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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance - Shard of Dreams - RPG - Moriya Shrine

Release Information
Type: RPG 
Developer: FocasLens
Publisher: FocasLens
Release: Comiket 89, on December 30, 2015
Language: Japanese (English patch included but not installed)

AKA Gensou Ningyou Enbu - Yume no Kakera

Installation Instructions

Refer to the video at the bottom of the page, courtesy of Drunken_Flower. The base game is also included with this download.



This is the expansion to the popular fangame, Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. It plays very similarly to the base game with the main differences being the story plays out in a slightly different order, and puppets featuring Touhou characters from 14. 5 and 15 are now included, which the previous game did not have. Additionally, new areas can be found in the expansion, as well as a new puppet type, the Warped type.

In this game's story, the player character finds themself transported to Gensokyo, to learn that a strange incident is occurring; many puppets shaped like familiar Touhou characters are running around Gensokyo, and no one knows where they're coming from. At the same time, people have learned to tame these puppets, and many are using them to battle one another in a form of new sport. Regardless, the player cannot return home until the incident is resolved; they decide to use these puppets to help solve the incident, so that they can return to the outside world (why would you ever do that though).

For those who don't know anything about Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, it's basically Touhou in Pokemon form with a few key differences, those being that the equivalent to what IVs are in Pokemon are visible in TPDP. Instead of being a numerical value between 1 and 31, it's a letter grade between S and E-, S being the best a stat can be and E- being the worst a stat can be. The way moves are learned and EVs are gained is also significantly different; when you hit the requirements for learning a new move, you can learn it through the Edit screen of your puppet where you can learn a skill from the entire list of what's available to the puppet at that level, though they cost PP to learn which is gained through winning battles. You can also use PP to reinforce stats, which is basically EVs except you have objective control over them.

Evolutions are handled in the form of style changes that every puppet has available from level 30 onward. Every puppet gets the option to evolve into any of three forms, two of which range across Power, Speed, Assist, or Defense, depending on the puppet. In Shard of Dreams, a new Extra style is available as the third option for any puppet to evolve into. For example, Chen at level 30 can choose to evolve into either Extra Chen, Speed Chen, or Assist Chen. You can only style change once though; the only way to reverse it is through reincarnation which is only available postgame.


This one actually comes with the correct translation files. One of them was missing, the other was outdated.

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance - Shard of Dreams (Mod Extended V3.4.1 by Barudo and his team) - Games - Moriya Shrine

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Release Information
Type: RPG 
Developer: FocasLens
Publisher: FocasLens
Release: Comiket 89, on December 30, 2015
Language: Japanese, English

Extended mod V3.4.1 by Barudo and his team



This file will not be used for profit. The credits goes their respective owners.

Please contact me if you are the owner of the mod or the game and want to remove it: [email protected]

This is a link file combine Touhou Puppet Dance Performance - Shard of Dreams and Extended mod V3. 4.1 to help new player have a full experience from Touhou 1 to Touhou 18. You should do in this order: Extract Rar file  Open the link to download second Rar file from MEGA (Link Download [FocasLens] Touhou PDP - SoD mod Extended V3.4.1)  Extract Rar file you just download  Open FocasLens  幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ- SoD-Extended-EN

Note: FAQ from the mod page


Q: My Windows Defender flagged Sod-Extended-EN as a virus! What do I do?!

A: First of all, there is no virus. It seems like this only happens with the EN exe too but whitelisting the whole folder should fix the issue.


I am not a member of the mod team and I do not own anything about the game. I am just a fan who want everybody else easily access this game without hassle of setup the game. 

I recommend buy the game if you can:

Also you can check the Mod page for more details and check their Discord if you want to support the Mod Team: http://tpdpwiki. net/wiki/Mod:Shard_of_Dreams_-_Extended_-#Spoiler_Warning

Thank you Barudo with his team for created a amazing mod for full Touhou experience, I really appreciate your team effort.

Flandre Vs Yuuma picture by Barudo

Edited by WindPerson

What's New in Version v1.103 + Extended v3.4.1   See changelog



  • - Added Yuuma Toutetsu
  • - Various balance changes
  • - Wedding dresses for Takane, Okina and Mayumi (Thanks to Everii!)
  • - New Murasa alt outfit
  • - Various glitch fixes
  • - No more normal mode support
  • - A setup file has been included, no more patching headache!!


