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Fabulous Dancing Dolls Audition Registration

Hi Dancers! 

Welcome and congratulations on your dance accomplishments thus far! We are excited to announce the Fabulous Dancing Dolls auditions process. As we have all had to adjust to the restricts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Human Jukebox continues to monitor the challenges young people face in transitioning from high school to college, and during the matriculation of your college career. We realize that it takes a tremendous amount of courage and tenacity to navigate these uncertain terrains and are here to support your dreams of becoming a Fabulous Dancing Doll. The work that you will put in to prepare for auditions does not go unnoticed and we appreciate your efforts in planning and investing in our program. Please note, although the process is changing to fit the needs your health and safety, we will still uphold the integrity of the organization’s traditions and values. 

 With that said, the following information is what you will need to determine if you will move forward with the auditions process, requirements during the process, and expectations of you as a student first, then a Fabulous Dancing Doll.

Requirements to Register for Auditions:

1.     Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of auditions

2.     Must be fully admitted and/or enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at Southern University and A&M College (this excludes SUSLA-Connect students). 

3.     Must have a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA at the time of preliminary auditions (audition packet submission).


Requirements for Audition Packets: 


1.     Must have a completed packet and paid audition fee.

2.     Must submit at least an unofficial copy of your final high school/last attended college transcript (Official copies will also be accepted).

3.     Must submit a “Professional Headshot” (Cannot include a headshot or body shot in a dance costume. )

4.     Video submissions are now a part of the preliminary audition process. Applicants will need to register to get specific instructions on what the videos should include!


Audition Process: There are 4 rounds in the audition process. Each advanced candidate will receive instructions on the upcoming round. Please be reminded, you will not receive information about round 2 unless your scores in Round 1 qualify you to move to Round 2. 

1.     Round 1 – Preliminary Process: Each dancer will be assessed and scored based on the information submitted in the Audition Packet Requirements. Should you not meet the score requirements, you will not make it to the second round of the audition phase. 

2.     Round 2 – Remote Audition 


Expectations After Auditions:

1.     Each student that is chosen for the final line up of Fabulous Dancing Dolls will be expected to move into their assigned place of residency after auditions are over. Freshman Camp will begin that following day. 

2.     Each student will be required to sign a “Student Participant Agreement and Handbook” that will be shared on the first day of Freshmen Camp. 

3.     Each student will be expected to complete and submit a final class schedule, financial aid obligations, and proof of completed enrollment. 

4.     Each student is expected to attend ALL rehearsals and related activities while maintaining the required cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Preliminary audition registrations will open on June 1, 2021. Please be reminded that audition packets will not be considered complete until all required information is received including the audition fee. Registration will close June 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm. There will be no exceptions to this process or the rules of auditions. Late information and emailed information will not be accepted. For your review, we have attached a FAQs information sheet. We look forward to meeting you! 

Best Regards,

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Is the dancing dolls still a team?

Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. They have a subteam, Baby Dancing Dolls....Dancing Dolls. Student informationKnown MembersKayla Jones Camryn Harris Sunjai Williams etc.4 more rows

Where is the Southern University Dancing Dolls located?


How much does it cost to be on the dancing dolls team?

$25 registration fee per dancer and 1st month tuition due at registration!! $55/ month ages 3-7 and $60/month ages 8-18. Classes offered are Ballet, Majorette, Hip Hop and Majorette!! **ADVANCED Majorette 2 taught by Kayla Jones, Captain of the Dancing Dolls!!

What school does Camryn Harris go to?

Camryn HarrisHometownJackson, MississippiTeamDancing Dolls (former) Southern Fabulous Dancing DollOccupationDancer StudentEducationGermantown High School Southern University13 more rows

What colleges did the dancing dolls go to?

She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in Season 1 and 2. ... Kayla JonesTeamDancing Dolls (former)OccupationDancer Student DD Assistant Coach {former}EducationCallaway High School (2011-15) Hinds Community College (former) Stillman College (former) Grambling UniversityFavoured Genres13 more rows

dancing form

southern university dancing dolls captain 2022 southern university dancing dolls 2022-2023 southern university dancing dolls captain suspended southern dancing dolls auditions 2022 southern university dancing dolls location southern university dancing dolls camryn southern university dancing dolls tv show southern university dancing dolls show

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Where does dancing dolls take place?

Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. They have a subteam, Baby Dancing Dolls.... Dancing DollsStarted2001Affiliated StudioDollhouse Dance FactoryDirectorDianna WilliamsLocationJackson, Mississippi3 more rows

Who was the captain of the dancing dolls after Camryn?

Former captain Camryn stepped down two months before leaving for college, which meant it was time for Crystianna to step up and lead the Dancing Dolls along with fellow dancer Makya. "I am so excited to be captain this year," Crystianna said at the time.

How much does it cost to be a member of the dancing dolls?

