How to give a chair dance

Instructor Training - Chair Dance Express

  • I am a pole dance instructor or pole student 👆

    Launching a chair dance class at any pole studio offers a fresh, inspiring activity to its students and attracts a wider audience. Chair Dance Express gives a new context to the skills that pole dancers are already having, translating tricks and shapes to a chair.

    There is much more to that. With the CHDE course both, performing and teaching skills, are deepened, trained and enlarged. There is a new dimension added: to feel emotionally alive while dancing on a chair through connecting with music, navigating energy expression, and story-telling. These added layers make a massive difference to the way the class feels to a participant and is executed.

    Sometimes we watch a specific dance and for some reason, it attracts us more, hits us deeper, makes us feeling mesmerised – even though we don’t know why. Usually, it is because the person that moves is not only performing a sequence of steps or poses but also consciously engages energy to a motion, mindfully lives the experience fully.

    The Chair Dance Express course is supporting Instructors in aligning all the layers. It gives detailed insights into how to get their students there too, regardless of their starting level.

    Pole dance Instructors or pole dance students that chose to start their education with our course will learn a wide range of sensual energies (4 Energy Flows of Body Expressive Method). They can choose the flow they feel comfortable with for their predominant style.

  • I already teach chair dance or Burlesque 👆

    If you are teaching chair dance or Burlesque already, you are probably wondering why would you undertake Express style and does it make a difference?

    The Chair Dance Express’ take on dancing with a chair is much different from the classical chair dance, and especially Burlesque.

    We have instructors of both categories taking our course and sharing with us how much broader it is, and because of it: accessible to a larger audience.

    The types of choreographies included in the Chair Dance Express are much more diverse. All of them have a touch of sensuality and contain traditional chair moves, but the range of flavours of feminity is defined on a large scale.

    We train Instructors to recognise and name different flavours (along with music types) and play with them, creating in each class something fresh.

    Story-telling and emotional engagement is also new aspect of a chair class. The very clear methodology shows you step-by-step how every piece of dance is strongly and precisely feelable. This way your students can let go and surrounder to music and expression completely.

    The concept is really flexible, you can create a class that attracts an audience that would go to any aerobics session (so really everyone, fun chair session). You can alternatively build up levels in which there is more challenge in terms of comfort zone and sexiness.

    Focus and teaching of Chair Dance Express class require a mind shift, as the feeling is more important than a step performance. Paradoxically, the result is the opposite. Dance is much more connectable, touchable, and emotionally passionate.

  • I am a dancer or a dance-fitness instructor 👆

    Launching a chair dance Express style in a dance school or a gym fitness is a great, fun addition to the existing schedule. A chair as a dance attribute gives so much space for creativity and imagination.

    Since the Chair Dance Express is a musical class, it also has a cardio effect to it (we dance and dance and dance).

    Certified Instructors get educated to prepare and teach choreographies on various styles (4 Energy Flows by the Body Expressive Method) so the class is stimulating and inspiring. Music type can change from week to week – keeping people curious and refreshed.

    The sexy vibe of the class can be enhanced or subtle, depending on an audience’s preferences.

    An additional aspect – that is a core value to the Chair Dance Express – is the possibility to learn and then teach a choreography that feels very expressive (energy, face, emotions). You can feel a person dancing, not only see the sequence of steps on the music.

    The Chair Dance Express classes, depending on their shape can be taught both to adults (with more sensuality) and children (with a more fun vibe).

  • I am a beginner but I would love to do it 👆

    Just because you have no experience as an instructor or even a chair dance practice doesn’t mean you can’t become great at it with our education.

    Passion, dedication, practice, open mind are four main elements necessary to transform yourself.

    The lack of experience can give you a clear and open mind to learn new concepts without preconditions. The full programme prepares you in absolutely all dimensions: general dancing, dancing with a chair, teaching, creating an atmosphere, building a class,  performing a choreography, communicating, and advertising.

    The course is full of pre-recorded choreography sessions, lead in a natural “real-class” environment. You will have a possibility to undertake around 20 hours of it. All these with different music, different instructors.

