How to become a really good dancer

The Ultimate Beginner Dance Guide

Do you want to be a good dancer? Well, you've come to the right place.

STEEZY has organized this guide to being a good dancer into 16 steps:

  1. Get inspired
  2. Warm up and stretch
  3. Study music
  4. Learn basics and grooves
  5. Take dance classes
  6. Train technique and execution
  7. Learn to dance with feeling
  8. Explore through freestyle
  9. Create choreography
  10. Find what makes you unique
  11. Stay growth-minded
  12. Kill it on stage
  13. Become a leader
  14. Collaborate with others
  15. Share your work
  16. Take care of your body

Keep reading to see how you can become a good dancer – starting today.

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1. Get inspired

Whether it's your first week or 10th year of dancing, the key to being a good dancer is wanting to be a good dancer. Remind yourself why you think dancing is fun or cool in the first place!

This "why" is gonna keep you going in the times you feel defeated or lazy.

Feed your inspiration by watching dance videos, talking to your dance friends, going to dance shows – whatever makes you feel that spark again.

2. Warm up and stretch

Before you start dancing, you need to make sure your body is ready for it! Because trying to dance when your body’s cold and stiff is no fun.

Pulling a muscle and sitting out is even less fun. And getting seriously injured is no fun at all.

Warming up and stretching before you dance will help you move with wider range of motion and more control, and help prevent injuries.

Follow these diagrams for an easy, quick daily stretch routine: Do These Stretches To Help You Dance Better (And Stay Injury-Free!)

‍And watch this video on how dancers should and shouldn't stretch:

3. Study music

Training your body is just one part of becoming a good dancer. Studying music will to give you a much, MUCH better understanding of how dance to it.

Dance is, after all, your body becoming a physical representation of the way that music sounds. Those dancers that you watch that somehow become the music?

They do this by first understanding the sounds mentally. Read this to study dance musicality: What Is Dance Musicality?

And watch this video to learn how to count like a dancer:

4. Learn basics and grooves

Narrow down the styles you want to learn, and focus on the foundational movements of that style. Something that all dance styles have in common is a groove.

You probably groove all the time already! Do you bob your head while listening to music in the car? Do you go to the club and sway side to side to the beat?

Those are all grooves! Of course, there are so many different grooves – some have official names and techniques that you can learn.

Bianca Vallar teaches tons of easy Hip-Hop-influenced grooves in her "Intro to Dance" program on STEEZY Studio.

Practicing grooves and getting comfortable with how your body moves will make you look better dancing in class, at a performance, anywhere.

Carlo Darang talks about grooving and loosening up:

5. Take dance classes

Taking classes at a studio is a great way to learn choreography, practice performing, and meet new dancer friends! Not sure how to find one?

Use this guide for How To Take a Dance Class.

And if you're not quite ready to head to an IRL dance studio, try taking online dance classes, right at home.

In this video, professional dancer Alexander Chung shows you how to do just that:

6. Train technique and execution

Techniques and foundation are the ABC's of all movements.

Drilling techniques will ingrain that movement into your muscle memory, so you can just do those without thinking.

For example, doing Popping exercises will train your control, power, and understanding of your muscle groups.

Learning House steps will make you more comfortable with your footwork.

Ballet can train, well, pretty much every part of your body.

Whatever the style, focus on the elementary techniques first using this easy-to-follow training method:

7. Learn to move with feeling

Executing movement the way you want has a lot of different parts.

There are the technical parts (which you'll master through learning the basics of a dance style and taking lots of classes) and the artistic parts (which you'll learn by connecting to the music and finding ways to convey the feeling of a sound).

While it's important to start your dance training by learning the more technical building blocks that you'll need to move your body in a way that looks cool, confident, and relaxed, the next phase of your training should be focused on becoming THAT dancer –

The person who walks onto the dance floor or stage and makes EVERYONE think: wow, they don't dance to the music. They become the music.

To do this, you'll need to learn all about texture, which is how dancers describe how sounds feel.

For example, the sound of a cymbal being struck might feel sharp and sudden.

Or the sound of a bass note might feel intense and deep, like a boom that reverberates through your chest.

So when you hear a cymbal you might dance sharp and fast.

When you hear a bass, you might use heavy, grounded movements.

