How to do the money dance

Everything You Need to Know About the Money Dance Tradition

Have you attended a wedding reception that included the money dance? Did you wonder why guests were showering money or pinning bills on the couple and lining up to dance with them?

What Is the Money Dance?

The money dance is a cultural tradition at many wedding receptions where guests offer the newlyweds money to dance with them, or they shower the couple with money. The custom is to help establish the couple in their new life together, or to show how much they are loved and appreciated.

For a couple whose heritage includes the money dance, it still may be a difficult decision to include it or not. They worry that guests may see it as an overt ask for money. But if you can communicate that it's a cultural celebration, and an excellent way for guests to interact with the bride and groom, you may want to include the dance. Even if both of you don’t share the same traditions, it can be a memorable way to unite the two families.

“Couples put a lot of consideration into incorporating cultural traditions like the money dance into their special day,” says luxury wedding planner Kate Murtaugh. “Because their guests may be unfamiliar with it, their guests should be informed ahead of time as to their traditions.” Learn the history and meaning behind this tradition, as well as an overview of the dance in different cultures. 

The History and Meaning of the Money Dance

The money dance is also called the dollar dance, money spray, or apron dance. Performing the money dance varies across the cultures which practice it. There is no definitive source to reference as to when it started or which country or culture was first to initiate it as part of a wedding celebration.

Variations of it are popular in Poland, Greece, Nigeria, Philippines, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Portugal, Cuba, Latin America, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and other cultures. Naturally, immigrants brought their customs with them to America, so the dance is part of many wedding celebrations in the U. S.

“We’ve planned the money dances for our Nigerian, Filipino, and Polish clients' weddings,” says ILE Events founder Alicia Mae. “It's always the fun part of the night where everyone is cheering, dancing, and celebrating. The difference between the money dances is the way each culture offers the money and why.”

The money is usually the local currency of the country in which the couple resides.

The Money Dance in Different Cultures

Polish Apron Dance

All of the guests line up to dance with the bride and offer money to the newlywed couple, which is collected into a special apron held by the bride's father. The Pani Mloda Polka song is played. After dancing with the bride, you receive a drink, usually a shot of spirits.

Nigerian Money Spray

Originated by the Yoruba people in Nigeria’s Southwest, it's is a tradition loved by many Nigerians. Money Spraying symbolizes a showering of happiness, good fortune, and a display of the guest's affection for the couple. The bride and groom are ushered in and dance behind the wedding party. Guests encircle the couple on the dance floor and come forward, placing bills on the couple's forehead, allowing them to “rain down.” 

“At a Nigerian wedding reception, the bride and groom are dressed in traditional attire,” says Swank Soiree Weddings and Events founder Christy Record. “For the Yoruba tribe, the bride wears Iro and Buba and the groom wears an Agbada. As the money is sprayed, 'collectors’ take the cash from the floor and place in bags for the couple.”

Filipino Money Dance

Male guests line up in front of the bride to pin money on her dress while the women pin money on the groom. The pinning can get creative with bills pinned together as garlands, made into crowns, or streaming down their clothing. This “decorating” can take a while if there are a lot of dancers, and guests take turns dancing with the bride and groom. 

Portuguese Money Dance

Historically, the dance was for male guests to line up and dance with the bride. Today bridesmaids and female guests also dance with the groom. The father of the bride usually begins by dancing with his daughter while the mother of the groom dances with her son. The bride takes off her shoes and puts them in the middle of the dance floor, where guests take them to pass around collecting money the dance.

Greek Money Shower

In the smaller villages in Greece, there is an old tradition of pinning money to the bride's dress at the reception during a special dance. In America, this tradition is more of a money shower. When the couple dances near, the guests will toss a whole wad of bills to help them get established in their new life.

“The traditional money dance with the pinning of bills is not as widespread in Greek-American communities as it once was, especially here on the West Coast,” says Peter Corvallis Productions President and Creative Director Maria Corvallis. “I have only seen it as a showering of bills as the couple dances near or comes to each table. ” 

What to Expect at a Greek Wedding: Greek Wedding Traditions

Cajun Money Dance

In Louisiana in the Southern U.S., Cajuns trace their ancestry to the French Acadian exiles who were expelled by the British from what is now called Nova Scotia, Canada. Most settled in rural Southern Louisiana. Their descendants, called Cajuns, still live in Louisiana and a Cajun wedding usually includes the money dance. Traditionally guests pinned money on the bride’s veil to dance with her. Today the groom is also pinned for a dance to lively Cajun music. 

