How to get a partner for flower dance

Getting a partner in the Year 1 Flower Dance for Dummies : StardewValley

tldr; Talk to the person you want to dance with every day and gift them twice a week, it's a tad more complicated than that so details below.

Many of us have been there, starry eyed and new to the game, you’re starting to get the hang of things as Spring comes to a close. Then the Flower Dance comes, you've been talking to the villagers a little, maybe you have one or two hearts with a few, so you ask somebody to dance only to be abjectly rejected. That was how my first game went, but ever since I've been able to consistently secure a partner every time. Here's how you avoid being the sad individual on the sidelines in your next game.

The goal we need to achieve is 1000 Friendship Points, that's the threshold for characters to agree to a dance. That might seem Like a daunting goal since even a Loved gift is only worth 80 points, but it actually is quite achievable if a bit grindy.

There are two main sources of points we'll be able to draw from, conversations and gifts. Every time you talk to an NPC when they aren't in the middle of a special animation you will receive 20 friendship points, if you talk to your desired partner every single day including on the flower dance day itself you'll get 480 friendship points from this source. That's almost half of what we need.

As for gifts, a neutral gift gives 20 points, a Liked gift gives 45, and a Loved gift gives 80 friendship points. If the gift has a quality rating a modifier will be applied to these points, 1.1 for Silver, 1.25 for Gold, and 1.5 for iridium. If you give someone two gifts in a week you will also get a bonus +10 points with them at the end of the week. You can give 8 gifts before the flower dance which would give you 390 points if you used basic quality Liked gifts. As for what gifts to give, this page is going to be your best friend https://stardewcommunitywiki. com/List_of_All_Gifts

Now 390+480 still leaves us 130 points short of what we need so we'll need to do a little more work than simply talking every day and giving Liked gifts, even if all the Liked gifts you give are Gold quality you'll still fall a few points short at 960. So in order to reach the 1000 we need you'll have to take advantage of help wanted requests which give 150 points upon completion, or mix in some Loved gifts. The exceptions are characters who have birthdays before the Dance, since any gift given on a birthday has an 8x multiplier to the friendship gained.

Now let's break down the characters by how easy they are to get to 1000 points by dance day, assuming you talk to them every single day for the free 480 points.

Edit: Today I learned that the Introductions quest gives you +100 Friendship points with everyone. That doesn't necessitate any fundamental changes to what you'll have to do to build a full 1000 points, but it certainly makes things easier.


  • Shane: Shane's birthday is before the Flower Dance, and one of his Loved gifts is beer, which Gus always has in stock. All you have to do to get Shane to dance with you is talk to him every day and give him a Beer for his birthday. If you give him two gifts a week as well you'll actually overshoot the required 1000 points by a pretty large margin (he Likes Parsnips).

  • Haley: Like Shane Haley's birthday is before the Dance, however her Loved gifts are almost impossible to obtain during your first spring. With that said she Likes Daffodils, so if you give her a Gold Daffodil on her birthday you can get 450 points. Combine that with a few more Daffodils and talking every day and you'll easily reach or surpass 1000. Her two heart event also provides an opportunity for 30 more points if you select the "Haley, why not have this be your one weekly job?" option.


  • Maru: Maru Loves Cauliflower and Strawberries, both of which you can grow before the dance, although not during Week 1. Each Gold Quality Loved gift is worth 100 Friendship points, so if you give her 6 Gold Cauliflowers/Strawberries before the event and talk to her every day you'll reach 1000, Silver will also work, as will Regular if you give her two Quartz during Week 1 but with narrower margins. Scaring up 6 Gold of either crop isn't too difficult so I would personally go with that for safety.

  • Leah: Leah Loves Salad, Salad is always in stock for 220g at the Saloon. If you give it to her for all 8 gifts you'll hit 1150 points. You only need to give her 5 though, so long as you give her Regular Liked gifts or better for the other 3 gifts. For example if you give her 3 Driftwood and 5 Salad you'll still reach 1045.

  • Harvey: Totally forgot about him, he's basically the same as Leah, but with Coffee instead of Salad. He also has a pretty wide pool of liked gifts so it's quite easy to get him over 1000.