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User Feedback

Don Quixote, reviews, schedule and tickets for the performance, staging Puppet Theater. Obraztsova, Moscow - Afisha-Theatres

Performance in Moscow

© press service of the Puppet Theatre. S.V. Obraztsova


About the play Reviews (12)

Poor nobleman Don Quixote, an old and lonely eccentric, having read old chivalric novels, imagined himself ... a knight errant. Putting a barber's basin on his head instead of a helmet, armed with a rusty sword and shield, he takes the fat man Sancho Panza as his squire and goes on a campaign against world injustice. Monsters, chimeras and all the strangest fruits of the hidalgo's morbid fantasy come to life on the stage and are embodied in front of the audience in the form of amazing puppets. And only the image of the Beautiful Lady remains a ghostly dream, a beacon leading the Knight of the sad image to the light.



The best reviews about the performance "Don Quixote" S.V. Obraztsov, who for most is associated with children's productions, showed a performance of Don Quixote that was not at all a children's performance. After all, the immortal novel by Megel Cervantes is not as simple as it seems at first glance. No wonder this book always lay on Albert Einstein's bedside table.

Don Quixote is a kind of eccentric that everyone makes fun of, but he doesn't notice it. He is ready to help and protect everyone. This is such a psychotype of the seeker. Scientists are born out of it. Crazy people, those who do some weird things all the time that everyone explores. Like, for example, Einstein. I think they even look alike. Noble lone knights.
Pictures with actors and puppets are wonderfully intertwined in the performance. And very organically one goes into another. Here on the stage, actors perform incendiary Spanish dances, and in the next act, puppets dance them no less virtuously. Or Don Quixote passing through the arches already turns out to be a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer... Fantastic performance. An interesting solution was invented with decorations. It would seem: "only arches", but they constantly move and form more and more new images. And all this was accompanied by a duet of violin and guitar.
I would like to say a little more about the theater. One of the best halls, where everything is thought out to make the viewer feel comfortable, especially the smallest one: comfortable upholstered chairs and a good view. It is a special pleasure to look at the exhibits in the foyer. And an obligatory part of the program is a visit to the museum. How many times I visit this theater, I always go to admire the amazing dolls that participated in performances at different times. I highly recommend coming early before the performance, because the intermission is categorically not enough to consider everything.

February 6, 2021

Maria Marenkova Copyright

21 Reviews, 30 assessments, rating 7,

Art Therapy

Very good performance


Game for adults

Don Quixote in the Puppet Theater . Obraztsova

Favorite childhood theater! How we froze in front of this famous clock, waiting for the window to open and the character of the next hour to appear. What delight caused skillfully made puppets and marvelous performances.

I strongly associated this theater with my childhood. Although he has always been famous for his performances for adults, it is enough to recall the brilliant "Extraordinary Concerto" and "The Divine Comedy". Which, by the way, are still relevant today.

But it seemed unrealistic to me that such a complex work by Cervantes could be staged in a puppet theater. It was more interesting to see.

Theater, as usual, begins with a hanger. The Obraztsov Theater also begins with an interesting puppet museum. For those who are going to visit it, I strongly advise you to come early. In the puppet museum, you can hang out for several hours, looking at the masterpieces of masters from all over the world in detail and taking pictures. This is a separate pleasure.

Everything is very serious in the "toy" theater. At the entrance we take a very solid large-format program and go to a cozy room.

So, how did the creators manage to embody the voluminous and rather complex novel of the Spanish writer on the puppet stage?

First of all, it must be said that, of course, only some of the most striking scenes of the book were reflected in the production, such as the meeting of Don Quixote with Dulcinea, a fight in a tavern, the release of convicts, the famous battle with windmills.

The performance is not entirely a puppet show. Both puppets and real actors take turns in the role of the main characters. And it's so organic. Switching is very fast and completely filigree.

The action is accompanied by fiery Spanish dances performed by theater actresses. Very incendiary.

Live music performed by amazing musicians who masterfully play the violin and guitar adds a special charm to the performance. And of course, the immortal music of Minkus, Ravel, Glinka and other great composers.

To be honest, I would never have thought that it would be possible to put on a puppet show based on such a complex work, so much so that adults would freeze with delight. A storm of emotions: sometimes sad, sometimes funny to the point of colic. The adventures of a stupid knight cause mixed feelings, and this is the case when the story leaves no one indifferent.

An hour and a half flew by completely unnoticed. At the end, the audience applauded wildly and did not let the actors leave the stage for a long time.