Modern Money Dance Ideas

As revered as the tradition of the money dance is, you may want to freshen it up. Our experts have some ideas for you:

  • Borrow from the Polish tradition; after the guest dances with you, the waiter can offer a small shot of premium alcohol like Crown Royal.
  • If pinning the money onto clothing is your custom, consider changing into a second outfit to avoid ruining your gown or tux.
  • After playing the traditional song, be creative. One DJ created a song mix with the word “money” in the hook. But keep it tasteful.
  • While the Portuguese tradition is to pass the bride's shoes around the room for contributions, consider a second pair of less expensive shoes for the money collection.
  • Couples may prefer to celebrate this tradition by merely dancing together while their loved ones throw money at them in celebration of their new life together.
  • If you don't want money as part of your dance, substitute little love notes written by each guest to toss at you when you dance by their table. Have them collected and take home for when you need inspiration and a little love.

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Dancing in a dream: interpretation from dream books


Dancers: Pixabay

What does it mean to dance in a dream? Such a dream usually tells about pleasant things. What he saw testifies to the imminent prospects, the fulfillment of the cherished, the well-being and strengthening of the social significance of the individual. Is it really? Let's figure out why we dream of dancing.

Why dream of dancing according to Freud's dream book?

A world-famous psychologist claims that dreaming of a dance is a good sign if you enjoy what is happening. The dream speaks of problems that burdened, but will soon pass. A dream indicates that a person is experiencing a psychological discharge.

A dream in which you want to dance very much, speaks of too much sexual potential, which cannot be realized in reality.

If in a dream you do not participate in the dance, but you are watching nearby, but you get visual pleasure from what is happening, then the subconscious hints: you dream of trying something condemned by the public as immoral. We are talking about same-sex love, which you subconsciously consider attractive.

Why dream of dancing in a dream according to Miller's dream book?

What does it mean to dance in a dream? Miller's dream interpretation is interpreted as follows:

  1. Moving to music is a good sign. The dream hints that the problems that are troubling at the moment will soon cease to bother. Why dream of dancing alone? Leave everything to chance, once again do not overstrain, the result will be positive.
  2. What else will the dream book tell about? Dancing in pairs - the help that is so needed will come from a life partner.
  3. Dance also speaks of success in personal life. Subconsciously prepare for the wedding. It is important to consider the details of the dream. A dance with a chosen one or a chosen one speaks of auspiciousness.

For careerists, dancing in a dream speaks of future success, professional growth and promotion at work. If you are dancing at a holiday, then expect a quick profit.

Why dream of dancing in a dream according to an esoteric dream book?

What will the esoteric dream book tell about? Dancing in a dream has several explanations:

  • Stormy and funny dances - expect problems with the musculoskeletal system (dislocation, fracture, sciatica, and so on).
  • Slow pair dance - a long quarrel, divorce and problems in the love field.
  • Watching dancers is an unpleasant discussion in which you sort things out.

What else will the dream book tell? Dancing on stage - the subconscious hints at impending depression and illness due to envy of the well-being of other people.

Why dream of dancing according to Vanga's dream book?

Vanga spoke about dancing in a bad way. She believed that the desire to move to the music foreshadows:

  1. Imminent disease of the musculoskeletal system. Wanted to dance in a dream? The dream interpretation warns: go to a specialist and check the condition of the body.
  2. If you dreamed of ballroom dancing, others envy you. Expect unpleasant gossip and rumors.
  3. Cheerful dances in your house speak of quarrels in the family and with neighbors. Be attentive to others, beware of small conflicts, as they will develop into major problems.

Why dream of dancing according to Grishina's "Noble Dream Book"?

A girl dancing at sunset: Pixabay

Nina Grishina wrote about dreaming dances in her dream book as follows:

  • Dancing fast - expect exhausting work that will bring you to fatigue.
  • Simple dance - you are disturbed by thoughts of intimacy with a particular person. Another such dream speaks of psychological elasticity, which will soon help.
  • Go dancing - a confident attitude will lead to success.
  • Participate in a round dance - have become the goal of discussion, a gamble or an entertaining dialogue is ahead.
  • Get carried away by a dizzying dance - you have embarked on the wrong path to achieve your goal, do not intentionally think about the bad.
  • There is no way to stop during the dance - a feeling of impending danger that cannot be avoided has overtaken.
  • A sprained leg will tell about harm to the body and danger due to active actions accompanied by music.
  • Legs do not obey, they seem to have grown to the floor - you feel wrong, think about your inert and slow state, which will not lead to anything good.
  • The girl dreamed that her partner was spinning her around him - a signal of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.
  • You are dancing with a partner or a partner - a person you lust for, are afraid of or are not completely sure of him.
  • If you witnessed a dance of a group of people, passions flare up around you.