  • Sam: Sam is a lot Like Leah, he Loves Pizza which can be easily obtained from the Saloon. But Pizza costs 600g which is a lot in your first Spring. Basically the same strategy as Leah here, his cheapest gift ratio is 5 Pizzas, 3 Joja-Colas along with talking every day of course.


  • Emily: Tragically Emily's birthday is a few days after the Dance, but it is possible to obtain two of her Loved gifts (Topaz and Amethyst) very early on, she Loves all gemstones except quartz so if you get lucky with fishing chests you may find others as well. She also Likes Daffodils and Parsnips both of which you can obtain high quality versions of. The absolute minimum you can get away with for Emily is 2 Loved gemstones and 6 Gold Liked items, Parsnips being the easiest.

I would not recommend trying anyone beyond this point, getting them to 1000 points essentially demands that you complete one or more help wanted quests for them, either because their Loved gifts can't be obtained, or they don't Like enough gifts that have a quality rating. Emily is borderline, but getting 2 gemstone nodes in 18 days isn't too bad. On the other hand, everyone above will get even easier if you happen to complete help wanted quests for them.


Everyone Else. The basic beats will be the same for all the bachelors/bachelorettes not mentioned above with a few minor exceptions. An aggressive mine diver might be able to find some Frozen Tears for Sebastian, someone who gets an early crab pot and has good luck might be able to get some Lobster for Elliot, a fishing chest might give you an Emerald for Penny, etc. But other than those edge cases every other potential partner is going to play the same. Most people Like Vegetables so Gold Parsnips or whatever else you're growing will be your mainstay along with talking every day, but even 8 Gold Liked Gifts won't get you to 1000. So you'll need some help from RNGesus. One help wanted quest, in combination with 8 Liked gifts of any quality, and talking every day will let you squeak by at 1020 points.

Edit: Formatting.

All About The Stardew Valley Flower Dance Location - Stardew


Everyone loves festivals! There are loads of festivals in Stardew Valley, the Flower Dance is one of the most adorable ones. If you are wondering how to take part in this wonderful festival or where the flower fance festival is in stardew valley, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Flower Dance.

What is the Flower Dance?

The Flower Dance is an adorable festival in Stardew Valley. The festival involves dancing with bachelors or bachelorettes. Consequently, this festival is a great way to bond with the villagers of Stardew Valley. Furthermore, you can also dance with your friends if you are playing on multiplayer mode. You will notice everyone wearing cute little dresses and smart clothes. You may want to go to the festival as everything is closed on the festival day, so it could be a boring day if you don’t go. Now, if you’re interested in this festival, let’s tell you how to get there and what happens during the festival.

When does the Flower Dance happen?

This festival occurs every Spring on the 24th. The times you can enter the festival area are between 9 am and 2 pm, and the festival ends at 10 pm.

Where is the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley? Here is the Flower Dance Location!

Unfortunately, the Stardew Valley Flower Dance location can be difficult to find for some players as it takes place in an area that is usually closed off. Don’t worry, we will tell you exactly how to get there.

Cindersap Forest is where the festival takes place. To get here, you must firstly travel west of the town and south of the farm area. Once you encounter 2 blossom trees that have a path in the middle of them, you will need to go through them.

Next, you will notice that you are in an area that has colourful rails and a bridge. This bridge is usually broken, but you will notice that it has been repaired for the Flower Dance.

Lastly, you will simply need to cross the bridge onto the other side, and you will notice that you have finally reached the flower dance. Hurray!

What do you do at the Stardew Valley Flower Dance Location?

So, you have finally gotten here and you’re wondering what you can do. Fear not, we will tell you all you need to know.

Once you speak to Mayor Lewis, the dance will begin.

The Flower Dance is a great way to build a better relationship with the villagers. You must talk to the villagers until an “Ask <name> to be your dance partner?” appears. However, they will only accept if you and the villager have a heart friendship level at 4 or above. Therefore, if you don’t have any heart levels with villagers before the festival, you should consider trying to build a bond with them so that you can dance with them on the festival day! To increase friendship before the festival day, you can give gifts to villagers (make sure they like/love them), help them with tasks or talk a lot to them.

If you want to dance with your friend in multiplayer, the same process will occur. Then, you can have a cute little dance with your friends!