    Additionally, you have call-in Zoom appointments with our Master Instructor, whenever you struggle with something. You will have more than enough detailed practice.

Top 10 how to lap dance ideas and inspiration

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for How to lap dance. Get inspired and try out new things.

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"Knee Twist" - A Dance Move With A Difference (video tutorial)

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How to "Simple and Sassy" Chair Dance By Delandis Tutorial

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Timber Kesha feat. Pitbull Zumba with Erika - Dance Fitness

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Shawty got Moves

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The SWAT Dance Move Tutorial - (a dance move for men)

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Time for another beginner twerk lesson! This move is a bit harder as it requires stability and core strength! Try first while holding on to something!- My Cu...

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Striptease lesson: how to make a spicy gift - Relationships

Striptease as a gift is controversial. Someone will be delighted with such a present, and someone will be shocked. Experts told which men would appreciate a spicy gift, and also gave advice and basic lessons on how to prepare a private dance on your own and how to create an appropriate atmosphere for home striptease.

From Western films, we clearly understood - a striptease as a gift will please any man. Yes, and a woman, if we are talking about a private dance, performed by a man. Ladies even take strip dancing lessons themselves to surprise their beloved at home, and expect such a foreplay to be appreciated and received with gratitude. But in real life is not so clear cut.

It turns out that some people don't want to receive street music as a present, and it doesn't matter who performs it. Especially if outsiders are present during the dance. Psychologists warn that a stripper is a gift to a man who experiences any kind of sexual complex. sphere, will only remind him of the problem. Therefore, it is important to consider who and in what situation to do such a gift.

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humiliated. It can cause shame, embarrassment if it happens in public, kill holiday mood. Therefore, a woman must find out in advance what will be reaction. If a couple can visit a strip club together and freely discuss such topics, then perhaps the gift will be received positively,” says the head of the psychotherapeutic department of the clinic "Insight" Igor Lyakh (Novosibirsk).

Give a striptease to a boss, colleague or business partner — unacceptable, etiquette specialist Evgenia Skiba (Barnaul) is sure. "In business situations, most people behave with restraint. This is allowed in some creative company. Among people who are merry and jokers in life. They can recognize by behavior, manner brightly, look unusual. They do it themselves such gifts, and appreciate if they are congratulated by a stripper, ”explains expert. Housewives and sportswomen: who learns striptease

Professional dancer and owner of a striptease agency Alexei Zhorkin from his own experience confidently declares that most of the orders are just the same as gifts. Of these, a lot for the boss of any gender. Strippers and strippers are often invited to February 23, March 8, hen parties, stag parties, birthdays, and once, in his memory, they ordered for a wedding.

“There is a negative reaction. The husband begins to be shy, because he does not know how his wife will react if behave uninhibited with the artist. Therefore, we ask that they break through the soil in advance. Or we ask you to leave the room so that they do not embarrass you with your presence. It happens that the people themselves, to whom they give, are asked to stop the dance. This was at a bachelorette party with a very moral bride. In this case, the artist can continue the dance for the public. But more often the reaction is good,” says Zhorkin.

A large proportion of couples believe that the teasing dance able to increase the degree of passion and diversify routine family life. But also here experts advise to approach carefully, and take into account the many factors: from the situation, the occasion to the current state of the relationship. The last one is perhaps the most important.

“There are troubles in family relationships — routine, ritual, adaptation. When a married couple begins to limit fantasies about each other, then such an important part of sexuality as flirting disappears. Many industries exist for due to the fact that this flirting is provided, for example, by Internet dating. That's why many women at one time were so carried away by half-dance that in their relationship novelty, mystery appeared, things connected with fantasy appeared. Usually it strengthens the couple, ”Lyakh believes.

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If there is still a relationship flirting, then the reaction to the striptease of the wife or girl is likely to be positive, and she will achieve the desired effect. And if such an important component is no longer there, a woman runs the risk of causing discontent or other negative emotions that before this was restrained, the psychologist warns.

As strip dance choreographer Marina Ignatenko said, most often women apply for lessons when they find out that a man is looking “on the side” or go to strip bars. And then, having learned the strip, they draw attention to myself.