What else will the dream book tell about? To dance a waltz - enter into a difficult relationship with a specific person.

Why dream of dancing according to an Islamic dream book?

In Muslim culture, dancing in a dream is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream speaks of a waste of time. Review your pastime, perhaps you need to change something in order to become more productive and efficient.

If nothing is changed, then the applied forces are in vain. More dances will indicate the problems that the dreamer himself will create. Be careful what you do so you don't get into trouble.

In a dream, someone from the family is dancing - quarrel with this person. For a patient, such a dream speaks of a deterioration in his condition, but for a prisoner, a dream is a good sign, since he will soon be released.

Why dream of dancing according to a folk dream book?

Why dream of dancing in a dream? The meaning of a dream depends on various factors. It is important to consider the partner, dance style and setting. General interpretations are as follows:

What does the partner testify to?

Dancing in a dream with a man - you will get married soon. Mutual understanding and harmony will reign in the family. Such a dream has another interpretation: family life with this person will become the subject of envy. Try not to show off your relationship.

Participating in a dance with several people circling? Expect a major scandal. Take a close look at your surroundings, quarrel with one of your relatives or friends.

Don't worry if you dance alone in your dream. This is a good sign that indicates financial gain, merit and success. Another good thing is dancing with a child. There will be more positive things in your life. Such a dream tells a woman: expect replenishment in the family.

What will the dance style tell about?

In a dream, dancing a waltz is family happiness. The problems of a loved one will improve, and harmony will reign in the family. For unmarried people, the waltz speaks of imminent marriage. Oriental dance is interpreted in different ways: you feel hatred or sexual attraction to a particular person. Round dances indicate a fascinating conversation, and a folk dance to a woman speaks of a meeting with her future husband.

In a dream, the dream book interprets dancing in different ways. The meaning is influenced by the partner, dance style, atmosphere, place and setting. Such dreams indicate quarrels, scandals, troubles, but at the same time they speak of imminent changes for the better.

Original article:

Why dream of dancing - the meaning of the dream to dance according to the dream book

Why dream of dancing

The dream in which you had to dance is auspicious. It promises the opening of new prospects, the fulfillment of cherished desires, the growth of prosperity and the strengthening of public authority. How quickly you feel positive changes depends on your focus on work.

Prioritize professional activities. The efforts directed at her will return with success and glory.

Dancing according to Freud's dream book

If you danced with pleasure in a dream, such a dream has a good meaning. All your problems that have weighed on you lately will pass, you will feel much better in communicating with the opposite sex. But do not be too zealous, otherwise you will start having problems of a different kind.

If in a dream you really wanted to dance, but for one reason or another did not do it - your dream shows that you have a great, and even too great, sexual potential, but for some reason you do not realize it. Apparently, you are sure that this is not the main thing in life. In fact, those troubles that sometimes happen to you are the result of precisely this “unspent” of yours.

In a dream you watched with pleasure how someone danced well, and received great pleasure from this spectacle - in real life you dream of trying something that is considered forbidden by public morality. It could be same-sex love that you find very sexy. Bring your desire to life, and then dissatisfaction will disappear by itself.

Dance according to Hasse's dream book

Joy and wealth; with a beautiful lady or gentleman - you will be envied.

Dancing according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Any dance in a dream is a sign of reckless emotions that can capture you and confuse your thoughts. If in reality you are planning some important things, be careful: your emotional outbursts may damage the business.

Dancing according to the latest dream book of G. Ivanov

Dancing alone - to tears, chagrin.

Dance according to the Spring dream book

Squat dance - Very soon your life will vibrate strongly: you will live a day well, two - badly.

To dream of someone dancing squat - you will have to walk on your hind legs in front of someone so that you get what you have in mind.

Dancing according to the Summer Dream Book

Dancing - Seeing in a dream how a person is dancing with enthusiasm - to a noisy and cheerful feast.

Squatting to dance - expect big changes in life.

Dancing according to the dream book of Simon Kananit

Dancing is joy and wealth; with a beautiful lady or gentleman - you will be envied.

Dance according to the Esoteric dream book

Dancing cheerfully, violently - to a disease associated, most likely, with a violation of the musculoskeletal system: sciatica, dislocation, etc.

Slowly, in a pair - to difficulties in the love field, to divorce or long-term quarrel.

Seeing people dancing in everyday life - unpleasant conversations, showdown.

On stage - the envy you feel for seemingly prosperous people can lead to depression and illness.

To dance according to Azar's dream book

To dance - to be nervous, to run about.

