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What is it with the Moulin Rouge and Australians? Right now, nearly two-thirds of the dancers at the fabled Paris cabaret are Aussie girls, real sex kittens, according to their dance tutor.

One is Laura Matheson, 19, from Wheelers Hill, in Melbourne's south-east, although as she waits in the wings ready to go on and cancan her heart out, she's probably never looked less Australian.

Her outfit - white dress with red and blue trimmings over a frothy drawstring underskirt, boldly feathered cap and leather boots - are all recognisable from Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs. She slumps as she stands, shoulders and arms relaxed, one foot tapping to the music.

It's been a few weeks since she graduated from raw recruit to performer, and the nightly routines are slowly becoming second nature.

Laura has followed in the footsteps of other young Australian dancers who auditioned back home and were chosen to join the troupe of the Moulin Rouge.


An ABC documentary series last year followed six dancers from Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and their transformation from fresh-faced Aussie girls to glamorous participants in the show.

Following the series, dozens of young Australian hopefuls, including Laura, emailed the cabaret in Paris about joining the company, which then sent representatives to Australia to conduct auditions. The Moulin Rouge powerbrokers were so impressed with the local talent that out of an intake of 12 new dancers, they chose nine Australian girls. Pay starts at 2500 euros a month ($A4185) and the contracts are for six or 12 months.

The successful dancers were flown (economy) to Paris and told where to look to find themselves an apartment. Then they immersed themselves in rehearsals.

Laura, nicknamed Bambi by the other girls, recalls the first rehearsals as being pretty tough. "They were all day, every day, six days a week. We couldn't believe anyone could do it. It was a total wake-up call."

One girl quit to go back to her boyfriend. Another sprained a tendon and had to work overtime to catch up on missed classes. Mostly, though, the girls made it through, learning, in addition to routines, how to wear the heavy feather headdresses without toppling over, about stage make-up, and how to fend off stage-door admirers.

Anyone who loves Paris can't help but be seduced by the Moulin Rouge (literally Red Mill), tacky costumes, corny songs and all. It opened in 1889, the same year as the Eiffel Tower, and remains a vital part of the city's history. It's easy to imagine you've been catapulted back to the days when Moulin Rouge dancers first shocked the crowds with their vulgar dances, catcalls and audacious crotchless bloomers.

But back to a Tuesday afternoon in Paris in early October last year. The Moulin Rouge auditorium is empty save for rows of red velvet chairs stacked on top of white linen-covered tables. At the back, a few kitchen staff are eating lunch.

Laura is on stage with 11 other sweaty, red-faced young women aged between 17 and 25, most of them fresh off the plane from Australia. The rhythmic thump of their boots and the sound of their puffed-out breathing marks time with a tinkling piano. They're being taught by former Moulin dancer Amanda, who's yelling out each step to them, urging them to keep up, alternately berating and encouraging. Among them, perhaps, a future nude, a soloist, a principal. Nudes are chosen simply on whether or not their breasts are deemed worthy of exposure to an audience. In a regulation only Parisian dancers would admit to, you have to bare your breasts to rise above the chorus line.

Today, as they grin and bear the gruelling rehearsal pace, the newbies are learning the cancan, the Moulin Rouge's signature routine - a form of quadrille marked by extravagant leaping and kicking - acknowledged as one of the most arduous in the biz.

Apart from high kicks, splits, double-time steps and relentless reprises, it also involves cartwheels that take the girls perilously close to the edge of the stage, and a bizarre movement in which they pair up, arms around each others' waists and raise their legs, connecting sole to sole, before hopping around on the spot with their free leg. (It's surely at least as complex to do as it is to describe.)

The Moulin Rouge, on Montmartre's Boulevard Clichy, began as just one of many Parisian cabarets offering cheap wine and entertainment. Its reputation blossomed in the 1890s, when management ran a competition among local artists to design a promotional poster. Regular patron Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec drew a redheaded dancer they called la Goulue (the Glutton), using a new line-drawing style that wowed the judges, who then put the posters up all over all Paris.

Lautrec died young, la Goulue died penniless but the Moulin Rouge lives on. A hundred years later, along came Australian director Baz Luhrmann and his film Moulin Rouge, and the legend continues apace. (For the record, no one's ever spotted star Nicole Kidman in the audience.)

If you have a chance to see the cancan, watch out for where the girls shake their fists at hip height, as if rubbing clothes against a scrubbing board. The move was included as a reference to the day jobs many of the first dancers had - most were washerwomen, dancing at night for pocket money and not ashamed to show their privates for a few sous.

