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[Top 10] SWTOR Best Female Outfits

If we’re honest, most characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic can rock any number of outfits, regardless of their gender. From golden accented robes to full body armor, there’s a lot of choices and a lot of ways to mix and match every armor set imaginable to make the perfect look. While the game does have some female specific armor sets that can only be worn by the ladies, there are some other Cartel Market sets that look absolutely fabulous on the female form as well. Here are some of the best:


10. Juhani’s Armor Set

If you’ve played the first Knights of the Old Republic, you’ll remember one of the Star Wars universe’s first encounters with a Cathar, Juhani. This armor set is based on her garb from the game.

  • This set is quite form-fitting without being too revealing
  • Juhani’s armor looks excellent when dyed. Many players love to wear it with a Black-Black dye equipped, as it makes the set become very slimming

How to acquire: This set is currently not available on the Cartel Market, but can be found on the Galactic Trade Network, where players sell items to other players. Depending on your server, the price will vary anywhere from 900k to around 6 million in-game credits.

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/juhani/ 


9. Festival Dress

Recently released for this holiday season, this dress is rife with festive, glittery joy.

  • The chestpiece on this set is quite unique and the first of its kind in SWTOR, with an elegant pattern on the back that makes for a flirty outfit
  • The pink parts of this set are able to be dyed any color you wish. However, the glittery parts do not dye

How to acquire: The Festival Dress can be purchased from the Cartel Market for 1,400 Cartel Coins. You can also find it on the GTN for around 40 million in-game credits.

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/festival-dress/


8. Bold Hellion

Perfect for any smuggler or flirtatious hunter, this semi-revealing set shows off without going too far.

  • Complete with a rugged bandana scarf and a snakeskin pattern, this set is a statement
  • For many players, this set has replaced Mira’s Armor Set in their affections
  • This set also features some of the only fingerless gloves available in the game

How to acquire: Though this set isn’t currently on the CM, keep an eye out for flash sales. You can also find it on the GTN like always, for around 60 million depending on what server you call home. 

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/bold-hellion/


7. Je'daii Warrior’s Armor Set

With a low-cut, this set looks fantastic on female characters, while still providing them with a more armored look. 

  • This armor set comes with two separate chest pieces, one that has the hood up, and one that has the hood down
  • When your weapon is drawn, the plates of armor along the shoulders slide down!
  • Comes with a fashionable face mask (perfect for these strange times)

How to acquire: You can buy this set on the CM for 1,400 Cartel Coins (or in a bundle with the Ancient Force-Imbued Blade for 3,900 CCs). It’s quite expensive on the GTN, around 130 million in-game credits.

More details: https://swtorista.com/articles/jedaii-warrior-armor-review-swtor/ 


6. Jori Daragon’s Armor

Based on the armor worn by Jori Daragon, this gold accented set is one of a kind and is sure to make you feel like royalty.

  • Fully dyeable!
  • Comes with completely unique gloves and boots, both of which are gold plated and armored-looking

How to acquire: Also unavailable on the CM, this set can be found on the GTN for around 100 million in-game credits. Keep your eyes peeled for excellent deals and regularly check the GTN for price drops.

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/jori-daragon/ 


5. Slave Girl Armor

A favorite among male and female players alike, the Slave Girl outfit is based off of Princess Leia’s iconic bikini in Return of the Jedi.

  • I think most everyone has purchased this set at some point, whether it be for themselves or their companions
  • This golden bikini is only dyeable on the fabric bits and the jewels found on the collar and rings
  • Much cheaper than many other dancer sets

How to acquire: Unlike the other armor sets here, this get-up is not a Cartel Market item. It can be purchased from Gandra in the Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa, who sells it for a total of 1,400 credits. You must be Social level II or above to purchase the set, and only females can wear it.

More details: https://swtorista.com/armor/slave-girl 


4. Resort Swimwear

Long awaited by avid swimwear fans, the Resort Swimwear is finally here and able to be worn by players!

  • This set comes with two chest pieces: one that has a kama on the back, and one that lacks it. You can swap between versions to find the look that works best for you!
  • The Resort Swimwear is fully dyeable, even on the golden parts
  • This is the first set that features short-shorts!

How to acquire: This set is available on the CM for 1,400 CCs. You can also find it on the GTN for around 90 million in-game credits.

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/resort-swimwear/ 



Dramatic Extrovert

Dramatic is one word for it, alright. Though it’s an older set, it’s still highly coveted for its striking appearance.

  • Whether you like the revealing nature of this set or not, most players agree that the helmet goes well with other armor sets for a more imposing presence
  • Comes with thigh-high boots that are striking
  • For those who want a more covered set, the Thana Vesh Armor set is effectively the same look, just with a breastplate in place

How to acquire: Currently not found on the CM, you can buy this set on the GTN for a hefty price of around 300 million credits, depending on your server. However, you can also find this set in the Cartel Bazaar at the droid vendor called P-5C3. You will require Friend standing with the Underworld Exchange, as well as 8 Cartel Market Certificates, but if you have both of those things, the set is a measly 75,700 in-game credits.