To dance at a ball is to spend life frivolously.

Dancing according to Evgeny Tsvetkov's dream book

Dancing is a disease; success and money (if you dance alone).

Dancing according to the Modern Dream Book

Dancing is a waste of work.

Dancing according to the dream book of Schiller-Schoolboy

in vain.

Dance according to the Noble Dream Book of N. Grishina

Dancing in a dream - your elasticity and adaptability will help you / thoughts about love intimacy with a specific person.

To waltz with someone - to enter into a complex relationship with a specific person.

Dancing fast - there will be a maet.

Dancing - dexterity and confidence will lead you to success.

Lead round dances - something important to discuss; there will be an entertaining conversation / you will be involved in an adventure.

To spin in a dance - deliberately try not to think about danger / go the wrong way to success / be possessed by an evil force.

To dance on a tightrope - to come into conflict with one's conscience.

Dancing until you drop - there will be a maet.

Not being able to stop dancing - to feel the impending danger and not be able to avoid it.

At the same time, twist the leg - danger or harm.

Legs do not go, rooted to the floor - slowness, inertia of will will hurt you / feel your wrongness.

A woman dreams that her partner is spinning her around in her sleep - danger from forgetfulness or confusion.

Throws into the air - secretly hoping to benefit from the courtship of a partner.

A partner or dance partner is a person whose attitude towards you you do not fully know, and this embarrasses you / a person whom you are afraid of or whom you like against your will / an object of your desire.

To see a lot of frantically dancing - to get drunk / some passions around you.

New dances are dancing - plunge into the bustle.

To see an ancient ceremonial dance - to observe other people's relationships, fun in someone else's feast.

To see some dancing cavaliers is something dangerous for you.

To dance according to the dream book of the healer Akulina

What does it mean to dance in a dream - Happy family life. Imagine that you are dancing with your loved one.

Dance according to the Folklore dream book

Dance - they offer a person to whom they want to give a letter.

Dance according to the Modern dream book

Dance - Wasted labor

Dance according to A. Mindelle's dream book

You dreamed of dancing a quadrille - you see in a dream that you are dancing a quadrille - you will dance in real life - most likely at a party with friends; you will have a good rest.

Dance according to the Old Russian dream book

Dance - In a dream, see the article about the interpretation of sleep to dance.

Dance according to the dream book of the sorceress Medea

Dance - Dance alone - You will succeed anyway. Leave everything as it is Dancing in pairs - The person whose support you now need is distant from you. Try to bring him closer Dancing in the crowd - you will have a period of loneliness. Fill it with reading, music, your favorite pastime. Looking at the dancers from the side - you will have a change if you accept an invitation that you have long refused

Dancing according to the Russian dream book

You dreamed Dancing is a waste of work.

Dance according to the Magical dream book

You dreamed of Dancing - for money, a good acquaintance. Dancing with a beautiful partner - you will be envied.

Dance according to the Old Russian dream book

disease; success and money (if you dance alone).

To dance according to the dream book of the future

To dance at a ball is to spend life frivolously.

Dancing according to the online dream book

Dancing in a dream - to useless work.

Move to rhythmic music - you will find joy and complete understanding with others.

If a calm melody sounds and you are in a couple - only luck lies ahead, you will be able to establish an acquaintance that is beneficial for you.

A dream in which you yourself are standing in a pair on the dance floor is a reflection of the events that are currently taking place in your personal life.

If you dreamed that you were dancing on stage, it means that in order to achieve universal respect in real life, you will need to work hard, but as soon as you allow yourself to relax, you will again find yourself downtrodden.

Dancing according to the dream book of Health

Dancing yourself is a sign of good physical and mental well-being, a happy course of events for you; dancing with a beautiful and pleasant partner is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

Dancing according to Martyn Zadeka's dream book

Dancing is joy, liberation from troubles.

Dancing according to the Russian dream book

Dancing is an unkind sign, to a bad unkind deed; dancing alone, spinning in a waltz - a new acquaintance that will not end in a quick disappointment; with a man - anxiety and sadness.

To dance according to the 1829 Dream Interpreter

To dance with pleasure means success in all undertakings; to see how others dance, foreshadows illness.

Dancing in a dream book for a bitch

Dancing - hard work will bring only glory, but not material gain.

Dancing in a dream with children - happiness and love in marriage, peace and joy in the family, success and good luck in business, fun and good rest.

Dancing a fast dance is fun, pleasure and satisfaction with one's life.

Dancing a slow, beautiful dance in a dream - good life prospects, successful and profitable cooperation.

Dance according to the ABC of dream interpretation

Dance alone - you will succeed anyway.

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