“A woman becomes more self-confident, her gait becomes more graceful. A woman begins to change from the inside, they begin to look at her differently, her man feels it, thinks what has changed in her and thinks about her, the choreographer says.

If you want to dance a striptease, she advises you to take at least a few lessons dancers to master the basic set of movements, and then act with an eye on their own opportunities and benefits. So, if a girl has flexibility, then be sure use twine and braces. And if a woman has long beautiful hair, then dance it out.

In general, the basic set of strip dance elements is simple - "kitty", backbends, stretching, half twine (twine for those who can afford it), half-bridge, touching yourself. Basically, almost anyone can do it.

But we must remember that home striptease is a small show, therefore, appropriate attire is important (you can buy a role-playing costume in a sex shop or just put on a beautiful set of underwear and stockings), manicure, pedicure, makeup, hair.

Especially for readers, the choreographer told how to prepare for home striptease on her own, and showed the basic movements. We start with a warm-up and train plasticity.

According to Ignatenko, striptease is impossible without heels. Ideally, you need to stand on strips - shoes with a platform that professional women use. If there are no similar shoes and you don’t want to buy specially, you can do without a platform, but heels are required, and as high as possible.

At home, there is usually no stage or pole. But there are always walls and floors, the use of which will also help to hide the lack of physical fitness. A well-warmed body, practiced movements and personal imagination are the main components of a beautiful home dance.

The choreographer advises to rehearse several times even the simplest dance. And it's not just about memorizing movements. It should be seen that the dance is easy, and it is important that during the striptease the face does not look tense and concentrated. It should be, at a minimum, relaxed, and as a maximum, participate in the image.

For home decor, a chair can be used in addition to the walls and floor. Ignatenko demonstrated how this piece of furniture can help to undress beautifully.

As for striptease music, you need to choose the one that you want to move smoothly. There are many options on the Internet, but According to the Yandex.Music service, the top 10 sexiest tracks include following tracks:

  • BlackVelvetOriginal Rerecord - Alannah Myles
  • SexualHealing - Marvin Gaye
  • Trouble - Elvis Presley
  • Stop-Sam Brown
  • Yes Boss — Hess Is More, Bang Chau
  • You KnowI'm No Good — Amy Winehouse
  • PersonalJesus - Depeche Mode
  • Super Freak - Rick James
  • You CanLeave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker
  • Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls

February 9th is Striptease Day. It was on this day, back in the 19th century, that the Moulin Rouge dancer first undressed on stage during a performance. Despite the fact that the girl caused an uproar and was even fined, this act marked the beginning of a separate dance genre.

What to give a girl who is fond of dancing

USB stick in the original case

A gift in the form of a bag with an unusual pattern will definitely surprise even the best friend. You can sew it using cotton material or purchase a ready-made one-color bag.
Acrylic paints are best suited for creating the pattern. You can draw by hand or use a stencil, as shown in the photo.

A great way to transform a simple device into a stylish accessory. Every person will definitely be delighted with such a gift.

Every dancer needs a big bag. Training clothes, shoes, brush - a necessary minimum for each day of training. And on the days of the competition, the bag will be an excellent assistant to the bag. A simple, versatile duffel bag is a great gift for a dancer. As an alternative - a backpack or a bag for shoes. For girls, choose a bright design, for boys - something more versatile or classic - unisex.

What to give a dancer?

A person who has friendly connections in dance circles often faces the problem of choosing a gift for dancers.

And it doesn't matter here whether he is a professional dancer or a beginner - it can be quite difficult to please and choose the right gift.

Today we will look at some original gift ideas for a dancer.


The winter season creates certain problems for dancers.

Clothing is the key to keeping your body warm and ready for what's to come.

Therefore, any dancer will appreciate the following items to keep the body warm:

Training Suit - A must for a dancer who lives in a city with a cold climate.

We recommend choosing a stylish and functional suit that will emphasize the individuality of its owner.

· For hand warmers, there are special “sleeves” with built-in gloves that allow you to warm your fingers.

· To keep your feet warm, gaiters look like leg sweaters.

We recommend choosing leggings in bright, fun colors and prints.

Short sweaters are best for keeping your shoulders warm.