More details: https://torf. mmo-fashion.com/dramatic-extrovert/ 


2. Satele Shan’s Armor Set

Satele Shan has an absolutely iconic set that players have adored ever since her first appearance. 

  • With gold accents along the boots and edges of the outfit, this set gives off a regal vibe without trying too hard
  • Satele’s boots are perhaps one of the most expensive items in the game, simply because they’re so unique and go so well with pretty much everything
  • For characters with brightly colored skin, this set often flatters them by showing a bit of that color

How to acquire: This set is purchasable from the CM for 2,600 CCs. The GTN prices fluctuate in the 100 million in-game credits range.

More details: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/satele-shan/ 


1. Sensuous Dress

Another older set that has withstood the test of time, this armor has earned its name.

  • This dress is perfect for the more sophisticated, party-attending woman
  • Fully dyeable, this set looks slimming and dangerously sensuous when dyed black

How to acquire: This set is currently not available on the Cartel Market, but can still be found on the GTN for around 90 million in-game credits.

More details: https://swtorista.com/armor/sensuous-dress 


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Exquisite Dancer Armor Set – Items – Jedipedia.net's SWTOR Database

Exquisite Dancer Armor Set – Items – Jedipedia.net's SWTOR Database
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    • → atris

      Atris' Armor Set

      FQN: itm. ​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​atris

    • → canderous_ordo_v2

      Canderous Ordo's Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​canderous_ordo_v2

    • → juhani

      Juhani's Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​juhani

    • → kreia

      Kreia's Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​kreia

    • → mission_vao

      Mission Vao's Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​mission_vao

    • → rep_soldier

      Vintage Republic Military Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​rep_soldier

    • → revan_reborn

      Revan Reborn Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​revan_reborn

    • → vrook_lamar

      Vrook Lamar's Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​vrook_lamar

    • → exquisite_dancer

      Exquisite Dancer Armor Set

      FQN: itm.​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​bikini.​exquisite_dancer

    • → magnificent_dancer

      Magnificent Dancer Armor Set

      FQN: itm. ​mtx.​lootboxes.​full_sets.​bikini.​magnificent_dancer

  2. exquisite_dancer

Exquisite Dancer Armor Set

Cartel Market Item
Gegenstands-Wurfstufe 1
Binds on Equip

Use: This box contains a complete armor set only available from the Cartel Market.


Item level (iLvl):1
Item rating:14
Sell price:2,000 ¤
Stacks up to:does not stack
On Use:Open Box
Is consumed on use:no
Item bitflag:Auctionable Binding Giftbox Plot Uniform Wearable
Container slots

This item can be placed into the following container slots:

  • Inventory
  • Bank
  • Loot
  • Buyback
  • Any

Treasure package: 14428408611454716387

Gegenstands-Wurfstufe: 1


Added with:Patch 2.6.0
Global ID:16140919238740265773
FQN:itm. mtx.lootboxes.full_sets.bikini.exquisite_dancer
Star Wars name:Exquisite Dancer Armor Set
Other languages:Exquisites Rüstungsset der Tänzerin
Ensemble d'armure raffiné de danseuse
Other sites:TORCommunity



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[SWTOR] - How to start playing - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Map and hidden quests.

Adventure will not keep you waiting. The best clue in their search is map (M button by default).

Opening the location map, we immediately see open areas where our character has already been. The rest of the map, where you can potentially wander, is displayed as a highlighted hexagonal grid.

Potential adventures hide from us on the map behind various icons - glowing purple polygons offer story missions, yellow ones - side quests.

Arrows on the map indicate the direction to the taken quests. Story missions are highlighted in purple, other missions will be highlighted in green pointers.

Useful moment: for progressing in the story, you will be given experience boosters that speed up the character's experience gain for a period of 2 hours. don't forget to use them to speed up character development, this will allow you to progress through the story without being distracted by side quests.

Our current tasks are listed to the right of the map. Purple highlights story missions, as well as dungeon quests. The titles of the rest of the quests will be highlighted in standard yellow font.

To the left of the map there is a decoding of the symbols, there we put checkmarks in front of important objects that we want to see on the map, such as merchants, an auction, a post office, etc.

, and hidden so-called exploration missions . In fact, these are the usual side quests, generously scattered throughout the locations.

At the release of the game, they served as an important source of experience for leveling the character, but then character development was greatly simplified so as not to distract players from the main plot. It was a pity to remove them and they were hidden.

But in the map window they made a button that allows you to turn them on again and enjoy unique content: when literally every mission to kill 5 local boars is equipped with full-fledged animated dialogues with the quest giver.

