How to dutty wine dance

How Do You Wine Dance?

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Rob Facey answered

Wine dancing or "The Dutty Wine" dance is a reggae dance that's inspired by Jamaican and West Indian music. Whether in Jamaica or just at a backyard barbecue, this is a craze which is sweeping the world and the dance is well worth learning so that next time you are at a party you know exactly what to do, even if you are not that good.
First of all, stand with a wide base and start moving your knees together and away from each other in a motion similar to the movements of a butterfly's wings flapping. Get a comfortable tempo for your knee flapping since this is the basis of the wine dance.
Squat down but keep your back straight as you do the dance. Begin to move your torso back and forth and to the side at a pace that's much slower and more controlled than the movement of your legs. Lean over so you're facing the ground and start to move your head in circles as the music speeds up. Change the motion around so you look from side to side and then up and down.
As you do this, be sure to keep the butterfly movement of your legs going. Drop into the splits suddenly if you can do it. If not, then drop down into a lower position as the music speeds up or simply do anything crazy and wild that's out of character with the rest of the dance. Immediately after you pull you unexpected move, however, continue to do the butterfly flapping motion and head turns.

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Anonymous answered

There are 100s of ways to wine, the most basic form of wineing is a stationary stance were one simply moves there waist in a circular motion, this is usually done in large crowds were there is little room, like in a concert, or when one is to tired to do some real hard core carribean dancing and wineing. If you want to learn to wine, watch trinidadians do it, they invented it, and they invented soca music, witch is the main music that you wine to.   Slow wine is more sexual, dutty wine is party like a rockstar, you can see hundreds of different types of wineing, in the Caribean Carnival, toronto, Montreal, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Miami, and in 2010 Virgina will have a Caribean Carnival. But Trinidad is were it all started, and Trinidad is were you must go to see "the greatest show on earth."

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Ayesha answered

Fah alyuh who don't know there is different styles of wineing in the Caribbean but wineing ORIGINATED in Trinidad and Tobago. Yes the wine could have been based off either the Indian or African culture but that’s only because TnT is a mixture of people derived from those countries. Not only was the dance  created in the country of Trinidad, but also the word. Furthermore for all d other dances that was created in any other country with word wine in it...just big up to d country that it came from sweet TNT. ....we lead others follow Budoow.

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Anonymous answered

Everyone on this is so ignorant.   The origin of wining is Africa, specifically West Africa.   Wining exists in the Caribbean islands because of the music and dance traditions that arrived with the slaves.   All of you would easily know this if you just read a book.   Seriously...just pick up a book and open's amazing what you can learn!

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Anonymous answered

Actually, the original answer is incorrect. That's like saying that whoever nailed the latest line-dancing craze invented it. While "dutty wine" is specific to the movements that go with that particular song, the act of wining has been around in soca culture since the beginning of time. I learned how to wine when I was 5 years old. That was 24 years ago - long before Dutty Wine ever came out. There are other songs with other variations of how to wine, such as "Dollar Wine".

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Anonymous answered

You wine by moving your waist muscles and hips in a circular motion. There are several different types of wining. All deh Caribbean islands are good at wining, I am trinidadian but I think all Caribbean islands are just as good. It's really hard to decide which Caribbean culture does the best at wining, but from what I have seen from Trinidad (and you'll keep 4getting Tobago, not just Trinidad!!!) & Tobago, deh really can wine up deh place!!! Go Trini and Tobago!!! But anyway's that's how you wine, practice, practice, practice!!! :)

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julia fillipino answered

Wining is maining circular motion of the hips, waist and core. It did not ORIGINATE in Trinidad and Tobago . The dances we do now are reflections of our African ancestry. Also, YOU CANNOT compare Trinidadian and Jamaica whine on basis of better or worse because its two different style and techniques.  Trinis "pelt wais' ! We move manily our butt and waist .Jamaicans have a more controlled and mechanical waistline movement that involves above the waistline and the stomach area and their LEGS.

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Anonymous answered

Go to trinidad not jamaica,they only good for reggae

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shamar shamar answered

By moving your waist.

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Anonymous answered

I swear the origin originate of hip movement style dances derives from Africa?