Gift set "Joy for feet".

Almost all dancers suffer from aching and tired legs.

Therefore, we recommend giving them “Joy for the Feet” by putting all the items listed below into a beautiful box.


Choose a special towel to dry your feet after taking a bath.

We recommend monogramming your friend's name on the towel.


A foot bath is great for pain relief and relaxation.

Choose a bathtub with helium massage pads and heat control.

· Pumice stone — will help eliminate roughness on the surface of the skin of the legs, and also helps to eliminate corns, calluses.

Also included in the gift box are foot cream and a pair of socks.


An excellent gift option for a dancer is a thermos — it will come in handy during trainings, competitions, and trips.

Dance jewelry.

The dancer performs a number on the stage or trains only in the gym - it doesn't matter!

A gift in the form of an ornament will add sparkle and sophistication to any dance.

In online stores you will find various decorations for dancers.

Earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches made of silver can be an excellent gift - inexpensive and beautiful.

If you still haven't found the right piece of jewelry, you can give a gift certificate to a jewelry store.


A medal or goblet with the inscription "For the best dancer" will definitely please your friend and take pride of place on the shelf with awards.

You can also give a mug or t-shirt with the same inscription.


Any dancer needs a bright and durable make-up for performances, because it not only makes the dancer beautiful, but also complements the image.

We advise you to donate high-quality professional cosmetics or a certificate to a cosmetics store.

Books about dances.

It doesn't matter if your friend is a book lover - a book about dance will definitely be appreciated by him, because with the help of such a gift he will learn more about dance styles, their history, thereby enriching his knowledge in the field of dance.

As a highlight, you can put a banknote or a joint photo between the pages.

As you have already noticed, there are plenty of gift options for dancers.

In order to guess the desired gift, listen to what your friend says when meeting, during training - he will give you a hint what would be the perfect gift for him.

And what do you give your colleagues in the "workshop"?

Share your ideas in the comments!

We hope that the article was useful for you!

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Decorative pillow

If you want to give a gift to a child or one of your friends, we suggest making a pillow. But not quite ordinary, but decorative, in the form of a donut. It will become an excellent decoration of the room and will always remind you of you.

For its manufacture, the following materials will be needed:

  • felt or fleece of beige and pink -colored
  • Those to the tone for each shade
  • Small multi -colored pieces of felt
  • Filler for pillow (for example, battles)
  • Sewing machine
  • Claims
  • Knights
  • pins
  • pencil.

Cut out two beige circles from felt. To do this, we put pieces of fabric on top of each other and draw a large circle using a plastic bucket or other container. Then in the center we draw a small circle, circling the plate.

Another pink circle should be slightly smaller. To make it look like icing on a donut, let's make its edges wavy.

As a topping, we use multi-colored pieces of felt, cut them into small strips. We attach the blanks to the pink circle with pins.

Sew on the colored pieces and then pin the pink felt to the beige base.

Using a sewing machine, sew the pink piece along the edge.

We connect the beige rings and sew them in a zigzag. Be sure to leave a small hole to fill it.

We fill the pillow with batting and that's it, a beautiful gift is ready!

Depending on the hobbies of your family and friends, you can make a variety of pillows.

Other gifts: Birthday gifts for a man: Ideas and a list of what to give Photo

Real players will be delighted with such a pillow!

Lovely cushions in neutral tones are the perfect decoration for a child's room.

What to give your beloved man for his birthday interesting

If the birthday man has everything he needs, it is necessary that your gift will interest him. It may be something useful or not very practical, but actually unusual. Interesting tips on what to give your beloved man for his birthday original:

  • Illuminated steering wheel is a cool interior decoration for a person who loves the sea and marine themes.
  • Bio-fireplace with natural basalt stones . This is another home decoration that will perfectly complement a laconic masculine interior.
  • The popcorn maker is a great present for the popcorn lover.
  • Underwater camera . If a man loves scuba diving. Then he will be happy with such a gift, because he will make it possible to record his adventures under water on video.
  • Ant farm . This is not just a pet, but a whole army or a whole state in a small aquarium. Watching the life of smart insects is very exciting.
  • Paired throw with sleeves . If you don’t know what to give your beloved husband for his birthday, but you like watching movies together in the evenings or just sitting next to you, you can choose such a cool plaid.
  • Telescope for observing the stars and the surrounding world is a very interesting birthday present for your beloved man.