Beware: by completing all the side quests with the premium subscription and experience boosters enabled, you can very quickly find that the character has outgrown not only the current location in terms of level, but also a couple of the next ones. However, it is only for the better...

Everything seems to be set up, but still a strange feeling in the Force does not leave us... some irregularity continues to annoy... oh yes, everyone around is in the same robes, but the soul wants to create a unique and inimitable image of the hero .

This is where the Character Sheet (Character Sheet, C button by default) comes to the rescue. Let's open it through the main menu of the game and look at our hero:

The window obediently displays the hero surrounded by slots for equipment (we have poor things with him at the start, but what perspectives are drawn!).

To the left of the world view scale shows whether light or darkness prevails in our hero.

Previously, fans of playing a neutral hero had to literally watch their every word in the dialogue so that the balance did not fly up or down on this scale, but now there is a magic switch . Yes, the one to the left of the compass with the minimap.

You switch it to the right position - and each sneeze begins to be interpreted by the hero in the right way. Miracles of the mind, not dreamed of by previous generations. So now you don’t have to worry about the fact that your karma will be badly damaged because you wanted to kill two or three characters who looked askance at you in the story - you can always return to the light from the deepest darkness. Just switch the mood and keep cutting them for the sake of the light, young padawan!

Be careful with this switch, use it wisely so that it helps in creating the desired image, and does not destroy all your efforts on the way to the light if you forget to switch it from the opposite position (blue - light / red - dark).

But let's get back to the character window.

To the left of the world view scale and from top to bottom are displayed:

our hero's nickname, his class, character level, equipment level, current characteristics, social level and pvp rank (Valor).

Below the window displays the parameters of attack and defense, a separate tab below you can see the current companion NPC and the ship, when both of them appear.

In the meantime, to complete our image, we need the right side of the window - there we see a tab with a schematic image of a man (it is highlighted in green), and below the numbers and a plus sign.

The numbers show tabs with the appearance of our hero , clicking on the plus suggests buying more tabs to create different outfits on them and then quickly switch between them.

The purchase window that opens offers to buy a tab for game credits on the left (the amount will increase as the number of new tabs increases), on the right - for the currency of the game store.

The price tag in store currency is insane, so buying with in-game credits is the right choice.

If you do not have a premium subscription, you will not be able to use costumes. Either we pay for a subscription, or we unlock this feature for Cartel coins.

Tabs done how create outfit ?

Take any item from the character's inventory and drag it into the slots of the appearance tab. Equipped items can be used after being removed from the character.

Putting an item in the appearance slot will not destroy the item, and you can equip it back later.

Important: do not confuse the equipment and appearance tabs.

The appearance tab is easy to distinguish: there is no scale to the left of the hero image, instead of the character’s parameters, there are options on the bottom that allow hide the helmet , and show or hide the dark side effect .

Yes, in the game a character gravitating towards the dark side of the Force canonically gradually acquires characteristic external features (red eyes, skin problems...) They can be left for everyone to see or hidden with makeup in this window.

After placing all things in their places, we save the resulting outfit with the green button below [Commit Changes], while paying a small amount of game credits.

Now by clicking the green [Apply] button at the top of the window we will activate the outfit from the specific outfits tab as our hero's current appearance.

Switching to another tab and clicking [Apply] there we will change the outfit to the one saved in another tab.

Do you want to feel like a novice neophyte beginner again? Save the starting image as one of the costumes! And switch to it in one click under the appropriate mood.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the appearance of the weapon.

But in the game there is a equipment modification system , which allows you to find or purchase a nice sword or blaster without any useful characteristics, and give it any desired characteristics with the help of so-called modifiers.

All high-level equipment supports the modification system.

Modifiable items usually have a thin red border around the item icon. More rarely, the frame will be gold or purple.

An item that supports modification, when you press ctrl + RMB (right mouse button) on it, it will open the modification window.

Modification can also be carried out on a special workbench - a modification station, which can be found in any starting zone by being guided by the designation on the map in the form of a pistol (do not forget to turn on the display of workbenches on the map, as mentioned earlier).

The game will teach you how to use modifications the first time you use the corresponding machine. You can purchase new modifiers from the appropriate NPC merchants, from other players at the auction, or pull them out of the modifiable equipment received in the game.

Among the equipment modifiers there is also a purely decorative slot - for a dyeing module in armor or for a decorative special effect in a weapon. It may well be left empty.

In addition to the usual modifiers that are initially available in the item, all modifiable items at the modification station can be attached to the so-called. augmentation, an improvement that adds characteristics.

But for this operation, you will first need to add the appropriate slot to the equipment, because by default, it is missing .

It is added on the same machine with augmentation kit, in the maximum version MK-10. The improvements themselves are the result of crafting and can be purchased from other players in the auction.