Learn more about texture in this video!

8. Explore through freestyle dancing

Freestyling is a great way to practice your fundamentals, get in touch with the music, and to explore the ways your body wants to move.

‍Here's a more comprehensive guide on freestyling: How To Freestyle Dance

‍If you feel insecure about your freestyling, then watch this video:

9. Create choreography

Making choreography is a great way to challenge yourself as a dancer.

You'll be pushed to come up with creative new moves, freestyle, and pay attention to music in ways you never did before.

Never made a piece before? We got you: How To Choreograph A Dance In 6 Simple Steps

‍Watch this video when you get stuck:

10. Find what makes you unique

The most captivating dancers are the ones who have found their own voice and learned to use it.

Think about your music tastes, develop your natural groove, embrace those weird poses your body comes up with.

Your unique style won’t just make you a better dancer, it’ll make you the best dancer you can be.

11. Stay growth-minded

Don't pigeon-hole yourself into a "type" of dancer. Let yourself explore all different kinds of dance, let yourself fail, let yourself keep striving for growth.

Read tips on becoming growth-focused! 5 Ways Your MINDSET Is Holding You Back As A Dancer (And How To Change It!)

‍If you’re constantly growing, even in baby steps, you’ll soon be at a level you never thought possible.

So keep growing, keep changing, keep evolving – one day at a time.

‍Scared of judgement from others? Watch this video:

12. Kill it on stage

Dance is a performance art – so being a great dancer means that you know how to kill it on stage.

The next time you're at a show or competition, or filming a video, bring out your best performance.

Try these tips: 7 Easy Ways To Kill It On Stage

‍Make sure all eyes are on you.

Read: How To Dance Bigger, Stronger, And More Full Out

13. Become a leader

If you want a push yourself even further, then consider being a captain or director of your dance team.

Not only will being a leader teach you management and communication skills, it's an opportunity to give back to a team and community that gives you so many opportunities.

It all starts with the 'why.'

Write your team's mission statement the help of the pioneers: Dance Leadership Tools From Arnel Calvario And Anna Sarao

14. Collaborate with others

We’re blessed to be surrounded by talented, passionate, like-minded individuals in our community.

Share the love by collaborating with other dancers – this can mean working together to create a piece, host a workshop, whatever!

‍Tips on joint choreography creation! How To Collab With Someone To Make A Piece

15. Share your work

It's not about the video. But if you worked hard on a piece or enjoyed teaching a class, do share! Your work can inspire someone else, and push you to create better.

16. Take care of your body!

Though our bodies are the very tool we use for dance, many of us neglect it.

A healthy, nourished, hydrated body will perform much better than a weak, stiff, dehydrated one in any dance setting.

Be a good dancer by keeping your body in optimal, dance-ready condition.

Do these things to be in tip-top shape: How To Take Care Of Your Body As A Dancer

‍Being a good dancer is a journey that looks different for everyone. Take the tips you need in yours to make your growth more focused and efficient!

We hope this helped you understand how to be a good dancer.

How To Become A Better Dancer: 5 Tips -

So you want to know how to become a better dancer?

Here are 5 important tips that will help you improve as a dancer fast:


Take Lessons Consistently (You’re not special)

Some people think that they can get good without ever taking any dance lessons…

This is a mistake. Think about everything else you ever learned in your life, did you just wing it? No, you probably took lessons to become good at it. The same goes with dancing. You can take lessons in person or online. For in-person lessons you can do group classes or private lessons. For online lessons you can learn from videos. Check out our online Ballroom dance videos here.

Furthermore, it is important to take the time to find the right dance teacher for your goals, because some are definitely more qualified than others. My recommendation is try out a lesson with several teachers before committing to one specific dance instructor. Read our article on what makes a good dance teacher.

2. Practice Daily At Home/Studio

One of the most important habits you need to adopt is daily consistent practice. No matter how naturally good you are, you need to practice if you want to become a better dancer. Many people assume that just because they take lessons, they don’t need to practice. This could not be further from the truth. It is precisely because you take dance lessons, you need to practice even more to make sure you retain everything you’ve been learning.