An interesting birthday present for a man is not necessarily something material. A great gift idea that will definitely not be forgotten is an adventure. You can choose something extreme like skydiving or a quiet one like attending a cocktail making class.

When choosing an extreme adventure as a present, keep in mind the state of his health. For example, when deciding what to give a beloved man for his 30th birthday, you can consider at least flying on a flyboard, at least bungee jumping, but for an adult or even an elderly person this may not be possible.

When choosing an adventure, it is important to consider the interests of the birthday person. It is good if the adventure is connected with the man's hobby. For example, a guy who loves cars will love an extreme driving workshop or off-road jeep driving. If a man has a long-standing job, for example, to try himself as a pilot, you can fulfill it. It will turn out very pleasant and interesting.

Picture of threads

If you want to congratulate a person who loves different elements of home decor, then try to make a picture.

You don’t need to be able to draw for this, because you will need completely different parts:

  • wooden board
  • nails
  • hammer
  • thread of any shade
  • drawing paper.

Draw a big heart on paper. We put the drawing on the board and nail nails along the contour with an interval of 2 - 2.5 cm, after which we remove the paper.

Tie the end of the thread to one of the nails. In random order, weave a thread from one nail to another. We do this until the entire space is covered.

We fix the thread on one of the nails.

A beautiful heart-shaped painting is ready. Each person will definitely like such a gift, as it will perfectly complement the interior and will remind you of you.

Depending on the preferences, interior style or hobbies of a person, you can make a picture with a different pattern. Beautiful and unusual examples are shown in the photo.

Teacher's birthday present: options

Let's present an overview of what to give a teacher for his birthday, depending on the specific circumstances.

From class

If the whole class gathers for a gift to the teacher, then you can give a more solid thing - for example, household appliances for the kitchen, a coffee machine.

On an individual basis, such things should not be presented to the teacher in order to avoid feelings of embarrassment and even refusal on his part to accept such an expensive gift.

But as a collective present it is quite suitable, like a multicooker, microwave oven, laptop, especially if it happens in the year of manufacture.

You can also give the class teacher:

  • a comfortable chair;
  • quality desktop organizer;
  • coat hanger.

Such a gift can please even more than a more personal present.

Primary school teacher

The first teacher can be given any gift from the above list.

In addition, primary school teachers will be pleased:

  • Set of original magnets for attaching illustrations to a board;
  • Warm fluffy scarf.
  • Beautiful ladies/mens umbrella.

Middle school teacher

A gift for a teacher depends on age. However, like any woman, the teacher will be pleased to receive a certificate for visiting the spa, a certificate for a photo session as a gift.

You can safely give a class teacher:

  • Various household items, such as a set of towels and similar useful items;
  • Original napkins, potholders;
  • Leather paper organizer;
  • A set of good expensive stationery.

A gift with a thematic design would be appropriate for a teacher who teaches a certain academic discipline:

  • A ceramic mug decorated with geometric symbols will suit a teacher of mathematics, notes - a teacher of music;
  • A biology teacher can be pleased with a rare plant like a blooming stapelia.

High school teacher

A high school teacher will not refuse to receive a gift that is thematically related to the subject taught, and at the same time it can be used in practice.

For example:

  • Literature teacher can be given an annual subscription to a publication of interest to him.
  • For a physical education teacher, as a person associated with sports , practical gifts like a personalized engraved whistle, a sports watch or a fitness tracker are suitable.
  • Geography teachers, as well as history teachers , will appreciate the map in the original design. A globe safe would also come in handy here.

From a student

Thinking about what gift to give to a teacher for her birthday, a student can choose from the previously announced options.

If a girl is fond of needlework, then you can prepare in advance and present as a gift:

  • Scarf, knitted by hand;
  • Set of original kitchen potholders;
  • Photo frame with interesting design;
  • Scrapbook embellished notepad.