The Gray Side of the Force: sam_newberry — LiveJournal

And with you everything will be simple and painful, like the bite of a rattlesnake -
Wake up at night with a gloomy knowledge that takeoff is available.
Stars will splatter towards you like a rainbow, cut your cheeks.
Fly, crane - the chest of the Universe is tight, like a tambourine.

And the flight of the crane is as direct as it was a thousand years ago.
The universe does not care who goes to the heavenly garden, who goes to the bunk.
Therefore, the flight of the crane is straight, like a thousand years ago.
So fly away, crane.
Fly away.
(Oleg Medvedev, Zhuravlik )

Recently completed the passage of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords . I was completely delighted, which I would like to share with the outside world (yes, before, my hands, alas, did not reach this classic game). Under the cut, in the best traditions of a bad gamer, there are a lot of discussions about this and that, personal memories of no interest to anyone, and quite a bit of information about the game. There are no spoilers (and you never know, suddenly someone still hasn't passed this masterpiece yet).

We should probably start with an explanation. I don't like Star Wars . There are a number of reasons for this, and it is better to talk about it separately later on when the occasion arises. In short, I don't like racism and slavery in Star Wars . Show me at least one Hutt in canon who is not a mafia, or at least one Rodian who is not a bounty hunter (or at least a positive bounty hunter working for "ours"). Or tell me why even on the most enlightened planets droids are the property and the object of commodity-money relations, and what is more humane - to regularly format their memory, resetting (well, that is, killing) a self-generating personality, or leave it as it is (as goodies do ), so that the glands more fully feel their social position. However, God bless him, drove. We need to move on to the second point.

And the second paragraph says that I hate the Old Republic. That is, I understand why it was invented - BioWare , when I did the first part of KoTOR , I wanted complete independence from films and from Lucas. Usually, it’s like with authors who create under license: you can’t kill this character - the screenwriter who invented it is against it; don't you dare blow up this planet - its fans love it, our ratings will fall because of you; cross out the dashing plot twist with the destruction of this power - three more sequels are planned with its participation. Well, etc. To place the action of your work in times after the official canon is even worse than during its action. It is extremely inconvenient for both the authors and the holders of the canon - each sneeze will have to be coordinated so that it does not turn out that the author in his novel, which takes place ten years after the film, mentioned the beloved character N as a fan service, while the canon holders, it turns out, there was an idea to kill him beautifully in the new film, which will take place seven years before the novel. Accordingly, it is better to place the action of your work in the times before the canon - immediately and without additional clarifications, it is clear where everything should eventually come to.

But the biovarians decided to play it safe and pushed back the time of their game into the past not by twenty years, not by fifty, and not by a hundred, but by FOUR THOUSAND at once. Well, apparently, so that it’s completely guaranteed: you can blow up at least half of the galaxy for scenario purposes - this will not come back to haunt the canon. But here another problem arose - it is required to ensure recognition. For reference - on Earth, for example, four thousand years ago was the nineteenth century BC, this is when Sumer, Egypt and Babylon ruled. That is, one can roughly imagine the difference in scientific, technical and social development. If the player is offered a role-playing game that has the words 9 in the title0191 Star Wars , but at the same time it does not tell about starships and blasters, but about the hardcore Middle Ages (we take an amendment to the fact that in Star Wars civilizations are more developed than ours), where swords are not light swords, the player will not understand such a joke. Therefore, four thousand years ago in a galaxy far, far away, everything was exactly the same. Starships, blasters, lightsabers. Even the appearance of all this goodness has not changed much. Why, they even wear almost the same clothes. And they are at war with the evil Sith Empire, which differs from the Galactic Empire in about nothing - except for the open presence of the aforementioned Sith in their ranks.

As a result, you get a world frozen in time, in which you can do absolutely anything - but it will not change and will not develop anywhere. Accordingly, from a world in which, albeit with a stretch, you can still somehow believe, a notorious grotesque in the spirit of a forty-ton Warhammer has turned out. With the difference that Warhammer is still at least somehow changing (the whole point of its setting is precisely in the inevitably impending polar fox that will swallow up the entire known universe), and here is a completely stopped moment. The Eternal Republic is eternal, it is regularly run over by the Empire, which rakes in the bushes, but, like the Phoenix bird, it is reborn in a new form and runs over again (sometimes even winning for a short time). Everything. Finish. End of time. Specific individual stories of specific individual characters can develop, please with unexpected twists and bring something new, the history of the world cannot. And although, I repeat, I perfectly understand where and why it came from, it does not add to my love for the result.