We had a lot of fun. On the one hand, they seem to have returned for a short time to childhood, on the other hand, they watched a very adult, beautiful and serious production. An indescribable feeling. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates real theater at its best. By the way, you can also attend the performance with children, though 12+. It makes no sense to go with younger children, after all, it is difficult for them to understand the plot and the meaning of the story. But the teenagers, of whom there were many in the hall, watched with delight.

Bravo to everyone who created this miracle. And thank you so much for a wonderful evening and bright emotions!

February 4, 2021

Anastasia Kryuzko

47 reviews, 49 ratings, rating 6

Very kind performance "Don Quixote" is just one of those performances where children would probably be bored, and adults will spend a pleasant evening with Spanish motives. Living people and revived dolls will revive the stories of the "Knight of the Sad Image", and real musicians will only complete the picture "The scenery will not just move, depicting the road, at the right moment they can spin in a dance. A wonderful performance, it's so nice to return to this theater after many years.

February 4, 2021

Leonid Kholmetsky

1 review, 1 rating, rating 0

To tears



A couple of days ago I went to the puppet theater named after him. Sergei Obraztsov.
Actually, I haven't been to puppet theaters for 5 years, I thought it was just for kids.

The performance is called Don Quixote, he is 12+, I will soon be 10. But I am sure that both adults and children will like the performance. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad...

Puppet theater, but the performance is very cool!
All the cool stuff: live music, beautiful scenery, comfortable seats, big stage. The performance involves not only puppets, but also people.

The theater and its creator have an amazing fate.
An interesting fact: an international Order of Smile was established in Poland. And they decided to hand it over to Sergei Obraztsov.
But before the presentation, a test awaited him - on the stage he had to drink a glass of undiluted lemon juice and smile🍋🥴! The actor proudly completed the task😊

In general, now I want to see other performances of this theater!

February 3, 2021


189 reviews, 190 ratings, rating 24 ". Both performances were very enjoyable. Well, when the opportunity arose to watch another performance - how can you refuse?

Of course, the puppet show, but the main surprise was the appearance of the actors on the stage. What added to the magic - when the action develops in the forefront, we see the actors, and when it goes into the depths - the characters, according to all the laws of perspective, are seen as smaller. And this role goes to dolls :-)))

But even more fascinating is how objects and animals turn into villains (and not only) that Don Quixote's sick imagination draws!!! Only, the bags were just piled up, and now ... No, I will not spoil it, but a transformation will happen. And it won't happen just once. Awesome move! Now we look at what is happening through the eyes of ordinary people, then through the eyes of a fiery Don Quixote! And all this without leaving your seats!

Beautiful main characters - Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Especially won Konstantin Dubovich in the role of Don Quixote. Such generosity and dedication! To them we add musicians on the stage and girls of rather easy virtue, but also of a cheerful disposition - they decorated the performance with music and dance!

And this does not mean at all that the actors dragged the blanket over themselves. Dancing and puppets! And another question, who won this dance battle! :-)) And what colorful puppet characters? One Aldonsa / Dulcinea is worth something! A sultry woman!

It is impossible not to mention the choice of music - most of the well-known melodies, including those from the ballet of the same name. But even on the bows she clapped heartily! In addition to expressing delight and gratitude to the artists, I wanted to hear more and more the song that the musicians played and to which the artists came out to bow :-))))

I myself suddenly thought - nevertheless - what is the main meaning of the story about Don Quixote? Is it in one sentence? Is chivalry so obsolete and ridiculous? Or the main idea, and follow it to the end? What am I talking about - the performance is strictly 12+, and not even so much because of the drinking of alcoholic beverages by the puppets on the stage . .. After all, these are not just funny sketches about a funny old man ...

And besides the performances, this theater is attractive with its museum, where not only puppets from performances that have already been removed from the repertoire. There is an amazing collection of dolls from different countries!

February 3, 2021

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performances for children and teenagers with beautiful costumes

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STARTING DANCE Angelica Kholina



On the performance Reviews (4)

Carmen's sincerity in the dance performance with dramatic actors

when staging his performances in Russia in Russia, Horeochelika Holina Kholina cooperates the chief way with dramatic artists (“Anna Karenina”, “Coast of Women” at the Vakhtangov Theatre), finding in them spontaneity and student potential. At the same time, for the main parts, she still selects artists who are very gifted in plastic, such as Olga Lerman, who dances the main part in the new performance.