$25 registration fee per dancer and 1st month tuition due at registration!! $55/ month ages 3-7 and $60/month ages 8-18. Classes offered are Ballet, Majorette, Hip Hop and Majorette!!

Is Crystianna the captain of the dancing dolls?

Crystianna Summers is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former captain of the Dancing Dolls alongside Makya Griffin in Season 5. Her mother is Valisa Summers and her aunt is Rittany Anderson.

How old do you have to be to be a baby dancing doll?

Baby Dancing Doll Camp participants must be between age 5-11.

camryn southern university dancing dolls

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Dancing Doll Audition | Southern University and A&M College

Southern University Fabulous Dancing Doll Audition July 7, 2018 8:00 am - 4:00 pm · 1. Ability to perform Tap, Jazz, Modern Dance, and Ballet. · 2. Minimum of 2.0 ...

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Ceremonial doll "Haircut" | GBU "Tatkultresurstsentr"

Ancient customs of making ritual animals and dolls from straw have come into our life. They have become a theme for the work of many contemporary masters and artists.

Hand-made folk doll - part of the folk tradition. Making it, the child learns the history of his people. A doll is not born by itself, it is created by a person, and the most inspired doll creators are children.

To make this doll, you will need straw, compressed by hand - then it will be even and long. The straw must be dried and tied into a sheaf. Before work, to make the straw softer and more elastic, it can be soaked in hot water (a little salt can be added to the water). Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least hold it a little over hot steam. Then it will not break when it needs to be bent almost in half. A haircut can also be made from other materials: from bast, twigs or long even rods, and even from some herbs (herbs of the cereal family are suitable, for example, bluegrass, timothy). Sometimes fragrant and healing herbs are woven into such dolls so that, in addition to the game moment, the haircuts have healing properties. Today it is called aromatherapy. It is also customary to dress dolls in special sarafans, miniature scarves, and skirts.

The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but on the contrary, it unwinds so that it looks like a straw skirt. The bottom is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface.

1. Take a large bunch of grass or hay and fold it in half. This will be the body of the doll.

2. In place of the proposed neck, we tie with a thread or ribbon to get a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

3. Prepare hands - another bunch of grass or hay, half as long as the previous one.

4. Bandage it at the ends, forming palms.

5. We put the hands in the body and tie them below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle of straw is tied again below the hands - at the waist. Also, miniature braids can be made from straw, which will then need to be attached to the head.

6. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it looks like a kind of straw skirt. It is worth noting that it was precisely because the bottom of such dancing dolls was not tied up, but cut in the form of a straw skirt, that they were called haircuts.

7. The base of the doll is ready. In order for the doll to look like a person, now you can dress it up - put on a skirt and an apron, tie a ribbon on a braid, put on a necklace, sew a sundress, a shirt, weave a beautiful belt, etc.

8. Let's dress the doll in a sundress with an apron. To do this, we cross two narrow strips of fabric on the chest and back of the doll.

9. Put a narrow piece of fabric on top of a square one, fold it in half and put a ribbon in the middle. Got a skirt with an apron.

In order for the Shearer to dance, they put her on a plank, wooden table, stool or other surface and knock next to her with fists or palms. From vibration, the doll literally starts dancing, spinning and spinning, which gives extraordinary pleasure to children, especially the smallest ones. And if such a doll is not one, but their whole company, then such a dance turns into a whole performance, where the dolls become in pairs, spin in round dances. So a simple and unpretentious toy gives a truly joyful feeling and has a beneficial effect on the players: both children and adults.


Dear Colleagues, the acceptance of applications for participation in the Golden Mask Festival 2023 has ended. The Golden Mask Award nominees for the 2021/2022 season will be announced at a press conference in autumn 2022. The 29th Golden Mask Festival will be held in the spring of 2023.

Coordinator for work with the Drama and Puppet Theater Expert Council:
Natalya Abakshonok – e-mail: [email protected]

Coordinator for work with the Musical Theater Expert Council:
Anastasia Pauker – e-mail: [email protected]

At the meeting of the Secretariat of the STD RF on October 24, 2022, the composition of the Expert Councils of the season 2022-2023 was approved. It is they who will make up the competition program of the XXX Golden Mask Festival 2024.

Details on how to apply for the 2024 Festival will be announced in November. Follow the news on our website and in the social networks of the Golden Mask.