And I'll mention in a separate paragraph that I hate the Old Republic fiercely also because the biovarians in it invented blades from magical horseradish that can withstand the blow of a lightsaber. That is, again, I understand why it was introduced - for balance. So that the player, finding himself in hand-to-hand combat with the owner of a lightsaber, does not suck much, and later, having acquired his own, on the contrary, does not bend too mercilessly. But in the end, the very central feature of the lightsaber - that it is a weapon that cuts EVERYTHING - was lost, and it became unclear why the Jedi and Sith bother with these glowing sticks, which differ from a normal sword only in the ability to repel shots from a blaster? Just to show off and be different?

In the desktop role-playing system Star Wars d20 , on which both parts of KoTOR are based, the advantages of the lightsaber are spelled out mechanically. The characters there have two health bars: Vitality and Wounds. Vitality - normal hit points that increase with level. Their loss does not affect the character in any way, and from all sorts of troubles such as hits from conventional weapons, they are the first to fly off. Wounds are critical health units that are scarce and practically do not grow (their number is equal to the character's constitution value). Their loss is fraught with fines for the character, and reducing to zero - death. Normally, Wounds are removed only after all Vitality units have been used up or if a critical hit has fallen during an attack - except when it comes to a lightsaber. He always deals damage directly to Wounds and thus can easily kill almost any opponent in one or two hits. However, for the computer version, it was decided not to hover the player with such a double system, so Wounds was abolished, leaving only Vitality, when used up, the character dies (which is typical, in the latest version of the d20th tabletop - Saga Edition 2007 - the authors did exactly the same). The lightsaber, respectively, yes, turned into a luminous stick, which, in addition to show-offs and pathos, is only good because, as mentioned above, it allows you to beat off blaster shots.

However, despite all of the above, I did play the first KoTOR , and with pleasure. Because I love role-playing games, and I hate fantasy, and for people like me, in those years there was little choice: two parts of Fallout , yes Arcanum , that's the whole range of alternatives. And there was not a single space RPG at all. Theoretically, it was possible, of course, to unearth role-playing games of the early nineties in the wilds of the Internet, where there were space-opera, cyberpunk, and others in stock, but the poor interface and strange over-engineered game mechanics made getting to know them very difficult for a player who had already managed to find himself a little . Therefore, KoTOR became literally a breath of fresh air, and despite the fact that, due to various circumstances, I did not go through it to the end, I played quite a lot. And I took the release of the second part with joy, especially since the second, unlike the first, which I got in a cut form, without videos and music, was a full-fledged rip with all of the above. True, it so happened that in those days I only went through the tutorial, the prologue on Peragus and felt Telos a little. Well, that is, I saw somewhere a fifth of the game at most and for some reason, I don’t remember why, I didn’t play further.

And here, a year ago, a new copyright holder took out a game from naphthalene and filed a patch for it, bringing a lot of new and tasty things. And I fired up to pass. More precisely, I wanted to go through the first part first, but since a patch was not released for it, I would have to install all the mods that improve compatibility with modern hardware manually. And it was too lazy to do this, so the preference was given to the second part. And I didn't regret it.

As someone said "if the first KoTOR is a perfect reconstruction Star Wars , then the second is their ideal deconstruction. "After going through the game, I can say yes, it is. Studio Obsidian , which made the second part, approached the issue from radically different positions. It suddenly became clear that if you go down from the heights of big politics and epic personal crusades, the picture comes out completely different from what we are used to seeing.For example, ordinary inhabitants of the galaxy do not like the Jedi, because they often bring trouble and rarely take into account their, ordinary inhabitants, interests. That people also do not understand the types of force users, not without reason stating that the Jedi and the Sith differ only in the color of their swords and the beauty of their speeches, and their great wars with each other for everything good and against everything bad are the essence of coitus between a toad and a viper. that the dark and light sides of the Force are distinctly separated, of course, but in reality, outside of philosophical disputes, they do not matter much, because the main thing is what kind of person you are and what's on your mind, not whether you're trying to stick to balance and calm or superiority and passion. That the Force itself is still a bastard essence, and not always and not everyone benefits. That the road is paved with good intentions knows where - but this does not mean that you need to stop doing good, it means that when doing good, you need to think twice and thrice, at the limit of reason. That any action can lead you to the abyss, but inaction will lead you there with a guarantee. That you can leave the war - but the war will never leave you. Things about which in plastic-caramel two-dimensional black and white Star Wars was never told to us - and probably never will be told again. Because the concept does not fit.

And the most important thing that captivated me personally in the plot - everything has already happened. The most significant and epic events in the life of the galaxy and the protagonist have already happened at the beginning of the game and even managed to get a little covered in the dust of time. There was a huge brutal war, there were difficult terrible decisions, there were victims, there was the expulsion of a hero from the Jedi Order and deprivation of his Force. Now he can only stir up the consequences, like photographs in an old box from the far shelf, trying to understand himself and make peace with the past. And they won’t tell us the details about most of the events - in the frame, in focus, people who are familiar with this communicate, so they don’t need detailed descriptions and retellings, and for us, the players, the unsaid is completed by our imagination - the most talented and brilliant artist. Behind-the-scenes narration. In my opinion, performed simply amazing - at least, specifically here. And, yes - the ending is exactly the same behind the scenes. The hero understands himself and goes to do what he decides to do from now on. Credits. Will he succeed and what will be the consequences - behind the scenes. Because it doesn't really matter anymore.