If you want to present an extraordinary gift, then you should pay attention to souvenirs:

  • charms for the home;
  • piggy banks;
  • scoop spoons;
  • interestingly shaped vase;
  • unusual stationery holder.

Dance and vocals

Dance and vocal teacher will like as a gift:

  • Disc with recordings of rare pieces of music;
  • Tickets for the concert of classical and contemporary music.
  • Good microphone providing good sound amplification;
  • Quality audio system with speakers and other technical devices.

For a man

You can give a male teacher:

  • A solid leather wallet-purse by putting a souvenir coin into it (real banknotes in this case would be a bad bribe).
  • Nice men's umbrella as a gift for a teacher's birthday also fits perfectly.


A self-made gift that a student made with his own hands touches the teacher's heart in a special way. Indeed, the child tried, did so that the teacher liked it.

Such a surprise can be the following:

  • A gift from a student made of paper in the origami technique can be very interesting and difficult to perform. Such effort cannot be underestimated.
  • Straw appliqués look original, which children can make together with their parents.
  • Natural wall panel can also be given as a gift.


It is a pleasure for a teacher to receive as a gift a special issue of a wall newspaper or a home-made printed edition dedicated to the birthday boy.

This is the best way to show your good attitude towards the teacher.

Photos, drawings, poems, bright design will bring joy and pleasure to the teacher.


Personal gifts from students must be inexpensive.

These can be:

  • Flowers;
  • Postcards;
  • Stationery;
  • Small sweet gifts.

An inexpensive gift made from the heart, a true teacher will always appreciate.

Certificate for a photo shoot for the next tournament

Win-win! Your friend will always be able to choose exactly what he needs.

Fees for the competition - a separate item of expenditure for the ballroom. Especially for partners. Do you want to alleviate this "fate"? Find out which upcoming tournament your friend is taking part in, find out which studio will work in this competition, and order a certificate, for example, for a haircut. From the options of "least resistance" - a certificate for an instant tan or in a solarium. They, by the way, can be used not for the competition.

And this is a reliable option. Well, who among the ballrooms will refuse beautiful photos from the parquet, especially those where the inscription of the photo studio and the watermark does not stretch over half the face? That's right, nobody. A photo shoot or buying back all the photos from a tournament day is a great gift idea. By the way, a studio photo shoot would also be a good present, and alone or with a dancing couple, it's up to your friend to decide.

Alexandra Makhotina


An even more practical and good present for any dancer or group would be a gift certificate. For performances and holidays, costumes, makeup are needed, and money is needed to purchase this.

Help comes with certificates for any amount, designed for tailoring in the atelier, purchases in fabric and cosmetics stores.

Tailoring isn't cheap these days, but that shouldn't be an obstacle to the public performances of talented dancers. You can present such a certificate at the opening of a dance studio - it will turn out very relevant.

Stylish bracelet for sister or girlfriend

As you know, girls are real fashionistas. That is why handmade jewelry is a great gift for any occasion.

Other Gifts: Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

To make this accessory, you will need:

  • simple thin bracelets
  • beads or a garland of beads
  • superglue
  • thread of any shade.

Glue the beads to the bracelet with superglue. We wrap each bead with a thread several times. At the end, we fix the thread with glue.

You can make several bracelets in different colors so that they can be more easily combined with clothing.

By the way, as an addition to such a gift, you can make a small tray for bracelets and other accessories. Just follow the instructions in the photo.

What not to give your beloved man for his birthday

Thinking about what to give your beloved for his birthday, study all the unsuccessful options in advance in order to refuse them in advance. We have included in the list of what not to give as gifts:

  • Hygiene products . Surely a man can buy himself all the necessary little things for a bath, shower, shaving, etc. This is no longer a shortage or a rarity, so such a birthday present will definitely not impress, and perhaps even offend.
  • Perfume . Cologne is a traditional gift, but also not the most successful one. Most men like to buy such things for themselves, and not hope that their beloved will guess with the aroma.
  • Women's gifts . This is a very common mistake - to give men heart-shaped photo frames, photo pendants, figurines and other romantic little things. They are usually liked by young girls and very romantic ladies, but most men do not.
  • Things related to bad omens . Even if the birthday man is not particularly superstitious, he will not be pleased to receive a present that causes unpleasant associations.