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Anonymous answered

HATERS ; trinidad is the best don't deny it ;D

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Anonymous answered

Jamaica will mass up any Caribbean when it come to dancing I could tel I'm from there

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Anonymous answered

It's really disheartening to read some of these ridiculous comments about the origin of wining wining originated in the island of TnT not Jamaica and it is the gyration of the waist either fast or slow to soca music. At least the people actually living in JA recognize that fact

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Anonymous answered

Your face

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Anonymous answered

All you got to do is move you butt and look in da Mirror

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Anonymous answered

Jamaican a di bomb.Especially when we go an tip pan wi toe.Ha beat that trididad.You guys are behind.Jamaica rule

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Anonymous answered

Jamaica's dance is very unique and requires a lot of energy. Apar from dutty wine there is also bubble,hot wuk, tic toc and much more.
Jama'can wine 2 di whorl"!!!!!

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Anonymous answered

You all wrong wining came from chutney music and not soca east indian dances did a lot of winning and the african thought they could of made it look better by using soca music any way winning came from trinidad and not frigging jamacia dutty wine is not winning that is regge and jamacians don't wine.

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Stuti Ahuja answered

Wine dance, also known as Dutty wine dance has been a craze all through last summer has become a cultural fad in Jamaica and overseas. It is a fast and difficult dance which originated in Jamaica. It is not possible for me to explain the origin or the way this dance is done, you can check it out on Just visit the website and enter Dutty wine dance in the search section. There are health concerns voiced by doctors about the Dutty wine dance, it also supposedly killed an 18 year old in Jamaica. It can cause serious muscle and neck injuries which can lead to much serious problems and even death, while doing the dance. There are many head swinging and neck rotations which are a key feature of the dance.

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Anonymous answered

Skeen!! Jamaicans can wine better than Trinidadians!! I love both countries and I have been both places and Jamaicans have better music and better rhythm in thier hips .

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Anonymous answered

Wining came from guyana..... No offence but trinidad nd jamica stay 2 you passa passa dance

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Dancehall Dance Tips From Dutty Dancing

With just a few days till Sydney's premiere Dancehall night, Dutty Dancing doing it's second party in Melbourne, I have put together some videos to inspire you for the dancing competition. Dutty Dancing is a party with the energy of Carnivale, playing a mix of energetic, electrifying dancehall reggae, and our regular dancing competition has built a reputation for dancing so dirty it would make Patrick Swayze blush. This time round stakes are high with a piece of dancehall history up for grabs, as we giveaway one of Shabba Rank's iconic gold ropes* in our very first dancing competition in Melbourne.

To give you a little inspiration for your routine, we have compiled a couple of videos to keep you from doing something a little more productive…

Bogle - Mr Wacky

Let’s start with BOGLE AKA Mr Wacky. He was called the “Dancehall Master”, a legend in Jamaica who effortlessly created many of the popular dances up until his murdered in 2005. In the 1990s, he created the Bogle Dance, which was the first big crossover dance craze…

Elephant Man - Pon Da River

It wasn't till the 2000's when the dancers really started to take over dancehall, when so many of the big songs came with corresponding dance moves. Artists like Elephant Man worked with choreographers to develop songs where the lyrics, music and moves fed off each other. Some of the biggest were the Gully Creepa, Nuh Linga, Willie Bounce and Pon Di River. You would have seen some of these moves at the Olympics from Usain Bolt performing a little celebration dance.

Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine

Many of the moves you see in hip hop videos are actually variations of dancehall dances. Possibly the most popular dancehall craze was the Dutty Wine. It involves rotating your neck whilst moving your legs like a bird. Doctors in Jamaica warn against performing the Dutty Wine claiming that it can cause muscle trauma and ligament damage.

RDX – Kotch

Like the explosion of Youtube covers, and ‘sweded’ movie trailers, reggae has it’s own viral video trend as young women with waists of rubber and booties like yo-yo’s record their own versions of the biggest dances – some of which are generating more hits than the official film clip. From New York, Miss Likkle Bit’s astounding interpretation of Mr Vega’s latest hit is almost at 2 million views. Looking like it was recorded on a laptop camera in her basement, the crazy skills she displays in this video led to Miss Likkle Bits touring with the likes of Major Lazer.

Spice & Busta Rhymes - So Mi Like It

This is a more recent one. Here is a French group with their dance for Spice & Busta Rhymes' So Mi Like It. So slick!