However, do not ask your ex-partner to dance with you! They will angrily refuse your proposal. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother trying to talk or dance to them.

What does the dancing actually do? The dance is a great way to increase your friendship with whoever you danced with. This is because the dance will increase your heart level by 250 points which is 1 heart level. Consequently, it is a quick and easy method to build a better relationship with them.

What happens when the Flower Dance Ends?

The festival will end at 10 pm. Don’t worry about trying to travel home during the night, as you won’t need to! Thankfully, you will be returned to your cosy farm and you can have a great night of rest.


The flower dance is a wonderful festival in Stardew Valley. It’s a wonderful break from your daily farm activities and a great way to build a relationship with other players or NPCs. Therefore, be sure to check it out!

I really hope this guide was helpful to you.

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How to choose the color of a dance dress

When dancers, after a lot of training, are ready to compete, the first thing they need is a costume. A special competitive costume plays a big role in the fate of the couple, gives the performance a special spectacle. The costume for ballroom dancing forms the style of the dancers, helps to create the image of the dance, to feel its spirit.

Choosing the color of a ballroom dance costume is a long task, because the first impression of a couple is due to the color of the costumes. Color helps to form an image, gives a strong emotional impetus. When choosing the color of a dress for ballroom dancing, you need to pay attention not only to the color palette in a dance costume that is relevant this season. The type of appearance of the partner, the features of her structure, the posture of the figure are very important.
Let's say you want to look bright on the floor, but many girls do not like bright, "felt-tip" colors. Also, when choosing costumes, be sure to consider the color of the parquet (it is different in different dance halls) and lighting features.

Experienced partners, of course, know the color features, and the color palette that suits them, and take this into account when buying a rating dress to perform at the competition. But we are talking about the color of the suit for beginner sports couples, since basically in this category there are many illiterate, ill-conceived color solutions. As a result, the couple either looks extremely ridiculous and defiant, or simply "gets lost on the floor."
The correct color scheme also plays a decisive role, since glitter, stones and all kinds of decorations are prohibited in the competitive dresses and costumes for beginner dancers (Junior 1 category). Helping novice athletes and their parents to choose the right, original and tactically correct color for a dress is the main task of a professional costume designer.

According to the new rules, in rating dress it is extremely rare to allow a combination of two colors, or two shades that are close in color. A dress for ballroom dancing, according to the “strict rating”, should be of the same color, especially since such a dress can correct the imperfections of the figure. It is also forbidden to use decorative cosmetics, change hair color and make complex hairstyles. That is why you need to consider the type of appearance of the girl.

The most common mistake in choosing colors for rating dress - this is when they choose bright, so-called "felt-tip" shades: red, orange, light green, lemon, raspberry. Maybe this color will add temperament to someone, but it doesn’t suit everyone, this color deprives some girls of their individuality, it simply “kills”. In this case, the dancers cannot count on success, even with impeccable training.
Red is the most commonly chosen color, as it suits almost everyone: blondes, brunettes, overweight, and thin. That is why there is too much of it on the floor, and you will simply get lost in the crowd. But do you still want a red dress? Then ask the designer, and he will definitely help you find some highlight: an original model, interesting details, an unusual shade.

Go ahead!
Orange color is good. For thin people, it gives the illusion of volume, it will look especially good on brunettes of the oriental type. But children appear "green" against the background of orange.
All slender blondes with different types of skin and eyes are very suitable for warm shades of yellow and orange: warm yellow, yellow-orange, peach.
The second most popular color after red is pink. Everyone loves this color: both adults and children. Pink color goes to many, but in no case should fat girls wear pink. In a children's ballroom dance costume, you can see all shades of pink: from fluorescent "pink" to the most delicate shades of marshmallow and marshmallow.
For a girl with a bright expressive appearance and temperament, crimson and purple are suitable, although these colors are very complex. Raspberry color will make pale skin "green", which will look extremely ugly, and purple - yellow.
Frequent guests in the dance hall all shades of green and blue. The most versatile shade from the palette of green colors is the classic "emerald", it suits literally everyone. If you want to experiment with other shades of green, you will need the help of a designer.
Also, all shades of blue look very expressive on the parquet, especially the bright royal blue. Most people go for cool colors. They are somewhat conservative, even strict, but look great in ballroom dance dresses.

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