5 reviews, 5 ratings, rating 47


- Performance "Carmen" on the stage of the Theater Yevgeny Vakhtangov was captivated from the first minute: it was impossible to take your eyes off the stage until the actors bowed. Bravo! Such strong emotions have not been visited at the Bolshoi Theater for a long time, only the technique of jumping is impressive there and some absurdity of modern productions is surprising. And here, on the wonderful Vakhtangov stage, the ballet was performed by dramatic artists from different theaters, who were inspired (and taught) by the choreographer Anzhelika Kholina. She brilliantly managed to teach the actors to be silent, so that they would speak not with their lips, but with gestures, not with a language, but with a body (how eloquently Olga Lerman's eyes burn, how her hands scream). Everyone is good, everyone dances mystically inexplicably (mystically - because it is impossible to learn how to dance like this without a decade spent at the ballet barre), every gesture is refined and piercing. There is no extras at all, but there are roles with more “text”: in addition to Olga Lerman, Leonid Bichevin and Alexei Nesterenko also have.
To the music of Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin, such passions boiled on the blood-red floor that the love scenes were breathtaking. At the same time, note that there is no “nudity”, no mat, rubber boots (and other fashion paraphernalia) and loose hair. Laconic black suits of amazing grace and beauty, smoothly combed heads, everything is strict, everything is logical, and suddenly - red fans, and at the end - José's white shirt and Carmen's red dress. The riot of color with three colors is blinding, amazing.
Talented performance, made and played, everything is real, you believe everything!

April 10, 2013

Olga Ilyina

7 reviews, 8 ratings, rating 14

The desire to get acquainted with the work of this Lithuanian choreographer took shape long ago, and there were reasons for that, but about them below. As for "Carmen", ethnographic interest was also mixed in here: the Baltic temperament, the Baltic mentality - and wild, destructive, diabolical passion as an object of the image - how ?!

The dense, energetically charged music of Bizet and Shchedrin, which is so difficult to match, is a serious test for the choreographer and performer, a powerful manifestation of the level of creative viability of those who have decided on it. It's no wonder to choke. Angelica Kholina with such strong music not only got along very well, in a certain sense she tamed the elements.

Kholina's experiments with dramatic actors, successfully begun on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater and now continued within the framework of the Moscow "branch" of her own theater, are quite curious: what is an actor capable of if he is deprived of his main professional tool - the gift of speech? Not being able to speak, the artist is forced to more accurately use the natural language of the body, master its expressive figures, plastic intonations, ways of extraverbal communication with a partner. This is not a conditional, beautiful in its artificiality, language of ballet, the melody of which must be listened to, it is the natural language of the human body, rhymed with the help of music.

What matters here is not whether the actor reaches his sock, creating a certain aesthetic figure, but whether he conveys something to the viewer with his undersized sock. Actors who do not have the technique and expressiveness of professional dancers replace this lack with something in which they have a clear advantage over dancers and ballet performers - the gift of dramatic representation. What Kholina creates is more of a dance drama than a dramatic dance. The theatrical actor challenges himself - and the result of such "numbness" is really interesting: the plasticity that you hear is born.

It is worth noting that Anzhelika Kholina is a great master of spectacular musical and rhythmic accents, she places them tightly, precisely, into the music. The relief of the choreography is impressive. And to follow her - and this is what the absolute "apologist of the stalls" says - it is better, perhaps, from above, that is, from the mezzanine or even the balcony: it is in this perspective that almost picturesque beauty opens up - the pattern of the dance. It is a choreography of ebb and flow, a drawing in the sand that some invisible hand creates, only to erase it a second later and draw a new one.

The stage design, terrible in its beauty, works to pump up the tempo-rhythm of the inexorably approaching tragedy: lockable gates, iron carts, huge helical blades in the wall, mourning costumes - it's hard not to feel the atmosphere of spiritual and physical unfreedom. And exactly at the moment when the curtain rises, a feeling of fatal predetermination of the fate of the title character covers: while the music is playing, while the rhythm is being heard, the passionate, proud heart of Carmen is beating.

The creators of the performance, like real conjurers, demonstrate a whole arsenal of staging and choreographic finds: divination cards-fans suddenly bloom in the hands of the dancers with a scarlet flower - and it is Carmen who has its black petal-mark; the moment of penetration of love into Jose's heart is conveyed almost in pantomime; Carmen's black dress, as if "pouring" red from act to act, turns scarlet in the finale; white handkerchiefs in the hands of extras at the moment of the fatal appearance of the Toreador are “consonant” with the white shirt, which, as if saying goodbye to life, is put on by Jose, resigned to the role of the killer destined for him . .. However, you can’t remember everything.