Becoming a better dancer requires muscle memory. And muscle memory requires a lot of repetition through practice. So don’t overthink it – simply make some room in your living room, get a mirror and practice the things you worked on at your last lesson/class. Check out our practice guide for Ballroom dancers.

3. Have A Goal

One of the fastest ways to improve your dancing is simply to have a goal to work towards. The goal can be a performance at your studio’s showcase or party. It can also be a dance competition. Even if you don’t want to perform you can still come up with a social dance goal such as “be able to dance comfortably at next month’s party”. Be creative with it as there is no wrong or right goals. The most important thing is to have one and to have a future date that you’re working towards. This will keep you motivated with your daily practice!

4. Feel your body

After you’ve learned the mechanics of the steps and routines, you need to make sure that you let your body “Feel” the movements so that all the steps and styling can really sink in to your muscle memory. You don’t want to be stuck in your head when you’re practicing or taking lessons, you need to be in “your body” to retain the dance moves, and progress faster.

After you got it pretty good, just put on the music and try to feel your body going with the music… This will also add enjoyment to your dancing.

5. Keep yourself inspired

It is critical to work on staying inspired and motivated with your getting better in dancing goal. Life gets in the way, so some days you will be more inspired than others… The key is to figure out some specific triggers that can energize you quickly to get back in the groove, whenever you’re not feeling it.

For example, let’s say you don’t feel like going to your dance practice today. What you can do is watch some videos of your favorite dancers performing your favorite choreography on youtube!

That should get you back on track fast.

Watch Video – 5 Tips For Improving As A Dancer:

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

By: Leon Turetsky
Professional dance instructor

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20 Feb. 2022

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    No dancer has yet become successful based on innate talent alone. Dancers are artists and athletes. The world of dance today has become like extreme sports. Dancers have to work hard and diligently. They give years of their lives, plus their tears and sometimes blood, to have the honor and pleasure of performing on stage.
    We don't always get the part we wanted, walk on stage in the shoes we wanted, get the job we want, get the expected compliments, get the money we wanted, etc. This teaches us humility and respect for the process, for the art form, and for the people we have chosen to learn from. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we succeed. We are never 100% sure that it will work, but we can always be 100% sure that doing nothing will definitely not work.
    There is always information a dancer can learn. Even our least loved teachers, choreographers and directors have something to teach us. The moment we think we know everything, we cease to be a valuable asset.
    A dancer never knows when his dancing career will suddenly evaporate: company closure, career-ending injury, car accident. .. Dance every time as if it were your last performance. Don't save the fun of dancing for the stage. Infuse even your regular gym workouts with a passion for dancing!
    You cannot control who will hire you, who will fire you, who loves your job, who does not, the policy of being in the company. Don't waste your talent and energy worrying about things you can't control. Focus on honing your craft - being the best dancer you can be. Keep your mind open and your attitude positive.
    Knowledge comes from experience. You can discuss the task hundreds of times, go to 1000 classes, but until we get out of there and start dancing, we will only have a philosophical idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdance. Find an opportunity to get on stage. To call yourself a professional dancer, you must first perform.
    The shortest way to lose your job is to prove to your boss that he doesn't need you. On the contrary, be necessary. Show up early, know your stuff, be prepared, keep your opinions to yourself until asked, and above all, crave hard work.
    It doesn't matter if it's about work, money, roles or trophies. Instead of being sad about those around you, focus on the things you're good at, the things you need to work on, and the things that make you happy as a dancer.
    Everyone has a past. Everyone has made mistakes and everyone has stellar moments they would love to enjoy.
    "Will you keep leftover onions in your tooth just because you liked potatoes last night?" - The Boston Common series.
    Dance is an art form that forces us to focus on the present. To be a dance master, we must be present in the moment. The minute the mind wanders, injuries happen. If they happened, see point 12.
    Dancing alone cannot make us happy. The roots of our happiness come from our relationship with ourselves. Not on the amount of money, not on the role we were given, the company we dance for, or the number of competitions we won. Of course, these things affect our mood, but in the long run, who we are on the inside makes us happy.
    Dancers are in the public eye when they perform, and especially in this internet world, criticism abounds. You cannot be everything to everyone. No matter what you do, there will always be people who think differently. Therefore, concentrate on what your heart tells you. What others think and say about you is not so important. What matters is what you think about yourself.
    Sometimes, despite our efforts, following the best advice, being in the right place at the right time, we still lose. Failure is part of life. Failure can be the catalyst for some of our biggest growth and learning leaps. If we never lost, we would never appreciate success. Crave failure. When they happen to you (and they will happen anyway), take advantage of the lesson they bring with them.
    Every professional dancer has to work without pay at one time or another. If you are asked to work for free, be sure that you really agree with this. There are plenty of good reasons to work for free, and just as many good reasons not to work without pay. Ask yourself if it's worth the opportunity, if it's worth the experience, if it will bring you pleasure.
    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is crazy. If you keep doing what you do, you will get what you get. If you do the bare minimum in class, don't complain to your teacher that you haven't progressed to the next level. If you give the bare minimum to your company, be glad you stay on the team. If you want to grow beyond your comfort zone, push yourself beyond your self-imposed limits.
    No one feels 100% ready when an opportunity arises. Dancers must be willing to take risks. From traveling the world to dance with a new company, to trusting a new partner to try out a new dance form, dancers must have an adaptable mind, attitude and body. The most significant opportunities in life force us to move outside of our comfort zones, which means you won't feel fully prepared for it.