Watching the Australian girls was like watching a dance version of Survivor. They became leaner, fitter, stronger and braver. Oh, and sexier, apparently.

"Your girls have done you proud," attests dancer-turned-tutor Amanda. "They are real little sex kittens. They're just learning what they can do with their bodies."

Auditions were held in Melbourne in January and, once again, the companyrepresentatives were thrilled with thegirls they saw. More auditions are planned for July.


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What is the salary of a Moulin Rouge dancer?

- Salary monthly one dancer Lido or Moulin Rouge : between 2. 800 and 4.000 euros net. Number of visitors to Moulin Rouge and at the Lido: 600.000 per year.

moreover, What profession around dance?

Services related to this subject

  • Circus artist. ...
  • Choreographer. ...
  • Fitness coach / sports coach. ...
  • Dancer. ...
  • Decorator-scenographer. ...
  • Designate. ...
  • Casting director. ...
  • Animal trainer.

What is the salary of a dancer at Crazy Horse Paris? A dancer du Crazy Horse works 5 to 6 days a week and earns on average less than 2 euros net per month, "the salary lowest of the trade in Paris ”, according to them. "In solidarity" with the dancers of the Crazy“, The comedian François Morel wanted to make his ticket naked, on France Inter.

By the way, What is the salary of a crazy girl?

According to them, a dancer from Crazy Horse earns on average less than 2 euros net per month, "the salary lowest of the trade in Paris ”.

How old are the dancers at the Moulin-Rouge?

How old minimum and maximum must be had to be dancer au Moulin Rouge ? To enter you must be at least 18 years old. After there is noage maximum.

How to work in dance?

This job / profession is accessible with training in dance (conservatories of music and dance, schools of dance,…) Supplemented by professional experience in one or more choreographic genres. Learning from an early age associated with a regular practice of dance is essential.

Which profession pays well?

Find a well paid job requiring a degree:

  • Judge, company lawyer, judicial officer.
  • Chartered accountant, director of a bank.
  • Physiotherapist, doctor, airplane pilot.
  • Executive, senior official in the French public service.
  • Engineer, highly qualified technician

How to make a living from dance?

Doing many internships, workshops or masterclasses is therefore essential in addition to basic training in a conservatory or other. In terms of employment, some large companies are doing well and are looking for new dancers from time to time, so you have to be prepared to travel to attend auditions.

How do I get into Crazy Horse Paris?

To dance on the stage of the legendary cabaret, the dancers must meet a certain number of criteria: When they begin, they are between 18 and 26 years old, they must be between 1m68 and 1m73, no more and no less. The stage being quite small, the girls must occupy it in a homogeneous way and create a balance.

Who are the Crazy Horse dancers?

Among the most famous dancers to have set foot on this mythical scene, how can we not quote Rita Renoir, Bertha von Paraboum, Rosa Fumetto, Lova Moore, Polly Underground, Stella Patchouli, Miss Tallulah, Zula Zazou and Psykko Tico…

What is the highest rank in the Opera dance company?

2nd step: the first dancer

From 1803, Jean-Georges Noverre designated by "first subject" the level the plus top of the troop Ballet. This title will be replaced by that of star at the end of the 19th century.

Who invented the Moulin Rouge?

The owners are called Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. They nicknamed their establishment The First Palace of Women and are betting on their success by proclaiming, to Thu want to hear it, which le Moulin Rouge will become the most grandiose temple of music and dance.

Who is the founder of the Moulin Rouge?

Joseph oller is the creator of the Moulin Rouge. Perfectionist and cheeky, he aims to create "the biggest, the most beautiful of cabarets!" A temple of women, dance and Cancan! ".

What is the Moulin Rouge dance called?

La Dance au Mill - Red , also called Au Mill - Red : The Dance or Dressage des nouvelles by Valentin-le-Désossé is a painting painted in 1890 by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
La Dance au Mill - Red .

Artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Location Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia (United States)

What studies do you need to do to become a dancer?

Certificate ofstudies choreographic. State diploma professor de dance with option: classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance. National vocational guidance diploma de dance. National Higher Professional Diploma Dancer (DNSP)

See as well

What studies to be a choreographer?

There is training that leads to a DE (diploma d'State) de baccalaureate level: the diploma d'studies choreographic. It is a three-year course, provided by the conservatories. To become professor de dance, you have to spend a DE from professor de dance, which is prepared in two years after the baccalaureate.

Which baccalaureate to choose to become a dancer?