And finally, a little about the actors and their characters. Liked by Olga Lerman I think it's hard to create an image that has become almost a cross-cultural symbol, around which so much has been said, invented and played. Carmen, performed by Lerman, is spontaneous, contradictory, living on the edge, guided only by the voice of freedom, instincts, and love is unfamiliar to her. Her reckless attraction to the Toreador is an attempt to break out somewhere into another world beyond the narrow, limiting her freedom little world with his tobacco factory and barracks. Her natural passion is stronger than any social feeling, including love. The love of a soldier, yes, sensual, reliable, faithful, binds her. The death of Carmen is a spiritual prison for José, but for herself it is nevertheless a liberation, the release of a changeable element (feminine) from the control of the mind (masculine) that is always structuring everything. I confess that I didn’t have much empathy for Jose, I didn’t hear him well, it’s very likely that Bichevin is a close-up actor and it’s better to look at him from the stalls. I was much more interested in the Toreador (Nesterenko). The choreographer endowed it with a special plasticity that falls out of the general sound. A cold, impregnable, arrogant alien from another world conquers a beautiful savage woman and goes on his own way. His falling in love is akin to an interest fueled by the habit of winning.

The duet of the unexpectedly tender, self-giving Carmen and the Toreador calmly accepting this gift is definitely a choreographic masterpiece. However, the next scene is also good: the struggle of the depressed, already defeated Jose and the ruthlessly artistic Toreador is conveyed by a powerful visual series in the spirit of silent film aesthetics.

Yes, it remains to answer the question from the first paragraph: Spanish passion with a Baltic accent, how?! - great.

November 15, 2012

Vera Voronina

1 review, 1 rating, rating 6


Visited the premiere of CARMEN in Pushkin with an extended family. Excited!!! Very high-quality, "signature" style in everything - choreography, scenography, costumes - everything is sustained inside and out with a high taste predilection ... Young actors fascinate with their plastic "language" ... Angelica, BRAVO !!!!!

November 13, 2012

Valeri S

1 review, 3 ratings, rating 5


Performance "CARMEN" by Angelica Kholina.
Performance - a holiday, a bright flash, which stretches for 1 hour 20 minutes. I saw the performance twice: the first time - the stalls in the 3rd row, the second time - the dress circle in the 1st row. It is interesting to watch the performance from different angles. Of course, in the stalls everything is at a glance, all the emotions of the actors, you see and feel it all, and the dress circle allows you to see the general picture of the performance, the drawing of the dances. From the very first minute, a Spanish entourage is created on the stage. In clothes, in color and even in tobacco smoke. The main character is the dance. Dance in love, in hate, in contempt, in struggle, in fun, in death. Dramatic actors, without words, tell the viewer a well-known story. I must say they do it with dignity. Yes, the performance has developed and the further, the more it will gain.

Olga Lerman perfectly showed the whole essence of Carmen. So self-satisfied, sometimes arrogant, and all this is mixed with incredible femininity, tenderness and passion. This actress was a discovery for me. Two performances, and both times it is impossible to take your eyes off. Be sure to go to the "Karenina" in Vakhtangov (Lerman plays Anna Karenina).

Leonid Bichevin and Eldar Dzhanibekov. I saw both compositions. I can’t say that this character aroused my empathy. Against the backdrop of Carmen ... Jose loses, and significantly. And as if everything was done for this, the same suit does not distinguish Jose among the soldiers in any way, and he is practically lost among them. I confess, sometimes I had to make an effort to catch Jose with my eyes. And in all the dances, Carmen overshadowed both Jose - Bichevin and Jose - Dzhanibekov.

Alexey Nesterenko. Yes, the Toreador knows his own worth.)) He is handsome, refined, and knows how to seduce women. Carmen is no exception. Interestingly, the choreography is very different from the rest of the characters. Very aggressive, sharp, burning. For the first time, the focus is on the duel between José and the Toreador. That's very beautiful! A duel between two men over a woman. A bewitching spectacle! The second time my attention was focused on the duet Carmen - Toreador. When they were alone. The bullfighter took possession of Carmen's mind. She became a puppet in his hands. A sultry seducer who does not have sincere feelings for a girl? I thought so after the first performance. But for the second time, I believed for a moment, believed that a seed of warmth and tenderness was born in the Toreador.

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