Dmitry Trubochkin
Chairman. Theater critic, head of the sector of classical art of the West of the State Institute of Art Studies, professor of the Department of the History of Foreign Theater of the Russian Institute of Theater Arts - GITIS, creative assistant to the head of the State Academic Theater named after Evg. Vakhtangov, Secretary of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Arts, laureate of the TEFI National Television Award, laureate of the Moscow Prize in Literature and Art, Moscow

Mila Deneva
Theater critic, theater critic, deputy artistic director of the Moscow Academic Theatre. V.V. Mayakovsky, head of special projects of the Russian Academic Youth Theatre, author of the Theatre, Petersburg Theatrical Journal, the Screen and Stage newspaper, the Flying Critic, Theatretral, Snob, and Undergrowth online publications, Moscow

Niyaz Iglamov
Theater expert, critic, curator, teacher, adviser to the artistic director of the Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat", adviser to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, member of the Council for Culture under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, laureate of the Republican Prize. M. Jalilya, regular contributor to republican print and online publications, author of publications in Russian magazines and newspapers, Kazan

Alexey Isaev
Theater critic, theater critic, editor and author of the Petersburg Theater Journal, expert of the Highest Theater Award of St. Petersburg "Golden Soffit", drama competition "First Reading" (Five Evenings Festival named after A.M. Volodin), St. Petersburg

Nina Karpova
Theater manager, Literary part of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire, author of the magazines Strastnoy Boulevard, 10, Theatrical Poster of the Capital, author and editor of the First Volume of the Russian Theater Encyclopedia (2020), expert and jury member of Russian theater festivals, Moscow

Olesya Krenskaya
Theater expert, deputy director of the theater "Karlsson Haus", head. literary part of the Ulyanovsk Puppet Theatre, author of the Petersburg Theater Journal, Strastnoy Boulevard, 10 magazine, Nedorosl online publication, author of the Russian Theater Encyclopedia, laboratory organizer, expert and jury member of Russian and international festivals of puppet theaters, St. Petersburg

Irina Kuzmina
Theater critic, leading specialist of the international department of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, head of the information project and publisher of the collections "Theatre Festivals of Russia", editor of the information portal for professionals and practitioners of the theater "Russian Theater Life and Brief", organizer and curator of master classes, seminars on directing, theater pedagogy, theater management, drama, host of the project of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation "Through Action", Moscow

Oleg Loevsky
Theater critic, theater critic, founder and art director of the All-Russian festival "Real Theatre", chairman of the expert council of the festival "Novo-Siberian transit", head of the director's and drama laboratories, laureate of the K. S. Stanislavsky, S. Diaghilev Prizes, Prizes of the Republic of Tatarstan named after. D. Saraziev, Yekaterinburg

Dmitry Rodionov
Theater critic, art historian, producer, teacher, editor-in-chief of the Stsena magazine, member of the editorial board of the Theater Issues magazine, author of publications on topical issues of theater and museum affairs, author of theater and museum projects, chairman of the expert council and member of the jury of the Prize in the field of literature about the Theater "Theatrical Romance", Secretary of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Art History, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, laureate of the K.S. Stanislavsky, Moscow

Gleb Sitkovsky
Theater critic, theater critic, founder and curator of the interregional project "School of theatrical blogger", author of the magazine "Theatre", the newspaper "Screen and Stage", member of the commission of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation on criticism and theater studies, expert of the Youth Theater Forum of the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Georgia , expert and jury member of Russian and international theater festivals and laboratories, Moscow

Aleksandrina Shakleeva
Theater expert, theater critic, organizer and curator of theater projects, laboratories, educational programs, author of the Petersburg Theater Journal, the Flying Critic online publication, expert at the Little Remark drama competition, St. Petersburg


Tatyana Belova
Chairman. Theater expert, head of the literary and publishing department of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia, author of the newspapers Kommersant, Musical Review, magazines Bolshoi Theater, Musical Academy, Moscow

Tata Boeva ​​
Theater critic, critic of ballet and contemporary dance, author of the Petersburg Theater Journal, Ballet magazine, Ekran i Stsen newspaper, lecturer at the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow

Tatyana Vesnina
Journalist, critic, editor of the Tomsk Regional Philharmonic Society, editor and author of publications in the Tomsk mass media - Musical Journal, Krasnoe Znamya newspaper, Tomsky Vestnik, author of articles in the journals Strastnoy Boulevard, 10, Petersburg Theater Journal ”, Candidate of Art History, Tomsk

Dina Demina
Theater critic, press secretary of the St. Petersburg State Theater of Musical Comedy, author of historical and educational programs about the history of the theater, author of the Internet publications "Theater Petersburg", "Theater +", "Petersburg Theatergoer", St. Petersburg

Arina Ilyina
Linguist, journalist, editor, author of publications on ballet and contemporary dance in the Internet publications Voci dell’Opera, NoFixedPoints, Maskbook, Sputnik Mundo, Moscow

Aya Makarova
Music critic, author of the magazines "Musical Life", "Musical Academy", "Petersburg Theater Journal", the newspaper "Musical Review", the German magazine "Opernwelt", author of the book "Theatre of the Sublime. Opera director Martin Kushey, author of scientific papers on opera, author, translator, editor-compiler of booklets for opera productions, Master in Philosophy and Music Criticism, St. Petersburg

Nadezhda Markaryan
Theater critic, musicologist, editor-in-chief of the St.

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