone else is doing endless crafts - separating the text from itself. I don’t know how to do this, I’m not a writer - that is, I need to first live something, and then live it again - at the moment when you write. Such is my vision.

So the text is very personal for you?

This is something physiological. As an extension of the arm, torso - that's what I would call it. Piece of flesh, not letters. You just tore off a piece from yourself and threw it away, and what will happen next with it ... All the main thing happens when you write. What happens after, it seems to me, has nothing to do with the text: all these interpretations have nothing to do with the piece that you tear off.

It turns out that it didn't matter to you whether you got the National Best or not?

I was glad to be on this list. I knew what the reaction of the critics would be - you can say, I just decided to be naughty. It amused me.

Can you briefly tell about the group "Waste paper" for those who do not know?

I can literally in three words. Waste paper group - we sing "p e p". This is such a genre of music. Do not confuse it with Russian rap, because Russian rap is garbage. Now, however, it is more decent, some flowers are beginning to grow there, but we still have a different path, and my opinion on it is the same as on literature. That is, it is not so much music, not so much creativity, but direct living of what gnaws at you. We have chosen the most convenient musical genre for ourselves and we are doing it. If we want to dance, perform some pantomimes, we will start dancing and performing. In general, we do what we like. Because we can't not do it.

Did you also write your story because you couldn't do otherwise?

Yes, that's right. For the last six months, this has been going on - now to a lesser extent, because I broke my eye and it became easier. No, really, before that I was tormented, depression and all that, but when I lost an eye, I became whole. The same goes for this text. I needed to write it, so I didn't know what else to do. Or cut off your penis, or your ear, or something else - somehow mutilate yourself or mutilate someone. But I thought it was better not to resort to this and do something with the letters. In fact, half of the story consists of my personal diary - I just corrected it a little, removed something, added something. For a period of time, the book became alive. Maybe now, if I review it, it will seem alive, but then it was especially pleasant to realize.

What was your history with the bet? This is true?

No, it was a joke bet! Until now, I didn't know how to write a book. And the guys tell me: write at least some .... And I really have already begun to make sketches, to write about the family. I even wanted to fill up Jonathan Franzen in the second person. So I told the guys: yes, I will write, and if I don’t write, then on New Year’s I will put my phone in my ass. Well, to somehow provoke yourself. In the end, I wrote, but not at all what I wanted. And the phone is out of business.

You write lyrics too. Is there any fundamental difference between how songs are written and how this text was written?

Yes, there is not much difference. Unless technically: I very rarely edit songs, and if something is written right away, and I understand that it's good, it stays. And the prose has to be edited, but it's even nice. Although our last album was written approximately the way I wrote my story, that is, there was a feeling that it was necessary to write, otherwise krants. And we did it very quickly.

I've seen several reviews of your book, it is often criticized for being somewhat banal. What do you think about it?

In general, I am not embarrassed by all these stylistic flaws - only, perhaps, in front of myself. But in such cases, I just myself understand that something needs to be changed and I change. And when strangers talk about some banalities, it just amuses me. Although if someone starts to get into the soul, starts to behave aggressively ... There was a story: one person said that the book was shit, although he had not even read it. I was ready to fight this man. We met in Omsk, and he said: well, you will beat me, you are stronger than me, and in the end we just talked. It turned out to be a normal guy, just a little exalted. But, in principle, if there are those who wish, I am ready to punch anyone in the face for this book.

Speaking of fighting, I know you are into boxing…

Oh, this is my favorite thing in life in general. I realized that I love three things in life: boxing, books and cooking. Cook even more than you eat. Boxing is something so direct, directly related to life. So you come to the hall - and everything ceases to matter. You just do what you are used to, constantly the same repetitive movements. This creates the feeling that your torso still matters. Now is such a time - maybe I'm old-fashioned, maybe I'm somehow mistaking the time - but very little value is attached to the body. It is less and less a participant in the game. It seems to me that it is very important to remember that you have it, because if you forget about it, then you forget about how strong a person is and how fragile he is. The same thing happened to my eye. The eye is a very fragile substance, very delicate. I got hit in the eye, and at the same time my skull shook - but the eye remained in place, it was sewn up, patched up and it is as good as new. It is amazing.

Do you read anything yourself now?

I am currently re-reading The Steppenwolf. I read it as a child, at the age of 19-20, and it made a strange impression on me - I both liked it and didn't like it. I liked the character, of course, I immediately agreed with him, and the final pathos of the book is that you just need to learn to laugh, you need to be open ... Now I understand this. Now, it seems to me, I will accept it, when I finish reading it - then I was terribly angry. I was…more evil, or something. I really didn't know anything about life. I also read “Thoughts” by Pascal, when I was in the hospital, I began to read. And I re-read "Oedipus Rex" - an amazing thing. Also about a person, about the body and about the fate of man. Such an idea of ​​fate, when you know everything that will happen to you, and indeed: our whole life is subject to some given scenario, while you live as if you do not have one. You embody it yourself and then you are surprised. I think about it a lot now.

Can a person be happy in this situation?

Man, it seems to me, is not made for happiness. Happiness is some kind of fantasy, such an invention, without which ... I don’t know, there is philistine happiness, as in “The Steppe Wolf” - the happiness of a calm life, when everything is in its place, everything is subject to a measured rhythm.

Sasha Sokolov argued that a woman occupies a decisive place in a man's life. After reading your book, I can't help but ask - is this the case with you?

Absolutely. Before this experience, I didn't think it was possible. I felt like in the second "Terminator", where the terminator runs after the car, because there his part is stuck, and stops only when the part is thrown off the wheelbarrow, it is sucked into him, and he calms down. I felt like a terminator that runs after a car, and when I was with this woman, I felt that all the details are collected, and this is an incredible feeling. I didn't think a person was allowed to experience something like that. But maybe the intensity of the experience was so powerful because I knew it was doomed.

All sorts of good-hearted advisers told me when I was depressed: it's very simple - forget about the woman and do other things, work more, do more other women, look around you, it's simple. That is, people from the outside do not really understand your situation. This can only be understood through a destructive experience, and now, at this point, when I am without an eye, I can somehow look at myself from the outside. And I'm a little surprised that it took so long. And this experience that I had - it changed me a lot. Really destroyed and then reassembled.

Do you think your text can do the same to another person?

I think with the person who is experiencing something similar - yes. Because I myself would have been at least interested in reading it at that time. I have read Shklovsky's "Letters Not About Love" and re-read it several times. Cynics re-read Mariengof. "Diary of a loser" Limonov. "The Sorrows of Young Werther". And while I was reading, I somehow felt a little… easier. How to pour hydrogen peroxide on a wound. A feeling of instant cooling, but then it passed - and when I wrote myself, this relief lasted longer. Even a moment of relief is worth it. And if my text works like that with someone else, it will be very good.

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