And finally, about the game itself. First of all, of course, I installed a Restoration Mod from the steam workshop, restoring a huge amount of content that was planned to be included in the game, but was never included for various reasons (mainly due to lack of time, since the publisher was in a hurry with the release). For restoration, materials were used that are in the resources of the game client, as well as received directly from the developers, some had to be done from scratch (for example, writing voice acting for two characters cut from the release version). For the most part, dialogue branches and small scenes (mostly revealing the relationship between team members) have been restored. By the way, in a couple of places this is directly clearly noticeable - when a phrase in a conversation has a voice acting that differs sharply in processing (it is immediately clear - a raw workpiece pulled out of the storerooms) or there is no voice acting at all and only a subtitle flickers. There are, however, major additions - for example, the defense of the settlement on Dantooine. In the original, only the final stage remained from it, with a battle in the corridors of the town hall, but the entire battle was restored - with a massive cut on the outskirts of the town hall and even with an inspiring speech being read to the soldiers before the start of the battle.

One of the biggest elements of the recovery mod is the HK-50 assassin droid factory quest. In the original, it ended in nothing, and this caused particular frustration among the players. Now this location, quite extensive, detailed and filled with a bunch of black humorous dialogues, is quite accessible. It is passed alone by the HK-47 droid, and it takes about two hours for itself (I didn’t notice exactly, but it feels something like this).

By the way, the degree of elaboration of the location can be assessed by such a stroke. It periodically comes across traps that fill the room with poisonous gas. Of course, a droid doesn't care about this from a high bell tower - but the creators of local security systems assumed that not only droids could look at them with unfriendly goals. That is, it is clear that the location is logically inscribed in the world, and not created specifically for your passage.

In addition to the restoration mod, I also downloaded a number of mods from the workshop that improve graphics. Basically, these are higher resolution textures for various locations. Also, somewhere in the middle of the passage, I could not stand it and installed a mod that allows you to turn off the display of headgear (items placed in the head slot, that is). Because this same headgear is sometimes good in terms of parameters, but completely obscene in appearance (see slide), and one has to be torn between munchkinism and aesthetic feeling. And with the mod, you can get pluses to the parameters, and continue to admire the face of the character in the dialogues.

As a role-playing system in KoTOR2 , as in the first part, Star Wars d20 of the first edition is used, as already mentioned above. This, in turn, is a cosmetic makeover of D&D 3rd Edition, with a few additions like the Wounds/Vitality system described above. But she had one drawback - like D&D , she provided for pumping only up to level 20. That is, the first level is a novice adventurer, the twentieth is an epic hero, a demigod. Above - already special books about adventures of the Olympic level and spinning on the finger with the fate of entire worlds. This is normal for a tabletop, but in CRPGs, leveling is faster, and it turns out that either the player will swing to the limit long before the final, or, if the experience is cut, he will get levels too rarely and get bored. Therefore, in the second part, the bar was raised from the twentieth level to the fiftieth. The balance of the desktop original went like a star, but you definitely won’t hit the ceiling - if you don’t use bugs with endless spawning of opponents in several places (corrected, however, by a recovery mod), then by the end you’ll be able to score somewhere around the 30th level, well, maybe the 31st.

Since they gave up on the desktop original, at the same time, according to the principle of "walk like a walk", they stuffed many things with additional properties such as increases in parameters (what in D&D was provided only by magical enchantment not from cheap ones, but in Star Wars d20 not sure what happened at all). Ordinary items come across only at the very beginning of the game, and after the completion of the prologue, almost everything encountered on the way will give some advantages to the character’s characteristics or skills.

Crafting has become an important addition to the game compared to the first part. Almost all items, except for quest items, can be disassembled into components using a workbench, and almost any item (except nominal and unique ones) can be assembled from these components. The range depends on the skills of the character. Also, almost all weapons and armor can be improved by replacing the basic modules with advanced ones. For a blaster, this is a sight, emitter and focusing lens, for a vibrosword - a handle, blade and battery, for armor - lining and outer lining. A lightsaber has six components in total, including a separate special crystal that determines the color of the blade. For chemistry (first aid kits, stimulants, grenades and mines), you don’t need a workbench, but a laboratory table (lab station), and they are disassembled into chemicals, not components. Well, they do not improve, respectively.