Recommended baccalaureate: L (until 2020) dance option or any other ferry and confirmed technical level (practical de dance, diploma in choreographic studies in progress).

What trade 3000 euros a month?

The salary of a product manager can be 3000 euros , with the possibility of advancing as a marketing director.

  • Elevator mechanic. ...
  • Plumber. ...
  • Trader. ...
  • Bricklayer-mason. ...
  • From business on the Web. ...
  • Sports coach. ...
  • Crane operator. ...
  • Seasonal work.

What profession earns 10.000 euros per month?

Top remunerations: 8 executive positions that pay off 10 euros per month (excluding bonus) in 2021

  • Senior business developer in the software world.
  • Brand Director.
  • Director of trends.
  • Industrial director.
  • Commercial director.
  • Cybersecurity Director
  • Chief product officer (CPO) in scale-up.

What is the best paid job without a diploma?

Plumber is the job accessible without the baccalaureate on better paid. Qapa reveals that the gross monthly salary for this activity where you should not be afraid of the piping amounts to an average of 2.500 euros.

How to improve your dance level?

First of all if you want to progress in dance, you will have to be diligent and take your dance regularly. Your teachers. es of dance design their course dance with a progression. With each session, you learn a new movement or perfect the movements learned previously.

What Study to be a Dancer?

Certificate d'studies choreographic. Diploma d'State professor de dance with option: classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance. National diploma d'Professional orientation de dance. National Higher Professional Diploma Dancer (DNSP)

What are the qualities of a good dancer?


  • Passion for dance, movement.
  • Taste for teamwork.
  • Listening skills.
  • Availability (rehearsals and tours), flexibility, adaptability
  • Sense of observation and mimicry.
  • Sense of rhythm and musical ear.
  • Creativity
  • Rigor.

What is the salary of a Moulin Rouge dancer?

Salary monthly dancer Lido or Moulin Rouge : from 2.800 to 4.000 euros net. Number of visitors at Moulin Rouge and Lido: 600.000 per year.

besides, what size to become a star dancer?

There are none size minimum or maximum be the lead dancer even if the Rat school de The opera imposes weights and size max for girls (not for boys). Marie-Agnès Gillot was star dancer big size : she was 1m75 tall.

What is the salary of a dancer at Crazy Horse Paris? A dancer du Crazy Horse works 5 to 6 days a week and earns an average of less than 2 euros per month "- salary is the lowest level of trade in Paris", they consider. "In solidarity" with Dancers " Crazy “Comedian François Morel wanted to bare his France Inter ticket.

Also, how old are the Moulin Rouge dancers?

How old must minimum and maximum be dancer au Moulin Rouge ? You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. After no age max

What is the average salary of a Crazy Horse dancer?

According to them, Crazy horse dancer win at Moyenne less than 2 euros net per month ", salary the lowest of the outlets in Paris".

Who was the first Frenchman to become a prima dancer?

March 14, 1959 Paris 11 e (France) Main activity Star dancer at the Paris Opera, ballet director of the Paris Opera Ballet Style Dancer Places of business Paris Years of operation 1976-1997

Who is the best prima ballerina in the world?

Svetlana Zakharova is a prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater and the Scala Ballet in Milan, considered one of the greatest Dancers current classics. She was nicknamed the Queen of the Great Patriotic War. dance .

Who is the greatest Etoile dancer in the world?

Anna Pavlova ( dancer )

What is the highest rating in the dance troupe Opera?

2nd step: first dancer

Since 1803, Jean-Georges Noverre defined "first subject" level plus the top of the squad ballet . At the end of the 19th century, this title will be replaced by a title.

Who are the Crazy Horse dancers?

Among the most famous Dancers to visit this mythical scene, how can we not quote Rita Renoir, Berta von Paraboom, Rosa Fumetto, Lova Moore, Polly Underground, Stella Patchouli, Miss Tallulah, Zulu Zazu and Psikko Tiko…

How do I get to Crazy Horse Paris?

To dance on the legendary cabaret stage, dancers must meet a certain number of criteria: when they start, they must be between 18 and 26 years old, they must be between 168 and 173, no more, no less. The stage is quite small, so the girls have to occupy it uniformly and balance it out.

Who invented the Moulin Rouge?

The owners are Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. They call their establishment the First Palace of Women and are betting on their success by proclaiming: here want to hear it, that le Moulin Rouge will be the grandest temple of music and dance.

Who is the founder of the Moulin Rouge?