JW & Blaze - Palance

Next we go to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where the style of music is Soca and everything is super fast and super happy. This is still one of the greatest videos of all time. Palance means to “Party and Lime”. The moves for this one simply involes moving from left to right and yelling “Palance”. This video just makes me really happy.

RDX - Daggering & Bend Ova 

And of course the most controversial of all – The Dagger – or dry humping on the dancefloor. The popularity of daggering in Jamaica led the government of taking the unprecedented step of an all-out radio and TV ban on songs that mention, picture or promote the act of daggering. Doctors in Jamaica also reported increases in damaged penis tissue and broken penises, when the dance was at it’s most popular.

FUSE ODG - Antenna 

This is seriously the best thing I have ever seen. Over the last couple of years, the music of Ghana, Nigeria and other African nations has been increasing popular in the UK Dancehall Scene. In particular a dance called Azonto was massive at Carnival in London.

Okay… now don’t be overwhelmed. Our competition is not so intense. Just a bit of fun. It is not a serious dancehall queen contest by no means. Click the flyer to go to the event page:


*In 1994, when in Kingston, Jamaica, Mat Cant won this piece of jewellery from Shabba after settling a dispute in a deadly thumb-wrestling match. It could be yours if your booty reigns supreme in our dance off! 

To be in time this summer: where to go if you want wine and dancing?

Summer is ending inexorably, but we also have good news - warm weather will last until September, which means there is still time to drink and dance on the capital's verandas. Where to go next weekend - says ELLE gastronomic critic.

Wine Market. Dancing»

The institution is title, and therefore the most obvious. Unlike other points of the network (there are 7 Bazarov in Moscow in total), dances here are taken seriously, they are arranged according to the schedule (Thursday-Friday), they are in favor of warming up with sparkling, and therefore the dances turn into rhythmic swaying of the hips rather than active body movements.


The neighbors of the Wine Bazaar on Prechistenskaya embankment are older and wealthier people, with a more delicate taste for wine and a different attitude to life, but they are not alien to parties in the style of Ibiza clubs, which are held on Fridays on their white veranda.

Prosecco Bar

The bar on Pyatnitskaya dives into prosecco every weekend like it's the last time. And he does it without fail to the music. Instead of chairs and armchairs, there are benches-perches, so you definitely can’t sit still.

PR 11

Prosecco bar on Sretenka hosts parties with Vitalik Kozak and Eva Vostroknutova. If you know these names, you will understand that the fun here reaches its maximum degree of recklessness. And how do they manage to dance so wildly in such a tiny place?

Twins Wine Space

"Every Friday and Saturday we have a lot of fun, and all because DJs burst into our enogastronomic idyll." Well, how fun? It’s more like a pleasant relaxation, but you don’t need more in a place that is located in the St. Regis hotel and sells the most expensive wines in the world, albeit for the most ridiculous money by Moscow standards. The perfect place for a pre-party, by the way.


A Berlin-inspired bar with an unnamed wine list, with labels glued in instead. Indeed, why memorize the names of biodynamic babies if it is not clear whether they will be available in a week, not only in Moscow, but in Russia in general? But you can try a lot of things, get to know the students of Victor Melamed, who repaints a fresco every week in a bar, and dance from the heart if she asks for it.


The bar at Krasny Oktyabr used to be a Mecca for young creaks, but over time its fame has faded. This does not prevent the institution from throwing parties with a cool line-up, and for visitors to dance on them. It is true that wine or cocktails contribute more to this is an open question.

Ketch Up

A 24-hour burger bar with DJs on Kuznetsky Most — what else do you need to be happy when you are 17 years old? In Ketch Up, wine is obviously secondary. And here is the dance in full growth. Parties until midnight on Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays they burn until six in the morning.


Officially this is an evening bar above the Ugolek restaurant, in fact it is the best nightclub in Moscow. The public drinks cocktails here, but no one bothers to order wine (there was a good offer on biodynamics) or champagne. On the latter, by the way, it is easy to hold out in the rhythm of the dance until the morning!

Gridin Vladimir

We parted again. - 1. Broke up again

- Damn Oh Sehun! Jisoo shouted and nervously threw a brand new Samsung on the bed.

Now she was very angry. Angry at, as she puts it, "fucking Oh Sehun" who didn't answer his calls or just dropped the call, which he did just a second ago.

Jisoo was indignant, why is he acting like this?