Inventory, alas, cannot be attributed to the strengths of the game. It has filters but no sorting, enhanced items are no different from non-enhanced ones, and items equipped by characters are marked as equipped, but without specifying which character. A complete mess, by the middle of the game I finally got sick of raking it up and simply stopped paying attention to the accumulating heaps of rubbish from trophies.

Trophies, by the way, are generated randomly, except for some important items. And at times this generation gives out pearls over which you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I climbed, say, into the ancient tomb of a terrible Sith, found a sarcophagus at the very end, and opened it. Inside, wrinkled from the past millennia, the mummy of this very Sith. I rummage around it. She has a personalized lightsaber (just one of the hard-coded items) and... forty-six credits. Is this a stash for Charon's fare or something? It would be better if there was nothing at all than this handful of little things. Where does the great villain of antiquity come from and why does he need it? The only explanation that can be offered (it was stated by Herr Major on Skype) is that for those thousands of years while the Sith lay dead, the wheel of inflation was constantly spinning, and the huge multi-million dollar Sith fortune had depreciated to the cost of the cheapest of blasters by the time we arrived. Or here is another example on the slide below: we search the corpse of a prisoner who died in a prison cell - we find armor and two grenades on it. I can just imagine how he was stuffed into this cell without taking off his armor and without unfastening the grenade from his belt. And how he then sat there in such a form, from time to time thinking whether to blow up this institution together with him.

The combat system, as in the first part, is a verbatim visualization of the battle from the tabletop. There are rounds of six seconds long. There is a certain number of actions that each character manages to do per round (usually one, more - only attacks, and then using certain special abilities and / or at high levels). There is a sequence of actions determined by the initiative parameter - it depends on who in each individual round will strike first. The process goes on in real time, but it can be paused at any time with a space (there is also autopause, which is quite widely customizable), you can set each of the controlled characters a sequence of actions from several commands (up to four, and you can do this during a pause) . They didn’t manage to combine it all with movement, so they made it easier - while the character is moving, he can’t do anything else in this round, and vice versa. Accordingly, all fine balancing act with different distances of movement per round and the buns and hemorrhoids received from this has disappeared, and the concept of attack of opportunity ("free" blow to the enemy moving next to you) has completely disappeared. But in general, the combat is still interesting and strategic.

Alas, the opponents in the game are adjusted in level to the heroes, so the difficulty of the battles remains approximately the same throughout the entire passage. By pumping levels, you just get access to new special abilities, but in no way make it easier for yourself to fight. However, they are quite easy. I played on "tabletop" difficulty (it's higher than average here, but not max) and most of the fights went by just spamming my best attack on opponents and sometimes healing. Strategy had to be shown literally several times. One of these cases is on the slide below. The boss of one of the story quests, a tank droid, had to use stimulants that temporarily increase parameters, and individual power shields that absorb a certain amount of damage, and Jedi buffs, and continuous switching between squad members with the distribution of personal instructions to each. And all the same, in the end, as you can see, two of the three party members lost consciousness, and the droid was literally finished off "on parole and on the same wing." That was an interesting fight.

The final battles (and there are two of them - with, let's say, the gatekeeper of the final boss and, accordingly, the final boss itself) are built according to a similar scheme. Sincerely talk, then fight, then talk some more, etc. Moreover, in communication with the boss's gatekeeper, by choosing the right lines and successfully passing wisdom and persuasion checks, you can break the spirit of the enemy, reducing his parameters and thus making it easier for yourself to continue the fight. With the boss himself, alas, this is not possible - only the ending (conditionally light or conditionally dark) depends on the choice of replicas in the conversation. And the last stage of the battle with the final boss is somewhat out of the atmosphere. The boss summons three lightsabers, with which he begins to cut you with the help of telekinesis. Firstly, this in itself looks pretty funny (since the boss stands like a pillar in the process, his hands are at his sides, and only if you start hitting him directly, he waves them off with his bare hands). And secondly, these swords are very severe, so if you cut with three of them at once, you will be cut in a moment - you have to run in circles from them in order to break away and quickly gobble up a couple of first-aid kits, and also, ideally, lure one to you of the three to deal with him (one on one fight against the sword is almost on a par). And this booth with running around in circles and waving away blades floundering in the air, as if in some black-and-white silent comedy - it contrasts very much with the general gloomy and pretentious mood, which otherwise the ending withstands flawlessly.

The duration of the game is twofold. According to the steam counter, I spent 56 hours on it, which is very, very decent for an RPG without an open world. But at the same time, subjectively, the sensations were "How, is everything already? I just started!" Probably, this should also be attributed to the merits of the game, although the moment, of course, is subjective, and even if someone experiences the same sensations, they may not consider them positive.