Very often the question arises whether it is worth giving flowers to men. Men's bouquets exist and they are quite popular, but they are usually not given to beloved men. This is a great addition to a gift to a colleague, boss, relative. And it’s better not to give flowers to your loved one, but to choose a fun alternative, for example, a bouquet of fruits, vegetables, sausages or other goodies.

Candy bouquet

If you are invited to a party with a person who has everything, don't worry, make an original candy arrangement. Believe me, you will definitely like such a present and will attract the attention of all guests.

In order to make flowers you will need:

  • sweets
  • corrugated paper in different colors
  • scissors
  • transparent mica
  • skewers
  • strong thread.

Cut out four pieces from different shades of corrugated paper, as shown in the photo.

Take one of them and fold it four times.

Trim sharp corners on one side.

Unfold the paper and give the petals a convex shape by stretching them.

Repeat the same with the rest of the pieces of paper.

We twist the edges of the petals with a skewer.

Wrap the candy in transparent mica and secure with a thread.

We attach the smallest piece of paper.

Gradually add all the rest.

Such flowers can be combined into a beautiful bouquet or create an unusual composition. It all depends on your imagination.

How to choose gifts?

We are sure that as soon as you look at the catalog, you will immediately want to buy most of the products offered, all lots look so bright and memorable. When choosing a creative gift, you need to remember that the price does not play a special role, the most important thing is to pleasantly surprise and amaze the person presented. Here you will find original ideas for a girlfriend, a man, for children - each product deserves special attention. An original and memorable present is exactly what you need, here are some of the most striking and popular ideas:

  • growing pencils;
  • unusual 3D puzzles;
  • original needlework kits.

You can be sure that you won't find similar ideas in Moscow again! We do our best so that you can truly surprise and delight people close to you!

Do-it-yourself night lamp and candlestick

Making such a gift is not difficult at all. Moreover, it does not require too complex materials. Follow the instructions in the photo and be sure that the result will definitely please you.

A handmade gift is a truly valuable thing. After all, its production often requires a lot of effort and time. But still the result is worth it. Be sure to try to implement at least one idea and share the results in the comments.

Do you like to make gifts with your own hands or do you prefer to buy them?

A gift for a musician


When choosing a gift for a musician's birthday, the main thing is not to make a mistake. It is a very common misconception that a guitarist should be given a guitar, a violinist a bow, an artist an easel and paints, a singer a microphone, and so on. It is highly undesirable to do this on your own. Unless you know for sure that a person needs one or another tool for creativity. And even in this case, you need to think a hundred times, because creative people always prefer to buy the tools they need on their own. On the other hand, materials for creativity now cost a lot of money, which a person may simply not have. How to proceed? Visit the store with the birthday boy or give him a certificate to purchase the necessary items for creativity!


Cake in the form of a treble clef, presented by you on his birthday to a musician, is an original and tasty gift that will please both the hero of the occasion and the guests. Confectionery is made to order. If desired, the cake can be decorated with notes, flowers, stars, butterflies and so on. To order, you can also make a chocolate musical instrument in sizes corresponding to the real ones.

Tool case

Creative tool case makes a great gift. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the color. If the creative person is a child, teenager or girl, try not to choose black. It's certainly classic, but too boring. Let it be at least a rich brown, beige or burgundy color.

Wall clock

Wall clock should be a musical theme - the shape of a treble clef, excerpt from a classical piece plays at 12:00 sharp, or it is a clock in the form of a musical instrument. You can add an engraving to the gift.

Thematic souvenir

If you don't have enough money, but you still want to make a creative gift, you can present a flash drive - a guitar, a home-made watch made from a vinyl record, a passport cover with a picture of piano keys, and so on.

Sports equipment - yoga mat, fitball, dumbbells

A dancer's face is not his face, but his body, which must always be in great shape. If your dancer friend practices not only in the dance hall, but also outside it, or has long wanted to start doing sports additionally, feel free to give him something universal for practicing at home - it can be a rug, an inflatable ball, dumbbells, a body bar, yes at least an expander.

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