Perhaps these are the consequences of something that the guy immediately attributed to their "cooled relationship", as he himself liked to say during their quarrels. And it’s worth Kim or O to be guilty of something, when it comes to skirmishes and parting.

This is quite normal for this crazy couple.

Thinking back and forth over everything that had happened this week, Kim couldn't think of anything that would offend little Sehun, as she liked to call him, when they were having their "candy-bouquet" period.

And after much thought, the brain decided to take pity on the poor girl and let her remember one important incident that happened on Friday morning, and Jisoo gasped, picking up her cell phone again, which, fortunately, landed on the wrong side of the bed, because she would have to spend on his return is almost a minute. Jisoo doesn't like wasting time.

No, of course, you can waste time on cursing and throwing away expensive things, but how to bring a phone from that region is the end.


If you remember the acquaintance of Jisoo and Sehun, the first thing that comes to mind is the girl who decided to become the pride of the university, to become the smartest in the class. But everyone knew that if Jisoo managed to enter the top of the smartest students, even if due to the concessions of the teachers and the rector, then she would never become the smartest. First. leader.

And the reason was not at all in Kim's mental abilities, which were not even so hot. It's all about Sehun.

O had everything: a great mind, great looks and money. And if Jisoo was both beautiful and rich, then mentally she was inferior to him, and very much.

But this did not stop the fighting girl, who is used to always winning and being number one in everything. She began to actively visit educational centers, hire the best tutors for herself, read books that were completely incomprehensible, complex and dizzying for her.

Sometimes she got to the point where the servants working in their spacious three-story house were simply afraid not only to go into her "chambers", but even to go up to the floor where Jisoo's room actually was. And those who nevertheless decided on this - and there were such - were immediately fired, and no one else took them to work with a normal salary.

Therefore, the remaining workers of the Kim monastery, sighing softly and not content, nevertheless went further, to the floor of the young master, brother Jisoo.

Of course, Su's efforts were not in vain, and, apparently, she received approval from above, because otherwise, at least a year later, Kim was recognized as one of the leading students of the university.

But again, this unloved “but” sets the bandwagon: the first on the board of honor was Kichan Oh Sehun, the second was Park Chae Young, and only the third was Kim Ji Soo.

And given that Park was Su's friend, Kim could erase the stain of enmity in the canvas of pure friendship, but things were different with Oh. Jisoo was more than hostile as Sehun made it clear during their conversation when Kim thought she could negotiate with him and if possible ask for help in improving her studies, that he was not going to give in to her, while adding that will not follow the whim (attention) of a spoiled girl.

The last phrase cut off all chances and hopes for any communication in the future. Only enmity.

Soo even came up with a "grand plan to destroy Oh Sehun" but was stopped in time by Chaeyoung, who insisted that it was childish and they were like kindergartners fighting for the right to be favorites in the group.

The brunette only grunted at this and assured the redhead that she was not the one who “started” everything and that O would regret what she had said.

"Typical kids," Park thought.

But, of course, the Korean-Australian, who was Park, was second in the report card in Kichang not for her beautiful eyes and was able to convince Soo to give up this venture, devoting her time to more important things.

End flashback

But that was a long time ago, when they were just freshmen, still a little immature teenagers.

A little over a year has passed since then, and they are now in their second year of business training.

Now Kim is not that stupid girl anymore. She became an adult, mature and, of course, smart. Tastes, preferences, worldview have also changed.

But not only that has changed.

Now, Kim Jisoo and Oh Sehun are not only known as the rich people of the entire university, but also as the most famous couple, who were called the "Ideal couple".

After dialing the number and pressing the green call button on the screen, Su waited until she heard "hello" and then spoke:

— Lisa, do you remember what happened yesterday? the brunette began calmly, not even deigning to greet her friend.

“Of course,” a cheerful voice with a barely perceptible accent was heard.

"Remind me," Su's voice sounded nervous and tired. - I passed out yesterday and was on the machine.

— You called me yesterday at nine in the evening and…

— I remember that. Start after the second glass.

Manoban only snorted, which Kim heard clearly through the phone:

— You went dancing with Bae Hong…

— With Baekhyun, Su casually corrected.

— Ya, are you going to listen?

“Sorry…” Kim hesitated. - Continue.