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Why is it more important in the K-pop industry to be a better dancer than a good singer?

Ballads certainly do well in the K-pop world, but songs with choreography are more successful, or vice versa. Warming up interest in the debut or comeback with photo teasers or video teasers with elements of choreography until fans can see the whole choreography or stage performance. So why is it more important to be a better dancer than a better singer?

Of course the show wouldn't be as great if there was no dancing, dancing really makes the show more spectacular and exciting. Of course, the performers perform songs along with dances every week on music broadcasts. And every performance still becomes beautiful with dancing, than just singing and singing itself will not be able to please what you see, like dancing. That's why idols are, roughly speaking, much more likely to "survive" as a good dancer than as a singer.

Recall how Exo debuted, they released 23 teasers, and only Kai had seven solo teasers along with the other five members, doesn't that mean we already remember one of the 12 members first? And note that all the video teasers were dancing.

Yes, it is worth noting that Kai is bright, or maybe he is the agency's favorite? Or maybe it's the simplest fact that is so obvious, because he is the best dancer, and much more "valuable" in the group than just a singer?

Dancers are usually in the forefront of the group. Of course, there are a number of other factors in K-pop that are also popular (wit, humor, shamelessness), but if you cut all this and leave only pure performance, then it will be idols who are considered "Dance Machine" in the first place.

How did Eunhyuk become a hot commodity in Super Junior, then the same could be said about Yesung? Taemin and Onew? Taecyeon/Wooyeon and Junsu? Victoria and Luna - although they are responsible for the vocals on most of the band's songs, it means that without them, the performances will not be so great either.

Another factor to consider is sex. Not only strong dancers are an important component of the performance, as dancing is an integral part of the performance, where the song goes along with the dance, but also there are sexual movements in the dances (DBSK “Before U Go”, HyunA “Bubble Pop”, Junsu “Intoxication” , Sistar “Ma Boy”, Rania “Dr. Feel Good”, Kara “Mister”, Rainbow “A.”)

The choreography gives each song an extra boost: unforgettable moves, helping the listener to keep the dance in mind when just listening to the song.

Dancing is hard work, it's impossible to "fake" anything to dance well, you need to practice a lot and rehearse a lot.

Singing is a little different, if you can't sing a song, you can correct any bad voice into a melodious, soft and beautiful voice with the help of adjustments. The listeners know this.

Here's another paradox: Good dancers are more popular, bad dancers are less popular, and good vocalists are also less popular. The performance also depends on the vocalists, the audience listening to singers such as Luna, Kyuhyun, DO, Taecyeon, Jessica, Jiyeon, Gayun, Yoseob and GO in the same breath. And there are just “cuties” in the groups, they don’t dance very well and are more considered clumsy (Tiffany, Chris and Jaejoong).

There are also discrepancies between a good dancer and a good dancer. When guys are asked to dance outside of the music scenes, their ability is taken seriously and it implies that they are showing off their skills. And when girls show their femininity, as a rule, they arouse desire in the male audience.

This does not mean that girls are not performers, but women's dances are naturally different from men's.

Learn more