Joseph Oller is the creator of Moulin Rouge . Perfectionist and brash, he aims to create "the biggest, most beautiful cabaret ever!" Temple of women, dance and cancan! ".

What is the name of the Moulin Rouge dance?

La dance au mill Blush , also called Au mill Blush : dance or Anri de Desosse’s Dressage of New Figures in 18,0 is a painting Toulouse-Lautrec.
La dance au mill Blush .

artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
location Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia (USA)

Who is the youngest Etoile dancer?

At the age of 19 she is named dancer Star Rudolf Nuriev December 29, 1984, at the end of the interpretation of "Swan Lake" in the double role of Odette / Odile. Sylvie Guillem becomes the youngest star of the Paris Opera Ballet what Nureyev called when était at the head.

Who is the dancer Etoile at the Paris Opera?

After a very successful performance in La Bayadère, where he played Idol d'Or, on 13 December at the festival Opéra Bastille, Paul Marc, 23, has just been appointed Star Dancer of the Opera National Paris .

Why is Francois Alou not a soloist?

Bad student? Only here, with all his talent, Francois Alou wouldn't do Don't need unanimity at the Paris Opera. "He doesn't like Don't need le dancers and it's quite mutual. The guy is obsessed with fame, it never happens Don't need a week without press and TV interviews.

Who is the best dancer in the world?

Dancer famous: Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Who is the best dancer in the world

1 / Rudolf Nureyev, "master of the dance"

See also

Le célèbre dancer Born in 1938 in the Soviet Union and died in France in 1993. Throughout his career, Rudolf Nureyev proved his talent, combining technicality and perfection.

Who is the best dancer in the world in 2020?

Loic Eno, sacred the best hip hop dancer internationally.

Who is the greatest dancer of all time?

1 / Rudolf Nureyev, "master of the dance"

Rudolf Nureyev laid the foundation for the history of classical dance. After he became known as that talented dancer , he later became a choreographer and ended his career as a choreographer. Get back on track with this dance genius.

Who is the greatest dancer in France?

Sylvie Guillem and Russell Malifant in 2010. Sylvie Guillem is one dancer French, born February 23, 1965 in Paris. She is the ballet star of the Paris National Opera and the Royal Ballet in London. She is counted as one of the more than ballerinas.

"MOULIN ROUGE" - Ogonyok No. 3 (4590) dated 01/24/1999

3K 7 min. ...


Apart from Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, since it is, after all, a cemetery, the main Russian place in Paris is now the most Parisian cabaret, the Moulin Rouge. Our people used to go to the "Red Mill" like to their home.

About this cabaret was opened in Montmartre by princes Trubetskoy and Poniatowski during the World Exhibition on October 6, 1889. Among the admirers of the famous "millers" La Goulue and Jane Avril were entirely Russian officers and Russian merchants. Until the 1920s, the name of Mistanget, the new cabaret star, appeared in Russian newspapers more often than Rosa Luxemburg. And since the 60s, when the "Moulin Rouge" Party solemnly awarded the high title of "the personification of bourgeois debauchery", a simple Soviet business trip was ready to look at the dancers in sequined feathers and bare-breasted at the "Red Mill", to pay the most for it was expensive - a visit to the apartment-museum of V. I. Lenin on Rozovaya Masha Street with an obligatory donation for the restoration of 10 francs. And for high-ranking delegations, the performance at the Moulin Rouge was already included in the program. By the way, for some reason, complex republics like the Turkmen SSR were shown on New Year's Eve not like everyone else Friedrichstadtpalas, but the same Moulin Rouge. True, already in the years of perestroika.

Members of the English royal house are indispensable guests of the gala evenings at the Moulin Rouge. It is customary to come here with French politicians

Today, "new Russians" from various post-Soviet republics do not deny themselves the pleasure of buying up almost all the seats in the hall at cabaret tables in order to adequately celebrate some Russian holiday in one of the most textbook Parisian places where they dance more and more of our people.

VLADA KRASILNIKOVA is the first dancer from Russia on the stage of the famous Montmartre cabaret. Under the guidance of her mother-coach, she became a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She performed at competitions until she received an invitation to dance in the musical America Perestroika by Maxim Dunayevsky.

The fact that artists from the Bolshoi are dancing in a Parisian cabaret today surprises only former citizens of the USSR

VLADA: “Before I got into the Moulin Rouge, I tried out for CRAZY HORSE, but it turned out to be too high for them. When I made grand batman, I almost collapsed the ceiling. But Alain Bernadin, the director of this cabaret, liked me and recommended me to appear at the Moulin Rouge.