“So, you went dancing with him, and I was left sitting and bored alone,” Lisa tried to make a plaintive voice, “until Sehun and Chanyeol came. - And after a short pause, she continued: - When Sekh found out that you were there too, he made a displeased face and went to look for you. But this was not necessary, - the girl on the other side of the tube burst out and laughed loudly. “The back of Beck’s head betrayed you, friend.

After waiting for Lisa to laugh and continue, Jisoo breathed in and out. It's soothing, she told herself, pausing to avoid yelling at her blond friend.

Soon, finally ceasing to laugh and catching her breath, the secret continued:

- I still remember Chan's face when he was separating . .. oh, no, he was DRAWING Hoon from Byun. Eh, but then the fun was over, - the blonde breathed out, thus showing how disappointed she was. “The guards arrived and took Baek, Seh, and Chan out of there. Although the latter, by the way, was not guilty, - Lalisa subtly hinted to Jisoo that Manoban's boyfriend suffered because of her lover and her behavior. “And now, I didn’t see them again. “Suddenly, Lisa began to resent and lament again about Su’s behavior: “Ya, Kim Jisoo! You can't even imagine what I had to go through to try and get you into a taxi! You broke two of my nails!
Thank the gods, the sunbae came and put you in the car and gave me a lift too.

And then Jisoo broke out in a cold sweat. Fear gripped her limbs, and the only thought that tormented her at the moment flashed through Kim's mind. “Sunbae?..”

— Which sunbae?

— Ah, seriously, or what? Did you forget your brother? I'm talking about Seokjin sunbae.

- Fuck you... Fox! Jisoo couldn't hold back anymore. - Why did you call him? And if he decides to tell dad about my trips to "friends"?

“I didn’t call him, but he called you, I just picked up the phone,” the youngest justified herself. - And in general, it would be better to say thank you.

“Thank you so much, Lisa-schi,” Kim hissed with a huge portion of sarcasm and, after saying goodbye, turned off the call.

After lying until the evening, Jisoo waited for at least some action from O. A text message, a call, or at least picking up the phone.

“What if this is the end? What if Sehun doesn't want to see me anymore? - flashed through her head. But she immediately beat off these thoughts with other, more optimistic ones. “No, no, he loves me and will never leave me alone.

How can she get through to stubborn Oh now?

-Park Chanyeol! she exclaimed, dialing the guy's number.


A beautiful, pretty brunette in tight black jeans, a black top over which lay a brown leather jacket, and shoes from Massimo dutti, confidently stepped on the self-leveling floor of a nightclub referred to as "PWF".

Walking around the sweaty people, she reached the VIP area and handed the security guards at the door to the rich area a card confirming that Su was a VIP customer. When she was let through, Ji slowly walked forward, looking around at the visitors along the way in search of the right guy.

Involuntarily, Kim's eyes landed on a skinny brunette with just a huge ass and rather big breasts, which was only emphasized by a red crop top. It's obvious that she's not Korean. And not because it betrayed the appearance of an American, but because, if she were Korean, she would know that the son of a famous South Korean businessman, Oh Seung Hyun, was dating the daughter of a famous architect, Kim Do Jin.

This union is like wild bees: if you don't touch, everything is fine, if you provoke, they will sting.

This is exactly what a stranger with buffers was doing right now. She provoked.

Kim was behind the brunette in the blink of an eye, and just in time to hear a snippet of her "zero-three-one..." phrase, the second was pulled back by Sehun's hair.

— Hey, what are you doing? Sick, right? the girl tried to escape.

“This is my boyfriend,” Su said, pulling her back painfully and letting go, not wanting to attract too much attention.

Although what is already there. Everyone had already gathered, like bees on honey, and watched the scene play out, and some even managed to shoot on their cell phones. Kim approached Sehun, but as soon as he mumbled something unintelligible, she clearly caught the smell of alcohol mixed with tobacco smoke.

“Let's go,” Su tried to drag him towards the exit, but the brown-haired man didn't move even a centimeter, as if ignoring her.

"Fuck off," O growled and put his forehead against the surface of the bar. “I don’t want to see you, Kim Jisoo.

Even though Jisoo knew that he had drunk and that it was partly her fault, as Chanyeol had quoted a few hours earlier, she still couldn’t stand such an insult, and even in public. She gave him a resounding slap, turning around and finally throwing: “You are an asshole, Oh Sehun!”.

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