The bread, salt and butter of the game are companions. They have well-written characters, wonderful dialogues, any of them can be talked into some secrets. The main character influences each of them in a certain way, and the number of accumulated influence points, which is insidious, is not shown anywhere - it is simply written "someone liked it" or "did not like it. " The tastes of comrades-in-arms are diverse and often opposite - someone, for example, appreciates sharpness, aggressiveness and uncompromisingness, while someone, on the contrary, loves when issues are resolved peacefully and mutually beneficial. I have never been able to please everyone. We owe our memory to traitors and marauders... Okay, this is, of course, a quote almost off topic, but there is something similar in spirit. The main character will gather around himself very interesting personalities - in terms of the fact that not all of them will sympathize with the main character, and not all of them will be good people at all (or rather, almost none). Moreover, this feature will be driven by the plot - as well as by many, by the way, gaming conventions. RPG clichés are not deconstructed here as violently as clichés Star Wars , but still deconstructed.

Conversations with partners are not only interesting, but also useful - you can, say, teach them something (and even turn some into Jedi). In turn, they can also teach you something - give a new special ability, for example, or increase parameters. In addition, almost each of them can be useful with something additional: the T3-M4 droid can work as a workbench, the mechanic Bao-Dur disables force fields with a blow of his cybernetic prosthetic arm, mines do not react to the bounty hunter Mira, etc. And almost every partner can give you something - for example, from the same T3-M4 you can get hold of spikes (tools for hacking computers), from Bao-Dur - individual power shields, and from Mira - grenades.

Crey's grandmother. My favorite playable character from now on and, I feel, for a long time. The very fact of its existence already shatters the Star Wars foundations to hell - in all situations characteristic of this universe, Kreia does not approve of the actions characteristic of this universe. Instead, she condescendingly looks at the protagonist as an idiot and recommends acting like a normal person. What is called, "don't use the Force, Luke - use your head. " Well, the dialogues themselves, of course:
- Kreia, are you a Jedi or a Sith?
- Is it important? But yes, it's important. It is much easier for you to perceive the world by decomposing it into categories.

Some call her a troll - but no, she's not a troll. She is actually sincerely trying to teach wisdom to the protagonist.

From time to time, by the way, according to the plot, partners will have to adventure separately from the main character, just like the main character - alone, without partners, and sometimes under control for a while they will generally give out left-handed characters. Interesting and fresh, I would say.

Three mini-games moved from the first part to the second. The first is pazaak. A card game reminiscent of "twenty-one". By the way, you can play it with Atton, one of your partners, at any time, he will tell you its rules. The game with him goes "according to the rules of the Galactic Senate" - that is, without stakes, for interest. Why the Galactic Senate? Well, how about - "a lot of chatter, time spent, but no result." This is about the cynicism of the game, yes. Since I’m not strong in cards, I didn’t play, and the only plot point where you need to win the local championship can be completed without touching the cards at all. In alternative ways, so to speak.

The second mini-game is speeder racing. It is generally secondary and optional, but for me personally it is noticeably more interesting. True, it was in the case of her that the patch turned out to be powerless, and the game refused to show what was happening in widescreen format. This, however, does not interfere much.

Third - shooting from stationary guns. They meet according to the plot, but at the same time they are completely relaxed - so, relax, stretch your fingers - and at times they are completely optional.

Several times there were abstract and mathematical puzzles that must be solved in order to complete the story quest. Alas, only in one case the main character was allowed to choose an item that allows him, the main character, to use his intellect and solve the riddle without the participation of the player - in other cases, either the intellect was not enough, or such an opportunity was not provided at all. So I had to shout "I'm playing this for the story!" surf the Internet for a ready-made solution.

Microquest - dance for the Hutt on Nar Shadaa. You can send one of the partners (no, Krey cannot), you can also send the main hero if he is a woman. As a reward, you will get a funny video, some credits, a tiny handful of experience and a dancer's costume (does not give armor, but increases persuasion skill). Oh, yes, another achievement in the incentive.

Story videos are divided into two types: those that are on the engine, and those that are recorded separately (it was the latter that were cut out in my pirated first part). At the time of release, the second ones looked cooler than the first ones, because they were pre-rendered, now they are exactly the opposite. Muddy, pixelated, and even slides from them are not cut either by the built-in steam cutter, or even by fraps. But the videos on the engine look quite decent and beautiful.

Power vision special ability. Why is it needed - I still do not understand. The whole world becomes black and white, your own are highlighted in blue, the enemies are white. What this gives, besides the visual effect, is unclear.

In general, the abilities granted by the Force are not only spectacular, but also useful (remember to switch the party Jedi into support mode so that they not only attack the enemy with the weapons they have in their hands, but also use the Force).

The plot of the second part with the first... no, you can't say "not connected". It is just connected, and very tightly - but the events that occurred after the end of the first game play a role. Yes, again the same principle of "narrative out of focus", when the player's most interesting imagination draws to him by itself.

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