— Doesn't it bother you that you go on stage half-naked?

— In Russia, I would never do this. There they look at you in this case as a girl of easy virtue. What are the replicas from the audience worth! Here it is completely different: the high culture of the audience and a very professional approach to the performance. You never feel like you're working topless, there's so much make-up on you and the suit's feathers are so heavy.

About the attitude towards cabaret dancers: when we approached the tables of a cozy cafe on the same street where Vlada lives, for some reason the waiter rushed not to us, but to the back of the cafe. The owner immediately appeared from there and enthusiastically began to say what an honor it was for him when the most beautiful girl in Montmartre comes into his cafe. She and her friends are his guests, not clients.

Alas! Vlada cannot go to Russia simply because the officials of the former Soviet Union did not recognize her as their citizen (her internal passport is Turkmen, and her foreign passport is Moscow, both Soviet). Well, at least the French did not spare a residence permit.

Moulin Rouge earns less than Moscow nightclubs. But the hard work of dancers is compensated here by respect for them

NATALIA KUCHERENKO started her career as a dancer 15 years ago. For many years she danced at the Bolshoi Theater with Grigorovich:

- There were other stars around in Moscow - Semenyaka, Ananiashvili, Bessmertnova. Sometimes I remember those years with nostalgia. I myself worked in Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Lila. She married an Italian businessman. Then she decided to work in a cabaret. I've been at the Moulin Rouge for a year now. This is very prestigious, and for me this is the pinnacle of a ballet career.

By the way, there are no very young dancers at the Moulin Rouge: the average age is 22-24 years. The performance itself requires physical and moral maturity.

IGOR GORIACHKIN - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. For 13 years he danced in the ensemble of Igor Moiseev, danced almost everything and wanted to try himself in a new style, in jazz, in a cabaret. He announced to Moiseev that he was leaving the team. I bought a tourist ticket to Paris, went to see the Moulin Rouge and ... failed.

IGOR: “But my friend, a Spaniard, worked in the theater troupe. We worked with him for six months. I studied cancan movements, special acrobatics, tried to understand the style of the Moulin Rouge cancan, the traditions with which the walls of the famous cabaret are literally saturated, to master the insane speed in the dance. After the second viewing I was accepted. For the fourth year I have been signing a contract as a cancan soloist. After the Moiseev Ensemble, it was difficult to reorganize in work. Everything there is dedicated to the preparation of the performance, you rehearse every day, but you give all your best only at performances, and there are no more than ten of them a month. And here there is one day off a week, and every day there are two performances, and for four years I have been dancing in the same performance. So, every day you need to be in shape. It is impossible to work here "full-time". Every evening you have to give all your best, and if you need to do the splits, then this means that every evening you have to touch the “known place” of the floor. You can’t cheat here - they simply won’t renew the contract with you. It is not easy, of course, to be among the girls in topless, "naked", as we call them here. He lowered his eyes at first. True, and now I celebrate beautiful girls.

It is convenient to live in Paris, the salary is incomparably higher than in Moiseevsky. But one should not think that here is paradise and I have become rich. If life has become easier in something, then this is balanced by new difficulties.

But I am satisfied: to live in Paris, to dance at the Moulin Rouge! Yes, I am a happy person. When I first arrived here, I, as a Russian person should, suffered. And then my second child was born, and something in me changed at once, I realized that a new life was beginning. Another."

Hundreds of artists from Russia try to get jobs at the Moulin Rouge every year

YULIA BAUER is from Perm. She danced in the troupe of the Sverdlovsk Opera House. Her father, an experienced builder, persuaded her to take up modern dancing: “You are very few, ballerinas, where you can earn money, if you would go somewhere to jazz.” With this “jazz”, Yulia quickly received a contract in Moscow, then in Portugal, for the last two and a half years she has been a soloist of the Moulin Rouge:

— Are there many Russians at your performances today?

- A lot, and we can easily distinguish them from the rest of the public. At first they are all very serious, restrained. And after a couple of hours they can no longer be distinguished from normal people. And they applaud at the end the loudest.

— Do you visit your parents?

Yes, as soon as the time is right. They moved to Gzhel. Father is still building. Mother is an ecologist. I love them. Circumstances forced us to leave.

VLADLENA MARTYNOVA graduated from the Vaganov School in St. Petersburg, but did not get into the classical troupe - she was too tall. She danced in a music hall, worked in Bulgaria, Italy, China, where she fell in love with a Polynesian soloist.

Learn more